Let’s Talk Numbers

numbers croppednumbers cropped

Most likely you too have been seeing different numbers and number combinations over the past many years. Some of us have been seeing certain numbers for 15–20 years now. For me the most common place for these number messages to reach my consciousness are digital clocks. There’s something about their simplicity, their no frills, in-your-face, stare-down way of getting certain number energies and other information across to you with very little room for doubt. I’ve repeatedly been awakened in the middle of the night just to roll over and look at my digital clock so I’d see such-and-such a number combination. Like getting a good nights sleep wasn’t hard enough without this too! But, this is how this phenomenon seems to work. We’re being triggered and informed via seeing certain numbers repeatedly. Numbers, like colors, vibrate at very high levels and are multidimensional and contain far more information than we think they do.

The image above shows 4 pillars in physicality (north, south, east, west) OR the now famous 11:11 portal/gate/energy message if you look at it from that perspective, as I do. I chose it for this reason because the two pillars on one side (one polarity), and two pillars on the other side (the other polarity), are symbolic of POLARITY in the old lower 3D world and consciousness. That includes within our own physical bodies such as our divided, separated, and polarized brain hemispheres, and the polarized externalized sexes.

In the old lower polarized pre-ascension world reality, the right side of our physical bodies (in both sexes) was the male projecting electric polarity; the left side (in both sexes) was the female magnetic receptive polarity. In old lower 3D physicality everything has been radically separated into that completely polarized and externalized way. This isn’t “bad” but it’s just about as far as we as spiritual beings in physicality could take our movement away from Source or The All That Is! We’ve fragmented and separated ourselves as far as we wanted or needed to here in dense 3D physicality.

So what if all these 11:11’s are at one level, us being shown via numbers that we’re resolving POLARITY within ourselves, our bodies, and our consciousness? I sense that seeing the message of 11:11 has to do with our pre-ascension vibrating brains that were polarized and separated into right/left (the first 11) halves within polarized male/female physical bodies (possibly the second 11). I sense that seeing the 11:11 numbers are about humanity transmuting polarity in many forms both within themselves and in the old lower world and evolving/ascending vibrationally beyond 3D. (I just now got up and went to the kitchen to get a cookie, cause I needed one and the clock showed 1:11 which is another level to this.)

The other day I saw, in one day, the morning AM series of 10:10 and 11:11 and 12:12 AND then again in the evening PM I got all three of these same number combinations again. To me that was 11:11 polarity symbology or the first morning series (daylight) of 10:10, 11:11, and 12:12 and the second evening (darkness) series of these same number groups. So you can see that these numbers talk multidimensionally! Also the 10:10 can be read as a “1” , the 11:11 as a “2”, and 12:12 as a “3”. This could also be read as 1, 2, 3 as in stages OR 2, 4, 6 at another level/dimension. Interesting isn’t it?

Another level of seeing numbers and combinations of numbers has to do with different dimensions.I sense that when we shift back and forth between POLARITY WORK (seeing numbers but in dual or polarized form, whatever they may be, like 10:10, 11:11, 12:12) into DIMENSIONAL WORK for our further integration and adjusting etc., we then see triple digits, like 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 etc. In other words we’ve shifted to dealing with higher vibrating trinity energies and consciousness because we’ve transmuted much polarized energies and consciousness represented by numbers in dual formations like 11:11, 12:12 etc. But I sense there’s more…another level to seeing all these numbers and that’s dimensional.

Often times when you awaken in the middle of the night at say, 2:00 AM or 4:00 AM, and see those numbers on your clock, it indicates that you’ve been doing Work within the second dimension (2D), and also within the fourth dimension (4D). 2D is the dimension that has to do with energies and elemental beings that exist below the surface of Earth; 4D is the dimension of the astral and archetypal realm and would explain many of our strange dreams and inner Work via them.

When you awake, glance at the clock and it’s usually around 3:00 AM and/or 5:00 AM, this usually indicates you’ve been Working (while asleep and out-of-body) in both the old familiar third dimension (3D), and also within the higher vibratory fifth dimension (5D) for whatever the reasons. This is one way this information is being given to us through seeing these numbers during the night hours. It’s also being given to us during the daylight hours while in our bodies and seeing these same numbers and combination of numbers but in different groupings to represent both duality (double digits) and also when we’re functioning from a non-polarized, higher vibratory level and consciousness (seeing triple digits)

We’ve ascended/evolved enough now to be getting a lot more multidimensional information consciously and we’re learning how to read the symbols, numbers, colors and geometry from multiple levels and angles as is necessary now. It’s literally like looking at different things from one dimension and frequency and reading its meanings from that viewpoint and vibration. Then, moving around and viewing the same thing but now from a different and faster angle and frequency and because of that, it reads very differently. This is the magic, complexity and vast beauty of being multidimensional beings.

Denise Le Fay

November 25, 2007


8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Numbers

  1. Perhaps the 11s are associated with the Aquarian Glyph (sideways)or more likely visa versa. Funny Aquarius is also the 11th sign.

  2. Hi Kite, so very glad to see you here, thanks for visiting. 🙂

    Yes those Aquarian Energy Waves and the 11’s are no doubt directly related and I didn’t think about Aquarius and the 11th house. More in-your-face symbology that’s so much so it’s easy to miss!


  3. Hi Denise
    I found your blog on 09 feb. 2009 while searching more for Karen Bishop. The latter’s site I found on 06th Feb. 2009. Ever since It’s become a regular practice for me to dig through your blog first whenever I find a new ascension phenomenon occurring personally to me. Now today I found this blog articles of yours on numbers. Since It is been more than two months (actually it started on the evening of june 21st 2009, to be happened regularly afterwards), I am made to look at certain master numbers in double, triple and quadruple digits everywhere. whether being at home or Whenever I go out of my home even for 15 minutes, I am compelled to look repeatedly at the numbers 111,1111, 999,9999, 37,77, 777 and 71 either as such or as a part of a sequence of numbers on license plates, mobile cell numbers, on the hoardings, banners or on the packings. Seeing all of these numbers daily many times in a day whether I go out or not has become a regular feature. Are my angels giving me some messages? On Internet I read about people seeing a particular number or sequence repeatedly. But I m seeing all of these number many times in a day for past two months. Also another strange thing is happening, I am made to observe particularly exactly same digit numbers appearing simultaneously on two or three different type of vehicles (one on two wheelar and another on a four wheeler) or all on two different makes of cars simultaneously. Please guide me on this. Thanks Algen

    • Algen,

      That is amazing you noticed the date (2009 summer Solstice) that you began seeing different numbers. Good for you for paying attention.

      I too have been seeing certain numbers and combination’s of numbers since 1992 and I didn’t have a clue for a long time what they meant. I’ve also been paying attention to how seeing certain numbers comes and goes like the tides. I’ll see 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, and also triple numbers, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 818, 717 etc., for weeks and weeks and then it will stop for awhile. After a month or so, I’ll start seeing them again multiple times each day. What I finally discerned about seeing these numbers and number combos was that they were/are/will be some form of triggers or activations and also conscious reminders for each of us that what’s happening – ascension process, astrological Age change, dimensional Shift, Mayan calendar completing indicating the end of an era and level of being and consciousness.

      Just like how we’re activated energetically and within our DNA by cosmic, galactic, stellar, solar, and planetary energies both physical and nonphysical, these cosmic energies trigger/activate latent DNA codes within our bodies and much more no doubt. I sense that when we see certain numbers and number combos, that much the same things are happen to and within us. We’re being both reminded by seeing the numbers physically, but the numbers hold energies that also are triggers for our ongoing ascension process and dimensional shifting. What’s happening to humanity is wordless…it’s higher dimensional Light which numbers represent and carry that Light very well too. Our repeatedly seeing certain numbers are like encountering Portals that we’re moving through faster each month, each year now. Seeing them is telling us about how we, our DNA, brains, Hearts are rapidly evolving and that it is all time coded much like “time-released capsules” of medication we take! These time codes trigger/activate our DNA to evolve a bit more each time or during each phase. Think of seeing numbers as both visual clues and reminders about your/mine/our ongoing ascensions, and also that they’re triggering further DNA and brain/consciousness compressed evolution. It’s all very positive stuff.

      After years of seeing the famous 11:11 thing, I finally discerned that 11:11 was like moving through an energy Portal or through two pillars into a higher level of being. Seeing 11:11 is a potent TRANSITION like so many of the numbers are. I fear I’m rambling…

      Algen, Google 11:11 for more info by other people about seeing numbers. There is lots of info out there about it all, and some of it is very accurate. Check out http://www.nvisible.com and the 11:11 info and http://spiritlibrary.com/doreen-virtue/number-sequences-from-the-angels?utm_source=Spirit+Library+Newsletter&utm_campaign=6f8d6dab2f-Spirit_Library_Newsletter_August_3_2009&utm_medium=email. I hope this helps.


      • Thanks Denise for an insightful reply. Just see I found your blog on 09 feb 2009 (09+02+2009) which is 11+11. Sounds interesting.

  4. Dear Denise,

    Interesting. I realized something last night (or was it this morning?) and meant to email you, or look up the angel numbers website. It wasn’t until a moment ago when I was looking for the angel bookmark when I saw your one to this article above it. How perfect 🙂

    So it occurred to me about the triple and 4 digit numbers as you would see on a digital clock. When you add them up, another pattern occurs:
    1+1+1 = 3
    2+2+2 = 6
    3+3+3 = 9
    4+4+4 = 3
    5+5+5 = 6

    and higher numbers:
    10:10 = 2
    11:11 = 4
    12:12 = 6
    (of course this changes to odd numbers when you go higher on the next set, but right now I’m only focused on clock triple and 4 digit numbers; and I now realize you touched a moment on the 4 digit numbers above “at another level can be read as 2,4,6”).

    Have you been aware of this over the years? I really felt like this was another level of a nudge for me. Instead of just looking at the clock, seeing one of the numbers and smiling at the message of Be-ing Aware in the moment, it’s now something else. I will need to mull over what that is. Either way, I wanted to share this insight I had with you.

    Much Heart Love to you,

    • Chrysalis,

      Hi you! ❤

      The way I've always perceived the triple numbers and groups larger than that is that they represent and function at, for evolving/ascending humanity, a fifth dimensional frequency and consciousness range, not the old lower 3D one. In other words, say number combos like the triple ones — 111, 222, 555, 777 etc.– represent more complex, higher frequencies than what the single and double number(s) did in the old lower 3D world and consciousness. Dare I say this publicly finally, but I perceive the same type of thing with Astrology, natal and transit Astrology etc. I've pondered about writing about that topic for many years but so many other things were more important than that, but we're close now to needing to expand our consciousness about that too.

      The triple numbers and the sets of four and five that we're seeing and perceiving talking to us are I feel not to be reduced to a single digit. The three and four and five numbers are the NEW higher message themselves and represent 5D frequencies and consciousness complexities. Single and double digits were about our time and life in Duality, whereas the triple and quadruple and greater number combinations represent Triality or Unity or HighHeart consciousness, frequency and reality for us now. Instead of keeping the numbers two dimensionally flat as we look, feel and read them, we now need to rotate them like living geometric shapes that we can perceive from more sides, more angles etc. than we were capable of before. This is just the start of what we and our evolving consciousness is doing now. Soon it’s all going to go through the roof and won’t that be great! 😉

      • Hi 😀 (waving),

        Wow, where to begin. First, I went back over the triple digits I had reduced. I realized it was (in a way) my own Self letting me know it was “time” to end with all 3D. 3 and 9. That’s what I was feeling.

        Next, I could see and feel what you were talking about, with the Higher number combinations Be-ing Living geometric shapes, rotating and Be-ing alive in a more complex space. I’m aware now how when I’ve seen 1111 that the numbers seemed to pulse a bit as I looked at them. Thank you for bringing htat to my awareness. I still have goosebumps about reading of the numbers Be-ing Living things!

        Then finally, I agree that it’s time for the New Astrology and Numerology to come into our consciousness. I never quite related with astrology, or it to me. Some of the generalities seemed to ring true, but a lot of the rest of it not so much. I guess graduating to 5D Astrology is overdue 🙂 On the other hand, I’ve been doing my best not to jump on any bandwagon or new thing. I need to remind myself that bits and pieces that feel right for me ARE right for me. It may be something else for another person and that’s perfectly ok.

        Thank you for sharing what you have observed on this topic and sharing it. I always so appreciate it ❤

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