The Chiron Dilemma & Ascension

Many astrologers—myself included—sense, perceive, believe that Chiron is the ruling planet or planetoid for the sign of Virgo, not Mercury. (Also I have sensed for a couple of decades that there is another more appropriate ruling planet or planetoid for the sign of Libra instead of Venus but that is another article altogether.)

I’ve mentioned before that natally I have a Sun/Chiron conjunction; Sun is 1° Capricorn and Chiron is 4° Capricorn. Chiron was discovered physically in 1977, but I consciously only connected with information about Chiron sometime around 1995. After I did, certain things about me and my life instantly made a lot more sense. I then read the mythical tales and stories about Chiron—what he did, his life,  his being accidentally wounded by a poisoned arrow and finally his unusual death, and many more things about me and my life as a First Wave Lightworker made so much more sense to me. Instead of me writing or quoting Chiron’s story, I’m just going to add a link to a great  little condensed version of it.

If you’re a First or Second Wave Starseed/Lightworker/Wayshower etc., as you read about Chiron—the Immortal who was mortally wounded but could not die—take note of the many similarities between what you have lived and struggled through via the ascension process, and what Chiron lived, learned, suffered through and finally had help dying to end his unending physical pain. To me Chiron’s so-called “myth” is very much along the lines of what I, and I know many of you reading this, have personally struggled with and hoped would finally end…one way or another!

I know I’m prejudiced, plus extra sensitive to Chiron (very Chirotic) due to my Sun/Chiron conjunction in Capricorn, and that the Chiron dilemma has been one of my major life-lessons in this life and that it is directly connected to my being a Lightworker and living, dying, and being transformed while remaining in-body and painfully living and suffering through the transformational, alchemical ascension process. In other words, I believe that I (meaning the Denise aspect) needed to live, learn, experience and then finally personally resolve this archetypal Chiron dilemma of being an Immortal who was mortally wounded but could not physically die to end the endless pain and suffering. After suffering through 10.5 years of hard-core Phase One ascension transformations, constant pain and feeling exactly like an Immortal that was mortally wounded but couldn’t die…I now better understand the whys to the myth of Chiron and what I’m calling the Chiron dilemma but as a Lightworker living during the time of ascension.

Unlike Chiron in his ancient time we don’t need an external god or being (Apollo, Zeus, Kronos etc.) to grant us the gift of dying and exiting our long-suffering body to end our ascension pains and sufferings. In our lives and time, we are all of these ancient archetypal characters; Chiron, Apollo, Zeus etc., but we are resolving, integrating and then transcending these ancient archetypes while remaining in body. This reminds me of the old line supposedly by Jesus, “…what I have done you shall do and even greater…” or something to that effect.

As you read this link or any others about Chiron and his amazing life, his dilemma, and how he was finally allowed to die and ascend…make some comparisons to what you’ve already lived, learned, endured and survived as one who intentionally Works With Light while in-body on Earth at this time, building consciousness bridges to what exists beyond Saturn/old lower 3D life on Earth. Now give yourself a well-deserved hug and realize even more about yourself and your current life mission. Phase One of the ascension process was living these archetypes and resolving them; Phase Two is us evolving well beyond them.

Denise Le Fay

June 28, 2010

copyright light blue Copyright Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS 2010-2012. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and link.


2 thoughts on “The Chiron Dilemma & Ascension

  1. Denise, this may seem unrelated, but did you notice the picture of Steven McFadden–the author of the article–on the left sidebar? I thought IMMEDIATELY of your son and the star being who is his “true” father. He looks Pleiadian, does he not?

    I’m excited to see how this observation fits in with the greater picture…

    Balsamic Moon

    • Balsamic Moon,

      You’re right, he does have that Pleiadian flavor. I’m not familiar with Steve McFadden, but liked his short and to the point article about Chiron.

      I figured this particular post wouldn’t resonate with the majority of readers, but I know it will for some, and of course it has been one of my main life struggles.

      As you know by Chiron’s story he was finally allowed to die or exit his poisoned body and was placed in the heavens by another of the gods. Chiron sort of becomes an ET if you will, once he solved his life/death/transmutation dilemma. 😉 To me it’s a multidimensional tale, as most of them are, with gods/goddesses residing elsewhere or off-planet or in another dimension, then they take on some physical form and come down to Earth to fool around, create, pro-create, cause problems or difficulties for someone else etc. and then they disappear again. I believe that many of the worlds ancient “gods/goddesses” where actually what we today call multidimensional ETs.


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