Too Much Computies In Da Sky

The other day I had a special conversation with the Hispanic man who does gardening in town. He speaks English well, but there are plenty of words that have such a heavy accent that I can’t always tell exactly what he is saying. If I don’t catch the exact word, a few sentences later will let me know what he was talking about. And so occasionally we have these stilted, sometimes strained language misunderstandings but, we still manage to have some very nice deeper level conversations with each other nonetheless.

In this case Antonio wanted to talk briefly with me about the horrible state of affairs the world is currently in, and how god isn’t much impressed with humanity. One of the many highly interesting sentences that flowed, rapid-fire, out of his mouth was, and I quote – “Daz too much computies in da sky!”

I agree completely, there are far too many satellites in orbit around earth, like an energy net holding humanity IN and DOWN.  Here are some images I found for this particular blog post and they speak for themselves.


satellites-new-gos-jun-2004 space-junk-distant

computer-trash ewaste

illegal-trash-dumping-in-la naples-trash


Yes there are way too many “…computies in da sky…” just like there’s way too much everything/everyone else back on the planet being really selfish, lazy, unaware, and greedy. This insanity on and off planet, will not continue for much longer now. When did humanity turn into the homeless insane, living in their own junk, filth and waste both on planet and off, and acting like it’s all perfectly normal and acceptable?


December 15, 2008


3 thoughts on “Too Much Computies In Da Sky

  1. Hi Denise,

    There are indeed too many satellites in orbit forming an energetic prison for us, but we are breaking free…… 🙂

    What a wonderful world ‘just around the corner’ awaits us, where the sky is clear of interference………

    Love & Hugs,


  2. Stu,

    Absolutely! Soon people will be telepathic enough that cell phones/towers/satellites and all the rest of it won’t be necessary. What we do need or desire, will NOT be invasive and toxic and lock us within a lower vibrating global frequency Net.


  3. Hi Denise,

    Happy times indeed 🙂 How this reality will seem like a distant memory in comparison………

    Love & Hugs,


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