Pluto’s Final Conjunction to the Galactic Center

From our point of view on Earth, the center of the Milky Way galaxy is at 27° Sagittarius 57′ minutes. The Sagittarian symbol—the half horse half man Archer—is pointing his arrow right at the Galactic Center (GC). He’s pointing the Way…back to the black hole womb in the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

On October 28, 2007 transiting Pluto will, for the third and last time, make an exact conjunction with the GC. Today Pluto is 26 Sagittarius 46′. On Oct. 28th, Pluto will reach the GC at 26 Sagittarius 57′ minutes.

Pluto has already made two earlier to-the-degree and minute conjunctions with the GC; one in 2006, and the second retrograde hit on July 17, 2007. The third hit or exact conjunction will trigger everything else that needs to be completed in humanity on Earth. To help put this one transit into some sort of perspective, the last time Pluto conjuncted (came close to, touched and activated, then moved across) the GC was 250 years ago! But what makes this one transit even more powerful is that it’s happen now so near the ending of the Mayan calendar. What it did to humanity 250 years ago is nothing like what it’s been doing to us throughout 2006 and 2007!

There’s so much going on now it’s hard to keep up with. Next month on November 19, 2007 we enter the Mayan calendar period called Night Five which will run through to November 12, 2008. Next we’ll go through the Winter Solstice on Dec. 23, 2007 and after that, on January 27, 2008, Pluto will leave the sign of Sagittarius and enter Capricorn which will be the beginning of the serious physical “falling” of the old lower vibrating patriarchal world structures and reality. Pluto will remain in the sign of Capricorn from Jan. 27, 2008 through March 2023…..which my brain can’t comprehend.

I’m going to randomly quote some sections from Barbara Marciniak’s latest The Pleiadian TIMES Sept. 23, 2007 Fall Equinox issue. This is her channeling her Pleadian group. Barbara Marciniak’s website, The Pleiadians is under LINKS.

“Energetically, 2007 is a very intense year and a major turning point along the transformational path to higher consciousness. Cosmic energies and influences from the Galactic Center and the Sun will vastly intensify from now through 2012, and the reliability of the old material world will continue to crack and crumble according to plan and agreement…..”

“In the vast expanse of existence, there are untold ways and means for reckoning time and finding locations of noteworthy events. The Mayan culture had a knack for charting large cosmic cycles of time and tracking celestial occurrences. Mayan calendars highlight 2012 as a year of supreme importance as the Winter Solstice Sun aligns with the Galactic Center, the womb of the mother and seat of Mother Goddess energy for the galaxy.

This year, the effects of cosmic energies stemming from Pluto’s alignments with the Galactic Center offer a small peek into the potential of energies transmitted in 2012. On December 28, 2006 Pluto made the first conjunction with the Galactic Center in more than 250 years. The Galactic Center amplifies Pluto’s transformational effects with the stunning new truths the Galactic Mother is so fond of delivering. As long-cherished belief systems are being shattered, organizations and personal lives are being purged of excess and useless baggage. On July 17, 2007, Pluto made a second alignment with the GC, and in the USA President Bush enacted into law an executive order banning all forms of protest against the war in Iraq; citizens defying the law are threatened with a seizure of their assets by the government. The timing of this proclamation is akin to a witless hunter poking a sleeping, giant mother bear that is nestled in for a nap with her cubs…..”

“You will do well to simplify your life, for disruptions in world society over the next six moons (6 months will be from now through to the Spring Equinox 2008) will break up many long-standing traditions. The systems of modern civilization are dissolving into chaos, and at this point most people are too overwhelmed with their own personal situations to do anything about it. Yet in a few short years, when powerful new energies enter the cosmic arena, beliefs and attitudes will definitely change……”

“…..the unfolding of the great cosmic plan cannot be diverted by any forces. However, you must earn your degrees in consciousness, for the path leading to the vistas of higher awareness will show many casualties, including mass deaths and increases in mental insanity. Amazing events will occur from now through 2012, when a brand-new understanding of how everything is connected will be readily apparent; even so, the journey from here to there will cover some treacherous terrain….”

” When Pluto moves into the sign of Capricorn in January of 2008, the dismantling of old structures will be under way. Underhanded deals and secret manipulations will be carried out by factions wanting to divert and discharge the availability of the powerful new energies. And, as energies escalate and wars loom and collapses continue, it is quite probable that large events will be staged to further disperse attention away from understanding the truths from the Galactic Mother. Secret technologies can control human thoughts through frequency manipulation and sophisticated electronic and laser technologies can be used to create massive special effects designed to stun people into further complacency…..”

“…..Or perhaps an invasion from space will be staged.”

“The prevalence of sexual distortion is due to a collapse of the lower astral realms, which are called to your world through war and secret rituals…..”

“Be open to the energies that sustain you, for grace is granted to those who are aware. As a direct blessing of the cosmos, special events will eventually touch the world around 2009, and when the revolutionary mind is unified with spiritual purpose, everything will be seen with different eyes.”

Hopefully this will give you a good feel for what The Pleiadian TIMES information quarterly is all about. Every issue is a great help with very accurate insights into what’s happening on many levels and why. I hope you’ll consider buying a subscription because there’s so much in them.

Denise Le Fay

October 20, 2007