Today is January 11, 2011 — or 1-11-11. I cannot believe that it’s only been ten days…TEN DAYS…since New Years Day— 1-1-11. I kid you not, I’ve lived six months worth of life since 1-1-11. Seriously, six difficult and intense but also very positive powerful months worth of life compressed into the past ten days! My gawd this Year of 11’s is going to be monumental.  [See 1-1-11 & the Year Of 11’s  https://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2011/01/01/1-1-11-the-year-of-11s/ ]

As time continues compressing and accelerating faster and faster, I’m finding myself occasionally outside of linear 3D time and more fully in the quantum timeless Now Moment. In typical Denise fashion I see an almost comical mind’s eye visual image of a person spinning faster and faster until they literally liftoff and float up off Earth. I know my Higher Self well enough to know this is Its way of showing me about both the ongoing internal spin increase of my Lightbody/KA body (what many feel as an inner body vibration or mild current buzzing inside of them. This is the body and brain Rewiring process), and the matching external acceleration of time in our world and lives.

The Ascension Process has gotten us cleared enough to house increasing amounts of Light Energy in our bodies and brains and not blow a  psychological fuse or destroy/kill our body. Now in 2011, we’re traveling through gateways of 11’s every few days each month throughout the year and we’ll finish the year up with the Nov. 11, 2011 — 11-11-11 triple 11 portal. As I’ve said before, this process is going to be both physical and linear, AND multidimensional and quantum. I know how that sounds like a screaming contradiction but, well, that’s just what the year 2011 is all about! We can’t expect to travel through two 11’s (the 1st and 11th day of each month, plus the 22nd day of each month) Energy Stair Steps or portals every month of 2011 and expect the old reality, time, and our consciousness to stay constant and familiar. The past ten days have proven this to me already and this is only January—the 1st month of 2011!

I’m working on a larger complicated post about the things I’ve experienced and realized over these past ten days between the first (January) 1 and the 11 2011 portals and I hope to have it finished asap. (Exhaustion and the absolute need to nap is really cutting into my writing time but I’m doing my best.) This post is just a quickie reminder about the 1-11-11 energies/portal/stair step today. A LOT is going on and will continue to throughout the year and many Starseed Lightworkers and Indigos have been activated to a new level of learning, Conscious Creating, Conscious Co-Creating, and Planetary Service Work. I know many of you are feeling and experiencing this and much more too. My next post will cover some of what I/you/us have gone through this month so far and why. Use today’s 1-11-11 energies to pass through the second of this months 11 portals or stair steps as we energetically travel towards the Grand Finale this year; the triple 11-11-11 portal of November 11, 2011.


January 11, 2011

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12 thoughts on “1-11-11

  1. I have experienced time differently thus far. I can’t believe it’s almost halfway through January. I feel like I am sitting and watching one of those time elapsed films of the sun rising and setting around my house, so that a year happens in what feels like a single evening. I feel like I can go stand out on my balcony and literally watch the stars spin.

    I feel like I have skipped the last year’s worth of seasons. Um sure, one day of skiing was winter enough for me, and now I’m dreaming of cherry blossoms and trying to decide which seeds I want to order.

    Some days I feel like I am breaking in wild mustang desperately trying not to be bucked off and thrown to the ground and other days I feel like an ancient turtle, just observing the super-sped up time-elapsed film.

    We watched _Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance_ a few months ago, and that felt like the perspective aliens would have of us and it’s almost sickening. Now we go around going “Doodeelee dooddeelee. Doodeelee doodeelee” anytime we have to deal with deadworld systems that we have no investment in.

    Denise, best wishes for refreshing napping and productive writing.

    Much love,

  2. Its amazing that before New Years I could feel the energy stirring up and I posted a question to like Light Children out there about 1-1-11 and 1-11-11, I was told that the major date to remember is 11-11-11 but somehow I felt differently. The last ten days have brought excitement, fear, anxiousness, a need of rest, a need to finish, realization of what needs to be packed away because of lack of need, and my connections to positivity. Yesterday in particular my emotions were on a roller coaster and at the end when I laid down to calm myself down I realized the fear is something that has to be packed away because that is holding back my ability to have peace of mind. Then my dream was basically about being held hostage and being made to exist in a fashion demeaning to creation, human beings and myself. This dream felt so real and relevant to how expression of self is being held that we are screaming to be seen or heard. Thank you for sharing this because like I said before I knew this post and creation just justified my thoughts.

    • symphony411,

      The “knowing” you’re experiencing is how it feels and functions (so far, it’ll get better the more we adapt to it) when we get information from our Higher Selves. It isn’t linear telepathy etc., but an easy and instant higher level knowing. There’s very little thought/thinking/intellect involved with this level of awareness and it’s soooo much better than the old lower linear, ego-based, left brained ways people are used to.

      We all need validating from time to time to help us be more aware of our new higher Awareness. 😉


  3. Time? Full moon next Tuesday, it was just new. Yet, as time spins swiftly, sometimes, I feel like I am moving slower than a turtle. Anyone else experiencing that?
    I so want spring, I am ready to plant flowers and food. Hope that gets here very soon.
    Hugs and love to all, Gwen

  4. Well I’m from Australia, so our 11th Jan was actually yesterday, from a certain perspective. Anyway I had my own little uncanny 11 moment, first thing in the morning. I awoke at, yep, you guessed it, 11:11am and turned on the TV to ‘channel 11’ on 11th Jan, 2011. Also, I’m always seeing either 10:10, 11:11 or 12:12 on digital clocks. It’s pretty cool but to be able to decipher these things would help a lot.

  5. As the last 2 weeks have passed so has my poor mind and emotions.
    Two weeks ago I knew I was dying can still remember the deadness of my energy.
    Last week I was raging,this week or rather today I was spoken to by my unseen “friends” “Cheri look at all of the positive things that have happened in the midst of the melt down.”
    So I came home ad made alist and was focusing on this..then realized I can co-create with the positive reality on the horizon.

    It has been heaven and hell…but I think I can remember what was shown and given.
    Strange thing this evening, when I was talking with friend. I am not an Astrologer but talked about the Galactic Center and how everything is aliening.
    Then I saw something quite amazing. I saw the Earth moving into position as if she was getting ready to rebirth herself, I knew this was big. I know the Earth now is the key to everything.
    I’ll do some channeled writing ths evening and see if more info.is given.
    My heart is with all of you in this difficult rebirthing of ourselves. It has been quite a journey but my heart says as Denise we are moving towards the end. Or the beginning.

  6. Shawn, OMG. You wrote: “It’s like I have a cosmic “Kick Me” sign posted on my ass. But now I can smile and laugh knowing the darkness has failed to destroy me and anything else that was in its way.”

    I was just thinking that not a half hour ago! Literally patted myself on the shoulder while saying “Bring it!” in between the tears. I felt powerful amidst my distress.

    Events are swirling out of control, and the last few days I keep hearing “Danger Will Robinson, danger!” I get all emotional for a wee bit, knowing my life is about to change drastically once again. The world outside looks as bleak as ever. Then I relax and sigh “WTF” and go about my business.

    Is this the proverbial healthy detachment I have so longed for? Is it holy surrender? Or is it just plain exhaustion and denial? Don’t even care anymore. It just is.

    And for more and longer moments, I am actually OK with that. Time can’t go fast enough for me though. Even if it doesn’t really exist. :0)

  7. Hey Lamplighter –

    It’s refreshing to hear you were thinking/knowing the same things I discussed in my post. I think many of us have resonated with Denise and other lightworker/wayshower blogs like hers. But for me I haven’t had much success connecting with individuals. It’s like I’ve existed in a weird dimension all alone despite getting helpful guidance.

    Maybe these “11” energies are helping us to come closer as a community of lightworkers. I smile with you that we proudly wear the “kick me” sign. Hell – I’ll put a target on myself now, I’m starting to have fun and feel ALIVE again.

    Denise – You have probably helped many of us avoid insanity and suicidal tendencies by speaking the hard TRUTH. You told me you could help guide me, but that I had to take back MY power and nobody else could do it for me. Looking forward to your next post and hearing what others can share about their experiences.

    Espavo back to you all,

  8. Hi, everyone.

    I am relating so much with what people are saying here. Yes, I have the “Kick Me” sign, too. lol As I go to sleep at night, black figures often swoop around me. I don’t fear them any more; they’re more annoying like flies, so one night I started swatting at them, which I found hysterical and which they did not appreciate at all! So now I keep thinking of them as pests and talk to them calmly and I’m sure they’re not quite sure what to do with that reaction. They seem to be losing their steam.

    Aside from that, I’ve been in a funk for about a month now. I’m feeling negative about things and kind of depressed (I’m not a depressive person, so I’m not suicidal, but just feel like giving up). Perhaps I’m just grieving all I’m leaving behind. Someone else said they feel all alone and I double or triple that– I can’t think of one of my friends that will be coming along on this with me and I’m on the other side of the world among pretty fickle people, so friends are unreliable here. So, I’m really appreciating this community. And Denise for struggling through it all to post for us. Thanks, Denise.

    So, what is it with turtles? Two people mentioned them here and I had a picture of a large white bird (swan or goose) carrying a turtle. It seems like it might be connected. I first thought of Turtle Island, but is it being relocated??

    On a more positive note, I have decided that when I put out my hand here, a taxi will be there for me (It’s the most logical way to travel here– cheap and no thieves like the bus and I avoid the pollution). Well, guess what? Almost every time I’ve gone out to get a taxi, there’s been one there before I know it! It’s really fun, this co-creation stuff!


    • ckck1 – Cat,

      My first impression about the “turtle” symbolism is that, in Native American (NA) culture, the Turtle represents Earth. Earth’s many fractured continents are similar to Turtle’s hard shell with like-patterns on it. If memory serves…there are even the same number of patterns/shapes on turtle as on Earth. “Turtle” is most definitely changing now via the ongoing Ascension process and Earth changes etc.

      Cat, I’d suggest that you get more intent, more powerful, more determined to permanently get rid of the negative Dark Ones hanging around you, suppressing and interfering with you and feeding off of your energies. This too is part of the current crap many of us carrying Light are having to better learn about and deal with now at this point within the Ascension Process…me included. I’m working on a new post about this very topic and hope to have it published asap.

      We Lightworkers/Starseeds wonder why we’re endlessly exhausted and assume it’s ALL due to the intense Ascension process and much of it is, much of it is also because we’ve been feed off of energetically by these Dark Beings. We’ve reached that point where we’ve got to stop this dark shit finally and use OUR energy for OURSELVES. (Read Lisa Renee’s Nov. and Dec. 2010 articles and Jan. 2011 too. And I’d strongly suggest you daily/nightly read the “Command” in her Nov. 2010 “The Restoration” article to help you start to rid yourself of these Dark Ones feeding off of you.) I’ve had to do this myself…repeatedly…and still am because these Dark bastards do not want to be cut-off from their oh so easy energy food source…us Lightworkers/Starseeds etc. No fear, just get powerful and determined to end it once and for all. This is what so many of us have to do right now.


  9. Hi Everyone,

    I think I’ll be the 11th person commenting so there goes another wow. Yep… I too I’m seeing 11’s all over the place… as well as 12:21, 12:10, 10:10, 2012, 222, 22, 1.11, 11 and so forth… and I check in to see if I’m forcing it in my face… but honestly I’m not. It comes in my awareness so naturally, from just blankly realizing I’m watching channel 11 to someone’s number plate right in front of me in a traffic jam. It’s as if the Heavens are silently celebrating and dancing up and down to get all of our attention.

    Why… even my Mum heard something unusual while meditating… and she is not a Lightworker or any of the sort: while she was praying at 7 am… the eve of 11th January… she heard a loud gong sound similar to the bells the Tibetan Monks make. We are nowhere near such a place: we’re situated in the Caribbean.

    When she told me this, my Intuition/Higher Self stated that… it must have been coming from her psyche AND it is the Tibetan Monks, gonging at the very said time. The very same Monks that the Pleiadians mentioned in “Earth: The Living Library”… are heralding the Unity Consciousness… albeit at the eve of the 11th day, every month.

    This is really exciting. Every day heralds something to look forward to. The worst fears and having the need to go within to face them… I’m so glad others are feeling it this way and are doing the same thing: still going within to do the “Inner-work”. So glad to be not alone.

    I too feel like a “turtle”. I just can’t keep up with the running time. It’s…. going… way too fast for me. Can’t schedule any time properly and have no desire to make a fuss about it either. Too detached to care really.

    Namasté and Happy New Year… if it’s not too late to say it.
    Lou Ann

  10. Hello All~

    Thank you for your input, I value it all so much and it helps me feel like I’ve “come home”.

    Today has been a hard day for me…I’ve had a couple of days like this in 2011. They aren’t hard so much in the mental/emotional way but my physical body is screaming at me that it’s hurting from taking on so much light and spinning as fast as it is. Today my stomach has been incredibly unsettled and my balance has been very shakey. I’ve experienced extreme bouts of vertigo today as well as on Jan. 7th. I know that it must be from the light pouring into me because I feel it. I feel that “buzzing” sensation that Denise described. I feel it in my very warm cheeks, hands, and feet. So much energy filling me up!! And it does make me feel as though I’m about to explode.

    My dreams have been so wild and vivid lately. I’m finding that dream recall has been amazing but that might also be from the newly found piece of celestite I’ve been using. My dreams are like REAL LIFE and I’ve never felt like I’ve had as much control over them as I have lately. This is amazing, wonderful news for a lucid, astral traveler dreamer.

    Last but most definitely not least, TIME. It has completely shifted on me. It is so hard to pin-point and I’m LOVING the new ways I’m experiencing time. Most of the time, I feel like I’ve managed to squeeze out about a month’s worth of work, connection, creation in just one day. However, in other instances, like being apart from my long-distance boyfriend who is 2 time zones away – it feels like we’re spending about 2 years apart from each other. Which is actually good for this relationship. It’s forcing us to come to grips with the fact that even with all that distance and time between us, we are continuing to fall deeper in love with each other. We aren’t depending on the relationship but instead each day is a new day to commit ourselves to it whole-heartedly.

    My biggest issue to overcome in 2011 is a form of fear and that is having TRUST & FAITH in the Universe and in others and in myself. The ability to let go, surrender and know that I will be taken care of and that the things that will happen for me are within the highest good geared to move my life right along. So far I’ve been tested on this a couple of times and while it’s been hard to not revert back to my old ways, I’ve seen the light. Hahaha and my sense of trust, faith in all of this world grows infinitely and the fear crumbles away.

    We, as humanity, are being pushed off the ledge and taught to fly. We have our gifts of knowledge, love, and community to serve us well on this journey.

    So whether, we are the turtle or the hare. Interesting that it’s Year of the Hare in Chinese Astrology, we will all wind up there together. We can trust this and finally surrender to our highest truths and selves.

    Joy, love, and peace to all!
    An Indigo Twentysomething named Astara

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