September 23, 2007 Fall Equinox

September 23, 2007 the Sun enters 0° Libra— the Fall or Autumnal Equinox. The Equinoxes and Solstices are always very important powerful days when we enter the next quarter and new phase of energies. The theme and direction shifts a bit due to the change of energies at each seasons beginning. Nothing new here.

Except I’ve been psychically seeing symbolic images, having impressions and expanded insights about this Fall Equinox that is vastly different than usual. I’m not saying I have it all completely figured out, no, only that I want to share what I’ve perceived so far. It’s multidimensionally complex as usual, but I’ll do my best. Here’s a list of the images and understandings I’ve been seeing (in my mind’s eye) and they ALL are connected and indicating the same thing…another Transition.

  • Octahedrons or Diamond shapes in the air
  • Old Carbon vs. New Crystalline humans and earth
  • The Libra glyph which is the second image above
  • Libra/Aries polarity and ETs/Us and vice versa
  • Libra Equinox where day/night/male/female/brain hemispheres/heart energies etc are in perfect balance; then moving through and beyond those polarity Pillars
  • Ascension basically finished but many of us have been dog paddling in “realities within realities”
  • Soon having a New more defined place to land on – no more dog paddling

Evidently the octahedrons or diamond shapes I’ve been perceiving are indicating the New higher frequency energy pattern/patterns within and without. They’re connected to our physical and spiritual evolution from isolated 3D carbon “humans”, to multidimensionally aware 5D crystalline cosmic or “ET” humans. I get the impression that the 2007 Libra Equinox is a more potent separation portal for the people energetically able to slide through it now. I also sense that, after all these past months and even couple of years, there will finally be something more substantial to step out onto! No more dog paddling in between “realities” waiting and hovering in place…nice as that was and still is, I’m ready to land on higher cosmic ground  finally as I know so many of you are too.

Astrologically, the Aries/Libra—Libra/Aries polarity has to do with SELF (Aries) and ALL OTHERS (Libra). I’ve believed for many years that Libra has to do with ETs in general because they easily fall under this “all Others” category. The first Groups of us in disguise as 3D humans are still moving through these different transitions to being more and more of what we really are — multidimensional ETs or Cosmic beings.

As the falling away of the old lower world really takes off after the 2007 Winter Solstice, more and more people will become so fed up, so repulsed by the old lower patriarchal elite idiots, the insanity, murdering and unending lies, that they’ll finally be ready and willing to let go of and lift-off too. Give them time to catch the next Energy Wave or any of the other Waves that will be available, one after another, from here on through 2011. For us the energetic surf’s up again right now, so let’s ride this Fall Equinox Wave and see where it deposits us.

Denise Le Fay

September 22, 2007