Barbara Hand Clow Interview

I just discovered this recent interview of Barbara Hand Clow on Red Ice Radio and wanted to share it because it’s so good. She briefly mentions a few things that she’s perceived that are going to be manifesting during 2011. I’ve also perceived some of these same things that will be manifesting during 2011 due to the  ascension related brain rewiring, the further male/female energy transformations and integrations of 2010, deeper multidimensional clearing and dismantling of negative etheric systems and much more. I too will be writing about these potent changes in perception and reality that will be unfolding for greater numbers of people very quickly throughout 2011.

Denise Le Fay

December 20, 2010


9 thoughts on “Barbara Hand Clow Interview

  1. Thank you for finding this wonderful interview. It is just what I needed to listen to tonight. Much gratitude to you path finder Denise.
    Happy new season.
    Blessings and good thoughts to all, Gwen

    ps forgot to make send the posts!

  2. Thank You Denise for posting this interview with Barbara. I have followed Barbara for years, read a few of her books and always found her articles fascinating. Interesting how she revised her book: The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, regarding the info concerning the 4th and 9th dimensions. I agree with her, we are starting to better understand the 4th dimension at this time, that has been my work for the last 1-1/2 years. Her interview lead me to reference Calleman who I also greatly admire and I came across an interview from 10/15/2010 in reference to Day 7 and the upcoming Universal Underworld which I also resonated with, a worthy listen, especially for myself the info he shares in the last 10 minutes of the interview. I will include the link if anyone is interested:
    Nightfall-Project: Interview with Carl Calleman – Day 7 of the Galactic Underworld & The Universal Underworld

  3. Thanks Denise for finding this great interview with Barbara, superb.
    At the end of part 6, there is talk of another hour, do you know where this can be heard?



    • Stu,

      I wondered the same thing but haven’t had the time to hunt for it. I’ll try to find it because I’d like to hear the rest of the interview too.


  4. Stubeing & Denise,,
    I think you have to be a member of Red Ice Creations. It appears that a 3 month membership costs 15 euros — whatever that works out to be – I’m not or I would pass on more info.

    This interview made enormous sense and I wanted more info on Day 7 so I went looking for more recent interviews. I found another interview with her dated 11/12/10.

    which is actually downloadable for listening on a mp3 player. I was just about to boot it up (for listing while I wash dishes) and thought I’d check in here first. Thus, I don’t know anything else about the interview yet.


    • Jean,

      Thanks so very much for sharing this more recent blog talk radio link with us all. Heart Hugs of gratitude. 🙂

      Thanks too for the info about Red Ice Creations as I wasn’t familiar with them or how their site works…or much of any place else for that matter! 😉


    • Jean,

      I finally listened to this blogtalkradio interview of B. H. Clow today. It was good to hear Barbara talk more about some of these current topics…but Dr. Rita left a lot to be desired! Wow. But the glaring difference between the two of them is another aspect of the interview really and a great learning for all of the listeners. 😉 Thanks again for sharing it with us here Jean.

      Hugs & Gratitude,

  5. Hey everyone!
    I listened to the blogtalkradio interview with Barbara Hand Clow (and got my dishes done as well yaayy!) It was very interesting — some of the same stuff but with a good bit more about Day 7 (since the interview was after we clicked over into Day 7). FYI, stick with the beginning a couple of minutes because it sounds like Barbara won’t be on, but then she does call in so the interview goes on. It only lasts about an hour and I have to say that the interviewer is a tad irritating but Barbara is wonderful. Enjoy! And great heart hugs to everyone!

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