Orion Teachings From Ancient Egypt

This is a continuation of my past life memories in Egypt (as a male) around 12,600 B.C. I’ve already written a bit about what both the 5D Pleiadian—the Sacred Artist, and the 6D Sirian—the Sacred Architect Starbeings taught me and their numerous other Starseeds back then. Now I’ll share what I’ve remembered so far about the 8D Orion Starbeing—a member of the Sacred Galactic Council. [For more information see A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution]

From A Lightworker’s Mission by Denise Le Fay, Artist Yasmeen Harper – Fig. 3.11. The 8D Orion

Personally I’m not terribly fond of titles like the one I just used above—the Sacred Galactic Council—but they’re necessary to even be able to express and share information like this. Like it or not, that was the title this 8D being from Orion was labeled with, just as the Sirian and Pleiadian were with their unique titles. These titles represented their home dimensional energies more than anything else so please keep that in mind and don’t think about this 8D title with old lower world 3D awareness.


One of my favorite training lessons in this past life was with Orion (that was the name he used at that time) and it was learning how to pilot a small two-seater UFO up and down the Nile. Now don’t freak out as this was normal way back then just like learning how to drive a car is for sixteen-year-old kids in our timeline. Most of us young Starseeds learned how to pilot these smaller UFOs because it was more about learning mental and emotional control and focus than anything else really. Those UFOs could be directed and flown by the pilots mental focus alone, or, by both mental focus and partial auto-pilot or total auto-pilot when one needed a break. Many of the tools in this life in Egypt (12,600 b.c. ) were used like this. The Ankh was another tool of many that was controlled by the operators focused mental and emotional energies. They were marvelous, highly advanced tools in themselves, but when mentally and emotionally directed by higher dimensional beings like Orion or the other Starbeings or Starseeds, they came to life and did amazing things; things like cut through stone like it was room temperature butter!

My personal memory of flying this small UFO was at first very difficult and extremely draining because of the lengthy and intense mental focus. You wouldn’t believe how exhausting it is to continually keep your thoughts on ONLY one or two things, like flying a UFO and not crashing, and not let them wander off into something else or just stare off out a window at the world below! So at first this was real serious work for me but with time and practice, it became easier to focus my thoughts and intentions for longer periods on what I wanted that small UFO to do…when, where, and for how long. Eventually it became much like driving a car in heavy traffic today; you know what you’re doing and its become second nature  or body knowledge,  but you still must pay attention to all that’s going on around you at the same time.

I have a crystal clear memory of solo piloting this smaller UFO up and down the Nile many times, logging flight hours evidently. We all used the Nile river below to know exactly where we were, kind of like that rope with attached floating balls on it to keep the little kids out of the deep end of the swimming pool! We used the Nile as a clear guideline that showed us where we were and to not fly too far away from it…our rope in the huge swimming pool that Egypt was for us back then.

I’d fly from lower Egypt (where the Sphinx and Great Pyramid was), south to upper Egypt (these names were not used in this life and time but were added later by others) where there were other large cities with huge UFO ports cut into the rock walls or cliffs. We’d park both the small and much larger UFOs in these huge carved out parking areas in the sides of cliffs much like large car parking lots or airplane hangers of today. We young Starseeds would pick up and/or drop off certain supplies between these main large cities using the small UFOs, so it was both necessity and personal training at the same time. The real ancients were terribly efficient and never, ever did something, built something, created something for only one reason. Their consciousness simply didn’t function that way; it was multidimensional and so they did things for many reasons on numerous levels and dimensions at the same time.

Another very powerful and special memory I have with Orion was when he’d have one of his Starseed students come to his teaching room. I have no memory of ever being in this room with another student. It seemed from what I’ve remembered so far that Orion preferred teaching all of us on a one-to-one basis.

Orion’s unique teaching room was a Holographic viewing room. When you first entered it there was nothing in there. It was empty and the walls were bare with nothing on them. It was a large dome-shaped circular room that was like a white movie screen where images where projected. It was an empty round room where, when Orion turned on whatever it was he turned on, you were suddenly hovering somewhere within the 3D Milky Way galaxy! It was holographic, three-dimensional, and you the viewer were INSIDE of it and could view the entire Milky Way galaxy from any location, point, direction or level. It was breathtakingly spectacular and very, very, intense all at the same time. Talk about feeling lost and insignificant! The concept of “Home” takes on a totally different meaning when you are aware of, and can physically see, far more locations of the “Homes” of different beings just within the Milky Way galaxy.

To visualize what I’m talking about place yourself inside this photo of our galaxy, make it real sized and 3D however and you can move yourself, your point of view around to anywhere within the Milky Way and view from there. That was what it was like inside of Orion’s galactic holograph viewing room.

After a few flights in Orion’s holograph galactic room he would eventually begin the real teachings. At first he didn’t allow you to speak while in his room but only view, adjust, feel and ponder. After you’d gotten over the shock of how vast and beautiful the physical Milky Way galaxy was, then Orion would begin the teachings and they had to do with educating you about inhabited locations within it. Orion taught us about our galactic heritage, the vast ancient galactic society, and the many physical locations within the Milky Way where all of us live/lived and/or came from. Orion taught Milky Way Galactic Geography.

Just like many people know states or countries (or even all of Earth)  like the back of their hands, Orion from 8D and member of the Galactic Council, knew the Milky Way galaxy like the back of his hand! It was that small and well-known to him as it was/is to many higher dimensional beings.

Once I got the basics down about what was where within the Milky Way galaxy, the next teaching step with Orion was about all the ASPECTS between numerous areas, star systems, and so on within the Milky Way galaxy. If you’re familiar with natal astrology and the aspects that astrologers interpret between the planets and angles etc. within our solar system in each natal chart, then this will be easier to grasp because it’s basically the same thing just on a galactic scale.

Orion tried to teach me how to read and interpret galactic aspects within the Milky Way galaxy. I know, I know—it makes my brain hurt just remembering and writing about it! He would eventually activate something else within his holographic room that looked like different colored lines of light that ran between different star systems and other galactic areas. There were “trines” and “squares” and “oppositions” and “sextiles” and so forth between many star systems and other galactic areas just like in individual’s natal charts. Orion knew these  galactic aspects and galactic transits intimately and he struggled to teach me and the other Starseeds this vast and complex but beautiful 8D wisdom.

This was/is the way Orion and most other higher dimensional beings view this galaxy where so many of us have inserted or seeded ourselves into denser vibrating physical 3D reality (that is currently ascending to 5D awareness and light vibration). They’re capable of reading the Milky Way galaxy and others like astrologers read natal and location charts; natal and location charts with current transits, progressions,  and so on. It’s the same thing to these higher dimensional beings…one unified area (the Milky Way) with plenty happening within it at different “times”, locations, galactic phases, cycles, transits etc.

natal chart aspect lines

(This is not my natal chart)

See all the red, blue and green lines in the natal chart above? Those are lines showing the natal aspects within that particular chart. The graph below it that looks like stair steps with strange colored symbols in the little squares, are the natal aspects (between planets and angles) in GLYPH form. Orion’s holographic galactic viewing room would show different colored lines of light throughout the Milky Way galaxy that looked much like these different natal aspect lines, except they were three-dimensional not flat like this natal chart is. And of course Orion’s different colored galactic aspect lines moved and changed slowly with the different orbits and cycles. He could have his holographic galactic room show how things looked in the Milky Way far in the past, and he could move it far forward into the future (our current time) to show the positions and transits or alignments as they appear now. They’ve always known what was coming and the many potentials within our current times. This is why so many of us have reincarnated back on Earth now—to finish up this very ancient work.


June 26, 2008

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22 thoughts on “Orion Teachings From Ancient Egypt

  1. Lya,

    I’m glad to hear that you saw what Natalie said too. You two feel free to talk to each other here if you’d like.

    Like you and Natalie, I too have a connection with 6D Sirius and the nonphysical Lion Beings and others that exist within that stellar system. Just like we have physical genetic lines, we also have nonphysical, stellar, interdimensional genetic lines. The Lion Beings from Sirius may be some of your stellar relatives, just as the 5D Pleiadians are for many people and so on.

    I also wanted to mention to you and Natalie both to maybe do a search on “Wanderers”. Or, you can just check out two great links in my LINKS section – Jody’s ET/Wanderer site, and Scott Mandelker’s site. They both talk about Wanderers, which I’m certain you and Natalie both are, as I am.


  2. Thank you Denise, I can´t wait for your book. I also enjoyed reading Natalie’s experience. Do you think some of us may be lion beings incarnated?
    Hugs, Lya

  3. Natalie,

    Your birthday was December 23rd? So was mine…seriously, Dec. 23rd is my birthday. Whoohoo 1 degree Capricorns! 😀

    I’m currently writing a new post about what you and many other people are going through now with having these positive ET meetings. I knew this ET/US business would accelerate once we arrived at 2010.

    I think you’ve correctly discerned that the Lion Being you saw was indeed trying to help you deal with the other lower and negative beings/energies that you were perceiving too. This is why I say repeatedly that it is sooooo important for each of us to learn to discern for ourselves. Then we know who we’re really dealing with. 😉 And yes, the Lion Being you saw that was set in CURRENT time was also trying to tell you something; that he and you and the meetings are in current time and not from ancient Egypt or Atlantis etc. There is a reason for this too so pay close attention to all of the symbols and clues. ETs talk to us much of the time in what seems to us to be coded talk but it isn’t. It is just how they communicate much more nonlinear information/visions/messages/insights/feelings/emotions etc to us.

    After you read my new book, you will know that you can say anything to me and I will probably understand because I’ve been there myself.

    Hugs and Happy Capricorn Birthday you!

  4. Thank you for taking the time to reply. It means a lot. I have been seeing ET’s from a very young age and i used to draw them. I have just turned 28 on the 23rd of december and had all kinds of experiences. Im young in human yeas but a very old soul. I got my shop I Believe In Angels in 2006 and i really started to see alsorts. At the time i saw the lion i was beening sent other nasty beings from someone i trusted and it was awful for months i was attacked and horrible beings came to me on a night before i went to sleep. So when i saw him and the way he spoke pushed me to far. I pulled back and refused to see and sense any more. I would still give loved ones messages in my shop but that was it. Now i look back i think he was trying to help me. I had be having dreams and visions of lion beings with egyption type skirts on dragging a chain with a weight on it and i could tell it was set back in time. But the lion that came to me was dfferent he was in this time and space.
    When i did my reiki master degree i was aware of my higher self sitting down in my body i felt my face change and i think i was or am a lion being in carnate. Im not sure maybe a lion wanted the attunment too! I really dont know what to think.
    So i figured if i could find out more about these beings i would learn more.
    I will be honest and say i am scared to open to those higher other dimentions as im aware of other beings too. I do work with the ascened masters and angels, i love Staint Germain but not sure what to do.
    I will get them books and yours too,i was going to get murry hope but i was’nt sure if they would help me.
    If you have anymore hepful advice i would be thankful, it’s nice for someone to understand without them thinking im out my mind, Blessings Natalie

  5. lu/Lya,

    Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS…and stop apologizing for having so much astrological AIR and a healthy imagination! Lucky you for having one that works, as far too many people have suppressed theirs and distrust imagination entirely. What they don’t realize is that imagination or free-range mind/heart play 😉 is VERY necessary and important in accessing the “right brain”. Doesn’t matter much at this point however, because the “Veil” between humanities brain hemispheres (polarized right/left halves) is going away.

    I’ve been waiting for this to happen for many years. I’ve been waiting for increasing numbers of people to suddenly begin dreaming, and also clairvoyantly seeing while awake and telepathically communicating with certain ETs. That time has arrived with 2010, and will only increase along with their ongoing ascension/evolution (brain integration) process.

    As I’ve mentioned, and will continue to, I have a new book coming on the market in about two or three weeks. When it is available I’ll add a Page here with info and a link to the publishers. It has 25 illustrations in it of different Starbeings/ETs, interdimensional beings and energies, portal manifestations, and all sorts of interesting things I have clairvoyantly seen over the decades. One of these book illustrations is of a male and female ancient ET Lion Beings as I remembered them in an ancient past life in Egypt. And you are totally right, they are THE most “beautiful” and almost angelic-like, super ancient beings! See, no crazy thoughts here. 🙂

    And yes again with the Sphinx in ancient Egypt; it was a Lion head and NOT a human or some Pharaoh etc. It was a Lion representing the astrological Age of Leo 12,600 years ago. I write about this and numerous related topics in my new book, so you may find it interesting and/or helpful.

    I’m going to write a post about this recent increase of many people being contacted by different Starbeings/ETs recently. I’ll try to get it done today or tomorrow.


  6. Hello!
    I had always tried to be a grounded person since I am a libra and gemini and very airy and always liked daydreaming. I had to make a real effort to be grounded so I could fit here (what never happened). So I never believed in these ET stuff. Some weeks ago I had a vision of a man with lion face aspect, but not like an animal, he was very very beautiful. The image was like a picture but slowly spinning (maybe like a hologram). I was very surprised with it. Some days ago I had another vision, but this time of the Sphinx, but instead of a man face as we know now, it had a very beautiful lioness face. It is all fascinating but I am also very scared of being very imaginative and loosing my mind! Any thoughts ?
    Peace, Lya

  7. Natalie,

    Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS.

    In about three weeks or so I have a new book that will be on the market. In it are 25 illustrations of different beings, Starbeings/ETs, Elementals, and many other entities and higher dimensional objects that I’ve clairvoyantly seen over the decades. One of those illustrations is of a male and female Sirian (6D) Lion Beings as I knew them in a very ancient past life in Egypt. There is also one illustration of an ancient ET Bird Being and others too. So you may find that book and it’s many illustrations rather helpful and interesting.

    I’ve been saying over the past year or so now that many more people are suddenly going to be having wide awake (and also while dreaming) Starbeing/ET meetings just like what you have described. I know that during 2010 this will increase simply because it goes along with our consciousness expanding. Some people call this our preparing to re-enter Universal Society and I certainly sense this is right around the corner for more and more people. UFOs and ETs won’t land on the White House lawn for all of humanity to see. Individual people like you and me and many others will begin having greater contact (telepathic/clairvoyant) with certain Starbeings from 2010 on. I hope to write a post about this soon.

    As far as the ancient ET Lion Beings from Sirius, I would suggest you check out a woman who has written a few books about them. I haven’t read them but I hear they are good.

    The Lion People: Intercosmic Messages from the Future by Murry Hope. And, The Paschats And The Crystal People by Murry Hope. And, The Sirius Connection: Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Egypt also by Murry Hope. (Try these titles at Amazon books to get a feel.)

    Like I said, some of these Lion beings are very ancient sixth dimensional beings. If one has been revealing itself to you, I would suspect that it mainly is to help you remember certain things, and things about yourself and your stellar kinfolk possibly too. Don’t worry that you can’t understand what he is saying now, if you’re meant to hear something from him it will be telepathic and you will understand even if it is a different language. I know that many Starbeings/ETs enjoy talking to us in wonderful symbols and mental pictures and not so much in linear words like we’re used to here. With our consciousness evolving and becoming increasingly multidimensionally aware now, we all are going to be RE-learning how to perceive and communicate within Universal Society in these nonlinear, nonverbal sorts of ways. It’s all another aspect of our ascensions.

    I hope this helps somewhat, and I hope you’ll consider my book too. 🙂


  8. Hi Denise,
    I was visited by a lion being about 3 years ago. I panincked and thought i was ready for the white jacket as i was being attacked by other beings.
    In August of 2009 i stared thinking about him again.
    He had a human body with a lion head wise eyes and authorative stature. I know how this sounds but he had a white space suit on with blue edging. He spoke in a language not of this planet. In October 09 i drew his face and for some reason feel very close to him. But i dont see him visually or sense him.

    Do you have any info or help about this as there is not much about him and the web site i found she did not email me back.

    Help please, Natalie.

  9. Lightbeing,

    I suspect many of us were in ancient Egypt (and Atlantis and elsewhere) with different Starbeings. In fact, I believe that most of the Lightworkers/Wanderers/Starseeds etc. of today, are these ancient star seeded people from ancient times. Our missions, our work is vast and covers eons of time but is multidimensional and current really. You know what I’m trying to express.

    Yes, I sense that you have 6D Sirian ties and that you too were there in Egypt with many of us.


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