How Was Your Hathor “World Meditation” Experience?

On Oct. 31, 2010 The Hathors and Tom Kenyon provided a “World Meditation” starting at 12:01 PM and ran until Nov. 1, 2010 at 12:01 PM. A few weeks ago I downloaded Mr. Kenyon’s free sound recordings for this “World Meditation” and had done a couple practice runs days before the planned meditation day. I’d also read and re-read his last two channeled articles to better understand what The Hathors were planning and providing for us and all. I’m so very glad I did those couple practice runs before Oct. 31, 2010, mainly so I’d have an energy comparison to the  actual day of the “World Meditation”. Wow are those Hathors potent in the highest and best of ways!

I know that some of these other dimensional Beings (Lightbeings, Starbeings, ETs, Angelics etc.) that channel through certain people—such as The Hathors—are super ancient non-physical Beings that you and I know very well at higher dimensional levels and/or past lives. In other words, some of these Beings are beloved old teachers, friends, family, and co-workers. They “channel” to help us remember, to help us do what we came to Earth now to do, and to help us stay on track and not become confused or overwhelmed by the whole ascension and dimensional shift process. They stayed at Their dimensional Home, we came to 3D Earth, and They talk to us occasionally through certain channelings, books, articles, blog posts like this, and when we’re out-of-body and dreaming in higher dimensions. They also sometimes create multidimensional events where we do certain Lightwork at specific times around the planet to Consciously Create and override old negative planetary control systems, beliefs, and thought forms as in the case with The Hathors/Tom Kenyon’s “World Meditation” on Oct. 31, 2010. Notice the timing of it in combination with entering the last Mayan Day Seven on Nov. 3, 2010…not to mention the insane Elections on Nov. 2, 2010.

Because I’ve been psychic my whole life I’m familiar with how it felt physically (prior to the start of the Ascension Process I mean) when I’d focus though my Brow chakra/Third Eye. It typically felt like an increase in pressure, size, depth, both inside my brain in that pineal center of the head area and also protruding out from my physical forehead like a Unicorn! It would make me feel mildly dizzy, ungrounded, and larger physically which is really about our changing perspective and focus. “Normal” physical vision is like looking at the world through a tiny dirty window on the ground floor. Viewing using your higher vision is like looking out a large clean picture window from the third floor or higher. If you’re in old “normal” lower 3D consciousness, everything looks and feels smaller, more compact, with much less life-force. While focused in your Brow chakra and viewing aspects of higher frequency reality, your perception of thing looks and feels much larger with far more space and life-force energies in and also in between things. Things look and feel like they are beaming with energy and life-force. Remember that what I’m describing here is pre-ascension, pre-brain rewiring, pre-body rewiring, pre-ascension everything! Things work and feel vastly different in us today than they did before the start of the Ascension Process. And we’re not done yet! 😉

I’m also familiar with the feel and impact of when I change levels, dimensions and frequencies, and when I encounter higher dimensional Beings/Lightbeings/Starbeings/ETs etc. This is like standing in a room with everyday people who house primarily lower frequency energies/consciousness, vs. stepping into a large space where aspects of The All That Is/Source are in there radiating everywhere. There is no comparison, and hanging with the real Homies knocks your socks off like nothing else can! It’s like breathing air for the first time since you reincarnated. It’s like being Home again and is second nature. It’s like a big energy party and family reunion with family and friends from Home.

Now let’s shift back to current time with all this and look at it from our very different state as beings who’ve ascended (and are continuing the process) and have transmuted and changed so much. Let’s compare pre-brain and body ascension rewiring clairvoyant visions and Multi-D encounters with our current state because it’s obviously very different. Let’s share our experiences with The Hathors Oct. 31, 2010 “World Meditation” energy and conscious creating Lightworking event. I look forward to your Comments.


I did the Hathor’s World Meditation three times during the 24 hour period They opened that multidimensional door and literally poured tremendous higher energies down on Earth and humanity. It reminded me of the symbol for Aquarius; a higher Being pouring higher frequency waters down on Earth.

The first time I did the meditation was when Tom Kenyon and the other people who attended this meditation in-person did, and when The Hathors started Their energy downpour towards Earth. I started the meditation at 12:01 PM on Oct. 31, 2010. This first meditation was the most powerful and is something I’ll always remember with great joy and gratitude. The second two times I did this same meditation they both were very potent and easy but not as intense as the first time.

As I entered the meditation—while listening to Tom Kenyon’s three sound recordings created for this meditation—I was blown away by the tremendous in-rushing or downpour of energies and The Hathors. For me it was much like getting on a busy freeway full of traffic all traveling at 95 mph! Seriously, it was pretty amazing and I did my best getting my speed up fast enough to smoothly merge with the higher dimensional flow of Hathor traffic and energies. I got myself (my consciousness) into the fast-moving traffic and clairvoyantly saw and felt The Hathors as an Energy Group riding in with a bright, powerful stream of inflowing energy. After traveling with this higher flow of incoming energies and Beings, I thought I’d direct some gratitude towards The Hathors for creating Their World Meditation event. Instantly a couple of beautiful Lightbeing Hathor faces turned their glowing, barely human heads towards me speeding along beside Them in this massive energy flow, and they did that I love you thing cats do! They slowly blinked Their eyes once at me and projected a tiny bit of gratitude back at me. The effect of just this was so moving, so huge, so marvelous, so High Heart that tears started flowing. Home and family is so grand…

So okay, it’s only about two minutes into Part One of this three-part meditation and I’ve surfed with a couple of The Hathors within a massive flow of higher dimensional Light Energies They’ve sent streaming to Earth; I sent Them High Heart gratitude for what They’re doing; They reciprocated which was almost too much but something I’ll never forget; and the Earth is being showered in this higher dimensional energy while we do this meditation to break up two negative thought forms between the patriarchy and Earth/humanity. At this point I’m thinking how powerful and different this meditational event is in comparison to what I’ve experienced multidimensionally many times prior to the start of the Ascension Process. We have indeed evolved and changed very much so far. (And now some of you know exactly and correctly what it feels like when you connect with real higher dimensional, positive Beings of Light and the energies around Them. Don’t forget this feeling as it’s another way to discern or read/feel energies and non-physical Beings and know who’s who.)

The next thing I saw clairvoyantly during Part One of the meditation was—and I have no problem admitting how much Lightworker satisfaction I got from it—seeing ALL of the negative physical and non-physical old patriarchal forces and structures instantly turned to gray, powdery dust and get permanently blown away by these higher forces. Gone they and their negative thought forms are and it did my old Lightworker heart good seeing it finally happen within these multidimensional levels. More gratitude.


Part Two was easy in that all we had to do was stay focused in that area and space inside the center of our heads/brains where our pineal gland is and let Tom Kenyon’s/The Hathors “Pineal Gland Attunement” sounds do what they’re designed to do. I love this particular sound recording because it’s so potent and does exactly what it claims it will. I did notice however that listening to it this time during the meditation (this first time), it was abnormally loud coming into my left ear and almost hurt…almost. The sounds made my whole head inside vibrate, expand, spin, seemingly drop or fall or tip sideways a couple times, slice n’ dice and reconnect, and honestly, every bit of it was grand as far as I was concerned. A bit more head/brain pressure and spinning is nothing after everything I’ve already been through via the Ascension Process, plus I know this is simply another aspect of my (our) continuing ascension/evolution within a physical body.


Part Three was easier than I thought it would be and I was able to hold multiple points of focus and energy open simultaneously. Intentionally connecting with my “Ba” point was great and I felt the down-pouring flow of energy through it into the center of my brain, then my heart, and then down into Earth. It’s just like plugging together multiple extension cords and then overseeing the energy flowing through all the connections. More gratitude.

During this part I once again saw those ancient negative thought forms and multidimensional structures turned to dead, gray, powdery dust and get permanently blown away. More gratitude and deep satisfaction over the demise of this particular negative religious dis-empowering control thought form.

As I completed this first meditation I could see and feel that The Hathors would be holding this in-pouring energy field open and in place until the next day when They indicated. It was interesting to see how these Beings could so easily do this, where it just about kicked our ascended butts doing a fifteen minute meditation once…with higher dimensional sound assistance! But this is how it goes within the different dimensions and the different bodies and consciousness we each use in them.

Even after all the Ascension Process we’ve already been through, it is still something when I/you/us encounter higher dimensional Beings and energies while in our current bodies. That’s saying something if you think about it and something to keep in mind and heart about our return to Universal Society! But we’re right on-track and doing a fabulous job with all this and all of  Multi-D heaven is beyond impressed and proud of us. Truly. Even though we still eat and shit, occasionally stink, need to shave our legs, brush our teeth, and do and/or think and feel semi-ridiculous things occasionally, we are nonetheless thought of by the multidimensional Beings as magnificent Super Stars. They do not see us as we still see ourselves; disconnected dumb asses still wrapped in dense meat suits! They see us as what we really are, and what we can’t as yet fully see and remember ourselves, but we’re getting there aren’t we?

Great job everyone and much Gratitude to All.


November 2, 2010


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  1. Hi, Denise. I did the Hathor meditation once before Oct. 31 and then a few hours after it was done in the United States, because I’m on the other side of the world.

    I felt tremendous amounts of energy flowing through me and into the earth during the meditation and, during one section, I was beginning to see the movement of the sounds and understanding that there were colors attached, although I was still seeing mostly shadow-like filamnets at this point. I was fairly able to hold several points of attention at once during the third phase.

    The main thing is I felt immensely powerful and filled with energy for the next day. I was able to make contact with a relative who has passed very strongly that night, for instance. It was a very intense experience. Too bad I missed the hour it started!


  2. Working with the Hathors is an amazingly powerful experience! I’d planned to go to Seattle for the event, but my Guides had other plans for me in New Mexico during that time. However, I joined in the meditation that night and it was ethereal and otherworldly, haha! I always feel like I’m flying in a Loveship when I meditate with them. I’d been practicing the pineal gland attunement for several months beforehand, so I saw lots of color fluctuations in the Rooms (or Realms) of Change. Beautiful.

  3. Denise,

    Thank you for your description of the meditation experience with the Hathors. Do you have a feeling about why there is so much polarization among people, especially right now? I know it’s part of the general change in vibration but does the extremeness have a purpose or is it more of a side effect? “The insane Elections on Nov 2” and their aftermath, there’s been a ton of emotion and it exploded on Nov 2. I’m trying to see how all this fits with the 9th Wave and the move toward a unified brain and conciousness.

    Such an intense weekend. The home team in the world series; halloween; the upcoming elections; the powerful meditation. It was like one theater with 4 major movies playing on 4 separate screens at the same time.

  4. septembo,

    It has been intense lately for sure! Now that the elections are over, that severe all over icky feeling will dissipate.

    I think the polarization that’s become so visible is due to the clash of the old against any type of change for the better…for The People I mean. The old patriarchal controller bullies aren’t capable of changing their beliefs or ways, and the rest of the masses finally demand fair treatment. The French Revolution comes to mind! 😉 But it’s simply going to be wild and weird during this final mega shift out of the old and into the New…that most of people like us are creating, like we did with The Hathors World Meditation.


  5. Not to mention a hurricane: a tropical storm which turned unexpectedly as hurricane Tomas had me not being able to be there for the Hathors World Meditation. I was very much prepared for it and thought that we’re simply going to have a tropical storm… when it circled back to us and turned into a 2 then a 3.

    Most of down south Saint Lucia is wiped out clean (including famous hotels and developments) … and I sense more dying of the old to come around our area. Haiti again is going to be hit with this hurricane… and it’s only a small one that can still do a LOT of damage. 😦

    While the torrential and incessant winds and rain pounded on… with no electricity and internet connection during the entire weekend… I was thinking about the Hathors and their sounds. Haunting yet soothing. I do hope I can still use their music even after it’s all done.

    Hugs and Love,
    Lou Ann

  6. Lou Ann,

    I had no idea all that has been going on where you live! I’m very glad you’re safe and your home is sound.

    Every time I see on the TV about the Indonesian Islands getting hammered again by earthquakes and tsunami’s, it’s just so incredible. It’s pretty obvious that whole area (and Haiti) are being deep cleaned, transmuted. You are very right in that many places will go through repeated events like this.

    You just listen to the Hathors/Tom Kenyon’s sound recording any time you want to do the Meditation anyway. Energy is energy, High Heart is High Heart, and you’re intentions will be very effectual. 🙂

    Be strong, no fear, and know you will be better than fine.

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience denise:) I can see the dear Hathors looking your way in that moment. Oh!

    The day of the world meditation found me with the fam on a one week vacation in the woods and mountains in the eifel region of germany. somewhere i and the kids had never been before. also somewhere i have karmic and family line ties to. the largest overall theme for me on the day of the meditation was the feeling and idea of “stewardship” over the planet instead of dominance and connection and gratitude toward the planet.

    the whole afternoon of the 31st, we spent in this sort of anti-zoo where we got to walk on a path thru monkey town (many acres of open, wild fenced in land with groups of monkeys living on it) and then drive thru this beautiful country with herds of deer and elk and wild horses, boars and little wild boar piglets roaming free, you get the idea! It was just a gorgeous experience of being on our earth that day with the trees (in full fall color), the animals free in their protected areas, the hills and rocks and open stretches. oh! so that’s where i went in my first moments of gratitude toward our planet and the tears were flowing..

    I think I started right at 12:01 pacific time, but I wasn’t sure due to the time having changed that morning in europe. I hadn’t gone thru the meditation before hand at all, just experienced the pineal gland attunement a few times earlier in the year. I did re-read my instructions (:)) and then just set the music to playing. My husband was with me and decided to stick around because he was enjoying the music so much. Within a couple minutes he was fast asleep on the floor next to me. (the next day he was violently ill (having major purging go on of which we are all familiar!) and out for the whole day.

    As soon as the music started I felt the energy begin streaming in, major crown pressure the whole time and lots of tearing and yawning, etc. It felt like a gigantic reiki attunement. The first part, gratitude toward the planet came very easily and lovingly and I cried and cried with that deep love and warmth. The second part I just did what I was told and focused on my pineal gland and felt the major pressure and expansion feeling and also had tons of downloading go on from my higher self, knowledges about what things had been “really all about” from the “recent” past to things I had no 3d memory of/past life stuff. It was all a little too much and I’ll tell you Denise and all that I couldn’t tell you what all those knowings were anymore, I just hope they stuck somewhere:) if they were needed. I really enjoyed the third part and was also able to focus on the multiple points and really felt the flow pouring in. I stayed in gratitude there to my higher self (as directed 🙂 and that produced more delicious crying. I had a great time all three times, but would also say the first was the most intense. I was very grateful for the whole experience and enjoyed being removed from my normal environment like that too.

    Although, (what? although??) the next day, I was detoxing like nobody’s business on so many levels and then I was a mom to three young folks who in my humble opinion were also detoxing and you all ready know about my laid up guy puking his 3d guts out from all that high energy:) So, the day after had its challenging moments! Ah, I also had contact from a passed loved one in my dreams the night of/after the meditation. My grandmother of german descent. It was wonderful to see her pop into my scorpionic, rummaging around in my childhood family home’s basement trying to turn the light on type dreams!! Now, friends, this multi-d detoxing didn’t stop that day after. No, things continued to be quite gnarly for me I’d say till wednesday or so and fine and good: better out than in.

    However, I have a “Question for Denise” question coming up I’m going to throw in here at the end! 🙂 Yesterday and today, processing some of the aforementioned gnarly multiple body detoxing that went on for me after the meditation, I wondered if I hadn’t been involved in some old-fashioned pre-phase 2 lightworking during those immediate days after?? Like, could it have perhaps not been solely my dark gunk coming up to be transmuted, but others/the earth’s as well? (Which were super-hot-charged areas that have seen some shit like this 3,000 year old city with pre-roman walls still standing or up in the mountain trails that soldiers used to frequent, etc) Love to hear your thoughts. much Love and espavo, Em

  8. Em,

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful higher energies in, AND the natural repercussion of lower energies out! 😉 I hope your husband and kids are feeling better. To say the past ten days or so have been potent is a huge understatement!

    Do you remember my saying how I suspected there would be some negative backlash, some pissed-off Dark energies possibly flying around for a bit because we dared to transmute these two old lower “thought forms” during this World Meditation? That maybe some of what you felt, but it sounds like you did indeed do some bloodline and location transmuting Lightwork also. Don’t forget that nothing is singular, nothing is isolated or disconnected from everything else.

    Another big aspect of this is the Nov. 5, 2010 Scorpio New Moon with Pluto conjunct North Node in Capricorn…not to mention all the other potent astrological transits! From my perspective, all of these world events/meditations, plus the transits and aspects, plus entering the last DAY – DAY 7 of the Mayan calendar are ALL interconnected in that they’re all doing the same things to and for us/humanity/Earth etc. They’re assisting increasing numbers of people to join in now, plus they do what they always do which is to further transmute each of us who’ve been at this from the start.

    Here’s a brief recap for perspective:

    1. Oct. 31, 2010 Hathors “World Meditation” (that was very high and very powerful!)
    2. Nov. 3, 2010 was the start of DAY 7
    3. Nov. 5, 2010 was the Scorpio New Moon with potent aspects
    4. Nov. 5-6, 2010 Carl Calleman had a global meditation type thing too I believe, celebrating the start of DAY 7
    5. Nov. 11, 2010 is the annual 11-11 day and evidently there is a world meditation type event planned for that day too.

    And on and on it goes up to the 2010 Winter Solstice and shift into 2011 and beyond…at the speed of light!

    Because of all this, many people will be affected (in varying degrees) by all the incoming higher energies, the current solar activities etc., these increasing numbers of people joining in world meditation events which just means the whole Process speeds up that much more, and also by the increase in their own ascension related purging due to the increase of “time” or this completion phase (of the Mayan calendar). In other words, no matter what, we’ve all got a lot on our individual plates from here on out. I do know however that the purging is greatly reduced the more you do it, so fear not people and just haul ass through your stuff whatever it is because it’s so much better on the other side. 🙂

    Get some rest and give yourself time to recuperate after all you’ve been through with all this Em. You’ve done a lot…no, I mean a lot in a very short period. Be proud but rest and get ready for the next round.

    Hugs & ESPAVO,

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