Taurus & The Pleiades

taurus-symbol-green taurus-the-bull

Each year the Sun transits through the sign of Taurus the Bull from April 19th to May 19th approximately. The star system of the Pleiades exists, from our perspective on Earth, from around 26°-27°-28° Taurus. Each year as the Sun moves through the sign of Taurus, getting closer and closer to those last few degrees of the sign, humanity receives its annual downloads from the fifth dimensional Pleiades.

These Pleiadian energies, light, information, messages, visions, feelings comes to each of us in slightly different ways because we each perceive slightly differently. Nonetheless, the Pleiadians transmit their annual energies and light information to humanity during that short window when our Sun transits and then conjuncts those late degrees in Taurus where the Seven Sisters exist. It is always an important period to pay attention to each year. Pay attention by listening, feeling, tuning into, relaxing deeply, and opening yourself to the Pleaidian energies and whatever messages or information  they transmit to humanity via our transiting Sun in late Taurus the Bull each year.

Since late 1994, I’ve heard the 5D Pleiadian information transmissions as very fast Morse Code-like clicking in my left ear. It sounds like a fast clicking sound hummingbirds and dolphins make. It isn’t always easy to read or interpret, at least not in the old ways we’re used to receiving information. The Pleiadian talk or information I hear is usually this super-fast clicking Morse Code sound, but if I relax into it and not think or intellectualize, I’ll become increasingly aware of other large concepts and chunks of knowledge within those clicking sounds.  Ideas, creativity, strength, insights into larger and complex higher concepts and much High Heart are often what the Pleiadians seem to transmit to us now.


Higher dimensional beings and/or ET beings often talk to us in such different ways that we usually totally miss what they’ve transmitted. This is very different from old 3D linear psychic telepathic sentences like what I was very used to in decades past. We’ve  got to expand and learn these higher dimensional methods of transmitting and receiving LIGHT/information and not expect to always receive it in slow, linear, human sentences—telepathic or otherwise—and in your particular language at that!  We’re so much more than this level of being, so pay attention to all the other ways you and I actually do receive LIGHT/knowledge/information/energies from other higher vibrating beings/ETs/Angelics and our own Higher Selves now more than ever before in these lives. Sometimes it doesn’t even happen in your head but your gut, or elsewhere in your body, so we’ve got to learn to read energies in much larger,  faster, and more subtle ways to catch what all is being transmitted. Easier said than done I realize, but pay attention to what you’re feeling, thinking, and believing to be YOUR thoughts because they aren’t always YOURS but Pleiadian (especially during the month of Taurus). Expand how you receive and expand how you expect to receive information and you’ll be very pleased.

Denise Le Fay

April 30, 2009


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