Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune Aquarius Conjunction


I wanted to post a quick reminder about the “Triple Conjunction” of Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune at 26° Aquarius. Starting tomorrow, May 21, 2009, all three planets reach an exact conjunction. They’ve been very close to each other for a good while already and will be for a while longer, but starting tomorrow it’s like the plug gets plugged into the electrical wall socket and full current will flow directly! The energies from all three planets will be downloaded or transmitted starting tomorrow. This process will continue in this very direct and intense way from May 21—May 27th approximately. Sunday May 24, ’09 is the New Moon at 3° Gemini 28′ (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the only three AIR signs) so this months New Moon will happen right in the middle of this mega Aquarian download of rare astrological energies from Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune.

I’m not going to go into much astrological detail about this because I know Barbara Hand Clow will in her New Moon report, which I’ll quote here as I usually do each month. She’s vastly better at holding a higher and larger astrological view in place than I, so we’ll wait to see what all she has to say about this “Triple Conjunction”, and the Gemini New Moon during the next few days.

seemingly random note:  From around May 10th or so, the transiting Sun was moving to a conjunction with the Pleiadian star system at 27°–28° Taurus as it does annually. Those of you who are extra sensitive to, or carry Pleiadian energies and consciousness within you, where most likely picking up and/or receiving these annual Pleiadian transmissions or downloads. I mention this only because so much has happened to so many of us over the past two or three weeks. 😉  The annual solar/Pleiadian conjunction of the past couple of weeks has been very obvious this year in helping move, shift, redirect, connect,  realign, re-fire, inspire many of us and further activate our High Hearts. I posted about this particular transit prior to it but wanted to remind many of you about it and how it’s played out in our lives so far. Very nice and thank you as usual dear Pleiadians. 🙂

Back to the triple conjunction. Because the solar/Pleiades transit was so strong in moving people around and making new connections between so many of us recently, I suspect it is in some way connected to this exact conjunction of Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune in Aquarius. I suspect many, many, of us will be going through some really amazing changes within our bodies and beings. I hesitate using the word “healings” because so many people think it means something other than what I mean when I use it. I sense that this conjunction will trigger big changes within many of us; changes in energy and consciousness, attitude, Heart, and our bodies. I think it is yet another “death” process where we’re going to be faced with having to let go of even more of our ego selves and its old lower belief systems, religious belief systems, body beliefs, health and healing beliefs etc. These types of transits alter us in very real ways, just like plugging in some electrical cord into that wall socket. Something gets turned on because of it! I sense much of this transit is going to push us to “heal” or transmute ancient lower Piscean Age issues…mainly religious beliefs, physical and emotional body healings, and how we even believe “healings” can happen. Consciousness is changing so fast now and I sense this potent triple conjunction is going to do much to people and their bodies, as well as shift the whole Collective, and introduce some very amazing new higher knowledge and technology to humanity. In other words, the triple conjunction is designed to affect humanity on multiple levels, as they all do.

Remember a couple of months ago Steve Rother channeling the group, talked about some amazing “drop” (teleportation) coming to humanity this July 21–22, 2009? Or the potential for it is right there if humanity is collectively ready for it. Well, I believe this particular triple conjunction transit (Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune in Aquarius)  has very much to do with that “drop”, and also preparing humanity for it. Re-read Clow’s last New Moon report because she talked about what this “Triple Conjunction” brought to humanity the last two times or cycles it happened. With it happening in Aquarius this time, it’s going to make the past two transits look like small potatoes, and that’s saying something!  This one is big and we should be mindful of it and USE it.

The point of this post is a heads-up about this triple conjunction and the New Moon during it and that we should all pay attention a bit more than usual. Be prepared to let go of even more; more of your ego self, more of your old past beliefs whatever they are, more of your beliefs and expectations about your own body and what it can do as far as transmuting/healing/aging/rejuvenating etc. This is very exciting and all we need do is be willing to release whatever else needs to go now in ourselves. Happy Energy Surfing and transmuting again everyone.




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  1. Hi Denise,

    These Pleiadian downloads of the past few weeks explains much with how I have been, as you know!…….;-)

    The technology download of 21/22 July, I have thought of nothing else! 😉 This is indeed exciting news this triple conjunction could be connected to this 🙂 🙂

    Love and gentle hugs,


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