In December 2010 I clairvoyantly saw a 2011 calendar with each month throughout the year highlighted on the 11th. I’ve also perceived and clairvoyantly seen certain new symbols, numbers, 6D energy blueprints or patterns, and perceived information about these things in new ways; new more compact and simplified yet greatly expanded spherical ways.

What I have not talked about at all so far this year was what I’ve perceived and clairvoyantly seen since January about the month of June 2011. (I’m combining this particular information with this months 6-11-11 article because they’re the same information. However, I’m not saying that this will begin on 6-11-11 because it started when June began, but that this month’s 11-11 portal will help anchor it into this world, dimension, and each of us just as the Solar/Lunar eclipses and the June 21st. summer Solstice are also doing.) What I’ve seen and perceived about June 2011 is that it’s an absolute cut-off point between the old everything and the start of the NEW everything. Since January I’ve seen 2011 in a symbolic circle (like an astrological circle) literally cut in-half at June. This meant that literally everything was going to shift with the start of the month of June 2011. Everything!

(Note: someone who wished to remain anonymous had dreamed that a special “Music Festival” was going to happen from June 14–21st, with the 19th highlighted. This great shift is what your dream was trying to inform you about K**.)

In very simplified terms, we’ve (meaning the Starseed Lightworkers/Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Path Cutters etc.) completed Phase One of the Ascension Process which was the profoundly dense and painful transmuting and polarity integration and polarity resolution phase (1999–2009). We’ve lived through tremendous integrations and changes within our physical bodies and nervous systems, our brain hemispheres, and our different energy bodies which, again in very simplified terms, was the Body and Brain Rewiring Process. We then began incrementally embodying increasing Unity or High Heart Consciousness and coming online at NEW and higher levels of being and awareness (2010–2011). Because of all this, now at this cut-off or transition point in June 2011, we’ve literally entered a new higher spiral within the unfolding Ascension Process individually, collectively, globally, and multidimensionally.

This means that the Lightwork done by the Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers, their soul missions and focus are graduating to a new level; a level of increasing 5D Unity Consciousness and being with new and expanded responsibilities and abilities. It also means that everyone’s entered the last phase/battle with the Dark Ones (the non-human and human) multidimensionally controlling humanity and the planet. For the past eight months I’ve felt like the Cosmic Cavalry has finally arrived! Said another way, I’ve felt for many months that the Dark Ones power and control over everything has greatly diminished, which has felt like I’m finally operating with more fuel in my tank than I’ve ever felt before, and this is just the beginning of this massive improvement.

The symbolic Cosmic Cavalry arriving is not only the Expiration Date finally arriving for all the Dark Ones, but also an influx of increased Source energies which is like oxygen returning after holding one’s breath for a lifetime! The incarnate Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers have worked so hard and long to finally get to this huge transition point, and now that it’s arrived (June 2011) we’ve got to make this incredible shift into the last phase and the fighting/exiting/removal of the Dark Ones. We’ve succeeded in what we set out to do, so now there are going to be many more changes because of it.

Now if the Dark Ones would just bow-out gracefully they’d save us a lot of work! But, like their human controllers in every country on this planet, they’re doing the Gadaffy thing and are hunkered down and dug in, resistant and ready to fight to the bloody end to keep all they’ve stolen from everyone else and not evolve. This isn’t news and many of us have always known that many of them and their human counterparts would simply not change, so, the Cosmic Cavalry has arrived with a Multidimensional Eviction Notice from Source which will greatly help the Starseed Lightworkers in doing what needs to be done during the very short second-half of 2011. And before you think I mean “do” as in sharpen our Light Sabers for polarized battle let me add that the new doing will—as always—be done within ourselves in our High Hearts where we continue overriding these Beings/humans and their plans with our growing Unity Consciousness and Creating/Co-Creating. This is the point where we fix our High Heart gaze on The Goal like never before while the remaining Dark Ones cling tenaciously and fight like crazy to not be evicted. From my perspective this is a done deal already and this completion phase of the Ascension Work is not nearly as challenging, large, or difficult as it may sound at first.

The other day Irv Thomas was impulsed to email me an article that was sent to him from a friend he didn’t even know was interested in metaphysical things. See how we’re all used and manipulated by both the Light and the Dark to either receive more Light/information, connect and network, or, be kept away from the Light/information, separated from it and certain spiritual teachers and so on? Anyway, Irv emailed me this great June 2011 article by a woman named Sandy Stevenson called A New Reality on Earth.  Because it’s rather long I’m only going to add a link to it instead of quoting it entirely here. I’m going to do the same with Lisa Renee’s brilliant June 2011 article entitled Showdown. Thank you Lisa Renee for always bringing the numerous fine details about these important changes.

I’d prefer to quote both of these women’s June articles but it would make this far too long. However, please read both articles because they expand upon what I’ve said has begun in June 2011 and why. This is very important information about a very important current shift/change, and because time is going to compress and accelerate from June on even more than it has already, everyone needs to be willing to make more changes and let go of even more. My gratitude to both Lisa Renee and Sandy Stevenson for their helpful articles about this massive June 2011 shift.

Denise Le Fay

June 11, 2011

Lisa Renee’s June 2011 article:


 Sandy Stevenson’s June 2011 articles:




13 thoughts on “6-11-11

  1. Brilliant work! I usually just lurk and read the posts, but I felt “compelled” to say you’ve been doing awesome! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  2. Denise,
    Thank You for the link to Sandy Stevenson’s article! I have never come across her info before and really resonated with what she had to say! Also, Thank You again for this blog space that you maintain and all the updates that you are providing!

  3. funny coincidence…the music fest… l m going to attend a music fest on 19 june ,bands that ve supported me with their music all these lonely years ( even one l ve dreamed to see live for 22 years ) …l have a feeling that it ll be my turning point in this wretched life , down or up lm not sure because lm so used to get sabotaged when few opportunities come up….
    anyway physically it s getting denser … even though l cant see dark is withdrawing from where l am , l m holding to your words about it 🙂
    thanks for this little place helping me breathe 😀

  4. Thanks Denise. These are both excellent resources for understanding what is happening at this critical transition point, and your observations are right on the money as well. As a gridworker, all this has helped me immeasurably in understanding the work I am doing and why I have been led to do such deeper inner work, esp. ego clearing. For those who think ascension is something that will just “happen” I would say, “as within, so without, as above, so below.” Our inner landscape is creating the outward manifesting world.

  5. if our inner landscape is creating the outward manifesting world , it means l have not the least effect on this world just like a ghost ..( lm not a healer or therapist etc . lm just an alien soul in a human body whose only wish is to go home . things l see or hear comes on their own will without my control over them . whenever l try to concentrate and work consciously a kind of mechanism pushes me back twofold and l fall lower than before. one step ahead then two steps back as they say here ) till 3 or 4 years ago it was so easy for me to keep calm , even cold blooded to make some people sick and positive even after a huge eartquake disaster with more than 30 000 death toll .but my inner positivity made no difference and l was taken down 2 years later by dark designs into a pit of hell. anyway no matter what l am inside ,people are still blind here and the more they fear the more they cling to their bigot beliefs. something l never wished and will wish to see

  6. Today I have recently realized that I have been projecting one sense of self while my reality was another, what a pill to swallow. Though I have known for awhile I chose out of thought safety to be two selves because of dark entities, it became common thought and forgotten until my husband said to me that I was exactly the same as I am today as I was before my breakdown or awakening in 2003. I was the same person. He continued to say that once I came back from remembering my trauma and was able to function like before, he never looked at me differently; I did. I thought he wanted me to be the person I thought I was but in reality there was no such person. I pretended to be fine, of the world, hip, liked, and out there when in reality I was lost in that realm from the beginning. What a pill to swallow. I am me, have been me, even through everything horrible from getting my head crushed to sitting here accepting that I’m just me…forgetful, knowledgeable, apart of Love, healing, working toward shedding ego-fear-mistrust (all this heavy front of head hurting, shoulder aching pain). Its okay and in Love, Divinity, Creation, My Husband, Myself, Light, the Universes; I am who I am and that has not changed, what has changed is my ability to accept and recognize that my ego, selfishness, greedy, bitch-like, repetitive learned behavior has gotten me nowhere. That is the part of me that the dark ones fed off of, took from, stole from and tried to extinguish but could not. I am grateful that on this day I have heard that I’ve been faking a false thought of me and though my thoughts of Love, Life, Creation are correct…they cannot flourish if I continue to falsely see myself. Thank you Denise and your other authors for triple confirmation that my message that has been coming and arrived today is accurate and necessary. Much gratitude and Love.



  7. dearest vervain, enjoy your music fest. it sounds wonderful, like a healing change for you. i hope it will mark a shift, a lightening in your work.

    i understand that you are healing something planetary that has nothing to do with your ego. these horrible lightwork missions have, in fact, just happened to us. we can say our souls chose them, but clearly they had no idea or care for how it would affect a living, breathing, in-the-flesh human being. you are not alone in experiencing this kind of unendurable suffering to help heal the planet, only to hear those dreaded words once again, that it is your thoughts or your ego creating it.

    lisa renee’s sessions make this clear. we are doing important work, and some of us carry huge pieces of healing this planet and the entire universe. and it HURTS in ways we could never have imagined. and it goes on and on and on. and our fellow lightworkers stab us in the heart when they say that our thoughts are creating our reality. there is no manifesting during ascension initiations, tests, and planetary and universal service.

    with all due love and respect, a person who is experiencing something just can’t assume that what feels so true for you applies to everyone. even if you’ve paid your dues too and haven’t had an easy path, and it seems that by now all the hard planetary service work must be over. denise’s powerful post about june suggests it too…but even if the work shifts, and certain elements of the dark have been eliminated, july won’t place us in the Golden Age. there’s still plenty left to do, including the light/dark beings of religion, who think they are light but behave in very dark ways to maintain the control they have over people.

    still, any improvement is welcome…and i do feel things lightening some…for some of us, though, even when it’s over we’ll need some major Divine assistance recovering from what we’ve been through.

    to end on a more positive note, it does help to imagine the brightest, most amazing future life possible, and to envision all that we want for this new world, a world without suffering, a heavenly earth realm. this is how we create beautiful timelines for when our work is over, and override the dark timelines that the controllers want to fear us into believing. we must believe in a bright future while acknowledging the work that is still being done to help ensure that this will be our future world, one which we can help cocreate now.

    much love to all

  8. Sandy Stevenson’s work does not even come close to resonating at the same level as Lisa Renee’s or yours Denise. It doesn’t feel wrong, exactly. But the speaking commands? It felt like spellwork or… I really thought we were far beyond that. Or is this just another example for teaching discernment and stairsteps?

    This in particular of Lisa Renee’s struck a cord/chord with me. “Until the psycho-emotional integration transpires and we are not energetically vampiric to others, we are being limited in access to the higher field at this time.” Exactly. It’s like practicing a musical instrument, and I am not yet ready for the stage.

    Are we in the 4th day of the 9th wave yet? Because stuff starting kicking butt in a good way again around Thursday.

    • nadeanna,

      Lisa Renee’s accuracy, clarity, and amazing detail is rare and unique in my opinion. There is no one like her that I’m aware of. Sandy Stevenson I don’t know well but because she was saying – in her way – the same general things that Lisa was I wanted to connect both articles. I don’t sense that Sandy’s “Decree’s” were “spellwork” at all, but I don’t need to say them myself as I know many readers don’t either. As a Starseed Lightworker every heartbeat I have are these types of “Decree’s”; I can’t be any other way. But her information was/is helpful to others too and that’s what really matters, especially now with things shifting and accelerating again. Yes, stair steps. 🙂 My point in sharing both of these woman’s June articles was because they matched what I’d been perceiving about June 2011 being a MEGA shift point for everyone, but much more so for some of us right now. Stair steps with this aspect too.

      Night 3 runs from June 7-June 24 with the Midpoint on June 15-16th. Day 4 starts on June 25-July 12 with the Midpoint on July 3-4.


  9. thanks Arishantia for your understanding and support ,things l ve hardly had 😀
    of course lm not expecting a Golden Age in one day , from a fairy wand, or someone to rescue me and carry on his/her back …. l ve never been that ultra optimistic myself ; what l expect is only a sign , a spark to motivate me …. something solid that cant be denied or sabotaged again…
    l have no therapists, shamans, teachers etc nor money to afford them ..lm groping my way in a dark forest by myself and l cant see enough light neither for me nor for passing on to people around …. anyway, enough complaining….
    l hope l wont be forgotten and left behind when IT happens
    love to everyone here

    my last sentence can be misunderstood … i mean not forgotten by the universe and love in it ,not to get left behind those marching with their own effort to enlightenment ….didnt mean being rescued as l said before..thinking in one language and speaking in another makes you misunderstood easily

  10. Thank you Arishantia for expressing what some of us feel and are still going thru. For some, it has been and is a very, very brutal process that, as you say, goes on and on and on. The “tools”, whatever they may be, have minimal, if any, effect for us. And believe me, we have tried them all. What may work for some, may not for others.

    Some of us have never had any personal confirmation or validation of our purpose…never! No inner knowing, no intuitive flashes…nothing…nothing! We have been blindfolded from the start and the blindfold is still firmly in place. No “insights,” spiritual experiences or messages; no glimpses or even whispers of a heart opening with love.

    So yes, it gets frustrating to see others say we are creating our reality. God knows we have tried to hold our head up and be positive but the pain just can overwhelm it all. And it can be relentless….just relentless. Please don’t assume we are “not doing it right.” We know all about dark energy….lordy do we ever!

    I have a friend who cannot remember what it is to have a day without crying her pain out. And I just finished listening to her talk thru her tears and pain.

    I may be all wrong…and I freely admit to knowing nothing….but for some of us it seems to be more than dealing with our ego or positive thinking. I sure hope so.


  11. I agree and feel the same way so much of the time. The past few weeks have been hellish for me. Physically & emotionally. Between having horrid chest pains that have brought me to the ER (everything looking normal after a slew of tests) Then having more chest pains, horrible dreams again right before 6-11. Now i have Shingles on my shoulder…more pain. Everything hurts. And i’m only 38 years old. I hear you..it seems like it never ends sometimes. The greatest and most important thing though that has helped me is knowing now (after going through this alone for so long) that I am not alone in this. I have finally found others out there going through this sometimes horrendous process and there is some one like Denise to help guide us a bit. I am so grateful to have found you Denise and all of you out there.

    Hang in there everyone! Sending love to you all.

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