Round Two Of The 11-11-11’s

November 11, 2009 (2+9=11) was the first day or triple 11 portal in November 2009. Happily, we have a second one on November 29, 2009 (2+9=11).

Lately I’ve been more easily seeing and understanding how we (humanity and Earth primarily) must have these astrological galactic, cosmic, and planetary transits, eclipses, and the numerological events or portals to use as literal stair steps to climb energetically. Because we’ve existed within polarized lower 3D for all of our past lives (however long that’s been for each of us to date), we’re used to thinking in black/white, one/two type of polarized ways. But, because the ongoing ascension and dimensional shifting process is heavily layered and lived through in many phases and stages—so we would survive the intense transformational Process—we have these numerous and repeated energy stair steps to move up thankfully. Symbolically I see us slowly walking up these many energy stair steps, and with each one we travel up we must transmute and cast-off yet another lower vibrating aspect of ourselves. We started this ascension and dimensional shifting process as dense, solid, polarized, opaque 3D vibrational people/bodies/minds. Our continuous transformational journey up these different astrological transits, eclipses, numerological portals or “Gates”, the solar and cosmic Energy Waves, DNA rewiring upgrades all helping and pushing us, we are close to being transparent people/bodies/minds that energies simple flow through now vastly less impeded by our past, more dense emotional issues/energies/mind/body/heart. In other words, we are literally going from being like dark-colored rocks, into being like transparent crystals. Now that is one huge transformation, and we’re not done yet!

This is why we’ll have repeat performances of certain numbers like these amazing triple 11-11-11’s this month, to help us energetically be better able to deal with and move through December’s 12-12 portal—and then the real whopper—the December 21, 2009 Winter Solstice blast. Been seeing 1:11, 12:12, and 12:21? This is another reason why. So, use the second layer of triple 11’s of November 29, 2009 to move vibrationally closer (and more easily) toward the different potent “Gates” or energy portals and further transformations we will be journeying through next month in December 2009. Then 2010 is only minutes away.


November 28, 2009


6 thoughts on “Round Two Of The 11-11-11’s

  1. Hi Denise!

    What a ride, huh? One morning after November 11th I woke up with a message on my lips saying “it’s time to get all the bricks & locks out of the house”. And that’s what followed up shortly after! “Becoming a pro” was another message I kept getting for the period between the triple elevens. I’ve never in my journey so far experienced so many (huge) breakthroughs in such short period of time!

    And yes, I do see 12:21 & 21:12 all the time, more than 11:11 & 12:12. I sense the solstice will be really powerful and just thinking about it gives me the chills (my body confirming).

    And it’s 21:12 o’clock right now! 😉


    • Hi TED,

      I certainly agree that this year’s WS – Winter Solstice is going to do some serious relocating and anchoring in the new for many of us. How exciting after the past six months of mega work and constant adjustings and re-adjustings and everything else that transpired ONLY since SS – Summer Solstice 2009! Amazing how compressed this Process has recently become.

      I love your personal Messages and how appropriate they were/are. We are old Pro’s at this point, and from here on out I think it’s going to be fun compared to what we’ve struggle through already. You and your younger groups will be coming into your own soon now and will be the one’s doing much of the RE-creating, RE-designing of the vastly higher vibrating systems for certain of the new higher communities.


  2. Hi there, I just want to say that I do believe that numbers have associations and we are influences by those associations. However I have a problem with the idea of adding up numbers in dates, such as November(11th month)11th 2009 to come up with a set of 11s. Dates are numbers of sequence not quantity. Being 1st in a queue, or sequence, is not the same as being 10th, 19th or 28th for example but according to your system of addition they would all add up to 1. Days(of the month), Months(of the year),and Years(of a Decade) are parts of sequences of different lengths each with its own influence. Can you tell me why they should be mixed? Curious!


    • Pensisto,

      I’m not selling anything here – other than the two books I have written – so you certainly don’t have to buy anything I write at TRANSITIONS.

      From what you have said, you obviously are not familiar with Numerology. If you are honestly interested in learning about the meaning of numbers and number combination’s via this ancient system, then I would suggest you read a couple books about Numerology. There is always more. Always. 😉

      Happy reading and further learning,

  3. Hi, Denise!

    Have to tell you, I had been so busy on the 29th I had forgotten it was the 29th (portal) and was busy around the house when I looked at the clock (digital) showing 11:11 and it clicked–11:11 on 11:11:11–stopped in my tracks and got a “take a breather and concentrate” message. So I sat down on the bed and just let them download for awhile–wonderful colors, designs and the message “you will be moving soon.” Now, I have been feeling a move coming (and also told by two other psychic friends that a move was in my future) but now know that perhaps the first of the year will bring some real changes. It was such a powerful download that I thought I would just take a little 10-15 minute nap to recharge–3 hours later I woke up with bits and pieces of conversation and dreams that disipated before I could even get them down on paper but know they are there–stored where I will remember them later as needed. Interesting day. Hope yours (and all your readers) was equally inspiring!


    • Theocacao,

      How wonderful! Thank you for sharing with all of us. It’s important I feel for us all to share these types of experiences so others learn how interdimensional/higher consciousness works, feels, functions etc.

      Thanks again and ESPAVO, 🙂

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