Money & Ascension

Recently I’ve had some people email me asking about why the things they intend and envision are not manifesting physically. These are of course good people with good intentions who just want a job, a home and to have enough money to pay their monthly bills. And because they are good people who—from their hearts are intending and trying to manifest enough money to survive comfortably each month—when their intentions repeatedly do not manifest they think they’re doing something incorrectly, wrong, or worse they think they’re not worthy of being safe and comfortable. I too have been down this road of conscious creating self-doubt, questioning why things that I need and want are not manifesting  physically for me.

I could go on and on about this but let’s just cut-to-the-chase as the saying goes. Many of us who are having  aspects of our old 3D life and reality falling away under us aren’t doing anything “wrong” at all. The bottom-line now is that the old lower 3D world and its systems (money, taxes, jobs, employment, working for money just to be able to eat and have a place to sleep etc., petroleum, gasoline, oil, governments, law enforcement, legal systems etc.) are dying because they do not work. They are energetically closed-ended systems based on greed, profit only, and power over others. Regardless of the country, all systems created from heartlessness, greed and lower consciousness like these will eventually fail and come to an end because they are not open and self-sustaining; they feed off of the very people the system was designed to control and produce everything.

Here’s a link to an old post that may help explain some of what is currently happening and why. These blue other-dimensional beings used a term that I’ll never forget because it moved me so—it was so correct and so ugly. These other-dimensional beings used the term energetically devour” to describe the lower frequency, negative, greedy, power-hungry people and systems created by these types of people in the old lower 3D physical world. As the global systems fail one by one and die away (money, taxes, world leaders, governments, petroleum, oil, jobs, banks, credit, homes, etc.), the people who benefited from them will freak-out and do whatever they can to not lose everything they’ve had, owned, run, controlled, and/or created. But as these lower old 3D systems die away now, these people (around the world) who refuse to change  and evolve will begin to “energetically devour” each other and themselves because their lower frequency world and reality is going extinct and their old lower source of energy-food is disappearing.

Keep in mind that we are currently in the phase where all of these lower greed-based world systems and the people who run them are “falling”, literally dying and going extinct. Now is the time for this to happen so that higher frequency systems, consciousness and ways of living and being can replace them around the world. A new higher 5D world reality where High Heart is what everything is based on instead of greed and power over others. An open energy system where everyone benefits, shares, and creates so all have—not earn—everything equally.

I know how hard it is to keep all of this in mind/heart/body when the rent or mortgage is due and you’ve been out of work for months; when jobs are non-existent and there is no money to be earned so you and yours can eat and have a clean, warm/cool safe place to sleep and live. When we all are in the middle of the old lower insane 3D world of corruption and greed literally falling apart and dying, and yet, the new higher 5D world has not yet manifested because it isn’t time yet for it. Soon now yes, but not quite yet. We are living on the  transitional cusp of not only an astrological Age change, but also the cusp of absolutely everything changing because we are evolving/ascending and a new 5D Earth world with matching 5D global systems absolutely must be born for us to exist within.

When you and I try to intend and physically manifest some old lower 3D-based something (like money) from the  falling, dying world reality for the simple reason that we’re not yet within the new higher 5D based world, we need to remember that in most cases it isn’t going to manifest because its time is ending now and we’ve evolved beyond it…even if the external world hasn’t as yet.  Be it an old job, money, some way of bringing in money, a house, an apartment or whatever, if it is time for you or I to let it go so that we move forward/upward in our consciousness, expectations and conscious creativity, then we can kiss that old 3D system thing (whatever it is) goodbye for good! We can’t keep expecting old lower 3D jobs, money, taxes etc. to continue solving our problems when the entire lower consciousness 3D systems  are all ending.

Just like the horrific, greedy, oil-spewing disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, humanity is being forced to see, acknowledge, and finally fully let go of the old lower 3D ways because they’re sick, dysfunctional, insane, greed-based and destructive towards all life. We’ve got to release all of those old lower frequency 3D things and ways no matter how habitual they’ve become to us. We’ve got to let go of our old lower familiar ways of doing things, money, earning money to pay bills, getting in debt to get a “higher education” and so on. Life on the cusp is mega difficult and we’ve all got to learn to be creative in new ways until things switch over into a fully 5D High Heart-based world reality. This will happen so much faster than most people believe, but until then, we’ve got to figure out how to pay those damned monthly bills for a while longer! So make whatever reductions and adjustments you need to survive with as little money each month as possible. Move in with relatives and everyone share in the expenses; have trusted friends move in with you or vice versa so you all share in the monthly bills. Come up with creative ways to require as little money as you can to survive each month until this whole “falling” of the old lower  3D world systems flips over into the New and the Higher. I sense that because humanity is so locked into MONEY that—like the oil/petroleum/gasoline addiction and mindset—it too will have to fall or die completely to force humanity into thinking outside of that tired old lower box of reality! Scary sounding for sure, but if MONEY fully crashes and burns, which I think it will, then humanity will be forced to evolve beyond it — and petroleum, and that’s a very good thing.

I’m going to confess something and in doing so I am NOT pointing a finger of blame at anyone. I bring this up now only to show a different intention and what I feel is a higher way for myself, my writing, and the people who read what I write. I have deliberately kept TRANSITIONS in blog format instead of a website for three primary reasons:

  1. Because this WordPress blog is free.
  2. Because WordPress is responsible for all the maintenance, repairs, upgrades etc. on their free blogs. I don’t know how to do this nor do I have the time, energy, or desire at this point to learn how to build or maintain a website so I continue to use my free WordPress blog as the way for me to share—for free—the knowledge I want to share with other people through my writings.
  3. Because I have intended that my primary income come from another source and not my readers. Having said that, I do have a PayPal Donation button always available at the top of the sidebar area for any who are willing and able to gift me with Donations. ♥♥♥

I don’t want or expect my readers to financially pay for my monthly survival. I intend and expect us all to quickly evolve beyond that type of thinking and creating. I do have a PayPal Donation button available, but, I suspect most of my readers are pretty much in the same financial boat I am due to living the Ascension Process and can’t afford to pay for any extras no matter how much we’d like to be able to donate to our favorite spiritual Teachers.

My only reason for sharing that information was to show that, for now, we each can intend our monthly incomes to manifest in different ways and to think and expect outside of the old lower reality box. However, having said all that, my primary income could end tomorrow too but  I have long intended that it continues until we don’t need any income whatsoever to live, eat, shower, have clean clothes and live in a safe clean house. I will not suffer any more than I have physically due to the ascension process, and have intended that as long as I need old lower 3D money each month to pay rent and bills, then by gawd you fellow struggling ascenders should not be the ones to pay for that.

Let’s all just bring money consciousness and money survival to an end and create a new higher matching 5D reality where everything is free, equal, and openly shared. This is not a fantasy or new age fluff but simply us evolving/ascending into a vastly better way for all.

Denise Le Fay

July 7, 2010

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35 thoughts on “Money & Ascension

  1. Once again a great message! Thank you for the reminder that the entire system of “Money” is dying, or shall we say, ascending to what we like to translate as: My Own Nature Energy Yield.

    I am working daily with people who have lost their jobs, all to often both husband and wife are in the same boat, and as a consequence many are losing their homes, cars, etc. It’s fascinating to see how some people adjust to changing circumstances relatively well, and others, not at all. I think of myself as a light to a bridge that can point the way, if they open their eyes and turn their heads. Those that do, are grateful for the support and encouragement we all need from time to time.

    I am grateful for the job I have and the people I work with, but there is an end date for the program. What I wanted to add to your post here was that there is also, I feel, an element of trust or surrender that is required here and now.

    I have learned in the past several years that ultimately I am taken care of. Not always how and when I expect, but ultimately…always. Having seen this time and again makes it easier to weather the fears that come up. I sense that it is that very fear that feeds the struggle and interferes with the unveiling of that which is ours.

    • shamballa9944,

      Well said and very true. We have to learn to trust ourselves as creators but from this new higher level and not just continue to try to bring in as much money as possible. Just imagine how truly free we all will be when we aren’t dragging around that old ball and chain of earning/getting as much money as possible! Wow…

      I agree about the trust and surrender aspect you mentioned. Because I’m a First Waver I think I’m more of the balls to the wall let’s change this thing and now type who intends, drives, pushes and expects things into change.

      People are loosing their jobs, homes, cars etc. to really make everyone realize this old lower consciousness system is indeed dying now. If we the people don’t have jobs or homes, how can the powers that be collect their monies, their taxes and so on? It can’t, but it’s so obsessed and crazed within the tiny money box reality that it doesn’t see this.

      “I am grateful for the job I have and the people I work with, but there is an end date for the program.” There it is everyone…the punch line to all this. There is an “end date to the program” which means we all need to be adapting cause it’s now! Thanks for your great Comment. 🙂


  2. Whew. Glad this topic is headlining. I feel like it has been Mercury Retrograde on steroids the last few weeks. Even the smallest things are not coming to fruition for me. What I am currently messed up over is one small thing in terms of importance, but huge in terms of my perspective. Hoping for any clarifying input as to why/what is happening. Again, so small in terms of issue, so big in terms of my not getting it.

    I ordered a product from a major company online. It is part of a project for the local animal shelter where I volunteer, so now it becomes bigger in my heart and mind than if otherwise. Short story: what was suppose to take 1-2 days is now coming up on 8 weeks. I won’t bore you with etails, but it involves delay in product coming from overseas, then defective product coming from overseas. Then half of product arrives five weeks later. Then other half comes, but wrong size. Now an unbelievable 2-week runaround from every possible adjunct from those ‘people on the phone’ to get the correct-sized parts shipped to fulfill my order. Which was paid in advance, of course.

    Now here is my real dilemma. I was professional, polite, assertive, patient, determined and optimistic at every turn. Today, when I finally, TOTALLY LOST IT after the 30th new demand ON ME, I became totally loud and aggresskve with someone I had never spoken to before.

    And it worked. They are shipping me the new parts next day delivery. I was furious (I don’t think I have ever yelled at anyone on the phone, with the exception of my ex-husband), ripped a total stranger a new arse and I finally get what was owed me and the animals. HOW effing 3D is that???????

    I feel utterly dejected. Now I am wondering if I should go postal with other situations I have been hoping to resolve in a patient, detached, harmonious way. If only to git ‘er done.

    • 😆 Oh gwad can I relate lampligher2! And like you I HATE that I occasionally have to be brought to the point of cursing and yelling and getting mean and nasty just to get what I’ve already paid for and should never ever have had to deal with at all in the first place. “HOW effing 3D is that???????” It is totally lower FALLING DYING BRAINLESS HEARTLESS 3D! Good gwad almighty what a stupid mess it all is.

      In the past three months I too have had the same purchase problems but with different products from different companies. Each thing I’ve bought recently was broken, damaged, not working, missing parts, made so poorly that I just returned it because it was shit. I’ve never had to return so many products in my entire life as I’ve had to over these past three months! It’s like everything is melting down and simply unable to function.

      It’s a hard call with this one and I’ve pondered the same question. I hate that certain things, products, employees, companies etc. are sooo bad that you have to resort to being a super bitch on the phone to simply get them to do what they should have naturally. I always use the high road until, after repeated tries I see that those people, that company or whatever is oblivious that there even is a high road 🙄 , then I get more intense and let them know how unhappy I am and hope that works. But this is another aspect of everything falling and dying that has no Heart. Don’t feel dejected and just keep your eye/heart on what we’re heading towards. 😉


      • Again, whew.
        What bothers me most is how small and ridiculous this particular scenario. If I can’t resolve this petty little circumstance from the High Heart, than how the hell can I resolve much deeper, bigger, more complicated, more profound difficulties I have in my life from a perspective of PEACE, LOVE and UNDERSTANDING?

        Guess I can’t, yet. I am really slow to anger these days, and it is most disturbing that my anger ‘worked.’ But, in real terms, it did not, as I am still disgruntled because I got what I wanted through 3-D reactions. Bleh.

        This particular company is not dying, it is doing great. They are Number One in their business. That may not last if my experience becomes commonplace. If BP can take the fall, anyone can.

        But I get your message and meaning. These circumstances are all various-sized stones to trip over on the path to freedom. So keep my chin up and eyes looking forward…

      • Lamp & Denise,

        Funny, when reading both your posts on this I had a slightly different feel of what was happening when you (we) in y(our) various situations explode.

        It brought to mind what you wrote about recently Denise about HAVING to come to a level of anger, frustration, intolerance etc in order to rise above the 3D imbalances.

        It takes a volcano to break through the earth surface and reshape the landscape. Perhaps we need to release in the same way Gaia does–when moved too.

        I think the difference between those of us who try to take the high road and after doing so get nowhere has a great deal to do with intention. Our intention to deal with it from a 5D frequency. Unfortunately when you deal with many 3D individuals/companies…they don’t get it.

        So perhaps its time to think of it as an opportunity for all for clearing. And knowing that when you’ve had your fit, and finally have been heard, and the appropriate actions have been taken to remedy the situation (at long last), you apologize and let it go.

      • Funny, I did apologize before I got off the phone. Even though this person was doing all she could to put up road blocks. I was probably apologizing to my self, as it was awful to hear me be so angry with a stranger.

        From where I am standing, (which is where, exactly??) getting what I am due from 3D in a 3D way does not feel like I am adding anything but more 3D to the world. Been there, hoped to be done with that.

        OTOH, I typically calm myself down before I deal with people/situations that trigger my anger, and this time I intentionally told myself to do it now and do it mad, or this could be dragged out indefinitely. Perhaps this is a 3D way to embrace my power before I stand firmly in 5D.

        I swear, if I were the only one writing the software for this Ascension download, I would do it altogether differently.

        Or so I say down here in 3D.

        Thoughtful, enlightening, helpful comments from all on this blog. Privileged and grateful to be on the receiving end of THIS! :0)

    • I know of what you speak, Lamplighter! I just had a run in with Lowe’s over a roofing project. What started out simple turned complex. At first I shrugged it off–they delivered the shingle bundles, roofing tar and two magazines–what the hell do I need magazines for on a roofing project–they were not even related to home improvement! They were two copies of “Taste of Home”. What I had ordered were roofing nails!. Then they screwed up the billing, then billed three different prices and argued with me about their screw up. I was like you at the first, laughing it off, then I got serious, then I got mad and stood my ground. Then I realized that one of my problems when I have to deal with shit like this is the, “I don’t want to do this” feeling, the tightness in the gut, the “I don’t deserve better” “Oh well, I will just let it go and pay the bill” attitude I tend to get (but dammit–this was well over a hundred dollars not a few dollars)–so, I took a look at what I was being presented with, this was a defining my boundries and trust issue that I was working through and so, I squared my shoulders, Had a talk with my higher self and demanded respect and got it! And, I felt better for it. So, this may be what is happening with you, too, Lamplighter. But it is also like Denise says–we are dealing with outmoded 3D issues with one foot on each side trying to function in a nonfunctioning world and to dump our crap and redefine ourselves at the same time. Like Denise too, I told the Lowe’s representative upfront what he was buying was a bad reputation for customer service but when you are dealing with disreputable, then they hear what the dog hears when you are saying “bad dog, Spot, you are such a bad dog”–translation for dog is “blah blah, Spot, blah, blah, blah.” However, when we stand up for ourselves and force our energy and define our boundaries, I believe what it is doing is flashing that light and dimming their darkness–making them be responsible/take responsibility or crash. I hate being pushed into a corner but then this is part of what I came here to learn–to take responsibilty for my actions and to define my boundaries. Sorry, kind of rambling in this but hope it is making some sort of sense.
      Hugs back at all of you! We will survive! Theocacao

      • theocacao & lamplighter2 & all,

        Thanks theocacao for that really great Comment/insight/wisdom/learning. Truth, truth and more truth. I’m going to add one more ingredient to this big mix that we all are talking and sharing about with this…and in my opinion it is THE main ingredient and THE main lesson for us First Wavers/Wayshowers.

        If you and I and all of us Lightworkers who’ve been at this for longer than the others don’t demand a better higher way, then no one will and the shitstorm will burn bright and long and very, very ugly for all. Another aspect for US and not them is all about US learning that WE are the ones now to start taking full responsibility for the reality we’re in and, if we don’t like something about it because it’s utter negative, greedy shit, then who else is there that’s capable of even consciously creating other than us? There is the lesson in all this for us right now. It is that we need to realize how powerful we really are and that we can consciously create, consciously intend, consciously direct and manifest a much higher Way and reality for ourselves yes, but for the whole world…because that is who we are at this stage of the ascension process. But, this BS with lower falling 3D systems are triggers for US to realize who we’ve become through our living the ascension process as First Wavers/Wayshowers/Path Pavers etc., and that if we don’t wake up and figure this one out now, who else is there to do it? This is one huge aspect of what Phase Two is all about for US right now in 2010 and beyond.

        So, once again, the negative, the lower frequencies, the dumbshits, the greedy, the lazy, the normal 3D crap is OUR teacher, OUR triggers, OUR pain in the ass/heart to get US to realize that we’re the ones who should be calling the shots and designing the new world reality! 😉 Us the silly, lowly, falling shit that’s causing you misery and trying to suck you down into their dying insane systems to create right over it all. After I get all pissed off and frustrated I remember this lesson is for ME and why and then I jump back into conscious creator mode again and consciously create/intend/demand (from the High Heart I mean) that a higher way and awareness replace all this insanity.

        Hugs and thanks for listening to that one fellow reality creators. 🙂

      • Hello Denise and all,

        What a thrilling post and comments for me! I’d just been feeling/thinking yesterday and the day before of “owning it all”. I thought of really taking responsibility and accepting all that Í am connected to in this current reality timeline right now instead of (in moments of struggle) questioning “Why do I have to be here? This is all wrong.”, etc.

        For example, I am half owner of a business. I am the legal half owner of a business. Instead of constantly feeling like it’s not for me or mine, I can shift that into – it is mine: what don’t I like about it and how would I change it and why don’t I just get on that!!

        Actually things seemed to just get on themselves and the “others” around me and involved in the business seem to be morphing and changing practically before my eyes. (think of the way some have written about soulmates and how our current partner can morph into our soulmate if we let go..?) There have been one community-feeling, supportive, caring experience after another with the employees of our business and those experiences have lead me here. Like this: a group of folks from the business were going to the city and they called up and invited us. Our children were the only kids in the group and the level of support and sharing of the caring for the kids was something I had not felt in a long, long time. I had the distinct feeling of interdependence with these kind people: we couldn’t have done it without you.

        Now, I’m talking to my husband about turning the business into a collective, if the employees want to go for it. I was saying to my husband that all the bosses of places I worked when I was younger never would go for it when I would argue with them to turn their place into a collective; well, now, hillarious as it may seem, I’m the owner! I have power! This is a gigantic leap for me, but I’m making it. And I’m going to keep trusting and having faith and releasing my last loads of almost mortally heavy junk and envision the business as a living, thriving place of equality and creativity, a high hearted beauty that we all “own” together. !

        I also wanted to share this link Denise cause I thought you’d dig the Aquarius/Leo part. It reminded me of a sort of microcosm version of the way you write/think about the macro Aquarius/Leo resolution and transformation going on now. It’s on a homeopathic remedy I’m going to be taking: Thullium, and it’s astrological connotations. I’m an Aquarius sun sign:)

        Like Chrysallis, I want you to know how much I also appreciate you writing out the world here for us on Transitions and am very grateful for your existence on the planet right now!! I do want to write you and ask you to adopt me from time to time as well, Denise, but I always resist:)

        love, Em

      • Em,

        Heart Hugs for your kind words, and know that I’ve already adopted everyone who writes Comments here. 🙂 We are a New Higher 5D cyber Community much like what you’re planning on doing with your physical business.

        “…I am the legal half owner of a business. Instead of constantly feeling like it’s not for me or mine, I can shift that into – it is mine: what don’t I like about it and how would I change it and why don’t I just get on that!! Actually things seemed to just get on themselves and the “others” around me and involved in the business seem to be morphing and changing practically before my eyes…”

        THAT is exactly the point I’ve been trying to get across recently; that WE who can, should take full responsibility for what we can now do, intend and create/co-create from our High Hearts (as opposed to our old lower 3D ego selves and consciousness). When WE who’ve lived/are living the ascension process do this and take on our power/responsibility/abilities, WE instantly allow others to change themselves and exist in the New Higher Energies WE are housing in ourselves and creating from within. 😀 In other words, as soon as we take charge and expect/create/co-create from this higher stance, we allow other people to follow along and make big energy and consciousness changes in themselves and in the twinkling of an eye reality improves tremendously. But, it’s up to people like us who’ve been living and learning/remembering through the ascension process.

        Remember that old Lemurian saying of “Espavo”? Translated Espavo means “Thank you for taking your power.” I love it because, if we each take our power, it makes everything else that much easier for everyone else. 😉 If everyone takes their power then everyone is equal.

        ESPAVO, gratitude and hugs,

      • Hmmmm. Maybe the operative word is DEMAND.

        I have found myself demanding out loud, in tears and frustration, of any and all unseens that will listen (including that Higher Self of mine I have heard so much about) results, answers, whatever, NOW. Seems more often than not lately I have been getting results faster and clearer than when I ask nicely and with genuine sincerity for ‘it’.

        Maybe we are past the asking and on to the commanding part of creating new and better realities. At least in certain, if not unruly circumstances.

        Definitely a chewable thought for me…

      • lamplighter2,

        I’m so glad you brought this up as it is something I fully discovered back in the 1980’s in relation to gaining higher dimensional information/knowledge/Light etc. Whenever I wanted or needed more insights, greater information, an all around higher and larger perspective on something I would ALWAYS demand to know. Every time I demanded to have a greater understanding about (spiritual, multidimensional, quantum etc.) it would pop in within a few seconds or minutes. I discovered that, for me at least, my intensely focused intent and desire to know something was the multidimensional fuel for me to access it or it to access me. And as I’ve grown and evolved, I’m certain that this type of demanding I want to understand, see, feel, know, be intensity is simply us re-learning how it feels to take full responsibility AND also how it feels (at this time) to start consciously creating from 5D. It is not a weak, passive, wishy-washy thing at all but just the opposite, which is hard for many of us to even grasp after 2100 years of christian and other religious distortions and dis-empowerment.

        WE are indeed past the asking phase and we’re now – in Phase Two (2010 and beyond) – having to learn how to demand, how to override the lower insanity of the falling systems and if nothing else at this point, house these new higher ways in our High Hearts and create them from that place now. This is all about what the upcoming “Conscious Convergence” on July 17-18, 2010 is all about. We’ve been sensing, feeling, discussing and doing it already in these Comments. 🙂 This is how WE change reality; we just do it from within ourselves and to hell with what’s going on out there in the falling old lower world.

        Hugs & Gratitude,

      • Ok, so I am few decades behind. Better late than never, huh?


        Talk about something embedded in my psyche to NOT do. But this old dog can still learn new tricks. I do think the intensity factor has always been imperative in successful creation. Asking, per se, might be a tad too subtle or submissive at this juncture.

        Speaking of the Conscious Convergence, I just watched this from Calleman, regarding the purpose/intent for the event (apologies if you already posted it):

  3. Hi Denise and all,

    Okay I don’t see why I ought to rant and rave about the money bit in that light anymore. You just nailed it bang on the head … the SIGN I was so looking for… in response to WTF’s-goin’-on rant earlier. So THAT’S what’s really happening…hmmm… and no wonder too.

    The Void is still there with me… strong enough to have me stuck in tar… not budging a finger on the things I have to do to bring in some form of income… but still don’t give a fuck about. It feels heavier and cumbersome even when finally mustering to “do it”. Everything you said about the normal projects, jobs, etc… is so true… so right on. You SO nailed what I’m now fathoming and waking up to see now…

    I’m seeing a black and white world: things I have to do vs the things I naturally love “doing”.

    As romantic as it sounds… my current, personal creatives/artwork… the things I love “doing” naturally… don’t bring in the money… but because it’s built in my very NATURE… I don’t give a fly while I create. No pushing. No shoving. No end-date or DEADline. I’m just constantly and naturally thinking lovingly about it… or playing with it. It brings a smile and little hints of sunshine for no end-reason whatsoever… other than just experiencing this little happyness.

    I think I just got a “ding-dong” in my head… duh! lol… I will have to trust in the process to see me through all of my money-situations. A part of me finds it somewhat adventurous… while the another side of me is saying “you shouldn’t have said that”. Maybe the Universe will show me what’s the next best step to take, to creatively find a way to pay the monthly bills during this Falling. Maybe not on time but hey… the more I face my anxiety and fears… the weaker they become. Well that’s what’s happening to me this week… last time I check… 🙂

    I would be grateful for that thing called a job—be it part time or on contract— coming my way to survive the Falling… as short and brief as I foresee it as… but so far… I’ll leave that up to the Universe for… come what may.

    I have to admit to myself: a part of me REALLY wants this kind of lifestyle instead of the good old comfort zone of slaving away the hours in a heartless job just to earn an illusion called money… just to say to myself monthly that “I earn/deserve it”… when simply living in the physical realm is good enough. There’s no rhyme or reason that I know… but I’m being frank with myself here… for my own evolutionary sake.

    Now what’s my prayer: same prayer as you gave Tieshla… but with a different perspective and new discussion to give to my Higher Self. Thanks so much for this blog. I’m keeping it as my treasure. 🙂

    Hugs to all and stay safe out there amidst all this necessary chaos,
    Lou Ann

  4. Hello
    What profound honesty and integrity i found in these words. It is so refreshing to read such words as i detect they reach to the core of truths. I truly want to say thank you very much! On Monday evening as i was sitting on my back porch enjoying the cool breezes we are getting here for now,i asked Spirit why my stomach was so bloated and in such turmoil,pain and i hear “raven” as the first thing. My first thought is raven from the flood in the Bible at Genesis. I recalled a raven was sent out by Noah to check the flood waters so i went inside the house to get a bible to read about the flood to see what i may learn. Something jumped off the page which i knew but had not thought of in many years and that is at Genesis 7:16 which states when Noah and all was safely on the Ark, “God Shut Him In and Closed The Door round About Him”
    According to Genesis Noah was told about the flood many years in advance before the floodwaters began so people did have much opportunity to make the choice which direction they would go. I feel we are at the stage of the door being closed again and done by God/Source and done soon. To tell ones that very few will actually come along raises the ire of many, yet i do feel that to be so. I recall the words of Christ saying one must be willing to leave father, mother, sister, brother, if must, that the road was a very narrow one indeed.

    In looking at the prophets in the Bible when the nation/Jerualem was under seige the prophets didn’t get to go outside the city away from the conditions brought upon the whole, they were right in them felt them too but were taken care of…..

    One account of extraordinary means of a prophet being taken care of is found at I Kings 17:6 where the prophet Elijah was running for his life from King Ahab who sought to kill him, he was fed by the ravens, they brought him meat and bread.
    So yes it is tough yet that so often is the only way change can come about. I simply wish more would speak these words you have spoken here and quit taking advantage of others giving false hopes and doing so quite lucridly i would add,
    but i realize one must speak and do according to who they are.

    Love to All

  5. What I do not fully understand is why, after all the work I have done, I have to continue to be completely alone and broke. (Or I know why but am very tired of waiting.) All of us who have done this massive work on ourselves are not utilized very well by continuing to be alone. The world will move forward much better when we actually start connecting with each other in physical reality.

    I have asked my soul why I am still in this position, and I have received many answers over time which fit together like a puzzle. I cannot recall all of the answers I have received, but one reason is that I need to be very, VERY clear about what I what, and I have refined my desires many times with each refinement stripping away desires with rather subtle third dimensional aspects.

    Another reason I can remember is that many things need to be altered so that those of who vibrate very high can come together in the new world and this just takes some time. The years 2007 and 2008, as Karen Bishop has said, were about hanging on for a little longer. 2009 was about ripping out that awful plan and doing a complete 180 turnaround. 2010 so far has been about getting things lined up for a much better future.

    But there is some hope for the near future.

    Karen Bishop wrote in her last Wings article that she found a great group of people/souls in a very unexpected place.

    Recently I had a couple of synchronicities that indicate the possibility of having my financial/material abundance improved. One of which happened today: I had the thought to go to the Twitter page for the ABC television network (a Twitter account which I never visit) and it had a link to a story about a woman who has won the lottery several times.

    From time to time I am sitting at home not doing much and suddenly I get this feeling of complex situations and things just suddenly “clicking” and falling into place, as if a set of complicated gears has sprung into action and are settings things in motion that will eventually physically manifest in very wonderful ways for me personally.

    I experienced this feeling just a few hours ago, and I also experienced it about two days ago. My soul chimed in today and told me that July 8 and July 11 are going to be other days where certain things just line up that will, in the future, physically manifest as very welcome situations.

    There have been other positive things that I cannot remember at this moment.

    I am not one for religious texts, but I like what tobispirit said about Noah being warned way in advance about upcoming changes. I am seeing this in various ways. For example, just a couple of hours ago as I was coming home, a firetruck and ambulance where parked in front of a house just down the street from my house. A few months ago one of the people on my street was taken away in an ambulance. Over the last several months I have heard sirens elsewhere but not far away. I have lived where I am long enough to know that having this many emergency vehicles called to the area I live in is not normal!

  6. Denise, I could love you to pieces for this transmission . . . it exactly expresses the way I have come to live, and for essentially the same reasons. As Shambala before me said it…”I have learned … that ultimately I am taken care of. Not always how and when I expect, but ultimately…always.” And as you expressed of your own way of living now, I create and share freely, KNOWING that I need not worry for my own sufficiency of provision.

    I have been some forty years in preparation for these days — not really knowing what I was preparing for, or why, but following the trail as it led and WHERE it led. Only in the past few years have I come to really understand. I had to do it all without conscious guidance. But I learned as I went… I learned what I needed to know.

    I similarly left the blog world and have been putting out a more or less monthly email newsletter called Irv’s Scrapbook. But to an audience only a fragment of the size of yours. Several issues ago, I sent one consisting of my Seven Guidelines (for finding your way in the wilderness of an increasingly unreal world). If you’d like to see it you can find it on the web at

    Each article (of the seven) is built around a personal tale, and the way it works is that only the first few paragraphs of each is there and then it links to the rest of the tale on a separate LiveJournal site. So I can fit them all into a tight newsletter. Or, you can just read my seven guidelines as section headings and let the rest of it go. At the very bottom (in a line actually below the newsletter) is a place where you can click to subscribe if you’d like to.

    I am so glad that I subscribed to YOURS, and I think I will share this recent one with my own list. Blessings & hugs…


  7. Hey friends 🙂

    Great and timely post Denise.

    Well, my life is finally changing. Come October, my job I’ve had for 21 years is coming to an end. Am I worried, funny enough I’m not! I’ve had the same job since I left school at 16, working in my Dad’s company. So I’ve never even had a job interview! My Dad recently asked me what I was going to do, I said I didn’t have a clue, and was excited at the prospect (think my Dad was a bit stunned by that!) 😉

    I’m married with a mortgage of just under a £100,000, with credit card debts as well! My wife’s family are close by, so I’m getting some pressure, ‘what you going to do’, ‘life is all about working for money’ (sigh!)
    I said to my wife last night, ‘things can change, life won’t always be the same’, at least I didn’t get a negative reaction back!
    I should say, I’m getting redundancy, so won’t be left up the creek without a paddle!

    All I know is I’ve had enough of working in an office with computers and figures, also dealing with the UK legal system! I want something physical and outside, I have a few ideas and put an idea in someone I know. I am trusting the universe to bring me some new project that I truly like.

    Oh yeah, can someone lend me a tenner!! LOL

    Love and gentle hugs,


  8. What a great article. I am in the thick of “Ascensionitis” and just cant seem to figure out my situation with the lack of money. Having gone from living the high life to couch sleeping!! I havnt earned a penny n the last 2 years and have not been able to get a menial job nor get clients for massage and healing that I do. I’ve always known that I was not to charge for my healing but out of desperation tried and failed terribly. I have failed to produce any income through my once thriving business too. Fortunately I have survived on help from friends but that has come to a halt. I cant even find a rich boyfriend to help!! I live minute by minute on bread and water. The fast is good for my mind and body BUT I am exhausted now and need some reprieve. I have outstanding bills which I have learned to detach from but just dont understand the universe’s sadistic nature. How much torture does one have to endure? Is there really an end to this?

  9. Denise, what a great post, and great comments in response. First of all, thank you for what you do, which you do from your heart. I hope you know, really really know, how much your posts reach out and touch so many of us, give us hope, encouragement – and laughs (I love your rants 🙂 ) I can be feeling like absolute shit and I read one of your rants and you just make me laugh from my toes. I love that you’re no bullshit and no fluff. I love that you speak your truth. And I love how you touch our hearts.
    And, ahhhh, money – a difficult subject. After 34 years at the same job, two years ago I walked out. My body and my soul could no longer take it. I had no idea how I was going to survive financially but my life was more important. Some how I just “knew” that I would be okay, and I have been. Not rolling in the dough for sure, had to make some life changes, but it’s been worth it. For me it was what fucking good is this paycheque when I’m so beat up and exhausted that I just want to die? So I was one of the fortunate people who had a job BUT I had to – had to – walk away. I’ve heard it said that people on their deathbeds never have regrets about now owning enough “stuff” or not making enough money. Their regrets come from their heart – not being there for their family, not loving enough. It always come back to love, which is the place we are in now with our high heart consciousness. Someone quoted from the Bible, so here is a little quote on love: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”
    Hugs to you xoxox

  10. Until I see and experience how different 5D living is Ill do my best to imagine it. To have equal and free among all it has to be such a major transformation thats going to be a hell of a ride. I do know Iv had the weirdest stuff happen to me. Things disapear and appear.. so how bout some zeros added to that 1.00 in my bank account. LOL

    Ill only say its ok to complain and bitch. Living below poverty for most of my life. Iv always seemingly repelled money and had issues with it by banks doing the most insane things like taking money out of my account again and again when they were not supposped to. Clients f’ing me over. Iv never fit in that 9/5 paradigm and Iv always known it. The circumstances are so overwhelming there is a huge sign that says something is up, theres reason for all this (and theres been clues ot this, and none of them necessarily have to do with ascension as its percieved here so I wont bother).

    Iv never understood people worrying about such things as ‘going postal’ or being assertive. Being nice can most times get you what you want easier then being bitchy and it often feels better, but when bitchy is due it works. Maybe the perspective of equating such behavior with 3d isnt helpful, because your thinking its 3d and ‘lower’. Its not lower if your aware of your actions and there just being a pain in your ass. Yes from the heart, but I do not think for many years to come, we will all be floating on pink clouds gushing niceness to each other in a world wear gorry action movies dont exist, hopefully you get my point. I liek the gorry action films~! It will be a totally different ballgame ya, but do what you need too with awareness. The game is so complex, the ride has so many turns let go of any idea of how it is suppose to look and be, I guess that can be applied to any part of it. Note to self – follow my own advice more.

    I think a lot is perspective here. Money isnt bad, its what people do to get it and keep it and the perspective and feeling they have toward it in the US vs THEM me me me attitude. Raping the earth for it has to stop.

    I dont have all the answers obviously but I do know people can have money through positive attitudes, through personal power of cosmic creation (not selling false promises) and I dont see how starving people and a depression is going to change things for the better. I think theres a peice of the puzzle missing yet, and one where we are shown we have the power to create what we need, and what we want.

    Personally its not so much the money thing that bugs me, its just missing out on life, normal life things that upset me, missing my friends, having my heart broken and people just acting bizzarro, weird thigns happening all the time and being the only one within a one hundred miles radius who is experiencing them.

    Iv been living out of a duffle bag for three years….. shrug.

    Weve all been very down here this past week or so it seems, lets envision some good magic on the horizon.

    • Jamie Crowley,

      Yes it’s been hard-core for the past couple of months and hopefully the upcoming Solar eclipse on July 11, 2010 will propel many of us into the next level, the next stage of this unfolding.

      One thing I want you and all of us to remember is that we will reach a point soon where something energetically (from the galactic center) will reach Earth/humanity and it will instantly change us, our DNA, our consciousness and therefore our very reality. This upcoming event is nearly impossible to talk about or grasp (as Carl Calleman said in those videos), but I know it’s coming and that reality will suddenly change because we have changed/evolved seemingly suddenly.

      I too have been isolated most of my life simply because I’m fifteen steps ahead of the masses. This is normal but I too can’t wait to have people like all of you here actually in my space also. 🙂 That is coming too. Ascend/evolve beyond money and money consciousness (and oil and war etc.) is the name of the current falling game.


    • Hi Jamie,

      Aren’t you also in your 30s and an Indigo??? You SO sound like me. The things that bug you is also bugging me too: how about a “lovely” scenario where you thought your current friends are ascending with you… because you used to talk about the same subjects together… only to now notice how darn okay and fine they really are with their jobs, relationships, projects, certain friends, etc… no longer interested in the spiritual subjects… still financially stable and happy-go-lucky… and when you check yourself… you NOW realize you are the ONE and ONLY one within a hundred miles radius in THIS ascension. Alone. Alone in your very own circle. Yeah: I DO get you Jamie. 🙂

      I have no friends nor family members to say I’d come “home” to that won’t give me an emotionally allergic reaction to their bullshit… just to have less bills to pay. Just won’t work. I thought just coping with everyone around me by keeping my mouth shut (like the “good old days”) would do… but no… my rage flares up when anyone does/says something asinine. Deep down I know if I live with someone who is NOT ascending… I would not tolerate nor cope with that person. I tried really. My rational mind isn’t in harmony with my Heart consciousness that is now so grounded to the Earth… very nailed to it… that I do not sense that it’s time to move where I live now. I will stick to my guns on that… ‘cuz that’s what has sustained me for months now… MONTHS… not weeks as I thought… months… no matter how badly it looks time and time again.

      Since I sense some sort of despair and agony from your inner world (and do correct me because I still don’t see myself as that psychic… just feeling it out) I wouldn’t mind giving you a helping hand on imagination since you commented stating this:

      “Until I see and experience how different 5D living is Ill do my best to imagine it. To have equal and free among all it has to be such a major transformation thats going to be a hell of a ride. ”

      Yes of course it is but do bear in mind: we’ve ALWAYS been a hell of a ride. Nothing new here. lol. I do feel some familiar energies there… so just for the sake of camaraderie (and really I have no rationale rhyme nor reason other than just sharing)…. I share with you one of my daydreams:

      I see me being in a hobbit/permacultured “store”… trying out a fabulous organic gown made from Love. It’s unlike what we know today. It’s the kind that’s made of Love so much… that you can feel it, taste it, hear it, touch it and smell it and beyond. It’s the kind that bring you to tears of natural gratitude and joy… because just trying it on is Love… and that’s how you “buy” it. That’s all there is to it. Free as hell and just living and breathing is enough. The maker genuinely WANTS you to have it for free from Love because… well… that’s how the business is run. Same goes with anything you touch as you go about your business in the Free 5D “market”. No one slapping you on the wrist for touching something you didn’t earn to buy. No one to tell you that you shouldn’t have this or that because “it” looks so darn “expensive”. No more cheap-looking things for the sake of profit. Everything in the “open market”… all the things you ever need and loved and appreciated… is free and made and produced out of Love.

      I habitually daydream about things like this all day long without a care… make up stories… not even realizing that THAT might be one of the millions and billions of “things” that is part of the 5D world… the world that’s now being birthed out… the kind I was daydreaming about since I was little. The more I read these blogs here… the more I can’t believe that THAT reality is very and highly possible… become real. No more themes of “I don’t deserve” or “I need to earn it to deserve it”. None of that.

      I’m going to continue daydreaming as usual but this time… with intent from the Heart on High. I too don’t have all the answers (and by golly it frustrates me to hear my Higher Self say “that’s the point, you don’t”)… but these ARE the things that are still here amidst the Void and the shedding of the 3D world. I noticed… and keep noticing… that anything after the Void that is NOT of High Heart consciousness… goes out the window. I have the URGE to intend on taking good care of myself in the physically plain… withOUT me working for it. Period. My intuition states thus… so let’s encourage each other to go there… in that direction. 🙂

      Namasté Jamie and to you all. I can’t wait to see (no actually I’m too detached to care) what July 11th brings. There are signs of 11:11 in odd places. ^_^’

      Lou Ann

      • Here’s my 5-D dream of the week: light/lanterns that float and follow you around and you control them with your mind. You can change the intensity or brightness. You can split the ball into multiple points of light to be beautiful more than functional. You can use this lantern of light to express yourself. So much easier than language, but more artistic and impactful than mere telepathy.

      • Nadeanna,

        OMG girl that’s also MY 5D dream too. Every watched “Spirited Away”? 😉 This is waaaaaaaaaay to exciting NOT to respond to this: light/latnerns float and follow you? How about them have more character and fly and hop alongside with you! LOL… so cool to have someone think alike too! We should encourage each other to share more of those 5D dreams… to steer in that lovely direction and to help others who are stuck.

        What about the Harry Potter trick: not only can you have your groceries float alongside with you… you can leave them in the store or supermarket… fly or walk away to your destination… and *pop* it’s there.

        ****Lovely… this is lovely****

        Lou Ann

  11. i do not like living on the edge. i wish i could find a place in me to feel secure. i try to let go and not worry but that is not easy for me, because at the end of the day, 3d crap is still facing me and i still can’t pay for the things i obviously still need, as “5d” as i may be. i need a roof over my head still, and the necessities of living life, do the universe understand that?? i am so not in sync with this process. i find myself wishing that this would stop already. i find myself anxious for everything to crash and burn already so that i can breathe again. its taking too long. sometimes i take it very personal since i do not really see anyone around me lives falling apart every single day to the degree mine is, only when i am online and read about other like-minded people going through this i see that i am not alone. i still feel like i am doing something wrong, like i am wrong for wanting to live a happy comfortable life. i feel like i am supposed to want to be broke. problem is i do not know how to want or accept what is happening to me. this has been going on too long. so what about the people who are not experiencing any financial difficulties, what will become of them? i ask because i wish i were in those shoes, i’m tired of this. i’m confused, i apologize for this disconnected comment, i’m emotionally exhasted. this is taking a toll.

    • pbreezie,

      Don’t apologize for being honest about what you’re living and feeling. Believe me…most of us here feel the same way and have for years!

      The people with money will either lose it, get to the point where they’re forced to see that it is meaningless and powerless any more in their lower dying world reality, or they may just have these cosmic, galactic, solar, and astrological energies finally bash them right in their tiny, self-absorbed heads and then blast open their hearts. Won’t that give all of us the giggles? 😆

      This period where the old lower is dying and the new higher is birthing is simply a difficult time of TRANSITIONS for everyone everywhere and it is going to get much worse, and then much better. Demand that your Higher Self assist you in surviving this mega change financially until none of us needs money because we’ve evolved beyond it and into “Unity Conscious” or what I call High Heart consciousness. For many of us this whole money business is a brutal look at what BS it really is and has been and how utterly it has controlled humanity. The whole thing of I have and you don’t of the old lower and finally dying world and mindset is evolving/ascending into 5D Unity or High Heart awareness and being which means all will have what they need without any power plays, slavery, control over others and so on.

      Hang in there and talk from your heart to your Higher Self about the money/survival difficulties you’ve having and ask for guidance, help, assistance etc.


  12. Hi Denise – I feel like sending out an SOS because h o l y shit. Is this upcoming eclipse causing such an uproar in my body? Back to the old poop, poop, poop and wicked abdominal pains, fatigue, and a “I just don’t care any more” attitude! This is a really really whiney post. I’m not alone but I feel very lonely and thought maybe if I connect on here I’d feel better. I’m wondering how you and everyone here are feeling. Ya know, because maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m just trying to find a reason why I feel like a dog’s breakfast. And, I might add, I look like one too. Supposed to go to a neighbourhood gathering this evening and there’s no way in freakin’ hell I can go!
    Ok, ’nuff whining and complaining. Back under the covers with my dog. He seems to understand 😉
    Love Chrys

    • 😆 Oh yeah Chrys…I can certainly relate to it all. Here’s my problem, and it’s not a new one at all. I’m going through all this too and have been very intensely for a couple of months now. I want to post about it and intended to and include a list of stunning physical and emotional symptoms that I’ve been dealing with since around May 2010. My problem in doing this however is that brain function is required…at least a little bit of it! Because I’m usually eyeball deep in the current transformation soup myself, I often miss the moment to write about it and what I’ve been experiencing, discovering, perceiving etc. ONLY because I’m so wrecked myself. It is very frustrating to me when I want to share but can’t, at least not yet, because I’ve been in such physical pain. BUT…this morning I felt the incoming energies settling in and me and my body adapting to them, which means brain function and getting some info from it out through fingertips to type is returning now. 🙂 So I’m going to try, try to write something fast and not terribly complicated tonight about what I’ve been going through and perceiving. And, as usual, when I can express it better in a few days I’ll try to write more about the amazing quantum type of stuff I’ve been perceiving about our current changes/evolution/ascension.

      Hang in there Chrys as this is the latest (but certainly not the last) grand finale to what we’ve been going through for months already.

      Hugs n’ Loves and you’re never alone,

      • I dont know whats going on, but since yesterday afternoon I have felt fantastic. Clear, open, like I can breath. Joyful, for no reason. Havent felt this good… ever I think. Last summer after the big August push I was close but not like this. Theres still been a tiny little thought or wave when somethign come sup I was blocked about doing but over all a wave washed over me starting yesterday.. I coudl even do yoga excersizes at full steam and with kundalini you do repretive moments for several minutes, I could have kept going and going.. Who knows hwat will happen, or where the feelings will go but its powerful, and Im just appreciatting, appreciatting it all sincerely more then ever…

    • Hey Chrys-
      If it makes you feel any better then I will be misery for your company. Thought I was getting away with something when others were feeling yucky; I actually felt decent (relatively speaking) for the last two weeks. At least in terms of extreme fatigue, aching, nausea, and my old buddy despair. Was really tired yesterday but thought it because of a long week with 35 hormonal kids. But, hours after I fell asleep last night, I woke up with a major intestinal attack out of the blue. Still unable to eat today, and so tired I barely make it across the front yard. Sore, achy muscles, blurry vision and achy-breaky heart. Had quite the tear tantrum late morning, but that one had been building. So, yeah, I guess we’re in the thick of it. I am biding my time trying to be grateful this hit me last minute. Or what I hope is last minute…LL

      • Denise and Lamplighter2 a big THANK YOU and yes it sounds sick, but misery does love company. But more, I guess it’s just wanting confirmation that how I’m feeling is how YOU all are feeling. I feel so hungry but I can’t eat. When I eat I get sick. My intestines are in a knot. When I put my hand on my solar plexes it is throbbing so bad there it feels like I have a huge heart beating right THERE. Lord, nothing about me feels right. This forum keeps me grounded and as sane as I can feel at this moment. Hoping and praying that things calm down once this 11th is over.
        Sorry for being so whiney and cranky (and scared 😦 Love you all,
        Chrys oxo

    • I have been going berserk all day today (July 10). I have tons of energy running through me and no outlet for it. When I get like this I need to be around people, but I have nobody, so I am very lonely and have to try very hard not to plunge into depression.

  13. It’s interesting that this subject has come up. I was “let go” on June 10, 2010 and while things were okay for June, “bills” are passing by without being “paid”; it’s not far off that the first “Please PAY now.” letters will start arriving. Meanwhile, I’ve been coming across all sorts of highly resonating information. In short, guess what? The NAME on “your” bills, is not referring to YOU (as a human being with a soul) but a bodiless / soul-less legal fiction (a “person” which in legalese = corporation) that exists only on paper and bears the same “name” albeit in capital letters, and that it is this fiction that is in contract with the bank, credit card company, utility company, whatever — in all cases. The human Beings we are, are not in debt and don’t owe anyone anything. For the last several days I’ve been finding and saving letters that were used to send to utility companies to tell them to prove that it is WE as human beings who have a contract with them. (I’ve yet to send anything.) Reported results are, the companies freak out and don’t provide the proof because such proof doesn’t exist; they’re screwed.

    I don’t necessarily vibe with the “freeman” thing because much of it reeks of low-vibration right-wing garbage, e.g. the 1700s style stuff that has a certain vibe to it. More rather the tribal and/or spiritual “Free Being” from thousands of years ago. And certainly not the modern milit1a aspect. -_-

    The Pleiadians said that if something isn’t effortless, then don’t bother. I agree. Working for worthless debt notes (money) for 40 hours a week on a pittance and being always one paycheck away from oblivion, OR, writing a bunch of letters to corporations telling them to prove that there is a lawful contract (which there isn’t)?

    Someone in IRC chat plopped this link down, and from there I’ve fanned out everywhere in information gathering…


    I am unsure in spite of this of what I’ll do. It feels right, I mean, I know now in full that I’m being scammed and I (as a human Being) don’t owe any fictional utility company / landlord / bank (corporations) a single thing; NONE of us do. Yet it is already concluded that I am departing this place in 1.5 months, so I’m wondering if it is worth it instead of just ignoring them. Dilemma…

    This information may be useful for those of interest and who have Courage. I do not know, which is why I am posting this here, Unconditionally. 🙂

    …Seconded with all the digestive system issues… They’ve been going on for ages in waves. Some of its been induced however.

    ~ In Unconditional Love & Light,

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