We’ve reached the dramatic 8-11-11 portal of August 2011 and I sense it’s going to be a reality changing doozy; an externally messy, intense, frightening to many people, further money and patriarchy disintegrating type of doozy. Why? Because it’s an 8 but also because there’s so many other energies at play at the same time.

  • Aug. 9th Mars joined the Cardinal Grand Square planets and fired it off, again. Mars in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Libra. Mars reached exact square to Uranus. Yikes!
  • Aug. 9th an X7-class solar flare happened that the solar scientist’s predict will physically arrive on Earth on 8-11-11. Sensitive folks felt it when it happened in the Now quantum moment.
  • Aug. 10th Mars in Cancer reaches exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Super-duper yikes!
  • Aug. 12th is Magnetic peak
  • Aug. 13th is Full Moon in Aquarius
  • It’s Day Five and will soon be Night Five

The number 8 has to do with money, power, sacrifice, potential, success and authority. 11-11 is an energetic portal into a higher state of being and consciousness, but to pass through it one must let go of even more within themselves and more of their old belief systems. In this months case this initiatic letting go of is connected to old lower patriarchal things connected with number 8—primarily money, money systems, beliefs about money, power, safety, security, survival etc.

Passing through 2011’s monthly 11-11 portals is an unfolding process of us moving up Energy Stair Steps towards the grand finale threesome—towards completely exiting duality (polarized) and entering triality (unified) through the very important 11-11-11 portal of November 11, 2011. However, before that we’ve got August’s 8-11-11 portal to pass through and because all of these energy tools work together, the 8 energy of August coincides with the Mayan calendar Day Five (July 31–Aug. 17) and Night Five (Aug. 18–Sept. 4) which is about the further disintegration of the patriarchy, its global power, control, money and its global monetary systems. This phase will require all of us to maintain and function from our higher level of awareness and not vibrationally fall back down into the global fear, panic and anger that the unaware masses are and will continue producing as the negative patriarchal reality crumbles. We know why this is happening now but they do not so here comes more of that ascension-related responsibility I mentioned a couple of months ago.

There’s been talk for years by some (guess who they are?) about how the global money is going to be redistributed so everyone has their fair share. I’ve never believed that one for a second because the Ascension/Evolution Process isn’t about money or having more money or about everyone everywhere having more money or equal amounts of money. It’s about our evolving beyond money consciousness. Unity Consciousness or High Heart Consciousness doesn’t need money or any other type of external tool to buy or sell what one needs or desires. We’ll quickly evolve so far beyond this type of old lower consciousness and way of living and being that money won’t even exist in our memories soon. Neither will war, murder, greed, fear, hate and all the other horrific “normal” distortions of the old negative world. But until then, the old lower patriarchal/Dark Ones world reality will deteriorate very quickly now that we’re in the second half of 2011.

I want you to be aware that this accelerated disintegration of the lower patriarchal world is normal for what’s happening via the Ascension Process and completion of the Mayan calendar—aka the approaching Expiration Date. Don’t let the fears around you pull you down energetically or emotionally. Don’t emotionally buy into the fears from the unaware masses, the anger, panic and violence over the greedy, insane, destructive actions of the world governments and leaders. I know that’s a lot to ask of us, yet this is us Mastering the art of remaining in the Eye of the Storm and maintaining our higher frequency energies and consciousness and not “falling” or getting pulled or sucked or manipulated back down into the chaotic outer storm. Keep your High Heart focus on the Ascension goal because it’s literally moments away at this point.

Let the old lower frequency 3D consciousness and energies of number 8 do what they’re doing while you stay out of the insanity and negativity as best you can. Live with family or friends if needed so everyone can combine their money and resources to get through these last few volatile months leading up to the Expiration Date of Oct. 28, 2011, and the final separation date of 11-11-11. Be aware, be wise, be safe and just stay out of the physical insanity and negativity as much as you can while maintaining the higher frequency in you and your space with family/friends/loved ones as you transition through the 8-11-11 portal. Keep your focus on the amazingly wonderful NEW world and reality that we’re soon going to find ourselves in. No money needed to live there!


August 10, 2011

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  1. Hi Denise,

    Thanks for putting this post up in time for my morning here in Australia. I woke up bright and early with an inner feeling that I should get everything done quickly today so that I can come home to my safe space. So my team and inner guidance are on the alert I think.

    Yesterday was huge for me as well and at no time did I feel that the regular humans had any love or respect for me. It was good to get home. I just kept clearing my fields, sitting and bringing my self back into balance, it was a constant and necessary thing yesterday where generally I am in the flow quite naturally.

    Is this where you get to say, ‘This too shall pass’?!?!?! I look forward to our wonderful results from all of this seemingly hard work and am experiencing a lot of this new world right now. Great experiences that really do overpower the memory of the grotty days of the past.

    Sending you all love and hugs from Authentic Linda

  2. Denise, you are so beautifully right on! The eye of the storm indeed, and for Starseeds and Lightworkers we need to stay very calm, neutral, and observant. In my case, I’ll be dealing with people who will lose all that they have worked so hard to obtain monetarily. This will mean real nastiness and it is now up to me to listen and not let my buttons be pushed. The saying, “Silence is golden” may be the answer and I am reminded also of Shakespeare’s, “All the world’s a stage…” On the other hand, I am truly excited that finally, finally, the butterfly is about to be set free. Hang on tight and love to All.

  3. Hi Denise,
    I pretty much agree with what you are saying in relation to ascension. However, in terms of the redistribution of wealth, I think this will happen, and it is only a intermediary step to moving out of the whole money consciousness. This is a process, and I don’t think we will magically find ourselves one day in the Higher Dimensional Realms. As we are ascending with our physical bodies, the physical body has to catch up which is why we experience all these symptoms with each move up energetically. The same type of thing will happen in relation to money – our consciousness has to change in how we perceive these things, and this is a process. So, it may not play out the same way for everyone as we are all at different places on our path of ascension. Anyhow, this is my perspective. I honor the work you are doing, and I like reading your posts. Blessings, Love and Light,

  4. Hi Denise,

    There is a degree if reassurance from reading this post, albeit on a personal level I’m finding that as this year and my overall ascension process progresses etc, that I’m becoming actively more despondent at times. Yet it’s not really anything that I can with any degree of assurance put my finger on etc, it’s more like a sense of overwhelming fatigue and even hurt at times.

    Such that many times whilst in the depths of my own personal fatigue e.g. the last few days where I’ve been wiped out completely and where my body has been consumed by lactic acid amongst other things. I must admit that I do with ever increasing frequency find myself trying to connect with my own universal light beings and therein asking them to come down and get me as a matter of priority. Its kind of like I’m saying; “hey guys I’ve had enough now perhaps you were right, indeed I wasn’t up to the job as you so rightly suggested, so please come and get me, I’ve done all that I can do and I’m worn out and I really want to come home now and simply rest”.

    It’s not like the medical world would cite i.e. “O yes you’re clearly suffering from depression, psychosis or any one of a hundred medical clap trap yatter, yatter, yatter conditions.” – no it’s different, it’s more like; “phew, beem my up Scotty” if you get my drift.

    I think the difficulty for me now having been on this journey for 40+ years is that this process simply feels as if it is and has been endless and whilst I can see the world changing and those changes unfolding all around me almost daily now. I do however still continue to feel as if I’m personally in some sort of wacky isolation ward or indeed a lunatic asylum where actually I’m very sane and yet where my sense of progression is simply beyond my fragile mortality. A ward where my pain seems to of a special origin in fact a pain designed especially for me and yet throughout that pain I’m compelled to live life like any other mortal. Which I guess is really the child in me saying; “boo hoo this isn’t fair, it’s time for all this to stop now” at which point one could be forgiven I guess for laughing out loud, if indeed there was really anything to laugh about, blimey listen to me blithering on about poor old me ha ha 🙂

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not looking for any; “good old boy back-slapping etc,” or indeed any sympathy at all, I guess my point is and in relation to your delivery; “don’t allow yourself to be dragged back down into all the negativity”.

    It’s hard work at times staying above the “shit storm waves” especially when one is locked far to often in a pain wracked body when all you’ve got is your insight, tenacity and some healing crystals such as Moldavite, Azeztulite and Danburite (all from my planet ha ha) as companies on what is an extremely arduous and absolute grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr of a journey and process 🙂

    All I can say is; good job we only have to do this once, blimey I couldn’t be on with doing this all over again ha ha, nevertheless many thanks for this your recent post, as ever, certainly thought provoking.

    NB I would urge anyone struggling with their own ascension process right now to explore the properties of the crystals I referred to above; I sort out their help and support many years ago now and find them extremely potent in their own right and even more so when used in combination with other healing crystals.

  5. Denise,

    Your last two posts have been immensely helpful to me. I am now able to observe what is going on in the world with detachment. For me, this is quite amazing. I’m also seeing my personal problems or tribulations as something to transmute, not just for my own benefit, but to benefit of the environment at large — does that make any sense? Anyway, thanks to you and to everyone who posts here, I love you all.


    • “I’m also seeing my personal problems or tribulations as something to transmute, not just for my own benefit, but to benefit of the environment at large — does that make any sense?”


      🙂 Well done you! THAT is the ONLY way we can, individually, help the masses, the planet, raise the overall vibration and consciousness on planet Earth; by working on our self.

      When each of us does the Inner Spiritual Work on ourselves for ourselves, we automatically pave the way (“Path Pavers”, “Wayshowers” etc.) for any people to also start their personal Inner Spiritual Work on themselves. We’ve made their work a little bit easier, a little bit faster because we’ve literally cleared an energetic Pathway for all others to more easily travel. This is that old line of, “Heal thyself physician.”

      I totally understand what you’re saying about now perceiving your “personal problems or tribulations” from a HIGHER perspective. Again, well done you! As the ego is transmuted like this, we eventually start perceiving our struggles, pains, problems etc. – in relation to the Ascension Process – as yet another way to transmute and clear and become a little more free each time. We start viewing these things like having to brush our teeth, take a shower, eat some food etc.; they just become another energy to transmute and yeah, it may hurt or be uncomfortable some more for a while but at this point within the Process, it just doesn’t matter like it used to.

      Thank you and keep up the great Work because we all benefit from it.
      ♥ Hugs,

  6. Denise,

    Sorry, I guess I am a little confused about the Day/Night changes. I thought we were in the 18 day cycles and not the 20 day cycle. That would make Night 5 starting on the 9th (which was when the solar flare happened. I’ve been “out” on the question of whether we were in 18 or 20 day cycles with evidence for both, but the flare seems to seal it for me. A major X-flare at the beginning of Night Five (Destruction)? It just seems clear to me.

    I love love love your notion of staying in the Eye of the Storm. Hard to do, but really necessary. We do have to keep remembering that “they” feed on our anguish. If you can manage to move with the eye of the storm you can stay safe until the storm blows itself out.

    For me and mine, today has been a “good” start to passing through this particular 11-11 portal. My husband has just been taken off all antibiotics and doesn’t have to do hyperbaric treatments for his foot wound. I am not sure how to interpret something so good happening on such a day, but I am taking it!

    Just trying to stay centered during the storm has been hard and we just have to maintain it!



  7. Denise, thank you for your update. I do have a question though…not a challenge, but interested to know what others think. You said:

    “…the Ascension/Evolution Process isn’t about money or having more money or about everyone everywhere having more money or equal amounts of money. It’s about our evolving beyond money consciousness. Unity Consciousness or High Heart Consciousness doesn’t need money or any other type of external tool to buy or sell what one needs or desires. We’ll quickly evolve so far beyond this type of old lower consciousness and way of living and being that money won’t even exist in our memories soon.”

    While I would love to live in a society where money and the need to earn it did not exist — so we could pay for food, shelter, clothing, and all other necessities & niceties — without money as the motivating factor, WHO is going to provide all those services and make all the products we all need and want? Think about it…if it weren’t for us getting a paycheck, many/most of us would not perform the jobs we have. And not everyone in the New Age can “follow their bliss” and do exactly the work they envision. Someone has to do manufacturing jobs, dangerous jobs, dirty, disgusting jobs, and tedious, grinding jobs. If our needs were all satisfied and we didn’t need to earn money to obtain them, WHO would do this work? WHAT then becomes the motivating factor to workers?

    And if no one does this work, how do we all get the products & services we need? It all can’t be automated/robotized in an instant…so how do others envision this shift actually working out?

    In expectant curiosity!

    • Linda,

      In the old lower polarized 3D world every word you said was/is true. After the energetic split from this negative 3D world we all incarnated into at the Expiration Date (the end of the Mayan calendar Oct. 28, 2011 and the final transition through the 11-11-11 portal of Nov. 11, 2011), the people who are ascending/evolving will move into an expanded level of awareness/consciousness. You must have heard the term Conscious Creating and Conscious Co-Creating over the past few years. If so, what do you think that term means? What do you think it indicates? What do you think the Ascension Process has been for? So we can make better machines? To continue the horrible grind in a totally materialistic world?

      The people who have gravitated towards the Light are and will be quickly evolving into a totally new level of consciousness and being and it will have very little in common with the old world we all incarnated into! When consciousness evolves, external reality automatically reflects it.

      If a person has no memories of existence in higher dimensions; if a person hasn’t experienced an expanded or altered state of consciousness naturally, then it is profoundly difficult for them to even imagine the grand possibilities, complexities and probabilities that exist multidimensionally. I can talk about these things for endless pages, but, unless you and your consciousness and imagination stretch out beyond the tiny old lower 3D reality box, it’s going to be that much more difficult to make the massive shifts in reality that are coming soon. I would suggest you allow your Heart to do more perceiving than your familiar old left brained thinking intellect. Just experiment with this and let go of

      I hope this helps you in some way,

  8. Denise,thank you for the piece you responded to. There are days I feel happy,sad,confused, depressed,
    alone,wondering if this pain in my Heart and Soul will ever end.
    And there are days like today that I feel at peace, something I haven’t known for a long time…
    and days recently that I find I am beginning to co-create again.
    Connecting to others that speak the same language which takes the angst out of my Soul.
    The only constant for me is I trust my Core/Higher Self Always…
    I am not afraid, nothing could be as frightening as what I have lived through the last 3 years.
    And you were there, that in it self is a blessing.
    I don’t know what the 5th dimenson will look and feel like but I know everything I love and I expect to see it.
    I have seen all the ugliness and pain I ever want to see. I have stayed in my truth and know I am Authentic,
    I feel like I have already walked through the door.
    Thank you for the time you take to constantly reassure all of us.

  9. Ok, got it! I see where my thinking is still greatly limited. And it is because I do not have any conscious memories of higher dimensions, nor have had experiences of expanded states of consciousness. Though I’m making an effort, and progress, in purifying myself, and getting quiet and connecting to my inner guidance/higher self, I see I still have much work to do.

    Thank you for this response which helps to catalyze things for me.

  10. Denise, you just keep on keeping on girl. Tia Ann Retez Psychic Counselor.There is a lot to work to be done.There are a lot of children and too few adults.Keep on giving energy and taking it in and if you ever want to talk to me call 231-796-1662. Love you sister. Love and light from another sister.See you on the big job sister.

  11. Just a little note for Linda; Whatever our hearts and minds in unity with our higher consciousness can envision, we will be able to create. It’s not a process that involves machines or manual labor. For example if I wanted to have blue hair and a shimmering gown that looked like spun gold, my heart and mind would work simultaneously to create it, and voila, I would have it. I don’t have all of the words to express how this is done, but just know inside this is so. Set your imagination free and envision without limitations.

    • Dances,

      Thanks for sharing this. I almost posted it yesterday when I discovered it because a CME conjuncting Venus seems extra meaningful.

      Thanks again Dances,

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