Eclipses, Portals & People Dying

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In the June 20, 2009 post entitled  Clow’s Summer Solstice & Cancer New Moon Report I wrote a Comment reply on it on June 22nd and mentioned this:

Beth & Stu,

I’m so glad you both felt the incoming energies of the SS. The Winter/Summer Solstices have been extra potent over the past few years. You can feel energies getting shifted around and consciousness/reality changing because of it. Very nice!

Nope, I don’t sense that the potential July 21-22 “drop” is what we’re feeling now. I feel that the 3 Eclipses (July 7th Lunar and July 21st Solar Eclipse and then Aug. 5th Lunar Eclipse) are what’s going to bring in that “drop”…and probably much more! Watch during both July and Aug. how many people suddenly exit (physically die) the planet…”

*Tuesday July 7th, 2009 we have a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 15° Capricorn 24′  at 2:12 AM Pacific time.

*Tuesday July 21, 2009 we have a New Moon/Solar Eclipse at the 29th° of Cancer 27′ at 7:35 PM Pacific time.

*Tuesday July 21st is also the last day the Sun is in the sign of Cancer.

*Tuesday July 21st (and also Wednesday July 22, 2009) is also the day that Steve Rother channeling the group said there is a strong probability that a new technological  “drop” would arrive for us on Earth. It was the technology for teleportation devices. (Hell yes…beam me up Scottie!)

*Wednesday July 22, 2009 the Sun enters the sign of Leo also and this is important.

*Wednesday August 5, 2009 we have the third Eclipse. It’s a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 13° Aquarius 43′ at, get this, 5:55 PM Pacific time. (Oh hell yes there’s going to be something “dropped” all right. A few somethings actually!)

What I’m going on about with these three Eclipses every two weeks from early July through August is that, during Eclipses, things and people often exit the planet (suddenly die).  AND other things, like this potential “drop” Rother and the group mentioned a couple of months back, get inserted or dropped into our consciousness and then our world reality. This is just what Eclipses do; they are much like portals or energetic openings where some people chose to die and leave this world,  and where other things, ideas, higher potentials enter this system and then the planetary Collective and become a new “normal” thing or belief system for everyone on Earth.

This is what all of July and August holds for humanity. Last month (June) I sensed that greater numbers of people would suddenly be checking out…physically dying and leaving this dimension. There’s many reasons why these people have (the recent cluster of celebs) and other people will also be dying suddenly (and some others not so suddenly) during July and into August 2009.  Some of those reasons have to do with them not wanting to remain in their bodies and continue on through the planetary ascension and shift process. There is NO shame in this choice for anyone, only individual soul decisions and there is nothing wrong or failed about throwing in the towel and exiting the physical body. At higher soul levels these physical deaths (and I strongly sense more people, famous and not famous, will be dying during July and August) are carefully planned. There are no “accidents”, simply higher soul level knowings and choice.

I’m mentioning this only because there is the strong potential for not only the “drop” the group and Steve Rother mentioned, but I sense a few others as well that have nothing to do with teleportation, but  other things. And also the strong potential for larger than normal numbers of people suddenly dying. These Eclipses are two-lane roads where things and souls can both come in or go out. And, because we’re going to have three Eclipses over the next five weeks, I sense that this is going to be a rather massive portal opening for multiple comings and goings to happen. This too is part of the ongoing ascension or shifting process so watch the news to see what manifests and what and who all continues to die and exit the planet throughout July and August 2009.

Denise Le Fay

July 3, 2009


6 thoughts on “Eclipses, Portals & People Dying

  1. Hi Denise,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a very long time now. I’ve been noticed by others as an Indigo Child… but no matter… I feel to be a Wise Old Soul at this age of 29. I sense many interesting energies going through me now as I type. I feels like dreadful fear… as if something or someone is dying. It might be my Ego feeling the death.

    I just want to clarify what you’re saying in your latest blog: does that mean strange psychic energy will be occurring during the eclipses? I’ve been longing for a change in the weather. I’ve been longing to have many breakthroughs… as what my spirit guides have told me during an Akashic Record reading.

    Is anyone else feeling extreme “fight or flight” feelings too right now…?

    Lou Ann

  2. Hi Lou Ann and it’s very nice to meet you. 🙂 I’m very glad you enjoy TRANSITIONS.

    First of all the fact you’re 29 means your Saturn Return has started. The Saturn Return is something everyone goes through from age 29-31. I won’t go into detail here but suggest that you read up on it if you’re not familiar with it. It is a …coming of age…astrological transit and that alone is no doubt a big aspect of what you’re currently feeling. You’re transitioning into another phase (the decade of your 30s) of your life via this one transit, and so yes, a part of you is currently dying away so that another can be birthed. Congratulations! Lots of “breakthroughs” are going to be in your life during this transit.

    About the Eclipses…Yes Eclipse’s do slightly alter what one would psychically sense due to the change in energies. If you’re a sensitive, you’ll feel these subtle changes more easily.


    • Hi Denise,

      Was looking forward to your reply a whole lot! 😀

      I’m googling about “Saturn Return” … and there are so many facts and truths about it out there. Which link is the most accurate…?

      On further clarity (and please bear with me) since I’m a Scorpio… I sense intuitively that the breakthroughs are occurring closer to my birthday in the Autumn—the Season of Change and Self Reflection. I notice every time I hit a decade… I become extremely anxious.

      Now I realize that being as present as possible is the key to see this through… as I tend to have my overactive thinking get in the way.

      Also — my Inner Being has encouraged me to write out great possibilities for what is to come. I’m sure others of my age are experiencing this too. I wonder which community online I can share this out to others of like-minded and like-hearted others? Maybe or hmmm…

      I find your blog is the better than regular news… so I thank you for that. 🙂

      • Lou Ann,

        Hi again and thank you for your kind words. 🙂 I’m deeply glad to hear that what I share here at TRANSITIONS has meaning to others and is of some type of validation to what they too are living now. It’s a process and we’re all going through it.

        I haven’t a clue about a decent forum to recommend at this point. Maybe someone else will share something.

        About your Saturn Return – you might checkout Barbara Hand Clow’s site (and her Book page) and consider Liquid Light of Sex: Kundalini, Astrology, and the Key Life Transitions. It’s a favorite of mine and covers the first Saturn Return (29-31), the Uranus Opposition (39-43), and the Chiron Return (49-51) and much more. Here’s her Book Page –

        You are so very right about “being present”. It is the best and fastest way to just move through whatever it is we each need to move through. There is no more time to fool around and try to ditch or skip class 😉 …stay in-body and just move through the “stuff” so that that phase is honestly dealt with/transmuted.


  3. I remember when Anna Nicole Smith passed, that Karen Bishop wrote an interesting blurb about it, saying that it was very significant because of the symbolism involved — basically that an old, lower 3D way of being was being ushered out of here, so that we could raise ourselves up above and beyond what this person had embody for us as a whole! In light of that, I cannot help thinking the same thing with these recent passings with several of these celebrities. At the expense of offending some, please believe me when I say that this is not me coming from a place of judgment as far as the individual is concerned or standing on my soapbox. It is just an observation and this is in no means about right or wrong…

    The exit that David Carradine presumably took so totally ties in with a lot of the very lower ways of how many people become enslaved to an imbalanced way of expressing themselves and or relating sexually. That our society is so very “hooked” in by so much of the lower and baser ways of expression in this arena is quite evident. Kudos to David’s higher self in his willingness to play this all out publicly for the rest of the world to see.

    Farrah Fawcett was a pinup girl — that personified the gorgeous California blonde bombshell with an interesting, if not sordid personal life. To me, she represents the old, worn out sterotype of what much of our females in society have been holding up and trying desperately to emulate now for many, many, many years, and is quite often their eventual undoing on one level or another. In her personal life, we know some things for certain that point to a fairly unstable lifestyle. For one thing, she was in relationship with a man, Ryan O’Neil, who has a fairly sordid history with his offspring and anger management problems and to me has emulated much of the magnetic equivalent of being the pinup for machismo, and all that comes with it. Their own child is very obviously struggling with drug addiction and is now serving time because of it. Farrah made an appearance on Letterman several years back where she was doing what appeared to be her own infamous version of Anna Nicole right there for the world to see – very obviously chemically zonked and residing in Nevernever land. To me, she mirrors the truth in what being that invested and fundamentally tied in with only one aspect of the persona results in — in this case it is the female aspect, and having to uphold being the blonde sex goddess persona indefinitely. How exhausting that must be! Perhaps in her passing, goes the sad, worn out societal belief in what in truth it means to be a woman in her power — and the very confused misconception that the only way to be that means a lot of blonde gorgeous hair, boobs and teeth (!), etc.

    And before I go on here, with Michael Jackson, I apologize ahead of time for any or all that I will presumably offend. Oh, if only I could get on CNN or another widely televised program and pose just one question to the masses out there who are slitting their wrists over his passing and in their failed attempts at securing the golden tickets to his public wake. Has it occurred to any of these individuals just how blind, how suckered, how bamboozled they are? Especially by the media, and also by the Jackson family, too? Obviously not. So back to the question — take this person, Michael Jackson, and strip away every bit of his talent, fame and fortune, or what is left of it. Erase every bit of it, with the exception of what he outwardly embodies, or presents as far as how he shows up in life and interacts as a being, and then describe what it is that you see. What I see is an individual who became fixated on drastically altering his appearance surgically. I have no problem withthat. But I know that if he was an everyday kind of guy, he who would be scrutinized and possibly a guest on Oprah and labeled a “freak” because of what he was driven to do to himself and his appearance, all in the name of “perfection” Now, add to that this individual’s obvious propensity and deep involvement and dependence on a variety of very potent drugs over the years. Now throw in the deal breaker – a highly questionable history in regard to his sexuality – or at the very least, his preference in wanting to hang out with a bunch of little kids. On a sidenote, this screams of someone who must be absolutely riddled with lower entities and attachments, seriously. OK. Now put him in Smalltown, USA — or anywhere else out there in the world for that matter, and tell me, how would people react to him then, sans fame, fortune and all that goes along with it? If that were the case, then what?? I don’t think I have to spell it out, at least on here. Chances are, there would be a very different, if not diametrically opposed reaction to the guy and to his passing. In a BIG way. However, reality being what it is in the here and now, multitudes of people are canonizing this guy, with the assistance of the media, of course. I have even seen some people on more highly spiritual minded websites referring to him as a “lightworker” –WTF???? And the glitterati are overheard making some pretty unbelievable remarks about how profoundly shocked they are by his passing? And a certain percentage of the public – our global community is falling for this bulls*t hook line and sinker. How can anyone be *shocked* by the outcome here? Anyone with a decent set of eyes and memory could have deducted the outcome years and years ago!

    Again, and in all honestly, my tone is not really a personal attack on Michael Jackson — it is, however, all about our society and a percentage of the idiots that are so easily manipulated, swayed, and led to believe this crap.

    So back on track– perhaps his passing represents a combo of both what Carradine and Fawcett embodied — lower, unbalanced means of relating or utilizing one’s sexuality, and the unrealistic and unhealthy amount of importance our society puts into our pinups/icons/celebrities and whom we deem as our leaders, whom we look up to and sanctify.

    In closing, this circus that is presently surrounding one Michael Jackson’s passing, and consuming much of our public’s and the global attention overall, reflects, I believe and reaffirms closely the inherent wiring of so many inhabiting and sharing our planet at this time, who unfortunately are so easily swayed and led – much in the way that all the rats were in the fable, once long ago. As I recall, the Piper led and drowned the rats, but in time, he also drowned the town’s children, too.

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