Kundalini Risings & The Triple Conjunction

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In her May 2009 New Moon report, Barbara Hand Clow talked about the upcoming rare “Triple Conjunction” of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune in Aquarius at 26°. She mentioned that this particular triple conjunction would—among other things—trigger sudden kundalini risings in people. This triple conjunction of Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune at 26° Aquarius will begin around May 21st through May 27th. However, know that it will be in effect before and after that week…it’s just that week that the three planets reach exact conjunction with each other all at the same degree. We’ll be feeling the effects of this rare triple conjunction for a good long while however. As B.H. Clow mentioned, after Jupiter moves on past them, Chiron/Neptune will continue to remain very close to each other (conjunct) all the way through 2013! The Universe knows humanity needs to dig deep into itself to transmute everything that’s in there so they can make the jump to light-speed.

I’ve read on different forums over the years many people’s accounts of what they believed kundalini rising to feel like and how it affects you and so on. I could easily tell by reading 98% of these posts that those people had not personally experienced kundalini rising energies themselves!  Anyone who tells you that kundalini rising (repeated risings which is what really happens) is some easy and blissful meditative type of state simply does not know what they’re talking about. Kundalini energy blasting up and down and up and down and up your spine repeatedly is brutal and reality changing…and so much more.

If you’ve already been living the ongoing Ascension Process, then you’ve most likely experienced some level of repeated kundalini risings already because the two things simply go together. In the good-old-days prior to the start of the ascension process, if a person was going to experience kundalini risings, it usually started at their Uranus Opposition at age 39-43. Transiting Uranus takes 39 years to go from the exact degree and sign it was at on the day you were born, to half way around the zodiac to the exact opposite sign and degree at age 39. That Uranian transit will usually (but not always as some people successfully sidestep their own energetic and spiritual evolution via these important astrological transits) trigger sudden and unexpected kundalini risings during the whole Uranus opposition transit, or at least during the exact degree “hits” within those years from age 39-43. People call this transit a “mid-life crisis”  but it’s really your Uranus Opposition and (in most cases) kundalini energy repeatedly blasting up and down through your spine and body doing what it does so well. At the time it’s hell on earth…it’s living the Alchemical process…it’s having everything you’ve stuffed away, projected onto others, ran away from, intoxicated/drugged yourself with (with whatever your preferred poison was), denied, feared, hated, suppressed etc., all getting stoked-up by Kundalini Fire over and over again until the majority of it is transmuted and gone.

Another aspect of kundalini risings happens via “menopause” and the seemingly endless “hot flashes”.  Hot flashes during menopause and/or ascension are really kundalini energy burning up a persons spine and hitting a chakra to burn away (again and again and again over months and years if necessary) emotional energy blockages that exist within it and all the other chakras as well. And, this happens in all of us, both male and female.  Many years ago I saw a great bumper sticker that said – “I’m not having Hot Flashes, I’m having Power Surges!” That is exactly what hot flashes really are…intense surges of power or kundalini fire energy suddenly blasting up ones spine over and over and over, until there’s no more need for it to do so because all the lower vibrating stuck energies/emotions/fears etc. have literally been repeatedly burned away. It takes time to do this, so don’t expect to have one or two kundalini risings or hot flashes, and then think that that’s all there is to it. This is an ongoing process that takes time, just like the ascension process.

This current triple conjunction of Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune in Aquarius is going to trigger kundalini risings in all sorts of people; males, people younger than age 39-43, people who most likely haven’t had any in-their-face obvious physical ascension symptoms (or if they did they didn’t consciously know that’s what it was), middle-aged people in menopause, and elderly folks. Because I’ve been living the ascension process/menopause/hot flashes/kundalini risings and lots of other things since Feb. 1999, I know how intense and shocking kundalini risings are, especially if you don’t know that’s what’s happening to you, which I didn’t at the time. I eventually figured it out, but my process was no walk in the park to be sure! Not to scare anyone but it is a death process…just not a physical death of the body. It’s a death process but we remain IN our current physical bodies and work through these ascension assisting energies that totally altar and energetically transform it and us. We ascend along with and IN our body; we don’t leave it or exit it via a physical death.  The repeated kundalini risings are a huge and potent part of the ascension process, and this particular transit is going to suddenly activate this transformational process in many people. Many people who won’t have a clue about what’s happening to them!

So, what does it feel like? What does it do? How long does it last? All I know is what I’ve personally lived through, almost constantly, since Feb. 1999. At this point I’ve pretty much got “Hot Flashes” down to a fine art! 🙄  Had a few hot flashes/kundalini risings just last night and the kundalini fire rose up my back to my solar plexus chakra (on my back or spine area) and burned right there a few times throughout the night. Evidently I had some more junk/crap/stuff/issues/emotional energies in that area/chakra that needed to be, for the 27,000th time, burned away! So last nights hot flashes didn’t go any higher up my spine or back than my waist or solar plexus. It felt like I could set the sheets on fire last night right from the point in my spine at my solar plexus area! That’s how much heat it feels like to YOU experiencing it. I haven’t set anything on fire yet despite feeling like I could!   😉   Kundalini fire/hot flashes are intense heat that comes from within you and radiates outward. It is not external heat but internal, and it literally radiates outward to what feels like a foot beyond your skin.

Kundalini fire/hot flashes can go only as high as your crotch area and remain there, burning away for a few minutes, causing you to sweat profusely and in many cases also make you rather angry and frustrated. It can rise up to just your waist or solar plexus area like I mentioned, and burn away stuck energies in that particular chakra. It can blast suddenly up your back/spine and stop at the back of your neck or throat chakra and burn away just there. It can rise up your back/spine to only your heart chakra or chest area which is really an amazing feeling if you allow it and don’t panic or think you’re having a heart attack or something! Or, it can instantly blast up your back/spine all the way to the top of your head and feel like all that heat is pouring out of only your face, head, and ears. That can make you dizzy, spacey, disconnected from everything, lost, confused, angry, sad, deeply profound, mystical, like you’re dying, like you’re loosing your mind, etc. In many cases intense kundalini risings does make you pretty wild n’ crazy, ungrounded and intense in weird ways. After all, the fire is cremating all of YOUR lower stuck emotions, energies, fears, hates, that you’ve not wanted to deal with so there’s a definite possibility of becoming a tad bit crazy during this intense inner transformational process.

The main thing I’ve learned from my decade-long kundalini/hot flashing/ascension process, is to just ride along with the kundalini fire and try to not fight or resist what’s happening within your body and self. If you do that just prolongs it all and is even more physically and emotionally uncomfortable. So, just surf the kundalini fire to wherever it goes within your body and be willing to let go of whatever it is that’s being cremated and transformed within you at those different body spots or chakra centers. If you can look at this process as something that is really freeing you, it can then be something less intense to the ego self and intellect that are dying/transforming because of it.  Use this current rare triple conjunction for the personal transformations it brings to humanity. Fear not…big-time Energy Surf is up yet again to help you and I reach a higher state of being.


May 15, 2009

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19 thoughts on “Kundalini Risings & The Triple Conjunction

  1. Hi Lapis

    I just found your site tonight and feel very lucky that I did!

    I am finding this present ascension wave to be a real doozie. Reading your current post, along with another you wrote as to what is happening right now in the planetary sense really hit home and eased some of my anxiety.

    Although I’ve found I don’t tend to have those typical hot flashes that you have described (given a few years, though, it’ll be inevitable), I am having alot of really uncomfortable vibrational sensations mostly in my feet. This happens every time the so called wave begins to really hit a certain level of intensity – and right now I am finding it’s off the charts. I feel as if I am completely out of it, like I took some mind altering substances and am having a hard time adjusting in my body, etc. I’ve been doing the ascension dance since 02, so this it isn’t like a new thing with me- just finding this round to be a little more out there than I can recall in a wile. Just wondering if it’s just me, or if you or anyone else is feeling this latest sweep to the same extent.

    Agree with you, too, about how nice it is that at least some of the older symptoms (hate, hate, hated those bladder spasms, etc).

    Anyway, thanks for the answers that you provided on here!

    • saintaldebaran,

      Hi, welcome, and thanks for leaving a comment. I’m very glad you found TRANSITIONS. 🙂

      I’ve found that some of the stages or cycles within the ongoing ascension process are much more difficult for me personally, and I’d think that’s true for everyone. What you mentioned about feeling energy vibrations in your feet is something I’ve heard other people say they’ve had too. I’d suspect that due to the Earths changing/changed electromagnetic grid (and everything else!), that that may be what you’re feeling in your feet. What the Earth goes through, we do too, and if your more sensitive then you really feel what’s happening within the Earth.

      Having said that…I’ve lived with what is called the “rewiring” process for many years now. It feels like a deep inner electrical vibration that’s slowly been moving up inside my body. It started in my feet and then moved to my truck. Over the years it’s slowly moved up into my neck and now my head. So what you’re feeling in your feet may also be this “rewiring” as it takes awhile to work through the whole body/bodies. We’re all going through soooo much it’s really amazing!

      It sounds like you’re moving through a big transitional shift right now too and they usually make our bodies feel pretty horrible and/or weird for a bit. You are indeed Re-adjusting to your body as it will continue to change and change and change some more. For the past couple months I finally…OMG finally feel the old lower leaving very fast now and the new higher able to replace it. So from my perspective, yes, what’s currently going on is a really big change or shift to another level that’s very different from the numerous one’s of past years. Very exciting!


      • Hi Denise

        I thank you for sharing — and for the kind words of encouragement. I read a number of your previous posts last night and greatly identified and appreciated so many of the experiences you’ve had, along with your insights into what you have encountered and learned along the way. We have walked similar paths, truly.

        I am an earth sensitive, as you described, and definitely tend to pick up empathically as things are transitioning and changing. As you know, with that comes the blessing & curse aspect due to the overload with having to transmute for others, myself, and the earth, too. I still haven’t been entirely successful to date in my ablity to hone this to the point of realizing much of the time what is happening until I’m inundated or in the thick of it b/c of other distractions in my life. Awareness is key, and so is intention. And thinking outside the box as far as creative solutions. I’m working it.

        From the early days of symptoms and being told I had acute/chronic Lyme, to discovering the truth for me in that I was in the throes of the ascension process, I have been able to repattern my thinking from the perspective of being a vicitim (“I’m cursed w/ Lyme”) to one of deep awakening and unbelievable realization. And I’ll take the new perspective and understanding any day over the old…

        Again, I love and so completely click w/your perspectives on so many of the things you have experienced (ETs messing with the dream state – tons of experiences over the years with that; Astral fights w/”the baddies” – lifetime of endless battles and waking up the next day knowing that although you are absolutely exhausted, that you kicked some serious a**, even if they did outnumber you 1,000 to 1; alot of clearing and transmuting that I have done astrally for many years both w/space and geographic clearings, and so on, etc.)

        Lastly, congrats on your being able to actually discern and witness the old leaving and the newness becoming more apparent for you in your life. I’m sure that you have certainly “earned” it, as they say, and have undoubtedly worked hard in getting there. What a wonderful, wonderful thing that is and what an inspiration, too!

        All my best to you, sister. I will be a regular visitor here and eager to catch up on your updates. Thanks again for sharing. Your viewpoints and no bull approach are very refreshing 🙂


      • Robin,

        ESPAVO and thank you so very much. You made me cry good tears.

        It is so great, so special, so important to finally be connecting with other people who can honestly relate to what we’ve lived, suffered through, struggled with, and learned from on this whole ongoing ascension process. And I especially want to thank you for enjoying, respecting, my “no bull approach”. I’ve often referred to myself as a “Blue collar Lightworker” 😉 in an attempt to let people know I am not “fluffy”…damn it! I’ve been to hell and back many times, as most Lightworkers have, and there’s little “fluff” anywhere; blood n’ guts and lots of Darkness yes, but no fluffy crap. The fun stuff is coming, soon now, but it was a mega bitch getting through all that I have. Thank you so very much for knowing that and relating to it. ESPAVO.

        Denise -“Lapis”

  2. Welcome, saintaldebaran! 🙂

    I blinked several times when I read your user name because I had encountered it in my history textbook, of all places, perhaps five minutes before I read your reply. I admit I am curious about its origin. Are you an astrologer, perhaps? I met Denise on an astrology forum, and my screen name derives from the phase of the Moon during which I was born.

    I also wonder if it’s a synchronisity that I’m currently studying Islamic civilization; the name of the star Aldebaran derives from Arabic. Do you have any past-life or present-life connection to the Middle East?

    I apologize for all of these questions; I suppose I’m just excited you’re here 🙂


    • Nice meeting you, Beth 🙂

      I’m so very, very glad to be here, believe me!

      It’s always so exciting and reaffirming, isn’t it — when those synchronistic things happen like that?!! I just thrive on them when they do happen! I’ve had some whoppers in my days.

      No, I am not an astrologer. Thanks for the info on your screen name. I thought perhaps you were a foodie and lunar lover — I couldn’t quite grasp the connection there between what I thought was a reference to vinegar and the moon. Now I know 😉

      As for any past life connections to the middle east, I have none that I am aware of. My past ties here are much more in the eastern asian territories actually. But to be perfectly honest with you, I have been told that I made my journey from one of stars in close proximity to Aldebaran prior to my incarnating here on terra firma. Who knows, either way, I’m definitely from elsewhere and that sounded about right to me…anyway, that was the title that popped into my head when trying to find a name to get on here and leave a comment. So there you have it.

      The way I see it, the synchronicity was an affirmation that you are on the right track leading to something, so keep on studying and see where it leads to.

  3. Big Hugs, Denise.

    And I hear you loud and clear with regard to finding the support and community that is now needed with where we are at on the ladder :). For two weeks straight I have been asking that I PLEASE be connected to/with others who I would feel more comfortable relating to and visa versa. I have never been moved enough to actually feel the inspiration to do that until now.

    More and more often these days, I definitely feel the way that Karen Bishop describes — that while mixing with others, I am in an entirely
    seperate dimension while attempting to participate. This is entirely bizarre and as anyone going through this knows, very, very FRUSTRATING! I find it most ironic that I was often “life of the party” for all of my teenager and adult years..and now that has all changed. I can’t stand almost anything anymore that means socializing
    outside what I consider to be in my comfort zone, which at this point means I don’t like socializing– period. And over the years, the friends that once were so much a part of my life have dropped off the radar or moved away. I have gone, as they say, pretty much from feast to famine in 8 years time!

    I went out with a group of 4 women about a week or two ago, whom I’ve known for years now. Used to work with them. Anyway, “the girls” and I all met up for drinks and dinner and I have to say, it was unbelievable being there taking it all in — a part of me was sad, yet, another part amused b/c it was so darned comical. I felt many times, watching the interactions and some of the stupidity as far as
    remarks, exchanges, etc. like I was watching an especially bad sitcom. One woman in particular REALLY REALLY irks me. It takes everything in my power not to either tell her to wake up and get a life or to strangle her. And the funny thing is, I don’t think any of them even has a bleeping clue as to any of it on my end, which is really kind of scary. Although I guess it could be worse – I could still be over on their end of the fence, with my head in my arse. Talking about the latest romance novel, latest visit that my stupid dog had to the vets, the latest best reality show that my husband and I just love to sit and watch night after night eating our 100 calorie snacks, blah blah..You’ve got the picture I am sure.

    So yes, I feel as though some prayers have been answered here. The fact that I found Transitions is clearly a sign attesting to that.

    And yes, I know just what you mean as far as the “fluffy” factor. Having visited and kicked around on other types of holistic, esoteric minded, or ascension related forums, it is often all too apparent that many visitors are resonating in the “see no evil, everything is love every minute and we are all light and please don’t throw out any icky stuff on this board b/c then I might have to look at the shadowy boogie man types of stuff, etc.”…..~sigh~..well, anyway, and so it goes. That’s fine for them, but it doesn’t really cover it for me b/c like yourself, I’ve seen way, way too much from my early years onward to turn away from what I know. And Lord knows that I know better than to ever do that. The fluffy stuff is great in the right context, however, I think alot of those fluffers (LOL) don’t realize that everything in it’s own place and time, not now– we as a global community are no where near there yet to be a bunch of fluffies. That kind of denial seems to be alot of what has gotten us in trouble in the first place.

    ESPAVO & Namaste 🙂

    • Robin,

      Thanks so much for the laughs n’ giggles. Your comment was so great, so true, so honest, and very funny because I can relate 1000%.

      Ask and ye shall receive. 😉 Amazing how that works when it’s really time. I’ve been sittin’ here talking to myself since late 2007, so it’s very special for me also to suddenly have new connections being made finally. When we’re really ready, which just means we’ve got those new energies within ourselves finally, we suddenly are connected to some other folks who are currently carrying the same energies in the same way. There recently has been some mega change which is starting to look like the beginnings of greater connections with small handfuls of people in those “new higher communities” I’ve heard mentioned. It’s about freakin’ time is all I can say! I suspect the Summer Solstice energy will bring in even more of this. Whoohoo!

      Like your funny story of being with your old friends and being amazed/repulsed/disappointed/shocked/frustrated/entertained like watching children playing where they are in comparison to where you are, is something I’ve been living with for many years now too. I’ve gotten used to being a hermit so this sudden connection with like-others over the past 3 days is a real treat for me! (You know how monks, yogis and masters etc. used to have to leave and go hang out in some cave or up on some mountain top? That’s where we are now and where many of us have been for many years already. I’ve joked in the past about how I was often tested to near breaking to NOT kill someone out there! It gets to the point where, for everyone’s sake, we’ve got to remove ourselves from the masses. I’ve got things to do and prison isn’t on the agenda!…so I remain a hermit for now. 😉

      I too am very happy and grateful that you’ve found TRANSITIONS and I. It’s finally time for this higher connecting to happen. (Know too that you can email me if needed or desired. My email address is in the “Contact” page.) Thanks so much for your really wonderful and very humorous “comment”.


  4. Hi Robin,

    I totally know where you are coming from 150%. For what seems like many lifetimes (well certainly since 2001!), I have wanted like minded people to ‘chew the fat’. I’ve started to open my mouth to a certain extent as I just can’t keep my light contained much longer…….
    I so hope things change very soon, had enough of being on my ‘lonely island’.



    • ESPAVO, Stu! It’s great to meet you and in hearing from you, too.

      From present back to the year 2001, we have all lived “many lifetimes”, so I totally get what you are saying. Even the masses have had to face the rude awakening that 9/11 caused and I suspect for the most part, if many of them reflect on it, are likely to admit just how much their world and lives have had to change inadvertantly b/c of what occurred then. Not sure if anyone else here agrees with that, but would be open to hearing. Anyway, for me personally, I find it hard to even begin to fathom what all has transpired both in our own external world(s) as well as each of our own personal lives as a whole these past few years. It’s as if we have had to live several lives condensed into just that fraction, if you know what I mean, and wow, it’s mind boggling. Things just keep speeding up and it’s easy to get what I like to refer to as “brain burn” b/c of the overload some of us are certainly having.

      Understand the aspect of NOT opening your mouth. Most of my life has been spent somewhat not letting all of what I think or know escape me! I learned at a very young age to keep alot of my thoughts to myself – including amongst (and especially with) those that were/are my birth family. The few times I let my guard down or was vulnerable enough to let fly with what I was thinking, seeing, feeling, etc. was almost always a very big mistake in the end, as I am sure you can probably relate to, as well as anyone else who is drawn here to the Transitions site.

      Anyway, I am all eyes and ears, just so you know, and am very eager to read more from you, Denise, Balsamic Moon, etc. on this wonderful site and am looking so forward to reading what else Denise/Lapis will be surprising us with and publishing on this site and forum!

      Cheers and namaste

  5. Hi Robin,

    Yeah, good to meet you here as well 🙂

    Maybe ‘brain burn’ should be renamed ‘brain meltdown’! 😉

    My perception of time has speeded up hugely, a week goes by which feels like a month!

    I know all about opening my mouth too much with my family! I got very badly burned back in 2004 when I tried to open their eyes with the reality of ETs/UFOs, oh well……

    I’ve only known Denise for 18 months, but this feels like many amazing lives…… She is such a wonderful and beautiful soul, and one of my closest friends who has helped me so very much. I have never met her, but we have in a ‘dream state’ 🙂

    Cheers my friend,


    • Hey Stu!

      Oh gawd — yes, I know the routine — you try and tell your family and they look at you with *that* look, that let’s you know that you are definitely in over your head in a major way. Sucks. I gave up trying with my family after my early teens. I had several what one might refer to as events, and could tell it was a lost cause to even try and explain them. I will give my mother credit, although she does not believe in “those things”, she did believe me somewhat over one experience I had when I was 12 or 13 yrs old. My daughter believes, and my husband struggles, but I think he started to get an inkling that perhaps there is some truth to some of it, but isn’t sure exactly what. I could be wrong, but I really suspect that most of those sceptics out there are more afraid than they care to admit. Who wouldn’t be — having to accept something like that forces them then to have to do a serious overhaul on almost everything they have ever had to hold true as far as there safety zones in relation to what reality is and is not. God bless them, I say.

      I guess in a sense, although we all feel as though we are on our seperate, lonely islands, we have the means now of finding one another via the WWW! Do you remember life prior to WWW? Chances of finding others even remotely in tune as far as this sort of stuff was concerned were basially non existant for most of us. So in that way, I think we are all finding that we are luckier than we might tend to think. I grew up in east bling bling New Jersey, and let me tell you, the chances of finding like minded peers, or intuitive readers or anything off the beaten path was impossible. The closest to that was probably the head shop run by a bunch of drop outs. 😉


  6. Hi Robin 🙂

    I have been getting that ‘mad’ look from my Mum lately! 😉

    You are spot with the fear of the unknown with the vast majority of people. This is what happened to me in 2004 with my family, I said and showed them too much. I had an intense period of UFO/ET contact from 2001-2004 with much that was filmed, they just couldn’t handle it.
    I learnt much from it!…..

    Yeah, the side of the web to connect people is just great and a huge comfort. But soon we won’t need the web for contact, long forgotten abilities will (are!) surfacing…….. 😉

    Cheers my friend,


  7. hi dear denise
    thank u for your realy useful informations.
    plz tell me i am at ascension process???
    10 month ago i have first amazing shaking and vibration at my first chakra!
    i think that is a huge earth quake!
    at first time i think my first chakra become crazy and want kill me!!!that shaking continued for 1 month or more at there and next go to the second chakra and…etc.
    this vibrations start when i sleep or i stand or i lieng down
    in my hand and my foots i feel vibration and in my back
    evry month i think this vibrations just come upward 1 inch!!!or less!!!
    i feel that now.at night.day and at sleep and anywhere!
    i think my back have some hot flashes 5 month ago.
    one time my second chakra become very hot and i cant sit on chair!
    i never see any boy that have a ascension process at 21age!so i think that is a dream…!
    now this vibration dont shake me but i feel a little vibration in my hand and foot and back and in my abdomen too.
    some time i think that cant occur for me!
    is that before kundalini process or not??
    plz tell me clearly.
    sorry because my English is weak ;-
    thank u so much.

    • light worker,

      Yes, what you’re experiencing is the Ascension Process. The inner body vibrations and shaking, buzzing and movements you’re feeling are what’s called the Rewiring Process which just means that you (and many millions of other people) are living through the Ascension Process of being quickly evolved, upgraded, expanded so that you can safely embody greater amounts of Light Energy in and through your physical body and brain and not be damaged or killed or go insane from them!

      Think of this Process like having your entire physical house rewired by electricians because you can now run a much larger amount of electrical energy into and through your house. That is exactly what’s been happening to greater and greater numbers of humanity (most of them totally unaware of any of it as usual) and their physical bodies and brains.

      The hot flashes and inner body shaking and many, many other Ascension symptoms are all doing this Rewiring Process to us and our bodies. I’ve written a lot of articles about this which you can find under the Ascension Process & Symptoms Category. You can also use the Search Bar and enter words like Rewiring, Kundalini, Ascension symptoms, inner body vibrations and so on.

      No fear, just know that I and many other people have been living with these same exact Ascension symptoms since 1999 (and lately new ones too!). 🙂


  8. Hi Denise

    It was a great relief to find your website with the detailed testimonial of your transformation. It’s been three years since the night when it all started for me, and there were times when I thought that I was loosing my mind because no one that I knew (my friends) at the time could relate to this. I feel the symptoms now all of the time 24/7 although its mainly now in my head, scull. I often experience current flowing through my mouth, I know that I have control over my jaw (whatever control means) but it is easier when I just go with it. When this happens I feel my crown very strongly and as if I was connected – like a charger/adapter/plug through which energy flows. This is still scary sometimes.

    Whenever I lie down, my body goes paralysed and what I experience is as if someone is working on me. I literally experience fingertips touching and adjusting the body. I thought if this is psychosis then it’s not such a bad experience.

    Every now and then at night my spine feels as if it was being burned by hot lava moving up from the base. At the time of me writing this it reached my shoulder blades. This is extremely painful and strangely pleasurable. I know I know very odd and possibly not a normal reaction to pain 😉

    Denise when will this end? and what is it like when the transformation is done ?
    I have not come a cross anyone yet who speaks or writes from the “other side” everyone seems to be writing about the process and symptoms and not what the new way of being is like.

    I just come a cross you web and you are probably way ahead now. I have not read everything here so if your upgrade is complete I apologise for asking this. Can you please respond from where you are now September, 2017.


    • “Denise when will this end? and what is it like when the transformation is done? I have not come a cross anyone yet who speaks or writes from the “other side” everyone seems to be writing about the process and symptoms and not what the new way of being is like.”


      I’m so glad you found your way to TRANSITIONS and when you’re more familiar with the whole Ascension Process (AP), you might also benefit from my second blog HighHeartLife. (Link in the sidebar)

      Firstly I’d suggest you just keep reading through my older articles here to get familiar with the AP and its many side effects or symptoms, one of which is unsolicited Kundalini rising or activation. It lasts for years and also changes the more each person transmutes dense lower frequency energies — emotions, wounds, fears, ego, negativity etc. — so be prepared for your Kundalini experiences to change and evolve repeatedly the more you do. This is “normal” for what we’re all going through with the AP.

      Secondly, I’ve used the term Stair-steps to help people better understand that everyone does NOT go through the AP at the same time and in the same exact ways because everyone is NOT all developed and ready for such a thing. Because of this, we all go through the AP symptoms at the levels we’re capable of at that time and this continues on and on for us all. In other words, we’re all living the AP now but everyone is now doing so at different energy Stair-steps. Because of this and the fact that I’m a Forerunner of the Forerunners (another term for Wayshower, Pathpaver, Volunteer etc.) and 65-years-old now, I’ve been at this for a very long time which means I’m talking to you, writing this from a higher energy Stair-step than the one you’re currently on. This is NOT about better or worse or higher or lower in a negative sense but only about time spent living the AP to date. 🙂

      And from the level of the AP and EP (Embodiment Process) that I’m at today, I can tell you that we’re not there enough yet to even tell you what the NEW way of being is like. I can tell you about how it feels at this point in my own AP and EP to have watched my human ego self diminish greatly and simultaneously have my Higher Self/Selves and multidimentional Selves and other Divine Aspects continue to be Embodied within myself and my Denise body now. Like everything else, this too is an ongoing spiritual and energetic Process so I can only report about what I’m experiencing to date. Since birth I’ve consciously remembered what it’s like from a fifth dimensional (5D) level of being, consciousness and reality on up through some higher dimensions and frequencies. It’s freedom, greater connections with Source-in-Self, creativity, LOVE, HighHeart, unity with All others and All lifeforms everywhere etc. In other words, it’s the polar opposite of what life, consciousness and reality has been in the old third dimension (3D) patriarchal Earth world!

      Keep reading Aggie and the confusion will continue to decrease as you continue expanding into greater and higher awareness, consciousness and being. ❤

  9. Hi Denise

    Thank you for a very clear replay.

    And I thought that 3 years was a long time lol …It’s just that body sensations are overwhelming in my head. What you write makes a lot of sense and brings comfort and peace, that is priceless to me in this process and all that I needed to hear.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us.


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