July 21-22 & Jupiter Chiron Conjunction

 It’s been busy energetically throughout all of July 2009 hasn’t it? One big energy event after another all month and we’re not done yet. Bring it on, time is short and besides, this is simply what we Starseeds do and we’re so very good at it at this late date.

Because I’m very sensitive to Chiron yesterdays exact conjunction between Jupiter and Chiron at 25° Aquarius has been rather in my face. I’m not complaining at all, just happy and grateful for the astrological energetic opportunity to resolve and then off-load some of my remaining personal inner junk. Because of the July 21st—22nd New Moon/Solar Eclipse energies AND the conjunction of Jupiter/Chiron, we’ve all been moving energetically and emotionally through some big stuff recently and it’s by no means over yet. How many of you had extra meaningful dreams and/or insights over the past two days? How about throughout the month of July so far?

I had a dream last night that came from me, my subconscious self (yes I know the differences between the different types and levels of dreams I have), that had to do with some old wounds (Chiron) from another person years ago. I found it very interesting about the timing of this particular dream I created for myself and this astrological transit. My dream clearly showed me that I’m all done carrying those old wounds around and made everyone sane and healthy in it. I simply am done being the wounded one, and the one who wanted to wound the other guy, and carrying that whole pile of emotional energetic shit around any longer. Enough already! Let it go now…no, let ALL aspects of it go fully now. OK, and thank you Jupiter and Chiron in Aquarius.

Pay attention to your dreams, your insights, your high and great Leo/Sun Heart openings etc. and be ready, if needed, to let go of any and all Chirotic wounds that you’ve accumulated over the years. It’s time now to do more deeper level inner purging with these current transits. It’s so easy and fast at this point so just go with the flow. Surf’s up again and all we’ve got to do it ride that Energy Wave in.


July 23, 2009

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4 thoughts on “July 21-22 & Jupiter Chiron Conjunction

  1. Hi Denise,

    I have had some meaningful dreams as well the past few nights, just can’t remember the details. I know they were different in some way though……

    2009 sure has been a wild ride, when I think back.

    Also the past few days I’ve felt rough, more of my own clearing.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the masses have delt with the latest huge ‘download’……;-)

    Love and gentle hugs,


  2. Hello Denise, you are a very interesting woman. I recently read a book about Le fay women. They are very powerful witches from a now extinct blood line. I am a newbie at astrology so commenting on this blog would be almost embarassing! however I have added you to my blog roll and cant wait to check out you book.

    • Mika,

      Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS. I hope you enjoy what you find here. And yes, I’m working on the new book every day too and hope to have it finished soon.

      Don’t worry about not being a wiz at astrology; I feel that way when I read Barbara Hand Clow’s astrology reports! 😉 We all learn and we all share what we know with each other and that is what’s important. I’m glad you’ve joined us here/.


  3. Hi Denise,

    Well I wouldn’t say that I am a sensitive like you (I wish). No… not like you at all to have Chiron “in my face” as you said it. Probably I’ve had enough of it in my earlier years… or maybe not and there’s more to come. *shrug*

    Yes yes Denise… there has been interesting signs from the Universe telling me to pay attention to my dreams more often. Just recently I had a very nightmarish and bloody one the night before. It was obviously telling me about my period which arrived that same night… but why oh why does it have to be so dramatic…? I still can remember it… which might be the reason.

    And just as you said in your earlier blogs… I got a stabbing pinning pain that lasted a few seconds… every now and then… yesterday… only on the left side of my head… and maybe the “ascension flu” which was moments ago: never had a fever that went away quickly without me popping any pills before. What was that huh…

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