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In a few days we’ll reach the important 09-09-09 date of September 9, 2009. Can you already feel these triple 9’s pressing on you now however? We have a tendency to think that THE EVENT will happen on THE DAY OF and not before it and the truth is that these energies affect us for a long time before THE DAY OF. Think of this like astrologers do with the “orb of influence”. Astrologers know that such and such an astrological transit/transits is coming long before the planets actually arrive at those alignments or configurations where the astrological energies begin. But, there is the orb of influence that the more sensitive people feel well before the actual aspect connects or is activated. This business is true also with numerological dates like 09-09-09 and 10-10-10 and 11-11-11 and 12-12-12 etc.

I’m writing this today, 09-03-09, because I’ve had two very important and impressive spiritual breakthroughs today via two other people. Beth and Robin both emailed me yesterday about important personal ascension related issues and learning’s they’ve both been struggling with and through for a while now. Their personal breakthroughs moved me so, made my High Heart sing with pride and happiness because there is nothing better than being privileged to witness another soul extricate themselves from some longstanding, highly personal, deeply emotional wound/issue/energy situation/distortion/junk/crap or whatever you want to call it. I cry every time I hear of someone making a profound personal discovery within their ongoing ascension process because there simply is nothing better. Nothing! I get to be party to another soul casting-off some old (or very ancient) heavy burden that they’ve dragged up The Ascension Mountain with them while it was getting heavier and heavier every inch forward they struggled to take. That is the upcoming triple 9’s of 09-09-09. That! It’s us reaching that precious, delicious, rare and freeing moment where we’re ready to take another step up our ascension stair steps because we realize we need to let go of whatever it is at that precise moment. We’re honestly ready to let go of even more.

You want to really be free? This is how it’s done my fellow ascension travelers—by repeatedly letting go of whatever it is within you (and 99.99% of the time its emotional energies) that you need to finally release because its time is finished. Really, truly, and deeply completed within you on all levels. In other words, you’ve reached the 9 phase of completion and must let go of whatever it is. Triple 9’s are really pushing all of us now to release whatever we each need to now to be free to evolve even more.

It usually takes us many  lifetimes, or decades within one life, just to reach this rare and special moment when we’re honestly ready to cast-off something else from ourselves because it’s simply the time to do so. But, getting to this moment takes so much longer than the split second it takes us to emotionally release it! Lifetimes or decades vs. a split second. That is the spiritual gift that this years triple 9’s offers us all; the spiritual gift of real freedom through our completion/completions and letting go of whatever we individually must now. That’s what three 9’s is triggering in all of us now within that orb of influence well before the actual DAY OF 09-09-09 arrives next week. Use it, take advantage of the Cosmic Currents that these triple 9’s of spiritual completion are pushing us towards. There is no “wrong”, there is only creating and then experiencing and learning within those creations. And there always comes the time when we’ve sucked all the life out of each of those very important experiences and learning’s, and we need to then let go of them fully because it’s time for us to create anew elsewhere.

I cannot even tell you Beth and Robin—and all the rest of you out there who have been intimately living the Alchemical ascension process in your minute-to-minute lives and Hearts—how profoundly proud of each of you I am and how happy I am for you. I hope that you are proud of yourselves and the tremendous individual transformations you’re moving through now. Praise the Triple 9’s for helping each of us wrap-up, complete and cast-off so we can continue moving forward. I love and respect you all very much. ♥


September 4, 2009

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4 thoughts on “09-09-09

  1. Denise!

    Wow, I didn’t expect that! 🙂 But thank a thousandfold for the “hip hip hoorah” & ginormous pats on the back! I surely needed that!

    Love you, too 🙂 And thanks for putting such a wonderful, and insightful light in helping to weave it all together as you did with this. Sometimes it’s so easy to overlook the implications on how when each of us pushes forward and takes the leap individually, game we are truly being of service not only to ourselves but also collectively, too! And I don’t know about you, but somehow that makes some of the more painful and fear inducing aspects alot easier to handle..

    Namaste & ESPAVO

    • Robin,

      Receiving two emails on the same day, each saying basically the same thing that very important points of completion and change have been reached, was my clue it was timed with the triple 9’s. My new book (which I’m finishing right now) is the same thing for me. 😉 It’s just time evidently for all of us to make another big shift into the New.


  2. Hi Denise
    Just read Karen Bishop’s newest energy alert “9-9-09 final completion”. The second para of it was a little baffling. Does she mean she may be no more physically? I used to think whenever she mentions it in her e-alerts about YOUR death and rebirth, it means death of old thought, and dysfunctional behavior patterns and rebirth of new ONE in terms of newely gained insights about oneself. I am confused and concerned about her statement about herself. Can you please correctly interpret what does she mean actually?

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