Ascension Symptoms

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Some of these evolutionary Ascension symptoms are ones I’ve lived with for many years now and have gotten familiar with how they cycle in and out, year after year, becoming less intense the more I transmuted and released. As I’ve said elsewhere over the past few years, your mileage may vary, because we each are dealing with and transmuting slightly different emotional energies, karmic, duality energies, past-life energies, and varying degrees of negative lower frequency energies across time on earth. Some of us have been processing not only our own inner emotional energetic stuff and junk from this life, but from ALL of them, plus doing transformational bloodline family work, and planetary clearing of stuck or residual negative energies created by people across time on this planet. That is what Forerunners, Starseeds, Lightworkers, LightWarriors, PathPavers and Wayshowers do and much more.


  • ascension flu— flu-like body aches and pains but you don’t get “sick” like with typical physical flu
  • abnormal heat and/or cold in certain body parts, severe heat in bottoms of feet, cold solar plexus etc
  • hot flashes, kundalini risings repeatedly for both sexes, intense repeated sweating from them
  • unusual headaches and pressures that just don’t go away until they are done doing what they’re doing
  • physical vision changes – blurring, seeing non-physical mist or fog, seeing new colors, lights, heat mirages, warps, vortex swirls etc.
  • physical hearing changes – inner ear clicking, high-pitched ringing, pressure like when you change altitude, hearing non-physical voices and strange sounds
  • low-grade fever, chills, body and bone aches and pains, exhaustion when there’s heavy solar and/or cosmic energies
  • sudden food and chemical sensitivities that make it nearly impossible to eat a lot of foods or go much of anywhere
  • heartburn, acid re-flux, esophageal spasms and sensitivities due to evolving corresponding Chakras in those areas
  • insomnia and/or only being able to sleep for an hour or two and waking up repeatedly throughout the night
  • drastically less dreaming (because you’re dealing with issues/energies 24/7/365, we’re transmuting while awake too)
  • sudden diarrhea, usually after you’ve been through a hard phase of transmuting lower energies and then shifting into a higher state
  • sudden nausea or “morning sickness” for both sexes
  • weird food cravings, repeated high protein cravings due to increased transmuting of energies, need for a lot of food fuel
  • highly amplified sense of smell, smelling strange smells for days, weeks or months such as burning incense or smoke
  • amplified static electric charge in physical body, getting zapped a lot more than usual, even in rain and high humidity
  • sense that your bones are not as dense and solid as they were in lower 3D, they now feel more like cartilage that can bend etc.
  • profound exhaustion, feeling profound exhaustion and physical pains and aches after having been out in the lower world for a couple of hours, feel better once you return to your higher vibrating home, land, space etc.
  • internal electrical-like inner body vibrations or buzzing caused by the Body Rewiring Process
  • super sensitivity to sounds, light, sunlight, even movement, dizziness, sense of spinning or tipping over or dropping through the floor


  • crying over simple things that profoundly move you, crying over the stupidity, crying because you feel SO much (this is 5D HighHeart Consciousness beginning)
  • rage and deep anger over the stupidity, anger, rage, frustration over everything and everyone still in a lower energy and state of awareness. They’re literally too painful physically and emotionally to be around or to endure now
  • sudden and total intolerance of anything, anyone, any system, religion, government, foods, belief systems etc. Intolerance of anything vibrating lower than you currently are
  • sense of being very alone and on your own with no one else around you who understands what’s really happening to reality and you
  • needing to be alone and isolated from other people
  • ultra-sensitive emotionally – like puberty, pregnancy and menopause all happening at the same time
  • emotionally knowing and feeling things in other people that you never could perceive prior
  • family issues and emotions and energies that must be dealt with within yourself and your bodies
  • total emotional disconnect with things and people you used to love and enjoy very much
  • feeling like you are changing so profoundly that you’re actually dying – you are and it’s part of this process


  • sudden loss of mental focus and ability to concentrate
  • sudden inability to read books due to inability to focus, concentrate, or even comprehend what you’re trying to read
  • forgetting the names of common everyday things, objects, places, people like milk, hammer, orange and so on
  • forgetting your own name or sense of old familiar you and self
  • having to triple check things because you can’t remember if you actually did them or just thought about doing it
  • losing track of time, losing track of yourself within time, suddenly not knowing what time of the year it is or even what year it is
  • thinking and physically doing things becomes very blurred to your awareness, feeling disconnected from things like never before
  • disconnect with the ego self that was mentally multitasking constantly, inability to focus so you finally relax and unfocus which allows you to evolve, expand


  • seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, sensing nonphysical beings both positive and negative, also perceiving higher frequency energies and lights
  • hearing nonphysical voices call your name
  • seeing different colored lights, balls, points of brilliant light flash and roll around in your house and/or outside
  • seeing solid 3D objects (like walls etc.) suddenly look like a heat mirage, sparkle, shimmer with brilliant light and appear transparent
  • seeing, hearing, and even telepathy with both positive and negative beings, entities, perceiving areas of highly condensed negative energy
  • negative psychic attacks by lower vibrating living humans and/or negative non-physical beings and entities. Deal with it and move on. It’s someones unresolved negative shit looking for a new place to live. Transmute it, release it all and move on quickly.
  • working through Duality, repeated encounters with polarized energies, polarized consciousness, people and beings
  • seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, sensing higher positive non-physical Beings, Guides, ETs, Angelics, physically incarnate Starseeds, Forerunners, Lightwarriors, Lightworkers
  • increasing conscious connection and awareness with your Higher Self – spherical or triality consciousness instead of old lower 3D Duality and linear consciousness
  • increasing but HIGHER empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, greater and greater unity within your self and with other people that are vibrating at or near the same frequency and state of ascension that you are, 5D awareness or HighHeart consciousness
  • coming under negative psychic attacks occasionally from both physical humans and nonphysical beings and entities, thankfully decreasing in potency over the months and years
  • stages of dreamless sleeping, stages of numerous unpleasant nightmares each night for weeks at a time. This usually happens when we’re making yet another shift and need to process some more stuff and energies within ourselves.

Denise Le Fay

May 11, 2009

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206 thoughts on “Ascension Symptoms

  1. Hello,
    I am too glad to find this site. There has been such intense change in my life, body, etc over the past couple of years. Currently I am reaching a very high vibrational place and channeling information from light beings. I have begun this week to experience an extreme tooth sensitivity. The pain is very intense and brought about by drinking, talking, eating, or even nothing. The holistic dentist that I see says that there is nothing physically wrong with me except I may have traumatized the area while I sleep. He added that many psychic patients and people doing intense spiritual work experience this. I hope I can move past this soon. Hope this helps others feel that this may be another symptom.

  2. Tieshla,

    Hello and welcome to TRANSITIONS. I’m so glad that you’ve shared exactly what you have right now, including about some Karen confusions. You haven’t missed the boat, this is just a test to point out some things and changes about both Karen and “C” for you I feel.

    I, as so many other people around the planet, can related to exactly what you said about how profoundly Karen Bishop has helped those of us living through the ascension and dimensional shift process from minute-one. Like you, I also went through the first worst and most difficult 6 years of my physical ascension/polarity resolution work not knowing it was “ascension”. I only discovered Karen’s “energy alerts” in late 2005. And like you, I was ecstatic and deeply, profoundly, grateful to Karen for so wonderfully interpreting each phase, each change, each adjustment within PHASE ONE of the ascension process for those of us who lived it and still are. It was so helpful to me personally to know that I was not alone in what I had been living through and struggling with. (All this and much more is in my new book.)

    However, and I have been biting my lip and holding my tongue since I wrote “My Lightworker Strike” post back in September 2009. I wrote another post after I reading Karen’s latest (Dec. 5, 2009) which I feel I must publish at this point because Karen’s a bit off with certain things since the 999’s separation. Gads this is touchy because she is correct about the majority and has only been a wee bit off since the separation with only a few small things from my current perspective that is. We all do this and it is natural and I ONLY bring it up because she has such a huge readership. I’ll clarify this better in my post.

    Back to your questions and confusions. I’m going to lay it out there for you to pick through and as always, I expect YOU to discern what I have said and decide for yourself. Karen’s readers need to be doing this too.

    From what it sounds like “C” does, he is very much IN the old lower world trying to save people in it. Personally I’ve never felt that the old lower world needs to be “saved” and that it is supposed to be as bad, as horrible, as ugly, as broke and broken, as dysfunctional and repulsive as it is so that it motivates/triggers people to change/evolve and demand higher and better etc. etc. People can either remain in the lower world fighting that insanity and trying to help those people – who for whatever their soul reasons – desire to be in those situations now. (I know how harsh and insensitive this may sound but I’m coming from a slightly higher First Wave Lightworker point of view.) Sometimes these seeming “victims” are also triggers for numerous other people around the planet to change themselves…not “fix” or “save” the old lower stuff.) The people who made the September 9, 2009 separation from the old lower world completely, will now begin building – within our ascended High Hearts and much more expanded consciousness – the real New World reality that only we can and are supposed to. After we First Waves get things outlined energetically and started at that level, then others vibrationally below us one or two or more stair steps will come into their own and finally have something worthy of them to work on and run.

    Many of us have been having to (over the past decade, or only in recent months) let go of more people, loved ones, family members, lovers, friends, etc. because it was finally time to make the separation so we could begin creating anew at a much higher level. It sounds to me that you are being shown this contrast, this separation of energies, focus, worlds and astrological Ages etc. through what “C” is trying to do for others…AND how it is making you feel where you are! That is an important energy/consciousness contrast for you to recognize. Remember, lower and higher vibrating energies/consciousness cannot exist within the same space…nor do they work well together! I hope my ramble helps in some small way.


  3. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks, Denise, for the sacred space to write some of my inner thoughts here. Bless you!

    For the last 10 years I’ve been consciously engaged in my ascension journey via various energy-healing modalities, (Reiki, EFT,) karmic clearing work, kundalini activation..etc. It’s all been intense, lonely and wondrous too. When I discovered Karen Bishop, it was like a divine homecoming for me! I was relieved to be so validated and assured that I was NOT alone in my *crazy* experiences. And her every WINGS post was a lucid landmark which confirmed that I was exactly on track and on purpose with my ascension course.

    However, suddenly I am in a strange way. I read Karen’s latest Wings and I’m just not there. I’m definitely not having these amazing co-creative ecstasies with like-minded folks in my ‘new space’. In fact, at the time of the dimensional split I unexpectedly met a man who I instantly ‘remembered’ having incarnated with many times (right back to Atlantis) and we have been sharing a deep, intimate and loving (albeit complex)connection together.

    What confuses me to no end is that *C* is intensely involved in compassionate humanitarian world-work which has him ‘ministering’ VERY dense energies in people who have survived unfathomable atrocities. As a double Aquarius with Venus in Pisces, I know he is extremely aligned with the coming cosmic shifts. Yet he’s constantly surrounded by very low-vibrating polarities in others. Also, many kinds of nasty *attacks* come his way because of his public profile and the politically adversarial nature of his courageous humanitarian work.

    I’m really struggling with this one because all of a sudden I’m in this wide circle with him and he’s always having to deal with crisis after crisis, all the while continuing to seek justice on behalf of others. And I don’t want ANY of these denser energies that he constantly deals with. Yet, I’m so drawn to *C* for reasons I can’t entirely comprehend at present.

    I wonder, did I hover longer at the dimensional border in order to meet *C* there and invite him over? I fear that maybe I haven’t fully crossed into the *new earth* yet because of *C* and that’s why I’m feeling confused, depressed, like I’m not *there yet*.

    I find it all hard to understand. I’ve used Karen’s writings as a measure for so long, and now suddenly I feel I’ve missed the boat. I read her post and went, “new space?” Huh?

    Then I felt worried that I hadn’t made the leap yet……

    Does anyone have any intuitive thoughts? Thank you kindly for your attention to my reaching out. I do like that we seem to have a cyber-weave which keeps us connected at times of big shifts.

    Many Blessings,

  4. susan ireland,

    I have had what’s called TMJ most of my adult life. It has to do with the joints in the jaw slipping out of place which causes different problems and pains (pinched or compressed nerves etc.) that radiate out into certain or only half of the teeth, jaw, neck, head – and also grinding your teeth while asleep. So, I intimately know what you’re talking about.

    I too have been having increased problems with my jaw slipping out of place over the past two months. I’ve learned a few tricks how to get it back into place from having had an old dentist send me to a physical therapist after he x-rayed my whole mouth and found nothing wrong with any tooth! So, I can get it back into place for a few days but it slips back out of place just as easily.

    My real point in sharing all this is that I’ve learned over the years that in connection with the ascension process, whatever issues we each have, physical body issues/problems/injuries etc. or mental/emotional/psychic etc….ALL of those issues at different phases, become the focus within this healing/transmuting/releasing ascension process. So, if you and I have TMJ problems physically and the emotional tensions that often trigger problems with it such as nightly tooth grinding, then that is the physical AND emotional areas you and I will get hit with repeatedly via our ongoing ascension and transmuting. Everyone deals with THEIR issues on ALL of the levels – mental, emotional, physical etc. This is simply how the ongoing ascension process works.

    About you feeling that “…nothing is right and i’m in some sort of nightmare…”, feeling like that would have me grinding my teeth every night for sure! I’m not kidding!!! It sounds like you are sensing that you are about to enter another phase within this ascension process and you’re a bit worried or concerned at it. And you are right about sensing Dec. 21, 2009 because it’s the Winter Solstice and the Solstices – the Summer and Winter – have been increasing in their transformative intensity for the past three or four years now. This WS will indeed rock people’s world…exactly as it is designed and supposed to. Fear not, just go with the energies present, such as the upcoming WS and others, to help yourself grow/change/transmute. That is what they all are for. I do know how scary it can feel but I can tell you that you will survive The Process and be better because of it.

    Try to relax because that alone will get your jaw all jacked-up…I know. 😉 Over the past two or three months now many of us have been having tremendous energies and changes happening inside our skulls. Our pituitary and pineal glands, and probably much more I don’t realize or understand, has been getting rewired or upgraded which often feels like headaches and/or migraines, seeing lights, smelling weird smells, having our hair fall out and all sorts of other things. 😐

    Know that more transformational energies are indeed coming today via the triple 11’s, in Dec. with the 12-12 energies, and also via the WS, the Winter Solstice. Fear not, just move through the changes. I hope all this made sense despite it sounding like it was all over the place.


  5. just a comment on ascension symptoms – i am having really bad pain in my jaw at the moment – on the right side of my face – feels like someone is drilling into the area near my ear and the pain then goes down my jaw into my teeth and neck – it comes and goes – my dentist has noticed nothing weird going on with my teeth – wondered if anyone else was feeling similar thing. also getting the odd sensation that nothing is right and i’m in some sort of nightmare – generally get this feeling about 21st december time – sort of feeling anxious/awaiting a disaster to happen …. is there something going on with the world/earth that i’m relating to??

  6. susan,

    Hi and welcome. 🙂

    I feel the same way and cannot wait until this next phase activates. We’re now still in the connecting online phase which is very important. After this phase will be (and quickly now finally!) the connect physically with like-others phase. All of this ascension business – ALL of it has had to manifest in steps or stair steps as I’ve called them, otherwise we wouldn’t survive such monumental energy/consciousness changes and remain in our physical bodies. So, slow and carefully has been the way for many years now.

    But…don’t ya love the buts 😉 …we’ve reached the phase right now where we’re getting our feet under us within the newly and almost completely separated new, higher vibrating world. As soon as the dust settles from this mega change, we will naturally gravitate toward other people and locations that are a vibrational/energetic match to us individually. That is when we will finally be connecting with other people who’ve made the ascension/dimensional shift process in very physical ways and when the “new higher communities” will also start manifesting. Soon now.


  7. be nice to link with like minded people – is there a way of going about this – am a bit isolated in area where i live

  8. Susanne,

    Hello and I’m so glad you’ve found TRANSITIONS and all of us here. 🙂

    It’s now just time for many, many more “like-minded people” and like-vibrating people 😉 to connect with each other. This is how we’re going to begin energetically (in cyber land first) and then externally/physically create and building the new world that will naturally match the new and higher vibrating us.


  9. I believe I am experiencing all of the above symptoms and have been for the past 2years when my life has changed completely. I am so pleased to have found this sight and only wish I had earlier. I have been searching out like minded people by attending various courses. I wondered if there was a site which could connect these people up as am moving overseas next year.

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