“The Art of Standing Still” & other intense 2012 summer activities

As many of you know I’ve been MIA since mid July 2012. It’s nearly a month later and I’m still in physical pain but slowly, incrementally improving. In July 2012 I was suddenly forced into physical immobility mode because I absolutely HAD to make some major internal and external changes. I may talk more about what all I’ve been going through and why when my physical pain levels diminish enough that I can sit at the computer long enough to write something. Until then however, I want to share Lee Harris’ August 2012 Energy Forecast because he covers exactly what I’ve been going through and why. (I only discovered Lee Harris about four months ago but am very impressed with him and his accurate, undistorted information.) I know some of you will relate entirely to what he’s saying just as I did.

“…over stimulated by the density in others…”

I’ve been struggling with this for the past year and a half and it’s why I finally had to close Comments in July 2012. That was not an insult or guilt trip directed at anyone but an honest statement about the fact that all of us are at slightly different energetic levels or developmental Stair Steps within the overall Ascension Process. Time is short, which means the necessary internal/external changes are hitting super fast and hard now to help those of us leading the Way (First Wavers, the Prototypers, Embodiers etc.) through these final transitions via embodying and living the new energetic blueprints for the rest of humanity.

♥ Gratitude to Lee Harris for his helpful August explanation about what many of us have much more intensely been going through this summer, and what many more people will be going through in the months ahead.


August 7, 2012

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