May 2008 Energies

I’ve never before been as aware as I am now of the deeper levels of what comes through during the month of May. If this has always been the case, then I’m just learning something very big and important. But I sense it’s more about our current abilities to perceive far more of these deep, potent higher dimensional energies finally.

Because I’m familiar with astrology, I’m aware of the Venus-ruled month of Taurus and how those Venusian energies bring in a wide array of higher vibrating energies from a couple of dimensions. In astrology there’s something called octaves with some of the planets. Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus, meaning that Venus deals with more of the physical and emotional side of specific energies, while Neptune with a larger, higher frequency of them. This year I sense May 2008 is going to radiate some very high energies via both these planets and much more.

Venus and Neptune mean what they do in 3D reality and consciousness. Venus and Neptune mean very different things in 5D reality and 5D consciousness! I sense that May 2008 we’re going to get the full 5D versions which is exciting and will no doubt be very potent for all of us personally. Celia Fenn talks about what she calls the “Buddha Moons”; two full moons during April and May when the Sun is in Taurus. I wasn’t familiar with that particular term for them but I understand what it means. High Taurus/Venus (and Neptune) energies are very much Buddha-like, very much Quan Yin-like.

As the Sun transits through the sign of Taurus each year, it reaches the later degrees of the sign and conjuncts (exactly aligns with) the Pleiades star system. From around May 14th through May 20th, the Sun moves through the same degrees as the Pleiades (around 26-27-28 degrees Taurus) and this annual conjunction (and orb) allows for large downloads lets call them, directly from the 5th dimensional Pleiades to humanity and Earth. Because we’re now vibrating within 5D ourselves, I’m suspecting we’re going to be perceiving the annual Pleiadian alignment and download in a very different and exciting way.

Over the months I’ve tried to find accurate terms to describe 5D as best as I know it to date, and I always come back to high Venus and Neptune. Not 3D Venus/Neptune mind you, but Venus/Taurus like Buddha and Quan Yin within a 5D Neptunian field of increased oneness and unity from the High Heart. I know, I know….rather mystical sounding  description but I’m doing the best I can at the moment! 😉 Hopefully by June or July 2008 we’ll all better understand what I’m struggling to express today. I suspect we will.

Oops, incoming data! A seemingly random awareness just popped into my head which I feel I should share here. I don’t know if there’s a connection but I wouldn’t be surprised. Anyway here’s what just dropped into my consciousness.

From our perspective on Earth, the Pleiades exist at about 27 degrees Taurus. In numerological terms 27 = 2+7= 9…9 energy. Following this I remembered that again, from our perspective on Earth, the GC—Galactic Center or the black hole in the center of the Milky Way galaxy—exists at 27° Sagittarius. 27= 2+7= 9…9 energies. If there’s more I’m not getting it at the moment so we’ll have to just go with the flow. Hum hum hum….9 energies from two very powerful cosmic locations…we’re now in a 1 year energy (2008 =2+8= 10 = 1) BUT in a higher cycle and in a higher dimension. It is connected but I can’t express it or connect all the dots at the moment. Hummm frustrating but this is how it goes oftentimes. Make of it what you will.

Denise Le Fay

May 2, 2008


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