Here comes the April (4) 11-11 portal. Are you ready for it this month? Are you ready for it America? Are you ready for the 4-11-11 portal to help humanity and Earth make another incremental positive step out of polarity madness? Or do you and your Emotional Body prefer being addicted to (out of sheer habit) juicy lower frequency fear and chaos energies and the people who perpetuate and dispense high-drama and fear?

One thing everyone has to keep in mind/heart is that the world reality and Earth we’ve lived in our entire lives up to this point must also live the Ascension Process just as we and our physical bodies have been. The external world and reality has reached the point where this Process has accelerated in every way and the old reality and its systems, plus Earth, and each of us are in great and highly accelerated transition. That’s what 2011 is all about; great accelerated transitions everywhere for everyone every few days and weeks month after month this entire year. This of course doesn’t mean it’s going to be a carefree walk in the park, nor does it mean it’s the end of the world. See how polarized those two extreme ways of thinking and consciousness are? Unity or High Heart consciousness knows there’s a higher integrated third point, Way, and consciousness (because it’s increasingly existing in that higher space and consciousness) that’s integrated the two polarized levels and because of that has birthed something NEW that contains much more than its integrated parts. So even though things look and seem and are unpleasant and intense now doesn’t mean everything is as dark as they may first appear. There’s a higher unfolding happening and it is profoundly positive despite current appearances.

On April 9, 2011—4-9-11—Pluto in Capricorn goes retrograde (there’s the 9 energy activating this month), which means we’ll enter a six month-long phase of go back, go inward, go down deep inside ourselves and honestly review, rethink, rework, clear, release and re-landscape both our deep inner-selves, plus actual physical reality. This Pluto retrograde period lasts from April 9, 2011 through Sept. 16, 2011 and is here now to assist us (and the American government) in further transmuting and releasing more things that need to go now—including the tenth anniversary of  “9/11″—before we reach the 2011 fall Equinox. It also means that the 2011 summer Solstice will again have Pluto in opposition to it…the deep cleaning process continues for everyone on multiple levels of consciousness and being and for Earth too.

On April 11, 2011—4-11-11—there’s another intense astrological transit—Mars (in fiery Aries) squares Pluto (in earthy Capricorn). Does this mean all-hell will break loose? No but it will produce more Musical Chairs game-play shifting within the collapsing patriarchal government systems with the USA having to make more big changes on numerous levels. And/or Earth may have  another explosive Hot Flash and/or muscle spasm somewhere as She  too further transmutes and removes more asinine patriarchal actions, consciousness and energies. Actual physical reality and mass consciousness is changing rapidly now and this phase of the Process won’t always be comfortable, easy, or pain-free. We’ve reached the point where these Ascension-related changes are very obviously happening in our country and like I said in January, February, and March, it’s going to play out differently here in the USA  than it’s been elsewhere in the world so far, and like I said, it’s going to be about money here. Relax, breath, and roll with the punches and changes as we pass through another 9 and another 11-11 portal/gate during this (4) month.


April 8, 2011

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  1. Hi Denise & all,

    Thankyou for the latest update, I can’t seem to get enough of what other sensitives like me are experiencing in these powerful days we are living through.

    “And/or Earth may have another explosive Hot Flash and/or muscle spasm somewhere as She too further transmutes and removes more asinine patriarchal actions”

    I’ve been feeling this for some time now…and last night I had a chaotic dream where the USA was hit by a series of devastating tornadoes/hurricanes, followed by an earthquake! It was a huge natural disaster affecting thousands upon thousands of people, so I am feeling rather tense about it right now, hoping it doesn’t actually happen. But knowing too that these things are a profound symptom of what we & the earth are going through in these amazing and energetically powerful times.

    “Relax, breath, and roll with the punches and changes”

    I am getting to be an expert at this lately, hehee!

    Much love to all

    Jay xx

    • aventurine – Jay,

      Hi old Lightworker Warrior friend! So great to see your Comment here. 😀

      We are getting great at being powerfully more, while simultaneously being invisible, fluid and as pliable water! One result of our male/female integration. 😉

      Thanks for saying hi Jay and I hope you’ll share your voice whenever you’re in the mood.

      Heart Hugs,

  2. Denise, I just want to say Thank You for maintaining this website where we can all read and share with one another, a wonderful learning and growing experience. You are doing a wonderful job as the monitor and all those sharing are doing a wonderful job of sharing their individual points of view! I am definitely in for the 04-11, ready or not, and as you said, rolling with those punches! Thank You All!

    • Jeff,

      Thanks Jeff, it means a lot to me. 🙂

      There’s plenty to be learned by all in a very short period of time this year and difficult or not, we will do it and more and be soooo glad we did on the other side of all this.

      Gratitude Hug,

  3. I’d like to concur with what Jeff has said. I really like your spunk, Denise and I find myself agreeing intuitively with most of what you say. I myself have gone through a lot of the resets/re-wiring/shifts/adjustments at both a Physical and Spiritual level this year and I find myself now functioning mostly from my Intuitive, Soul-based perception. I’m still adjusting to all these changes but am emboldened by the steady-presence of my Greater Awareness calming me through any tempests. April so far has felt the most gravitious and pressing of all months thus far, but steady as we go. Namaste.

  4. Ready or not, here comes another 11!
    Yea us, we are making the changes.
    Gratitude to you Denise.
    Hugs to all, Gwen

  5. After the earthquake/tsunami in Japan, I remember being so thankful it wasn’t Tokyo. I recalled reading somewhere (maybe here?) that some major earth events had been/were being relocated to less populated areas to mitigate damage.

    I’ve been looking out my window at Mt. Rainier, in all its hasn’t-erupted-in-185-years volcanic glory, thinking perhaps it’s possible to join this relocating effort & apply our attention to that higher integrated point. Wouldn’t it be great if things could be shifted for the better? Even a little bit?

    I mean, the gov’t shutdown was averted at the last minute, which is a shock considering how deadlocked those guys were. But hey- we don’t know what’s at work internally; wouldn’t it be brilliant if the legislators are starting to shift? I’m thinking in terms of “the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it~” A tiny bit of light makes a huge difference when it’s dark, dark, dark.

    Just a thought – Have a great day! Sliver of sunshine here! 🙂

    PS – I’d go bonkers without qi gong and Donna Eden’s energy medicine to keep these powerful energy surges moving through instead of getting stuck! I’ve been doing lots of chakra work in the last couple of weeks of the roller coaster~ 🙂 And EFT is brilliant for moving other old energy through, too.

    • Kerrie,

      “I mean, the gov’t shutdown was averted at the last minute, which is a shock considering how deadlocked those guys were. But hey- we don’t know what’s at work internally; wouldn’t it be brilliant if the legislators are starting to shift? I’m thinking in terms of “the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it~” A tiny bit of light makes a huge difference when it’s dark, dark, dark.”

      This was the main reason why I rushed to publish this 4-11-11 article yesterday evening before we knew one way or the other what these bozos were going to do. I kept sensing they were intentionally stalling for political dramatic effect…jerks! 🙄

      I know Pluto going retrograde today (4-9-11) for the next 6 months is coinciding with these bozos battling each other (for the next 6 months) over what they want cut/not cut, changed/not changed etc. The next 6 months everyone, not just Americans, are going to see the dark so much better in certain people and their thinking. It won’t be pretty but I’m profoundly glad we’re finally at this phase of The Process.


  6. I agree, Denise that the politicians were playing at brinksmanship… my sense was the same: they’d step back from the edge at the last minute. Also note that the next budget is due out in September so the whole of Pluto retro is going to be about just this. I would love to believe that the light was peeking in at the highest levels but I think they probably still have the shades drawn!

    Thanks for being here!

    hugs, Deb

  7. A little something to add to the mix!
    INCOMING CME? Newly-arriving data from NASA’s STEREO probes suggest that a coronal mass ejection (CME) might be heading toward Earth. The source of the cloud appears to be sunspot complex 1185-1186, which experienced an episode of magnetic instability during the early hours of April 9th. Stay tuned for updates to this preliminary analysis. CME movies: STEREO-A, STEREO-B.

    Really rough few days, well weeks actually. I am so weak its without words to describe, creased up with back pain, hip pain.
    BUT, guess what , Aluna Joy went to Eygpt for us all, cause when she goes, we all go, so i read her comments page, so many thanking her for going on hols for them????( doing this awesome work of seeding the new earth) i’ll stop there i think, lol
    OK, i wrote 3 huge posts, deleted them all, saved one to send to D, but i doubt i ever will as maybe i just needed to say it and maybe she has enough crap of her own to deal with:)
    I get i think what your saying re the 3rd veiwpoint, only it requires we let go any personal identification with any of what happens to us, and hold no attachment to what goes on in the world, for each of us is only a small thread in the tapestry of the infinate mystery. (this is where i have asked for some help, cause it cant be done by will alone.) (well i cant!)
    Thanks for the new Transmission D, and for the space to blow up in. xx

    • J,

      My hip joints, lower spine and upper spine have been in severe pain too for the past couple of weeks…not to mention the Ascension Energy headaches and pains and pressures in the head and skull.

      I’ve never read anything by Aluna Joy so I’m not familiar with her at all. But…yesterday I was following my nose and discovered the same recent article by her that you’re talking about. There were a couple of paragraphs in it that I needed to see evidently and so I was led to it yesterday. It’s also convenient for me that you’ve mentioned it here. 😉 The 5D coinky dinks work this way and it’s always great when multiple bits and pieces are connected to get a larger overview of whatever it is that trying to make itself better known to us right then.

      The exact part she wrote about that I’m referring to was the part about her sensing/reading/picking up on some super ancient ETs/Starbeings (she sensed 20-30 of them) who’d gone to real ancient Egypt and taught and seeded things and people and that these people (Starseeds) were designed for this time here now etc.

      I have consciously remembered this since early childhood and I’ve written about my “past” life in ancient Egypt (12,600 B.C.) there with three of these Beings/Starbeings; one from 8D Orion, one from 6D Sirius, and one from 5D Pleiades. I’ve written here and in A Lightworker’s Mission about them and why they helped seed so many of us (me/you/many of the readers at TRANSITIONS) to be the ones that would be reincarnated now as Starseed Lightworkers and Lightworkers etc. to live and anchor the Ascension Process and entry into the Age of Aquarius…which is exactly opposite the Age of Leo when they came to earth and seeded us and plenty of other things.

      My writings about these very ancient Starbeings from different dimensions are in the Starseeds/ETs/Starbeings Category and more are in the Reincarnation & Past Lives Category if you’re interested in more of this information. I’ve also shared portraits of all three of these Starbeings as I remembered them from my past life in Egypt at the beginning of the Age of Leo. These portraits where drawn by my sister for me and were some of the many Illustrations in A Lightworker’s Mission. I hope you’ll check those Categories out to read more about them and us Starseeds back again now on Earth to fulfill a very long multidimensional Ascension Project. Think quantum! 🙂

      Thanks J for sharing about Aluna Joy going to Egypt (in March 2011) and perceiving this information from these ancient Starbeings and connecting that to TRANSITIONS and what all I’ve long remembered about them and the Starseeds Lightworkers connected to them then and now.


  8. Your report and information is wonderful. But not all readers are from USA. I am not. It would be nice to include in your forecast how the energy will shift and change in other countries.

  9. MumboJumbo aka Brewster aka Pure One,

    Yes everyone, MumboJumbo is Brewster, who is also Pure One, and no doubt he’ll create more user names with different emails to continue his clearly obsessive, immature and disruptive BS here when he should be out looking for that job and making money for himself. Go get a job kid and stop being so predictable with this repetitive, boring, typical negative shit here.


  10. You’re really getting paranoid now Denise. No, I am not Brewster or Pure One or anyone else here other than MumboJumbo. Why do you even think those two are the same person? I’m not seeing it. But if anyone disagrees with you it must be all the same person? No way could more than one person actually disagree with you. Calm your ego Denise, if you can. And any sign of people disagreeing and it’s time to shut off the comments?

    I don’t know where you are coming up with this “get a job” thing. Are you talking to someone else? Why would you tell me to get a job? Isn’t that how people make money? I thought you didn’t like money? Isn’t that what Brewster’s whole point was? Do you have a job? If so, do your employers or customers know that you don’t like money? Do you work for free?

    MumboJumbo/Brewster/Pure One,

    You can create and use as many different email addresses as you want; you can create and use as many Usernames as you can create, however, YOUR IP number does NOT change and I can see it with every Comment you and everyone else writes here. MumboJumbo has the same IP number as Brewster does and as Pure One does. Go ahead and lie about this too…


  11. So now you’ve cut me off too? You are very controlling and extremely paranoid. Yes, good signs of a highly advanced soul. Not.

    MumboJumbo/Brewster/Pure One,

    See how I’ve “cut you off”?

    By your answering my question in the way you have you’ve publicly and repeatedly shown everyone reading Comments on my blog what’s really important to you; working and living the Ascension Process, or repeatedly attacking and messing with me and trying to derail and distract other people also living it. I honestly was hoping you had more sense than this, but from your own actions and words you’ve proved me wrong and I am sorry. You want to fuck away the short remaining time left to make the Ascension shift, then knock yourself out but don’t expect the rest of us to do the same.


  12. I’ve been watching you for quite some time now. I wondered about your energy. It didn’t seem as though you were who you claim to be. I’m seeing more recently that you’re showing your true colors.

  13. “Relax, breathe, and roll with the punches…”
    I’ve battled with finding a way back to my Light core for the past few days, trying to understand various aspects of my kaleidoscopic existence. The more I Tried to Understand, the more frazzled I became. Now my aim is to just Be in the Knowing, and the balance has returned. For now at least. Every morning this week I’ve woken up with physical battle scars, bruises and cuts already scabbed over. Been rolling with the punches even at night I guess 🙂
    So right now I hang on to all the advice on TRANSITIONS like to dear life as I try to discern what’s what in this current whirlpool of energies. Discernment is the most wonderful lesson (among so many) that I’ve taken away from this blog. Denise here is providing us amazing lessons and sharing her vast, wise experience all for FREE – we don’t need to sign up for expensive workshops on these subjects, we can just read and learn here freely. She chooses to do this for us – which is great news for those of us who can’t attend workshops! For me, this is the cream of the crop, and we’re truly lucky to have this space to share. I’m starting to see the recent resident troll as rather amusing by now, and yet again have learned a lot. Thank you, Denise. Wishing everyone here a very Enlightening 11th… punches and all 🙂

  14. I think I am actually looking forward to tomorrow. Our 4th 11-step up this year. We will survive it all!

    I too, Mia have been struggling to re-find my center. Distractions will do that. This period is filled with more and more aches and pains and attacks by dark ones who feel justified by distracting a vibrant band of Starseed/Lightworkers.

    We are so fortunate to have this place, gently and lovingly provided by Denise, to share and love and care about each other. I am still sleeping with my rose quartz over my heart for the healing it provides.

    I have realized that becoming overwrought about anything is not only hard on my body — firing off neurons that send sharp pains — but hard on my TRANSITION and so, breathing, living in the light and sharing love is the best medicine I can find — and TRANSITIONS. Thank you Denise.

    Much love to you, my dear one. You are a treasure for the ages!


    • Debora,

      Thanks so much. I too have struggled with the extra physical pains from the Sun activities, the two earthquakes (7.1 Japan and 6.4 Mexico a few days ago), and emotional frustrations and pains caused by the recent Mars, Jupiter, Uranus in Aries onslaughts from certain people also struggling with them. These transits are explosive and difficult for everyone and it’s not close to being done yet.

      It’s always through the storms and attacks and nastiness etc. that we really learn things and grow. It’s through “falling” or dropping down out of Center repeatedly that we learn, eventually, how to maintain and “keep the frequency” no matter what’s being directed at us. It’s an important lesson. And yes, the drama in any form for whatever the reason has serious and nearly instantaneous repercussions for people carrying more Light within themselves. Going back down vibrationally hurts and is repulsive yet we each need to do it a few times to feel and learn so we know how different frequencies/densities/less Light/more Light feels to us.

      Gratitude Hug,

  15. Like I said in the last article. It’s not what you think!!! It’s what you know Heart and Soul. Resonates…
    Anything I’m not sure of I kick it back to my storage area(brain) if it comes back a number of times I will understand if it resonates with my heart.
    I am tired of the person’s who try and derail truth…simple becuase they do not vibrate at the same frequacy. as Denise says,”the light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehendth NOT”

  16. Dear Denise,

    04.11.11.started for me with a unique vision about you.
    I saw you shifting /up/ away from 3D reality, leaving everything-that is-behind.I watched you transforming into pure bright energy and became a beautiful ‘energy print’ of Denise. No shape or form of any kind, only an ‘energy bubble’ of YOU. The beauty of the image was so overwhelming, I had tiers in my eyes.
    I do not know why Source showed me your shift, but I know that I’m right behind you, making my transformation the same way.
    I wanted to share this with you and thank you for Being in this unique vision, showing me the way…
    And I thank you for Being in my reality in the here and now with your words.
    I have endless love and respect for You.


    • Eva,

      Thank you for sharing you’re vision. Something to inspire me and all of us.

      I do feel, especially after another Test Phase like we’ve all had recently 😉 , that I’ve peeled off another layer of dense past Denise-ness to be a bit more of the NEW Me.

      I think Source and your Higher Self gave you this vision for you, for me, and for everyone else reading this whose living the compressed and accelerated Ascension Process now.

      Thank you for being in my reality for many reasons as well. I’ve waited a long time to have companions and co-workers of Light…but while IN our bodies and while we’re all awake in this reality! 😀

      Heart Hugs of Gratitude,

  17. Wow! Eva, Denise et. al…

    I had a similar dream/vision/journey last night. I had been thinking how cool it was to form friendships with people I’d never seen – only known their energy signatures. A few months back I had been shown my light body and I was thinking about that as well. Suddenly it all came together with several lightbodies floating about the ether and I felt I “knew” each one – even though I didn’t have names for most of them.

    One I recognized was you Denise. It was an amazing moment. I don’t know if Eva knows you IRL but I *know* that I don’t and yet there you were! You appeared to me as a beautiful shining light being (bubble is a good word Eva!) with violet edges. We all sort of floated with “wings” although nothing separated like the traditional representation of angels but the wings were sort of all part of our bodies.

    Amazing amazing!


    • Debora & All,

      😀 Love this! 😀 Thanks for sharing your vision/knowing/higher perception too Debora. This is how we all expand and begin to recognize ourselves and each other as we are at higher levels of being with those energy and/or Light bodies etc.

      I think I mentioned this in a A Lightworker’s Mission…maybe here, can’t remember. I’ve seen, interacted and communicated with different Beings/Starbeings/Lightbeings/ETs that exist within higher dimensions and star systems and I rarely ever get a name of any of them, nor do I care about names for this very reason. We recognize each other in very different ways exactly like this at higher levels of consciousness/being; we recognize each other as Light Signatures. Some more evolved Beings we recognize as (these terms are silly but I can’t think of something better at the moment!) Love Signatures. I hope everyone gets what I’m struggling to convey about this.

      We ARE energy and yet we still retain individual personalities (for a good bit longer that is) that are recognizable to each other even when we are nothing but “Light” with no faces or shapes etc. We still easily read/sense/know/and can discern energies and energy fields etc. just like this. This ability is one that we in our physical bodies now are beginning to integrate and use. Very exciting changes. 🙂

      I’ve been seeing large white Light shapes in my house occasionally over the past couple of months. These objects are different from the other things, Lights etc. that I’ve seen for decades, so it tells me we’re expanding and changing again now and in very big impressive ways. I’m tellin’ ya kids…the really fab stuff is right around the corner.

      Thanks so much for sharing Deb and Eva; you’ve made my 4-11-11 a very special day.

      Gratitude Hugs,

  18. Debora and Eva…too much! Something happened over here on April 10. No vision of Denise but something to do with light and energy.. don’t know how to articulate it.

    We’re in it kids. Thank you Transitions!

  19. What amazing 11th portal visions! And for us all to find each other, keep finding each other and recognising each other from energy signatures… like “old friends”. This is how I’ve been feeling lately about many who serendipitously appear in my life at this very time – so beautiful, when having been alone with it all for so long. More Unity every day 🙂
    ~LightHugs to everyone~

  20. I’m going to share something now because enough other people have shared their wonderful insights and experiences from having moved through the 4-11-11 portals or gateway.

    Everyone remember all the recent BS and negativity, the attacking, lies and polarizing shit n’ junk n’ crap n’ ego’s n’ mess? Who could forget it right! 🙄

    Well…this is how this polarized business works now in the Ninth Wave phase. It’s so much easier to see and recognize because these accelerated phases or energy tides come in and out so incredibly fast now (9-Day cycles) that we can much more easily spot the screaming contrast between the misery stuff and the evolving Light stuff.

    I’ve been paying attention to this since Jan. 2011 and witnessed some negative unpleasant something/someone will come in and mess with me (you/us etc.) and then that compressed phase exits and is immediately followed by VERY positive, VERY high Light-filled stuff, visions, dreams, knowings, feelings, bliss etc. 😀

    Miserable and difficult crap in but quickly now it all goes out and is immediately followed by us moving forward/upward (you know what I mean) again and taking on and being more Light.

    Very well done with the recent “tests” everyone and now we move forward again a bit more through the 4-11-11 energy portal. This is how 2011 and it’s 11-11 portals and Ninth Wave 9-Day count cycles are going to work this year.

    Gratitude to ALL, yes I mean All of you. Deal with it! 😆

  21. Hi D, Aluna, posted another one today, so first part was in 2 bits attached, this ones seperate and i think you will love it, so heres here site link so you can check them out to find the one you have yet to read:)
    Her writing is good, i guess i gripe a bit as i lay here an i see folks living and seeing the wonderful places and are ablet o be with others of like mind and it shows my shadow at times an i own that, kinda i feel a little less than i guess, and so i will do my work on that an bless the travels she goes on:)
    I have a double whammy re back and hips, genetic stuff, yet it feels something else is going on, and for months now i can only lay down as even sitting hurts an i limp round with a walking cane when i am able to go out i make about 20yrds an i am done, the worst hit was nov time, huge weight in low back, and awful weakness i still have, but the weight been there a longtime now an its like i have something like a concrete weight tied to me, so i dont know if this is the magnetics i feel or…..
    I will come back and read the bits you pointed out to me and thanks for doing so.
    Been a crazy few days and lots going on to make life awkward and tough, even one of my dogs had to shit himself and i had to drag myself to bathe him, hard when ya cant bend, or kneel, and those i am with here are like either taken out so they cant help, or refuse and cold shoulder me bigtime, some iterference goin on
    Thanks for sharing back on the pain stuff, this has been long term for me now, but its sure been more marked lately and it is moving around rather than just stuck pain , i count that as a plus for me.
    xx J

  22. Hello Denise,

    Now that you wrote about the BS attacks I’d like to add something here. When all that chaotic mess was going on, I got connected to you even more than before. An attack on you is an attack on me, so as it feels. And because the mess went on and on I stayed with you for support by sending you bubbles of love every day/night. This interaction got me closer to you and led to the vision about your shift.We don’t know each other in this reality/info for Debora/,but I know we’ll meet soon as non-physicals, and I look forward to that.
    I’d like to thank you for your post on Different layers of Lightworkers. It really touched me on the deepest/highest level.
    I do not expect people to understand the ‘heavy lifting’/transmuting dark energies ALL THE TIME/we’ve done for Earth and humanity/to be honest 3D Eva hardly understands/, but it feels good to read about us. We have no/fame/names, nobody recognize us, we are not a ‘big deal’. But when time to time I find a material about us, I get emotional, as it happened by reading your words.
    Your way of sharing/teaching is truly amazing!


    • Eva,

      I totally understand what you’re saying and why you’re feeling this way. It is Stellar Family recognizing and helping another Stellar Family member. And, bless you for sending me energetic protection and assistance during the recent attacks.

      No we don’t know each other in that old 3D lower frequency way, but we totally know and recognize each other energetically! 😉 This whole learning provide by Brewster (who was also Pure One and MumboJumbo) for the rest of us was a wonderful gift in that it very publicly showed many people how Starseeds Lightworkers and Lightworkers have to LIVE the Process IN THEIR BODIES AND SELVES to be able to literally transform, transmute, and ascend reality on this physical Earth world and dimension. And of course there are plenty of humans and non-human Beings that do not want us doing this.

      To take this entire business that’s played out so publicly here at TRANSITIONS through people’s pleasant and unpleasant Comments, I’m going to follow all this up with what Lisa Renee just wrote and published late yesterday (4-11-11) called “Open Architecture”. I stuck with the difficult attacks, the insults, the total misunderstanding by some people, and published the majority of everyone’s Comments in hopes that we ALL could and would learn, see, grow, and understand more from the public Battle. (I’ve lived through this exact type of thing/attacks numerous times before both online and in my private life but this attacking event needed to be seen by many people now and that’s why I allowed it here…even when I wanted to shut it all down many times.) Now that that phase has ended here, I’m going to follow up by quoting Lisa Renee’s latest article because…well everyone will see why.

      Thank you Eva for being strong and determined to do what you did and continue doing as a real Lightworker.
      Heart Hugs of Gratitude,

  23. I just googled was 4/11/11 a high energy day because I did not know how to articulate what I was feeling yesterday. I am just starting to open myself to this sort of thinking and have always been very intuitive as well as a good energy reader but haven’t thought much into it. Yesterday I was overwhelmed with anxious, exciting, positive and nervous emotion. By the end of the day I was drained but felt good because I think that I had passed some of that good energy to friends. I don’t really know where to go from here but picking up one of your books is probably where I should start. Hopefully I will find some answers and learn as well!


  24. hi denise 🙂

    i’m a very big “fan” (didn’t know how to say it better) of your post and messages …

    how can we discern our ascention symptoms from other regular stuff until now i’ve been having several different type of symptoms my lower back is one of them hard time breathing and extremely sadness in my 4th chakra …

    i really don’t have any problem i accept the symptoms and some how i feel happy about them because i know the transition is taking place i just have one symptoms that i’m kind of confuse the breathing thing i recently ended a radiation treatment and they told me it was going to be normal that i feel fatigue or stuff like that but i don’t know at this point if the radiation symptoms are mixing with the ascension symptoms its kind of confusing specially the breathing things somedays i feel hard time breathing and sometimes i feel ok … yesterday i made a grounding meditation and today i feel good not having a breathing problem (thats what i’m saying is confusing)

    anyway great 4-11-11 post

    lots of light to you my friend

  25. Hello Denise, Cheri here. Just about in tears.
    Life has never been easy,(especially the last 2 years) but somehow I have just barely stayed on top of it, until this week.
    Tues. of this week I feel down a flight of stairs and broke a bone in my ankle.
    As I’m limping around I felt like I can keep going, even though it’s getting harder and harder.
    Then today it’s like I faced one of the heads of the legion of darkness.
    I have medicare, this beast of a woman said we cancelled you becuase you never sent te paper work back…but I did.
    This means when I go to the doctors tomorrow no heal care. When I was a child I was surrounded by negetivity, and managed to surrvive barely.

    • Cheri Evans,

      I’m sooo sorry you’re getting hammered like this. A broken ankle will certainly slow you down for a few months. Rest and then rest some more.

      Mercury is retrograde now, as is Pluto and Saturn, so this is the time for all of us to have to go back and redo, rethink, rework, reevaluate etc. etc. whatever it is that’s forcing us now to do this with.

      Lisa Renee mentioned experiencing this same sort of thing now too. Here’s a paragraph from her Open Architecture April 2011 article:

      “During this period, when challenged by the 3D structure, practice states of engaged detachment to such such scenarios as accusations, betrayals, legal and financial compliance issues, losing material objects, etc. The entire base foundation of your support structure is changing now. YOU may be pulled out of places or organizations that you were previously working, living, or collaborating with. Meditate and rest a lot as dealing with these types of issues can be quite physically draining. (I notice in order to keep body functioning I must withdraw continually to my inner sanctum to gather energy. I really have no choice in this matter, body requires what it requires and I have to listen to it. It has required isolation.)

      “The old control matrix and the hidden entities manipulating and using it are barking, biting and scratching in every way they can to gain some momentum. It’s been plum exhausting and had many of us hiding out at home. The control matrix is an intrinsic part of all of our banking/money, legal, educational, medical/drugs, compliance structures and job systems, so these areas have been slapping us silly with all they got. The closed control system is deranged and broken and it has been revealing its mad psychosis to us more and more with every passing day. The desperation of these entities is just dripping from these systems that do not function any more. As a result to this desperation, more mind controlled automatons appear with a standard boiler plate to wield more bi-polar attempts to force your compliance to their generated fear mechanism. Unfortunately the unconscious masses are being mostly preyed upon to be the enforcer of these negative agendas, in fear of a paycheck.”

      You may have to pay for your medical accident now and possibly be reimbursed later on…or not. I have no medical insurance so I really watch what I’m doing because it’s soooo crazy expensive having anything done. (If they (ER, doctor office, dentist etc.) see on your paperwork that you will be paying cash due to no insurance…they really take advantage of this and pad the bill all they want. It’s so ugly out there.)

      Again I’m so sorry about your broken ankle and the medical money business. Just do your best and ask your Higher Self to assist you with it all. And, stop trying to fly down stairs okay? 😉 Rest, rest, rest.

      Hugs and Loves,

  26. Whoever, whatever managed to eat up the letter I wrote.
    Just can’t take anymore dark intervention.
    I broke my ankle this week falling down the stair’s, then they cancelled my medicare said I never mailed in the paper work.
    I am a fighter but am running out of everything..it’s getting to fucking hard.
    Just needed to say where my life is now to someone who understands.

  27. Cheri, be good to yourself. Tons of hugs, so many it scares away the darkness.
    Denise, thanks for your kind words, they helped me too. This has been one H— of a week.
    Blessings to all, Gwen

  28. Cheri, you should probably go ahead and get the treatment and then when the Medicare gets straightened out it will probably backdate and you can submit your bill for treatment. Also, if you go to the hospital emergency room, the hospital should have some kind of program to work out the bill and possibly even discount it… that just happened for me when I was in ER and later the hospital unit for 2 days. There are ways….

    Heart Hugs

  29. Cheri,
    I fell last August and injured my tail bone and hip bone (ishium) and still am dealing with it. I don’t have insuracne either, but some miracles have come out of this. where did you fall? If not at home, you may be able to get medical covered. Also, there are lots of places here (Atlanta area) opening that charge a flat $40 – and don’t deal with insurance. They are really used by a lot of people – even those w/insurance b/c it is just easier. Plus really not a lot to do w/a broken ankle medically speaking. So probably few visits and the rest you can do on your own; ice, rest, elevation – good excuses to sit down and “be” – may be part of the reason you created it – it was for me. I will send Reiki to you too it you would like.

  30. Hi guys,

    My partner collapsed 12 april, so did my 94 yr old Mom, something big going on, odd symptoms, Drs dont kow what it is, he has been taken in hospital, then sent home, now back in, BP, went so high despite meds, 200, 224, 235, white blood cell count of 18, hospital drs out of it, cant seem to grasp on know whats going on.
    I am feeling weak, shaky, get to protect oneself from the shit flyin everywhere I also got to remeber we arent our bodies, but i am really wiped and cant walk well, have to get a lift to hospital, i cant walk to corridors but after today i wont be able to go as the person taking me does not live local, i can drive but not walk far, and i need to be there as they are not doing the simple stuff even.
    I thought this was another hit for the nergy workers etc such as us to make life impossible, well i then find this


    Denise, i am to overwrought in keeping balance in all this, i sleep in order to keep going and so i am not able to tune in much, can you see what you can pick up as to whats going on, i think its a karmic earth etc, cellular clearing, and a recalibration for some of us, but this is not anymore than my own senses of it in the midst of chaos.
    I see the mass if now in panic,i wonder is this the next crew waking as the link shows people on face book are aware something is up and they are not folks who are all aware of this we are aware of.
    I have to go, i must get to see him, he is an elderly person, and have to look beyond i know what i think is in my face to that we are all more than that, but you can imagine to see someone so confused an poorly who has never been ill in his life to suddenly go down in a day is upsetting to say the least.
    Animals acting strange to, angry, fighting, noisy afraid.
    I will come back and add to this as i cant think straight, so take care guys and wish me well as this person has been my rock in my yrs of more or less being housebound and bedridden, so there is no one to turn to until the miracle i belive we can have if we belive its poss, comes.
    love to you all, and i hope someone who has a bit of time to tune in can see what they are pickin up right now energy wise.
    Too many think radiation etc, i dont get it is that, i feel more its a fear and energetic hit, from usual quarters and cellular clearing, earths and ours, and mass consiousness and interference as always to keep people under fear an control.
    Dont know if i am to get my partner home or leave him in hospital, i got to listen hard.
    Gee, feel so confused and out of it myself, sorry for the ramble.

    • J,

      I’m sorry you’re going through some much so suddenly with your loved ones.

      What I’m going to say next is something I’ve been aware of myself since 2011 started…especially since the Ninth Wave started (March 9, 2011). However, this DOES NOT MEAN everyone should focus on this which would only greatly amplify it (like creating a negative thought-form). It’s for reasons just like this that I’ll often NOT publicly say certain things because I do NOT want people amplifying them with their consciousness. Okay everyone? Please, this is important and about us learning how to Consciously Create/Co-Create.

      I’ve noticed that the 12th of every month in 2011 has been abnormally negative, miserable, difficult etc. In other words, the 11-11 portal comes each month and it’s very positive and uplifting as we all energetically move through these monthly 11-11 portals/gates. But then the very next day – the 12th – the shitstorm arrives like sucked in backwater or something and things feel rather negative, invasive, harsh, difficult etc. etc. AGAIN. So what is this right?

      My sense is that it’s simply how the Energies are working and flowing now in 2011 with these monthly Energy Stair Steps we’re walking up and then passing through monthly 11-11 numbered portals/gates. This is another unfolding Process throughout 2011, easing us into increasing Unity or High Heart Consciousness and Energies while simultaneously the Dark Ones and their energies fight, lash out, attack etc. etc. in an attempt to stop or derail or sidetrack or wound those of us actually moving up and through these monthly 11-11 portals…heading for the really important triple portal of November 11, 2011 – 11-11-11.

      Many people will not remain in their physical bodies now that we’ve reached the highly compressed and accelerated Ninth Wave phase. Many will check out of their physical bodies (die) for whatever their individual soul reasons. We have to respect that and continue on ourselves in our physical bodies if that is our soul choice and intention. I’m not saying that these two people are going to die soon J, I’m only saying that it may be a soul choice for them at this time.

      Another aspect of this is Uranus in Aries (and Jupiter and Mars too). Uranus has to do with sudden and unexpected things happening. I suspect many more people will use these astrological energies to suddenly and unexpectedly exit their physical bodies (die).

      Sorry for this Comment sounding so heavy and unpleasant…but we all know we’ve simply reached the phase where massive changes are and will continue to happen everywhere. (The animals feel, hear, smell and sense the exaggerated fear and chaos emanating from people around the world. It’s just incredibly intense on planet Earth now (2011) because of these massive Energy changes (and us moving through the monthly 11-11’s) and the Dark Ones and their human puppets having to relinquish the control they’ve always had.)

      Be strong and know they are okay and will be okay and so will you. Get extra rest and sleep if you can while you’re pushing so hard for them. You are in our Hearts.


  31. Thanks Denise, i know and respect the way people will choose now, and right now i cant feel as to how it is going, so i keep in now, do what i can do, and learn to hold neutral as best i can with love in my heart for us all.
    My daughter isnt doing well, is scared as to whats happened to her dad and asks will he be ok, its hard question to answer..
    Bless you for the quick response, i feel sometimes i can take no more of the years of this battering, but i feel i have some reason to be here even if i cant see what this is or how i do that from here.
    XX J

  32. J – My heart goes out to you; your sense of panic and uncertainty is clear. Everything Denise said is so true. I know I can not ease your pain but I can offer some suggestions from someone who has been there and as a fellow traveler. Remember to take a deep breath (or many) when you feel you can’t go on, or can’t think clearly, or whatever. It sounds so cliche, but it is good medicine. No matter what is going on, or who is there, just stop and center and go within. Remember, you are not alone, even when you feel you are. There are many unseen helpers with you. Many seen will show up unexpectedly. Now is the time to call on them and trust they are with you AND with your partner. They will be there for both of you and they are. When it all feels crazy and rushed; this is the time to stop – everything will still be here even if you take the time to regroup and even when everyone around you says you don’t have the time to do so and they need your decision -now. They can wait. I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to fix things for you – it is difficult to convey feeling within a post. But, I truly have been there, and this is a time to call on all the help you can, seen and unseen, and a time your faith will build.

  33. Thanks Debra, well, my partner just called me, he is really confused still, says he has an aneuryism in the stomach, so far the results in full are not back, cant get the dr who said he would call me back, timelines all over the place, no one seems to have the info you give them, nothing is in sync, say they will call back but dont, then things all change.
    I sit like a rabbit in headlights, i think i have hit zero zone, i cant feel if this is even real to be honest and the so called “urine infection” suddenly they siad he did not have one?, now this, he had a scan earlier, i called to ward after he rang home to tell me, but the ward sister had no clue?
    I am doing all you say Debra, and i have not ever felt the unseen ones who are supposed to be with us, but i did feel other ones at times…
    Send us your best guys, as the 3D outcome of this is not good, but i know we are not limited to this no more. XX J

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