Heart Palpitations & the Ascension Process

800x800 heart whirlpool

I’ve heard so many people mention how they’ve had heart palpitations, sudden racing heartbeats, jumping, pounding, skipping and such. They say they’ve gone to their doctors to have it checked and in every case I’ve been told about, nothing wrong physically was ever found. All the tests, all the doctors, and they couldn’t find anything physically wrong with these many people. I’ve thought many times over the past 10 or 11 years about how doctors would be inundated with patients who were suddenly having the weirdest symptoms and aches and pains—all due to their ongoing Ascension Process. Of course the doctors wouldn’t have a clue as to why increasing numbers of people were experiencing such unusual symptoms.

I had random heart palpitations when I was in my 20’s (the 1970’s) and 30’s (the 1980’s). They would hit so suddenly and intensely that it felt like I’d been hit in the chest by something invisible. Many times when this would happen I’d be in bed or sitting reading. In other words, I was totally relaxed and at rest, yet my heart would suddenly start beating very hard and irregularly.

Boomboomboomboom….boom……boom boom……………boom…………………boomboomboomboomboom…..boom……..

During my 40’s (1990’s) I didn’t experience this much until my Ascension Process started at age 47 in February 1999. This sudden and strong heart pounding seemed to be related to the “hot flashes” I was suddenly having and for a while I thought that’s what was going on. Over the months I began to realize that it was something else and wasn’t entirely “menopause” related as I’d first thought all these weird symptoms were.

Just last week I had a cluster of these sudden heart pounding palpitations while in a complete state of physical rest and I now know this just means I’ve got more energy moving through me, my body and very directly through my High Heart chakra (Thymus gland).

The ongoing astrological Age change along with the Ascension Process is opening people’s HighHearts and related chakra like crazy. (The opposite sign to Aquarius is Leo, the Lion, which rules the Heart.) Besides this astrological Age energy change, we’re shifting, evolving, ascending dimensions as well. We’re moving from the old lower polarized physical or third dimension (3D), to non-polarized, integrated, unified, vastly higher vibrating fifth dimension (5D), where HighHeart and HighHeart Consciousness is the primary tool of perception. In other words, there’s a lot going on with humanities heart/Heart/HighHeart because of all this. It’s normal for what we’re going through which is highly compressed evolution.

The ongoing Ascension Process demands that we each transmute any and all lower stuck emotional energies we’ve been hauling around inside of us for decades or lifetimes. Obviously, some of our past lower stuck emotional and energetic junk, wounds, fears, issues etc. are in our Heart chakra area. So before we can energetically reach HighHeart consciousness, we’ve got to deal and heal and clear whatever is still stuck, rotting energetically within that Heart area. When that happens we feel it as thumps, bumps, movements, flutters, spasms and sudden rapid heart pounding. I’ve repeatedly felt what feels to me something like a sudden muscle knot or spasm and/or fluttering movement sensation in the center of my chest above my physical heart—in the HighHeart. It felt like something in there would suddenly roll, flutter or spasm. It didn’t hurt much but was certainly a weird physical feeling. There is nothing “wrong” with my physical heart, but these are things I’ve gone through many times over the years from clearing and transmuting my stuck emotional energies and simultaneously having the HighHeart being activated via the Ascension Process.

If your heart is doing flip-flops, fluttering, skipping beats and/or pounding hard like you’d been running but you’re at rest, go to the doctor to have it checked if you are honestly concerned. When he finds nothing physically wrong, remember all that you and your  physical heart, you energy Heart and your 5D HighHeart are currently going through energetically due to the ongoing Ascension Process. Fear not because it is a normal Ascension symptom.


June 17, 2009

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18 thoughts on “Heart Palpitations & the Ascension Process

  1. Thank you Denise this was just the confirmation I was looking for. Lately my heart chakra has had many of these symptoms but I know there is nothing physically wrong with my heart.

    So I will work on letting go of whatever is still stuck.

    • Welcome Lord Horus (what a great name!), and I’m glad you found TRANSITIONS.

      Our Higher level Hearts are activating because much, much, more energy and consciousness is and will be flowing through our High Heart instead of our old, lower polarized consciousness. Because of these big changes we’re often feeling our energetic hearts thump, bump, pound, skip beats or thump out a bunch of them rapid-fire. I’ve had this for years and my physical heart is healthy and strong. The entire chest area is being rewired or upgraded for these (ascension/evolutionary) reasons.


  2. I also was wanting conformation re heart palpatations as above, a couple of years ago I said to my TM [meditation teacher] my heart is skipping etc he smiled & said after years of meditation this is [basically] what happens as the energy rises, I have noticed more recently that when I am in a relaxed state reading spiritual enlightening articles way my chakra [heart goes again] it is all very exciting but I decided to track down this site to confirm that I was on track, thank you for sharing , love to u all …

  3. Hi Denise,

    Thank you for sharing this. I also went to a cardiologist and was monitored for 24 hours only to be told that there was not any physical problem.

    I do find them very challenging, if they go for long enough the body automatically kicks in adrenalin, which in turn triggers stress & anxiety. The other effect it seems to have is that it dumb’s down my intuitive ability while they are happening.

    One technique that seems to work well is color mediation. If I focus on my heart chakra with green and visualize it swirling around it settles down very quickly.

    I would appreciate hearing from others on there experiences and ways of coping.


  4. Thank Grace for this article!

    I personally vibe with pmcallister above- the adrenalin that kicks in afterward is very unpleasant. For me it’s also been a psychological struggle because I have been worried about my heart in the past (a childhood and adolescence of abuse left me with a few years of tachycardia and palpitations before I worked off the bad energy of it all).

    So now, suddenly these HUGE palpitations, followed by a rush of a racing heart! Aaand then adrenaline. I’ve had holters and ekgs done, and had a Dr. listen to my heart and they find nothing. When I exercise I have no discomfort.

    But, like you, Denise, my palpitations come on when I am -relaxed-. Reading books on ascension, calm at work, listening mindfully to music…

    Paul, if you’ve had a workup that will soothe your subconscious. What helped me was taking Hawthorn as a supplement, because it is a balancing and safe cardiotonic. It has lessened the startling strength of the palpitations, and now I can handle them much better.

    Peace to all,

  5. Thank you all for sharing. I’ve been experiencing the same, and have made 4 different trips to the doctor and walk-in clinics (while travelling) because the sensation is so bizarre. All the tests, including a stress test and umpteen pokings and proddings, have, of course, turned up nothing. Now that I’m used to them (do we ever really get used to them?) and know what they are, I don’t worry about it so much and try to focus on the ‘release’ – but it definitely is challenging to be jolted like that. And no, the adrenaline rush is not fun, is it.

    Thanks so much for confirming what’s going on… and for the tip on the hawthorn. I’ve found energy grounding/balancing techniques have been very helpful (Brain Gym, facial reflexology, deep breathing), but will check that out as well.

    What a journey we’re on! 🙂

  6. Thank you! I wish I could have found this article last year when my heart was having spasms off the hook! I thought I was having heart problems and ended up in the ER twice….the doctors said I was completely normal and healthy 🙂
    Wish I would have known sooner what was going on with me!

  7. Hi Denise, it’s very refreshing to be in contact with such material. I had my palpatations begin in Aug 11 once, then reappear a number of times in Dec 11. After many medical examinations in Dec, I was given the clean bill of health, though the fear of it still lingers some. During this time I was also opening more on a spiritual level and during meditation I was told I was clearing past issues (Aug 11). At the time I didn’t quite understand this. Between November and early December 2011 I began channelling information of the heart and it’s energetic function, clearing/healing and energy (about two pages to date). In early December it returned when I was driving long distance in the country and I eventually pulled over and in my despair prayed for help. Soon after I returned to the road and within moments I felt good again and noticed a lot of energy around my crown chakra, with a message that there was past life intereference being cleared.The essance of what you have written is confirming of all of this. Thank you for sharing. Regards Rachel

  8. Dear Denise,
    Thanks so much for this article! I too have been getting these symptoms, and despite hearing my angels letting me know all is absolutely ok, the thumping of my heart has left me feeling very anxious.
    When I get them I now use it as bit of a reminder to “live” in and from my heart as this is my true being and I can feel it then expanding and such a beautiful & comforting sensation washes over me. To me it just signifies the release of our ego minds where our thoughts overide our true feelings.
    Thanks again

  9. Thank you very much for everybody shared experiences, am completed my three chakras but am too much confused because am going for heart chakra…….am feeling some time pain in my chest, and also some time pains in my arms, back side of heart and also aching in heart some time when i continue doing the meditation.

  10. Wow wow wow! I never knew about this. I’ve always had this issue. I went to a cardiologist too, heart monitor for 3 in a half weeks and nothing. I had every test done, he said there is nothing physically or intrinsically wrong with my heart.

    Lately I have been meditating more and becoming more aware of things and raising my vibration. This is definitely why! I am so glad I found this. What would heart chakra meditations do for the skipping?

    Thank you so much for this information!!

  11. Hi

    I have only started meditating and the last few times I have got so relaxed that it feels as if I have stopped breathing then I jump as if my heart has stopped.

    Afterwards I have a tension in my chest and the odd palpitation.

    I am still going to check with the doc but what I have read above matched my symptoms.

    I should also mention that I get pins in needles in my hands.

    Could this be because I am not breathing correctly during my meditation?

  12. Thank you so much for a great post and all the comments. I’ve been experiencing heart flutters/palpitations for about a week, but I didn’t feel a need to be concerned. I had a feeling it could be some kind of spiritual energy moving around in me. I’m so grateful to read this. thanks everyone.

  13. So glad to have found this article i have just been through a major shift and finally feel more balanced on my own rather than relying on others to help me i am very new to all of this im yet to learn how to listen to my guides i have palpitations tonight its been a long day
    Im so glad to see there are others out there who experience the same i had physical shoulder neck pain in the beginning of this shift then food intolerances anxiety fear depression lack of love for myself feeling doom its nice to see others experience the same feelings of the heart chakra i too have ended up in the er over the past months with nothing to be found

  14. Hi Denise
    In my case, the ‘flip flops’ are happening when I meditate. I generally feel calm and relaxed and then it begins, irregular, making me feel aerated throughout my chest. I’ve began a new meditation – taming your inner critic – which is part of Mindfulness, and I experience this as I’ve been on a marathon except my breathing is shallow. Just to add I’m Taurean (or rather, a double Taurean) and just celebrated a birthday, still waiting to encounter my purpose.

  15. Hey Denise,
    I’m so glad I came across this page! I was born on August 15th so my sun is in Leo. I’ve done the math, concluded that Aquarius was definitely ascending at the time. When I was born, the doctors told my mother I had a heart murmur, but the size and location was in no way a threat. In fact, they told her it would eventually heal with time. I was 17 years old when I first felt these strange moments where my heart rate would randomly beat. It’d go from fast, to slow, skip some beats, and I’d actually be able to feel it through my chest even if I was completely still. So yeah, I was worried because I knew about the murmur, so I told my mom and we went to the doctors the next day.
    The doctors ran tests on me. They checked my heart rate, blood pressure, and even hooked up some wires onto my whole chest/abdomen area so they could actually see my heartbeat on their computer screens.
    So anyways, they say they couldn’t see anything wrong while I was there so I left home with wires taped onto me. The wires sent signals to a little handheld machine that recorded my heart rate. Next day we go back, doctors say another test has to be done. So they put me on a treadmill, I run for about 10 minutes till my doctor says they’ve seen enough. My doctor is known in the hospital as someone to recommend natural remedies before prescribing any pharmaceutical drugs. So the doctors explain to us that there is nothing physically wrong with my heart, even though they recognize the random moments of irregular beating.
    This article really amazes me, knowing there’s other people out there like me. I’ve always felt a strong connection to all things natural; Vibrations, frequencies, music, art, geometry, etc. I’m 19 now, still learning everyday. Trying to be as open and free as possible but I really do feel like I have something blocking me from living up to my full potential. Just wanted to share my experiences. Peace!

    • Mr. Misunderstood,

      Sweetie, change your user name to something like Mr. Fantastic or Mr. Radiant Heart or something else because you are 100% understood here! 😀 ❤

      Yes, having a Leo Sun means your physical heart is "highlighted", but, so too is your HighHeart which is above the physical heart and in the center of the chest, connected with the Thymus endocrine gland, and has become the NEW seat of focus for humanity. The HighHeart is the Center now, not the bottom three chakras (ego and Solar Plexus) at the old lower level of energy and consciousness. So, what you're feeling rumbling around, thumping, rolling, vibrating even at times is this evolved HighHeart we're all learning to deal with, feel through, and think through instead of the old lower ego and left brained intellect. And all these HighHeart physical level sensations and side effects typically do happen when we’re at complete rest and not exerting ourselves at all. I’ve had this business since I was in my twenties many decades ago and there’s nothing wrong with my physical heart. This is about energies and evolution. I’m glad you’ve discovered TRANSITIONS because there’s plenty of archived information here about all of the different Ascension symptoms and side effects and other related material. Keep reading and know that your heart and HighHeart are just fine. ❤

      I forgot to mention this and you may already be aware of it, but if you have Aquarius ASC, Rising, it’s the opposite sign to your Leo Sun. This means there’s extra higher frequency energies (Aquarius and its ruler Uranus) constantly in you and your central nervous system, heart, consciousness and everything else for that matter. It’s a connected system and when it’s higher Aquarius/Uranus AND higher Leo/Sun, then it’s very special and in this case, timely because we’ve entered the Age of Aquarius — opposite sign Leo/Sun.

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