Learning To Be More Responsible, Aware & Sovereign Part 1

A month ago I received an interesting email from a reader who will remain anonymous. After reading it I asked her if I could quote it at TRANSITIONS—with everyone’s names changed—so more people could benefit from her important Ascension-related experience and she generously agreed.

I’ve been waiting for the correct time to quote her letter, and due to some other unfolding lessons that happened elsewhere I knew it was time to share it and connect it with this other situation. I am not blaming anyone for anything nor am I wounded by what was said at this other location. (M**** none of this is about you or directed at you!) The reason I’ve brought this up publicly is because people need to understand and be responsible for themselves, their words, thoughts, emotions and actions etc. We all do of course, but in this particular case it’s about how the Dark Ones use and/or try to manipulate certain people to cause more chaos, confusion, separation, emotional pain, distort, distract, and separate the growing Groups of people carrying Light Energies in themselves. For brief periods since my Ascension Process began in 1999, even my Mother has been used, manipulated occasionally by the Dark Ones to get at me. And god knows how many times over the past six or seven years the Dark Ones have tried to get me to write things to discredit and distort what certain other Lightworkers have written.

Hopefully you see how and why the Dark Ones occasionally attack and/or try to manipulate all of us to do damage to our fellow Lightworkers, the growing Groups of people embodying Light, ourselves and our loved ones, and the other folks out there just living the Ascension Process. All of this negative polarized crap is part of living the Ascension Process and learning how to be more conscious, aware, and responsible while simultaneously extricating ourselves from the negative energetic control and mind-job the Dark Ones have had over everyone on Earth. The negativity and dark tactics won’t last much longer, but it is and will do its damnedest to take as many of you down with them as they can. Wake up, take your power through being responsible and sovereign, and don’t let yourself get used or manipulated by the non-physical Dark Ones and the unaware physical humans they use.

Everyone honestly wanting to Ascend/Evolve now must realize that the Dark Ones attack Starseed Lightworkers/Lightworkers/Wayshowers and Indigos. They use and manipulate regular or non-ascending people; they try to manipulate and use those people who are evolving and embodying more and more Light in themselves to break apart the Groups of people embodying Light; and to diminish the progress and energies the Starseed Lightworker teachers make by spreading Light and teaching and so on. In other words, the teachers are not the only ones who come under attack and attempted manipulations by the Dark Ones; each of you do as well and you need to realize this, learn from it, stop projecting on to others while not taking any responsibility for your own actions, words, and part in it even if you were manipulated by the Dark Ones! This is NOT about blame or shame, guilt or weakness or any other such negative crap. It’s about being more aware, learning to take full responsibility, learning to discern your thoughts and emotions from occasional manipulations from the Dark Ones through you to do damage and/or separate fellow Lightworkers, positive Groups, or any other negative stunt they try to pull on all of us. This really has been a war and more of you are discovering this fact in 2011 during the final Ninth Wave phase.

So, here’s the email letter from M**** about her and her fiance’s personal experiences of being attacked and manipulated by the Dark Ones and other lower frequency humans the Dark Ones use and manipulate. The “Command”  M**** mentions is from Lisa Renee’s Nov. 2010 “The Restoration” article.

This is a very important spiritual, energetic, etheric, emotional, physical and psychological lesson about one of the ways the Dark Ones work and how and why they use and attack regular or non-ascending people, Starseed Lightworkers, Lightworkers, Indigos, plus all people living the Ascension Process.

Denise Le Fay

June 4, 2011

“I took your advice and have been saying the Command each evening. Before I go to sleep I wrap myself, my dog, my fiancé and the house in Light. When I’m feeling like the ether is wonky I smudge my house with Copal or sage/sweetgrass.
I can deal with myself being attacked, but when the dark is going after me through ones I love it is really difficult as you know. It is hard for negative people to get to me because I am very careful who I keep company with. I don’t work so I don’t have to deal with anyone I don’t want to. Anyway,  my fiancé is being bombarded lately. Just one thing after the other this week. Petty people pushing dark shit. Thank God my fiancé (Jim) is a sturdy guy, but he’s been pushed towards his limits.
The other night he was working nights and when he came home I felt a strange feeling of vertigo hit me as I was laying in bed, then the nausea hit me really hard, then a feeling of repulsion. It’s extremely rare for me to feel this in waking life. Well, something was attached to Jim. Someone/something sent something like an attack entity to attach to him. (I have no idea how to properly describe this.)  I have never felt this with him ever before. He was fine, said he was just really tired. He came into bed and the heat coming up my body was like I was on fire and I didn’t want him to come near me. Clairvoyantly I saw what was attached to him (it showed itself to me), it reminded me of a weird spider-like thing with lots of long legs, it was huge and nasty!!!  I closed my eyes and with all my might I filled our room with the most brilliant Light. It vaporized the entity, but not easily. It took a lot out of me. The image of it is burned into my mind.
Next day my fiancé gets a call from his terribly abusive psychopathic boss, ripping him to shreds, telling him horrible lies etc. Really really upsetting him, just crazy hurtful things beyond criticism. There are two men who for some reason have it out for him. They’re just really dark horrible people. Totally repulsive. And I knew that it was sent from whatever was animating these guys. I managed to keep Jim from totally falling into a spiral of emotional turmoil. And by the end of the day he was back to himself.
My question is, how in the world do I protect him? How can I better protect my little family (me, Jim & Daisy our dog) from intrusions like this? After all the stuff I do I can’t understand how something like this was able to get into our home. In your book you said there are ways to further shield a home and property. What happened went right along with what you had said about Dark Ones fighting more to hang on, to deter us. What happened really disturbed me. It pissed me off more than it scared me.
I’m sure you get tons of emails and I don’t want to be one of those people that tries to monopolize your time. I haven’t been able to tell anyone about this. It’s so private that I don’t want to post it publicly. But this is a different type of attack than I’m used to. I don’t want any more dark shit like that getting past my threshold. Any advice you have I would be deeply grateful. (On the plus side however….yesterday when we were driving we saw 3 rainbows. 2 of them full arches. So beautiful. I turned to Jim and I said, “See sweetie…that’s the universe telling us everything is going to be alright”.)
Sending you lots of love and tons of gratitude for all that you do to help others.”

[Also see Learning To Be More Responsible, Aware & Sovereign Part 2]   https://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2011/06/07/learning-to-be-more-responsible-aware-sovereign-part-2/

teal purple copyrightCopyright Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS 2011-2012. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and link. https://deniselefay.wordpress.com/  


32 thoughts on “Learning To Be More Responsible, Aware & Sovereign Part 1

  1. Mary,

    I dislike the term “God” or “god” because of the horrific distortions certain religions/religious beliefs have placed upon that word. That word -capitalized or not- literally carries the thought-form created by the patriarchy; a male human image as the creator of all. It’s ridiculous, polarized, and profoundly limiting and that’s why I don’t use that word or capitalize it. The terms I prefer when attempting to refer to this Being/Energy/Awareness or whatever IT is, is Source and/or The All That Is.

    The reason why I capitalize the term Dark Ones is ONLY to get other people to realize how big a role in our lives, our reality they have had. I worded that the way I did because FINALLY they are on their way out of our reality now in 2011.


  2. dear Denise…let me thank you for all the wonderful and useful information you send us, now, I have a question/comment…why is that you refer to God with a small g when should be with a capital G, and you refer to the dark ones with capital D & O when since they are dark and by no means better than God…any particular reason?
    again, many thanks

  3. Thank you so much for posting this Denise! 🙂 I can totally relate to her experience and emotions.Whenever “they” have found a tiny way to “come through” the protection-shields,i also get very angry,i would like to call it Holy Wrath.I have been attacked by the dark ones since i was a child,and i pray for protection of me and my apartment-and my cats each day.Every night i set up protection of archangels around us,and i can see when the angels arrive every time,and That is what makes me handle these “attacks”,because i Know the Light/Love is the strongest power in the universe.
    None in my family is awaken yet,so the dark ones use them all the time to Try to get to me,but i Know this so,i just smile and send them all the light and love i can 🙂
    I had a very “visual” breach in my protection about 2 weeks ago,and it got caught on one of my photos,by the computer,and it “tried” to “look”like one of my cats,but then i saw it floated in mid air and it was horrible when i zoomed in on it,and i got soo angry! angry that it had found a way through,angry that it was trying to pose itself as one of my beloved cats,so i packed my computer with protection symbols and smudged the entire apartment-and sea-salt,and afterwards i took a picture to make sure it was gone,and instead there were a bright violet angel-like being 🙂
    Now is really the time to laugh and trust the happy and joyful and loving thoughts ❤

    Blessings of Love and Light to all of you<3

  4. hi denise,

    nice message I really like it and felt like it was great info to know..

    i was recently visiting my father at the mountains and when i got there i felt this negative vibe around his house … at first i didn’t want to mention anything about it because i didn’t want to scared him plus i was not sure if it was all my tension for the flights and traveling … (he lives in a very beautiful place is not contaminated with technology or stuff like that he lives in the middle of the mountain at 9,842 ft over the sea) …

    anyway after a few hours of my arrival i mention what i felt as i was feeling very uncomfortable so when i finish he told me this story about this man who show up at his door just wanting to hang out with him .. he knew this man but didn’t have a close relationship with him after a few days of this man hanging out with my father …

    my father told me this man spend the entire days speaking badly about other people, my father would be sweeping the floor and he would throw his cigarette ashes in front of him like showing his power like trying to make my father angry, he even put a master lock in to my fathers door just to piss him off… my father had to break the master lock to enter to his own house …. the people from my fathers small town kick him out from a few houses because of his arrogant behavior and strange vibe…

    when he told me that story i told him immediately we need to clean your house asap i’m not sure if this is the reason why i felt this bad energies but we have to do it…. so we did it with some copal and incense also with some burning rosemary i told him to visualize his house in a big bubble of light and say or think a positive affirmation.. while we were doing it …

    next day my father told me: “i don’t know what happened but i finally was able to sleep”…

    so i’m not sure if this was a dark being or just a negative person but i wanted to shared this with you because i felt like this man even i never saw him was a terrible energy or left a terrible energy in my fathers house…

    and the question is: it ok to tell him to keep cleaning his house regularly? just in case…. I also gave him as a gift a big chunk of amethyst for his room to keep the the spiritual energy flowing..

    thank you it was an amazing message ….

  5. Thank you for posting this Denise and to M**** for sharing this.
    I have had many experiences with these dark energies my whole life. I have seen them lurking and possessing family members as a child and other people in my path. I could always see them and know who they were though and they were sometimes very scary and sometimes just ridiculous. But since my pregnancy with my son (who is now four) I have had such a constant bombardment of these beings hanging around and being channeled through mostly my husband, but many others too. I think it is because my son has some big work to do here. It took us so long to “wake up” to this because that is what they want. For us to think “it’s me” and “what’s wrong with me” and not that that darkness is not really us. The more my husband and I have become aware of this, the less they show up. But when we are tired or hungry…watch out! They wait for us to be off guard for sure. Our son is a very evolved being and he can see them and describe what they look like and what they want. Some just want to watch us and some want to totally destroy us and our work here.
    It has taken me a long painful while to realize I am not alone in this. I am not crazy and I am not this dark energy. I came here to bring LIGHT and I know that is a responsibility and that I must stay awake. Thank you, Denise and all of you.

  6. Just curious, I hear alot of this talk of the Dark Ones but not really understanding the definition. What exactly is a Dark One? A non-physical entity? A physical person who is negative? I believe there are people who were meant to be”dark” as part of their soul contract in order to bring other souls to the light. Are these people really “bad”? Not necessarily, they are simply unaware of who they are. I think there is a lot of emphasis on labeling people and things that don’t fit the feeling of good vibes, the light etc. Should we not send them light too? Forgive me if this sounds naive but where does this information come from about the dark ones? I am fully aware of my own “darkness” and usually it is simply my ego trying to defend the false beliefs I have of myself and the encounters with other people that trigger my own insecurities and false beliefs. There are alot of people out there who claim to have the truth and knowledge of ascension etc. but really where do they get this information? I find that simply through personal experience and observing oneself through non judgmental eyes can we see the truth for ourselves. Any thoughts??? Thank you!

  7. Thank you Denise and M***** for sharing this. I hope you don’t mind me posting this content on my page so that more of us can see it.

    I was wondering what I was going to post today and here it is. Thank you again.

    There are more wonderful happening out there for us and this time of cleansing is passing. I have recently had an experience showing our rapidly emerging open ‘Oneness’ There’s no other way to put it.

    I have a light worker friend who lives about 1600 kilometres north of me and another who lives about 4000 kms on the other side of Australia (in their human lives, they don’t know each other) Recently one’s little 3 yrs old started telling a story of animals to his mother and these stories were about the animals that live at the other friends’ place. These animals are on a healing journey with their own Mamma and they work with the little one in “pixieland”.

    I don’t want to turn this into an article on its own, just to show that we have turned the tide. YAHOO. Oneness is becoming the norm at last. (big smile)

    Love and BIG HUGS from LINDA

  8. I can identify with your experience and the message that came with it. And the message who are new on their path with all of this turmoil going on….

  9. Dear Denise,
    Most excellent timing, as always! Just this afternoon I was frazzled because of the incoming darkshit-bombs from various sources. I was thinking that I needed to write to you, tell you what was going on and ask for help! Then the Lisa Renee Command popped into my head and I knew that would be your answer (among other things).

    The short version of the darkshitbombs that are being dropped around here have to do with the Dark Ones using my spouse and a few of his acquaintances to drag at him and me… in other words, it is pretty much the same story you’ve related herein!

    One of the dark-guided ones showed up at my door this afternoon while the spouse was helping another friend (who’s just found out she has to have a mastectomy) deal with some shitbombs in her life. Pounding at my door this dark controlled minion wants to know where my spouse is, why my dogs can’t come out and play with her grandsons, and why I don’t “like” her — all while smelling like a brew-house. sheesh. I sent her on her way with a “we’re not doing this in front of your grandsons.”

    After she left, the email popped in that you had posted a new message. A message that was EXACTLY what I needed when I needed it. I was in mid-meltdown when I started reading it.

    Starting tonight, we will be saying the Command. Perhaps even morning and night.

    They cannot have me! They cannot have my beloved dogs! and they cannot have my beloved husband!

    Recently I have been thinking that the little neighborhood where I live is so tainted with bad things that have happened in this little corner of my town… something bad at every turn… suicide by cop here, child molestation there, meth-making over there… I have wanted to leave this place because of the poisoned atmosphere. Yet next door to me there is a beautiful Indigo who knows and understands. It now occurs to me that the reason I am prevented from leaving is to pin down the light RIGHT HERE with the help of my Indigo neighbor. To bring in the purifying light to heal this little spot of earth that has been so spoiled by so much negativity. I worry that we are not strong enough.

    Heart Hugs and great blessings to you Denise. Thank you for the right message at the right time – again!


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