5D & Dreaming

I’ve been realizing that because of all the ongoing inner ascension work we’ve been doing/living/surviving/transmuting, our need to dream is changing. Dreaming in the past, prior to the entry into the Photon band of higher Light, prior to the start of the Ascension Process, we dreamed to deal with our issues, to work on inner things via our night lives. We dreamed as a way to very quickly deal with our fears, hates, frustrations and old unresolved issues; in other words, anything and everything that we needed to deal with and repair. And what was so wonderful about our night-lives was that in a dream, or a series of dreams over a few months or years, usually was how we resolved big inner issues in record time. If we’d tried to work on and resolve those inner issues in waking physical reality, it could have taken lifetimes to completely resolve.

And another aspect of our past night-lives was our trips into the astral plane aka 4D. Those dreams and/or journey’s into the dark, scary zone where monsters, demons and negative archetypes reside, amongst other things. That was often like playing on the freeway; sometimes we’d get hit and hit hard by some really weird astral drivers! Or have nightmares or attacks, chase dreams, running away dreams, searching dreams, trying to get somewhere dreams etc. Our night lives have been in many cases more busy and varied than our awake physical lives.

Now with so much inner ascension work having been done by many, and much 4D astral plane/planetary Collective transmuting done by Lightworkers/Starseeds and others, even the astral realm is clearing a bit. If we transmute our own inner stuff, and also help with larger planetary Collective cleanups and trans-mutational work, then our need for dreaming will naturally and automatically change. What has existed between 3D and 5D? The 4D Astral plane.

I’m certainly not saying that 5D Beings don’t dream. I’m sensing now that because we’ve changed and are continuing to change, because we’ve moved beyond the old lower polarized physical consciousness and world, that our need to dream as a source of inner problem solving and energy resolution is or will soon be unnecessary. Now isn’t that saying something about how much humanity is and will be changing!

During the hardest phases of my ascension process my dreaming simply stopped, as did my ability to connect and communicate with my higher dimensional ET friends and family. It was hard to accept at first, but I was so profoundly ill and exhausted, that just making it through each day and each night took all my energy. There was no extra energy for dreaming, besides, I was living it all in my physical body instead of getting out of my body at night and doing that inner work that way. That’s what ascension is; living it while in your physical body. Because of all this inner ascension work we’ve been doing, we don’t require (not nearly as much now) to do our inner work while in our night-lives…our dreams.


September 11, 2008

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