Cardinal Cross Crunch Time

May 30, 2010 transiting Saturn goes direct at 27° Virgo. Saturn went retrograde Jan. 13, 2010 at 4° Libra and retrograded back to 27° Virgo. By July 22, 2010 Saturn enters 0° Libra and the Cardinal Grand Square or Cross will be in place for the rest of 2010 and 2011 and beyond. (The recent April/May Mercury retrograde period also had Saturn and Pluto retrograde so that’s a big reason it was extra interesting this time!)

May 31, 2010 transiting Neptune goes retrograde at 29° Aquarius and it retrogrades until Nov. 7, 2010. But, the real eye-opener that got my heart pounding was the upcoming partial eclipse of the Moon on June 26, 2010 at 4° Capricorn 46′.  My Sun/Chiron conjunction at 1° and 4° Capricorn will have this Lunar eclipse/Full Moon happening right between my eyes basically! And let’s not forget that transiting Pluto is there too at 4° Capricorn. The June 26th Full Moon/Lunar eclipse will also fire-off the Cardinal Grand Square only days after the 2010 Summer Solstice (SS).

The 2010 SS and Cardinal Grand Square ingredients are:

  • Sun at 0° Cancer
  • Jupiter at 2° Aries
  • Uranus at 1° Aries
  • Saturn at 28° Virgo (within a conjunction to 0° Libra)
  • Pluto at 4° Capricorn
  • Lunar Eclipse (June 26, 2010) at 5° Capricorn

I remember how difficult and frustrating the Fixed Grand Cross/Squares were in 2005–2006, but the Cardinal Grand Cross/Squares are going to cause reality, earth, global patriarchal systems, and human consciousness to crack open like a broken egg. Cardinal signs initiate change with little to no discussion involved. It’s simply time for big, sweeping, long-lasting physical changes and the Cardinal signs make that happen and happen fast.

I was a teenager during the 1960’s and experienced the  incoming higher energies and consciousness,  the fear and insanity because of it, and the battle between the “establishment”  (aka the global patriarchy), and the “anti-establishment”  people (aka the original “hippies” and handful of young First Wave Lightworkers). It was violent, deadly, and a multi-leveled war all on its own. I remember that time well because I grew up in it and watched the world go mad for a decade as  the old clashed with the new and higher. We hippies planted seeds during the sixties and the “establishment” thought they’d killed us off in one way or another over the years. However, those higher energy  and consciousness seeds were carried in ourselves and also planted in the collective and are going to blossom big time with this round of astrological and cosmic energies forty years later. Stair steps remember? 

Now all these decades later in  2010 and Phase Two of the ascension process, the Cardinal Squares/T-squares will trigger increased earth changes (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, increased weather abnormalities around the planet, further ice-melt, increased winds,  storms,  hurricanes, tornadoes, fires etc.), plus greatly increased disintegration of the old lower world systems  such as money, banking, all of the old lower frequency power-over-others positions, military and warring, global corrupt governments and their leaders, negative religious control and distortions, and pretty much everything negative and corrupt that the patriarchy—the “establishment”—has worked so long and hard to maintain. They’re circling the drain now anyway, but this round of Cardinal Grand Squares in 2010 and 2011 in Phase Two will topple them and fast. And increasing the global earth changes is another way of  quickly tearing down the global greedy and negatively focuses patriarchal control systems and the dying Piscean Age tools. The current obscene Gulf of Mexico oil hemorrhage is another example of the dying of the Piscean Age patriarchy and the profoundly negative things they’ve done to humanity and all life on earth (the Downfall of Atlantis Part II).

So even though this all sounds rather dire and intense—which it probably will be even with higher etheric level assistance—the Cardinal Grand Squares/Cross are the energy tools to bring down all that must be brought down and permanently ended now so a new higher 5D world reality can manifest. It is the very hard labor phase of giving birth, which also means we’re really close now too. Hang in there, be strong, try not to panic over the compressed “falling” or disintegration of all the insane shitty stuff and its rulers, or the increasing earth changes. Know that you are in a safe place now because of the ascension, solar, and astrological transformations you’ve already been through. We haven’t gone through all that we have to die in some earth change five minutes before the grand finale! We’ve done that in ancient past lives and don’t need to do it again now.


May 30, 2010

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17 thoughts on “Cardinal Cross Crunch Time

  1. The old system is dying really quickly because I received massive upgrades and rewiring my brain for the last two days. It seems the new energies is coming in faster and faster. I’m grateful too, because I haven’t been attacked by dark beings for the last three weeks.

    Much love,

    • interesting, last night I had massive energy transfer into my crown. i was actually at the movies and toward the end a being (star person) stood behind me and transfered energy to me through my crown. it tingled and hurt for the rest of the night and i only slept 4 hours. i just kept thinking to myself is this really happening while im watching iron man (of all movies not my first choice) he communicated to me it was the perfect time because i was stationary and focused in a sort of unfocused way if you catch me…

      sometimes i wonder about these crazy things i say and see

      • jlcrowley,

        You should read my book A Lightworker’s Mission as it’s full of experiences just like what you’ve described with Starbeings/ETs and multidimensional travels and learning’s.

        You know how people who meditate often use a sound mantra (a word) or a visual mantra (a picture etc.) to help them stay quiet mentally and more open and receptive? The Starbeings/ETs (our stellar kinfolk I mean, not “abduction” by negative ETs) will often take advantage of our being in some relaxed and open state just like this to help us with etheric/energy upgrades or higher dimensional downloads etc. They often will show up to tweak something in use etherically so we can continue doing what we’ve been doing as reincarnated Starseeds here living the ascension process. And, they will sometimes also take advantage of us being in public while in one of these psychically and energetically open states (like being in a theater watching a movie with people all around you) so that you have to stay still and can’t run away or jump out of the process like we might be tempted to if we were at home and private. I’ve had the same thing happen many times. They’re great aren’t they? 😉


  2. I think I am experiencing a brand new Ascension symptom. It sounds stupid to even put it in writing, but it is becoming so laughably constant, maybe putting it on the intertubes will resolve it.

    I am not known to be a clutz. I have not been suffering from dizzy spells or vertigo, which I could not claim a month or so ago. But in the last couple of days I have been smacking my head, slicing fingers, stepping on sharp objects, stubbing toes and anything and everything else that creates a sharp, piercing but short-lived pain with such frequency I now find myself chuckling after each episode. Well, after the acute swearing subsides anyway. :0)
    Last night I almost passed out after knocking heads with my Great Dane. Have to work hard to create that desperate slapstick comedy.

    Apparently my subconscious has decided to take the planetary “crunch time” most literally.

    • lamplighter2,

      😆 be careful! 😆 I enjoyed your visual about smashing noggins with a Great Dane!

      I’ve gone through periods like this too. The one I get often is trying to walk through any doorway from one room to another…but bash, smash, bruise my hand, forearm or shoulder in the process. It’s like I can’t judge the opening and I walk through too close to one or the other side smashing into the door jam for days. I’ve paid attention to this goofball symptom and when we are changing energy stair steps or levels, they coincide. It’s seems when we’re changing energy levels a bit I have trouble navigating my way through doorways! Aahh the many unique ascension symptoms!


      • Makes sense that a “goofball syndrome’is part of recalibrating to a new field, and the brain/sensory synapses are not yet acclimated. First time I noticed anything of this volume in such a short time frame, but perhaps because time is speeding up the concentrated collection of bruises and wounds made me notice. I didn’t mention walking into walls and doorways, but that is probably what I have been doing most frequently. So much so that I have come to view it as normal, at least for past last week.

        Hoping beyond hope that as a 51-year-old limping warrior I can soon retire to a mud hut near the river and count all the leaves that fall for the next decade or so. Will take at least that long to rejuvenate my bruised and battered being…

        hanks Denise, really appreciate all the feedback and perspective you pass onto to your fellows.

      • lamplighter2,

        My pleasure. 🙂 Can this 58-year-old hang with you in your mud hut by the river for a while to heal her old Warrior Wounds too? Boy can I relate to that desire at this point!

        Hugs and ESPAVO,

      • I would be most delighted for your and other tender hearted company. Already packed my bag and waiting to go. Race ya to the riverside!

        Read this post today and it helped me breathe easier, as I remember my wounds are all in my head and my healing is waiting in the Womb of the World…

        This spring has inspired me to take my relationship with Gaia to the next level. Who is this divine mother with thousands of layers beneath me and infinite forms of physical expression all around me? I want to know Her and trust Her, my soul calls out to understand this Every Present Mother.

        So I have been exploring all the parts of me that are in relationship with Her: the inner child, the independent woman, the teacher, the healer, the artist – the Human Being that is both frustrated and overjoyed to be alive. Several weeks ago, meditating by the river her voice rolled up my legs, womb and into my heart.

        Everything we access to nourish and care for our bodies comes from her: our homes, food, transportation, clothing, tools. The very gift of being human is a physical form that is directly birthed from the Earth. This Gaia, a manifestation of the Divine Mother, is our true mother in this earthly incarnation.

      • Hah!

        I want to give you support lamplighter2: I’ve gotten similar incidences too! Got me really much in the moment and highly present now.

        In fact me nearly accidentally slicing my thumb off… on that THAT April rage moment… seemed to trigger THAT rage.

        Denise… I’d like to add also to the Ascension symptom: itchy irritated throat. I’m having it now almost every night. I sense it’s another allergic reaction to the low energies out there. It never comes up during the day… how odd…

        I’m also feeling very very vulnerable… and I think it’s Uranus’ doing: lately that call from mum about break-ins is scaring the bee-gees outta me. I know fully well not to get carried away like that.

        I feel I need to BREATHE deeply… focus on my Heart Consciousness… and allow Love from my Higher Self to see me through this situation. I may not have any locks or burglar bars but so far… I haven’t gotten any such incidents since I moved in. It’s a brand new place anyway.

        Creating a sphere of protection around my home is the only thing I can do at this moment. Hopefully my Higher Self will give me more tools of protection as the incoming energies from the low vibed energies/entities/people come to pass.

        This too shall pass… >_<'

        Namasté everyone,
        Lou Ann

    • last night for the first time since moving into this house in 1989, it was late and dark and instead of going into the bathroom i entered the linen closet next to it. “wow, why’s it so dark in here?”

      a lighter moment in these tough nights.

  3. Hi Denise and all,

    I’ve been getting increasingly intrigued, curious and interested this year with this Cardinal Crunch… while my new learnings about astrology is becoming surprisingly simple for a subject so complexed and deep…

    My intuition states that this is IT… this is what my Inner Child that fantasies such a beautiful, unconditional loving, freely creative world of Oneness is waiting for. I do see that it is absolutely necessary and realistic for this made-for-movie real life drama to unfold the way it is unfolding now. Downward spiral into the sinkhole is the Old World… while our old selves and lives are being swept away with it and fast. *Breathe*. I have yet to experience the rewiring/upgrading in my brain. I am prepared for it… hopefully… ^_^

    With that said… Lauren mentioned that:
    “… there are also those who will be retiring from service all together…these souls will be replaced by the next wave of awakening souls … These new warriors however, will be stationed in the physical world…”

    With that said… does that mean us Indigos and other younger Lightworkers will be stepping into the New World… creating a new way of Life? Would that be during all of this Cardinal Crunch enfoldment … or probably after???

    Only time will tell. We may know soon enough. With all of this volatile energy going haywire right now (is it because of Saturn direct and Pluto retro???)… anything can happen… anything is possible. ^_^

    Stay safe and grounded out there to all,
    Lou Ann

    • Lou Ann,

      “… there are also those who will be retiring from service all together…these souls will be replaced by the next wave of awakening souls … These new warriors however, will be stationed in the physical world…”

      I feel that line from Lauren Gorgo is talking to people like me; First Wave Lightworkers who are middle aged (or older) and how we’ve done what we planned on doing and can now move on, retire, or exit/die, or whatever we wish to do. And yes, the young adult Indigos are many who will become the new world leader and people who know how to create a world reality that is of the High Heart Consciousness. That is why Indigos incarnated; to become the new earth leaders and designers of the new world systems. Happy days huh?! 🙂 All I want to do at this point is sit under a huge tree out in nature somewhere and listen to birds sing. Or I want to do that until I’m rested and getting bored and want to do more again.


  4. If we could superimpose Tarot Card images over this, I sense two cards. The first the Hanged Man – upside down from the cross which causes a complete shift in perspective. The second would be the Tower which is struck by lighting causing compete destruction of the false ego or desire for omninpotent power over oneself and others – Control.

    I’ve experienced, and I know others have experienced breakdowns of all sorts within the last couple of months. Pipes bursting/cracking, situations falling apart, unexpected bills and expenses, appliances breaking down, etc.

    Like you Denise, this Cardinal t-square and at times Grand Cross, sits right on my existing planets in the 2nd, 8th and 11th houses. The breakdowns are pretty intense but they are not unfamiliar. My sense is that they are happening to stir up a repurposed “heroic impulse” that gives our lives meaning and purpose.

    This on a micro level gives context to our own lives of sacrifice and redemption to go on our own personal quests and do battle with our internal wicked witches and Darth Vaders. This is the search for the Holy Grail we’ve undertaken deep in the woods and far into the shadows.

    On a macro level this gives rise the mythology of the ages and their shifts which we are now experiencing as Pisces gives way to Aquarius. The “heroic impulse” of Pisces was corrupted. This was intentional however because the impulse projected at the time was really the impulse for Aquarius. The humbled God/Man servant who was able to integrate his polarity in order to rise above the duality of the day. The triality – or trinty as it was distorted was to give birth to the starchild so brilliantly captured in the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey.

    Our impulses have been polarized into the good/evil dilemma. You are either with us or against us. This gave rise to the fanatics who justified their ideals by any means necessary – no matter the cost. Yes, they play the military game, the corporate game and the empire game but we are part of it – they are not separate from us. We infused our participation with our willingness to take sides and channel our heroism into that which was deemed worthy of it or the better of alternate “evils”.

    It’s time to take off the white hats and the black hats and to everyone and everything as having been duped into playing roles based on fictional premises. We all are human capable of great good and great destruction but our humanity is what is at stake and can only thrive if we can see our projections for what they are and to stop objectifying the shadows within them.


  5. OMG you guys are blowing me away! Last week I sliced a hunk outta my thumb, burned my hand, tripped over absolutely everything and the craziest, 3 nights in a row I woke up, didn’t have a clue where I was ???? and laid there wondering who in hell was in the bed beside me!!! I’ve been married 31 years, it’s my hubby laying there (I think!!!) It was the weirdest feeling. Maybe I was out of my body and crash landed or something. I can’t even explain how out of place I felt.
    Lamplighter, here is another limping 55-year old warrior ready to rest by the water, so make your hut a bit bigger, ok? Is it common for “us” to want to be by the water. I have been seeking to live by the water for years now. I’ve also been forcing my husband to get rid of his old “shit”, stuff in the basement he has been holding onto and I know it’s a metaphore. I just want to keep it simple. It’s almost like the old nesting instinct we get when we’re about to give birth. Clean it up, simplify, make room for the new!
    Denise, thanks so much for all the astrological info. I find it so amazing. It’s something I would love to study more. The most I ever did over the years was learn about different Astrological signs/personality traits. I am such a bang-on Aquarian it’s laughable 🙂
    Love Chrys

    • I think water, in all its forms, calls out to all Souls. It’s the quintessential medium for birthing, cleansing, flowing. I think I am further attracted to H2O as I am double Sag. Need cool waters nearby to keep me from burning down the house.

      The mud hut is plenty big to support all who come to rest and recuperate. It’s simply to store books, beers and snacks.

      • 😆 Double Sag would do well with a river nearby that’s for sure! 😉 I’ll brings some good snacks too.

    • Chrys,

      I’ve had those where the hell am I moments and also the who the hell am I moments too, which I really like actually. Very freeing, very expansive, like being YOU instead of only being aware of the small you. All of this sort of thing is going to increase tremendously as our brain hemispheres continue being rewired. We’re rapidly becoming more aware of our multi-dimensionality, our existing in nonlinear time/space or being quantum with quantum consciousness, and not relating to ourselves as the small us but more as the LARGER us who. Because of this, there will be many times when we’ll find ourselves feeling lost in space! 😉 or more vast and less egocentrically focused and aware of our old familiar personalities from 3D. We’re growing up and learning how to cope with being consciously aware of our being multidimensional beings that function well outside of the old lower 3D borders and boundaries. It’ll feel a bit weird and maybe scary at times, but we’ll take to it fast because it is Home. 😉


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