Strange Nonphysical Smelling Phenomenon

I’ve had this strange phenomenon happen off and on over the past few years now and I’m certain it is Ascension related. There are a lot of very strange, very intense, very miserable Ascension symptoms and each one is pretty unique. But this one, this smelling certain scents for weeks and months is one that can become extremely frustrating and nearly unbearable at times.

Over the past 5–6 years I’ve had certain cooking food smells stay with me for many days or a week or longer despite opening all the windows and doors to try to remove the physical smells from the house. I discovered that no one else has ever smelled the smells that I am however, which means it is not completely “physical” but is something within me, within my brain. Imagine having to constantly smell the scent of fried hamburger meat for a week, or some strange chemical smell for a week straight? It is horrible.

I want to also talk about how common it is (or was) for certain positive higher dimensional, non-physical beings, ETs/Starbeings, Lightbeings, Guides, Ascended Masters etc., to manifest some type of beautiful scent before They made a connection to us in our (old) lower 3D world. It was like an announcement via a wonderful scent that a higher frequency non-physical Being is coming into your space. There are of course other phenomenon when this happens too, but I want to talk about smelling unusual scents and higher levels or states of being in this article. Here’s a list of some scents I’ve repeatedly smelled in years past when positive Starbeings/ETs and other higher dimensional beings would come through into my 3D reality and physical space:

  • Flowers
  • Roses
  • Burning Pipe Tobacco
  • Cinnamon
  • Eucalyptus
  • Burning Incense
  • Flowers & Burning Incense Mixed
  • Beautiful perfumed mixed scents you cannot define or recognize

I’ve smelled these scents many times just before and during telepathic and etheric meetings and communications with different ETs beings and other higher dimensional, higher vibrating non-physical beings. Prior to the start of my biological Ascension Process (Feb. 1999), They would drop-down vibrationally just enough to be able to interact with me psychically/telepathically/etherically, and I would speed-up vibrationally as much as I could at that time to meet Them in the middle. In most cases some visual phenomenon like a warp, a portal  in a corner where two walls and the ceiling met would happen a few minutes after the first smell manifested. After that, I and any other person present would experience altered consciousness and then telepathic communications, information shared, discussions, etheric visions and feelings, and other things would happen. (Every time this ever happened in years past, my cat or cats would always react strongly to the incoming higher beings and/or ETs, by meowing frantically and trying to physically get into the portal or warped area in the house. I think the cats wanted to go back Home too!) That was how some (positive) ETs and other higher dimensional non-physical beings would go about making contact with me, with me and my Mom who was also present during many of these meetings in years past. I’m stressing this point because everything is very different for me and many of us today because of the ascension process.

In November 2008 I suddenly started smelling smoky, burning incense very close to my body. It was like I had some burning incense in my lap and the smoke is constantly floating directly up into my face, eyes, and throat. It’s a pleasant smell of burning incense, however, smelling it the majority of the time every day and night is getting really bothersome. At times it even irritates my throat and is making is sore… and there are no ETs or higher vibrating beings or non-physicals around ethereally or telepathically or in any other way creating these smells. There is only me now and that is what has changed between now and 5-10-20 years ago! The Ascension Process at work for me and for Them as well because everyone/everything is shifting and ascending or evolving, not just the humans in 3D. We’ve all moved upward vibrationally during this past decade or so, and it is perfectly normal for what’s happening via the ascension process. Many of Them were aspects of Us existing at other higher vibrating levels and dimensions anyway. Many of our “Guides” are also other aspects of Us existing at faster, less dense levels and dimensions which is well worth the time spent contemplating, feeling, sensing and discerning in your High Heart.

So what is this burning  incense smell that’s been with me constantly since November 2008 if it’s not any of my old past Starbeing/ET buddies or other non-physical higher dimensional Beings, Friends and Family from Home? I know it is ME more integrated with aspects of Them (other aspects of ME), plus my existing within a new and higher, faster vibrating level than a short month ago. It is also another of the many ongoing ascension symptoms; the body and brain Rewiring process, plus compressed pineal and pituitary evolution. In other words, it’s all the same thing really.


December 26, 2008

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10 thoughts on “Strange Nonphysical Smelling Phenomenon

  1. “…There’s something in the corner ceiling of my 13 year old daughter’s room. Whatever it is, it’s of negative matter.”


    The first time I remember seeing one of these corner of the ceiling and wall and/or walls portals was back in the early 1980s. I’ve seen them manifest many times over the decades at different apartments and houses I’ve lived in. And yes, animals are super sensitive to the generally Unseen. The majority of the time these dark colored shadowy patches, usually where the wall or walls connect with the ceiling (hard angles), are portal openings created by negatives and a clear sign that negative beings — either negative ETs Aliens and/or negative beings/entities etc. — are focused on getting in and at someone or a number of people in that house. That is what you are dealing with, serious negative beings.

    One of these created openings by a negative nonphysical, nonhuman being/entity/Alien is a doorway for them to come in energetically into the frequency level people are existing at at that time, and/or for them to try to “abduct” a living human, usually etherically but anything’s possible now! It’s also how they sometimes make direct and seen connections and energetic attachments to someone, and/or to energetically feed off of people, and/or just attack someone or a number of people living in that home. It’s all pretty much the same business really — attacks, general mayhem, confusion, depletion, deterioration of all people being attacked, in-fighting between family members, increased illness on all levels and “oppression” as it’s called among the demon hunters. Needless to say this is some serious stuff and you need to do everything you can to cut this etheric connection off quickly and permanently. I’ll warn you now that the moment, I repeat, the moment you or anyone else does anything to try to sever this etheric portal and connection, these negative aliens/beings/entities will fight back and attack even harder… for a while. That last part is the important thing to not forget. This will end eventually but it requires real work and determination on your part and the parts of other people in the house that aren’t affected by all this at this point.

    Team Dark (TD) as I call all of these negative aliens, beings, ETs, demonic entities etc., come in where they can, so it’s up to people to not produce actions, emotions or thoughts of a low frequency that are within the frequency range that TD still exists within today. The best protection from them is evolution out of that lower frequency level and consciousness. The other side of this is when people start doing exactly that, evolving, TD will usually attack, distract, interfere, derail, manipulate and try to wear you down in an attempt to PREVENT people from naturally evolving now via these Ascension Process energies. They don’t want their food and fuel supplies to leave, so they do their best to keep people at that level and not naturally evolve.

    Daily and nightly envision Divine Light in your entire home, room by room and so bright and powerful that it pushes TD away. Do your best to have yourself and everyone else in the home stay positive, not go into fear or any other low emotion etc. I know how hard all this is but you’re fighting for a lot right now. Ask your Higher Self, your Ascension guides, your Ascension Angels to help you with these negative beings and what they’re doing to you and your daughter. Get in Nature often and make your daughter go with you too, ground energetically with Earth consciously. This is a spiritual war, a battle, an Initiation and you’ve got to become a Warrior of Light for your own sake but also for your daughter (entering puberty and hormonal changes — puberty, pregnancy, menopause etc. — are often times when this sort of thing happens).

    Based on what you said about seeing things, smelling scents and hearing voices etc., this is a large opening so you’ve got to get serious about this situation immediately. If needed locate someone whose familiar with these types of things and who can physically come to your home to help you work on closing the portal and protecting yourself and your family (and pets) from further attacks and attachments. Be strong, be wise, be determined and know that you have a Divine Right to live free of this type of negative insanity and chaos. ❤

  2. How and where do I learn more about portals? There’s something in the corner ceiling of my 13 year old daughter’s room. Whatever it is, it’s of negative matter. I don’t know if it’s one thing or a portal to multiple. It’s affecting me and her physically and mentally ill. Me more physically sick and my daughter more mentally sick with depression and anxiety. It’s now also leaving scratch marks. I’ve done a few things to get rid of it. But it’s just making things worse. A lot of visuals, smells, voices and you can feel the heaviness. It takes your breath away. My dog even stands staring barking at something. I do know pass love ones are here trying to protect us. I just need to figure out what we are dealing with.

  3. Michael,

    Oftentimes people have some sort of brief minor thing when they change bodies — reenter their physical body after having been out of it and using other of their less dense energy bodies while “asleep”. I get really nauseous if I reentered my physical body too fast and don’t give myself a bit of time to make the necessary adjustments to being in another dimension and matching body vehicle for that particular dimension.

    Also, it’s common when one is partially conscious in two different dimensions — most commonly it’s been the 4D Astral and the 3D Physical — at the same time to experience full consciousness but the body doesn’t work fully yet. Again, some time is needed to make the adjustments and settle back into one or another of our bodies when we move from one dimension to another. This is becoming much more conscious for everyone now due to the Ascension Process.

  4. Interesting read. I smell nag champa incense on a regular basis, other times less frequently I Smell roses. I have constant dreams of flying and then a lot of times there’s this momentary paralysis upon waking.

  5. I just started experiencing this 6 months ago off and on. Having the window open helps a little but sometimes it (smoky incense smell) makes my eyes water its so strong. It does go away only while i am sleep. It is only in my area of space and seems to follow me within my house. I have also smelled the tobacco and perfume smell several years ago for only 5 minutes and for maybe one day of each. I assumed the tabacco was from my grandfather spirit somehow since he smoked the same exact smell and my grandmother wore strong expensive perfume always. Btw, no one else can seem to smell this smoky incense at all and i don’t smell it outside my house.

  6. John,

    Don’t bother emailing me with your list of weird symptoms and such concerning this because I’ve lived it all myself for many years. Not anymore however but I’ve experienced it and have written about it both here at TRANSITIONS and in more depth in my book A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010). There’s even a drawing in it of the demonic being that attacked me for four horrible years through a male next-door neighbor. This will probably sound like I’m just trying to sell another copy of this book, but I’d suggest you get it and read through it all so what you’re going through will make more sense to you and hopefully help you.

    If you feel you need to see a doctor(s) about your symptoms, then by all means do so so the physical aspect is dealt with that way. But, based on what you’ve said in your Comment, every single “symptom” and experience you mentioned is pretty classic Ascension Process stuff. The physical symptoms or side effects are just that — natural reactions (actually Alchemical) to your/our current and highly compressed evolution which naturally includes the spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric/”psychic” and lastly the physical. ALL aspects of us are being quickly evolved or “ascended” from one lower frequency range and level of consciousness, being and reality, to a higher frequency range and level of consciousness, being and reality. And my friend, there are negative, Dark beings, entities and living humans that do NOT want that to happen because it means they’ll lose the power and control over those humans. And so, the “battle” is on with individuals struggling to naturally evolve beyond these beings (Team Dark–TD as I call all of them) and their influences and control, and as you’re experiencing for yourself, it ain’t an easy Process! :-/ It is doable however with greater awareness about what’s actually going on and why now, and daily/nightly self-protections done by you. (Use whatever methods or systems you trust to protect yourself and your house and property etc. Also know that this will not always do the job unfortunately and sometimes they still “get in” and have a go at us, both while asleep and out-of-body and while awake and in-body. It just is what it is and each one of us experiencing TD attacks, interference, derailments, portal people being used to get at us more in the physical dimension and so on are greatly changed, expanded because of it. The Light Warrior becomes a vastly more knowledgeable Light Warrior due to our “battles” with TD due to our being triggered by the Ascension Process.

    This is such a huge and important topic that I’ve been trying to write a book about just it but have been so busy. I intend to get at it throughout 2016 however. 🙂

    About the burning rubber or tires plus combined strange chemicals smells. I smelled this repeatedly for the four years I was under demonic attack via the portal person next-door neighbor. I also clairvoyantly Saw it (and have seen other demonic beings and other TD entities etc. over the decades), and I also heard strange but very specific sounds every time this happened, which were so “real” that I thought they were indeed physical. None of it was however, but really strong attacks like this often manifest in the physical dimension/level extremely focused and potent. We are multidimensional beings, and the more human consciousness evolves, the more it will naturally encounter other-dimensional lifeforms both positive and negative. This simply goes with the territory of conscious expansion/growth/evolution/”ascension”.

    Because I have a dozen things to get done today, I’d suggest that if you’re open enough and honestly interested in learning more about the Ascension Process, which is the cause of your symptoms and experiences in my opinion, then please read through my old articles here about the Ascension Process/Symptoms/Kundalini, and under the category of Negative Beings, Aliens/Entities too. Between those two categories you should gain a greater understanding about what’s really going on under all this strangeness.

    Hang in there and be open to know more, much more as you continue evolving via the Alchemical Ascension Process.

  7. Hello, I have no idea about this and what it even is. By this, I am speaking of this entire website. I am not one to ridicule or shove an idea away. I have been looking all over the internet looking for a diagnosis. I have doctor now and just received insurance so that means go time. I have lived with so many symptoms that are stacking, and I seem to be getting worse. I am a man of God but lost as anyone else. This site, as well as another one I ran into a while back, has listed all of my symptoms and what has happened and happening to me. My blood shows nothing, though lyme disease is pretty damn close. So other than lyme disease, my checklist will be utilized to rule things out.

    Everything such as details on this website’s, I have only “debunked” symptom to symptom. What I mean by this for example is Lower back pain and ear infection (BAD) I have been having since February, more symptoms since summer 2008. Narrowing my example to the symptoms i mentioned, the list of symptoms on here is whole body shaking. I am shaking a lot whole body and equilibrium off tremendously. The Sciatic nerve is central near tail bone. This nerve if effected by injury and so forth, will do weird things to your legs and hips. Making you feel at times you are being possessed from waist down. The ear infection is fluid build up throwing my equilibrium off. So the shaking is explained all over the body now. Here I am on here afraid to admit I always feel like there’s more to things.

    Recently, I have smelled this phantom smell but wasn’t so phantom to me…nor an entire bus load of kids. I was a school bus driver when this all began. I was smelling like a hot moth ball scent that had been picked up on by my ex. fiance. I also gave off a sulpher smell that a friend of mine picked up on. But two incidents that are completely crazy to others. I was driving my car home, sometime in March-April area of 2015. I looked in my rear view mirror with the feeling of a dark entity in the car. (I have had many experiences with this and lost many ppl from this.) I saw what seem to be a solid being of black like it was sitting back there. Just when I looked at it, it appeared to have dispersed into thick, over whelming burning tire smell. So bad that I rolled down all the windows and the smell wouldn’t go away. It even made a sound when it happened and the release of the dark cloud makes sounds too to me. Another time was crazier and a bus full of witnesses.

    The smells came from my chest, stomach area, ears, nose and top of head. I can see things I wouldn’t even put publicly, and look what I have divulged already. Anyway, I was sitting in the front seat passenger side of bus. Another bus driver was at the wheel, I was a sub and didn’t have a run to do so they find someone for you to ride with. I all of a sudden felt and heard the release of the cloud. I followed it with my eyes float to the driver first then make it way back. On its way, the kids started reacting each row at a time. I started to panic thinking someone saw, and I would be asked about this. Then I thought ha ha what would they ask? Then I thought, someone had to see the cloud come from me, they are going to think I passed the gas etc and son on. Then after it stopped, the kids mentioned it to one another. All discussing or still reacting to this. I haven’t had these since then. I am starting to smell the burning rubber coming from my temple and/or nose and eyes. I also smell that perfume mix you speak of that I cant define.

    I have so many more symptoms and getting alarming. My eyes are seeing something followed by feeling what I am seeing if it gets a little physical. None of it seems good but a few times and I feel I was manipulated those few times. I want to send you an e-mail but its goin to take forever to explain all of this and the time line. All I know is things are progressing and stronger things are attacking and taking interest in me. Would I say this to others no. I will say this, I am conscious and down to earth spiritual person. Many would think that wouldn’t make sense but its a balance. Drunk I am the same person, drugs the same thing. I felt the good feelings of them, they just never made me…not me or the “real me”. So if I am crazy, me being aware through it makes sense. A functioning mental case. I haven’t done drugs since Sept. 29 of 2003. So if they are having an effect now, impossible. Your explanations you put down here match what “demons” are capable of. So if we believe in the same things or not, we are seeing the same elephant. EVERYTHING both you and Bible and demonologists (counting the last two as one) are speaking my language. I just can’t hear where your calling from. If that makes sense.

  8. Stubeing,

    Well done Stu, I’m so glad you experienced this. 😀

    I do believe, due to people’s ongoing ascension/evolutionary process, that this (and many other) type of so-called “phenomenon” will increase dramatically. It has been already for the past 10-15-20 years. Non psychic, non sensitive people are seeing/hearing/feeling/sensing/smelling different non-physical beings, entities, ETs, Lightbeings, dead humans (ghosts), and higher vibrating energies and lights etc., that 10-15-25 short years ago only psychics, sensitives, Lightworkers, Wanderers, Starseeds etc. could perceive or sense. That speaks volumes about how humanity/reality has and is currently changing! All due to the ongoing and highly compressed ascension/evolutionary process happening now.

    As you and I and others continue to discover how much we have already changed/ascended/evolved, we’ll naturally be vibrating and existing within a frequency range that is similar to, or higher than, many higher beings/ETs/angelics/Lightbeings etc. of our “past”. And within those higher, faster frequencies or dimensions, our manner of perception/consciousness/creative abilities and very “reality” will of course be profoundly different than what they’ve been. Very exciting times for humanity…and everyone else! 😉 Thanks for sharing that Stu.


  9. Hi Denise,

    Just had a nice little happening like your smell phenomenon 🙂

    I was lying back listening to some ‘out there’ music in a semi meditative state when I suddenly smelt strong perfume/incense, the doors and windows were closed, so this looks like it came from me 🙂

    Love & Hugs my friend,


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