Summer Solstice 2008

This years Summer Solstice (Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere) falls on Friday, June 20th which is only two weeks away. Amazing how time is speeding by faster than ever.

The Equinox (Spring Aries & Fall Libra) point energies are different than the Solstice point energies (Summer Cancer & Winter Capricorn). The Equinox’s bring in new energies, new movements, new directions and actions, and feel much like direct motion planets do. The energies are flowing and greatly pushing forward.

The Solstice energies, at least over the past few years that I’ve noticed this increase, seem to bring in very different energies that feel like how retrograde planetary periods feel. I’m not saying that they’re just the same as but, that the Solstice/Equinox energies feel to me, much like the motions of planets but on an even larger scale.

Solstices have been increasingly more intense in that they now seem to be periods where we’re processing, dealing with, transmuting and transforming whatever lower vibrating stuff and energies etc. that we each need to at those times.  I may be slightly prejudice, certainly extra sensitive, because my Capricorn Sun is conjunct the Winter Solstice point which means (as it would for all people who’s Suns and/or Asc. are within a couple degrees of ANY of the Cardinal angles) that every few months the transiting Sun is either triggering off a couple of squares, an opposition, and then a conjunction to my (and yours) natal Sun. The Energy Surf is up again!  

Point is that from my perspective (your mileage may vary), the Solstices have been getting more potent and/or compressed energetically. Makes sense really, that as everything is being compressed and sped up, that these phases, these transits and power points of the Equinox’s and Solstices would be causing humanity to move through much more, much faster.

Lately I’ve been remembering the past couple years worth of Solstices and how they effected me personally – and they were difficult and intense times. I’ve been sensing that this 2008 Summer Solstice is also going to be rather potent on multiple levels, both personally and collectively. I sense there’s more planetary shifting and shakings coming, more freaky and severe weather patterns, lots more people who’ll suddenly be leaving physicality for multiple reasons, shortages coming and increasing cutbacks and restrictions (like with water, gasoline, foods, money etc.), that the crime rate will increase with each gasoline price increase. In other words, difficult and probably scary times ahead. However the old, lower stuff that needs to go, must, so that a better and higher way can manifest.

So, try to keep that in mind/heart as the Summer Solstice arrives and we and our reality go into yet another phase of transitions and transformations. Remember that the falling happens first so that what’s coming can.


June 6, 2008


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