Today’s the 7-11-11 portal but prior to the massive and intense June (6) transition, I couldn’t clearly perceive what it might hold for all of us. After June 2011 I didn’t care much either for a bit as I was so wiped-out by those energies, eclipses, and another Cardinal square! But, as usual, we survive and make the necessary transitions up a few more energy stair steps to our current new level.

Over the past week or so there’s been plenty happening in the Comments in my past two or three articles; Remember Volunteering For This? and Entering The Second-Half Of The Ninth Wave. If you haven’t read them I would suggest you do as they’re indicating what the 7-11-11 portal is about. I’m not going to say much more about this but will add a beautiful image an unknown artist created to explain about the energies of 7-11-11 and beyond.

Isn’t it interesting too how the latest popular hand gesture is people making the image of a Heart?     Come on Unity, High Heart Consciousness and all the fifth dimensional NEW that it will automatically create!

Denise Le Fay

July 11, 2011


6 thoughts on “7-11-11

  1. Hi there I am weary late 40’s warrior, I am noticing a lot of empty feeling souls in my town, and my soul cries out for connection to soul full people, am suddenly listening to a lot of gospel music, am loving but am fed up with shallow careless folks, feel I am supposed to be in their midst as much as possible, sheesh am I tired, and feeling I have failed and am not needed here, but that is prob. a bit of the dark talking to my tired parts! anyhoo, I guess this is the thrashing through the wilderness part, that my iron will and strong body was given for, I can hardly think straight and hope its a transition, or the intense energy shifts lately, I think I finally got rid of a tag along nasty, that may be the tiredness as my body adjusts, anyways Hello all! I am totally with you! this is incredible, I feel about 5 years old! Bye now, peaceful travels. Lisa

  2. LISA, I’m with you. I’m a 1946 tired and weary “early arrival”. And lately I feel like I”m just plain lost. Can’t find my center, have a hard time meditating, can’t make contact with any being outside of my immediate environment (meaning my guides and angels are vacationing in the south of France at the moment). I’m miserable, cranky, pushing back hard at everything, not coping well, and I just want to stop this merry-go-round and run as fast as I can to a nice safe little corner somewhere. But when I stop and breathe, I know I need to be here for a while longer, so I dig in my heels and reach back out to those around me and try to be as calm and centered as possible in public. It not only helps ME, but it helps them. We’re all here for this rapidly-evolving endgame, and the more light we can hold, the better off the world will be. – Hang tough, kiddo. You’re “almost home” ❤

  3. Love to All..

    High Hearts and moving right along with vertigo holding on to the walls but it surely is getting much better i do say…

    Denise have you read Lisa Renee’s latest article where she says we have to change the way we have looked at the moon, says it is a Craft stolen from war basically used as a Reptilian and Grey Alien base to install mind controls….I sure would love to hear your words on this Denise when you get some time as this has just baffled the hell out of me…


  4. Lisa and Jane, I hear you! I’m 47, feeling achy everyday, worthless, can’t sleep, meditate, don’t care about anything and want more then anything to run away. I’m really breaking down, feeling like a failure, I’m lost, can’t connect with the angels right now, and can’t handle the energy pouring in. I hate sounding this way as I’ve always been so positive, but I’m not there right now. Had to walk away from my brother and a few old friends who’s energy no longer resonated with me…it was very toxic. I can’t handle my job anymore because everyone seems crazy, and I can’t think straight…I’m so worn out…
    How DO we hold on, folks? I read about this Elenin comet, increasing earth activity, and solar flars, and things sound grim. It’s hard to be faithful in such a situation. I don’t have a disaster kit, nor money to buy one, and I don’t feel prepared for anything. Fear has taken over and I’m working so hard to counteract it. Where do we go from here?

    I love you all…thank you for this safe place to unload!


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