2011 Mid-May Energy Tsunami

800x800 treeheart Obviously I’m still in the midst of this current NEW incoming Energy Wave so my perspective of it all isn’t anywhere near complete or embodied enough yet. But, this is so big and potent in a painful but wonderful way that I wanted to post a quickie about it so far.

Every year when the Sun transits the sign of Taurus and moves through the late degrees of the sign (26–28° Taurus), we conjunct (align very closely with) the Pleiades star system. During this time the fifth dimensional Pleiades download or transmit their annual Energy Wave very directly to Earth and humanity. I’ve been feeling this Pleiadian energy transmission very strongly since about May 14th, but certainly hit in the High Heart by them (and more) on Sunday May 15th, 16th, and today the 17th 2011.

Added to the annual Pleiadian transmissions is the annual Sun in Taurus Full Moon (in opposite Scorpio) today, May 17, 2011 and it’s called the “Wesak Moon” and is connected to the Buddha and the particular energies the Buddha intentionally brought to 3D for humanity to see, feel directly, and learn from. [For a rare and special look into this particular information about the Buddha energies before he/it incarnated physically into 3D, see Chapter 8 in The Temple of Master Hotei: A Unique Past Life Memory]

The Buddha energies are very similar to the 5D Pleiadian energies in that they’re both highly integrated male/female energies of Love, Compassion and great Beauty. Earthy Taurus—ruled by feminine Venus—houses these energies very nicely…in well integrated and more evolved individuals. [For more information about the annual Wesak Buddha Moon, see Celia Fenn’s channeled May 2011 article at starchildglobal.com ] I was impulsed late last night to go to Celia’s site to specifically read her information about this years Buddha Moon energies only because I’ve been experiencing them very intensely for the past few days. That information coupled with Lauren Gorgo’s May 11, 2011 article “Human 2.0-christed edition” have helped me to put more of the NEW pieces together in what I’ve been living and feeling recently.

A few weeks (or maybe it was months?) ago I wrote about how, now that the Body and Brain Rewiring business was complete in many of the Starseeds, we would begin coming online with the NEW energies in early 2011, just as the Earth is with her newly Rewired Grid Systems. This Phase Two Process is and will continue to unfold week by week and month by month throughout all of 2011 so don’t think that May is it and now we’re “done” because we are not! This is just another energetic Stair Step some of us are living right now with many more people entering it later. Another level and Energy Wave will arrive with the annual Sun transit (conjunction) the 6D Sirius star system in July and early Aug this year. See how these other-dimensional stellar midpoints and portal activations happen in between the first Equinoxes and Solstices? And this year all of this also has the monthly 11-11 portals AND the Universal Underworld/Ninth Wave acceleration and Days/Nights cycling through every 9+9 days! Busy as little bees we are this year. (We enter Day 3 on May 20, 2011.)

As should be obvious, I don’t always get a loud and clear heads-up from my Higher Self about certain approaching or unfolding energies or Energy Waves, and despite the fact that I know about these numerous energy triggers throughout each year, well, this year is rather different because it is 2011 and the Ninth Wave and we’re rollin’ up fast on the end of the Great Expiration Date to the planetary madness and negativity. I’d jump around excitedly and throw confetti or something except I’m so profoundly exhausted at the moment that it’s all I can do to think and type this now. I know many of you can relate.

Sunday May 15th a bunch of neighbor stuff unfolded which I’m too tired to regurgitate right now, but suffice it to say that it was good…very good, and some mega High Heart energies did pour fourth through me and my Mom and did quite easily uplift some people and change the energetic landscape and “reality” here.

Monday May 16th I had to go to the grocery store. Once I was outside in my car and could see the sky, the sunlight, feel the energies in the air and see the pristine clouds and deep-blue sky, I knew we’re in another giant energetic leap forward into the higher dimensional NEW and that the Dark is greatly, greatly reduced. The energies were/are intoxicating to the point that my physical Heart/Chest area hurt with Love Light Gratitude over the beauty of what’s finally abundant enough to be easy seen and felt within the physical realm.

The flip-side of all this fabulousness is that—like Lauren Gorgo said—it hurts like all hell! But what’s new about that really? Some of us have been writhing in pain for the past thirteen years or more now because that’s what it takes for us to do what we’re capable of doing. So yes my physical pain level has been through the freakin’ roof lately…again…which told me I was in the midst of another important leap forward. Problem is that occasionally I have to leave my house and forage for food, cat food and cat litter, toilet paper and shampoo and this seasons flip-flop sandals and other still vital necessities.

So there I am dragging my head-to-toe body wracked with physical pain while my High Heart is uncontrollably radiating Compassion and Joy in one combined sensation. How one can hurt so terrifically and at the same time be in a mild state of Bliss and Compassion is a bit of a mind-blower. It took some real focus for me to not burst into tears and sob openly in the middle of the grocery store in front of strangers yesterday while I was FEELING such potent but beautiful higher energies pour through my physical body and out into the physical environment. Talk about coming online!

I felt profound sadness and Compassion for the great numbers of people around the world who are not and will not join (utilize) the Ascension Process and will experience increasing levels of pain and misery as the old negative world literally consumes itself because the Light isn’t around to feed off anymore. Simultaneously I felt profound joy and Gratitude for what all I’ve done and what all every other Starseed Lightworker has and still is doing to help manifest the NEW in the NEW Earth and timeline through their bodies.

I felt coming “Earth Changes” and the great pain and suffering they will cause so many people, but, at the same time I knew from that High Heart Consciousness level of being that all is perfect no matter what.

I felt the higher dimensional Beings/Lightbeings/Starbeings/ETs only inches away from me vibrationally with more Love and Respect than you and I can comprehend over what we’ve accomplished so far down here. In those excruciatingly blissful moments in the grocery store, and in my car looking at how much we’ve freed this dimension from the Dark Ones and returned the Light to this world so far, I recognized myself a little bit more. Be ready for this when you experience it because it’s something you’ll want to be mindful of because these moments are so rare and exquisite. You and your Higher Self rejoice and reflect each other in new ways and it’s nice to absorb those highly special moments to help you better understand yourself, and so much more.

Did I mention that a couple of days ago transiting Neptune entered my 1st House for the first time in my life? Bring on the mystical bliss by all means after the grueling, dark and lengthy Phase One transformational Ascension Work!

After I got home from the grocery store I hauled my Mom outside to see the pristine deep-blue sky and clouds and FEEL the energies herself. We stood in the street in front of our house and stared up at the even brighter Photon Light-filled sky in joy and excitement and saw The Light everywhere the Dark used to be. After this I had something to eat and literally passed out from 2:00 PM until 6:00 PM…as did my Mom…and the cat. None of us have ever been knocked out for that long during the day. After I awoke from my much needed out-of-body nap, I still felt exhausted and worried I’d have trouble sleeping that night at all. Boy was I wrong! We all slept for five hours straight which is profoundly abnormal for us since the Ascension Process started. And you guess it, we woke up the next morning still exhausted and in physical pain but also still surfing this latest Energy Wave with our High Hearts receiving/transmitting great Compassion and Knowing. I sense this is how it’s just going to be now…until the next transition that is.


May 17, 2011

copyright greenCopyright © Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS, 2011-2013. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and link.  https://deniselefay.wordpress.com/


30 thoughts on “2011 Mid-May Energy Tsunami

  1. So glad you mentioned the “PAIN, its off the scale, migraine headaches 3 days in a row, now the pains going down my spine and i dont know wtf to do with myself its all over me, yelp!
    I am so wishing to see the light your seeing D, but i am glad you are and i hope you can shine far n wide with it:)
    J xx

  2. Can totally relate–especially to the foraging for necessities like flip flops–lmao–you had me in stitches because that is soooooo true–the whole thing is so true. draggin’ and a grinnin’! Best to you!

  3. You nailed it. Exactly what I have been experiencing since Sunday night. Weird combination. I had just reread Lauren’s post looking for answers to what is going on when your post arrived in my in box. Thank you for explaining!

  4. I wept as I read this one. Confirms how connected we all are. Yesterday,late afternoon, after a good night’s sleep the night before, me and the cat were exhausted,we took a nap, slept for four hours. Woke up at 8 PM, fearful that I would not be able to sleep that night. My head hit the pillow at 11 PM, as did the cat’s, we slept soundly until 9 AM this morning. My body has been ridding itself of who knows what…skin rashes, diarrhea, exhaustion, abnormal for me even at 66. Yes I feel/see the quickening, the shift of consciousness, physicaly, mentally and every other way imaginable. The light is so bright it’s blinding.I also feel/see the Divine Feminine showing Herself, Her power, Her magnifience in unimaginable ways. Blessed are we to be on Mother Earth to witness this.

  5. Dear Denise:

    I am going to have a hard time writing this,I am crying a lot, but it is JOY, and I want to share. This confirms what you are writing about “higher heart” love.

    My birthday was May 10th. I decided to treat myself to a day at a Indonesian health spa. I couldn’t bare being alone one more year, after letting go of so much, and not having anyone that loved me, as I truly am, by my side.
    Anyway, the whole day felt enchanting. I just surrendered to the whole thing….. A woman came in and began my wonderful body scrub, flower bath and massage. For some reason, I started telling her about the love of my life, who I lost, due to youth and immaturity, in my early 20’s. He was the most advanced being I knew at the time. He inntroduced me to the “group of world servers, at the United Nations and the Great Invocation”. Also introduced me a Jim Goure, who was doing research into our connection to higher intelligence fields. ( Jim was a physicist) that worked at the pentagon. Bob had a pyramid built in his living room….but no one took him seriously. Anyway, she asked if he was around me. I said I didn’t know, but felt and was told that he past on a little while ago. That he was “trapped” in his body, due to a stroke, and started to reconnect with me before he made the total transition into spirit. 2 years ago, I actually saw him manifest in my living room, but I didn’t know what that meant. He was in a gold energy and smiling.

    Bottom line, she said he was here and wanted more then anything else to “help me” in any way he could. That it took him a while, but he is back to himself, on the other side and has seen things, including life on other planets and how close they are to making contact with beings on earth…as in a “blending of the fields”.
    So,Sunday night, I felt a big “clicking”in place in my brain. He said “adjusting the gears” and showed me shifting gears on a stick shift car… The next day Monday,15th, I was doing a Lisa Renee clearing ( she has been my mentor for years). Boom, all of a sudden, I am downloaded with all of the love in the Universe…and I remembered and FELT, this is how Bob, my beloved Bob Miller, had loved me, at the time…and I,was afraid of that feeling. He was offering this to me again. He also played this old 70’s song in my head, that just broke down any heart barrier to total surrender. For those like Denise,from the 70’s, this is the Tim Buckley song Bob sang to me. It is called “once I was” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDvxQNQhRLU.
    So, Denise this is the story and I would love your help integrating this in the NOW moment….also want to say, I saw him come down my vertical column in a lotus position and enter my energy field. I wonder if this is connected to the Buddha festival of May.
    Denise, I am offering all of my “fragile”love in this moment and thanking you a million fold, for your tireless service for the healing and restoration of humanity.

    • Julie,

      Oh sweetie…that was so perfect and so perfectly beautiful!

      I’m so happy for you to have been able to connect all of these interdimensional energy dots back to your other-dimensional beloved. Many people (now in our current lifetimes I mean) don’t remain in their bodies and live through the Ascension Process as we do but choose, for their own reasons, to exit their bodies and they often assist us from another dimension with our ongoing Ascension Process and our helping Earth and humanity with it too. We have assistants, Guides, loved ones, teachers, ETs, etc. that help us from many different dimensions with our being on Earth now during this incredible time of transformation.

      Pink is not my first choice of colors for TRANSITIONS but I could feel a couple weeks ago this huge Wave of Love coming like a tsunami towards our dimension. I think it’s the Buddha Moon energies of May, plus the Pleiadian transmissions, plus Energy Wave pulses from the Galactic Center, and how they are currently effecting us and our growing High Heart (Unity) Consciousness. Because I felt this coming I changed my theme to the pink colors in hopes that our hearts could house these high and potent Buddha-like energies of Love and Compassion. I’ll soon shift the theme colors to blue once the energies shift again.

      Yes certain of the Starbeings/Ets are very close to being able to much more directly interact with us because WE have Ascended or evolved back up to the frequency ranges (and dimensions) where they’ve always existed all along. 😉 They aren’t coming down to us…we’ve been evolving back up to where they exist and what a Party it’s going to be when this happens fully!

      When we clear out our junk (lower dense stuck emotional energies etc.) we’re then able to safely house within our bodies, brain, hearts and selves MUCH higher, faster frequency Light energies. Once you did this from this dimension, and once your Bob beloved did the same from where he was, then the two of you (and other like-frequency Beings too) could reconnect through your High Heart (Unity) Consciousness. The current massive energies of Compassion and the Buddha energies/Love only add to all of this right now. We are indeed becoming consciously aware of the fact that we are multidimensional beings with multidimensional or quantum Consciousness.

      I’m so happy for you…and expect much more. 🙂


  6. Aloha Denise, I know exactly what you mean. So glad I am not the only one. Sure is strange how you can feel the bliss and the pain at the same time. I take a nap every afternoon from 2-4, I can’t help it, I have to sleep. Looking forward to a new “body”. LOL Thanks for sharing.

  7. Denise, may the first house transit of Neptune bring the spiritual expansion and bliss you seek and earned!

    Your comment has triggered a Neptunian deluge… 😉

    Neptune is finally off of first house Chiron (which starts a fixed Chiron-Moon-Uranus-Neptune Grand Cross — w/ Chiron combust Asc and Uranus combust the Desc), midway through my first house, but it has been an INTENSE and physically/emotionally wracking journey!

    A good part of the journey a natal return Chiron conjoined Neptune, with all sorts of strange physical manifestations these past 10 years:

    ** Toxic building sickness – met perimenopause – met latent inherited psoriasis and allergies, which triggered a MASSIVE psoriasis outbreak. I couldn’t tolerate any environment, hands swollen, face red, turning bright red and swelling if I so much as entered the mall. I lost my hair, my nails, and all physical vanities around my hair and nails.
    — I refused conventional meds and found a homeopathic derm, and non-chemical products (ok, I get the Chiron in Aquarius here). Used homeopathy, body work, and lots of energy work/meditations (to the consternation of many). Hair grew back curly; nails returned to normal.

    ** Psoriasis still malingers on the soles of my feet (um, can we say Neptune?). I’ve gone from essentially crippled to able to negotiate a day’s activities… to a point, feet are often red, cracked, and swollen (angry Neptune?). Going barefoot or wearing sandals or walking in sand are still not options.
    — However, I found a product that patches the lesions and was even able to return to my much-missed bellydance classes (but then my teacher moved away).

    ** Not being able to walk much has led to a significant weight gain (how very Neptunian).
    — Still working on this one.

    ** Just when the overt skin issues calmed (except for the feet) and I looked something like normal, I get vitiligo — pigmentation loss — on my hands, arms, legs. Remember the first version of V, and the unusual pigmentation of the aliens… just some more autoimmune/1st house stuff, or is my alien DNA revealing itself ;-)?
    I must say, it feels like a giant cosmic joke.

    There is so much more during the 10 years of this transit — tremendous loss (sudden, unexpected death of my sister/cosmic mentor)
    but also great gifts of healing, insight, and healing capabilities.

    During all of this I studied pranic healing, theta healing, homeopathy, ayurveda… quit smoking cold turkey… and learned much about patience, kindness, tolerance, perseverance, love, friendship, and gratitude…. and a bit of political activism in there also.
    … thre was job loss/job gain, fiscal and home improvements on a significant level…. oh and a goiter that took the surgeon 4 hours to remove (they played dance music in the OR to honor my request to dance with my autoimmune issues).

    I give great gratitude for the lessons that Neptune and my good pal Chiron have bestowed on me…
    …but I also fully expect and anticipate a miracle… waking up and putting on my shorts and flipflops!

    Thank you for your insights and for the opportunity to share,

    • Eileen,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. I remembered some of them from years ago but my gawd…what Ascension intensity you went through too. I’m expecting some grand things from both Chiron and Neptune now that they’re both in my 1st.


  8. Thanks Denise for this post. Been feeling exhausted too and also get glimpses of the new energy and the sheer beauty of the day (thank God, would go mad if didn’t have that in my life at the moment!).

  9. Hello, everyone,

    Yesterday I was walking home and stopped by a theater to see what was on. Someone approached me with a ticket for a Buddhist thing that was happening right then. I decided to go and it was such a different crowd from the usual here– polite and not pushy and the lady next to me sang to me! There was a group of monks who chanted to start, then a lecture, during which I was vibrating like crazy. It just kept building and I felt like I was going to go into a trance. I was in front of the speakers, but nothing else in the performance had me vibrating like that. It was only after the performance was over (brought to us by the military, which really did a number on my brain!) and they were outside with lanterns that I realized it must be Buddha’s birthday! There was a procession down from the theater to the monastery which I walked with for a little way. A nice little surprise from Buddha, I guess! It was a really nice way to show me that there are good people here. But, like I said before, it does feel different here lately. And the air is crystalline clear too.
    I’m exhausted and doing too much, but have managed to get through the aches pretty well and am very happy!

    Hugs to all,

  10. The past couple of day have been completely exhausting for me. Monday I also slept from 2 in the afternoon till 5:30. (the dog as well) I was not in a blissful mood, I was down right depressed, sad, angry, frustrated, annoyed at everything…you name it. Just wanting to cry and not stop. (and it was not pms) Fun stuff!! It was pouring here, thunder and lightening galore. I also had the worst nausea all evening. But I slept great last night, woke up this morning feeling a thousand times better. Walked outside to a beautiful day, everything looked like it was glittering. Whew!!! What a roller coaster! Going through times like this it is sooooo good to know why. Its interesting you mention the Pleiadian energy..the past couple of days I’ve been wanted to just paint different hues of blue, but mainly a deep lapis colored blue. Makes sense now.

  11. @Cat… you had the happy right-place, right-time dharma of arriving in time for the key Buddhist event of the year, Wesak. It is an extremely intense energy time. You are blessed indeed!
    If you feel an excess of energy, avoid energy congestion by sending out the excess energy in the form of love and white/gold light; projecting love and light to the earth, to friends/family/strangers.

  12. Julie, What a blessed series of events for you! I can sense your joy that connection created and thank you for sharing.

    I was having a very difficult time sleeping Sunday night; a friend in the hospital, a major allergy attack plus the waxing moon had all rendered me jumpy. I was
    in and out of dreams, mostly forgettable and/or frustrating. But the last dream of the morning, shortly after dawn, I am still wearing like a comfy, flannel sweater.

    The first part of this dream was a series of seeming nonsense and efforting with people I did not know or had little connection with. Then the cast and set jumped to a line-up of me and 5 others, who were tossed microphones and told to sing something to the audience.

    Now I can barely carry a tune in a wheel barrow, and would duck, drop and roll under waking circumstances. But the music started and I happily recognized the song. Turning to the person on my left I said, “let’s do our own round of this and make it really fun!”

    In two voices that would bring down the house we serenaded our audience; me and my best friend Robert, who passed away more than three years ago.

    We sang to each other in perfect pitch and utter joy. So lucid a dream I have not had in months. The connection with my beloved friend was as sweet and splendid as anything I’ve experienced in a long time. The words we sang in this dream within a dream, struck me as most apt.

    Morning most definitely has broken…

  13. Thanks to you all for being HERE at this perfect moment in history and that you remember (at least beginning to do so) who you are and why you came. We have all been over achievers and it is through our light that this coming time has been made easier on those only just becoming aware.
    Through all of the ascension symptoms I feel JOY and LOVE and I get Goosebumps often when I consider how much success we have had and are still having in this work that we have chosen.
    Love and hugs to you all – we are a grand team.

  14. Denise (and Cat):

    We had the Dalai Lama here on campus to speak on the 11th of this month–and while he was speaking during the morning session, I could see him totally surrounded (like egg encased surrounded) in pink but each time he would gesture with his right hand, his palm would be glowing emerald green and it would be like he was throwing it out to the audience. Totally awesome experience. And, yes, when the monks chanted to clear the area for his coming about a week before his arrival and again when they had the opening ceremony for the creation of the mandala in honor of his coming, it is just as you described, a tingling at the crown as it opened and then if you aren’t setting down, sometimes it feels like you will be knocked over by the energy.

    And, as he was leaving, I just happened to be at the right place at the right time to see him (only a very small crowd that happened on it) and one of those in the crowd was a couple traveling through the area who had no idea they were staying in the same inn as the Dalai Lama and her husband just happened to be a buddhist! They were thrilled beyond belief.

    Lots of koinky dinks this month/week.

    • Thanks for sharing this with us all theocacao.

      Because of my much beloved past life with the Laughing Buddha – Master Hotei – and an encounter in it with the incoming energies that many years later became the Buddha we’re the most familiar with [see chapter 8], I go all mushy with Love and respect around these monks/masters…in any timeline.

      Obviously there’s been an unusually strong push this year by many around the world and multidimensionally to anchor the Divine Masculine energies of Compassion and Enlightenment in May 2011.


  15. Dear Denise, et. al.,

    Great great post! I could go on and on as well about the pain and cha cha changes but I won’t. Suffice to say, I feel ya sister!

    Today, things are breaking loose in my house like an ice dam going! I have some hope again after several years of not feeling that things would ever change. It is exciting that tomorrow is the beginning of the 3rd day! The resistance is over (today!) and the “sprouting” of the new growth starts!

    So much love to you all… joy through the pain!


  16. Hi Denise…love the post…also agree, that I don’t always get the clearly hearing heads up from higher self about the upcoming energies either, but there are times, that I find myself repeating certain things; pretty much sounding like a crazy woman, that is until I read Lauren (Gorgo’s update, or Lisa Renee’s update) and then finally realize that there is a method to my madness on repeating things…as for the supermarket, I was starting to think I was crazy feeling as wiped out and drained, while feeling high heart bliss at the same time and then I read your post. Who would have known that witnessing and experincing ascension process would be amazing and exhausting at the same time.

    Thank you for the updates that you share.


  17. Hi Denise,

    I just have to add my two cents here, as I also had a breakthrough with negativity the other night. I’ve always been terrified of spiders, well up to about a year ago I was, when I started noticing that not only was I not as jumpy when I did see one, but then the more I didn’t think about being afraid of them, I started seeing less and less of them. But if I was really overtired – you know how you start to see those images behind your eyelids when you just want to shut down and sleep and you mind is going on and on – I used to get a picture of a spider and then I really couldn’t get to sleep, and couldn’t get the image out of my mind’s eye. It was awful. (If you’d seen the huge monsters I saw as a child in Florida – on the ceiling right above my bed – and the nightmares I’d have after that, you’d know why!)

    Well I’ve been utterly exhausted all week, so the other night that started to happed and a spider image came to my minds eye, and I just thought, “oh I am just so sick of this crap, I am NOT afraid of spiders anymore, it’s just not happening!” And didn’t the huge scary spider just back up looking surprised and sat down in a bean bag chair like a person would, and ended up just looking like a Disney character and not scary at all. And I immediately fell sound asleep. Every time I remember this I have to grin – these scary silly things just can’t cut it anymore! Thanks for all you do and have a great weekend all!


  18. Me again! I just had one of those AHA moments after writing about the spider thing. I think the dark must have been after me even as a child, because I remember my mother always saying I was born happy and was always joyful, but I was the only one who ever got these spiders near me, never my brother or sister. What better way to try and tamp down the light of a child than to send spiders her way to bring on fear where there was none?! Hmmmm, life sure is interesting lately with all of these revelations day after day, isn’t it?

    • Katy,

      Me too until, like you, I figured out that what frightened me the most was what was also being sent to me via the negative. We really have reached the point where we have to be conscious of our consciousness. This must happen first so that we really are aware of what we Consciously Create and Co-Create. 😉

      Well done you. 🙂


  19. Thank you Arishantia for sharing the Dalai Lama’s healing chant. I had just pulled this chant up a short while ago when one of my friend’s came into my office (while I was listening to it) to tell me that she was having emergency surgery for uteran cancer. We sat and listened to this together. I can tell you right now that I am once again listening to it once again and my face is flushed with heat–did it earlier when I was listening with her and I can feel the pressure at the heart level. Thank you again for the timely post from both me and my friend.

  20. Thank you for posting the link for this mantra. this is my favorite. I have never heard the Dalai Lama sing it though and it is the most beautiful. It is exactly what my soul needed.

  21. Hi everyone:

    A member of our Energetic Synthesis community (LISA RENEE) group, just made this video of the 12D light shield protection technique Lisa teaches.
    It’s hot off the press, as they say. I notice there is no “sound” yet, I’m sure it will come. I hope you enjoy.

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