Uranus Opposition at Age 39-43

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There seems to be many people now entering or getting ready to enter their 39th birthday, which means the start of their Uranus opposition transit.

Because I’m 57 I’ve been through this one and only Uranus opposition transit already (in 1990-1994).  As is usual in my life, there are numerous important life events that my Higher Self deliberately keeps hidden from my awareness. I’ve lived through this so many times it’s almost funny; being literally kept in the dark over what’s happening to me at the time and why. My Uranus opposition was another of these life changing events that my Higher Self kept hidden from my psychic and intuitive awareness. I knew something huge was going to happen when I turned 40 because I couldn’t psychically see anything beyond age 40! I knew I wasn’t going to die at that age, but I did know that something was going to change so completely at age 40 that I couldn’t even relate to it or perceive it psychically prior. I wasn’t supposed to! That was the only clue I had about turning 40.  But that’s what our Higher Selves often do for us so we enter into certain important life events and/or astrological transits (or the ascension process) with zero conscious foreknowledge of it, so that we live it clean, with no preconceived expectations to taint the spiritual and highly transformational process.

Only two months after my Uranus opposition ended at age 43, I was led to Barbara Hand Clow’s wonderful book Liquid Light of Sex: Kundalini, Astrology, and the Key Life Transitions. Once I’d finished my Uranus opposition, my Higher Self instantly led me to brilliant information (this book) about all I’d just lived through and why (a very blocked “Earth Chakra”). I strongly recommend this book if you’re entering or already in your Uranus opposition transit and it’s proving to be a difficult, intense, or crazy time for you. This book also deals with the Saturn Return (first one at age 29-31), the Uranus Opposition (only happens once at age 39-43), and the Chiron Return (only happens once at age 49-51) and is a real gem.

For those beginning or currently within your one and only Uranus Opposition transit, the main thing I would suggest is to bend in the constant intense Uranus windstorms of change! This transit is an Initiation into another phase of your life and being, and it requires even more letting go of, and much flexibility and repeated change.  If you’ve tolerated something and/or someone (like a job, a career,  a marriage, a relationship, a house, a belief system or whatever), this transit will make it impossible to stay where you’ve been. It becomes unbearable! It makes you unable to tolerate anything in you, your life, or surroundings that you’ve outgrown on any level but are still holding onto. If it’s time to leave it behind and move on, Uranus opposition will force you through that door or multiple doors. And, it is best to go with the flow because it is simply time for more releasing and changes, internally and externally. Do not fight Uranus opposition because he’ll take your stubborn ass right down! Bend with the winds of change and release whatever needs to be released in you and your life now. Not doing so often produces instant health problems so just go with the energy that this life changing transit is and change/release/transmute. It’ll be magic on the other side.

Denise Le Fay

June 2, 2009


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  1. Denise,

    My sister in-law is currently going through this opposition as she was 39 in January, I wonder how she will cope….. My wife hits hers in November 2010, good she is purging stuff now! I will have mine in June 2012, sounds like an exciting time!…… 😉

    Love and hugs,


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