Busy & Potent November 2008

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Here comes November 2008, and what a busy, potent month it’s going to be! And no, I’m not talking about the presidential elections, but everything else that will also be happening in Nov. 2008.

Nov. being the 11th month of the year, it brings in the 11-11 portal on Nov. 11th which is usually a potent energy transition day.  Things and awareness change…things and awareness shift on the 11-11 day, and if you haven’t noticed this or paid attention to it in past years, I suggest you be mindful of it this time around. The whole month of November will be a month of subtle and not-so-subtle energy shifts and consciousness changes. It will be a busy month of many TRANSITIONS.

So let’s look at all the major and minor astrological changes, Mayan calendar NIGHT into DAY change, and other political events and energy shifts that will be happening throughout the entire month of November 2008:

1) Nov. 1, 2008 Neptune goes Direct. Neptune has been Retrograde since May 26, 2008 so this is a big energy shift and change too. Forward movement again instead of going inward and reevaluation, reworking, and re-doing.

2) Nov. 2, 2008 Daylight Saving Time finally ENDS. Didn’t think it was going to even happen did ya?!

3) Nov. 4, 2008 the first (in a series of) Saturn/Uranus Opposition happens at 19° Virgo (Saturn) and 19° Pisces (Uranus). This one transit between Saturn and Uranus will be ongoing, beginning on 11-4-08 through 2010, so just relax and adapt into all the coming planetary structural/systems/spiritual/consciousness/and Age changing and do not fear. This is reality changing for the better and we all know its long overdue.

4) Nov. 4th Mercury enters Scorpio. Watch how talk and communications change and go wonderfully deep and intuitive but also possibly dark and nasty.

5) Nov. 4th 2008 is Election Day. The USA presidential elections happen on Nov. 4, 2008. If you haven’t already, please read Barbara Hand Clow’s New Moon report, which I quoted in my last blog post. In it she describes McCain as carrying the Saturn archetypal energies, and Obama as carrying the Uranus archetypal energies, which is easily seen physically and emotionally in both.

6) Nov. 11th is the annual portal day of 11-11. Cross between the 11 11 Portal Pillars over into a higher frequency and state of awareness and being.

7) Nov. 12th is the Full Moon at 21° Taurus 15′

8) Nov. 12th the Mayan Night Five -“The end of manufactured lack” ends. Night Five cycle ran from 11-19-2007 through to 11-13-2008

9) Nov. 13th 2008 humanity enters the Mayan Day Six-“Consciousness surpasses technology.” Day Six cycle will run from 11-13-2008 through 11-7-2009

10) Nov. 13th Venus enters Capricorn

11) Nov. 16th Mars enters Sagittarius

12) Nov. 21st the Sun enters Sagittarius

13) Nov. 23rd Mercury enters Sagittarius

14) Nov. 27th Pluto enters Capricorn. Pluto will be in Capricorn from 11-27-2008 through 12-2024

15) Nov. 28th Uranus goes Direct. Uranus has been Retrograde since June 27, 2008 so this is yet another big important shift and energy change for humanity and reality. Forward movement again instead of going inward to reevaluate and re-do whatever needed reworking.

16) Nov. 28th is the New Moon at 5° Sagittarius 49′

Many of these events are minor astrological sign changes and happen ever month or so anyway. But, there are some really major changes in Nov. that are very rare – Pluto entering Capricorn, entering Mayan Day Six, the annual 11 11 portal day, and the presidential elections in the USA. I ask all of you reading this, to not look at or expect the same lower old “negative” world things from these special and rare events and energies. Expect much more and create and manifest much higher now. Know that much higher vibrating energies will be manifesting in humanity (and each of us) and reality than how they would normally have in years past. Things are changing wildly now and for the better despite surface appearances, so aid and speed up the process by adding your highest Heart expectations to each and every event and shift that happens in November 2008 and beyond. Thanks and ESPAVO to each of you.

Denise Le Fay

November 1, 2008


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