Aug. 2010 Dolores Cannon Interview

Here’s that Aug. 2010 interview with Dolores Cannon I mentioned in a recent Comment. In my opinion the majority of it is correct, she’s just left some of the larger more complex details out, probably due to available time.

In that Comment I told Stu about how to think of the Lightworker Groups—First Wave Group, the Second Wave Group, and the Third Wave Group—like the astrological qualities of Cardinal (First Wavers), Fixed (Second Wavers), and Mutable (Third Wave Group).

It’s an interesting interview with important reminders many of us need at this late date within the Ascension Process.



23 thoughts on “Aug. 2010 Dolores Cannon Interview

  1. I have a question about a comment Dolores Cannon makes in the first video. She says a council made calls for volunteers to help Earth, for “pure souls who have never been to Earth before, who have never been contaminated” with karma. Yet I know you and others in the First Wave and Second Wave have had numerous lifetimes on Earth. How can we reconcile this information with that which we know about ourselves?

    Balsamic Moon

    • Balsamic

      I also glommed on to that statement during the interview, and had to toss it around momentarily. I can’t say I agree with her statement 100%, but if in fact she is correct, my sense is that because there truly is no past — our soul is splintered off multidimensionally into many existences/lifetimes simultaneously, divided by veils which keep our consciousness separated and very much disconnected. A good visual to help with that concept would be the old dual mirror trick – where you look into one mirror which is directly facing a second mirror and what you see are the infinite you’s looking back there in the mirror. So in theory, someone could come in for their first and only go round with no previous experience, however, believe that they have been here many times before in perceiving things as “past” lifetimes, when in reality, they are actually living many, many different lives in different times while living this one here in the now, just this once all simultaneously.


      • I agree Robin, I noticed that too — I know I’ve had several past lives in the 20th century alone. IF we incarnated linearly, it would be highly unusual to have been born in 1926, 1930 and 1952 — and yet I incarnated in 1926 as my aunt’s twin who died 6 days after birth, in 1930 as a Jewish girl who later died in a concentration camp and then in 1952 for this life, in which
        from her descriptions I should be a 1st wave but I act more like a 2nd wave.

        I have been tossing that “1st wave acting like a 2nd wave” around all night …

      • Jean,

        I know I’m a First Waver and I also know I’ve been doing what the Second Wavers do, which is to embody higher energies and consciousness and radiate them to help anchor them in and make them become the new “normal” on our ascended 5D Earth world. Many of us First Wavers have been doing this Second Wavers business of holding, maintaining, manifesting the higher Heart Consciousness and energies while the separation or fork in the road between the old lower Earth world and the new ascended Earth world business happened. It feels like we hit this big-time this summer (2010). I know my First Wave Cosmic Janitor transmute and clean-up job ended a few years ago, but I’ve sure been holding, and holding, and holding like all of us have since then.


      • Jean/Denise

        “I have been tossing that “1st wave acting like a 2nd wave” around all night …”

        Me too..Stu and I had a discourse on this back a few months ago and I like to think that the idea or characteristics of a 1st waver vs a 2nd waver are less defined than many tend to think. My comment to Stu was that if I look at it in a more concrete context in the vein of what Dolores was describing, then I consider myself to be a 1.5 Waver! I, too, fall into both categories, as I suspect many of us in fact actually do.

        🙂 Robin

      • Robin & All,

        This is the endless problem with communications. Until telepathy is the global mother tongue, these types of mis-communications and misunderstandings will abound so discernment is a must-have tool.

        As with all people who are mouthpieces for others instead of directly experiencing and living what they talk/write/lecture/channel themselves, they do not have the same perspective about what they talk/write about as we do. From the few videos I’ve watched of Dolores Cannon, I honestly like her and can feel she’s an important piece in this planetary ascension process. I get her Soul Mission if you will.

        People living the Ascension Process need plenty of other people to help them through these very different methods of perception and communication. Some people would only believe or relate to information coming from an impersonal, more scientific person and methods. Other people would only believe or relate to information coming from a very gentle, kind, heart/love type of person and methods. Other people would only relate to information coming from people who are Seers, psychics, Lightworkers, Starseeds themselves and so on. People need these many highly different types of teachers, channelers, authors, lectures etc. so that as much of this ascension-related knowledge reaches as many people around the planet as quickly as possible.

        Having said all that…we still run into this problem of full-on, rigid, linear thinking and communicating! I’ve done it and I piss myself off something fierce when I do. It’s sooo hard to not do it, especially when writing in this highly linear way. So when Dolores or anyone else, including myself, says/writes something really linear and separated like First Wavers are this and Second Wavers are that and…., we’ve all got to sense beyond that and use our own inner knowing and discernment.

        We have to use these types of labels, names, terms, symptoms etc. just to be able to freaking communicate with each other. And when we do we usually run into this problem of not sensing or feeling our ways beyond the rough edges and borders that terms, names, and labels automatically trigger in our old lower 3D linear minds. 😉 See where I’m struggling to get us to with this now? As with everything else, we’re currently teetering on the great divide of shifting over into a higher way of perception where this type of thing just won’t exist. It’s exciting on the one hand and profoundly frustrating on the other, but such is this compressed evolution we’re experiencing and living ourselves.

        So yeah…many of us “First Wavers” are also doing “Second Wavers” stuff of being/holding/keeping the higher frequencies. And yeah…many “Second Wavers” are also doing a little to a lot of Energy Transmuting Work (Lightworking) that the “First Wavers” primarily do or have done. And the other thing is that ALL OF US are and will be like the “Third Wavers” which is really great after all this insanely difficult Lightworking!

        I sure hope this makes sense. 🙂

        Hugs to All,

    • Balsamic Moon,

      Robin’s Comment said it all; all time IS simultaneous.

      We’re so used to thinking and perceiving in this narrow, slower, linear way and then we get confused when reality conflicts with it. Another aspect of this is something that I’ve talked about here before (and in A Lightworker’s Mission), is that many of us reincarnated here now as Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Path Pavers/Indigos etc., ALSO have other aspects of us (not these same exact Denise and Balsamic Moon personalities) that exist in different higher dimension who are some of the Starbeings/ETs Dolores Cannon mentions. We’re many of Them, and, we’re also other aspects who raised our hands, volunteered and said, “We’ll go!” (I’ve remember doing this myself and talked about it in my book.) Things are not as separated and linear as our old 3D Veiled and polarized consciousness believes and perceives they are.

      Another thing Dolores Cannon said that I totally disagree with – and yet I understand why she said it – is that not ALL Lightworkers/Starseeds who’ve reincarnated in these current lives “don’t remember” why they did etc. I’ve remembered since age five and it’s been a burden and a blessing. I believe only a very, very small handful of souls reincarnate with conscious memory/knowledge about why they’re here now and about Home and The Mission etc. Forgetting the majority is a safety precaution for the reincarnating Lightworker, but some of us do consciously remember what and why and past lives that tie into this one and why etc. Our antennas just pick up farther away signals than most people’s. 😉

      Because it sounds like Dolores has not encountered anyone who has had conscious memories like this, she believes that people (Lightworkers, Starseeds etc.) reincarnate with NO memories of where they came from and why their here again now.

      About Dolores’s’ karma statement with these aspects of ourselves. As I talked about in A Lightworker’s Mission, I’ve had plenty of current life karma to transmute, plus some past lives karma. That karma went back to my first ancient Egyptian past life at 12,600 b.c. when the three Starbeings where there from 8D Orion, 6D Sirius, and 5D Pleiades. Because all time is simultaneous, that particular past life and time at the beginning of the Age of Leo is directly connected to this current life and time at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Yes I’ve had other “past lives” in between that time and today looking at this from a linear point of view…which is incorrect but this is difficult to express correctly. From a non-linear perspective, I’m both a direct result of having originally said “I’ll go!” AND also a sort of response incarnation to this ancient past life in Egypt with those particular Starbeings. There’s more to this but I know we’re getting very quantum with this so I’ll hold back a bit!

      In the end, this is why I preach that developing discernment is so very important. You discerned the truths she was saying, but you also discerned some of the discrepancies she said too. This is why I’ve said in the past how someone can be saying/writing/channeling totally correct information in one sentence or paragraph, and then huge distortions in the next! Trust your higher tools of perception even when you don’t have a clear or solid intellectual understanding about something. Use your discernment to get you farther…just like you did B. Moon. 🙂


  2. great interview with a powerful woman. thank you so much for posting these, Denise. I now understand why a particular person came into my life several years ago; I am really clear on the progression of the relationship and I am really clear on how I came out of it. My one question is: IF this person did not learn what I learned, and if this other person is not willing to grow from the experience and learn to forgive and move forward, am I going to be forced into returning to replay the role again in another life? Of, will this person’s karma keep them tied to the “old Earth” while I am allowed to move forward.

    • janielaurel,

      No one is “forced” to do anything in this way. Our Higher, Greater Selves offer us repeated opportunities to learn certain things, resolve certain things, but it is never forced. So no, especially now with the ascension process (all of the higher cosmic energies etc.) available. The Photon Light that’s been raining down through Earth and everyone/everything for many years, is assisting us to resolve all karma…all polarity within ourselves. These current lives are so rare and amazing in that every living being on Earth now has the ability to resolve their karma (unresolved, stuck, projected energies/emotions etc.) within a VERY short period of timeif they are ready and willing to do so. And there isn’t that much that we need to do really; just want to evolve into a better state and live on a matching world.

      Free Will… Everyone alive on Earth now has the option of vibrationally (and physically) ascending. That certainly does NOT mean everyone alive now will do it however. Free Will… It all comes down to which frequency you are vibrating at now as to which world/reality/dimension you’re going to find yourself within. Higher, faster, more Light-filled vibrating people are and will continue existing within a matching world; lower, more dense vibrating people who have no desire or interest in the available ascension and Photon Light energies won’t use them in this lifetime and will exist in a lower, more dense world/reality/dimension and continue experiencing “karma” or learning and creating at those levels until they honestly desire a higher way.

      The only way you could be pulled back down to be with someone like this is if YOU wanted to do so or allowed yourself to drop way back down vibrationally. It would be terribly difficult and painful in every way for anyone whose resolved the majority of their “karma”, polarity, projects and so on to drop back down like this however.


      • I pretty much had figured that out. I supposed in my true sense this was a really stupid question. I DO know that I have freed myself from the issues involved in that relationship, but somehow I felt the need to ask. The last thing I intend for myself is to spend another trip on the wheel. I am so done with all this.

        I have spent my entire life trying to figure out just why I’m here. I have done so much, learned so many lessons; my tote board has been heavy, and I’m tired. And now that I’ve reached a point in my life where I feel I can do something productive all I want to do is sit back and share my knowledge with others.

        No more lessons; I just want to hold the light and help other people feel more comfortable with what’s going on around them. thanks for a clarification of my own thoughts, Denise! ❤

  3. That was good. 95% really rings for me. If I heard the lady right the 5% difference is a) I’m sure there’s first wavers here who are not karmically “pure”; and b) ideas have been in our “atmosphere” since the beginning of this model, not just since our wave got here. There are thousands and thousands of models like ours, where they put everything we need right in the air. It’s not unusual for the designers to come down and give a nudge if a people are having trouble grasping an idea that they really could use.

  4. That’s true, there may be far more consciously aware people than Dolores thinks. I could remember my past lives from birth….I knew who I was and why I was here. Although I haven’t met anyone else like me, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. And some people start to remember later, they begin to get glimpses of other lives. A lot of people seem suddenly to wake up at age 28 – 30, when the Saturn return dissolves enough of the ego for them to remember why they’re here.
    I agree, since Time is just a useful illusion we constructed to play in 3D, you can get tied in knots trying to talk about how all these different parts of us can exist simultaneously. 🙂 It’s not like a linear sequence. Your other lives are like books on a shelf – they’re just ‘there’. Any time you want, you can take a book down and read (‘re-live’) it.
    Another thing about how many lightworkers there are, which of them are/were aware, etc, is something I often forget myself – that not everyone uses the internet! There are people – I’ve met some – who are fully aware of what their mission is and what’s going on, but they’re not talking on the internet about their experiences.

    Cat, what you saw might have been the new golden grid. Next time you see it, you could try thinking of someone you know, & see if you can hear them talking. Karen Bishop knows about the grid, and Stuart Wilde recently saw it ‘activated’. It is fantastic, like a spiritual internet! We’ve been able to receive images and information ‘downloads’ for a long time: but this new grid is something else again. You can communicate, in words as well as pictures, with your higher-dimensional selves, star beings, other lightworkers: anyone you have a connection with. It’s like having a radio conversation. When the old structures fall, like the internet, we still have this grid, which is far better than the www. It never crashes! 😀 It’s also a healing and energy source, so if you connect to it, you never get tired. The wonderful thing is, it’s totally ‘dark-proof’. No one vibrating below a certain level (eg, still capable of anger or fear) can access it. It’s that simple.
    There is a very good description of the golden grid here, even though it was written a few years ago.



    Sorry, the link I gave below to the interesting article about the golden grid, no longer works. Here’s the article, on a different site. If you scroll down, there’s a summary at the bottom, of the uses of the grid. This link should work OK; at least, it did five minutes ago! 😀


  5. I’m a little late to this roundtable, but delighted y’all already covered what had been eating at me since I watched these videos last night. I wrestled with a vexing memory montage of Oversoul 7 books, working at a residential treatment center for juvenile delinquents and arguments I had long ago volleyed with ‘conservative’ family members and the nuns at Catechism.

    After watching the first video I was immediately defensive, as I always am when someone, ANYONE starts saying that others are going to be excluded or left out if they don’t do it right, get it right, change their attitude, their religion, their perceptions, their beliefs (their past?) to the ‘right’ one, the better one, the best one. To me, that is judgment. From my perspective, every soul incarnated on this planet was Called Forth, for whatever combination of reasons, rhymes and roles. That some are lighter beings, or come from a more ‘pure’ planet or star might be true. But I can attest to this firsthand: If it were not for those so-called dark and creepy or perhaps ‘contaminated’ souls that were and still are in my life, I could never, ever have evolved and found a way to let go of the crap I came here to experience, in order to enlighten my load. I am grateful (when I am not infuriated and grief-stricken) that they came here also to help me with my intentions and evolution.

    As for the various definitions of waves, I had thought of myself as a first waver, if only based on age and basic tenets of disposition. However, I have never been or felt suicidal, regardless of the many traumas I experienced since quite young. I was married for 27 years, and adopted a child. So by Dolores’s definition, not a likely first waver. It appears karma is my working palate: no pure Light Being here. I also do not fit into the normative for a second waver either, by much of her definition. So where do I fit on the matrix? Wherever it is that I do, it seems. Do I need a label? Sometimes I really need validation or reassurance. Sometimes I don’t.

    I am a bit relieved you peeps picked up on the same parts (validation!) of her claims that did not feel right to me. I will add to that, and (as above) it could be my incorrect perception, but I personally don’t tolerate exclusion in terms of Ascension. I cannot hold within me the concept of anyone being ‘left behind’ even though she says ‘they’ will eventually ‘get there.’ Sounds like a competition, and any Ascension party I consciously choose to RSVP to would not sponsor a race or contest with the booby prize being stuck in 3-D for coming in late or last. Sure, there are leaders and format at any given time. But, the mission, as I like to think I accepted, is we are all getting out of the sunken mine shaft. No one has to stay behind because or until……Until what???? My heart says we are all coming up to the Light, even if some are still wearing dark glasses for some time after we step out from underground. Anything other than EVERYONE does not imply a cosmic event in my understanding. Gaia ascends, consciousness ascends, but some folks have to stay in the belly of darkness and catastrophe cuz they are playing out the role they came to experience on this earth? Hummmph. Reminds me too much of religion for my comfort.

    Whew, that’s better. Sorry to take up so much virtual space. I know I am probably preaching to the choir here, but obviously had to get this rant of my chest. Most likely it is my own subtle doubts about personal ‘qualifications’ for ascension rearing up. So to that I say, THANKYOUVERYMUCH Denise, Stu, Balsamic, and others who have prompted this discussion and allowed me to stumble into more clarity.

    • lamplighter2,

      Rant all you want and need, but it just sounds like you’ve got some residual “god poison” as Barbara Hand Clow calls it! Her term cracks me up; leftover religious distortions, either individually and/or from the collective. Earlier religious distorted teachings or not, we’ve all had to deal with them.

      I hear what you’re saying about Dolores sounding rather elitist but that’s NOT what she means. Think of kids in school. Fifth grade kids are not better/worse or higher/lower than eighth or tenth grades kids right? Same with this business. All breathing on planet Earth now have the same higher cosmic/solar energies available to them to do this intense “ascension process” business. However…due to the Law of Free Will in this neck of the Cosmic Woods, not every breathing human will choose to take advantage of them. Again, this does not mean anyone is being left out, left behind, ignored, dissed, going to hell or anything else. 😉 It’s just that some of the kids aren’t ready yet to make this particular “Harvest”. That’s how much real Love there is; so much that everyone has the space, the time, the room, the matching locations, worlds etc. to continue learning/evolving/creating and so on. I know you already know all this…


      Now, to take this whole Comments Q & A session we’ve been having here on this Aug. 2010 Dolores Cannon Interview post to yet another more expanded 5D level, I’m going to post (asap) a channeling I received this morning in a mass emailing from Tom Kenyon and The Hathors. You see, this discussion is still playing out, unfolding multidimensionally and in non-linear fashion as Tom’s Hathors usually do! (I’ve been paying attention to this with Tom Kenyon’s Hathors since Jan. 2010.)

      I wanted to mention this here in a Comment on this post so there will be a direct link to it, our discussions and Q & A’s here, and also a connection to Tom Kenyon/The Hathors “A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon – Opening The Halls of Amenti” Oct. 14, 2010. I’ll get this quoted/posted hopefully tomorrow so more people can connect the quantum dots here and around 12,600 b.c. Egypt and elsewhere. Very exciting with another large and powerful Energy Wave headed here via The Hathors…and so many of us…on Oct. 31, 2010.


  6. O boy: it seems that I STILL am capable of fear so I can’t access this wonderful grid just yet. 😦

    Now that my parents are gone for two weeks… what they left with me were their fears… kept lecturing and lecturing to me enough times that got successfully drilled into me… about the ever increasing insanity and crime-rate… that I must always lock my doors… never go outside alone in the lawn tending to my little container garden… never go in the balcony to do anything because covetous criminals could snipe me down … or simply sitting on the lawn… because people in the bushes could attack me at any time… etc etc etc etc. You see… we have trees and bushes nestling right behind us, on a hill… which is wonderful… but for my folks that’s where danger lurks.

    Hell: living in fear is the reality for my folks… and to them I’m just living on cloud nine.

    Now that they are gone and left me to take care of the family house… the house that is FAR bigger and more valuable stuff than my humble apartment… where ALL or most of my childhood fears reside in still… are haunting me so much now.

    And yet… this is heavenly: I’m discovering more and more freedom beCAUSE they are NOT there to judge me in any way. I am STILL finding myself challenging these old, christian, god-fearing beliefs. I just HAVE to be freed from them. >.< May not be fully freed but MUST attend to them… now.

    What's worse is that my neighbours… my relatives… and parents' friends keep phoning to check on me every night… which is politely kind… but are also telling me the same fear-based things my parents mentioned to me over and over… keep reminding me about the ever increasing crime-rate… which reminds me to keep facing the very things I fear the MOST.

    I deliberately leave the main door open day and night. I go outside and tend to my beginner's potted garden. I go on the balcony and have my breakfast there. Just tonight I sang aloud… just baby steps towards true freedom… in which… thanks to my parents (no really, no sarcasm here) … I still see I have a good way to go to finally let my fears GO. It's not easy to just let them go… when it's tied to survival instincts/Root chakra issues. I still imagine and create a protected shield to the place… with Love energy to heal my Inner Child's fears.

    I want to experience this new grid… the New Earth fully… and all things 5D but… I GOT to face my current fears. Need to tend to these fear-wounds… to go at the very bottom of my inner well… at the very core… to transmute them all. It's the ONLY way out. I'm sensing my fear-instincts raving up and down every now and them… and AMPLIFIED… as I continue to transmute, transmute, transmute. Sometimes I feel a whole lot better. Sometimes I feel I won't pull through. But I must clear them…. clear them all….

    With Dolores mentioning that those who choose to live in fear stay in the Old Earth… a part of me gets what she's saying… and a part of me is saying "That's not fair… I'm not ready yet and I WANT to be there NOW… completely in the New Earth with its new grid. I'm still tending to my messy self. I don't want to be left behind" … 😦

    That's my humble rant for tonight.

    Glad that others are taking her statements with a lot of discernment and a grain of salt. I find she's giving us only teaspoonfuls of truth to those who are not already familiar with the Ascension and us evolving human beings. I find there's a LOT more than what she's saying… especially with the past lives and multiple dimensions…

    I'm grateful to know that my past lives are what they've always been all along: non-linear and simultaneous and folding onto each other like layers… or multi-faceted doors/rooms from one place/dimension to another. That explains a lot for me with my past lives… when I found myself stressed and confused when I noticed they did intertwine with my current one.

    Love to all as always,
    Lou Ann

  7. I wanted to add that I thought Dolores nailed it when she said that the 2nd Wavers life purpose is “to just be”. I remember a counseler asking me once what I am here for and what I think my higher purpose was. I sat there momentarily and thought “how do I even try and explain this whole thing, and where I fit in with it all?” It was kind of comical. I ended up shrugging it off and told her that my being here IS my purpose. Perhaps viewed as a bit narcissistic– but in essence, the truth nonetheless..


  8. Today I watched all of the video’s. Thank you for bringing them to my attention. Good info Denise. Bright blessings to you.
    I have a candle burning for you to find the divine right person to buy your house at the best price for you and all concerned.
    Much gratitude. Thank you for being a way shower.

    • OMG gwennm! Thank you so much and big Heart Hugs and Gratitude for thinking of me like this.

      I’m realizing it’s going to take some serious conscious creating for me to override the collapsing housing market world/reality/consciousness that aspects of me are still connected to (exit that reality or timeline) and be able to buy another home elsewhere (enter my new reality and timeline). I try to not get bummed because of this and realize it’s really just another aspect of my continuing spiritual growth and learning. I’ve said this so many times before that Phase One was about clearing, cleaning, and transmuting lower dense Dark energies, and Phase Two is about us re-learning now how to consciously create and co-create.

      Now many of us are having to work to manifest this and other things and I know this is why Tom Kenyon’s Hathor have created their Oct. 31, 2010 “World Meditation” right now; we’ve reached that fork in the road where we’re consciously making our full Shift or transition into our new reality and physical locations (if needed) and so on. I’ll get there, but I’m going to have to consciously create it. With help like this from fellow ascenders and Lightworkers, it will be that much easier and faster.

      Thank you and much Gratitude,

      • Denise,

        After you finally get to sell your old home… I’m wondering if it’s right as rain to have your brand new permaculture house… just fitting to your personality and your mum… that is in exactly in the very same spot in your favorite woods. 🙂

        So far so good it’s becoming highly probable, comfortable and affordable. Only $3000US to build it from the ground up… or somebody who’d like to live elsewhere negotiates a lovely price to you even lower than that.

        Did you see this brand new 2012 trailer? This is it: people everywhere are gradually making that move! Yay!

        Holding the Light for you Denise. It’s fun to do so. 😀
        Heart & Hugs to all who’ve made it and are still continuing to do their inner work (me included) and glad we’re still hanging in there. I miss Tieshla… and I wonder where she’s at physically and energetically.

        Lou Ann
        still in the Caribbean … but awaiting that chance to move up to Canada.

  9. Denise, I have to chime in here about the conversation of abundance in finding a seller for your home. I lost mine in 2007. I still miss it. But I have grown so much since I divested of all that “stuff”, and I now realize what I was doing wrong in my manifestation process. I was using all the wrong words, creating more chaos for myself than good. Overall, I don’t think I’d make that same mistake again. We learn our lessons the hard way most of the time.

    My heart is with you and I’m holding your potential buyer in the highest possible light, hoping he or she (or they!) find the way to your offering soon. Blessings to you in the process. You’ve got a lot of support happening here.

  10. Well Dolores description of the 2nd wavers has me ticking the boxes, my star sign of cancer is the odd thing though as this is in the 1st wave group?!……. Sure it’s all as it should be though.



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