Libra Equinox Point 2007

  Never in my whole strange metaphysical life have I ever experienced what I did the night before the Sept. 23, 2007 Fall Equinox and the whole day of! I think I’m still adjusting and readjusting and probably will for a while. Let me try to explain…

The exact hour and minute of the Sun’s entrance into 0° Libra — the Fall Equinox — where I live happened at 2:52 AM Sept. 23. But as astrologers know, there’s what’s called an orb of influence, which means that the cosmic astrological energies are present and available before the official exact day. In other words, the portal that the Fall Equinox was/is, was/is available for a few days before Sept. 23rd and days after it. The more sensitive and receptive one is, the earlier one is affected by all the astrological and cosmic energy shifts and changes. Something to keep in mind; don’t limit your personal spiritual experiences by trying to make them fit into the “official day or time period” that others say things will happen. There’s always that orb period well before and after, and it’s a bigger window of opportunity for all of us to experience much more.

At any rate I went to bed as usual September 22nd and that’s when the fun began. Fun as in did I have fantabulous vivid dreams revealing wonderful things? No. Fun as in did I met up with old higher dimensional ET Friends and Family? No. Fun as in did I have access to some important higher level information aka ‘Light’ which I can share here now with all of you? No.

What I experienced was so profoundly abnormal for me that it was a gift beyond any of the things I mentioned above, which, have been rather common experiences throughout my life. No, this was something that I desperately needed after the past almost 10 years of my physical ascension work. My Fall Equinox gift was absolute, deep, profound and utter silence and disconnect from everything!

See me doing back-flips across the room? 

I went to bed around 11 PM that night with the intention of waking up 20 minutes prior to 2:52 AM so that I could consciously do what I do during these very powerful energy changes. I can program my inner alarm clock like this and it always works. Not this time however! Evidently there were other plans in the works that I was unaware of. Fine by me, cause this was the best of the best of the damned best ever!

I wasn’t “asleep”, I was gone. I was so far beyond asleep it was sheer bliss. I was in Nothingness Land. I was One With The Nothingness. I wasn’t …. and it was a profound blessing, a hard earned R and R for this exhausted Elder Lightworker! That was my Fall Equinox Gift. Nothingness within the deep blackness where the Silence and the Great Goddess lives.

I awoke at 5:00 AM and couldn’t believe it. I was total energetic silent mush inside and out and it felt utterly wonderful. I went to the bathroom, then crawled back into bed, and went right back into the Silent Nothingness place until 10:00 AM.

See me grinning like a refreshed fool? 

I can’t even express how abnormal this is for me. I’ve been like a living lightening rod for the past 10 years and I literally vibrate energetically on the inside from all the “re-wiring”, DNA upgrade work, lightbody integrations, transformations and galactic pulse waves I feel and carry. This was me finally getting to directly experience at long last, what it feels like to just BE in a Unified higher dimensional state with nothing to “DO”! It was my period of BEING within that esoteric perfectly balanced (the Libra scales or balance) point of Nothingness and silence.

See me weeping softly with deep profound joy and gratitude? ♥

Denise Le Fay

September 25, 2007