Here Comes the 2010 Summer Solstice


For the past week now each day is a little bit more physically painful, a little bit more intense, a little bit more crazy out there in the world, and a little bit more uncomfortable no matter where I am. I sense this growing pressure is the building Summer Solstice energies and the Cardinal square tensions. Astrologically this is hitting really close to home for me, plus I usually feel things orb of influence long before they arrive anyway. But I suspect many people have been feeling the increasing pressures, ascension-related body pains, bloating, and other less than pleasant people and situations out there in the world building all week. The Summer/Winter Solstices really drive and push the energies like giant cosmic transformational bulldozers!

Some of my building physical and emotional symptoms this past week have been:

  • severe abdominal bloating
  • spine pains and pressures
  • feet, legs, and hip joints very painful
  • top of my head and skull headaches
  • food/eating problems again
  • sudden return of hot flashes
  • sudden return of smelling burning smoke and/or burning incense smells again
  • sudden return of crying over the horrific evils created by the old falling world and its people
  • hearing strange nonphysical sounds
  • seeing multi-D anomalies
  • neighbors and people out there getting far more imbalanced by all this but not knowing anything about the ascension process

Even though I may sound like I’m complaining about all of this, I also know that  so I’ll hang tough like I always do because what else is there to do anyway but  just keep doing it?  So I physically hurt some more again, so I hurt emotionally and cry some more, so I have a few more hot flashes, so I learn some more about myself, other things, people and energies—sounds like a good thing to me actually. The pain won’t last forever, the insanity, greed, heartlessness, and lies won’t last forever, and they really are signs of how fast and how close actual positive changes are at this point in the world. That is what’s so amazing about this ascension process to me; that the horrible and divine are happening simultaneously.

Be strong, stay in the eye of the energy storm, and don’t get lost or discouraged in the craziness or current astrological bulldozing energies. Monday, June 21, is the 2010 Summer Solstice and Saturday June 26, is the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 5° Capricorn which will ignite the first phase of the long-playing Cardinal squares. Next in July 2010, we have the “Conscious Convergence” on July 17–18th. Remember the “Harmonic Convergence” back in Aug. 16–17, 1987? Well here we are all these ascension years later approaching another huge species transition with this Conscious Convergence Mayan calendar cycle. There’s more happening in July but let’s get through next week first!

Denise Le Fay

June 18, 2010


31 thoughts on “Here Comes the 2010 Summer Solstice

  1. Oh, siSTAR, thank you!

    Summer solstice Queen here, feeling more like a Swamp Princess or something more murky, muddy and noxious. Solar Return for me? Nah, this feels like Hades or Pluto.

    I’m a MESS!!!! Really. I don’t feel well at A~L~L. Tons of weird nervous energy, and it’s hard to ground it sometimes, so I’m all fluttery inside, like I’ve just dropped acid. Volatile emotions being purged from very deep stratas of my being. Digestive problems, teeth problems, headaches and $$$ worries which will not cease!

    Yeah, it does feel like I’m on LSD some of the time, and it’s not always a pretty trip. Hyper-sensitivity, energetic strangeness, irrational fears. Woah, this is HARD, folks! Is it possible that I’m a young first waver at 38???? Really, sometimes I wonder………

    As usual, I find IMMENSE relief in your words, D! I feel less alone knowing y’all are HERE! My feeling of isolation has been huge this last week. I seriously need a financial windfall and really cannot possibly imagine getting a job in this current ascensional state.

    And this is NOT a cop-out! It’s the reality. I’m in the Eye of the Storm at my 38th birthday
    and most days, I just need to rest and integrate and shift and cry, and poo for the 5th time, and eat shitty food and cry some more.

    Who do we call out to for ‘higher’ help when we feel like this? I don’t talk to the archangels anymore, and since Phase II began, I’m not reaching out to any of those bigger dudes at all. I’m reaching in.

    Yet, I could still use the assistance and the higher guidance. The Hathors have been great,yes. Anyone else know of any 911 hotlines to multi-d realms of assistance they can recommend????

    Thanks for hearing me. Thank you everyone for all the work YOU’re doing toward this planetary ascension. I know we’re getting better at it, but for now I still feel like a weak-ankled, jangly-kneed teen in a pair of two inch heels, reaching ever higher toward the Light as I wobble and nearly fall off balance sometimes. But I’m learning how to walk this path, as are all of y~o~u.

    Much love ‘n plenty ‘o hugs,

    • Tieshla – Morphing Swamp Princess,

      Oh I have been feeling you and that you’re going through another death-like transition lately. It has been intense and I’m going through it in my way and making adjustments because there’s days where I literally can’t do much of anything. I know the symptoms you mentioned like the back of my hand, I had them for the majority of Phase One. It was being so exhausted you can hardly draw breath, but, your mind and nervous system is petal to the metal 24/7/365 and you’re twitching, frying, having a nervous breakdown/breakthrough, going from 110 wiring to 220 wiring throughout your body/mind/heart/being and there is NO rest even while flat on your back completely immobilized! You’re still fried and wired and exhausted and dying and awakening and….

      I love you for confessing the weird business about “pooing for the 5th time…”. I’ve had that many, many times and thought about how I’m shiting my way to Mastery! 😉

      I too forget to listen to Tom Kenyon’s Hathor sound recordings. I try to listen to them both back to back once a week because I always feel better after I do. And like you, I always feel the Hathors near when I listen to them. I know now it was them that I saw the first time I listened to Tom’s Pineal Gland Attunement a few months ago. Next time I listen to them I’ll have a chat with them too and ask for some suggestions. My old familiar Starbeing Buddies told me they were leaving me when my physical ascension process started in Feb. 1999. I had to go it alone and have not talked with them or much of anyone else like them ever since. Tieshla, we’re blazing a trail back to our own Higher Selves. That is why we don’t have the old ET/Starbeing friends and family constantly with us, guiding us and making suggestions like we’re used to. We’ve been promoted and are in the Process of making that huge change-over. You’re so close now.

      I wrote an email today to another young woman who is currently having her life seemingly fall down around her. Her physical symptoms are nothing like yours however, but I’ll tell you the same thing I told her. It is IMPOSSIBLE to hold down a 3D job while you are going through phases like this! Period!! I HAD to “retire” at an early age because I was entering this type of transformational stuff and I couldn’t remember my name and phone number half the time, let alone be employed. While you are deep in this Process, you, me, all of us must have a safe house to live in where we can live/die/live/die through all of these alchemical stages and layers. You can’t work now and aren’t supposed to. Inform your Higher Self that you need help with 3D money to live, eat, pay rent etc. because you can’t do the tremendous ascension work AND have a lower 3D job too! Tell your Higher Self to help you immediately with this and in a much better way than whatever has worked in the past. All this is compressing now in Phase Two so don’t hesitate to insist that your Higher Self help you out with what all you’re doing.

      You are in my Heart and I sense that soon after we get on the other side of the Summer Solstice, some things will fall into place, others will ease up a bit more, and other things will shine like the Sun. 🙂

      I love you dear one, hang in there and let it do what all it does during these super intense alchemical phases.
      Hugs and Loves,

      • Oh Man! Thank you for that Denise and thank you Tieshla. What a week is right and I felt so terrible that I couldn’t (and still can’t) really express it. I didn’t have all the symptoms as you Denise, but terrible exhaustion, spinny head and headaches, not sleeping, and yeah, the pooping and pooping. It’s kind of funny when THAT hits because I’m like WTF? I’m not doing or eating anything different. What is THIS all about? So thanks for that one Tieshla because I didn’t relate it to this whole process. The big thing I’ve noticed this week however is people with all their negative and nasty bullshit. I told my husband what I see in my mind is these nasty little faces that kind of pop up and wing shitballs at me, and my job is to deflect them! Deflect – and try not to take it personally because my gawd there are a lot of messed up people out there who want to put THEIR shit on YOU! I’m sure they’ve always been out there and around us but it seems so so much easier to spot them now. For me, this week has been one of forgiving, releasing, and erasing. I have written letters to a lot of people, with the intent to forgive, release and erase, then ripped up the letters and threw them in the water. It has helped me clear up a lot of things from the past, so I guess pooping is part of the purging process! 🙂
        And you know what, Denise. I had to stop working 2 years ago too. I just could not deal with it any more, between the pain, the exhaustion and brain fog (and all the bullshit and negative people around me) So it’s been a financial struggle but yeah, you just have to do what ya gotta do.
        So I’m hanging on here, sometimes by the tips of my fingertips. Thank you for these posts. I love U.

      • Chrys,

        Thanks to Tieshla being so honest and open about the pooping and more pooping, I’m finally going to say a little about that. 🙄 I’ve had this for years now and don’t appreciate it much but there ya go. On one level I’m positive that as we ascend/transform/evolve, our entire digestive tracts and obviously our elimination tracks are changing greatly. I sense we won’t be needing to eat nearly as much food as we did while in 3D. Light, Love, creativity, fun, peace, Nature etc. are going to be new 5D food sources for many of us so those old eating/digesting/pooping systems are evolving greatly now.

        On the other hand, this extra pooping when your diet or food intake has not changed at all is another important aspect of our ability to purge lower frequency energies, emotions, wounds, fears etc. etc. My body always goes into diarrhea mode after I’ve been going through some difficult transformational energies and that’s how I know that little phase is finished. It’s like my personal poop oracle! Sorry everyone but Tieshla flashed before my mind’s eye just then as I saw myself as the Poop Oracle. 😆 Higher Self humor I suspect!

        It is a cosmic, vibrational frequency law evidently that the more and more you transmute yourself/body/mind/heart, the more you cannot stand being around people who haven’t done the same. The frequency, consciousness, and HEART gap is just waaaaay tooooo much to endure, and I now know why the monks and wise men and Masters of old headed for the highest mountain top or mountain cave; they couldn’t cope with the “normal” people’s energies and vice versa! So off they went to some place far removed from the lower vibrating masses while they continued their transformational lives and journey. We are doing the same thing but we’re taking Earth with us and the “normal” people will have to get with the program too. 😀 Clever huh? 😉

        Hang in there as we transition through the next week or so.

      • Thank you so much for talking more about these physical symptoms. Your discussions really help reassure me during this time. Denise, your descriptive words of twitching, frying, smelling burning smoke, and “NO rest even while flat on your back completely immobilized!” is exactly what I am experiencing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve roamed the house in the middle of the night trying to find the source of the smoke smell. Last night I had a dream within a dream within a dream – woah – perhaps I’m actually typing to you in a dream. Trying to ground and center now so I’m not so disoriented.

        Tieshla, I’m also in my late thirties, but feel about 85. There’s no way in hell I can work right now. I even tried working part time from home, but as Denise so aptly put it,”I couldn’t remember my name and phone number half the time, let alone be employed.” Sometimes in my lowest moments I wonder if I’m just addicted to the suffering and need to enter a 12-step program for suffering-aholics. Thank you for the reminder of the Attunements. It’s interesting how when I’m down it’s hard to remember all the various things that may actually help. Birthday wishes to you and hope that day finds you and everyone else feeling much better.


      • happysummermorning,

        I want to draw everyone’s attention to a really important sentence (among many 🙂 ) that hsm said in her Comment. “Sometimes in my lowest moments I wonder if I’m just addicted to the suffering and need to enter a 12-step program for suffering-alcoholics.”

        I have early, early, early degree of Pisces Rising (Asc.) and I too have thought many times during my super intense Phase One years (1999-2009) if I was just way too sensitive, just way too psychic, just way freakin’ too everything and that my Pisces Asc. and my Chiron/Sun conjunction were not more my individual suffering dilemma’s instead of all ascension-related pains and such. It’s probably a lot of both, but my point is that I know with us transmuting the dying Age of Pisces, many of us (even people like me who have never been connected with any religion in this life) are deeply sensitive to and effected by the planetary Collective and it’s religious belief systems – distortions and all – and that includes the ridiculous distortion about how suffering is somehow spiritual blah, blah, blah.

        Many of us have had to dig our ways out from under that heaping pile of christian negative distortions because it has been a massive Piscean Age Collective belief system. The reason what we’ve been living through (the ascension process) hurts so is because it is painful remaining IN BODY and taking it with you as you transition to another higher state of being and consciousness! So, don’t beat yourself up for feeling bad about feeling bad! 😉 It’s okay and normal to hit low points repeatedly throughout this ascension process as it is parts of our ego selves being transmuted into something else…plus it’s just a plain hard and painful process!

        Hugs and Gratitude,

      • Denise,

        Just wanted to clarify something: Sometimes I’m on the look out for 12 step programs for suffering-aholics (not suffering-alcoholics). Perhaps I joined the latter in a previous life. Gave me a good laugh; thank you for that! 😀


  2. PS.

    Right after I posted this, I went and listened to TK’s Heart Dimensional Attunement, and the Pinael Gland Attunement, and during my listening, I “asked” the Hathors to adjust me vibrationally.

    And they did!

    I can tell you all, that it worked WONDERS on my being. WONDERS!!!! I feel like I just came out of the Spa. A little jello-like and emotionally hung-over, still sore, but MUCH clearer, and much more open. The rewiring of the last week had me fritzing, and the Hathors did some tweaking to help me out. i feel like I just had a multi-d chiropractic nrg adjustment. 🙂

    A sober reminder to all of us Wavers in Phase II. There IS still help available when we most need it, and when we use our free-will discernment to sincerely ASK with our High Hearts. The Hathors seem very willing to gently and lovingly assist us at this Time, because they have undergone their own galactic ascension process together, and know a few things about it. And they love us.

    Hugs and ESPAVO!

  3. My intuition told me that this summer solstice was going to be bad, not as bad as the one from last year, but close, and sure enough since at least the beginning of this month I constantly feel like I am drowning.

    Physically I am very low on energy but otherwise okay, although I have been extremely apathetic and just do not care about anything or even anybody and have no desire to do anything that requires even slight effort unless it something really fun.

    Hmm…fun…it’s been so long since I had any real doses of fun that I just want to cry.

    I have also had a number of bizarre and very detailed dreams. I normally do not remember my dreams, and the dreams that I do remember usually do not include much detail. For example, last night I dreamed I was in some kind of weird hotel, and I remember details such as the color of the tile on the wall in my bathroom.

    But what is really making this solstice so damn hard is that other people have been going crazy and are frequently rude, inconsiderate, and even just plain nasty for no discernible reasons. Like you said: “neighbors and people out there getting far more imbalanced”.

    The amount of invisible crap that is flying around everywhere currently is intolerable. As is often the case, other people’s neurotic behavior is probably because they have not done any real inner work of their own, and thus they cannot handle the energetic changes that this part of creation is currently going through.

    • Hi ascendingascension and welcome to TRANSITIONS, glad you’re here. 🙂

      Yep the Solstice bulldozer energies pull up any and all lower vibrating stuff (emotions, wounds, fears, projections, emotional and/or mental imbalances, pains etc) energies to be transmuted in whatever way we each do that within ourselves and our bodies. Having said that…I strongly believe that now in Phase Two/2010 and beyond, the masses who’ve not been living the ascension process but clinging to the old and lower ways are really, really feeling the increasingly intense energies upon them, their lives, their bodies, egos, and their minds. It will break many, many will be checking out of their physical bodies (dying) because it’s way too much too late for them to pull off in their 3D body and so on. In other words, everything and everyone is finally really feeling the pressures of change/evolution, and many of them are not taking it well at all. Hell, I know what’s going on and I often don’t take it well at all! 😉

      I’ve felt the same way as what you mentioned about not feeling any “fun” for a very long time now. There isn’t much “fun” things in the old lower 3D reality left for me either at this point. When shopping and creating and building things became work instead of the usual fun it always had been for me, I knew I was in a state of HUGE change! What’s fun to me know is radically different than what used to be, but that’s OK and much more simple too which is great.

      Anyway…hang in there and keep dodging that invisible flying crap!

      • Thank you, Denise. I forgot to put my name at the end of my first comment. I will add that oversight to the list of mental deficiencies that I have been exhibiting at higher-than-normal rates lately. 😀


  4. Thank you so much Tieshla, Chrys, and Denise. I think that is why I had to come back home AND have a month off. I am coming back to a job that bridges between worlds and I feel this is important transmutational work, but until I found out Thursday for sure that I would be starting again Monday, I felt this terrible weight on me. Even though everything has always worked out in the past, even the times I’ve gone hungry or the countless winter nights I shivered through, I survived. Still, the waiting never seems to get easier. I feel like these in-between times, while whipping me into shape, are leaving me… at a total loss for words to describe that.

    Denise and everyone, this is my favorite place on the web now, and I think it was the solfeggio harmonics and the Hathor recordings of Tom Kenyon that led me here back in February. My feeling that there is more than you can possibly imagine to the healing and creative potential of sonic forces is something that has been ingrained in me my entire life. Analogue sound waves are incredibly powerful at dispelling dark forces. If all else fails, just start clapping, singing, and dancing. +grins+ And ELF frequencies are AMAZING. The earth herself is constantly singing.

    Please check out Nature Was My Teacher – The Vision of Viktor Schauberger if you feel so inclined.

    Love and Light,

  5. “It has recently been brought to my attention by the Pleiadian High Council that as of the 3d week of May, the bulldozer brigade (aka path-pavers) have been undergoing an intense reconnection of their 12th strand of DNA.”…..

    • wertheones,

      Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

      I’ve been perceiving much of this material for the past few weeks now myself, including a bunch of typical higher dimensional ET transmissions in symbol form…no linear words, just super fast visual symbols about the 12 ascending to the magical 13 and other things. I even have a post about the 12 into 13 transition sitting in my drafts here. I mentioned a while back that I’ve been hearing that super fast Morse Code-like clicking in my left ear. That’s now how I receive transmissions from the Pleiades…unlike the past good ol’ days of face-to-face linear telepathy/clairvoyance with some of them and other dimensional Starbeings. But this is my growth, my progression, my choice to do it this way starting with the beginning of my physical ascension process in Feb. 1999. So I’m learning how to better read energy clickings at the speed of Light instead, but I sure appreciate Lauren confirming and clarifying certain things for me personally about this now. 🙂

      I got an email notice this morning about Lauren Gorgo’s new transmission (your link above), and I was never so happy to have multiple things confirmed and validated for me personally in it! I’ve felt this coming, I’ve written about it, I feel it today very strongly, and I know that the last 6 months of 2010 (from the summer solstice on I mean) will be for many of us, adapting to what Lauren’s Pleiadian Council told her. Oh happy day…finally!

      This is so important and I’ve already perceived some of the things that Lauren said she too is currently trying to grasp at this new level and new “time-line” that’s birthing night now with the summer solstice. I’ll write some about what I’ve perceived so far soon. Everyone please make sure to read Lauren Gorgo’s post today The Galactic Times: “The Solstice Reconnection Completion” – the link wertheones shared.

      Hugs and Gratitude,

  6. Denise, can you please expand upon your description of the “Conscious Convergence” on July 17–18th? I wasn’t incarnate during the “Harmonic Convergence” of 1987, so I’m excited that I’ll experience this one in a physical body! Also, how do we prepare for this event?

    Balsamic Moon

    • Balsamic Moon,

      Nope, I’m not going to tell you how to “prepare for this event”. 😉 You need to just let it come in and change you and you do not need to “do” anything other than be aware that something deeply important has arrived for humanity with the arrival of July 17-18, 2010. 😉 You sweetie Indigo may “be” and not “do” this one. None of us for that matter need to “do” anything other than be conscious that this Energy Event and Mayan mid-point cycle has been reached (July 17-18, 2010) and know that this phase of the 25-yearlong unfolding from 1987 Harmonic Convergence through to 2012, has arrived and that the consciousness of humanity IS evolving rapidly now from summer 2010 through 2011, and 2012. If we think the past 10.5 years have been fast…the rest of 2010, and 2011 and 2012 will make Phase One look like it was slow!

      Conscious Convergence is a higher level and harmonic let’s call it of what was started via the Harmonic Convergence in Aug. 16-17, 1987. Stair steps remember? Some of these stair steps cover decades, millennia, vast eons and Ages. Harmonic Convergence started this 25-yearlong “nanosecond in time” to quote Barbara Marciniak’s channeled P’s. The Conscious Convergence says it all imo. Far, far, far more people around the planet are awake now than there were way back in Aug. 1987. So this time this will be, I feel, more about our consciousness taking charge, joining together at this higher 5D ascending level of awareness and Heart and taking over what happens on the new 5D earth. What’s dying now is no longer running the planetary show, even though it still looks and sounds like it from one lower level. It isn’t, many of us are now directing and creating what our new earth world and reality will be. The Conscious Convergence I feel is an energetic joining together of people like us and our taking full responsibility for our new emerging earth world and reality. It’s a beginning to the High Heart Consciousness as I’ve called it, and more of us connecting as the new planetary creator/rulers/assistants etc. Us, not what appears on TV. 😉

      Just ride these incoming Energy Waves in July 2010 and know that humanity and earth will never be what it’s been.

  7. Some wise words from my 5D guide: nurture thyself.

    In ancient times transitions and initiations were seen as sacred and treated as such. There were wise elders to counsel, there were priests and priestesses carefully guiding the process. Sacred space was guaranteed and safely guarded, because something sacred came into being.

    But in these times we are the initiate and the wise elder at the same time, we are the healer and the one that needs healing, we have to be our own midwife while giving birth to our new selves. That’s quite a job, therefore it’s important that we start honoring ourselves and our own needs first above anything else.

    I think that the qualities of the divine feminine will become very important. People need to learn how to nurture themselves, heal themselves and to befriend their intuition. Because fighting another battle to escape the pain just won’t work. That’s also something spiritual warriors have to learn, to tap into the hearts instead of relying too much on their old rusty swords.

    I’ve also gone through a very intense cycle the last nine (!) months. Past life dreams, emotional clearing, re-defining, re-designing and letting go of annoying little habits and huge karmic blockages. My guide says that I don’t really have to work for it or try to change anything, I only have to let the energies wash me clean. He says that it’s more helpful to see all the solar activity and the planetary alignments as supportive, it gives the ascension process a boost, unless we resist…

    The ascension process is like giving birth, breathe in unison with your baby, talk to your baby, nurture yourself, and you will feel bliss instead of fear. We should focus on what is good, we should focus on what is helpful. On higher dimensional energies and on our own supportive qualities. Men are going through the same process, so they should do the same, they should be a supportive and reliable force in the ascension process, both for themselves and for others.

    Peace! 😀

    • Definitely agree with you on the self nurturing as much as possible. And my question is, if the “ascension process is like giving birth” is it too late to get a cosmic epidural? 🙂

    • Great point Blue! It is easy to fall into the old frequency trap of getting down on yourself, needing to fix and correct.

      Thank you…and your guides 😉

  8. To answer your question Denise, YES, I can feel it! In my body, in my energy field, and reflected in my 3D life. The foreshadow of the eclipse is upon us!

  9. I’m with you Nadeanna, this is MY favorite place to visit too and I feel so connected to everyone. And on really bad days, it’s been like a lifeline to me. When I get an e-mail that Denise has posted a new Transitions, I’m so excited, I drop everything and go read it.
    Like a lot of you on here, I am having a lot of fatigue/low energy. I was told the other day that it could also have something to do with the fact that I live beside HUGE power lines and towers. They are so close to my house I could hit them with a rock. We also have a little cabin in the woods – no electricity, just lanterns and woodstoves. When I’m there, I feel so peaceful, I sleep much better and in general just feel better. Unfortunately, we don’t get to the cabin very much so for now I’m stuck beside these damned towers. The person who pointed this out to me just came back from a large conference on this subject and she also said that when you talk on your cell phone in your car you are basically putting yourself in a microwave. Geez, that’s scary stuff and one more reason not to use your cell phone in the car. You probably already know that, but just in case, I wanted to share it with my friends on here.
    Love Chrys xo

    • I’ve been wanting to mention this for awhile, and after reading your post above, Chrys, it seem important to say the word O~R~G~O~N~I~T~E.

      Etheric Warrior orgonite is, and a modern adaptation of Wilhem Reich’s study of DOR..etc. This substance kicks some major EMF butt. Seriously! Orgonite is a matrix of resin, metal and crystal and is a very multi-d substance.

      We do need to know what tactical, practical tools are currently available to us to help deflect the bombast of chaotic EMF’s and WIFI and HAARP we’re all under so that we can be relaxed enough for our rewiring without so much nrg pollution to contend with.

      ORGONITE is our friend for this, folks!

      Only, don’t bother googling it, unless you want to be mislead by the MASSIVE debunking web of lies and deception. I’d recommend the links below as a start. There is ALOT of Indigo warrior energy accompanying the prolific, international underground ‘gifting’ movement, so do keep your High Heart filters on, as always.

      (great video for those of you new to orgonite)

      Orgonite has made a HUGE difference in my life as an energy sensitive, especially during Phase I.

      Okay, now back to my cosmic downloading after that mega upload for you all.


    • I am not sure if this is okay to post this, but I am electrically sensitive and found out about “earthing” or “gounding” yourself via david wolfe the raw food guy. He has some videos up talking about how being barefoot reconnects you to earth and your body needs that. Anyhow search for that and you will see the utter importance. There are products to put on your bed at night while you sleep so you are protected and grounded from those towers. I am so much better in the few months I have been sleeping grounded. So important!

      • Cool synchronicity, wertheones! Note the time difference between posts! We were on a similar wave, somehow. Is your reference to ‘products’ perchance ORGONITE? 🙂

        Much love,

      • Hi Tiesha, I wasn’t referring to organite but a different and simple way to ground and reconnect with earth. I love what I am hearing about organite though and intend to find out more. Thank you for reminding me!

  10. Denise, and everyone, I know many of you live in California, New Mexico, and various parts of the US. I live in Canada! Today, in Central Canada!!! we had an earthquake measuring 5.5. VERY not common. AND, Toronto is hosting the G20 Summit of Global Economic Leaders.

    • Chrys,

      Wow! I bet that was a big surprise to everyone who felt it. Probably no damage, just shock and disorientation and magnetic lock-in with Earth. Head swirly, disconnected sense of anchor into the very ground under your feet! I hate that feeling. How are you? How are you feeling?

      That’s funny that this would happen in that area while this meeting is going on there. Earth/Gaia’s been talking to people louder than usual – let’s hope they pay attention.

      Hang on and Hugs,

      • Hi Denise, I’m ok and thank you for asking. Feeling wonky for sure, but ok. Buildings were swaying (and the higher up you were, the worse it was) and things were rumbling and shaking. One small bridge went down. It scared the begeezus out of a lot of people. Tis Economic Summit has been planned for a long time. There has been much fear surrounding it – fear of terrorist attacks, etc. Thousands of extra police, security, guards, etc. Can you imagine all the negative energy surrounding all this? Well, earth sure is speaking to people. Shake-shake-shake – waakie waakie people!
        Hugs back at you xo

    • Hi Chrys,

      Yes! My parents/ brother live in Ottawa (I’m in Vancouver) and they said it was quite a rare and frightening sensation being near the epicenter of that 5.5. Apparently no damage suffered, just alot of rattled nerves.

      There are definitely some deep fault lines criss-crossing through that old Canadian Shield rock, and today’s unexpected seismic activity serves to remind us all that NO area is immune to the birth rumblings of our Ascending Mama.

      Stay rooted.


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