Astrological Elements & Elemental Beings

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  • Aries ruled by Mars  is a –  FIRE sign
  • Taurus ruled by Venus – EARTH
  • Gemini ruled by Mercury – AIR
  • Cancer ruled by Moon – WATER
  • Leo ruled by Sun – FIRE
  • Virgo ruled by Chiron – EARTH
  • Libra ruled by Venus (possibly Nibiru) – AIR
  • Scorpio ruled by Pluto – WATER
  • Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter – FIRE
  • Capricorn ruled by Saturn – EARTH
  • Aquarius ruled by Uranus – AIR
  • Pisces ruled by Neptune – WATER

If you are let’s say a Gemini, then you literally carry the AIR element within your energetic and physical bodies. Your lens on reality is colored by the AIR element that you carry. If you’re a Sagittarius, then you carry the FIRE element within your body. Here’s list of Elemental Beings which is very much connected to our natal astrological elements.

  • FIRE Elementals – Salamanders, fire elementals and beings
  • EARTH Elementals – Fairies, Gnomes, earth Elves, earth elementals and beings
  • AIR Elementals – Sylphs, air Fairies, air Pixies, air elemental beings
  • WATER Elementals – Undines, Mermaids, Mermen, water elementals and beings

The ASC. or Rising sign must be considered too and not just the Sun sign. Say your Sun is in a EARTH sign and your ASC. (ascendant) or Rising sign is a FIRE sign, then those two elements would naturally be more pronounced within you, your bodies and vibrations. You carry EARTH and FIRE strongly within your body and being.

If you had a WATER sign Asc. and an AIR sign Sun, then you’d more strongly house WATER and AIR  frequencies  and elements within your body and being. What I’m getting at with this, is that usually people will be far more sensitive and receptive too these two main elements and Elemental beings that are the same element. People with strong AIR elements in their natal charts and their beings and bodies, will have the natural ability to more easily see, feel, sense or perceive the AIR Elemental beings. If it’s WATER, then those Elemental beings and so on.

I have a WATER Asc. and an EARTH Sun and those are the two Elemental beings I’ve seen and felt very easily. I also have a lot of planets in AIR and because of this, I’ve more easily felt and seen some different AIR Elementals and energy beings in the air. Another aspect of this is how a person with a lot of planets in one or two elements will more quickly and easily become almost overwhelmed or intoxicated by those particular elements/Elemental beings and their energies.

Example: When you go into the woods or a forest, how does that energy, that EARTHY Elemental energy make you feel? What about being in a cave? Or a freshly plowed field? Do you feel overpowered or at home in any of those locations? Or how do large bodies of WATER make you feel? The ocean, rivers, lakes? Scared? Drawn magnetically to them? A bit high or giddy also? What about when the wind is really blowing. Does the AIR moving around strongly make you feel like running away from home? Mentally wired and/or confused. A bit jumpy and high-strung? Feel like getting naked and flying away with the AIR Elementals? Or does FIRE pull you in and talk to you in a strange, otherworldly way? Do fireplaces, bonfires, candle flames and such feel very familiar and comfortable to you? Do flames dance, shape-shift and talk to you?

The more sensitive you are the most strongly and consciously you will feel and perceive your natal elements energies and those Elemental beings. You can even tell from the colors and objects people decorate their homes with which of the 4 elements are strong or favorites with them. It makes perfect sense that what we have strongly within us is what we’re naturally attracted to in the external world.

Denise Le Fay

March 18, 2009


5 thoughts on “Astrological Elements & Elemental Beings

  1. Hi Denise,

    So I’m a water sign, this is obvious to me. I would love to have a house on the coast and hear the waves on the shore…..:-)

    This has reminded me of a funny story back in the early 80s. I was on holiday in Portugal with my family, we had rented a private villa. I was constantly in the pool, the maid used to call me ‘little fish’! 😉

    Love & gentle hugs,


  2. I was the same way Stu. With my Pisces water sign Asc., pools and swimming at the bottom of them was my passion. Mermaids made me cry because I wanted to be one myself as a child.

    Now I must have one (or more!) water fountains inside my house just so I can hear, see, and feel water moving near me. Aquariums are another life-long passion. Rocks, boulders, and gemstones are big faves too with my earth energies. 😉

    We’re a wonderful mix of 3D ingredients AND an even more amazing mix of non-physical, higher dimensional cosmic ingredients also. We are so much more than what we believe ourselves to be…but we’re rapidly waking up to this fact now.


  3. Denise,

    I love water fountains, the sound is so soothing. That is so cool you have them in your house, I have to visit you soon………. 😉

    Love & gentle hugs,


  4. I have the fire element emphasized in my natal chart, as you know, as well as the earth element–if one counts the outer planets. Candle flames are my favorite objects of contemplation, and I also feel peaceful sitting around a campfire in the woods at night. I enjoy the sound of rain, which may be an influence of my possible Pisces Ascendant, but I’m not drawn as strongly to large bodies of water as my father (Pisces Sun) and my brother (Pisces Ascendant conjunct dignified Jupiter in Pisces).

    “You can even tell from the colors and objects people decorate their homes with which of the 4 elements are strong or favorites with them. It makes perfect sense that what we have strongly within us, is what we’re naturally attracted to in the external world.”

    What colors are associated with the four elements, Denise? Red, orange are obvious choices for fire; green and brown are obvious choices for earth; and blue is an obvious choice for water, but are these associations correct? If so, are there any additional ones? Also, what objects are associated with each element?


  5. Hi Beth. 🙂

    FIRE: red, orange, gold shades and white.
    AIR: yellow, blue, pastel shades, silver and white.
    EARTH: brown, tan, green, navy blue shades and black.
    WATER: aqua, seagreen, teal, iridescent colors and silver.

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