First the REWIRING, Then the NEW Energies Start Flowing

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I’ve talked about the Body Rewiring Process in the past and how it painlessly feels like moving, vibrating, shaking energy deep inside the physical body. I’ve felt my physical body Rewiring happening since around 2002 if memory serves. I didn’t know what it was then so I’d lay in bed in the middle of the night feeling, observing, counting and paying very close attention to the on-again-off-again buzzing, electrical-like current zzzzzzzing deep inside my body. I’ve spent years observing and watched it moving slowly up throughout my body heading towards my head/brain. It made sense that once this Rewiring Process reached my head and brain, that things would start changing externally very quickly and they have.

Some of the symptoms of the Head and Brain Rewiring were horrid intense headaches; painful pressures in my skull; one side or the other of my skull feeling bruised and sore like it’s literally been pounded on; pressure and pain in the bridge of my nose and sinuses and eyes; the top of my head/skull so tender, bruised and hot that it hurts; hair loss and my hair just changing; vision changes; sense of smell changes; sense of spinning, tipping over, or falling through the floor etc. A plethora of new weird head and skull pains and pressures happened when the Rewiring process reached my head and brain a couple of years ago, not to mention the consciousness changes that having one’s polarized brain hemispheres Rewired or Unified cause.


In late 2010, and much more so in 2011, I’ve been feeling what had been Rewired within me coming online as greatly increased amounts of Divine Source Energy began to flow through my newly Rewired body and brain. The Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers are coming online first, meaning we’re starting to run larger amounts of  much higher frequency Source energy Light safely in and through our bodies, HighHearts and brains because of the Rewiring which created our NEW individual human “Grid Systems”. This is the same Process Gaia is currently experiencing; slowly coming online because she too has been Rewired and now has a much more complex, higher frequency Grid System in place that can safely embody the greatly increased energies that the NEW Earth and matching NEW humanity must have.

The greatly increased energies flowing into and through my physical and energy bodies feels very different from three, five, nine years ago during the body and brain Rewiring phase. That was an inner body vibration or buzzing that slowly moved around throughout my body. Like the Rewiring Process, this huge increase of incoming Energies doesn’t cause me any physical pain, it’s just rather intense feeling and hearing the great roar of it. I’ve never experienced a physical tornado or hurricane and don’t intend to, but the way this increase of energies feels and sounds flowing down and into my head and bodies must be like what a tornado or hurricane sounds and feels like. It is amazing in its force and volume, but like everything else I know I’ll adapt and faster than I thought possible. Soon this roaring torrent of increased energies won’t even be audible to me any longer, nor will it rattle and shake my body with its great force and volume. It will soon become the NEW normal to me and to you. Until then however, it’s rather dramatic!

The way I’m currently feeling, hearing, and seeing these increased energies coming online and pouring down through my Crown chakra into other areas in my body is when I’m napping during the daytime, and also at different times throughout the night while asleep. For most of my life I could never nap and if I did I’d wake up with a nauseous headache so I never napped. But with the Alchemical Ascension Process literally kicking our everything’s from one end of the cosmic block to the other, I discovered the necessity of naps because I suddenly pass-out in the late afternoons from sheer exhaustion. Now naps are a favorite time and I get either fully out-of-body or half-in/half-out and intentionally hover my awareness there at the dimensional edge to feel and hear the increased amounts of energies rushing into my body making it rattle, shake, vibrate and howl like the force of an internal hurricane.

Once I’m asleep—either during a daytime nap or in the middle of the night—I become lucid which just means I become conscious while not fully in my physical body and can usually retain the memory of whatever I experience while in this state. I know my Higher Self wants me, Denise, to be consciously aware of this aspect of my coming online and feeling and hearing the greatly increased amounts of energies flowing through me now, so I pay close attention and report back here about it.

From my current point of view, these increased Source energies pouring in through the top of my head sound and feel almost violent and scary and far too intense and loud. But I suspect it’s just my current perspective of these greatly increased energies entering my bodies and being after a lifetime of running on nothing but Starseed Lightworker determination, Capricorn grit and stamina, and only two and a half miserable little 3D cylinders! Suddenly having the Source Energy floodgates opened a few more feet makes the force of the increased energies running through my body truly amazing and a bit unnerving. I just sit in between dimensions while napping or asleep and marvel at the great roaring, rattling, buzzing, clanging and banging vibrational flood of increased energy pouring into my newly Rewired body and brain. I also excitedly wonder about what NEW awareness and abilities I’ll naturally have due to this great increase of Source Energies flowing within me. Conscious Creating and Co-Creating fuel and more no doubt.

This increased energy flow always enters my body through the top of my head/Crown chakra area and typically floods powerfully down to my High Heart (the Thymus, not the lower physical heart and old Heart chakra) until it feels like it will explode. Often this raging flood of energy is then directed down further to my gut or Solar Plexus area where it rages, bangs, pounds, shakes, swirls and floods that entire area also. During all this my whole body feels like it’s being assaulted by massive amounts of energy which cause it to buzz, shake, vibrate, flutter, radiate and glow as my Rewired multidimensional energy tank is filled with endlessly flowing Source Energy. Again, from my current perspective this particular phase of The Process often sounds and feels like it could be too much, but the Rewiring did exactly what  it was designed to do; my new internal Grid System is embodying and running larger amounts of Source Energy and this is what some of you have recently perceived in your dreams or higher awareness as me becoming a transcended something else. I am, and so are and so will increasing numbers of us. This is why the body and brain Rewiring happened in the first place; so we could safely embody and run much more Source Energy in and through us constantly.


April 26, 2011

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29 thoughts on “First the REWIRING, Then the NEW Energies Start Flowing

  1. I am a 28 year old male and started getting these inner vibrations (mostly in my legs but sometimes in my chest and neck) since Feb/Mar of 2011 and it’s driving me crazy. I can’t concentrate. I know some of you say “just ride it out”, but I can’t stand it –especially when it gets intense. Is the intensity related to anything I can control? Like stress? Diet… ?

    Please help me as I feel terrible right now.


  2. “I am a 28 year old male and started getting these inner vibrations (mostly in my legs but sometimes in my chest and neck) since Feb/Mar of 2011 and it’s driving me crazy. I can’t concentrate. I know some of you say “just ride it out”, but I can’t stand it –especially when it gets intense. Is the intensity related to anything I can control? Like stress? Diet… ?

    Please help me as I feel terrible right now.”


    I’m sorry you’re having such a reaction from this higher frequency energy (the Rewiring) in your body. It has never caused me any physical pain, unlike most ascension-related symptoms! I don’t believe there is anything one can do such as ” stress, diet…” to reduce this, at least I’m not aware of anything.

    Since Feb. 1999 my normal razor-sharp mental focus has been mush too but this is another common Ascension symptom; being unable to use and focus ones mind like one always has. There’s a huge payoff to this seemingly miserable ascension symptom so hang in there with it too.

    Water helps me when I’m running massive amounts of higher frequency energy through my body. It seems to help cut the static, the sharp edges and over stimulation to my central nervous system and mind. Example: when I’m in the shower I feel better and can think more clearly. If you have a pool or lake of water to get into, I’d suggest you experiment with using water to help with this particular symptom.

    It gets easier as we acclimate to literally running much more Light Energy through our physical body, mind, heart and being. I hardly feel these energies now while I’m awake I mean. When I’m asleep or half awake/half asleep I can hear and feel them and it sounds to me like a freakin’ tornado! We adjust to it and then it doesn’t bother us at all.

    Hang in there and try the water; external water plus plenty of internal drinking water too okay?

  3. Brian,

    I’m a 33 year old male and I can sympathize. The last few years, at times, have been one big doozy of a hit after another. Some things that have helped me: Sleep. Plenty of it. Staying away from mass amounts of people and electricity at times. Perhaps a weekend away to the woods would help. Getting some sun. Meditating or getting quiet time in and connecting with yourself. Tom Kenyon has some great music to listen to in order to help your body and mind connect better. Diet, staying away from processed foods, foods high in fat, sugar and salt. Extreme foods, ones that are very cold or very spicy. Try and get foods that have soup and stews and are easier to digest, that are warming and nourishing. Plenty of water. Light exercise and exercise in general has helped me, stretching too.

    These help, though don’t totally take everything away. I still have my moments where it is hard to function and my clients see this, thankfully they are fairly understanding and let me have my private space. With each new step, process, discovery you have to take time to recover. I don’t feel like this will be forever, in fact I feel like mine will be over by the mid month of October, at least that is what I’ve been receiving. Take your time, connect with what is going on with you, look for the deeper grasp and just trust what is going on with you. When I need help or a break, I call on my higher self and my angels and ask for a break. When you need it, you need it. Just don’t ask with any hesitation. Mean it and you should get it. Just know it will continue until it is finished, so it will probably come back.

    Oh and one other thing Brian, I’ve also found body work, from massage to acupuncture have helped as well.

    You will be okay, we all will, just keeping working on you, with yourself and take time for yourself. It will all happen as it needs too. Good luck.

    Love and light


  4. Dear Denise:

    I almost don’t want to ask this question, but perhaps you can help, or others here can, too. The very painful Ascension symptoms are easing at last, but in the last few days I have been experiencing such immense sadness. This is not 3D sadness as in the passing of a loved one or homesickness, or like any of the many 3D situations that can cause sadness. This is so deep I don’t know where it comes from or why. I was so high a while ago thinking that we had all done such an amazing job of carrying and anchoring the Light and now I feel — well, all I feel is sad. I want back my 5D high! Thanks for any insight you can give me into this incredibly deep and total feeling of loss or whatever it is.

    Love to All Here,


  5. Hey Brian,

    I’m a 27 year old Indigo who has been experiencing the vibrations in my body since Oct ’09. They’ve gotten worse though in the past 3 months. What I’ve found that helps…

    – Stretching after waking every morning and before bed; I tend to get the vibration (I call it washing machine or dryer) effect when falling asleep especially

    – I 2nd Denise’s suggestion of water. Showers & baths have helped me “cleanse” through this process, as well as swimming in a pool or lake. I also suggest drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, I tend to drink more about 10-12 glasses a day.

    – Grounding. Go stand in the grass with your feet touching it. Walk around, do some cartwheels, run around in it; simply connect the soles of your feet to the ground and let Mother Earth in. I notice that a lot of my energy gets stuck in my legs which causes the vibrations really bad as well as HORRIBLE (like growing pains) pain in my legs.

    I’m an earth intuitive so I soak up the energy of the earth and nature very strongly. I also work with crystals and rocks. Something is telling me you should check out black tourmaline (earthing/grounding stone) and bloodstone.

    Lastly, try an ayurvedic oil massage on your legs. Do it every evening or right before you get in the shower (I prefer this way so I can wash it off and it doesn’t feel “sticky”). This is not only a good way of showing yourself love but it’s also very healing to use aromatherapy oils to massage the energy in your legs.

    I hope these tips help out! Sometimes the energy has been so intense in the past several months that I literally want free of my body. I take that as a sign I need to meditate, cool myself down, and ground my physical body. I can get quite caught up in spirit and soul and neglect my body. Take care of yourself and know that we all are going through these changes together. Some don’t feel them at all but they might also be the most disconnected. Just a thought.

    Love and peace,

  6. Hi everyone,

    I find that my extreme exhaustion has pretty well gone away and energy is beginning to flow once more. I agree with most of the suggestions made here – lots of liquids (a diet where you eat a lot of soup, fruits and veggies), esp. water, stretching and exercise, being out in nature and sunlight. I tend to take a lot of baths, too. All this is nourishing and restorative.

    Most of all, listen to your body! It will tell you what it needs. Sometimes it’s just very tired….

    Hopefully we will all get re-charged and restored as the process nears its end.

    Lots of Light to all, Thelma

  7. Greetings,

    I am a 26 year old law student and the vibrational energy is shifting rapidly for me in the last couple months. I did meditate on both 12/12/12/ and 12/21/12 and the channeling then was the most intense of the energy surges. However, lately I’ve been simply exhausted and very emotional. On top of that, lights go on and off around me constantly, machines will turn off and on, and the tingling of the feet and hands is becoming more and more the norm rather than the exception. I do meditate and I carry crystals but this whole process is very new to me. I would love to know more about what I can expect as this process continues. Any advice would be lovely!

    Love and Light,


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