2009 Spring Equinox Insights

For many years now I’ve practiced what Barbara Hand Clow calls the ancient “Goddess Alchemy” or “Seasonality” which means that at each of the power days throughout the year – Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, Winter Solstice (and to a lesser degree the cross quarter points in the 4 Fixed signs) and the New Moons – I set my intentions. I set what I personally have wanted and needed for myself, and I also set my intention for how I want the world reality I exist within to be. In other words I clearly envision, emotionally feel, and then intend what I want and override the lower, negative, greedy and  heartless ways of the current world rulers and ways of being.

I always used the 4 main power days — the Equinox’s and Solstices — and in years past the New Moons as well. With the start of my ascension process in 1999, this astrological intention and higher perceiving ritual has lessened over the years because its become increasingly less needed by me, and that is what this post is really about. It’s about how I often sound like I’m contradicting myself. This is another complex topic with numerous layers and stages to it, and  in different posts (and another book I’m currently writing) I’ll attempt to explain the reasons for these seeming contradictions.

In years past I would usually have rather amazing psychic perceptions around the moments of the Equinox’s and Solstices. I’d often perceive snapshots of some of my past lives in ancient Egypt with the Star beings. Or I’d have some form of clairvoyant and telepathic communications with my ET Starbeings in current time. I’d also often perceive different potential events getting ready to manifest down into our 3D physical world and reality. These were how I was able to use the Equinox’s and Solstices in years past…much like a portal to perceive other things and higher beings. I also used them to set my personal and planetary intentions. In other words this act was more externalized, focused, deliberate, well planned and timed to use the available incoming energies that these power days really are. That is how things, rituals, meditations, intentions were done in years past, prior to the start of the ascension process. Today it is very different however because you and I and Earth have been living through the ascension process for many years now. I and my abilities and psychic abilities are different because of that and it’s not necessary for me to use those old tools to consciously co-create now. I no longer need an externalized ritual to assist me in consciously co-creating and this is one of many results of living through ones personal ascension process. There’s much more to come because I haven’t finished this process of course, but there are obvious and dramatic changes along the way to be sure!

I’m not saying to not use the power days — the Equinox’s and Solstices and New Moons. Energies and deep changes manifest through them so it’s always good when we’re consciously in alignment with them and intentionally ride those Energy Waves as they come into our world. What I am saying is that I’ve changed due to my ascension process and have other abilities and options now because of it.  Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

Last Friday on the Spring Equinox I did what I’ve done for many years; I deliberately tuned into the exact hour and minute of the Equinox to use it to perceive whatever I was capable of. After that I’d then set my pre-planned intentions. Again this time, as I sat there open and receptive to the Sun entering 0° Aries, the only thing I perceived was a large rush of incoming energy as a strong whoooosing sound and feeling. Nothing else but that. No ETs, no Star or Light beings, no high drama, no lightning bolts raining down on me from On-High, no 3D  theatrical productions for my ego self like in years past, just a strong whoooosing of new energies.  🙂  Sounds boring huh? Trust me…it wasn’t. It was my lesson, my Equinox insight confirming where I am now and how the old isn’t necessary at this new higher state of being. I’m the higher dimensional being, the ET Star being, I’m the one who designs and consciously creates the reality and world I desire. I’m the one…I’m the new “Earth Angel”, I’m the one now and not my dearly beloved ancient ET Star beings and Star Family of decades past in the old lower world who were always nearby to answer almost every question I had. They moved on many years ago when I started my ascension process. I’ve reached that point where I’m who I turn to now. You are as well. Like that well-known saying and truth goes: “We are who we’ve been waiting for.”

I know that the next season, and the season after that, and the year after that, that all this will evolve into much more than what it/we have already. We can’t conceive of what we’re becoming at light-speed now and that too is perfectly normal and a safeguard for each of us. As we each ascend up the stair steps, use what’s available and what works for you at that particular stage and phase of your individual spiritual growth and ascension process. But, also be prepared to repeatedly let go of your old familiar ways of doing and perceiving with now simply being them. Happy 2009 Spring Equinox everyone.


March 24, 2009

Copyright Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS 2009-2012. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and link. https://deniselefay.wordpress.com/


2 thoughts on “2009 Spring Equinox Insights

  1. Hi Denise,

    I am getting this now, I am the one I have been waiting for……. 🙂

    My 3 wishes were for the most part for the greater good of the whole planet.
    The exact timing of the Equinox was a bit off for me, I had my hands in the kitchen sink washing the dishes! 😉

    Love and gentle hugs,


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