1-1-11 & The Year of 11’s

Our first clue that 2011 is going to be dramatically different from the past decade is that New Year’s day is a 1-1-11 day!

” 11:11 is the bridge to an entirely different spiral of evolution.”

” 11:11 — The bridge or transitional zone between the old energy world of duality, and the New Energy world of Oneness.”

I don’t know who wrote those sentences but I do know how true they are. The 11:11 and 1:11 and 11, 111, 1111’s we’ve seen for many years are both energetic triggers and visual reminders indicating we’re completing and ascending/evolving out of one VERY long spiral of massive Universal evolution, and crossing a colossal frequency threshold throughout 2011 to enter a VERY new one.

Every time I see 11:11 and 1:11 I feel those numbers as energy pillars we must pass through to exit the realm of 3D polarity and enter a higher unified dimension and level of being and reality. January 1, 2011 (1-1-11) this Alchemical Ascension Process begins in a new and vastly more compressed way…for all of humanity.

Most everything from around the 1987 Harmonic Convergence has been lived and anchored by the 3D incarnate Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers. However, with the  start of the 1-1-11 energies on New Year’s day 2011, this species and planetary Ascension Process will seemingly suddenly begin for the rest of humanity and external world to a degree it hasn’t so far. That is both exciting and rather disturbing. Things will change much more dramatically and quickly throughout 2011 because everyone—at their different levels—will be living through the monthly numbered stair steps (1, 11, 1-11, 11-11) of 2011 to finally reach that higher “spiral of evolution”.

I was a teenager during the 1960’s—graduated from high school in 1970, one year after the “Summer of Love” and Woodstock—and I vividly remember the intensity, the wild Uranian energies, creativity and consciousness, the horrible violence,  mass rebellions, love and peace, fear and hatred that was that time. 2011 is a higher octave of what began during the 1960’s with the help of some but not all of the “hippies”—aka First Wave Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers/”System Busters”—and those incredible astrological transits back then. This alone should help people grasp how really big, important, crazy yet wonderful 2011 is going to be. “It is the best of times and the worst of times.”

The very first day of 2011 is clearly and powerfully informing us that the entire year is going to be profoundly different from previous decades that have led up to this monumental species and planetary transition through the energetic eye of the needle (the 11’s and 11-11’s and the 11-11-11). This potent 1-1-11 start energy of 2011 is very much what transiting Uranus and Jupiter in Aries AND Saturn in the opposite sign of Libra is all about too. The astrological transits and 11 numbers are interrelated energies working to help us all exit the old dying patriarchal timeline reality and exist fully within our new ascended one.

Here’s what I’ve perceived and seen in my Higher Mind’s Eye lately about the progression and current compression of the entire Ascension Process.

  1. January 1999 through December 2009 was a decade of year-by-year unfolding of the Ascension process
  2. 2010 was a greatly compressed seasonal/quarterly (spring, summer, fall, winter) unfolding
  3. 2011 will be an even more compressed month-by-month unfolding
  4. 2012 is still fluctuating but it will be the final 12 months for everyone to land in The New Land.

It took the First and Second Wave Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers the entire past decade to prepare, transmute, bulldoze and Pave the Way energetically for constantly increasing amounts of Multi-D Light Energies to enter 3D Earth and once again be available to humanity. What started out requiring a full decade to carry out increased dramatically on 1-1-2010 into compressed three-month-long seasonal phases of experiencing, integrating and then proceeding  on into the next season’s scheduled transformations. With 1-1-2011 the process will continue compressing and unfolding, but now on a monthly basis. Obviously this will be faster than anything any of us have experienced so far within the entire Ascension Process.

1, 11, 11-11, 1-11, 11-11-11

I want to describe what I’ve seen in my Higher Mind’s Eye about 2011—the year of 11’s.  It’s both a linear month-by-month unfolding process but it’s simultaneously a quantum event. I saw this information visually as a 2011 calendar with each month quickly unfolding into the next month and the next. Each month had both the 1 and 11 days highlighted. The 22nd day of each month was also highlighted because they’ll be a third harmonic higher octave of the single, double, and triple 1’s and 11’s throughout the year. I haven’t listed each of them below, but do keep them in mind/heart as a triangular “triality” or third evolved state beyond polarity type frequency that will build month-by-month throughout the year like quickly walking up energy stair steps.

  1. January 1, 2011………1-1-11 energies
  2. Jan. 11, 2011…………..1-11-11
  3. Feb. 1, 2011…………….2-1-11
  4. Feb. 11, 2011…………..2-11-11
  5. March 1, 2011…………3-1-11
  6. March 11, 2011……….3-11-11
  7. April 1, 2011…………..4-1-11
  8. April 11, 2011…………4-11-11
  9. May 1, 2011……………5-1-11
  10. May 11, 2011………….5-11-11
  11. June 1, 2011…………..6-1-11
  12. June 11, 2011…………6-11-11
  13. July 1, 2011……………7-1-11
  14. July 11, 2011………….7-11-11
  15. Aug. 1, 2011……………8-1-11
  16. Aug. 11, 2011………….8-11-11
  17. Sept. 1, 2011……………9-1-11
  18. Sept. 11, 2011………….9-11-11
  19. Oct. 1, 2011…………….10-1-11
  20. Oct. 11, 2011…………..10-11-11
  21. Nov. 1, 2011……………11-1-11
  22. Nov. 11, 2011………….11-11-11
  23. Dec. 1, 2011…………….12-1-11
  24. Dec. 11, 2011…………..12-11-11

The unfolding numbered months (1 Jan., 2 Feb., 3 March, 4 April) are intimately involved in delivering the 2011 single, double and triple (1, 2, 3 “triality” or above two polarity energy) 11’s that we’ll quickly be living and moving through month-by-month throughout the year. There will be no down time or rest periods during 2011; there will be increasing moments when we’re able to enter the ascended, mystical, quantum “Now Moment” where we just are and just know. But those brief higher awareness quantum Now Moments will be followed by more unusual vibrational, portal-like experiences and compressed linear time that each of the unfolding 11’s  stair steps will produce. (I won’t even go into the incredible and super potent astrological sign changes that start in the beginning months of 2011! The 2011 astrological transits are going to make the 1960’s look like the preparatory years that they were.)

It’s hard for me to accurately and satisfactorily express this knowing information in a linear written form when it’s really quantum AND seemingly linear. One aspect of us (by us I mean the Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers/and now Indigos) will perceive each month of 2011 as a linear unfolding process that increases, builds, expands and quickens tremendously each month. However, we’ll simultaneously perceive much of 2011 like a quiet, motionless, vacuum-packed, almost sensual “daydream” or surreal blissful “fantasy”. So far this is what existing in that non-polarized, higher third unified level feels like. Other moments of 2011 will very much be those glaring, screaming, crazy WTF double and triple-take moments where we briefly become lost within the great linear/quantum Multi-D Ascension Process. Other periods will be painful and difficult just as they’ve been for the past twelve years. The aches and pains will diminish incrementally as we move through all this, but don’t expect to jump immediately from one polarized, painful state instantly into a totally pain-free one. All this Ascension stuff must occur in incremental energetic stair steps and not in such an extreme polarized way. It would kill us instantly if it did so. I know we all want the pain and insanity to end, and it will, and we’re getting there fast now, but we’ve got some impressive ground to cover first. 2011 will be very fast so the pain will probably be intense (but what’s new about that?) but thankfully short-lived. Hang in there and know it will end.

We’ll be activated by the 1-1-11 energies and immediately enter a very new level and phase of personal and planetary Lightwork and Service work. One of the aspects of this is that we’re going to quickly learn to make every thought count (our Higher Minds/High Heart Consciousness) and be exactly what WE want them to be (Individual Conscious Creating and Group Co-Creating). No more careless, thoughtless mental wandering back down into dark places and subjects of an old lower frequency nature. We’ve evolved to that point where our High Heart-based thoughts (our Higher Minds) have become Conscious Manifestation Tools. It’s time for us to be mindful of our minds, conscious of our consciousness and what it is and isn’t creating.

Aries is the first (1) sign of the zodiac and is all about the individual, the self. Aquarius is the eleventh (11) sign of the zodiac and has to do with the Group. 11 also has to do with individual (1) Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers and their creating anew to help both humanity and the non-physical Beings—the Group (11). Aquarius (11) is an AIR sign which means mental, which means humanity is entering an astrological Age, energy, and spiritual learning that has to do with its Mental Body. The past Age of Pisces was a WATER sign which means emotional, and during the Piscean Age humanity was quite effectively controlled and manipulated through its Emotional Body. Responsibility of our Individual and Group Higher Minds and thoughts have become the new focal points and tools for our ascended selves and matching world reality. The elite have long known this new Aquarian Age and change from the Emotional Body to the Mental Body was coming, so they shifted to continue controlling humanity but now through its Mental Body which is why they desperately want your consciousness focused on what they want it focused on! Piscean Age oil and human emotions and their Emotional Bodies is no longer the primary fuel source; consciousness, thoughts, mind, mental focus and plugging into humanity’s Mental Bodies is.

Now that humanity’s Emotional Bodies are slipping away from the claws of global Church & State systems, the elite swiftly shifted over to negative and lowly Aquarian Age high-tech type tools to capture, control and effectively hook into our Mental Bodies to prevent humanity from utilizing the current available Ascension Energies. Do you know where your thoughts are? Are you using them or is someone else to make a couple bucks? Or is some vampiric machine sucking your mental energies to fuel itself, or is some Dark other-dimensional something using specific lower frequency thoughts and emotions as a food source? This negative Dark shit will happen only if you allow it…so don’t! If you’re reading this I know you won’t have much of a problem taking full conscious responsibility for your thoughts, mind, Higher Mind, and Mental Body developments. Just be aware that your mind, thoughts and mental focus is the powerful new Aquarian Age fuel source to literally Consciously Create…or unconsciously create…and/or have Dark Others steal and use for themselves to create what they want. Our new ascended responsibilities are many-fold and multidimensional.

1-1-11 is a potent activation for both Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers, and finally the Indigos, and mass humanity (see the stair steps here?). It’s also a clue about how all of 2011 is going to be a phase like nothing anyone anywhere has ever experienced before. The Light has fully returned and is running the Show believe it or not, the Dark is reluctantly retreating while trying to grab as much of everything and everyone as it possibly can on its way down and out, and 2011 is when we move through the biggest transition so far within the Ascension Process. 1-1-11…let’s pay attention as we pass through the monthly multiple 11’s and get The Job completed. We’re ahead of schedule, well within budget, and  Multi-D Upper Management is more than impressed. ♥ Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to the very fast year of 11’s.


January 1, 2011

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19 thoughts on “1-1-11 & The Year of 11’s

  1. …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ {{ Happy 1-1-11 Everyone! }} -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´

    Thank you for this post, Denise.
    : :: :♥: :: :

    My High Heart has been bloOOoooming these last few days in the grace of the incoming multi-petaled frequencies you mention. (Well done, btw! Finding the right werdz to describe it all….) This is a gentle reminder to me that while we are indeed shifting into Aquarian Higher Mind Activation, we are co-creating A Multi-D Language of Light via our L~O~V~E frequencies, not just our thinking noggin’! We’re rapidly learning to ‘think with our hearts’, something we have yet to do collectively. The Emotional Body Wisdom we integrated during the Piscean Age, is now merging with the Aquarian Mental Body Wisdom in the H~E~A~R~T. Will and Spirit conjoined in the alchemy of divine love.

    The higher vibrations of our evolved emotions, especially the emotions of compassion, empathy, joy, delight, and love, are the inspiration of new forms of unified 5-D thinking fields, where emerging forms of solution based strategies, collaborative creative endeavours and New Earth seeding will be born.

    Something I’ve been mindfully practicing is amplifying specific thoughts when I’m in a high-vibrating state. IE: I’m in a swoon about how beautiful the Ocean looks on a bright morning, so I create a conscious thought within my joyful experience of the Ocean: “My Path of Service is as peaceful and serene as the waters here. I see with clarity, the purpose I am here to fulfill.”
    Or upon hearing the song of a robin this morning: “I sing a song of Joy through all my connections”
    Kinda of like affirmations, these declarations are a way of focusing my thoughts via my heart’s musings. And it’s fun. Like slapping a ‘glow-in-the-dark’ bumper sticker on my ass for when I’m being tail-gaited by Nasties. Heehee.

    I wish each and every one of you the Blessings and the Blissings that your Soul is here to experience.
    We are the strongest of the Strong.
    We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

    Much love!
    -:¦:- Tieshla -:¦:-

  2. Glad to find your postings here.. Very much enjoyed your sopportive and encouraging To Do List as well!

    Zippity Doo Dah!

    Here’s to Light Heartedness!
    Here’s to the upliftment, of ourselves and others!
    (Here’s to “lifting ourselves up”.. being uplifting and uplifted with the thoughts we choose to focus on and share, and how we choose to do so…)

    Here’s to the Light of Love and the Love of Life, the Love of Light and a Life of Love !

    Here’s to bringing the Truth to Light, with Love!
    Here’s to accessing activating and applying our inner,(essential!) Wisdom as we “grow on” from here!

    Here’s to the Light, and the Love!!!! Blessing us ALL

    Bless YOU! and THANKS for all you are doing here!

  3. Happy blessings dear Denise! Thank you for having the wisdom and energy to share with your readers, especially me. May you have all the strength, energy and vitality to do all the things that need to be done by you this coming year.
    Love, Gwen

  4. Hot Damn Denise! Bust out that info – your writing is off the charts!! Thank you so much 🙂 The mental aspect, the control (mine this time) that is beginning to become a reality for me, has really been coming home to me the last few days and I'm so thrilled to see that reinforced here by you. Happy New Year:))!! Love, Em

  5. So you know how I’ve said I’m going to stop being amazed … well not today. About 11:00 a.m today, I was thinking about all these 11s… I said to my spouse, “you know today is 1-1-11,” and he was all “wow” about that — and I sort of went down a rabbit hole thinking about 1-1-11 and 1-11-11 and then 2-11-11 and so on and thought “Wow this year is a year of many 11s – I’d really like to type Denise about that.” Suddenly it was around 2:00 p.m. and I saw there was a new posting and I sat down to read it and got through the first line or two, thinking “cool!” I remembered I hadn’t called my aunt and put off reading the rest of the post until I’d talked to her.

    And then the day exploded into horror, grief and 3D reality — my uncle – her husband of 62 years finally gave up and moved on – he’d been ill with prostate cancer for over a year and had hung on much longer than anyone predicted – back in September they had told her he wouldn’t live until Christmas. I had talked to her on Christmas Day and he was OK. So I called today and the nurse’s aide who had been staying with them answered the phone – my aunt was napping and probably wouldn’t be awake for a couple of hours. I asked how my uncle was and there was a pause and I knew the answer. He told me he had passed the day after Christmas.

    Now, I couldn’t imagine why my aunt hadn’t called me or at least one of my cousins. I was devastated. I mean, we knew my uncle was dying and it was only a matter of time, but honestly this aunt was my favorite aunt — and we both believe that I was her twin (who had died at birth) reincarnated. I was horrified for about an hour that no one had called — a million 3D “why” scenarios ran through my head. I called my brother – a million 3D “why” scenarios ran through his head — fortunately we didn’t share them with each other just the shared devastation and grief of the last male of our parent’s generation leaving the planet (talk about your patriarchal endings!).

    A little later, my aunt called. I have one of those 21st century lives where my phone number has changed a dozen times in the last ten years. I’ve given her my new phone number several times, but she had never quite gotten the number written into her phone book – and she tried to call – the wrong number, of course – thought “gotta find her number” and then in all the turmoil forgot about calling. My uncle actually died on Tuesday, so the aide was a bit wrong about the date — but still it means that I can’t get there in time for a Monday funeral. Both my brother and I are sorry that we can’t get there, even though we know it is OK. We wanted to be there – she was there for our Mom (her sister) when our Dad died – she was there for us when our Mom died. I am crushed at what something so simple – so 3D style communication – as too many phone numbers can do! The thing is, I have been deadly gloom and doom the last several days. She was calling and I just wasn’t quite hearing.

    I know that I have just spent half of the portal day trying very hard NOT to go through the portal. Now, I am ready to fly up these steps – we HAVE to be able to communicate better! Oh, and all those “why scenarios” well, my brother and I have done our best to pull back the negativity we put out thinking those thoughts.

    It is a new day, a new decade, a new world. We must use our new tools – it is just so damn easy to fall back to the “old” ones.

    Love to you all, Jean

  6. Happy 2011 everyone! And it does feel happier than the end of 2010– to me anyway!

    What you are talking about here Denise is resonating with me on many levels. I’m on the other side of the world so I’m already well into January 2nd, but last night was amazing. I was seeing chalk outlines of geometric shapes in layers, flashes and orbs galore (not so unusual for me but stronger than normal), and then this strange light change. It was like when a video camera’s motor tries to make it go into focus on something it can’t focus on and whirs in and out. That was the feeling, but it manifested as pulses of darker and lighter light (while it was dark in my room). Fascinating and a step up in visual manifestations for me.

    What you’ve said and what a numerologist said about 1:1:11 (Tania Gabrielle–amazing) brought to mind a dream I had a long time ago. I was passing through a gate that was two tall white pillars with a green triangle on top (like a big 11) and going out of my hometown into the countryside. There I visited my materialistic sister and her family who were living in an old 70s everything hotel room that smelled musty and damp. They were still arrogant about how well they were doing but I was shocked at how they were living. I am finally understanding that dream– I travelled back to the old 3D world to visit them from my new colorful geometric home and it was not a nice experience. I found the futuristic place strange at first, but I have since learned a lot about geometry and it’s making perfect sense.

    If that’s a taste of what’s to come, I’m totally on board. Who wants to live in a musty room with old brown wallboard and orange flowered sheets anyway! hehehe


  7. Thank you Denise! The coolest thing about the 1-1-11 change was and continues to be the “new connection” that seems to have happened. I have had some strange dreams of being in Egypt (never been) in modern day but walking in streets and buildings (pyramids? tunnels? dunno but ancient) where I have been before. This is new for me. I also feel “tapped in”. So even in all my 3D turmoil, the other Ds are seeping in like rising water. I wish I could remember my dreams better! Love to you and everyone! Jean

  8. All Hail 1-2-2011!

    This is a 7 day, and here on the central coast, Heaven delivered hail, and some snow on the peaks. Brrrrrr…

    Sorry for your loss Jean. That had to be shocking, even though you got the 3-D reason for the miscommunication. A 5-D concurrence is imminent!

    I spent the 1-1-11 witnessing two lovely people tie the knot at the top of a mountain in an old school house. I had been looking forward to it for many weeks, unable to think of a better way to ring in the new year than being in the room when two souls unite in love and devotion. The ceremony went off without a hitch, simple, solemn and sweet. But oddly, very oddly for me, I felt completely removed. Had one hell of a time feeling anything. Was barely able to join in on the small conversations around me, and found myself looking for the proper exit to go home. I felt something profoundly when I realized what had happened: So sad I was a witness but detached and unable to emotionally participate for no good reason other than I could not. Or would not. I honestly don’t know.

    Tried to watch a couple of movies to move my heart, and hit the same brick wall. I laid in bed this morning when it was still very dark wondering if this was yet another death in this life. Being in the world but not of it.

    Maybe it is the crappy, cold weather, or the changing of the cosmic guards, or the grey out every window. Maybe the storm before the calm. But I am calm, but isolated, I think even from myself. Or not.

    The good news is that my recently ran-over, gunned down, blown up and aching body and the accompanying frenetic energy left as quickly as it came. One of these days, body and mind will be in a groovy groove at the same time. That is my New Year’s resolution!

    May all and every of you meet face to face with joy, peace and prosperity in any form you can imagine in 2011 and beyond. Above all, I wish you and send you love. LL

    • lamplighter2,

      This one is strange feeling at first but we adapt rather quickly to it.

      You are living (and being) less and less within your old familiar ego self (that death of some aspect of your self that you’re feeling), and more and more within your ascended High Heart Self and awareness. Ego self feels and perceives everything radically differently from what we’re evolving into. This is NOT to say we don’t feel because we most certainly do, we just do so from a higher and more expanded level of Self that perceives and feels much more, but in very different ways.

      To know more means we’re going to feel much more but not through our ego selves so it doesn’t carry the high and intense drama and personal sense that ego perceptions do. High Heart Consciousness is deeply emotional but in such a more vast and everything is perfect…even if it’s unpleasant sort of way. I’m obviously having trouble describing this…

      Our ego selves took everything very intensely and were the great Drama Kings/Queens that they are/were. Once we evolve beyond using the ego as the primary tool of perception, things simply don’t affect us in that old way. We feel more and yet we’re less personally affected by them. We know more and yet we’re less personally affected by all that we know. Ego heart vs. ascended High Heart. Hope I’ve expressed this well enough for you and others to recognize this big expansion.


  9. My son and only Child informed me at 6, “mommie I’m going to be a Physicist.” Justin the oldest soul I have come in contact with even though I have spent 57 years on this world. Justin excelled at anything he approached, an anomaly, knowing far more than a young man his age should understand, compassionate, shy, but once he got to know you very humorous and loyal. At the age of twelve Duke University invited him to take the SAT. Graduating high school with a Scholar Diploma, 4.2 gpa and accepted at every college he applied. Justin chose University of Maryland College Park, MD. He took to college life like a ‘fish to water’; double major Physics & Astronomy~double minor Math & Geophysics [a TA in the Physics Dept, TA in the Astronomy Dept,, tutored the athletes in stat, calc and Physics, taught a class, worked at the Observatory. Loved be everyone he meets; Justin has an amazing ability to make you feel special and comfortable; one of those guys who would drop everything to help anyone.

    I began to do research and it startled me to learn the information about the Day of Ascension. On January 11, 2011 Justin became the 11th Victim of a violent crime which took his beautiful life. 1-11-11/Justin was 22 years old/his senseless and tragic murder occurred between 11:12 AM and 11:25 AM……this is more than a coincidence. According to the eye witness; Justin forfeited his life to protect two friends. Justin knew Statistics he knew he did not even have a 50 / 50 chance of living through this unconscionable evil act. He was a good guy; the ‘White Hat’ guys we all grew up watching on television cowboy movies. The day he passed Justin had 174 credits; a ‘B’ in Quantum Physics!! Justin possessed a beautiful mind.

    What do you think of all these 11’s and comb’s of 11’s?

    I remain Justin devoted momma ❤

    • “…What do you think of all these 11′s and comb’s of 11′s?…”

      Karen DeSha,

      What an amazing and terrible experience. You are a strong, brave mother/woman/soul. ♥

      The number 11 is what’s called a Master number as is 22. The double (11:11) and triple (1:11 and/or 111) 11’s, such as what millions if not billions of people around the world have (many still are) seeing for the past twenty-five or so years, were a higher frequency message and physical plane reminder to all of humanity. That message was that major changes (all having to do with the completion of one long Evolutionary Cycle and the start of a new, higher another one) would end/begin with humanity living and moving through November 11, 2011 — 11-11-11. Seeing these numbers and number combinations have been a sort of spiritual reminder to humanity that massive planet and species-wide evolutionary “Ascension” changes were happening.

      The day your son was killed was 1-11-11 which was also what I would call a portal or gate or exit point day. In years past Eclipses were also often exit points for souls who intended to physically die and leave their lives/bodies/loved ones in this world, dimension and timeline. (These portals and exit points are also days where other things, other souls, other energies can easily enter this dimension and world too.) These types of things are always pre-incarnational decisions the soul makes for multiple reasons, as do the other souls involved with that soul such as yourself and the rest of your family etc. These types of insane tragedies where someone is suddenly removed from this world seems to the rest of us to be an “accident” but they never are. The many reasons why your son chose to die in this manner on that portal day are reasons that only he and his High Self, the Divine, and the rest of your blood family know at the deepest inner levels of soul awareness.

      The number combination of 11:11 meant that an energetic opening, a portal or gate or exit/entrance point was occurring and higher frequency energies were coming in through it and down into this dimension to positively affect and evolve humanity and humanities consciousness and their bodies etc. I suspect that 1-11-11 was the start of this Ascension related Process at a much higher level than had been able to physically happen previous. I also know that many souls have, over these past twenty-five Ascension years leading up to 12-21-12, decided to exit their physical bodies and continue doing their individual spiritual Work from a nonphysical level, dimension and body. There are no incorrect soul choices and all Paths are The Path.

      22 is also a Master number and it’s often been represented by the 22 Paths of the Tree of Life; the 22 Trump cards — energetics and archetypes or manifestations — of the Tarot. 22 is a higher octave of the number 4 and is raised to a very elevated state and frequency. 22 also has to do with starting to work or build on NEW things, NEW lives, a NEW world.

      The fact that your son was 22 years old when he physically exited his body on 1-11-11 is very powerful and meaningful on many levels and no doubt for many, many reasons. I get the sense that he was an “Indigo” and this could have been one reason why he was consciously aware enough at age 6 to know what he was going to focus on, work on, become during this incarnation. Most souls who incarnate with more conscious awareness like this are “old souls” incarnate on 3D Earth again for very specific reasons to both learn things themselves, but to also help or teach their families and other loved ones whatever it is that they also chose to learn, to feel, to experience and so on. Some souls teach us by leaving us instead of remaining with us. ♥

      ♥ Hugs to you and yours,

      • Thank you Denise for your words. I was aware at [6 days] I was pregnant; I have an ultrasound photo showing, in fact by the time this procedure was preformed, I was indeed [9 days pregnant]. During my pregnancy, in my 8th month, I had a nightmare. I dreamed I was in the presence of a strawberry blonde toddler, wearing red corduroy overalls and he was holding his hands [one on top of the other] to the left side of his abdomen, right under the rib cage. I remember in the dream I had a facial expression of questioning [no words were ever spoken] he held out his hands toward me and they were covered with blood. This is area Justin was shot twenty two years later by a career criminal wearing an ankle monitor.

        I wrote Justin his first letter when he was 7 days old and I just keep writing him letters; which turned into journals for his entire life. November 2011 My entry explains to Justin I have this sense that something very bad is about to happen but I cannot see clearly I guess I am concerned about other issues; like the economy and rent! Adding, “You know me honey and my intuition; I wish it wasn’t going to be bad but it is.” Now I am aware why I could not see.

        January 11, 2011~The day of my beautiful son’s murder I was at my home, 45 minutes away and would not know that Justin was gone until 4 hours later. Between 11:20 and 11:45 I suddenly became very ill and scared. So ill I barely made it to my bed to lay before I just passed out. In retrospect I would liken the pain and experience I had as tantamount to literally having my son ripped away from me. Like the day he was born I will never forget one second; the day Justin was senselessly taken from me I too will never forget one second and I truly wish this experience upon no one. Sometimes I wish so very much I did not possess total recall.

        Thank you again for your wisdom and insight; I realized Justin burned so brightly there was no way he could stay forever. He loves me for me; the first person who accepted me unconditionally…but Justin accepted everyone unconditionally and never lost a friend in his 22 short years. He had a positive impact on all he met; including me his momma. He assisted me by helping me strive to be a better person, a kinder person, a more understanding person.

        But what I go through on a daily basis not having Justin [my son, my constant, my friend, my gift] here with me is humanly unexplainable. Others have sought me out and I assist them as best I can, I listen, there are no words; other than, I’m so sorry.

        I think I knew some of the information you shared; although, I needed to know that what I have thought all along is the truth ~ whether I like it or not. Subconsciously this is the day Justin had waited for; he would finally learn everything he had wished to know. In an attempt to offer his friends a small bit of solace for their greif [young people who are seeing their own mortality at 20 through 25] I have told many of them, “Justin is thrilled; he knows every answer to every physic query anyone as ever HAD AND NOT YET HAD! Once Justin saw what awaited him; he would have never looked back you all know this!” They smiled because what I told them is so Justin…I truly love my son [bigger than the universe] even more than my life; I wish [if they really came true] he had not left me here alone…I feel so selfish right this second.

        Take care safe journey through this trip we refer to as Life; I remain Justin’s devoted momma

    • Um Denise..Justin’s momma here…I had not read about “Indigo Children”…well….Justin was not one; however; this describes me 180%!! YIKES! Justin was forever repeating; “Oh lord momma only you!” then he would smile his ‘I love you momma smile’. Justin was very humble….he would never let anyone know the kind of grades he made because he didn’t think they would like him if they knew! He was very private and many of his life long friend were shocked to hear of Justin’s accomplishments. He would have been very embarrassed over the fuss that was made holding two memorials for everyone to say, “See you soon”; so many love him. I’m sorry I should not boast so much; yes Justin would be very embarrassed and ask me to PLEASE stop telling people stuff! haha I remain Justin big mouthed momma ❤

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