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Here comes another important ingredient to the Cardinal T-square and Aries/Libra opposition fun and excitement. On July 21, 2010, transiting Saturn enters the sign of Libra where it will remain until Oct. 6, 2012. With Saturn now in 0° Libra, it will be in opposition to Uranus at 0°Aries. A few days later on July 30, 2010, Mars enters 0° Libra. For a while we’ll have this dynamic conjunction between Saturn/Mars in Libra, but also both of them in opposition to Uranus in Aries. That in itself has the potential for a rather volatile and explosive period, but this opposition is also in a T-square aspect to Pluto at 3° Capricorn which really increases the complex energetic tension and possibilities for all sorts of further…excitement within the world. No fear remember? Just more changes and exiting of what no longer works in us, our lives, the world and its many systems, beliefs and consciousness.

These planets have been within orb of this opposition and T-square already, but now that Saturn has put on the Libra costume, the energies change and the entire Cardinal energy pattern comes fully to life. Actual physical reality and many of its structures and systems (Saturn), plus relationships of all types (Libra) will now begin to change/evolve like never before. We may begin to feel more responsibility, more rebellious against the old falling System (Uranus), and intense desire to make permanent changes in our lives, relationships, and our world (Pluto).

Another potential aspect of Libra now being involved in the transformational Cardinal mix too is that of ETs and some other-dimensional “Others” entering the picture a bit more. Do not misunderstand me however because I am not saying that I believe ETs or Other others will be landing clunky, 3D-like space craft in our backyards any time soon! (I do not believe that will happen—period.) What I mean is that I feel Saturn in Libra at this time with everything else that is going on for us and the rest of humanity, that some of us have the increased potential now to personally experience some etheric, non-physical, other-dimensional meetings or encounters (or subtle glimpses and exchanges) with some ETs and/or Libran “Others”. This will be a personal, private type thing and another indicator of our evolving energies and consciousness and growing ability to cope with increasing galactic consciousness and universal society;  not the other way around and ETs coming down vibrationally or physically to us. I’ve said this before but felt I needed to really stress this point again due to Saturn entering Libra (in 2010).

Because Saturn has to do with responsibility (or people doing everything to avoid it), the business about each of us being able to discern what, who, and why will also enter the spotlight like never before. Aries has to do with “Self”, while its opposite sign Libra has to do with all of those “Others”, and not just human “Others” but the other-dimensional, non-physical Others as well. Our old lower egoic concept of Self and Other (Aries-Libra) is evolving to encompass far more than before the ascension process started. We most likely will meet some of the Others because we’ve expanded our Selves, and as should be obvious, this brings a new higher level of Saturnian responsibility and discernment, so pay attention and discern who’s who as best as you can. I suspect some more timely manufactured ET/UFO BS will be crafted by some human jerks and displayed in the night-sky to pull the consciousness of many away from the real thing happening at inner levels.


July 21, 2010


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  1. Thank you for providing such a refreshing, higher-consciousness interpretation of this upcoming transit, Denise.

    Lately, I have pondered the true meaning of Saturn’s exaltation in Libra. For those readers unfamiliar with sign rulerships and other astrological concepts, each planet traditionally functions well in one of two or three signs–the sign(s) of its rulership and the sign of its exaltation. The planet is able to express its energies more easily in these signs, so it is considered to be “strong” or “powerful.” Perhaps this dualistic concept may need revision with the Earth’s imminent ascension, but I believe a special relationship exists between Saturn and Libra.

    Traditionally, Saturn represents physical matter and the concept of time. He often is regarded as a restrictive force, but ultimately, a beneficial one. Saturn demands that we clear our lower-energy “junk,” that we remove negative influences from our lives and change destructive habits. I regard Saturn as the Purifier. Libra, the sign of Saturn’s exaltation, is associated with the kidneys, which purify the bloodstream. Therefore, I predict that the energetic cleansing/clearing process will commence in earnest, with Saturn’s entrance in Libra.

    Responsibility is another Saturnian theme, but I believe it is critical that we do not interpret “responsibility” as “burden.” As Denise and others have described, humanity is in a stage of transition–specifically, we are learning to reclaim our power and our autonomy. In this matter, we are preparing to enter spiritual adulthood. Saturn will facilitate this process because Saturn–or, more specifically, the first Saturn return–is the astrological indicator of full emergence into adulthood and full participation in society. Similarly, I believe Saturn’s transit through Libra, combined with other potent transits, will herald humanity’s reentrance into and renewed participation in galactic society.

    Finally, I’d like to emphasize that the Sun (ego) is in detriment in Libra, which means the Sun is NOT able to express its energies easily in this sign. I do not believe this requires further explanation. 😉

    Balsamic Moon

    • Balsamic Moon,

      Thank you for sharing your astrological wisdom and deeper level insights; I always enjoy and learn something when you do. 🙂

      Hugs & Gratitude,

    • “Saturn demands that we clear our lower-energy “junk,” that we remove negative influences from our lives and change destructive habits.”

      I’ll say.

      My dreams and waking life of late are one in the same, in terms of pointing out what negative influences still need purging. I feel like this particular time in transition is one of learning balance, cooperation and harmony (in and with the new energies). As within, so without…

  2. Hi Everyone,

    My Saturn Return has finally ended. What irks me at this point is that… the lessons that it brings seems to be eclipsed by this Ascension. It’s interesting to note that two years ago… I could no longer tolerate being under my parents’ roof anymore… and had the urgent need to live on my own and so I did. And then… this phase according to Emi’s links… also happened at that time… albeit much earlier that ignited more frustrations within myself. I felt the need to show the Universe that I mean business… and that I no longer want to be spoon fed by parents… who thought I was still a child… had no right to have a voice… and since I don’t and couldn’t pay the bills… I had no right to. Bottom line. That was why I left home: Saturn Return and the Ascension.

    Now I figured it all out. NOW I know what hit me.

    I still see the inevitable of going back to my parents’ home… to return to being compromising and complacent and disempowered because I have to tolerate them… while the lessons from Saturn were all about:

    *No longer taking shit from anybody whatsoever
    *Being true to myself no matter what
    *Being honest and sticking to my Truth by speaking up and walking my talk
    *Be authentic at all times
    *Create and affirm my boundaries
    *When not happy with the disempowering relationships… leave
    *Be more assertive and have the courage to stand my ground
    *Make firm plans to change the situation, which means to leave jobs, family, friends, etc.

    How ironic. Right now something within me tells me that I may no longer bring forth any 3D money. I’m still in my own house apartment… with this month’s rent yet to be paid and a few months of electricity bills still unchecked… along with other bills coming along.

    The lesson I foresee in that route would be to face my ego… emotions and humbling messes and all… knowing that no one can take my power and freedom away from me… lest I say so and I have no doubt in my Heart that I can ever do such anymore. If my parents wind up screaming at me and putting me in a corner literally… then I’d still have to face them WITHOUT ego or backlashing… attempting to participate in their drama on me. If they want me to do and be and have this and that… and it’s not in my nature nor heart to do/be/have so… then they too have to compromise and be at peace with. The New Reality is JUST around the corner I feel…

    However… if my Higher Self still supports my need to have a sacred space from unconscious, un-ascended others… then so be it. If my time has come to return to the parent place for just a few months… just to ride this out for a few months… then so be it as well. There IS a part of me that’s wriggling in fear and upset about the latter but… I DO have a feeling that my Soul wants to transmute all stuff and shit from family ties… because they aren’t going with us in the fully developed New World/Earth.

    Love you all,
    Lou Ann

    • Wow. I had so forgotten what it feels like to be a young person in the situation you’re describing. Who hasn’t been there? If it helps, probably a billion people on earth are right now feeling just as you are about living with their parents.

      I just want to add, if you will allow, that what you said here:

      “If they want me to do and be and have this and that… and it’s not in my nature nor heart to do/be/have so… then they too have to compromise and be at peace with.”

      well… there’s a possibility that they might not quite see things that way — see that they too have to compromise. It could be that you will see pigs fly first. : )

      I have no advice for if you go back, and you haven’t asked for any. I just hope that one day you experience Acceptance (or Allowing, if that’s a better word). If you haven’t experienced it yet you have a real treat ahead of you! It’s an energy that feels real good. It can release years and years of crap in literally seconds.

      The best to you..

      • I just hope that one day you experience Acceptance (or Allowing, if that’s a better word). If you haven’t experienced it yet you have a real treat ahead of you! It’s an energy that feels real good. It can release years and years of crap in literally seconds.

        Amen, septembo. 🙂 I’m there baby and grinning from ear to ear; could also be the energy coming in too, whooo. hugs, em

    • There is a book called Busting Loose From The Money Game. Go get this book Lou Ann. WHen your back with Mom and Dad the method is has in there is really going to help you not go postal. I know your like how is that book with that title going to help but it will. Its a perspective that kept me on the ground. When I moved out of LA three years ago and had to come back to boring boston and leave my friends, my love and my life… and my lover as in the person iv loved, only loved, and still love which crushed me. I look back and am amazed how I got through it. But I did. And it was more then Mom and Dad just want me to do this thsi way, it was everyone! Everyone thinkign I was doing through wrong and turnign against me and doing and saying the most insane things. And my stepdad trying to punch me for eating garlic… it was so bad. But I lived, so much has changed and that energy within my family is now gone. Actually living with my Mom is the best situation Iv ever had now. My stepfather passed away. a lot came clear with my family. I didnt know my father had lied to my entire family that me, my sister, and mother were responsible for him being broke. FYI my father left when iw as 11, never paid support but had fun driving around new corvettes and womanzing. He waasntmuch of a Dad so much as an abuser before that anyway. He lied lied and lied some more. The mountain of past karma Iv have muddled through is amazing. Youll get through it. Focus on you, not them. Sure they want you to do it therer way, but guess what, when you try its going to fail and they will see that. :-)U have us here anytime… I recommend nature walks too.

      • O thanks a million and a million times over Jamie and Septembo. Really thanks a whole lot. I feel like I’m Jamie… and ***Jamie is me***. The more I get to know you, Jamie… the more I see your situation fits mine. Stick with me and hold my hand tight etherically… because I’m still emotional about letting it all go!!!

        I too have a great resume and portfolio:

        … and that’s not even HALF of it! NOTHING seems to give way EXCEPT for my personal artwork… that has NO corporate or business link to them… the kind that I express ONLY for me during this Ascension Work…. and I so cherish it to the fullest. I’m constantly on the computer working on my digital artwork… because it is so dauntingly expressing how I really feel… besides addicted to being here on Denise’s blog. I kid you not when I say every few minute I come here. The more true I am to my work… the more evolving it looks becoming closer to the level of Pixar’s or Dreamworks… not being a boaster but I’ve compared it and see it critically… and yet I still don’t see myself working for anyone anymore. Just slipping away from that Life… and I see no other opportunity come my way anymore… save maybe from my personal Artwork that goes who knows where?!? What would come out of it I don’t give a fly… but I LOVE it… and it has comforted me THIS far!

        I STILL love where I am… but it’s just the 3D money to pay the bills that’s in the way. I LOVE it here! Hell… I have threes and hills and flowers all around me… but yet I still have no energy to sit under a tree. Denise would kill to have that… I mean trees trees TREES among the Caribbean coloured concrete lil’ houses.

        It really looks like this is it: the THING that I MUST transmute once and for all: family ties.

        I hate and loathe the patriarchal Life… but my Higher Self has reassured me that I am not the person I was a few years, months, weeks and days ago… so yes I WILL be feeling the PEA like a boulder size… but it’s time to face it and bring Light to the very things that have disempowered me for all that time… so that I can bring the New Reality even faster and stronger. It would bring healing to me, my ancestors and all women everywhere… just like the rest of us are doing. Not easy and I KNOW I WILL be screaming a LOT!!!

        At least my Mum has come ’round the bend. I think the pigs are having wings getting ready to fly (lol). She has seen me do every thing they have told me is the right thing to do… only to see me fail. She has told this to me. She KNOWS how hard I’ve tried… and has honored me instead of gaffing at me. She is seeing that it’s all part of the Divine plan… and I’m seeing her getting out of the way. In fact… when she and Dad attempted at having me checked for ADHD… traveling to California… that plan never went through. When Mum got frustrated at this and genuinely asked God/dess why… She/He simply told her “Lou Ann is healed”. Wow: it’s not that I’d be forcing anything on them… it’s that Life itself just WON’T allow them to fix me. I see that now… and that would make a whole lot of sense to see my Soul seeing this bringing out the best in me… having me be a much stronger and wiser woman… in spite of my situation. I need not lecture to anyone about this humbling fact… but omfg… it would be SO upsetting to me to be under someone else’s ROOF!#@! My Scorpio side HATES that!!!

        Your Dad cry over garlic. Mine cry over how I eat or breathe. :S
        Tell me this too shall pass in a jiffy… like within a MONTH and NOT a few MORE months!

        Love you all for being there for me. We’re in this together… we’re REALLY in this together.
        Lou Ann
        P.S. I’ll buy that book Jamie! I’ve never realized it goes WAY beyond all the financial books I’ve read. I want to save the rest of the money I have left to at least give this book a try. Thanks a mill once again.

  3. As always, you add so much depth to what is happening. I would like to be better at being able to stay away from fear. Pluto has always played haevic with me. But my fear is usually for the earth and suffering.

    • gwennm,

      I’ve learned – the hard way – that “trying to stay away from fear” or anything else for that matter, only creates much more tension and connection to the very things we strive to get away from! I’ve learned repeatedly that the fastest way to get myself free, and I mean really free of something is to just go into it, deal with it, take away or take back all of the emotional energy I placed into the damned thing by being afraid of it, which automatically neutralizes it, which means you have resolved that polarity energy and consciousness! And that is exactly what the alchemical ascension process is all about; actually facing and reabsorbing/transmuting/resolving all that we’ve projected out from ourselves over eons. Sounds huge n’ scary, but once done, you realize it is the best way, the best Path to real freedom and mastery.

      Know that you are doing exactly this and be pleased. 🙂

      Hugs and ESPAVO,

      • It does sound huge and scary. I have an overwhelming feeling to run, just run. Doesn’t work, and this is why your words so resonated with me this morning. So today, I’ll deal with it…Thanks, Liz

  4. All throughout today I have been feeling hyper, irritable, and unhappy like I usually do when I have huge amounts of energy running through me. I just looked at the night sky, and sure enough the moon is almost full. Do full moons affect anybody else intensely?


    • I sailed through last month’s full moon, which took me by complete surprise, as I am usually a mess the few days before and after full moons. I dared hope that the new me, the new energies made this response obsolete.

      However, I have been irritable, teary, jittery, cynical since Thursday. IOW, same as it ever was. :0(

      Fortunately, I KNOW the moon phases change with exquisite regularity. Whatever else is going on is still a mystery to me. And seems determined to remain so.

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