Time To Expect The Unexpected

I was just looking at this months astrological transits and kept saying to myself, “OMG, OMG, OMG look at that too!” Besides all the planetary activity and sign changes happening this month, I’ve heard my inner ear Morse Code-like clicking going crazy for the past four days—and things had been quiet for a while with this for me.

I learned years ago to not listen to this Morse Code-like inner ear clicking, but to go limp, go receptive and just open myself to the incoming transmissions…once I figured out that they were transmissions! So, that’s what I did the other day and perceived that we’ve  just entered a new phase of incoming higher energies that will hit hard and fast and spin us around like never before. “Nothing new here,” I thought to myself, but I’m sensing it really is something new to us now and unlike anything we’ve already been through since the transformational fun started in 1999.

One of the difficulties I have when I perceive many of the things I do, is that I don’t perceive them in a nice, easy, tidy, linear fashion but spherically, multidimensionally, and covering multiple decades and somethings lifetimes. On a good day I would be hard-put to get all of what I perceive externalized and down on cyber paper! But that’s just me learning how to transition and adapt to spherical or quantum awareness and then attempt to dribble as much of it as possible back out in linear sentences like this. Sometimes it works and sometimes not so much unfortunately.

This incoming transmission the past four days is letting me (and anyone else wired to receive these higher energy transmissions) know that both cosmic, solar, and local (our solar system) astrological energies have been ratcheted up a few more notches the past few days. But the transmission is so much more than just that; it is more along the lines of how these current cosmic/solar/astrological energies and Light will now affect us within Phase Two after so much transformational ascension work already. We can no longer interpret astrological transits in that ego-based, left-brained, old 3D sort of way for the obvious reason that we’re not ego-based, left-brained 3D beings any longer! The LIGHT will hit us differently, it will affect us differently, and it will transform us faster than was possible ever before which is profoundly exciting.


  1. June 5 Jupiter entered ARIES
  2. June 6 Mars entered VIRGO (interestingly, at 11:11 pm Pacific time)
  3. June 8 Jupiter conjuncts Uranus at 0° ARIES
  4. June 10 Chiron goes retrograde at 0° PISCES 58′
  5. June 12 is the New Moon at 21° Gemini 24′
  6. June 14 Venus enters LEO
  7. June 21 is the Summer Solstice—the Sun enters 0° CANCER (at 4:30 am Pacific time)
  8. June 26 is the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 4° CAPRICORN 46′
  9. June 26 the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse conjuncts Pluto at 4° CAPRICORN
  10. June 27 Mercury opposes Pluto

There’s more but my brain can’t cope, plus we know that Barbara Hand Clow will do a far better job at holding these cosmic and astrological energy blueprints in her mind’s eye and translating them from a higher perspective than I. Personally, I can’t wait to read her June 2010 New Moon report because it should be a real doozy. (I just read today something about Jupiter and Regulus conjuncting and being visible as a sort of double star in the night sky.)

In our physical bodies Aries rules the entire head, face, skull and brain. Libra rules both kidneys,  adrenals, ovaries. Cancer rules the stomach, breasts. Capricorn rules the skeletal system, teeth, knees, skin. Now think of these Cardinal signs and what each of them rules in our body, but, think of it from an energetic, ascension or transformational perspective and not just an old 3D point of view. Transiting Uranus and Jupiter conjunct in Aries will read very differently for 5D ascending/evolving humans. I sense that having Uranus (ruler of the sign and Age of Aquarius) in our heads for years now will help humanity to quickly and in rather unusual ways have our old lower 3D brain hemispheres rewired back together. I also am perceiving that the endocrine glands (chakras) in our heads/brains are also being dramatically upgraded to match our rewired, re-connected brain halves. In other words, our consciousness is being rewired and re-connected to our Uranian (5D Aquarius) Higher Selves, and our (5D Leo) High Heart consciousness. Add Jupiter in Aries now too and we’re becoming very aware that we are definitely  in a process of Mastery on multiple levels—especially right inside our physical heads and brains and consciousness.

Of course Uranus/Jupiter in ARIES is one very potent corner of the Cardinal Grand Cross or squares and T-squares that will be unfolding throughout 2010–2012. The Pluto in CAPRICORN corner is one mega potent placement that we’ve already been witnessing tear down the greedy, asinine patriarchy and their greedy, asinine global systems. Pluto in Capricorn now is one of the ways that earth is being transmuted into a 5D planet to house the ascending/evolving 5D humanity. It won’t be pretty because Pluto doesn’t do pretty, and Capricorn doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the lowly ego maniac power-players of the world! Tear it all down, bring them to their knees, break them so they can be reconstructed at a higher level…if they’ve got the balls for it. 😉  Earth bleeds in the Gulf for the last time at the hands of man to reveal these greedy patriarchal bastards to the entire world. The oily, greasy, petrochemical Age of Pisces is ending with this Gulf oil rupture and so too are all who gained from harming all life on earth. Now that is Pluto in Capricorn during Phase Two of the ascension process! Take no prisoners…

Another aspect of the Cardinal square is the Capricorn/Cancer polarity of the “Father” and “Mother” of old lower 3D. We’ve been integrating, resolving, healing and releasing so much about our own physical parents, but also of the polarized split between these two energies, much like our two brain hemispheres. We’re integrating polarities within ourselves, our bodies, our lives in 3D and into 5D, AND we’re also integrating these old archetypal Father/Mother or god/goddess energies within 3D and 4D also.

The horizontal line of the Cardinal square is the Aries/Libra polarity. The Aries sense of self, and the Libra everyone else out there. This polarity integration line is just like the Cancer/Capricorn vertical line, but it’s a bit more personal and collective. Uranus (and any other planet that enters Aries while Uranus is there) is generating a huge change in who we’ve always thought or believed “we” are/were. Our sense of individual self is being expanded to take in far more than we’ve ever had to cope with while in human bodies in 3D. And of course, as our sense of self evolves and becomes more consciously connected to our Higher Selves, then naturally the opposite side—Libra—changes also. All of those “Others” that Libra has always represented in 3D, are becoming vastly more easy to relate to because we’ve ascended our lower isolated, ego selves (lower Aries). Now the everyone else out there that old lower Libra represents is not only a collective we can feel and relate to in a higher evolved way, but those Libran “Others” will soon include non-physical, non-human, ETs and other-dimensional beings too. This is the Cardinal corner where we ascend back into “Universal Society” for the simple reason that we’re no longer ego maniacal, crazy warring bastards hellbent on ruling the Universe! We’ve earned or are earning the energetic and vibrational right to return to the larger cosmic fold and rejoin multidimensional Universal Society.

These Cardinal squares and T-squares are the finishing touches (and huge, powerful blows) that will transform us and Earth. It will be brutal, difficult, at times dangerous and scary, but at the same time it will be stunningly magnificent, quickly transforming, instantly evolving and a great relief to have such huge changes and evolution happen so much faster than we thought they ever could.


June 6, 2010

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15 thoughts on “Time To Expect The Unexpected

  1. So, is it Mud Hut time?

    I was thinking this morning, as I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a bus, AGAIN, that something has to happen. Frankly, I don’t care what it is at this point. .

    Don’t know wassup with me, but it is a beautiful, breezy afternoon in CenCal and I am indoors, in pain, in pity. For myself, for the whole dang planet.

    Wish I had the capacity to see for myself a coming quantum leap for humanity, and those fallen victim to the endless, egregious catastrophes of man.

    Instead, I savor your uplifting words, Denise, like an a luscious lemon sherbet on a hot, summer day. :0)

    • lamplighter2,

      We’re so deep in this stage of the transformation that there’s not much else to do but just ride the Energy Light Waves on in to shore. 😉

      The energies change from hour to hour now it seems and I can barely keep up with everything…not that I always need to or should even try at this point…but “reality” morphs and stalls, then jumps and lunges ahead like I’ve never experienced before. To me, today has felt like being in “The Twilight Zone” but so what right?! Just keep your heart as happy as you can and keep going.

      Hugs my friend,

      • This is not a fun ride. I thought I felt a shift the beginning of June. I felt lighter and more connected. Then Boom! I, too, feel like I got hit by a bus, or a truck, or something huge! My body hurts and my brain does NOT want to work – at all. It all makes me feel a little panicky. So I will take your advice from before, Denise, and just breathe, for today. Maybe tomorrow will be better. For today, the ringer is being turned off the phone and me and my dog are going to snuggle. Animals are THE absolute best. Total heart energy. 🙂

    • Lamplighter2 I also woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a truck, or maybe just riding in the back of one on a very bumpy road for days on end. It’s the first clear day here in weeks. I’ve just decided to be gentle with myself today and let the pity party pass. Maybe I’m looking for the best way to transmute it, again. I feel the old archetypes coming back and haunting me. Blessedly, it is for shorter and shorter time periods. What used to have me in a funk for months now passes in half a day or less. I figure if I keep insisting that that’s not how things work anymore, I will be shown a way that will work while I’m still caught up in this dimensional flux between worlds. I’m hoping to get out beyond the garden at some point before sundown.
      Cheers to you.

      • I was startled out of a very deep sleep early this morning by one of my dogs. Nearly crashed into the walls letting her outside, I was so not in my body. As I staggered back to bed wondering what day it was and who the hell was at the wheel, I realized a song was BLASTING between my ears. I went to sleep for another hour or so and woke up with that song still playing in my head. By 10 o’clock I decided I’d better listen to the whole thing, as I could not turn it off. As soon as I did, I cried tears of relief and gratitude, knowing my Higher Self was trying to comfort my lower, struggling self. “Everything’s in kilter, you don’t need a reason…” (lyrics below).

        I too am holding anything and everything with fur in order to ease my discontent. That is until they have had quite enough of me and break free. Heh.

        Truly, we must be gentle with ourselves, frolic amidst the chaos, toss out the helter with the skelter all while holding tight to our visions for a better world.
        (As I finished writing those last words the Carpenters’ version of “We’ve Only Just Begun” downloaded into my head. Ewwwwww. Time for an update to my playlist. ;0))

        Wild Child (by Enya)

        Ever close your eyes
        Ever stop and listen
        Ever feel alive
        And you’ve nothing missing
        You don’t need a reason?
        Let the day go on and on

        Let the rain fall down
        Everywhere around you
        Give into it now
        Let the day surround you
        You don’t need a reason
        Let the rain go on and on

        What a day, what a day to take to
        What a way, what a way to make it through
        What a day, what a day to take to a wild child

        Only take the time
        From the helter skelter
        Every day you find
        Everything’s in kilter
        You don’t need a reason
        Let the day go on and on

        Every summer sun
        Every winter evening
        Every spring to come
        Every autumn leaving
        You don’t need a reason
        Let it all go on and on

        What a day, what a day to take to
        What a way, what a way to make it through
        What a day, what a day to take to a wild child

        Listen to it here:

  2. “We can no longer interpret astrological transits in that ego-based, left-brained, old 3D sort of way for the obvious reason that we’re not ego-based, left-brained 3D beings any longer! The LIGHT will hit us differently, it will affect us differently, and it will transform us faster than was possible ever before which is profoundly exciting.”

    You mean… even reading my natal chart alongside with the astrology of the day… won’t mean much… BECAUSE we are of a different vibe altogether???

    If that’s what you mean then… I’m going to have to tune in to my Higher Self moment to moment for all current energies and feelings I’ve been having. 😦 Aries is racking my brain to DO something with my current situation NOW… churning ANY remaining fears and uncertainties I have left… but I feel grounded during all of this. Don’t fully know what’s up with me… but that’s okay. I’m okay with that. ^_^

    Lots of love and hugs to all,
    Lou Ann

    P.S. I’ve been having a vague feeling that has been on my mind for a long time now … that while 2010 is not the year to travel and commune … 2011 is the time to move to new grounds geographically into our new High Heart communities. But then again… it all depends on the current collective energies in the Here and Now anyway. Is that not so… or it doesn’t matter WHAT the collective chooses at this point? Just curious…

  3. Snuggle, take baths.. relax. Im right there. Felt great for a couple days, today my energy is on overdrive and my body, I’m only 31 but I feel 90. Pain in my ankles and knees and swollen feet. I’m not even going to attempt to be productive, thank god I am umemployed cause I would be in trouble! A blessing though I may complain about living with Mom at 31 and not having much money if any, but I couldnt manage work today if I tried. I feel the energy is calming down though.. thankfully.

  4. Lamplighter2, a big THANK YOU for sharing those beautiful lyrics. And Denise and everyone, I feel bad that most of us feel like shit, but gawd it’s comforting to know I’m not alone! I’m hoping today will be better than yesterday. Last night was terrible, with crazy dreams and a lot of “monkey chatter” in my head, which equals basically no sleep. Unfortunately, no flying dreams!
    I was watching “The View” yesterday and it occurred to me that Whoopie is one of us. What a gal! And man,was she ever giving it to BP. She is so totally pissed off with the lies and cover ups AND the fact that they just spend millions of dollars on ad campaigns to tell people how sorry they are. Good gawd! It’s no wonder we’re feeling down, when you see balls of oil on the shore lines and dead fish, animals, birds. It’s so damned sad, and frightening. And even if we don’t watch the news, we “know” what’s happening. It’s sometimes so hard to just step back and watch it unfold, feeling helpless and sad for our planet. No wonder our bodies hurt and feel heavy. OMG, I just want to live in that wonderful place with all my peeps – like, NOW!
    Sorry, starting to rant and be pissed off but it feels better than being sad.
    Love Chrys

    • Chrys,

      I most certainly can relate. And yes, it’s much better to get angry over the greed and insanity than fold or feel defeated. The anger is a thrust-block we use to push ourselves off from to fly higher and create higher as well. It’s going to get worse before it gets better so hang in there…on all dimensions and levels…because this is Phase Two of the earth/humanity ascension process.

      I’m working on a new article about this and the big push the negative beings/consciousness/energies etc. have been making (in general and against many of us) since around April 2010. I’m so exhausted, but there’s so much to say about this and what’s happening right now, both the higher and the lower!

      Yes Whoopie is definitely a “System Buster” too. Good call you! 🙂


      • Denise, I can’t wait for that post! Things did seem to be going so well earlier in the year, and while it is better since I have returned home, I feel artificially buffered, still not knowing what will happen beyond a few days. I still faithfully feel ‘the war is over’ but what happens if the collective completely panics? I fight the panic everyday, yet ‘the war is over’?

        I’ve been trying to work stuck energies into higher funnels and I think I’ve had some luck in building those foundations this spring.

        Yet I am still wondering what I can do to survive this wild ride, to ensure the whole transition goes where I want it to go, and how we can get there as soon as possible. The BP makes me sick. I think it’s the most depressing thing that has ever happened in my life and the only way I am able to cope is to keep telling myself it won’t have as big of an impact where I am.

        It’s time for these old currupt systems to fall. NOW! At this point I don’t care what I have to go through. It’s time to clean house.

    • Chrys,

      I’m SO very glad I’m not the ONLY one feeling like shit. I guess it’s more than just the planets at large. I feel my whole world is collapsing unto itself and there’s no turning back.

      Yesterday night I had a guy friend coming over… giving me the low down how he really feels about this whole economic upheaval. When he was in high school… he knew all about the monetary system and the game and how it was MEANT to fail. But being the one trying to live and feeling like a wage slave… living that experience… made it even MORE obvious and MORE painful.

      You know what he wants to do now? Wants to either counterfeit the “legal” money or get his peeps with guns and have revolts. He’s that serious.

      As for me… I’m with you: live in that wonderful place with all MY peeps! LOL I just wanna leave my island with all this financial responsibility in order to have a roof over my head… find a hut… and LIVE!

      I feel this vibe allllllllllllllllllllllll over the planet. I feel we’re going to crack at ANY time soon. But in the meantime… I’m so GLAD we’re all in this together. I feel I can come out on the other end in one piece… soon. >_<' … breathe…

      Hugs and Love to all,
      Lou Ann

      P.S. Denise… I CAN'T WAIT to read your latest post yet. I feel addicted to this cyber place… seriously. lol

  5. Denise, so glad you brought up the notion of things getting worse before they get better. I have no doubt about that and was considering it last night as the totality of the Gulf’s destruction really sunk in. What I do have doubts about is my capacity to stay balanced and compassionately detached while catastrophe relentlessly unfolds; both from man made and natural disasters.

    I am worn down from my own personal traumas of the last years (plus I am no spring chicken) and have little motivation to chin-up and stiff-upper-lip-it as global conditions go from yellow to orange to red.

    I was told years ago by a ‘visionary’ that we will need to sit on the sidelines as Rome burns. Not playing our fiddles, but holding our higher visions and loving intentions.

    Pretty sure I won’t be able to do that long term. Feel things far too strongly and historically have been an activist. Too damn tired these days to agitate, but too sensitive to ignore the violation and consternation of the innocents. Can’t believe I will be able to serve on that Higher Purpose Commission.

    When the whole world is seemingly falling into a vat of poisonous snakes and crude oil, how do you do step back to avoid compassion fatigue? Or should we? The cries of the lost and injured will get louder and louder…

    I so appreciate your time and effort Denise in responding to those of us on the sidelines looking for validation, direction and any juicy peace of mind you set on our plates.

  6. Denise, ive been suffering from ascension symptoms for a long time. I feel as though it has wrecked my life. I used to be outgoing and happy. Now I’m a recluse and most days in severe pain. I have tried to really believe its all good!
    SOS call. I was going to do my own web site to help other folk, but I don’t think I have anything positive to say about all of this!

    • Louise,

      I hear you believe me, it’s been brutal. Focus your energies on yourself and don’t worry about “other folk” now. Besides, the only real way we can help other people is when we heal/transmute ourselves! 😉 By doing that we literally alter our own energy and consciousness which means we can then inform other people about The Process.

      Taking care of and healing yourself internally is #1.

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