Annual 11-11 Day

101112 ani-1111

So how was your November 11th? How was your annual 11-11 portal day? Feel anything? See or hear or dream anything unusual? Any messages or visions? Feel extra buzzed or extra exhausted? Feel almost high from the higher energies flooding your bodies? Need to rest or take a nap? Need to get out of your body for a while because of the extra intense 11-11 portal energies? I sure did!

It was an insightful day for me with many connections made with other things, situations and people. A very nice intense day indeed.

In years past, during some of the worst and most intense of my personal ascension symptoms and transformations, I’d get so sick and exhausted that I’d just have to shut down and go lay under what came to be called my ascension blankie. If you’ve been there yourself you know what I’m talking about.  😉  Today I had to dig out my old ascension blankie and shut down for about five hours. I haven’t checked or heard of anything as yet but from how my body felt today, I’d say the solar flares/solar activity has started up once again. I feel the solar energies very intensely in my body and they often feel like the “ascension flu”. At first I thought maybe it was the 11-11 energies, and much of it was, but I believe the sun is also transmitting some higher cosmic energies to humanity once again.

Go ahead, cross between the 11 11 Portal Pillars to yet another slightly higher vibrating level, we’re learning how to adapt pretty quickly at this point.


November 27, 2008