The Different Layers of Lightwork & the Ascension Process

In recent Comments J, Lenny, and Cat were talking about how much Ascension-related physical and psychological pain they’ve experienced and were wondering where the OFF switch is with all this, plus why some experience so much more pain than other people. Here’s J’s Comment.

“Reading the comments i see others question why we are in lockdown and for how long this has been so for SOME? I just read a page on a forum of people feeling they cant go on any longer alone, housebound, where life stopped and there is no way to see how to get beyond the enforced isolation/limitation lockdown.

“Watching the celeb lightworkers traveling the world, not being forced to let go their self-importance and workshop shit, their life still as it’s always been and they take the next steps for this years worldly travels.

“WTF is going on, does anyone actually know why only some are living years of this living death? Are we all doin the polarity dance, or only some?
Its like this is forced onto us, and why for so long, and i mean a decade or even more for some. Denise, if you have any ideas as to why this is i know many of us would be grateful to find a chink of light, cause this is crazy making and i know all is built from within but despair is setting in now, no one cares if they stay or go it seems now and we need some help down here and not from some channel who never lived what they spout about, (yes, Denise, so true) so HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP anyone!”

I think many can relate to what J is saying and feeling, plus I had a giggle over J’s “celeb lightworkers” term. Sulaireland also asked about these very public “Lightworkers” who travel extensively lecturing, doing workshops etc., but either don’t experience any Ascension symptoms or they’re tremendously reduced and short-lived. The question is…how can those Lightworkers do all they do publicly while other Lightworkers (plus many regular ascenders) are so severely affected by Ascension energies and the symptoms they cause that they can barely leave their houses to do the necessary monthly grocery shopping?  Pre-incarnational soul contracts; individual Service LightWork experience; the ability to house a wide range of frequencies in one’s body and awareness and not loose it!

I fall under the group of housebound Starseed Lightworkers who’ve suffered constantly from nearly unending Ascension symptoms. It’s improved tremendously for me over the past three years from how it was (and today, 4-4-11, has felt amazingly positive and NEW!), but it’s still difficult and painful. I chose the book publisher I did ( because I knew self-publishing my books would free me from any and all control of a publishing company expecting or demanding that I travel to do book signings, book tours, book readings etc. Because my Ascension symptoms were so severe, I knew I couldn’t physically, mentally, emotionally or psychically do that so I needed a book publishing company where I was in control over these issues. does this perfectly for me.

I also chose to share higher information/knowledge—which is Light—at TRANSITIONS for free because I’m intentionally trying to acclimate people to the NEW 5D reality and awareness that we don’t need money and can share everything with everyone for free. Evolved higher societies and their free-flowing open-ended systems function like this and don’t have, need, or use money. I realize we’re still in the middle of this old lower frequency money and money consciousness transition, but the more we evolve and expand our thinking, expectations, and creativity out of the old lower patriarchal ways, the faster the higher unified ascended NEW will manifest for All. Change the consciousness and reality quickly changes to reflect it.


Back to J’s question. There’s no fast answer to this for the simple reason we’re each at a slightly different level/timeline/phase/stair step within the compressed Evolutionary Ascension Process. I’ve tried to explain this concept before using the term stair steps or images of stairs or an escalator to help people understand that, even though we’re all heading in the same direction on the symbolic escalator, we’re each doing so at different stair steps in slightly different timelines (by days, weeks, months, or years) within this Process than everyone else is and this is perfectly normal.

Some people have lived the Ascension Process much longer than others and are obviously farther along within the Process. Other people are standing on a stair step that’s directly above or below someone else and those people find it easier to communicate and interact because they’re both so energetically close to each other at that moment within that timeline. Some move on faster than others, while some decide to hang-back and wait for loved ones, family or friends to catch up or to help them by sharing information/Light about the Ascension Process. Some move ahead farther and faster than others so they can aid them by passing on what they’ve learned and lived themselves. And of course other people are currently standing on much lower stair steps (stages, levels and timelines) within this ongoing Process so they’re experiencing different Ascension symptoms than someone farther along within it whose transmuted more.

Another aspect to all this is that Starseed Lightworkers, Lightworkers, Path Cutters, Wayshowers etc. are vastly more sensitive than regular or “normal” people which means we feel and are affected by higher frequency energies hitting and transmuting the lower frequencies within and around us a great deal more than they ever will. (Don’t forget that what you do Starseed/Lightworker creates an easier and faster Pathway for the “normal” folk to traverse.) Also, some of us have more karmic energies or residual unresolved emotional energies/wounds/projections/fears/polarity that are still being transmuted and integrated. Said another way, Starseeds/Lightworkers/Path Cutters can handle and cope with MUCH MORE  transformational  energy and energy Work than “normal” folk can; we’re built for it.

Starseeds/Lightworkers also Work while asleep and out-of-body doing their part in the Planetary and Collective transmuting of past lower frequency negative or Dark actions and residual emotional energies created by others through the Ages within both physical 3D and astral 4D. And, increasing numbers of people now have more conscious awareness of one or more of their past lives and selves and are currently integrating and transmuting those unresolved emotional issues, wounds, karmic energies and so on also.

Most people living the Ascension Process are not Lightworkers and are only dealing with their own lower frequency emotional energies, polarity, projections, fears, wounds etc. Because the First Wave Starseed Lightworker Group literally paved the way for this Process to be available within 3D physicality for humanity while they were in it themselves, their Ascension journey is much less painful, difficult, dangerous and intense as it was for the original Path Cutters who began it in total Darkness. They were the only Light in 3D physicality at that time, but now the Light is everywhere pressuring the Dark to evolve or be reabsorbed back into Source. Their time and Work is done. Add to this the profoundly compressed and accelerated 2011 timeline and these Ascension energies and symptoms cycle in and out so much faster than they did many years ago.


1) This Group have pre-incarnational contracts to do Ascension-related Lightwork as public teachers or channelers. They either do this teaching Lightwork from self-knowledge gained from past-lives, multidimensional awareness, wisdom’s gained from lucid dream astral and higher dimensional experiences, conscious multidimensional interactions with Starbeings/ETs/Lightbeings etc. Far more commonly however they channel a non-physical, other-dimensional Being or Group of Beings and are more of a 3D middle-man or mouth piece to transmit higher dimensional information/Light for other Lightworkers and regular folk living the Ascension Process. For many who channel, the act of channeling itself is a specific teaching and awakening process for them. They needed to see, hear, feel and understand that reality and their consciousness and body is far more complex and multidimensional than what they’d believed or could perceive before they began channeling.

For other people who channel it was  more about their pre-incarnational contract to work with specific higher dimensional Groups of Beings and channel information from them to assist Lightworkers and other people living and struggling with the Ascension Process. These people aren’t “Lightworkers” in that they do not transmute lower frequency energies through their bodies, but they certainly do spread Light in the form of higher dimensional channeled information around the country or countries for others to benefit from.

In more rare cases the human who is doing the channeling and/or teaching or writing for other Starseeds and Lightworkers is directly connected to the higher dimensional Groups of Beings they are channeling or writing about. They are oftentimes a deliberate seeded aspect of that 5D, 6D, or higher Group of Beings whose chosen to physically incarnate on Earth during the Ascension Process to very directly help others on Earth, and further their individual spiritual growth, learning, and development.

2) This Group are Lightworkers and Starseed Lightworkers with pre-incarnational contracts to incarnate as the first Group (the First Wave) to do the darkest, most dense, difficult and dangerous energetic transformational Lightwork from within the physical planetary system in physical human bodies. They are literally designed to and excel at transmuting Dark, negative, dense lower frequency energies from within the negativity and muck while in physical bodies themselves. They are the Path Cutters who energetically bulldoze through and transmute lower energies in physical 3D and astral 4D. Doing this Work creates energetic Pathways for increasing amounts of Light Energies to rain down on humanity…just like cosmic waters pouring out from Aquarius’ jug.

These Starseed Lightworkers infiltrate and live like spies in a foreign land (on Earth within the third dimension) doing transformational Lightwork the entire time and typically have different connections back to their higher frequency Home dimensions, Family and Assistants (5D, 6D and higher) who function like Guides while both awake and asleep to help the Starseed Lightworker in 3D physicality with their multidimensional planetary Ascension Service Work. This Group of Starseed Lightworkers live the Ascension Process and do their Planetary Service Work in and through their physical bodies and are usually in no shape to travel around the country or world lecturing, teaching, channeling or doing much of anything else other than what they do!

During Phase One of the Ascension Process this Group were the workhorses doing the groundbreaking work so that everything and everyone else could come in afterward and do what they excel at doing. During Phase Two of the Ascension Process the First Wave Starseed Lightworkers—those workhorses—are again the first Group living, housing, grounding and anchoring the NEW higher Energies through their NEW Rewired bodies, brains and hearts, and as usual, quietly from behind the scenes and totally for free.

This Group had to transmute and clear the lower dense energies first (Phase One), and now in Phase Two of the Ascension Process they’re the first ones doing the Conscious Creating/Co-Creating in the NEW over the lower collapsing, corrupt man-made laws, systems, belief systems and ways etc. Think of this as this Group of Lightworkers invisibly redesigning, redecorating, and replacing all the old patriarchal world system with NEW.

(This is why I do not care about who claims to have done or created the latest dirty deed or earthquake disaster on the planetary stage. This is why I don’t care about who claims such n’ such about some negative action or evil technology created by the elite because they are no longer running or steering this planet, this world, and most certainly not the NEW reality! The First Group of Starseed Lightworkers are with plenty of help from higher dimensions and the Beings of Light therein. So…give it a rest and I suggest you take an honest look at where your consciousness is and which system its feeding and supporting now and why.)

3) This group are NOT Lightworkers, NOT Starseeds, NOT Path Cutters yet they channel, or lecture, tour and travel extensively, write books, have websites or blogs, are on TV or write or make movies etc., but they’ve always played for the other team—Team Dark. These people have taught and promoted what’s been called “New Age” material over the past thirty-plus years, and made plenty of money doing so, but it’s mostly highly distorted material from the Dark Ones. All of the weird, harebrained and distorted “New Age” movement stuff should make a lot more sense to many knowing the majority of it was from the Dark side to prevent as many people as they could from recognizing or utilizing real Light and higher Energies to help them through the Ascension Process.


We’ve all heard so much hype about creating abundance, attracting money, the great and desirable need for abundance and money. My question to you is, why would you need to attract money or abundance if you exist within the planetary Ascension Process and are evolving beyond that level of reality and consciousness?

The most obvious thing to me is that a group of some bodies don’t want you focused on taking advantage of and living the current Ascension Energies to evolve. They want everyone to stay entrapped within lower frequencies and consciousness and be endlessly preoccupied with money and materialism. So here comes that deliberate distorted disinformation via the Dark Ones we were talking about earlier. To keep the portions of humanity seeking a higher way distracted and misinformed, the Dark Ones manipulate and direct certain humans to teach, write, lecture about how they can intend and envision increasing money, wealth, youth, happiness etc. coming into their lives via their particular “New Age” belief system and techniques…usually for a hefty price of course.

A couple years ago I wrote an article about this money business and consciousness and the Ascension Process. What bothers me about this topic and so many others like it is that some are trying very hard to keep everyone focused on money (and gasoline and oil and all the other old patriarchal Piscean Age negativity) and not on how we’re currently evolving beyond that level of consciousness and need for those things and methods. Like I’ve said before, how many Ascended Masters, Starbeings, ETs, Lightbeings, Angelic Beings or higher evolved Races of Beings have you ever seen or read about that carried wallets, purses, money or credit cards? My point exactly.


April 4, 2011

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88 thoughts on “The Different Layers of Lightwork & the Ascension Process

  1. You know after awhile you get used to the discomfort. It’s the new norm really. I think one of the biggest challenges for growth in general is to give up the “soothers” – those things we’ve relied upon to distract, numb, preoccupy us as we avoid the whole process of confronting our feelings and false self. The ego which ran most of what we designed into our lives really took a hit over the past few years and I sense this is the source of many a pain.

  2. Thankyou so much Denise for your posts!! I have been feeling so stuck and demotivated, erractic, for a while now, debilitatingly so lately. Have always found it so difficult to be out there in the world – energies get pulled around, sucked dry and emotions whorl this way and that. I stopped working 3 months ago at traditional 9-5 jobs as I just could not do it anymore. Now my partner is supporting us in the interim while i supposedly find out what my ‘path’ is…However it keeps changing. My most pressing question is: How does a lightworker sustain themself without having to resort to structured, rigid, old-world workplaces? im not even sure if this question adequately asks what i mean as lately I find it hard to concentrate, put words together and remember things! Hopefully other Lightworkers can provide feedback too.
    Thankyou once again and Lots of Light x

  3. Well said, Denise, and I think very needed at this time. I’ve had my own revised opinions about a number of those public figures who occasionally defend their participation in the money-game with just a little too much vigor, and even an edge of anger that they should be challenged.

    Or others, who have become ‘names’ in the field and find it quite necessary to perpetuate that notoriety because it’s obviously the source of their continuing income platform.

    If they have never learned that what’s needed is invariably provided, then they are clearly on another trail than I am on. And the SORT of trail is painfully evident, even though they suppose that no one knows.

  4. The past 2 Sunday’s when i have gone for groceries i have had some serious energy drains on me, feels like i,ve been electrically shocked ,though for the past few months i could go out to do short errands for food/toiletries and come back rather unscathed.
    On Saturday March 26 a family member i hadn’t seen(nor really cared to see)in months came by about 4:00pm for about 45 mins and about 2 hours later my left arm was covered with hives and before bed my other arm and chest were all covered and now after two weeks of it i am about finally cleared up SO something DEFINITELY has changed again with me and this energy…

  5. “This is why I don’t care about who claims such n’ such about some negative action or evil technology created by the elite because they are no longer running or steering this planet, this world, and most certainly not the NEW reality!”

    AMEN to that sistar, could not have said this better… Wonderful post 🙂 ❤

  6. Denise,
    Thank you for giving some comfort to all this whirling energies. I absolutely agree with you that there is a game with all these who accept money for knowledge. Knowledge should be free and shared just like energy and love. It has been weird trying to handle all these energies for me too. Sometimes I just flow with them and then it feels fine. When I don’t, I think its the 3D-4D realization that I have to deal with. Something tells me that all this will clear up soon for all of us and we will be at ease as long as we keep in mind that the new earth is being born with its free loving energy. I send my love and light to you and to all.

  7. A big thank you for that message Denise, and for telling it how it is with that touch of humor. Could hardly keep my eyes open this morning, yet was thinking have to get on with all the 3S ‘stuff’. Your posts are invaluable in these times!

  8. This topic was an issue for me, for quite some time, until I had some profound realisations that I feel could be of assistance here: I am not in anyway invalidating the ascension experience, because I know how difficult it can be.

    At some point in the ascension process I realised I was making the ascension ‘my story.’ This is a big trap and to be avoided if we are to evolve and move out of victim consciousness. 

    In my view, the whole point of ascension is to awaken to who we really are and reclaim our power as unlimited beings. In my experience we do that by experiencing who we are not through all of our karma, depression, powerlessness, fears and experiences that show up in our life that create pain and struggle, and long story short, we eventually bust through to the other side to realise who we are (self-realisation) and claim back our power as unlimited abundant beings knowing who we are and that we are the creator of our life experience.

    Having lived for the past 10 years completing karma, losing everything including finances, relationships, career, dreams, status and all the things that you realise do not matter, and for the past 5 years living through debilitating ascension symptoms, I recently realised how I was prolonging the pain in my life and that it was time to do my part and come out of the darkness. This took me a long time to make this shift.

    My latest realisation is that the key to coming out of exile and transcending the ascension symptoms is to find the gift that is in the darkness. It is experienced differently for everyone but essentially it is all the same – knowing who you truly are. 

    We are not victims. However the ascension can make us feel that way and by experiencing who we are not it moves us back towards our Truth to remember who we really are – Unlimited beings of consciousness knowing only love and joy. 

    If you are stuck, then it means you’re not ready to accept that fact and still need to experience more of who you are not as part of your lessons (and that is ok) or you are resisting popping up to the next level of your life because you still have fear of some kind. 

    Here is an except from Transcending Levels of Consciousness by David R Hawkins.

    “At the level of consciousness of Acceptance, a major transformation takes place with the understanding that oneself is the source and creator of the experience of one’s life. Taking such a responsibility is distinctive at this degree of evolution, characterized with the ability to live harmoniously with the forces of life. 

    Below this level there is a tendency to see oneself as a victim at the mercy of life. This stems from a belief that the source of one’s happiness or the cause of one’s problems is ‘out there.’ The enormous jump of taking back one’s own power is completed at this level with the realization that the source of happiness is within oneself. At this more evolved stage nothing ‘out there’ has the capacity to make one happy or unhappy, and love is not something that is given or taken away by another but created from within. Acceptance is not to be confused with passivity, which is a symptom of apathy.”

    I have to say after years of powerlessness, my power and joy is returning more and more everyday and I am saying this to empower and give hope to those who may not be there quite yet but have all of this and so much more to look forward to. 

    Remember you are not a victim and nothing outside of you has any power over you. You are it. 

    Thank you Denise for your service.

    Much gratitude


  9. I agree with everything that you wrote. The highly developed ETs, starbeings etc have all they need becuase it is their manifest reality, springing from their highly advanced consciousness. And they are far less dense than we humans are.

    Yes, money is a product of 3D, but my body is still dense and I still need to feed it, to take care of it. I still need sources of income that will provide for this dense body. Food, water, a roof over head – these things are still needed in this transitional period.

    I agree with you, but you can’t expect everyone not to eat, not to provide for their kids etc. I am doing my spiritual work each and every day, I left a host of bad habits behind me, I am living in the now, I can’t even remember what was yesterday let alone last week or month, I feel that this is all an illusion, that time does not exist, that everything is energy that vibrates, that I am Spirit, but I am still inhabiting a 3D body. And I still have to take care of it.

    If you have any advice how to get rd of the money but being able to function normally in everyday reality, I am all ears.

    Thank you for sharing your insights, and spreading light.

    Love & Peace

  10. Denise, awesome post. I sense your frustration with the money situation, I am frustrated too, mostly at myself for not being able to figure out how to move past it more elegantly. To be honest, like Amy, I am having some trouble with the transition – though I have made giant strides in a positive direction. I am in the midst of huge transformations – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Experiencing so many ascension symptoms for years, (and yes, they’ve recently changed thank you for the recent post about that) right now I mostly exist in my house (not being able to deal with people) feeling either wonderful or completely confused and unclear. I quit my job last August, and have been offered what I consider to be a dream position (for me) which was surely divinely guided – they found me – but the thought of doing the 8-5/m-f thing again, goes against everything inside of me. That said, the “work” would be much less work and more my “passion” – but I have been running on Indian time now for so long, don’t think I can live any other way. Could you point me to the article you wrote about money that you referenced, I’m having trouble finding it? Thanks to everyone – this is home and family to me in so many ways.

  11. Thanks Denise, you really spoke to some of the things I have wondered about as a behind the scenes heavy lifter, watching others float through life as if on a magic carpet ride.

    Love and Peace, Susan

  12. Dear Denise, brilliant as usual. Thank you for being such a wise giving being. I have stopped reading anything channeled or otherwise unless my guidance tells me it is at least 85% accurate. Lots less reading material is available! But a must better use of my time. As you know I read your material faithfully. Thank you for being real dear one.
    I am on the same page about money. Without duality, it will no longer be needed. Right now? One of my passions is painting folk art, not with peace signs in almost every creation. Now, I need to buy some primer, do I have the money to buy it? Not so much. I have challenged with that. How do we bring an end to duality?
    Ascention wise, I feel brighter, my phycisial pain has increased, Yes, I am sentative beyond “normal”
    As a ritual abuse survivor in childhood, I believe I have suffered enough that no one need have any more pain ever.
    Maybe some of my pain now is unhealed torture from childhood, unhealed broken bones and such. I think I have healed it, but it seems there is so much in the unconscious levels. I didn’t have memories of the abuse until I was in my 50’s. There has been so much intenst work on healing the past few years.
    EFT, rebirthing, Reiki, Qi gong, prayers and sometimes begging! And I have found some shrinks work for the dark and take money to help and have hurt me more. My best help has came from nature my two dogs Grace and Joy and one shrink and of course my own inner guidance. My dogs are now on the other side and help me do my night work there. I get to help trees! I love trees. As a child, there was a maple tree in my front yard and I could climb it and it would hide me from the family males who would look for me when they wanted to rape me. I love trees and am thankful I can help them now as they helped me in childhood.
    Dear Denise, you are the best person, I find to read and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I completely appreciate you and send blessings, love and high heart hugs your way.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Gwen in New Mexico.

  13. Thank you so much for hitting the nail on the head with your latest post. It really helped me to understand my place in the pattern of the newly emerging World. I can think of myself more clearly. I AM a Channeling medium working with both angels and astral doctors, as well as inner World Service work that I have only recently become aware of. I have never felt an urge to come forward with this, preferring to work with a small group I have become associated with. In my world, Byron Katey has a church building on the corner across the street from me. I find it interesting that you have said that people like her might not be specifically ‘light workers’ but light SPREADERS. Also that their time is done. Is it time for us to step up yet, or are we still having to wait in the shadows, doing our work from the caves that protect us?

  14. Denise and friends…

    This TRANSITIONS post certainly opened a can of worms! I returned home this afternoon to see a stack of overnight responses, and they suddenly end, with what I can imagine was everyone’s daily round on the ‘job-wheel’, about which so many of the early responses seemed so desperate.

    Having been through all of that, myself — but so many years ago! — I feel a responsibility to share some of what I learned (all those many years ago), as my own discovered answer to the job-world dilemma. My situation had undoubtedly been different; but perhaps you can glean, for yourselves, something of what your own approach might effectively be. So let me briefly tell it.

    I was in the agony of discovering, in my mid-40s, that life had not at all turned out as I had wanted it for myself. And I recognized that I really had no stomach for the commercial world; that I was doing it because that was what one (a ‘mature’ one) was supposed to do.

    Recognizing I had but one life to live, and that I had already thrown probably more than half of it away, somehow empowered me to just ‘go for broke’ for the time that was left to me. I just entirely abandoned that income-based world!

    I’d not expect anyone to take that approach; it was scary, to say the least. The important thing is not the way I did it, but what I learned from it!

    I decided that time (my own, such as remained to me) was worth far more to me than money. This cushioned my fall from economic grace. But almost at once, as I took that trail, I began to see that . . . things somehow worked out for me. And KEPT working out for me. It just kept on happening!

    Ultimately I realized that some unknown principle was at work: that some kind of Providence was set in motion when I abandoned my take-charge ‘need’ to assert myself for my ordinary needs. At ‘some other level’ I was being looked out for.

    It didn’t really take long for me to experience this; what did take a couple years or so, was to really believe in it. I can tell you, specifically, that when I began the ‘new life’ my backstop was a $500 bank account (equal to $2660 in today’s value), and it dropped by $100 (one-fifth) per year. The descending level was my diminishing fear . . . or my trust-level as to staying free of the job world. When it was finally down to nothing, I knew I was fully free of the need to do a job I didn’t want to do.

  15. Hello, Denise and all,

    I so love this group and what everyone brings to it. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I too am feeling like this is my family lately.
    Ascension symptoms have eased for me lately– not as intense, not as long– but being in the world with extremely low vibrating people has been my challenge. The attacks are not subtle or sophisticated. I’m in a “Third World” country that’s considered poor, with few roads, and people are kind of tough and blunt. I’m not really sure why I chose such a rough place to be as a highly sensitive person. I just went out into the countryside the last few days– a 16 hour trip both ways with much of it roadless in an overcrowded, hot bus. I kept on trying to center myself, but people are nothing if not persistent in their rudeness here. kkk It’s a challenge, but I think that I’m getting a bit better at it. The post about acceptance was particulary pertinent– I have arthritis in my knees which makes them sensitive and painful and a child made it her occupation to cause me pain for hours of that trip. In the end, I just accepted that it would be painful and endured it. Yes, I’m suffering pain now, but I made it through it as well as I could. I actually think I did pretty well with the sadistic nature of the torture to not respond and feed the uglies.
    So, we all have our own roads to travel here (no pun intended) and our own experiences through which we learn to center. It’s interesting that I was constantly being interrupted while I was trying to do lightwork (is that the word?) with all the time I had while travelling.
    As to the money issue, I’ve also been feeling for some years that we needed a new system to banking. It seemed more logical to put money in a mattress than to put it in a bank! Over the last few years, I’ve managed to have funding to pursue my interests with very little effort on my part. I know when I will be successful with funding before it happens too. So the money is there– not huge amounts, but a comfortable amount. I feel fairly certain that it will continue to materialize as I need it. The key is not to expect it in traditional ways– it may come from entirely unexpected directions. It’s stressful at first, but, as Irv said, you learn to relax into it and not worry about it so much.

    Hugs to all,

  16. @ Amy, I am working full-time now, but at an awesome place that doesn’t care when I work, as long as I get my work done and come in at some point for a few hours between 10 and 4 most days a week, so that I can touch base with people. It just sort of fell into my lap, or it was all that saying, “I just want a permanent job. I just want to stay here.” I could say so much, but I probably am going to pass out as soon as my head hits the pillow tonight. If you have access to all parts of your being, you will receive your desires that are in alignment with divine will, and you will know what is in harmony. If you keep hitting brick walls with everything you try to do, you either need to learn patience (which I did), or you’re barking up the wrong tree, at least that’s my experience. Doing what feels good, at least once you get past the phase of trying to escape or shut things out, is probably a good compass.

    @ Lyndell, yes!

    @ Irv, yes!
    If you willingly give up what you have, (kitty, bed, home, job – all things I gave up. I even had to leave my godson with his insane mother who I swear is possessed by demons and I pray everyday that somehow someone will get him into a better situation, but holding myself responsible and being weighed down with guilt and helplessness is not going to help him or me) somehow it seems that you always have what you need. I even get kitty cuddles walking in residential neighborhoods on frequent occasions. If you wait until it is forced upon you, it can get UGLY.

    Even when I’ve technically been homeless, I’ve still always had a dry place to sleep. I’ve always had clean water to drink. I’ve never had to go more than a day without something to eat, never had to go more than a week without a hot shower. I haven’t died from hypothermia. Something must be working. It can be frustrating and scary, but hang in there.

  17. Hello ALL,

    I understand now that the two points of view are generated from two states of the mind: one saying “I don’t care where the money comes” and knowing that it will come, and the other wanting to know exactly what’s going on and where that income is coming from.
    Regarding the “abundance” term, I do believe that what the NEW AGE thinkers are saying it’s true (abundance is our birth right). I am referring to an “abundance” that is not so abundant, but provides the basic needs of existence. After all if you believe that the Universe/Divine Plan etc. will support you “run the laptop” – like David Wilcock says – and finding the money it means that “abundance” is a natural human birth right and everyone can access it.
    Now I want to talk a little bit where I stand. I’ve just recently finished the University and I have the BIG question whether to find a job or not? I’m living with my mother and she has supported my financial needs so far. Right now my parents are urging me to find a job, to find something to do with my life etc. If I try to explain them about the Ascension Process they’ll send me ASAP to the shrink. I want to believe (and I DO !!) that the Universe will support me during this transition period and that I don’t have to work 10h/day to have an income. Also I have the feeling that this job could interfere with my ascension process. I don’t need to buy phones, gadgets, cars, perfumes, cloths and all the other stuff kids my age are obsessed with. I am pleased and thankful with what I have. I don’t feel taking this job for making money but for the responsibility/independency point of view (not relying on my mother’s income).
    For 1 ½ years since I started this esoteric part of my life I’ve followed David Wilcock’s work. He talks also about the importance of connecting with our Higher Self but in order to accomplish this, he says that WE must take responsibility first, and one of the best way to do this is to get a job. My question for all of you who’ve managed to connect to your HS is ‘Is this what the HS wants for us to take responsibility’? I try to make a new step and connect to my HS right now, to get some answers.

    Thank you Denise and thank you ALL for this community, it feels so good to find someone preoccupied with this kind of stuff because otherwise we are feeling so alone in this world.

    • I’ll say it again, and David should know better! We’re EVOLVING beyond materialism, money and all of those old lower patriarchal ways now.

      To answer your question I’ve got to get a whole lot more complicated than –

      “For 1 ½ years since I started this esoteric part of my life I’ve followed David Wilcock’s work. He talks also about the importance of connecting with our Higher Self but in order to accomplish this, he says that WE must take responsibility first, and one of the best way to do this is to get a job. My question for all of you who’ve managed to connect to your HS is ‘Is this what the HS wants for us to take responsibility’? I try to make a new step and connect to my HS right now, to get some answers.”

      Our Higher Selves want us to grow and evolve and yes, take full responsibility for ourselves and that’s more along the lines of our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Our Higher Selves are only interested in us growing and learning. At certain stages in our lives that involves taking responsibility because we’re young and just learning about being on our own etc. Many of us here are much older and have already learned being responsible within physicality…getting a job, paying bills every month, blah blah blah. Because of your age and situation with your University education ending, you’re at a different stage within this process than many of us older folks are (timelines).

      Like I just told Brewster, we’re all in a difficult and rather scary period of transitions as the old lower world collapses and goes away under us and simultaneously the NEW world is birthing itself, firstly in our hearts and minds, and then in “reality” all around us. 2011 is the big transition phase out of the falling/dying old patriarchal world and ways AND the growing NEW higher world with its NEW and vastly higher ways for all. Just do what you must now and take responsibility for yourself, but know that everything is currently changing so fast and furiously that many people around the world are shocked and traumatized over it. You adapt to the changes as best as you can now and surf these Energy Waves until things shift and improve. This is a volatile period of real change for everyone as the old negative dies and disappears.


  18. What are you yourself doing if you are not using money? Are you really not using money or do you just have savings? I depleted my savings and haven’t worked enough lately to get unemployment. I can’t get welfare. Are you growing your own food? I’d be lucky if I had enough energy to do that with how much energy is required for this ascension process. Are you living in the country in a house that is completely paid for, that you don’t have to pay taxes on? If so how do you get away with that? Really. I’m getting really desperate. If you do have money, but don’t like it, could you please send me some? I’m not kidding. I’m very close to not surviving. Just let me know and I’ll give you a mailing address to send it to. I REALLY, REALLY need some help with my material needs and VERY, VERY soon. PLEASE HELP ME! Any information will be helpful. Please, anything.

    Denise, are you suggesting that money needs to go away now? If so, what do you suggest? I could use some real, practical information because I’m not having much success getting any money so your input would be most welcome.

    Did I miss the boat on something? Anyone? Denise, anybody who wants to answer. Are some of you done with your ascension? I’ve been at this for so many years. Am I to end like this? Destitute? Are some of you living without food and shelter? Are we supposed to be able to live without money, without food, without warmth? What am I not getting here? Someone please clue me in.

    • Brewster,

      I hear your panic and pain and frustrations. Breath okay and open your mind and heart to new and higher possibilities to come in to you now. And no, we’re NOT done with our ascensions now as it doesn’t work that way. We all have the natural opportunity to endlessly grow, evolve, and know and be more and more…just like Source does. 😉

      Back to the money business. As the old lower systems and ways of living, working, traveling, thinking, eating, being etc. etc. etc. continue to quickly now crumble and disappear for good, you and I and all of us will still need to walk this pain-in-the-ass tightrope a while longer. What I mean is that you should try to find some way to either live with someone else (family or friend etc.) so that you all can share expenses while reducing and cutting back on things that you can’t afford now…or have someone move in with you to share cost of living expenses and so on. In other words, we’re all in an increasing phase now of having to re-group with family/friends/loved ones/room mates etc. so everyone can work together to pay the monthly bills and buy food, wash clothes, stay warm/cool etc. Things will continue to rapidly disappear now because we’ve entered 2011 and the Ninth Wave and all lower negative systems MUST go now…so they are.

      Things will flip very quickly once the Light quotient is where it needs to be on Earth and we’re soooo close to it now. Then reality will improve and change amazingly fast and these issues won’t be issues. Until then however, try to hunker down and ride this phase out with other people so the expense of living/eating is shared by all.

      All you need to do is realize that money is no longer god here, that the greedy negative ones are no longer running the show on earth, and that a much, much better way is right around the corner. Make the needed adjustments now so you can weather this current transition in safety.


  19. For Brewster: I’ve just learned to get along nicely on a below-poverty income, which is actually my social security level. Anyone older can ‘un-work’ toward that. I do have a book out titled “Derelict Days…” with many years of my experiences in it. For further resources put “living without money” into a Google search.

    For Debra: Sure, I’m open to chatting with you about it: irvthom1 @

  20. Hi Denise, many thanks for all the work you out in the Transitions posting you did.
    I am wordless right now, but apprecaite all your time spent on this post.

    xxx J

    Sorry, typos, meant to say “for all the work ” dont know where the OUT come from????

  21. Hi folks.

    Just wanted to put in a quick word.
    Won’t go into introductions just now as i want to get out out onto the dirt, but thought I’d share 2 bits that help me to get by through so much pain, raging internal vibrations, and an ever-mind-bogglingly keyed up nervous system (etc, etc)…
    One is that which i just mentioned, that has me keeping this so brief… I’ve found through the whole process that the best medicine is contact with the earth- it is somewhat as if you can channel a lot of the overwhelming energies downward and she will receive them as nourishment, while embracing you… you may have to sometimes ‘tune yourself’ accordingly, though i find that the connection happens automatically if i’m out there for any amount of time. When I’ve been exposed to the raging toxic energies of a neighborhood in L.A. city (living there), the best i could do was to plant my bare feet or my back on the dirt/grass of the backyard, or even the patches lining the sidewalk- and actually, this helped a WHOLE lot.
    The other thing that’s been saving me lately- although I understand that this doesn’t always feel possible- is purposely attuning to, let’s say, ‘the light within the light’. I’ve found that I can very often align myself with the new or future energies such that the feeling overrides a lot of the pain, etc. and then i’m flooded with love and hope and faith, and other fine unnamable feelings…

    I’ll leave at at that for now.

    With huge transmissions of love,

  22. Brewster,

    All good to you..

    Recently Washington D.C. put serious pressure on corporations to cut the crap and start hiring. Google then announced it is hiring I forget how many thousands, and McDonald’s says it will hire 50,000 people on “hiring day”, April 19. You now have a half way decent chance to become employed someplace, if that’s your desire and choice.

  23. Irv, Denise and others, there’s a difference between not having much and not having anything. You act like we can all live WITHOUT money and yet you are saying that you DO have money. So which is it? It’s easy to be all high and mighty with your “no money” talk when in reality, you DO have money or access to it through others or something. Just where exactly in modern society is anyone even allowed to live without money? Self sufficient people end up with jack-booted thugs at their door to arrest or shoot them.

  24. (Huh, I thought I saw this one up, but it’s gone now too. Well, here we go again.)

    Denise, I agree on what’s you’ve said here. I’d like to add a bit.

    When we commit to this, we are put through the “Initiatory Process” like in mystery schools… without the school. These initiations are meant to offer a challenge, a lesson, a test. And yes, people who have not committed to this would not be having the initiations delivered to them. They also won’t reap the rewards. I feel that anyone that ascends will have to go through this initiatory process and yet, yes, as the trail-blazing analogy goes, it’s easier to just walk a path that’s already been cut than to actually cut it.

    The following site page will give you some further idea of what we’re (huh, I must have meant me and my higher self right there with that plural, too funny) talking about concerning the initiatory process.

    Keep in mind, even though many individuals and even whole races have ascended, they did not take their physicality and their planet’s physicality with them.

    “Most people living the Ascension Process are not Lightworkers…”
    Ah yes. I have a Twin Flame on the other end of a telepathic connection. (Funny you should mention this…) Just yesterday, my higher self told me that my Twin Flame is doing their own inner work / initiatory process / ascension and yet is not a “lightworker” in this lifetime (although has been in other lifetimes). They are not assisting the collective or the planet and yet, if there were more people like that there would be less “assisting of the collective” necessary for us lightworkers. My TF is not consciously aware of what they are doing like we are, but they are spiritual and intuitive and deal with what is presented to them. They are still living a rather ordinary life with a regular job and outside activities, etc. I’m told my Twin Flame will go with the second wave of lightworkers. And… so yes, it’s easier to just get yourself there than help the planet and the collective.

    As an aside, my Twin Flame and I have been on earth since before the calamities about 12,000 years ago. Neither one of us actually experienced the calamities nor the extended survival mode afterward. We’ve been incarnating as lightworkers since, having had the experience of being more whole, on earth, before that proverbial stuff hit the oscillating blades. I’ve been in contact with an incarnation of myself before the calamities, but, get this… I had to do some healing for those that went through it before I could access anything before that time.

    I have also met someone who (we figured out with Divine assistance coming thru both of us) is an “earth worker.” (I understand this is not the same as an “earth keeper.”) They take a passive role. We lightworkers are active, going out ahead while someone like this just holds the ground that we’ve gained.

    Keep in mind this component also – resistance causes pain. Resistance to healing, clearing, releasing, upgrading can and will cause additional pain and discomfort that will not occur if we do our best to flow through this. And like Steven says, any avoidance or distraction to that will just prolong things. Struggle is still a choice. Is it a choice you’re sure you want to make? This process is challenging enough without us working against ourselves with resistance and struggle. Acceptance and Surrender are big words now.

    I’d like to reemphasize what you said Denise on the “Collective Transmuting” we are doing. We are clearing out all old programming, whether that was generated through our personal experience (one or more lifetimes) or was a cellular memory or collective unconscious program.

    And my guess would be, if each of us was going through a personal ascension and not helping with a collective, planetary ascension, many of us would probably already be done by now. This is no small task we are on. I do my best to rise above my mundane level dramas to take the higher perspective and allow myself to just be in awe with just what it is we are doing here. NO ONE ELSE HAS DONE THIS! We are frickin’ (excuse my French) masters like none other. We rock! Let’s not forget that.

    • Pure One,

      You obviously have things you want or need to say so I would suggest that you create yourself a blog, if you don’t already have one, and express yourself there. I’ll let this Comment stand for now.


  25. @CarpathianAnonymous

    My spiritual journey started in high school. I’m in my mid-thirties now. Since, I have been practicing and living with various techniques and philosophies: Energy work, healing myself and others, releasing, balancing, etc etc. I have seen a lot of wonderful things as well as awful. My perception has expanded greatly. I am feeling the energy shifts since this last wave started each and every day – and I am feeling very well.

    And all this time I am working. I am earning my living. It still is part of my reality. Most of my free time I spend doing my spiritual practices. A lot of my earnings are spent buying books that expand my perception, teach me new techniques and provide me spiritual information. I also spend my money visiting places that I lived in during my past lives. And I pay some healers (excellent healers!) for their treatments (yes, they ARE very effective and they do live of it – that’s all good and well).

    I don’t have kids. But a lot of my friends do and they need to feed them.I can feel that the planet is changing, but no so fast that one could jump out of the earning for food system immediately. Money has to go, but I doubt that will happen overnight.

    Recently I have been doing soul writing. The messages from my Spirit are amazing. One of these said to me that I still need to work at the company that I’m currently in. My independence will come soon, I just have to be patient, it said (wrote) to me. And by independent, I suppose that means having my own business, which I dream about for some time now, to be able to be even more free to do things that I like (spiritual).

    A lot of people I know have kids and they have to feed them, just like your parents feed you. It is absolutely normal that they expect you to take care of yourself. I don’t think that you can “let go” if you have small children that need to be fed and clothed, kept warm. At least not yet.

    What I think is that the change is happening, but this transitional period may last for who knows how long. During it, I still have to eat. Less perhaps, but still I need food and water. Nutrients for my 3D body. And I have been showered with work that takes less time than anything I have ever worked with, but brings excellent earnings. The law of attraction brought me that, just like anything else, including spiritual. I don’t have cravings like cars, gadgets etc – I never had them. In fact, a lot of time I am feeling like “WTF am I still doing here?”. I long for a return to spirit, this comes in waves. Most of the people I find boring and /or irritating, because they are on some other frequency.

    But I seriously doubt that things will magically change overnight for 6+ billion people on this Earth. A lot of them will leave, and that is their choice. They aren’t ready to experience the transition and their soul knows that. They have planned for this on a higher level. If it gets rough (say worse than Japan), we’ll have to help ourselves and our loved ones (if they want to be helped), so jobs will probably slowly disappear. But until then you have to love your 3-D life I suppose.

    My advice: State your wish to your Spirit: Seek a job that will make possible for you to live normally and have enough time for all your spiritual practices. Seek inside yourself to find what you truly want to do. Ask for it, believe you’ll have this job/life/destiny and you’ll have it.

    Just like nadeanna posted above. Seek the existence/life of your dreams and you’ll find it.

    Soon, I’ll live my dream. Free to live my life, to see, experience, do and be everything that I want to be. And Spiritual matters are high on this list, if not #1. And you will too. When change comes, you’ll know it anyway. Until then, balance your spiritual life with your 3-D life. Get used to have one foot in one world, and the other one in a different one.

  26. Brewster, you’re just not really paying attention to what many of us have replied to you. The answer comes at many levels, in many ways . . . it’s different for different people, but it adds up to: The Universe Provides.

    Let me take it at the ‘hardcore level’ if that’s what you insist on. I told you how to find it on the web, by Googling “living without money”.

    There is a friend of mine named Daniel Suelo who has Literally lived without money for a decade! If any happens to come his way, he gives it away. Yes, it’s extreme, but that’s his passion, in order to make his points, which are points to think about.

    I’ll close this with a few paragraphs from his own web site…

    “I’ve been living without a cent to my name since the autumn of 2000 (with a month’s exception during my first year). I don’t use or accept money or conscious barter, and I don’t take food stamps or other government dole (not that I think those things are bad or that those who use them are in any way inferior).

    “And, after years of doing this, to my joy, I’ve learned there are other people in the world doing the same.

    “Why? I simply got tired of acknowledging as real this most common world-wide belief called money! I simply got tired of being unreal. Money is one of those intriguing things that becomes real because you believe it is real.

    “Wild Nature, outside civilization, runs on gift economy: “freely give, freely receive.” Thus it is balanced. Commercial civilization runs on consciousness of credit and debt (knowledge of good & evil); thus it is imbalanced. What nation on earth can even balance its own budget or environment? Gift Economy is Faith, Grace, Love – the message at the heart of every religion, though rejected by virtually every religious institution. The proof is inside you: Wild Nature is your True Nature, crucified by commercial civilization.”

  27. Irv, I’m hearing you. I’ve been living with very little. It still requires money. You yourself have worked your whole life (obviously, if you are collecting social security), for what? To earn MONEY. And now in one breath you talk about living without it and the next you’re saying you’re living off of social security. Isn’t social security MONEY? Are YOU hearing? Are you even listening to yourself and your hypocrisy?

    Money is as much illusion as everything else here. I won’t miss it when it goes away but it’s not gone yet. That’s my whole point. You prove that yourself by living off of social security. Duh.

    And you talk about this person “living without money.”

  28. I would like to say thank you Denise for your site, and also I landing here.

    Each of us Indigo/Starseed/Earth Angel/Lightworker are all original/co-creator, with unique special gift, unique human experience/spiritual journey.

    My spirit guides told just finish my training/lesson/test in EMPATHY in Earth plane. I have 3 rear end car accident since 1997 and I was heal in 2009 from pain and suffering, so that I can understand humankind feeling from pain and suffering in our bodies. And this is my gifts to humanity, I guess each of US evolve advance soul we have specialized gifts, so that we can contribute to Mother Earth in Ascension Process.

    Some complain ( not really sure the use of proper word ) that the Ascension Process is painful aches and pain in the body. My comments to that is maybe they are not finish thier lesson/training/test in Earth plane. Because we are all evolve advance soul, so each of us, we have training/lesson/test so that we can help our brother and sister in the spirit of ONEness or humankind on EMPATHY, this is just for me, sharing my human experieces, I’m not sure for the other evolve advance soul out there and thier assignments in service to others. Maybe some evolve advance soul they are service to SELF, that is why they are not content/complain when this will END….the Ascension Process. I was heal in 2009, but this 2011, till today every morning when I wake up my lower back/tailbone it is painful but when I get up doing exercise it gone, and this is nothing to me at all this pain and suffering because since 1997 in advance.., I already experience that from my 3 rear end car accident. And also that because of the rising of the energy vibration/re-wiring of our body to shifts/transitions from 3D to 5D and beyond. We are evolved advance soul, anything is happening with Mother Earth we are affected by it, and we carry with us pure Light Energy. We are all around the world, where you live and we assign strategically, I was told by my spirit quides. This is heaven/divine decree.

    We are here to assist humankind to shifts/transitions from 3D to 5D etc. and that my/our mission why I am here in this TIMELINE.

    Anybody out there can claim Earth Angel/Lightworker/Indigo/Starseed, so be AWARE of those who claim to be…!

    As evolve advance souls, we have a lots of spiritual gifts/talents/manuals skills labor/we are very creative, to supply our needs and we can survive financially too, if we live a simple life and have contentment what we have, and live spiritually, and you will be guided by your spirit guides to have a BALANCE life with full of love, joy, peace, abundance,healing etc. even you are a single status and also with your hobbies and interest too.

    But if you did not clear yourself with your ego mind and not separate your self with physical materials thing then, you will not be very happy right now, of what is going on around you. Maybe some evolve advance souls they in prison in the spirit, maybe because they are service to SELF. Again, then maybe you are not finish your lesson/training/test given to you by your spirit guides, in Earth plane.

    Evolve advance souls, we are teacher and healer. We don’t need to be a celebrity, as much as possible unknown, we are not magnitize the energy of money and physical material things possesion in Earth plane. We only have what we need like advance technology gadgets ( computer etc ) to communicate with others in the internet.

    I was graduated to all test/lesson/training, that is why I share this to all of you. I’m hoping some of you can relate to my human experiences. As the same GROUP/CHRIST Conciousness.

    With enthusiams and a big heart of a SERVANT in the SERVICE TO OTHERS. We are guided by the angelic realms/ascended master in the cosmic universe as ONE big family in the spirit of ONEness.

    Blessing to Us ALL.

  29. Carpathian Anonymous – I had to smile reading your post – I’m on the other end – a mom that can’t explain to her 30 year old children that the idea of working an 8-6 day would quite literally destroy me…
    Brewster I know it is a dilemma, but for me taking it more lightly has allowed more to flow to me – it is an illusion. Yes, I still am pulled in two directions – 3D and 5D ways of supporting myself and somehow living in the middle is trying but we are doing it and we have to do it to teach others. Figuring it out is part of why we are here. Facing our fears is one of the best ways to grow and for me I found a freedom I never would have found if I didn’t have to face what I have faced and feared over the past 10 + years.
    Irv – got the email will write soon, thx.

  30. For the past 2 years I have been working with a group of souls in this predicament. I have downloaded this post and will share it with them all this week. This is timely. We have been discovering and focusing on our CALLINGS (gifts and talents) that will be useful in the world, and discovering that our original ideas about using them to make a LIVING in the world is not quite right for us. We keep trying, when we might be gong about it ass backwards.
    Recently I received insight about what my designation is: what I came here to do. The word Guide resonated deeply, and I saw how this fit me in so many ways. This insight has enabled me to move forward.
    I know some of you are receiving information from your own guides and teachers, and maybe they are beginning to show you what YOUR designation might be. If not, maybe now is the time to ASK for this kind of insight.

  31. By the way Debra: People living on Social Security qualify as living BELOW the poverty level accepted in the United States of America. At $845.00 per month to live on at present rates, you do the math. So Irv saying he lives on nothing is true enough. I know people who live on even less. I was a working business woman and I lived on less than I do now on SSI. It is relative to our thinking that we live as we do. I live in a nice place now, due to waiting on the HUD housing lists for 5 years, and on a mountain top in a yurt for months in extreme camping conditions. This sounds nice if you are only doing it as an experience, but as a lifestyle choice it is not for asthmatics, etc. No plumbing and little power. It was life altering for a woman used to all the amenities of life as we know it now. It can be done. It matters HOW we manifest as well as WHAT we manifest for our new world. I do not want to go back to that yurt, thank you. But it put me into a place to know what I Don’t want, as well as what I DO want. Where can you best do your true work, and what can you do with what you have now toward that goal? Work with what you HAVE and what you WANT will come to you. It may not look like what you think it will.
    I found this at the top of the google list that heads up living without money that I googled just now. There are many more.

  32. Brewster: You forget my age (84). Sure I had jobs — for my first 42 years. But I quit the job world in ’71, and held none (except briefly as indicated by immediate events, totaling less than a year). Between ’71 and my ‘arrival at Social Security’ in ’89 there were 18 years ‘on my own’.

    Sure, various money-earning ideas happened along the way, but they were laughable (believe me!) compared to the drain of a true job. My time was ENTIRELY my own, to do with as I pleased. It was a trail-of-learning . . . you couldn’t believe how much is out there to learn! And I don’t mean skill-wise; I mean about what’s real and what’s not.

    But you have to begin it, Brewster, and have some faith that it will carry you … or you’ll never know.

    As to Daniel Suelo who TRULY lives without money, I know him personally, have known him for years, and can totally vouch for his honesty and sincerity. BREAK LOOSE of your fears, Brewster … you can do it!

    • Irv & Everyone,

      “Brewster” and “Pure One” are the same person. There won’t be any more Comments from her/him/them here at my house.


  33. Well, it was obvious that Brewster was a troll just trying to cause trouble. Kudos to the group for not falling prey to the negativity. I think it was an interesting opportunity to see how we would react and we did well, I believe.

    Hugs again,

  34. I am responding to this latest blog on ‘ascension symptoms”, especially for those of us who go into it all to go through it all in order to open, clear, forgive and transmute it all.
    Regardless of what your “contract” is, when you go less-than-conscious it is going to become painful.
    You MUST process for the little self first and foremost and ongoing to clear and transmute for the collective. Period! You MUST stay clear! You must, in fact, come deep enough to realize firsthand that the little self is mind made/illusion, NOT real.
    Raise the personal vibration.
    Contact and connect with a JOURNEY Practitioner trained by Brandon Bays in your local area. Learn the Awakened/Awakening process. Listen to, sit with Ganagaji.
    YOU must burn this illusion, this mental cobwebbing of painful limitation in the flame of inner awareness, the violet and golden light of pure consciousness!
    The layers of karmic stories and deceit and derailment/distraction are thick and ubiquitous.
    You must keep clearing through all these to peel away the onion skin and get to the bright light(YOU) at the core.
    From then on, keep reconnecting–sometimes 30x daily–with your inner divine nature, until you lose the identification with the outer illusions and know your personal truth from deep within.
    In reading this, I know why I took this training. Who I am here to serve and help…YOU ! “My People” !
    Find a weekend course and learn to Journey. Take a friend, loved one, practice on one another…dive in and pass through.
    In deep love and respect for ALL of you and ALL you do.
    You no longer need to suffer!
    When you truly choose to be conscious, suffering is relegated to choice.
    Choose Love.
    Most Affectionately, Mark

    • See and feel Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus in ARIES (individual) at work now everyone? Feel Saturn in the opposite sign of LIBRA (all other people)?

      ❓ Question: How do the individual “many little gods” (ARIES) that are awakening more now learn to co-exist and function and work respectfully with all of the other (LIBRA) “many little gods” also awakening? We ALL learn to respect, recognize, and acknowledge all of those Libran Others and learn from them too while offering what we individually know and are also still learning. Respect for All the Libran others, their spaces, their homes, their cyber homes and spaces, their beliefs, what they’ve learned or discovered so far, their wisdom etc. etc.

      This transit isn’t going to end soon either so…plus it’s also about those Stair Steps we’re each standing one at the moment.


  35. Yes, it does have that over-zealous superficial ring to it, like an ad. Apologies.
    I have found a few things(tools or techniques) that actually work in expediting the shift through the egoic suffering. And I get inspired to share that info at times.
    I also find repeatedly that one trip into the light within isnt enough. Each of us must find that path and stoke it until the light radiates inside-out. This is our inner essence which enlightens and sheds light on that which is fear-based and lives only in the dark.
    Fascinating journey.
    Peace of mind is NOT in the mind!
    May the Blessings Be.
    Thank you for sharing. . .

  36. Dear Denise,

    Thanks so much for your article on the Different Levels of Lightwork. I’d like to send my sincere appreciation for your comments about the seemingly never-ending symptoms for some. It was very helpful to read your perspective on those of us who are transmuting heavy energies through our bodies.

    I had learned some time ago that many folks take on more than their “fair share” of karma as an act of service to the planet at this time. Your comments took that concept to the next level and gave me a needed boost at a time when it has been difficult to keep centered. It is good to be reminded that we are not weak but strong, and there is a higher purpose to these seemingly unending challenges.

    Blessings and appreciations

  37. Denise: Thank you dearly for this beautiful and consoling message.

    Gabrielle: I have also heard that some of the extra weight/expanded energy bodies lightworkers are carrying at this time is as a result of groundong/amchoring the ascension energies in strategic positions on the globe as part of the ascension master plan.

  38. Hi Denise,

    I’m new to your blog, so I imagine you’ve been asked and answered my questions. If so, maybe you can direct me within your blog to read further.

    I do feel a lot of the energetic changes and for me it does feel very chaotic most of the time. I just wondered how to better manage some of what occurs, the chaos seems to put me in a state where I’m baffled and more than distracted. Maybe you could tell me how to better educate myself about energy changes? It seems to me, many people, including yourself not only feel the energies but are aware of what they are, what they are doing, what their purpose. I feel much of what you describe, but seem rarely to know what’s going on, and in turn how to use what’s occurring advantageously.

    For instance, one of your recent articles you talked about people using their bodies to bring the engeries in, creating a grounding/base. I think I am a part of that particular group, but I don’t and haven’t really ever been able to identify a feeling of being grounded personally. I can see ‘grounding’ clearly outside myself, however.

    Now that I’ve written all this, I think maybe this comment does not suit the content of this post. If you find that’s the case please accept my apology.

    • Barbara,

      Sorry it’s taken me this long to respond to your question. Been extra busy…extra exhausted…extra physical pain.

      Short answer is for you to read through more of my old articles/posts here. There’s plenty of info in them that I’m sure you’ll relate to.

      Realize too that these higher frequency Light Energies constantly raining down on us all through Solar flares, magnetic or Solar Winds, CME’s etc., massive energy waves from the Galactic Center, from other stellar systems, from the Photon Light etc., “ground” into Earth through our bodies and consciousness. We’re living lightening rods or antennas that these Light Energies connect with and through us and our bodies are “grounded” into this world…which then further evolves/ascends it. One cannot “manage” the Ascension Process 😉 …we’re doing great just keeping up with it!

      Another thing with this Process is that it also greatly dislodges our left-brain, ego centered sense of self and handle on “reality”. This aspect is obviously difficult because it hammers us hard and long enough so we release our death-grip on our ego-based reality, consciousness, belief systems etc. so we’ll evolve and expand beyond them all. Sounds great…until it starts in your own body, mind, life and very reality!

      One of the most important abilities we all need to master now is the ability to discern or read or sense levels of energies. All that fancy stuff means is that we each MUST learn how to pay attention to (and eventually trust) OUR inner senses and what OUR body informs us of…not our intellect, our body, and also our higher perceptions. When a person can discern energies for themselves they know the “good guys” from the “bad guys” because they feel and recognize higher or lower, or positive or negative frequencies radiating from people, Beings, locations, words etc.

      This ability doesn’t use the old lower ego-based intellect, it uses higher levels of perception plus it pays attention to Body Knowledge.


  39. “Hi Denise, I am relatively new to this but have an important question. I have been having lower back pain for about a week now…what is causing it and how long should I expect to have it?”


    I’m quoting your question and putting it here in the Q&A area because it wouldn’t work where you had originally put it.

    There’s no way I could tell you how long your back pain is going to last. I’m assuming it’s Ascension-related back pain, and because of that, it could come and go over many months or even years. It’s hard for me to give you specific answers to a question like this.

    If this pain continues and you’re worried about it I’d suggest you go to a doctor to have it checked. However it’s probably due to the intense higher Light Energies raining down on us all now and they simply cause reactions and changes in our physical bodies, our energy bodies, our brains and consciousness etc. Oftentimes these Alchemical transformations hurt physically as the denser in us is made lighter, faster, and integrated etc.


  40. For Bean88…

    I’ve had back issues, myself, but more in relation to specific bowel issues, which seem to be correctable from a chiropractic approach. My chiropractor is the most reliable resource on my ‘physical team’ and I would highly recommend that approach. She practices a gentle form of the art, however, so that might make a difference. But she has brought me through astounding changes over the past few months.

  41. Wow! I found you! Sweet!
    I am a light worker of some sort, don’t know that I care what type anymore. Anyway, I hadn’t really done much research on the ascension process going on, I just knew it was happening and that I was going to ascend. But I kept finding holes in my understanding so it was time to look and wade through the huge amount of info and writing out here in cyber space.
    I have been awaking all my life but things kicked into high gear in September of ’09. Had an event, exactly like the originator of reiki. Which is appropriate, as I am the originator of a new reiki. Designed at the 7th dimensional level for spiritual awakening. It clears the gunk that we collect over multiple life times. The tool is actually for our guides to use. We just have to be open to the ride. And this reiki is a fast ride.
    But what I really wanted to write about after my little bit of self promotion is this: Thank you! I was missing something and this question and answer page has shed light on my journey. I am one of those heavy duty energy workers. I have channeled energy to Gaia on several occasions and thought I would split my skin but it was wonderful, too. I have awakened other planets! Whole races of people. And I have been in this holding pattern too. Waiting…..boring! My karma is cleared and I feel like I have nothing to do except wait and keep ego under control. But thanks to your light, I see something else. My guides are more than happy to help me heal others, irregardless of dimension. I can get to work now. I see that my job here is minor, no one here really is interested in my reiki. Maybe it is too soon, I don’t know. But there are other places to heal. Thanks again!

    Love and light to you and yours
    Lisa LightWeaver Lambert

    Gods children hear my voice!
    Namaste Awaken Kristoss!

  42. I realize you wrote this a while ago, but I just read this now. I am working my way through your website. I love this article! What you say about money really makes sense. I had never thought that maybe some of the focus on attracting abundance could be a ruse to keep us distracted. Well said!

  43. What I don’t get about the money thing — is how to survive without it in the now moment. My partner and I have had some super traumatic experiences that are financial related over the past 2 years for some lesson or another. It’s gotten to the most root space of base *survival*.

    What does one do when they are looking at being homeless? The primal part of my physicality just wants to dig a hole in the dirt and live off of the land. If it was “allowed” it would be great! Freedom! I would actually be able to do what I’ve longed to do for some time now – focus on cultivating native plants, learn to live off the land, etc. No money, just live a wonderful relationship with the planet and it’s plant and critter inhabitants.

    I’m faced with the cold harsh reality that winter will be arriving in a few months and I have no idea where I will be living. I could try to camp out in some national or state forest somewhere, but really?

    I guess what I am trying to say is that I would love to just go and dig a hole in the ground or build a tipi or yurt or something and live with no money, but don’t see how it’s possible right now.

    Therefore thoughts of “creating my own reality” with one of “generating money” just tears me up at the emotional core right now. I just want to dig my little rooted grounded earthen home in Gaia — but the rules!! There are rules and land ownership and all of that jazz. So I turn to thoughts of money coming in so I can buy an RV and maybe a couple of acres of land somewhere???

    Hopefully this will all blow over soon and we’ll be beyond the need for money to survive — but when one is living life at such a root chakra survival mode — it’s sorta tricky to grok this all.

    By the way, everything I’ve read on your blog is beautiful. I’m just trying to understand this lesson or whatever it is that I’m going through right now, lol.

    I apologize for my rant there. I read the responses and it pretty much describes things. I guess the money thing just triggered that ole’ survival thing….


    • Susan,

      No apologies necessary…we’ve all felt exactly the same way.

      The big important thing about the things your talking about are changing/dying/being transmuted right NOW. Watch how much of the negativity/patriarchy/Dark Ones goes away in Aug. 2011 never to return. Seriously…we’re that close NOW to things dramatically and permanently changing/improving so all you’ve got to do right now is find some place where you can safely be comfortable to ride out this current dying process. Forget about that New Age BS about “generating money, generating prosperity” etc. because we’ve evolved (are still evolving) far beyond that lower consciousness, ego based, materialistic type of crap. (I’ve been Lightworking energetically for the past couple of years to have the numerous empty houses across the USA be freely opened to people who’ve lost their homes and other homeless people, so be prepared when this manifests.)

      Forget about the old falling ways and rules and man-made laws because all of that is dying and quickly now. Focus in your High Heart on what you want, desire, need now to be safe, warm, comfortable, dry etc. Now do it from a Heart place of no money, no ownership in the ways we’re used to, no fees, no taxes, no any of the old patriarchal negative control systems. Huge changes/improvements to reality are unfolding right now and this will only accelerate and get better. I know how hard that is to believe after all of the pain and suffering but positive change has finally arrived in physicality.

      ♥ Hugs,

  44. Oh, Susan, there is so much to be said, in response to you, that I don’t intend to even TRY and cover it. The seriousness of your query only demonstrates the limitations of your world . . . your reality! First of all, you must use Google Search and enter the phrase “Living without money”. You’ll immediately get back a half-million site leads! If you do the same thing on a Google Image search, the response mainly begins with a book of that name by a German woman named Schermer: an elderly woman who has the topic entirely nailed down (I didn’t look further among the leads).

    But I, myself, have lived for four decades, now, with practically no wage-earning jobs, and today I live (at 84) on a monthly cluster of ‘benefits’ that come to about $800 per month. But they only go back about 25 years. Before that, it was whatever came to hand.

    What you cannot yet know is what I learned during those years: There is a ‘force’ (I used to call it Providence; now I recognize that it’s the inner spiritual connection we all have) that comes to our assistance, providing us — in one way or another — with what we need. Often it’s not what we want, but it proves to be what we need.

    I have a couple books out there that my name should lead you to, that tell about my experiences. But you really have to open yourself to the learning and experience of it, for yourself.

    Irv Thomas

  45. @Denise Thank you so much for responding. Sometimes it seems so easy to believe and sometimes in the thick of things it seems very difficult. Back in June when my partner and I were seeing ships fly over our house nightly — there was an excitement in the air and I could *feel* it, if that makes any sense. In July and Aug, they’ve been somewhat visible, but they are much more distant — definitely not satellites though, as they fade out. I’m just patiently waiting for some sort of confirmation on this through the media.

    @Irv Thanks for the info. I looked up some things and after reading, it is very encouraging. It’s like I’ve had the feelings or thought patterns along those lines – have even experienced some of that serendipitous stuff when I followed the Grateful Dead around on tour a while back. I’ve brought up some of these stories in conversation recently, partly to remind myself that it *is* possible to get by that way. I’ve had some fabulous meals cooked for me that were from scavenged food, whether it be from nature or a dumpster, lol! 😀 There’s a little imp inside me that is itching to somehow get a school bus and convert it to veggie SVO/WVO and make it an adventure again. We shall see where the four winds blow me in the near future.


    It’s funny, before learning about the Galactic Federation or any of that stuff, my partner and I had long discussions about how wonderful it would be to live in a moneyless society. It’s like he has memories of it from either a past life on another planet or maybe even a future life. He’s always had this feeling — since he was a child — of how things weren’t right with the way things are here. Has always seen through the propaganda. I pray that things move swiftly and that we truly are in the wave of a better way happening. When the doubt sets in, I guess the only thing to do is to focus on what brings me joy and peace.


  46. Denise/Susan – thank you for your posts – I have very similar concerns. This is one belief system that has to go – but I have been afraid to try things out w/out a job….again…I did it for awhile – honestly, I worry about my pets – if it were just me I know I’d be ok but I feel very responsible for them and being sure they have food/water/shelter. Based on your post today Denise – I guess this month is it – we will have to pony up and change those beliefs and really start living from this new place. Thanks, Irv again, for pioneering this path for us. Thanks, as always, Denise, for your words of wisdom/encouragement and the time and energy you put into your blog. It is very appreciated.

  47. I love what you are saying here! There is so much information out there, particularly on the web, it’s tough to discern. I am having a lot of trouble with all the sites that talk about helping you through the process for $$$$! These people tend to have a professional photoshopped picture of themselves all made up and beaming! This really bothers my heart! I don’t understand any of this. I also feel like if you are getting your healing or information from a higher being, why should the vessel be paid for this? I am really not trying to judge, only understand this. I also feel that these “teachers” and “healers” should teach others how to heal and teach themselves. We all have the ability to do this, we may just need some guidance. It’s like the story about teaching the boy how to fish…The money issue makes it difficult for me to know who I can get good information from. Does anyone feel this way??

    • “I love what you are saying here! There is so much information out there, particularly on the web, it’s tough to discern. I am having a lot of trouble with all the sites that talk about helping you through the process for $$$$! These people tend to have a professional photoshopped picture of themselves all made up and beaming! This really bothers my heart! I don’t understand any of this. I also feel like if you are getting your healing or information from a higher being, why should the vessel be paid for this? I am really not trying to judge, only understand this. I also feel that these “teachers” and “healers” should teach others how to heal and teach themselves. We all have the ability to do this, we may just need some guidance. It’s like the story about teaching the boy how to fish…The money issue makes it difficult for me to know who I can get good information from. Does anyone feel this way??”


      I certainly have always felt this way. This is why I’ve always used a FREE WordPress blog as my place to FREELY offer what I know, what I’ve learned, what I’m still learning and struggling with and so on instead of a costly website. Pre-incarnationally I set it up with my Higher Self that my income would come from a source other than the very people I would be trying to help through my teachings (writings) and knowledge. We’ve all got to eat and pay rent/mortgage etc. so we all need money to survive in a money-based society until that changes too, which it’s doing right now. Free for all is coming because that is 5D unity High Heart consciousness.

      And while I’m at it… 🙄 “healers” can’t really “heal” anyone; they can temporarily move some energy around but if the person getting this so-called “healing” doesn’t resolve THEIR inner issues (whatever they are), that energy goes right back to where it was before the expensive “healing”. Said another way…no healing really happened did it? The only way out of one’s crap is through it! (None of that mini rant was directed at you Debbie!)

      The Ascension Process has been Source’s cosmic healing for everyone everywhere, and it too has been totally free. 😉


      • Wow! The healing thing makes so much sense! Right-we have physical illness and issues because of emotional blocks so how could anyone heal anyone else really. I do think we can heal IF the person is ready-look at “John of God.” I have heard that he cannot heal if the person is not emotionally ready. What do you think? I totally know you weren’t ranting at me!! I totally get what you are saying.

  48. I went to see “John of God” and other “healers” and nothing changed. Luckily I figured it out pretty quickly. Like Denise says NOBODY can heal you. I don’t care who they say they are.

    And “healers” have their own emotional issues just like the rest of us.

  49. I also feel that these “teachers” and “healers” should teach others how to heal and teach themselves. We all have the ability to do this, we may just need some guidance. It’s like the story about teaching the boy how to fish…The money issue makes it difficult for me to know who I can get good information from. Does anyone feel this way??”


    After going around in circles and/or wasting money realizing nothing worked, the best resource I found eventually for myself was The Presence Process by Michael Brown. His work is SELF-facilitated emotional work. Like Denise says, the only way is throught it!

    • Thank you! I will check this out.

      I will say when I was 24 (20 years ago) and started the ascension process (I now know what I was going through), I was very sick. I had fibromyalgia, etc. I went through a very spiritual time and after maybe three years was able to give up my illness to the Divine at which point, I was healed. To this day, my blood tests show I do not have fibro or any other ANA disease. This was a painful but amazing time in my life. I know we can learn to heal ourselves with G-d’s help.

      I still disagree about healers on some level. I believe some of them can heal us IF we are ready to be healed. If we still have the psychological issues that caused the illness in the first place, then the illness can’t leave us. I do also think healers can help us on the emotional healing process so that we can get to the physical healing. At the time I was sick, I went to an acupuncturist who was definitely an empath and a healer in her heart. Although the acupuncture did not heal my physical symptoms, the treatments helped me to move through my spiritual process. I had amazing things happen while getting treatments. It was beautiful!

      • “Although the acupuncture did not heal my physical symptoms, the treatments helped me to move through my spiritual process”


        My point exactly! The “treatments”, in whatever form those take — physical or psychological or emotional etc.– helped YOU to move through YOUR spiritual process.

        I’m NOT a “healer” and never have been nor never will be, but I hope that my writings help or confirm or validate certain other people’s personal experiences at the moment/moments they need some with THEIR ongoing spiritual journey. The Inner Work is and always has been each of ours to live so that we are REALLY transformed/healed/enlightened etc. at those deeper levels and layers of being.


      • To Denise and all…
        I want to say, on these issues, that I’ve been experiencing major healings for the past month or so that are nothing short of miracles. My legs and feet have virtually lost their former continual edema, gained significant hill-walking power and my feet actually SHRUNK overnight (on 11/20) so that I’ve no more need for a shoehorn! This despite the fact that I’ve completely rejected medical prescriptions for a full year, now, and the further use of any I had at the time.
        Additionally, my bowels — a major and lifelong problem area — have been getting ‘doses’ of healing for the past month, mainly in several major ‘waves’ that have left me feeling like a new person each time. I attribute all of this to no ‘healer’ but to my own belief processes over the course of this past year.

  50. Recently, I was shown what I think was a portion of a past life regarding Egypt and a tall statue of an Egyptian god that was like a corner post. I know that it had something to do with me, or me with it, and that it was somehow an anchor. You mention that there is now a second tier of Lightwork being done by those who are to be “anchors.” Could you please explain that further?

    Many thanks!

  51. TY Irv:
    Did the edema come/leave with any acquired extra Ibs.
    I lived a similar condition 7months ago, the edema is gone but the tons grounding water has lingered all over my body (30Ibs).

    On a similar note my digestive system has been renewed (was off track since 90), whatever I ingest is flushed out in about 8hrs leaving constantly hungry.

    • Reply to divsy: Your situation was more severe than mine. I haven’t paid any attention to weight over the past year, nor (of course) any shift in it, but I don’t suppose my edema was more than 10-15 lbs. And the bowel situation is still in process of evolving, so I cannot say as to that part, except to note that indications seem promising for the effects you describe. –Irv

  52. D, I’m a newbie here…sort of. I would read about some of the stuff you’ve dealt with, Denise, & feel like I must be at the bottom of the staircase, if you know what I mean. But I keep being led back here & resonating with so much. I want to thank you so much for this. I love that you’ve mentioned a lot of the New Age media being influenced by Team Dark, because I’ve had really strong vibes about that. And also sort of conformation of what I’ve strongly felt my mission has been for about thee last 20 years – transmuting historic atrocities through my body. This includes mainly wrongly accused, tortured, horrifically murdered, etc. Fdrddrd

    Oops! That’s me “trying” to learn to input from the phone. I used to be an engineer; didn’t have any problem releasing that identity! My brain just turned to mush…duhhh. Anyway, just wanted to say I FEEL your pain; sometimes wonder how I’m still alive! 🙂 So glad to be HERE!
    Much LOVE!,

  53. Hi Densie,

    First I wanted to say, thank you for your blog and all of the info that you have put on here…I may have “lost it” otherwise!

    I have been going through the Ascension Process and have lost my job, my home(had to move in with my parents,) my furniture and most personal belongings and finally my car! I have dealt with the others pretty well, since I knew it was part of the process, but still challenging! However, the car is REALLY bothering me!! I have never lost a car in my life and it has always been such a source of independence for me!! It has been challenging enough to live with my parents again, but I have done pretty well with it! But now, being “stuck” here all day, everyday has been trying to say the least! I was on unemployment for a while and while that was challenging to live on, when it ran out, it seemed as if all of the doors that were normally very open for me to be employed were closed! There were literally many itmes were I had NO income coming in! I received the mssg that this was a time for me to rely on God as my source of abundance and nothing else in the material world. I guess I have somewhat of a handle on that because money is starting to miraculously come into my experience again! I know that it has been said that there will be no money in 5D, but now we are in 3D, and money is what is used NOW! I believe this is about releasing my past and my 3D attachments, but I am having a real hard time with not having a car! Also, it has been quite a challenge to explain all of this to my friends and family; even though I attempted to give them a “brief” explanation…they still have no idea what is going on to the woman who always seemed to have it all together. All they see is a woman who has been talking about changing your thinking and emotions can change your life and they see me lose everything…I don’t assume it is too enticing for any of them to change their belief systems, while seeing what happened to me; although I know the reasons for it…. Which brings me to my final thought. I don’t see anyone around me, neither friends nor family that is concerned with their spiritual life. So I often wonder, “Will I never see my friends and family after the Shift?”

    I know I did a lot of rambling, but I would appreciate any thoughts about this:)

    Thank You,


    • “Which brings me to my final thought. I don’t see anyone around me, neither friends nor family that is concerned with their spiritual life. So I often wonder, “Will I never see my friends and family after the Shift?””


      You will see them if and when they too begin evolving via the current Ascension Process. All it takes for humans to take advantage of the current Ascension Process is to let the cosmic, solar, astrological and galactic Light Energies do what they are to rapidly evolve (ascend) their physical bodies and other energy bodies, brains, consciousness etc. If a person is ready to evolve like this now, and they have a heart that actually works (feels, is capable of compassion etc., is aware of others besides only their EGO self and focus and desires etc.) then they are currently living the Ascension Process even though they aren’t consciously aware of any of it. I’ve been observing this for the past 13 years and it always amazes me to witness other people evolving and their consciousness slowly expanding bit by bit which further opens human hearts like crazy. 🙂 I’ve heard and watched people be telepathic and empathic and not even consciously catch what they’ve just said and perceived this way! Amazing to me that “normal” people are expanding this quickly and still not be aware of it. They will eventually however.

      So just keep doing what you’ve been living through yourself (like you could stop it! 😉 ) and know that your loved ones will catch up with you eventually. It may be next year or ten years from now but it will happen if they’re capable of allowing themselves to grow spiritually and consciously.

      I suggest you read and/or re-read my article The Bridge Builders & Forerunners Crossing It Now. And read Kryon’s channeled message in this article that I quoted. In it he explains more about your question so that article will help you to better understand how the Ascension Process works for everyone no matter which Stair Step they’re on now.


      • Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Denise, and for your reply! I will also re-read the article you suggested.

        Do you have any thoughts about the moeny issues I mentioned…the losing all of your personal items…investments, savings and the fact that I have been kind of “banned” from doing any kind of employment right now. The living with my parents, which I have done pretty good with so far, but since losing my car, I am really “losing” patients!! My car was my independence! As I wrote that sentence, I believe it came to me that that is exactly it…I think my car is my independence…but I know that comes from within…ugghhh, another thing I need to figure out how to find that inner independence!!…lol

        I also have thoughts that maybe NOTHING will happen with this Shift and I have done all this and lost all of this for nothing! My credit is ruined, I’m living with my parents, no car, NO life!! Although I know deep within me that I am following my path, but I sometimes go here…especially lately! I have always been such a social person..I thrive being out in a social environment with other people and I haven’t been able to do that lately…feel like I am on house arrest!…and I feel like I have held it together for a long time now…but it seems to keep continuing!

        And just one more thing…something else came to mind prior to me typing this. I know that the New Age is supposed to be about love and abundance, instead of what we are currrently living(fear and scarcity.) However, if we are to live a unity consciousness and love and abundance for all, what will there be to strive for anymore?? If everyone is living in peace and harmony, what will there be to “master?” It just seems that in this current life, there were certain things that we set out to overcome…most of them revolved around letting go of fear and choosing love. So, I just am questioning if everyone is living in peace and harmony, what will be the purpose for life?…I know to love, but I would just think that once we have overcome all of our karma, that there ould be no purpose to incarnate anymore…hope this all makes sense:))))

      • ” As I wrote that sentence, I believe it came to me that that is exactly it…I think my car is my independence…but I know that comes from within…ugghhh, another thing I need to figure out how to find that inner independence!!…lol “


        🙂 Very well done you, see how this works? When we ask questions and are open enough to perceive any type of answer, one is usually always there for us. You perceived that one and that’s great.

        I too had to go through a long process over the last 21 years of HAVING to release all of my old physical material possessions I had to work so hard to get. For many of us this outer layer is what must go first; the house or apartment, the job, the money, the old 3D security that our money gave us in that lower frequency world, our car, furniture, lifestyle, habits, smoking cigarettes or whatever it is for each of us that’s been used as a way of not feeling and dealing with certain emotions and having to feel them.

        The second layer for most of us has to do with excavating deeper and deeper into our bottom three chakras where we’ve all sorts our wounds, fears, hates, guilt, projections, repressions etc. This layer is really rough but it’s the only true way to get ourselves honestly and permanently freed from that egoic based density duality stuff.

        The third layer is usually to do more of the second layer years after you believed, honestly believed, that you’d already cleared/transmuted all of your Inner Junk! 😉 Just keep going until you know that you are close to completely transmuted. Whatever is left will go dormant because you’ve evolved up beyond it because you did all that painful, scary, and very difficult inner Alchemical work on yourself.

        I’ve asked this question before in an attempt to get this important point across. How many times have you ever seen or heard or read about ANY Angelic being, ANY Starbeing, ANY ET, ANY Lightbeing carrying a wallet or purse or credit cards? Exactly! None because they’ve evolved beyond the need for money and groups of humans and other Beings who’ve done this automatically create external realities that are a match to themselves, to their level of consciousness and so on. Humanity is just now at the beginning of this HUGE and frightening transition out of a world reality and egoic consciousness that needs money to survive — to– a world reality where it will not be needed because everyone has evolved to a frequency range where everything is openly and equally shared with all others. Egoic consciousness cannot even comprehend this, but evolved High Heart consciousness automatically just does it, is it, creates it for all around them within the same frequency range.

        But…because we’re on the cusp of this money transition and many others that go along with it of course, we’re all a little skiddish and concerned about our money or our lack of it and/or how we’re going to get more of it etc. THE answer to this money thing and all others like it is the same and it is that the sooner we get ourselves across that Bridge, the sooner this Shift out of the old and into the new High Heart level will happen. It’s happening now and has been but we’re right within the big transitional change or shift now and this is why it’s so exciting and so nerve-racking at the same time! To reach the next higher level we need to let go of the lower level we have a death-grip on! 😉

        We’ve all had the horrific thought, “What if the Ascension doesn’t really happen?!” That’s our fear talking and us worrying about having to remain in the negative Team Dark patriarchal Shit Pit. We won’t, we aren’t even though it’s gonna look pretty dicey at times over the next four or five years. Once each of us crosses that Bridge and Expiration Date, it’s all about Consciously Creating and Co-Creating which many of us elders have been doing all along anyway.

        Don’t worry about or get hung-up on getting bored in the new World reality. We’re going to be creating an entire new world which is going to keep many people very busy for a long time. 😉 And, Mastery never ends for any of us so that’s an ongoing situation for everyone and everything everywhere. Many years ago I read Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians say that, “LIGHT is information; LOVE is creation.”


      • I know what you are saying about the third layer!!…I believe that’s where I am at now…alll the other material things have gradually went…I just keep thinking…okay, I’ve transmuted enough and now it is time to move on…and I’m still here…and even though we will not be using money in the future, we are now and…I have to admit, it makes we angry when I can’t do the things I used to and be able to do things with friends or family(like go to a nice dinner) or struggle to buy someone a bday gift!!…working through the anger though!!

        Thanks for another enlightening message!

    • Laurie,
      Same happened to me – I basically lost everything over the last year and 1/2. But I still have my dog and cat (tho, my pup had to stay with a friend for several months). I watched as slowly everything seemed to be pulled from me. I was left to operate on pure faith and things eventually worked out but surely not in any way I thought. People I thought would help when I had no food, or even gas in my car – were not there; but others that I didn’t really expect to help – were there. Huge amount of learning for me and I was faced with some real ‘growing up’ (I’m 55) in the sense of not holding on to things/people that I knew really didn’t care but I tried to keep the relationships going out of fear of losing them. I had to give up control completely and learn to go with the flow. I have released most every relationship in my life – save for a handful. And, it feels great. I now have a great job (well, I’m really ready to move on but until that time comes and I have to make 3d money – I’m working) and moved across the country to take this position. I didn’t think I’d get here, but again, several people pooled their resources and loaned me the money to do this. Others, were huge emotional support for me. One friend kept my dog and took care of all of his expenses – even giving me enough food/treats/heartworm meds, etc. to get me through our first six weeks back together. I hope this helps, maybe just knowing you are not alone.
      PS – My car had to be towed here – it wouldn’t have made it on its own 😉 Funny thing is I rented a house without even knowing where my office was – it’s a small town – but I found out work is less than 2 miles from my home. If my car gives out – I could walk to work. We will all make it thru this eye of the storm. Blessings to you.

      • Thanks Morgean!…it does help to hear other’s stories! Thank God for people like Denise who have put up these blogs and websites to keep us all sane during this process!!! It really helps to be able to “vent” and talk with others and receive insight about this process.

        I could pretty much accept with ease most of the things that were being “taken away” from me. The more challenging part was seeing my friends and family’s reaction to it and trying to come up with an explanation that they could understand…which I never was able to…they don’t get it…they just think I have hit “rock bottom!” I am living with my parents and I so much want to move on, but wasn’t able to get work the fast way that I used to. So, i got the message that that was not what I was supposed to be focusing on, but my family saw it as I was not looking for work…they couldn’t understand it as I have worked and had nice things and shared my prosperity with everyone. They said they were “very worried” about me. The thing is is that my parents can barely take care of themselves and I really don’t want to borrow or have to have people take care of me any longer. I guess I am not real comfortable with people taking care of me anyways. I pretty much was on my own after the age of 16. By on my own, I mean with finding ways to support myself, have a car, spending money, etc. We did not have a lot lf money growing up, which I hated! It made me feel very inferior to others. So I made a vow to myself that I would have money; and I did a pretty damn good job of keeping that promise! I guess that was part of what I had to let go of. I was using a very masculine approach of earning money. I needed to take a more feminine, “being” kind of approach to that process, which I was not very comfortable with. I was not comfortable with letting go and letting God! Nobody ever took care of me(not for very long)….”I” took care of me!!… And while I know we will not be using money in the future, we are using it now. I did have money come to me miraculously when I did not know where my next dollar was coming from. I wanted to thank this guy, whose website I had been going to for several years, for writing about his Dark Night of the Soul experience. My only intention was to thank him; his words gave me such comfort during this challenging time! To my surprise he emailed me right back and we corresponded back and forth for a while. He gave me a lot of encouragement and sent me a check for $500.00!!!! I was blown away! And now I did receive a temporary job; quite effortlessly! So, I must have somewhat mastered the feminine approach for abundance and the doors must be open for me to receive some type of income while we still need to earn money in this 3D world! But, not going to lie…I still miss my car! I have read some articles that say a lot of our “things” will not make it into 5D earth…maybe including automobiles..but again…i’m still existing on 3D earth and I can accomplish much more without having to rely on others!

        Thanks again for sharing your story!…glad to see things have turned around for you 🙂

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