Is March 2011 Over Yet?

I haven’t posted much during March 2011 because I haven’t had much of anything nice to say. During my thankfully rare periods of this I go into self-imposed exile until I get myself back to a better place emotionally. Soon I’ll master this reactionary business and will exist within Center constantly. Until then however, this is me repeatedly learning about how energetically falling out of the eye of the storm feels, looks and works.

For many of us it’s been extraordinarily difficult these past six months, with March 2011 blasting everything for everyone everywhere into the Ninth Wave final stages of completion. I knew this potent transition into the Ninth Wave—and all that goes along with it—was coming just as you did, but intellectually knowing something vs. actually being in it and living it are two very different things as many of us are currently experiencing…yet again. Because entering the earlier Eighth Wave was monumental for me because it was the start of my biological Ascension Process, I assumed the start of the Ninth Wave would be equally intense yet in different ways and so far, it certainly has been.

As most of my readers know I don’t paint things in angelic-like pink glitter fluffiness. If it’s difficult and Dark then it’s difficult and Dark. If it’s amazing and full of Light then it’s amazing and full of Light. It’s all the same Process to me; integrating, resolving and evolving/ascending beyond 3D polarity and polarized consciousness into the 5D Center or Unity or High Heart consciousness and being. It’s not an easy or attractive Process and we don’t always look, feel or sound like we’re dipped in cosmic sparkling fluffy Love n’ Light fabulousness while actually living The Alchemical Ascension Process in-body! So, for those who are used to getting your ascension-related information coated only in warm and fuzzy loving sweetness and Light, then you’ll probably find what I sometimes say and how I say it rather coarse, harsh, or even repulsive. That’s because I say what I do from within the Process in a physical body, and not channeling some non-physical Being whose not living it in this dimension as we are. Focusing entirely on only one-half of this Process is foolish and dangerous; focusing too much on the opposite half is equally foolish and dangerous. In a polarized world and consciousness it’s a minuscule razor’s edge between these two, but that’s what polarity resolution in 3D physicality is all about and not many can traverse that difficult Path and not repeatedly get cut deeply before their Transformation is fully complete.

I had negative non-physical beings (the Dark Ones) attacking me and mine with final-phase last-minute intensity starting back in October 2010. We dealt with it because there’s nothing else to do but deal with it and learn what you can from the negative, polarized experience. By February 2011 these attacks from the non-physical Dark Ones changed their tactics as they often have during my lifetime, and began using and directing certain physical humans to do their attacking of me in another attempt to derail me, slow me down, distract me, shut me up, and/or preoccupied. I’ll confess that it worked for a few days as I dealt with those people and their energies directed at me and my reactionary emotions to their actions. (Oh to be completely free from this emotional reactionary junk!) After this of course came the great need for me to get myself back to Center…yet again. (You wouldn’t believe how often this tactic has been and still is used by the non-physical Dark Ones where they use certain humans against other certain humans for very specific reasons. And of course the really amazing part is that the people who are used and manipulated by these Dark Ones are never consciously aware they’ve been used to stop, derail, slow down, side track, wound, harm and attack a human Starseed/Lightworker carrying Light.

Then March 2011 arrived and the energies shifted back into full-on here comes the Ninth Wave energies that are seriously launching the Light beings and people one way, and the unwilling-to-change Dark beings and people in another direction. Then Mother Nature had 9.0 muscle spasm and the planet and reality changed in mere minutes…again…and people’s hearts felt things at a very different level than what they’re used to. I felt the Dark Ones shift their focus due to the Japan earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear reactor problems. They suddenly had great numbers of people producing new fear, physical and emotional pain, chaos, suffering, shock, trauma, and more fear which is the Dark Ones favorite food and fuel source. I am NOT saying that the non-physical beings or physical human Dark Ones caused the 3-11-11 Japan earthquake, because from what I’ve perceived they did not create it or any other earthquake. What I am saying is that due to the tremendous fear, pain and chaos the Japan quake naturally caused in much of humanity, these Dark Ones had a boost of lower frequency emotional energies to feed from.

So, yeah, it’s been rough lately on multiple levels and in multiple dimensions and I know there’s more to come because many of the Dark Ones and humans simply won’t easily or quickly relinquish all they’ve had for so long. The Reptilian owned and operated humans like Gaddafi and so many other human leaders around the world including the USA, won’t give up their power/control/money/fame as quickly and easily as some already have and others soon will. Watch how this unfolds in America because our time for this has arrived.

I’m going to share this next bit but do NOT want to add to the fear levels in any way. This is why most of us Lightworker Seers do NOT publicly share what we see or sense because too many people who don’t understand fixate on it in a lower frequency way; spread disinformation online; produce more fear energy over it that only feeds and prolongs the Dark Ones and makes more energy work for us exhausted Lightworkers to then have to transmute! Our hands are tied with these types of matters so we usually only hint at certain potential or strong probabilities that may manifest physically.

I’ve been sensing that $$$ money will do something unpleasant again in late April and into May 2011 here in the USA. Also that the  2011 June Summer Solstice energies will trigger another potent round of Earth Changes and typically be another intense period of shifting for all of us. However, these probable events are not set in stone because opened hearts and Conscious Creating can change much, redirect much, and greatly reduce much that needs to happen.

In no way is the USA exempt from what’s happening so obviously in certain other countries, but it will unfold differently here because the illusion of freedom is so much more complex and well-developed in this country. Our dictators won’t give up their power and control willingly either and Americans (and other countries) need to consciously see this and make the needed changes within themselves. It’s take your power back time around the globe and in some cases it will happen rather quickly and painlessly, while others will resist, fight, and typically create as much spin and BS as they’re capable of.

How do you and I stay in higher Center in the eye of the storm while the patriarchy collapses around us and the Earth continues to quake and spew worldwide? We learn to remain in our High Hearts—aka Unity Consciousness—and let fall and shift all that absolutely must during 2011. We also are learning to perceive from a higher viewpoint, as our Higher Selves do, where we realize that every human death is Divine and perfect for that soul at that time on multiple levels for both itself AND for the rest of humanity living the Ascension Process. My highest Gratitude goes to every soul in a human body whose chosen to utilize these Ascension-related disasters and Earth Changes to force and assist the rest of humanity into realizing how much must be changed now in every country around the world.


March 27, 2011

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40 thoughts on “Is March 2011 Over Yet?

  1. Thank you Denise, I must say I’m still amazed how your posts always resonate with me in the right way! I especially like the last part, dealing with deaths. That is exactly what I wanted to communicate to people around me, and now I have the wording I need. So thank you again, in Love and Light, Marina

  2. Hi Denise, thanks so much for your excellent post.
    Can you comment a bit more on $$$ thing? I used to work in banking for 5 years (in Europe), and I was forced to quit my job last year. Although there are still many opportunities to apply for, I do not feel I am resonating with a banking job as much as I was a year before. I also feel that another black swan (aka a major crisis)is imminent, which will change the financial industry forever. So I just do not feel it is safe for me to think I can stay in this kind of job for my whole life, and I wonder if this perception has some other reasons than just my own feelings. Love and Light, Violet

    • VioletRose,

      First you need to really be aware of all that YOU are already sensing about this money thing okay? 😉 You and your body has been telling you plenty, and now YOU need to pay attention to it and get familiar with how this communication feels, works, functions etc. This is how we all learn to read energies using other parts of ourselves than our left brain.

      You’re right, money won’t exist for much longer because it’s a ridiculous and corrupt system and is collapsing as we speak. It won’t be resurected in the near or distant future either. So you should be ready to let go of your job working with money and follow your heart into some NEW job that’s a better match to you now.


  3. Denise, I can relate. It feels like I am stuck in tar, it feels like nothing is moving, I can’t stand the energy around me,and the people’s energy around me its like I am over sensitive to it and take it on. I want to move away from this lower energy place. Why does it feel like everything is on constant hold and waiting? I want to move forward uhhhggg.

  4. Hi Denise,
    Thanks for your reply. I am still in the state of flux, so some confirmation of what I am feeling is still necessary (I wonder when I will get my own Power back – I feel like I am still cocooned/caged/restricted). I am studying acupuncture right now (I want to be a healer working with energies), but it will take time, and I still need a job to pay for my study. Perhaps I need to look elsewhere as I have had enough signs that I am not resonating with a banking job anymore. Thanks again.
    Love, Violet

  5. “That’s because I say what I do from within the Process in a physical body, and not channeling some non-physical Being whose not living it in this dimension as we are.”

    Denise thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the best piece of wisdom i’ve heard yet. I’ve said this myself before.I go for an intuitive feel when knowing somethings going to happen and most time when you directly here a non-physical being tell you something, you dont know what or who that being is.My suggestion is, is to tell them to suit up in human uniform and experience, then they’ll know what to say or do from that perspective…..

  6. “Focusing entirely on only one-half of this Process is foolish and dangerous; focusing too much on the opposite half is equally foolish and dangerous.”

    Wow how powerful and truthful. Focusing on negative emotions, entities, portions of lives, deceptions given and shown; wear you down when you are able to as I call it all the time have De ja vu or glimpses. These red lights that tell us there is danger, change, wrong, dark, or doesn’t fit seemed to always lead me when not under the influence of those who tried to control my environment, thoughts, beliefs, and life. It was so very hard to break free but like you said more difficult to walk the path against everything you thought was real. I have concentrated on the negative in my life that I lost track of the meaning in, through and because of it. I am a survivor, blessed with the ability to see the darkness before hand. And since 2010 I have been unable to receive or concentrate on these gifts but a dream of fear of telling the truth woke me out of another slumber. Why should I be afraid to be honest about the horrible tragedies that our leaders, families, and sometimes religious leaders consistently, lie, hide, persecute, judge and build our so called civilized society on. Not anymore I refuse to live on my knees, I will relay truth on my feet.

  7. Thank you Denise. Thank you for your courage in sharing.
    Love and light to us all. May we all find the strength to stay high heart centered. Gratitude to you Denise.
    Hugs, Gwen

  8. Thank you so much Denise, reading this makes me feel a little better about my reactionary emotions and outbursts. I can stay centered and feel focused and loving and feel like I’m on the right track and then BAM! I act like a four year old all of a sudden and it makes me feel that maybe I’m fooling myself thinking that I’m making spiritual progress. But lately I’ve been telling myself that this is ok, and to stop being so hard on myself. Then I read what you write and realize we all probably go through this. After all there is a lot of releasing to do and as it comes out, it doesn’t always come out pretty 🙂

    I have a question Denise. I usually feel connected to my Higher Self and Mother Earth , and my intentions are to let go of what I need to and accept the new energies coming in, but this past week I feel very disconnected, like I’m just floating around and not really here. People talk to me and I can barely focus on what they are saying. I also seem to have lost my connection with Higher Self, I just can’t tune in. I’ve had this feeling before, but this is so much stronger. Even as I write this, I feel so out of it as if I took a valium, but this little nagging part of my self is saying, “What if I stay this way and just drift off and not do what I came here to do?”. I just want a little reassurance that this is fine, maybe part of the process, and as long as my heart is in the right place, I’m not being lulled into complacency by the dark ones. I hope I’m making sense, because I can’t focus, lol.

  9. Beautifully put, Denise! Love how you tell it how it is. As a fellow ascender in a human body I can relate, especially to the psychic attacks from people and how it happens sometimes out-of-the-blue from strangers on the street. The good thing I’ve noticed lately is it has very little effect on me. The reaction sees to have reduced considerably. Yeehaa! And there seems to be equal part positive vibes coming to the fore now “out there”. Also thank you for making public what a lot of us have been thinking – namely, who are these non-physical beings imparting their wisdom to mankind. A lot of them don’t seem to have the first clue on what it is like ascending from the physical perspective. Nicely done!

  10. Remember when you were a kid and you were so proud of yourself for some accomplishment, but then 10 years (or 20 or 40 or 60) later you look back on it and think, “Wow, I had no idea I had hardly started the journey.” We’ve come so far in the last 3 years, but it’s like one one thousandth of the way.

    Time is moving so fast that I almost don’t feel like I have time to breathe or eat or shit. And relax? While that time is over as soon as my brain has registered it and onto the next thing.

    I know, without a doubt, money HAS TO BE GONE FOR GOOD. There is no money where I came from or where I want Earth to go. It makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.

    I am really impatiently waiting for a majority to make major life changes so that there can be the infrastructure I need in place for things like transportation. Unfortunately too few are choosing for themselves and most are waiting until there is no other option left. If this later case holds out, the next 80 years are going to be ugly, ugly.

    Please, please choose on your own to smooth the transition. If you wait until there are no more choices, well, precisely, you end up without a choice, and normally, it’s not pretty.

  11. Hello, Denise and all,

    I will join the chorus of people who appreciate Denise’s matter of fact, down-to-earth (hmm) style. I’m in a country where people are newly chasing the things that will soon be gone and it doesn’t seem like many people here, aside from some shamans, are aware of the bigger picture. People are so unaware of their space and the other people in it, which results in a lot of unnecessary pushing and shoving. I was almost to the point of tears with it today. I’m out in the world far too much lately and it’s taking a toll. I’m not having much luck in staying centered, to tell the truth. Tonight I was at a performance of musicals and there was one song from Jesus Christ Superstar where Jesus is talking to God and just suffering with what he has to do. It seems to fit so well in with this conversation, because it was about how human he was and how difficult it was to do what he had to do and how he fought against it. So, I guess we really shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. 😉


  12. Reading the comments i see others question why we are in lockdown and for how long this has been so for SOME?
    I just read a page on a forum of people feeling they cant go on any longer alone, housebound, where lifes stopped and there is no way to see how to get beyond the enforced isolation/limitation lockdown.
    Watching the celeb lightworkers travelling the world, not being forced to let go their self imprortance and workshop shit, their life still as its always been and they take the next steps for this years worldly travels.
    WTF is going on, does anyone actually know why only some are living yrs of this living death? Are we all doin the polarity dance, or only some?
    Its like this is forced onto us, and why for so long, and i mean a decade or even more for some.
    Denise, if you have any ideas as to why this is i know many of us would be grateful to find a chink of light, cause this is crazy making and i know all is built from within but despair is setting in now, no one cares if they stay or go it seems now and we need some help down here and not from some channel who never lived what they spout about,( yes, Denise, so true) so HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP anyone!

    • J, Lenny, Cat & All,

      I hear you, believe me I do and I also FEEL you about this and how it’s increasing again right now…actually last night was rather weird and surreal and I could hardly sleep and my body hurts like hell today blah, blah, blah. Sigh…I think that maybe going into Night One yesterday has affected us MUCH more so because we’re in the Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld. Not absolutely sure yet but sense it – along with nearly constant solar energies and everything else – is SO compressed and intense now that the reality of 2011 and entering the Ninth Wave is hitting many of us hard now.

      I’m going to write a post/article about all this so I can elaborate better than I can here in a tiny Comment box and try to get it published asap. Hang in there everyone and DO NOT fold now after all that you/me/we’ve lived through so far within this Process! Find Center again and again until it becomes your NEW Home station and nothing or no one can pull you out of it. 😉

      Heart Hugs to All,

  13. Denise,

    Thank you for sharing & ‘telling it like it is’ from your perspective. I enjoy the ‘mile markers’ you post, as it confirms what we are going through.

    I too have noticed the increase in contact from those ‘on the other side’. My sense is that they too understand ‘everything we know is about to change’ from both our perspectives! Therefore as with our fellow ‘Divine Ones’, they are ‘making contact’. I believe it is important to remember that we here on earth hold more ‘energy’ (power) than ‘those on the other side’.

    WE~ as Divine beings who have chosen to assist at this time, we are the ‘creators/manifestors’ of our lives. Whatever we focus on we create. Mind your thoughts!

    Therefore it is of utmost importance to ‘ground our energy’ often. When we connect heaven/earth/oneness of all, we are magnifying our own energy, supporting the earth energy & creating heaven on earth.

    Thank you Denise, for Gracefully & Respectfully reporting/creating/sharing your perspective. I for ONE, AM Truly Grateful. Thank You ONE & All for doing the same.

    In Love & Light, Shine On!

  14. Thanks Denise , its all i keep doing is hauling back to my core light, but pheew, the knowing that nothing will ever be as it was is a bit hard to swallow, and i have 2 teenage daughters, one in one mess and another in another mess, both changed overnight and it wasnt just normal change, so the interferences have bore heavy on me and its enough to keep going as it is and now, well the past yrs i have been more or less housebound, i lay here and so much needs to be cleaned and i cant stand, bend, walk very far, all i get is to not react in old ways of shame, worry 3d norm ways of living in a hell of a mess and no way to do anything with it, so i wonder if it is as i said just a small group of us battling this one out with the polarity thing, cause its not new, and i just get random hunches to focus on the body consiousness and alchemise it, wish this lot come with a dictonary as we didnt all study for this willingly, lol
    Bless you for the straight talk D, i am to pissed to fiddle with the deep esoteric stuff and my heads like shit.
    J. xx
    Ps, hi susie in Scotland, thank god i am not alone in the UK then:)

  15. Shithowdyinahanky. So if March comes in like a lion it goes out like a dead-tired, more irritable lion?

    Night One, Level Two is having the opposite effect on me as you Denise, at least in terms of the sleep issue. Something sucked all my blood from my body on Sunday and replaced it with tar. The sun is finally shining again, and all I can do is sit. And stare. At nothing. At everything.

    Germinating? That would be nice. Lots of things I actually want to do. Can’t. Move. Things could be worse though, huh?

    I am looking to next week as another doppelganger of destruction and rebirth. With the super new moon (April 3rd) entering Aries the day before, right along with Mars, it’s confrontation time! April 8 is D-Day for the U.S. budget. Put up or shut down. Same day as Breton Woods Summit whereupon billionaire Geroge Soros pushes for “a grand bargain that rearranges the entire financial order.”

    That too would be nice. Depending…

    Meanwhile, feel free to hum along with this song stuck, like tar, in my head today:

    “There’s a feeling I get when I look to the west
    And my spirit is crying for leaving.
    In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees
    And the voices of those who stand looking
    Oh, it makes me wonder!

    And it’s whispered that soon if we all call the tune
    Then the piper will lead us to reason
    And a new day will dawn for those who stand long
    And the forests will echo with laughter

    If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now
    It’s just a spring clean for the May queen.
    Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
    There’s still time to change the road you’re on.
    And it makes me wonder…”

    Hang loose and hang on dear friends!

    • Lamplighter,

      Love that song…

      April 3, 2011 is the New Moon at 13 Aries. On the same day Mars conjuncts Uranus in Aries. Yikes! And…the next day Neptune enters Pisces so there’s more big changes around the corner. April is going to be intense both good and bad, but what’s new about that right? 😉


  16. J-

    Maybe from last May until January, I sort of quarantined myself because I felt that the dark ickies were trying really hard to work through me to get to other people holding a lot of light, so as much as possible I tried to thwart their efforts by isolating myself in my little faerie bower in the mountains.

    Partially due to someone’s comment on another of Denise’s posts about sleeping with a rose quartz and partially due to some of my friends commenting on the nature of matter and first life, I’ve been sleeping with a herkimer diamond the past few nights. It’s almost the size of my fist. It came from upstate New York and I convinced my dad to give it to me last year the last time I was at their house. It’s one powerful dream catcher and grounding agent. Even still, last night was difficult. I still was haunted, tossing and turning for a couple of hours.

    I am sure Denise will more eloquently bring all of this together, but yesterday morning was some good energy. Now however, I’m pretty cranky and disgusted with “the world”.

    My advice to everyone and anyone is discernment, and do/be whatever works. If you can find something that is actually working for you right now, you’re ahead of the curve, and we all appreciate your efforts.

    Oh, and breathe. It helps, I think.


  17. Hi Everybody!

    I wish I were as perky as that exclamation point would seem to indicate. Fear creeps back in for me this night, and Nadeanna, ’tis all about money. One of our tiny streams of income has been cut off. I don’t know how we’ll take care of ourselves at our house without it and yet… I know you are right… we have to STOP WITH THE MONEY THING! but how? how? the gas company, the electric company, the landlord all want money…

    It was me… with the rose quartz… I’m glad your herkimer diamond is giving you relief. My poor rose quarts is having to work so hard to fill the hole in my heart…

    I am sorry I usually have better constructed thoughts and sentences. Tonight, just an ache and deep fear. Funny thing about this (money) fear, it makes me “weigh more” (the net weight of money?) When I am able to maintain my high heart and live in the light, my whole being seems to float, but down here in the fear gravity well… it hurts just to move.

    I know each of the days and nights have meanings, but I don’t know what each means. What is the significance of Night 1? What does it bring? Besides fear of the dark and weighted limbs…

    Thank you all for holding up your shining lights for all to see — tonight I can see you twinkling in the dark. It makes me fear-less and maybe, just maybe shine a little brighter.


  18. hi – just wanted to post a couple of things
    firstly – the guy with the tumour – my brother had prostate cancer – had an op etc and is due for his last blood test this week – so far he is clear of it now –
    he took olive leaf extract and gave up dairy and other foods that were particulary bad – red meat …… – he also ate lots of papaya, mango etc and drank v good green tea
    dont know how much that helped but its worth a go on a practical level!! it cetainly helped him – and that is just the practical aspect of it
    also helps if you arent living in geopathic stress and you can get some help on other levels – lot of love to you and good luck.

    as for me – like lots of you i have been feeling so tired – cant sleep – massive pains in shoulders zzing all over etc – waking up like my whole body has been kicked all night!!! etc etc generally just feeling ill – BUT along with all of this i am getting more and more the feeling inside me of something amazing waiting to happen – and every day when it doesnt i feel massively let-down – its strange – nothing i do helps – its just waiting, waiting – sometimes i feel like something is about to burst out of me – actually that sounds really strange – cant even put it into words!! so amidst all the physical hurt and all the other nasty stuff going on there is always this anticipation of something mind-blowing just round the corner –
    wanted to say about the psychic attacks too –
    from my perspective psychic attacks are when the dark forces targets you specifically – its not the same thing as picking up on someone elses attachments, entities etc because maybe you are a lot lighter than the person who has them. or energy links that are formed or just lost souls who want help and follow you home.
    psychic attacks for me are the dark forces tri ng to get into my mind and make me think/behave in a certain way which would help them and be a disservice to me and the light!! stuff like that. be ineresting to know how others view this.
    the guys who go about talking in public etc and are seemingly unaffected by all of this stuff that makes a lot of people reading this site almost unable to leave their homes each day – i think some of them are on a different level to others, some of them arent empathic or even lightworkers etc – and i guess some of them have better coping strategies that others – if you know how to clear yourself after you have been out and about that helps a lot. i would like to know what denise has to say about this though.
    – i was sitting in bed the other night – couldnt sleep – with the curtains drawn back and i saw the most amazing shooting star fall – it was so bright and clear and big and near – i waited and waited for another but that was it – it seemed significant in some way – really cheered me up –

  19. What kind of “major life changes” are you referring to, nadeanna? I’m trying to get on board with this ascension process, but I’m not sure how…

  20. I wrote this just a sec ago to explain my experience with Being in the Center and strengthening my connection to what is happening Now as a product of my Evolution through these Times.


    My Root, my Anchor, my Center, my Foundation. In this Space of Presence I experience the Self- Becoming, The Self- Growing. Like a Movie I can watch or stop watching, like a Channel on a TV I can turn off if it should Turn On, I observe Mind and Ego and the Narratives they weave in Temporal Allowance but not feeling drawn to pass through the Scre…en and begin identifying with the Story. I’m not completely closed off from my Observation as I Learn more about the Reality of what I Am vs. What I Am Not.

    Alone and Solely Present in my Center I experience the Joy and Being of Self in the Now the pure EnJOYment of Creative Freedom. This is my Anchor, my Root, my Center, my Foundation, this is Home but i’m a Builder, i’m an Architect, i’m a Designer, a Creator and I Use the tools of Perception, Intention, Knowing, and Manifestation to Evolve the Root, the Center, the Home, the Foundation to Fit, Mirror, and Reflect the Now that is Becoming.

    May we all find our Center and anchor ourselves in the Clear Space of the Present Moment. Bless.

  21. BalsamicMoon-

    I guess I mean just being in the flow (finding love outside and within), following your intuition, and stop doing stuff you don’t want to do. I find that I will do things that might not be at the top of my yay fun list! if the timing is right, but if someone outside of me forces me to do them in the wrong timing, oh brother! Icky-poo. And more people growing their own food, not driving their cars, hanging wash out to dry, sharing their resources… We can’t all be perfect all the time, but if more people would start doing these things more often, if they had started doing it 40 years ago when others were laying the energetic foundations for it, instead of calling them burn outs and hippies and going along on their merry gas-guzzling, money-grubbing way… well… I sort of cease to get angry about it anymore. I’ve even given up trying to “save” my “tribe”. Just trying to survive, last winter I was in a “dream bigger and better” phase, but now I am just feeling like a little abandoned buoy in a giant turbulent sea.

    Debora, I try to think of money as imaginary, like Monopoly money that silly people want in exchange for things that is everyone’s responsibility to provide for everyone else and they just haven’t figured out how to barter or be in the flow yet, so I will play along, for as long as I can. Somehow or the universe always seems to come through for me. I’ve gone hungry and lived for two winters without heat in my bedroom (in cold places like Milwaukee and Mt. Shasta) so it sucks, but I’m still here.

    Sulaireland, if I go out for fellowship in physical activity (mountain biking or skiing) I feel GREAT, if a little disconnected from everyone else. If I have to go shopping, I feel like I am going to prison or that I’m practically a ghost to everyone else. I try to make errands into an obstacle course race. (No wonder I think people think I’m crazy.)

    Sorry for hogging up the comments.

    Once again, thank you Denise for hosting this forum and thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. It is a great comfort to not feel alone.


  22. Denise, thank you for this post. I sense a major vent there. Good for you. We all need that at times. Thanks for the example. I hope others will do more of the same so we can let it go.

    Some comments.
    My higher self tells me that yes indeed money will go away… eventually. And yes, the current SYSTEM is corrupt and certainly imbalanced. But it’s not money itself that is bad, it’s how we’ve used it, and perhaps more importantly, how we’ve allowed others to use it against us. The divine tells me that we need to master this topic just like everything else, before we can totally let it go. And it may come in steps, just like everything else. Don’t get too attached to any one rung on the ladder, but do use each rung to go to the next one. I understand only earth uses money and yet we chose to experience it and if used properly it would be good. We need to root out the corruption, both outside ourselves and inside, that’s the issue no matter whether it applies to money or any and everything else.

    I am personally getting fed up with all the fear I’m seeing and much is coming from those that spread light. It is good though because the reason we are seeing it is because it is surfacing, then hopefully will be released. But I’ve had enough with tales of pole flips, incoming celestial bodies about to hit us, the completion of the NWO. Yuck and yawn. And the disempowerment of waiting for the return of the mother ship to save people. Do you inner work and save your own self already. Those in the space ships en-courage that!

    There is a difference between denial and detachment. We have to shine the light into dark places, but we don’t have to take on the fear there.

    I used some little Shambala book once as an oracle. I opened it up to this message:
    “There are those that are courageous enough to look into the light. Others turn away and only see light as something that casts shadows.”

    From (what I perceive as) my fellow leading ascenders, I’m hearing a lot of “fed up” energy. I’ve always said that that closely precedes great change. And, hopefully, what I’m about to say will give you and others en-courage-ment. I’m feeling the energies lift big time. And it seems to be holding steady. Yeah, I have my tired moments but I feel like something shifted big time on the equinox. And yet I see other ascenders getting walloped. I think it points to the same thing – a big shift. I think the ones still feeling the crud are seeing the last hoorah, the final sprint. (God, please let me be right!) I’ve not seen an outward shift yet, but inwardly it’s undeniable.

    I’m not having to interact much with those who don’t get it and I’ve been able to REALLY dedicate myself to this, yes in isolation, with little to no responsibilities, so I send my love and power to those who have additional challenges. May my light help carry you. Thank you all for what you do and be here.

    Yes, I find many of the divine messengers are not going through this process. I feel like it’s a division of duties really. One can’t do it all. I can’t imagine taking on much of anything else. I am not working and those that are are being pushed beyond anything sane. And those lightworkers spreading the word still giving talks – nope, no way could anyone do that and do what we are doing. But someone has to hold down the fort while we blaze the trail. I’m glad someone is. I’m glad those that are awakening have someone to turn to because I don’t know that I could help them right now. I have in the past, but my whole focus is on this ascension process now, in no small measure.

    I don’t have a problem with reading channeled info, but one’s own discernment is just as important there as it is with anything else. Some of these channelers themselves seem to be only into channeled info and trust that unequivocally and act like info that comes in more mundane ways is all corrupt. To everyone else, they themselves are just another mundane human source. And I find many that read that info don’t have much of a connection to their higher self. I am always striving to get and maintain that connection, even if I have to fall back on divination tools at times. And I always question my higher self further on outside info.

  23. Thank you, Denise, for once again saying like it is.
    March has been too tough for me to handle any of that pink glittery fluff. I’m practically crawling on all fours for these last days of March, just to somehow make it to April… only to find out it’ll be even tougher? Most likely. Sure, there seems to be so much more light now, me being able to contain it much longer, stay in the centre much longer (and find it faster when falling off balance), but when the brown stuff hits the fan… it’s plain hard work.
    Sulaireland, you put it so well in your comment: “..psychic attacks for me are the dark forces trying to get into my mind and make me think/behave in a certain way which would help them and be a disservice to me and the light!!” That’s exactly what I’ve come to understand. What I had suspected, and finally had it confirmed so clearly by Denise’s book Lightworker’s Mission. The Darks want to hide, masquerade as your own feelings and thoughts to get you down – then you just battle internally, not realising it’s them manipulating you! One would normally think of an “attack” to be something coming towards you from the outside, but when I recognise some internal drama as so not being my own energy, it’s become much easier to transmute it and find my Light-filled core again. I’ve come to understand what my natural state is, how by character I am not a cynic, not hopeless, not panicky, not fearful. Whenever I start feeling any such emotion, I nowadays instantly scan for mind control. And get damn angry when coming across a manipulation attempt!
    I’ve also been in a constant state on waiting – yet not knowing for what exactly. In some ways time has accelerated, but boy, this March has been dragging on and on, feels like ten years! Maybe it indeed is, several years of “stuff” within one month only… Do I dare to welcome in April? Yet it arrives whether I want it to or not.
    Sending you all, nevertheless and amidst of this all, warm pink glittery Joy 😀 and Gratitude to this lovely crowd here for making the journey lighter to bear. This site of yours, Denise, is a true oasis. ~*~

  24. I want to share with Debora that your posts often reflect things going on w/me – I assume our names reflect our close alignment. I quit my job last August with enough money to live on for one month. I am now working very part time and somehow getting by and I’m moving into brand new areas of energy healing that I am so excited about. I am very consciously holding intent that all will be ok. I’m living in the now – and doing the best I can with what I am called to do-which it to participate in the ascension process as Star Seed and path-maker. The universe has responded in ways I never would have dreamed of. I have had my share of scares but I am now feeling good and want to share what I’ve learned thru this process. When I realized I was literally just this side of living out of my car, a peace came over me and I realized I could do that and it would have been awesome. The free time to be and ascend and help others would be a true gift. I had to let go of any thoughts of what anyone else would say – I truly could care less if I had a home or not – I do have concern for my pets and like to keep them cozy. I realized underneath everything I was worried about what my two 30 year old children would think and yes, they would be humiliated to have a “homeless” mother – they are still caught up in old world ways and thinking. I gave up caring what they would think – which was incredibly freeing – I must live my life on my terms. Better than working in the old world which would have taken my life for sure. And I am here to help with the ascension process. Facing losing everything you realize what is important and that has nothing to do with our stuff. Money is coming to me in a much more elegant way now and I’ve become more conscious of living within my means and of appreciating things like mother earth and electricity. I now turn things off when not in use – helping me financially and helping the earth. I use less and save more and not from a struggling mentality – out of caring for myself and the world. Recently I posted about my concerns and Denise reminded me/us that we can ask for help from our spiritual guides, etc, so that we can do the work we came to do. She reminded us to expect that from them; we are here on a mission and need their help. That eve I read one of my Barbara Marciniak books (there is much discussion about channeled info in these posts – but her four books have gotten me through the last ten years relatively sane – sorry Denise, I did not read your books yet having just found your site recently)and I got the same message – I’m here on a mission and I need to let in help from other sources. The universe made doubly sure I got that message and it was great! Like someone else said, I just don’t have it in me to work and do everything else I am here to do. I physically can’t do it and have chosen to not live that struggle – anymore. Anyway, I hope this helps, I’m just trying to make money lighter – it is just an energy – it is us that makes it more than that and thus more difficult to have. Lighten up, know it will come – maybe not in the way you think -but that is part of the fun, know all will be ok, even if it doesn’t seem that way. There is a reason for what is happening and you are breaking old ways of dealing with the illusion of money. This time will prove to be a great chance to grow, ascend and move beyond money.
    Note: I realized this week – our symbol for money $ is like the flow symbol – S – with a line drawn through it – indicating “no flow” so for now on I’m using the money symbol-when I need to – without the line through it 😉 For me it now looks like a capital S !

  25. Denise
    I see you had ones show up in physical what do you suppose these physical/humans want, as i thought we were through with the energy stealing from them?
    I had 2 people, my sister and brother show up last week though i hadn’t seen nor heard from them in many months.


  26. Whoa, this might explain the very weird mood I’ve had lately. Actually, I’ve had it for the last half year. I’ve been more stressed and depressed than before – it’s been incredibly tough the last months. I’ve thought that it’s because I’ve moved to a new country and started studying at a new university. But this university has less work than the other university, and I have many friends. So I shouldn’t have any reason to feel as if my world is falling apart. And it’s not just me that has been different. I also feel that the people around me struggle in the same way – it’s been a time of lots of frustration. And this month has gone by so quickly! I’ve had so many ups and downs – it’s absolutely crazy. I don’t feel that I’ve been able to keep both feet on the ground. It’s as if something inside me is eager to come out. I feel it really is the time for me to figure out what I want to do in my life, figure out what gives meaning to my life. I know that everything happens for a reason, and when we’ve managed to get through this, we’ll end up in a better place. Gosh, I have to remember to breathe…

    Love always, Lise

  27. Whew! It’s over! Yaaayyy!!! @ Debra Thanks for the encouragement. The last few years have been difficult with the Universe giving me many opportunities to change from a worker bee to something else. Between 2005-2009 I “lost” six jobs – one of them twice. I keep having to learn the lesson that I am no longer an employee. Which is to say that I am not to be an employee again. Now, finding what I am to do to bring in Nadeanna’s aptly named Monopoly Money so that I can stay warm (or cool), dry and fed, is the hard part since my skill set is mostly about working for others and receiving remuneration for same. Since acquiring new skills usually requires more Monopoly Money I have to get creative and creativity seems to gone out the window with the last job.

    Finding the new center has proven more of a challenge. 5D seems closed off from me right now because of my stress and anxiety.

    So, I continue to breathe and quiet my mind and fend off the dark humans that keep distracting me and mine and I am hopeful that April will be less stressful than March!

    Denise’s work, this blog-community is a treasure to me! thank you all for being here and contributing!


  28. Been really enjoying the comments lately and noticing how some of what’s going on seems so symbolic. For example over time there’s been a number of people posting saying they have moments when they feel disconnected, shut off, unable to hook up to their resources or their higher self. The idea is there might be interference.

    We’ve seen that kind of interference play out symbolically in the world too – almost perfectly. As soon as the people of a country start rising up and saying they’ve had it, the government shuts down the internet and wireless. No communication allowed.

    And the money thing. If people were/are getting bled dry on a 4D level, look at one possible symbol of that: the (continuing) economic crash of 2008. The kicker with 2008 in 3D was that after the cash feast – which was the real estate heist – the leeches came to us again and said that they were the ones depleted, not us! And could we please give more $$, bail them out, save them, and we did.

    But it’s not one bit about money. It’s about something else. Almost all money is already in the hands of the few who own it. They know this and we know this. I welcome them to it, it’s theirs. So why do they keep asking us for it? It’s absurd. I agree 100% with the poster who said the money system makes no sense. How could it considering who’s running it?

  29. Yeah septembo, it’s not about money to “them,” it’s about control. “They” have more money than they could use. They control us by keeping us from having any… so they think. They’re driving us ever inward, to where our real power lies. They are their own undoing. But… sure glad it’s almost over. Nothing this out of balance could last for long.

  30. Pure One and Septembo – I am expert on few things – one being domestic violence. I can’t help but think of that when I read your last two posts. Domestic violence isn’t about love, it is about power and control over another. Just the same, each time we back down to a system we are playing victim. And each time a victim leaves a dv situation, the controler (most always) escalates. That said, I counsel dv victims to have a safety plan – know what he will probably do and plan around it – then basically go for it with your eyes wide open (very nutshell version). But we need to do the same, know each time we stand up, there will be flack, but plan for it and keep on going anyway. The victim always holds the power – for when the victim stands up – the bully can no longer play the bully – the bully needs a victim.

  31. Debra, yes, we have had many experiences in this world where someone is the persecuter or perpetuator while someone else experiences being the victim. And yes, it’s up to the victim to change this situation because there is no impetus for the perpetuator to do so. The victim needs to reclaim their power. Indeed. And when speaking of the global elite, it is the masses that need to reclaim their power.

    You say the bully needs a victim. That’s true. Global elite aside… In interactions between individuals though, sometimes who the bully is is not so obvious. Debra, tell me if you have also experienced the following.

    I have known people who control in a passive aggressive way and want to play the victim. They attempt to cast whoever stands in front of them in the role of villain. I’ve seen this in wounded individuals who, when triggered by situations that are similar to past wounding experiences (sometimes only remotely so, but not to them in their triggered re-action) take out their revenge for childhood wounds on whoever happens to be around… by acting like they are the ab-used one.

    When dealing with people like this, one cannot allow themselves to be cast in that villain role just so the one that wants to play victim can continue their drama. It does not serve either party. If someone allows themselves to be cast as villain by a victim they are enabling the victim’s dysfunction along with their own.

    In either case, whether it is outward aggressive control or passive aggressive control, yes, the “victim” (sometimes cast as the villain) is the one that needs to somehow end that situation.

    • Victim/villain, good guy/bad guy, it’s all polarized consciousness within a polarized level. To get beyond this one has to integrate ones self, take responsibility, let go emotionally, and move on and hope the other guy you’d been doing the polarity dance with eventually makes the same discoveries you did. 😉


  32. Denise/Pure Onen – ah, yes, it takes two to tango – and once one leaves the dance floor (in this case the polarity dance floor) the other has no choice but to make some sort of choice on which direction they are going to go – but it is their choice – ours is to just get off the dance floor and move on 😉

  33. Indeed Denise. Yeppers, I’ve had that in my experience. I had the lesson in an ltr, then I had a test delivered by someone else. I passed. I didn’t put up and they chose to leave. After all, when I would not be their villain, well, just what good was I to them and their victim drama. “Don’t let the door hit ya in the arse on your way out!”

    There’s been plenty of that concerning the global elite also. So many times I’ve heard “There’s nothing I can do about it.” Responsibility and Power go hand in hand. So many are so eager to give away their power just so they don’t have to take responsibility. And I know from personal experience that there are many ways to unplug from the disempowering programming, even if we can’t do so in every way quite yet (such as money and internal combustion engines, etc) there are still SO many things that very much are within our power to make a better choice. And even if you can’t yet make the best choice, at least make the better choice. Some people get so black and white about things, “How’s that little bit gonna help? Might as well not do anything.” Eh! Wrong answer. lol My “little bits” over time have grown into one very large difference.

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