July 2009 Portals & Transitions

 July 3rd, 2009 my clairaudient inner-ear More Code-like clicking started again and beeped away like crazy day and night.  Because this had been rather quiet for the past couple of months, I knew it was information about something important coming soon. (I’ve heard this inner ear clicking for many years now. It’s higher dimensional non-verbal, non-telepathic information that’s taken me some time to learn to interpret correctly.) It clicked and buzzed super fast for 5 days. Then on the fifth day, July 7th, it stopped which told me that was the  insertion day for some higher cosmic energies/Light to come into our world/dimension/bodies/Hearts/and consciousness. July 7th, 2009 was the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, plus there were some very large solar flares or CME’s (coronal mass ejections) that day as well. And, on another level, it was  Michael Jackson’s televised Memorial and much of the world was watching, feeling, and being wide open emotionally.

I often receive higher information in the form of symbolic images. These clairvoyant visuals carry knowing’s and emotions and deep insights etc. but they’re usually just a minds’ eye image I see and feel. I finally love perceiving higher level information in this new way as compared to the more common linear (words in sentences) telepathy. Telepathy with many higher dimensional beings and/or ETs is often non-linear and multidimensional or spherical like.

The great trick for me is to translate, into linear words, these multidimensional and very NON-linear images and knowledge I do see and feel. Sometimes I get it pretty close and accurate; other times I fall short or only go half-way with it and then stop from fatigue. I’m learning how to do this better and more fully each time though. To give all of you a glimpse into what I’m talking about with this process, I’m going to write a list of images and knowing’s I’ve seen recently via my inner ear clicking information that were symbols, as Crop Circles are, of multiple things and multi-leveled information. I want you to see from my perspective, how I’m currently receiving what I see/feel/know and then how I attempt to interpret it here at TRANSITIONS.

This list is about some more of what’s coming in during July 2009 for all of humanity. Not everyone will connect with it all now but some will. Many more people will in later months however and that’s as it’s supposed to be too.

  • Bridge between Age of Leo and Age of Aquarius
  • 5D
  • July 7, 11, 22
  • Photon Belt of higher dimensional Light
  • Separation (individually and collectively)
  • Increased Unity (individually and collectively)
  • Self & Higher Self connection
  • Bridge between the two brain hemispheres
  • ‘Holy Trinity’ is us being consciously attuned to our Higher Selves now that we’ve resolved the majority of polarity
  • More dying, shedding more layers of our old selves
  • Every speck of Dark is now blatantly revealed because there’s so much Light. More people are now truly seeing more than ever before
  • More High Heart activations in more of the masses through the July 7th Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse and CME’s
  • July 7 was “drop” or insertion number one this month and was to alter more of the masses worldwide via opening their Hearts. Also having them honestly know more about the worldwide governmental (systems) lies and long-term dis-empowerment etc. This was in preparation for the next “drop” or insertion coming globally on July 21 & 22, 2009. (The masses are being woke-up as slowly/quickly as possible now without them blowing a gasket mentally or emotionally!)

There was more about the death of Michael Jackson, his family, the media and how much of it was designed crap but I don’t want to talk about that because all is not as it first appears. The main business with his dying had to do, from what I perceived, with the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. Because there was a massive portal opening on the day, large numbers of people around the planet had their Hearts opened because of Michael’s death. It was a multi-leveled event as these types of cosmic and planetary things are. His death allowed certain people worldwide to be happy again and celebrate, to dance and sing in the midst of the global “falling”. In other words, their High Hearts were triggered open so these higher vibrating energies coming in via the Lunar Eclipse AND the solar flares or CME’s could get right into their bodies and hearts in a higher vibrational way to do what they do.

I can tell when the Sun is doing anything; coughing, orgasmic-ally spewing out CME’s or solar flares because my physical body suddenly feels like I’ve got the good old “ascension flu” again. My body hurts, I get chills, often run a low-grade fever, have bone aches and body pains, terrible headaches and head pressures, become ultra-sensitive to almost all foods and chemicals in everything.  Anything and everything that’s still vibrating lower gets highlighted tremendously because of solar flares so they’ll transmute even more. The CME’s and solar flares release mega blasts of higher cosmic energies that then hit our bodies  and further trigger our DNA to mutate and evolve. In other words, the Sun doing what it does via solar flares and coronal mass ejections and such, is humanity/Earth getting blasted repeatedly so we shift/ascend/evolve from polarized carbon beings into vastly more unified, higher frequency, evolving 3D to 5D silicon beings. We’re becoming more 5D stellar-like instead of 3D planetary-like beings.

I still am not satisfied with how I expressed the information I received via my inner ear clicking Morse Code prior to July 7th. I never am but I keep trying nonetheless.

Phase Two will arrive with the next New Moon/Solar Eclipse on July 21 through July 22, 2009. This first one was (conscious and emotional) preparation for this next one it seems. I haven’t picked up anything yet about what may be coming on August 5, 2009 with the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 13° Aquarius 43′. You know it’s going to be amazing however, and connected in multiple ways to these two July Eclipses.


July 10, 2009

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