The Separation of Worlds: Leaving People Behind

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I knew talking about the upcoming Separation of Worlds would cause some people to worry and wonder. I’ve had a few Comments from readers questioning the possibility of leaving loved ones behind due to the very near Expiration Date—the completion of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011, in combination with November’s 11-11-11 cutoff point. (I’ll talk more about the Separation of Worlds in coming articles.)

One consolation to the fact that many millions or possibly billions of people haven’t and won’t be utilizing the Cosmic, Galactic and Solar energies flooding the planet to ascend/evolve out of lower frequency duality and polarized consciousness and materialism now, is that as you continue ascending/evolving you’ll increasingly know more about complex energies and different evolutionary levels, phases, timelines, worlds and consciousness, soul development and focus, multidimensionality and soul decisions made by yourself and other people. As you continue this incredibly compressed ascension/evolutionary process, you’ll increasingly find yourself perceiving from an elevated and expanded point of view, which is High Heart or Unity Consciousness. Because of this, you more easily know why a soul is ready to ascend/evolve now and why another soul is not. You will know this and more and know that every level and phase is perfect in every way. From the level of  High Heart-based Consciousness, there is no lower egoic judgement, fear, sadness, sense of loss or false perception of so-called “failure”. There is only expanded knowing that comes from and thru ones ascended HighHeart space of perception, plus a much easier ability to let go of and allow all others to continue learning and creating at whatever level and location that’s a perfect frequency match for them currently.

When our lower frequency ego self is thinking about the possibility of a loved one, our children, a family member or members, a husband or wife or friend not making the current Ascension train soon leaving the station and the subsequent Separation of Worlds, it causes lower ego-based worry, fear, emotional pain and a sense of loss and panicked need to help, heal, or to “save” them or possibly even guilt. Because of the Law of Freewill that exists in this neck of the Universal woods, we cannot interfere with or “heal” anyone’s spiritual growth process for any reason without serious consequences to ourselves. The timing of unfolding spiritual processes is not up to us—it’s up to each individual in their own time, not ours.

This is why people here now to help others with the Ascension/Evolutionary Process are often called Wayshowers. They literally reveal The Way while living it themselves with the intention that their actions and words and direct Forerunning ignite more people to move from existing within the lowest three chakras, up into the Light and consciousness of the HighHeart.

I know how harsh and heartless this Separation of Worlds reality and process may sound to some people, but until you’ve perceived from a higher level of awareness it is hard to understand that divine perfection exists in absolutely every choice every soul makes. Believe me when I tell you that some other soul or group of souls thought and felt the same way about you at some previous ascension/evolutionary point! And look where you are now.


What is required to ascend/evolve, transition, make the Shift now? That you embody and maintain a specific frequency of Light Energy. What is that? It’s what I’ve been calling HighHeart Consciousness and what others call Unity Consciousness. This is easier than it may sound so relax.

I just heard comedian Jeff Foxworthy doing some of his famous “…then you might be a Redneck…”  jokes in my head!

If you honestly feel for other people from a higher frequency than your egoic level, then you might be Ascending!  See what I mean?


If you honestly care about humans, animals, Earth and all lifeforms, this indicates you are ascending/evolving and will make the Shift to the NEW Earth world that’s a frequency match to you and you to it. Many of us have been living for many years already in our higher vibrating homes waiting and waiting until the external world finally energetically matches us and the inside of our homes, at least to some degree. The Expiration Date—the 11-11-11 portal first, then 12-21-12—indicate the energetic Separation of Worlds will begin for everyone.

If you’re aware that other people and issues exist besides your ego, left-brain intellect and lower materialistic wants and desires, then you’ve got a great start on embodying increasing amounts of HighHeart (5D Heart focused) Consciousness and are already energetically living the Ascension Shift before the Expiration Date. And it doesn’t matter how much a person knows, how wise they are or aren’t, how many years they spent studying something, how spiritual they are or aren’t. What’s energetically required is the ability to FEEL and PERCEIVE from the unified HighHeart instead of the lower frequency 3D ego self and limited left-brain patriarchal intellect. When a person is capable of that they automatically find themselves in the Earth world that’s ascending/evolving and not in the old lower one that’s descending into even greater density and negativity. That’s how little is actually required to ascend/evolve now.

Once again there is zero judgement about any of this. A person is either ready to ascend/evolve out of duality, ego-based and materialistic consciousness at the completion of these Great Evolutionary Cycles or they aren’t. If they’re not ready to graduate to the next level of ongoing learning, then they’ll remain on a world within a dimension that’s a vibratory match to their current level of development and focus until they are ready to graduate. That may take another 26,000 yearlong cycle, another 225-250 million-year cycle or more, or it could take fifteen seconds. It is vastly easier to take advantage of the currently available cyclical ascension and completion energies pulsed out from Source and the center of the galaxy and elsewhere to ascend/evolve/graduate to the next level and dimension. Freewill for all with zero judgement for whatever choice is made now. It is perfect no matter what so be in HighHeart knowing joy and respect for All.


August 30, 2011

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121 thoughts on “The Separation of Worlds: Leaving People Behind

  1. This answered many of my questions thank you, and though I am ready for anything I wonder what your thoughts are on young children. I have 2 little ones and the thought of leaving them behind is disheartening. The young children under 5 I would say still have opportunity to learn most everything from their primary caregiver and since that’s me and if I were to ascend should the probability that they will join me be quite likely? Thanks again.

    • Radelle,

      Have you head or read anything about the Indigo children incarnating in massive numbers (many coming in doubles as twins)? These Indigos are what I’ve called the NEW Root Race for the Ascending/Ascended world. These Indigo children are higher frequency beings that can’t cope with the old lower patriarchal world well at all because, like many of us Starseeds and Lightworkers, it literally makes them sick due to its negative energies etc. However, these Indigo children are built to exist within the Ascending/Ascended new 5D High Heart Unity Consciousness world. That’s why they’re incarnating in large numbers and they’re designed to help create and keep the NEW Ascended Earth world.

      Because you’re reading this at TRANSITIONS Radelle, it’s pretty easy to guess that the children that incarnated through you are most likely Indigos. These Indigo babies, children, teens and young adults came in with higher 5D wiring and awareness etc. and are waiting like us Starseeds and Lightworkers for the Separation of Worlds, which means the Dark Ones (the non-physical and physical humans) won’t be in our Ascended world or bodies or consciousness. That alone will be like returning to higher Home!

      Point is, don’t worry about your children needing to catch up with the older people living on Earth because they’ve incarnated with those higher frequencies in them already. Many of the very young Indigos are already hardwired or designed for the Ascended world. 🙂 Just love them and learn from them and protect them until there’s no longer a need to protect them from the old lower world energies and insanity.


  2. I’ve been reading your posts for several months now, and I can’t tell whether I’m following a fairytale and being gullible or whether there’s a part of me that knows there’s truth to what you say. I’ve been pretty conflicted in my beliefs lately and sometimes have to double check with myself to make sure that I’m still sane.

    The last year has been revolutionary for me spiritually, and what makes me question my sanity is the fact that this has become an obsession. I read about this stuff constantly, and I just can’t get enough.

    I’ve never really felt like I belonged here, and I strongly feel ready to leave. I’ve felt this way for a few years now but never understood why. Maybe it’s because I’m anticipating what’s coming? Who knows, I suppose I’ll find out if/when something happens!

    • Jayson,

      Welcome to the Great Awakening! 🙂

      I’ve always preached discernment and this includes everything I write/say too of course. Discern for yourself, feel, stretch outside the old lower consciousness box, intuit, use your body consciousness, use your consciousness in new ways so YOU KNOW for yourself.

      I’m going to be 60 soon and I incarnated with more conscious awareness and memories from Home and multiple dimensions and timelines/past lives than most Starseeds do. I did this because I’ve wanted to be more Conscious of Process so this is a soul choice of mine long before I incarnated into any/all timelines, and it hasn’t always been easy either but there ya go. My point is that many of us Starseeds and Indigos incarnated with varying degrees of conscious memory intact within us. Not all of us came in with total amnesia of who we are and where we’d come from, other Beings, other dimensions and realities etc. Some did however and depended upon other incarnate Starseeds and Indigos, plus the non-physical, non-incarnate friends and family from our Home stations to help them WAKE UP once down here in Dark, negative, crazy, dense, hostile, greedy, fearful, duality land! Needless to say, this waking up process for some who’ve chosen to hold more amnesia until the exactly correct moment for them, is rather shocking and difficult as ones awareness expands and wants to color way outside the old 3D box of agreed upon “reality”! It sounds to me that this is the plan you went with and are now in 2011 going through a rapid awakening to the fact that much, much more exists than what little was able to be perceived while in super dense and Dark 3D.

      I too have had a difficult intense time so far in 2011, mainly because we’re screaming towards the Expiration Date! Time’s short to get certain things done/transmuted/anchored etc. before the final Separation of Worlds and this has caused the Dark Ones (non-physical and the physical humans) to get very serious about stopping (wounding, sidetracking, feeding upon etc.) the Starseeds and Indigos from doing what they came here now to do. All that and more prototyping as everything accelerates and stretches to the point where the Earth rubber-band breaks apart and the final Separation of Worlds happens.

      The most important thing in your searching and reading materials about all this is to discern because there’s tons of false and distorted information out there. This too is an aspect of the Ascension Process in that it’s forcing all of us to master reading energies so we know for ourselves.


  3. Denise, I appreciate your work and value your words. Would you, therefore, consider sharing your ideas on a topic close to this one: a mass awakening? Thanks, ~Jean

    • Jean,

      I’ve perceived for a long time that, as the end of the Mayan calendar or Expiration Date approaches and the Separation of Worlds draws near, much larger numbers of humanity are and will suddenly have their High Hearts activated which is exactly the frequency and focus they need to enter the world that’s ascending/evolving.

      Believe it or not, the increase in negativity, destruction, greed, manipulations, loss of possessions, money, homes, businesses, jobs, savings, security etc. is directly part of this Process for many people. Humans are lazy and stubborn and it often takes great loss and pain to redirect them into their Hearts. Such is the “end times” for many people; one constant intense event after another all to help get them out of the old familiar lower consciousness box and up into their Hearts. So what first appears as destruction, death, pain, fear, cruelty, greed, evilness, chaos, loss, endings etc., is ALSO profound energetic activations for the late Ascension bloomers around the world. 😉 There’s so much more going on than most people would believe and it’s all quite beautiful really. Out of mass negativity blooms mass awakening for any ready and able to respond to these higher frequency energies.

      ♥ Hugs,

  4. Hello. Could you tell me your thoughts on ascension and its effect upon star-seeds/ wanderers? If we are already from a higher dimension(5D or 6D), and we have already ascended in the past and possibly many times in the past, is ascension and a way off this 3D planet automatic for star-seeds/wanderers living on earth now? I guess I’m feeling the excitement of being able to go “home” very soon. Is this a logical approach for a higher dimensional being who volunteered to work on this planet for possibly a thousand or more years? Any insights and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,


    • David,

      When Starseeds volunteer to incarnate into a lower frequency dimension and world etc. etc., they ALWAYS do so with numerous safeguards built-in to them and their energy bodies to help them remember who they are, why they’re incarnate on Earth now, and to help them stay in contact with certain Ascension Assistants from Home so they can guide us, make suggestions, help keep us on track while down here working within a tight timeline and Expiration Date etc. This is why so many Starseeds have conscious and dream meetings with ETs, Starbeings, Lightbeings, Angelics, Ascended Masters etc. It’s one way that we’re assisted by higher dimensional Beings while we’re in 3D physicality to do our Work AND to help us exit this world/dimension too when the Separation of Worlds arrives.

      We did everything we could before we came here to assist and safeguard us while we’re encased in lower frequency dense meat suits and consciousness in physicality to NOT forget, NOT get sidetracked, NOT become so lost and entangled or trapped within duality and physicality that WE miss the Ascension Train ourselves. Volunteering to insert ourselves into a dense dual world and dimension has its risks of us joining the humans we’ve come to help here! So no, we’ve got to do our part too and that involves waking up and remembering that, “Lo, though I walk through the valley of death, I shall not tarry and build a summer cottage while down here!!! 😉 Remember why you, as a Starseed, are here now and stay in your High Heart focus and all will end well. (I wrote a recent article about how our Higher Selves have seemingly limited or disabled or handicapped us Starseeds to some degree in our physical bodies ONLY to help us not get sidetracked our whole lives doing fun and intense physical things we like doing…like playing professional soccer, professional dancing etc.)

      Starseeds “prototype” – aka embody higher dimensional blueprints/architecture from Source, down into 3D physicality and their physical bodies and brains. By doing this they provide the NEW higher and literally override the old lower manipulated and negatively distorted blueprints/architecture and give humanity an energetic escape route up and out of the old lower everything. Doing this is another way that Starseed prototyping/embodying helps create that “mass awakening” Jean asked me about. 🙂

      Soon fellow Starseed…soon, so keep your heart on the end game.

  5. Good evening Denise and all.
    There are times when I see the non attachment of leaving people behind as one of natural evolution and can send metta or loving kindness with no guilt (because I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m feeling). But to get to this stage I have to meditate daily for (sometimes) extended periods of time. At other times I just feel guilt.

    Jeans’ comment about mass awakening interests me. I have been feeling the effects of this process for at least fifteen years but it was five years ago that my shocking and irrefutable awakening occured. When this happened I spent a few weeks with periods of what I can only describe as altered states of consciousness. Firstly going somewhere underground with my invitation to a new world and then to the base of a tree within the roots, a place with a lot of light . As the weeks progressed (I’m coming to the point)I became aware of the phrase ‘critical mass’ over and over in my mind.
    I’ve thought about this often and still can’t decide if this refers to what will happen in the future when enough of us have raised our vibration that it cannot be stopped in the whole population. Or if this has already happened.

    As to questioning sanity – this I do daily but only for a minute or two now. The realisation of the reality of this process has become dominant and I believe that it will do so for all. I have the 5th September ingrained in my mind, I’ve been dreaming it and looked up mayan ninth wave dates. Beginning of day six.

    I really look forward to meeting you all and thanks again Denise for this forum where we can feel sane while being honest.

    with metta

  6. This is such a beautiful post. I had a religious upbringing and would hear that unless people accepted Jesus as their savior, they couldn’t be saved. I felt I had a good connection to what I thought of as God and the way I understood things in my heart, no parent would condemn their child to eternal hell for not understanding something, or not accepting something they didn’t believe in.
    What you are writing is what I’ve been feeling/sensing for the past few years. That there is no right or wrong path. No matter where someone is, its the experience they chose and its perfect for them. All will eventually make their way back to the creative source in their own time and in their own way. This is compassion and unconditional love.

  7. Hi Denise,

    Always enlightening and entertaining! 🙂 I just wanted to make a comment about some comments I read last week regarding wayshowers not being able to be around people anymore. Yesterday was a beautiful perfect temp summer day to go to the New York State Fair – in CAPS because I always loved going and looked forward to it. Well the day started out well, I went with my sister (who is unbelieving of all this ascension process and skeptical of my sanity lately.) We started walking around to various buildings fairly early in the day, and the crowds started really getting big and I started feeling the familiar skull tightening and like there were two of me walking along, then getting more and more dizzy/nauseous until we got to a dog frisbee show that I really had wanted to see (to give my dog some new tricks maybe!) and “the poor dogs!” was all I could think, having to do their tricks to pounding non stop hip hop beat, which drives me insane – I couldn’t imagine having their poor ears and skulls subjected to that! So I had to find shade and sit down immediately before I just passed out (I’m getting better at knowing the signs now ;), and then when I got a little less dizzy and moved totally away from that beat, I felt a lot better than I had. Well then I realized I just HAD to be home, right then and there, and my bummed out sister drove me home thinking I should go to a doctor right away. I felt like absolute crap until I was safely in my own back yard with my dog and the birds and the trees and NO PEOPLE around me, and truly realized how much the lower energies are just unliveable for me now. And then I was happy me again. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences too, it makes it a lot easier to get through things when you know at least SOME people get it! Oh and one other thing – there were tons of chemtrails being cleaned up by wispy clouds the whole time at the Fair – the dark ones probably had figured they’d get a lot of people sick at once by concentrating them in that area, but they were foiled again, yee ha!! Love and light to all!


  8. And of course I forgot to add a main thing to my comment – right after I was in my backyard and was just breathing and relaxing and looking up at the clouds, a beautiful huge turkey buzzard (such an awful name for such a magnificent bird!) started circling overhead, then another, and then a third, and they circled for about a minute and then spiralled away. I think these unusual bird sightings I’ve been having and how they spiral away is a huge metaphor meant for me to see, and It felt like a real wink from the higher dimensions! Thanks again Denise and all!

    • kt1111,

      I loved your personal account of trying to be “normal” and enjoy the Fair when you’ve so obviously evolved well beyond being able or comfortable doing those sorts of things. This is how we better understand how much we’ve evolved so far. 😉

      Over the past maybe four years I’ve bitched n’ complained about how nothing is fun anymore. None of the things I used to like doing, foods I liked eating, TV watching, book reading etc. give me any joy anymore because I’ve evolved beyond them. Like you, watching animals and/or Nature always makes my High Heart happyhappyhappy. Years ago I too had Redtail Hawks and other birds (and hummingbirds) encounters like this. When I’d see one of them I’d immediately telepath to them how much I LOVE them and how beautiful I think they are etc. The harder I telepathed love and respect out to them (or any other animal), they instantly respond by turning around and circling overhead to get a better look at the rare human talking love-talk at them! 🙂 Animals and pets are profoundly telepathic and they enjoy being respected and given love.

      Thanks again kt1111 for sharing your discovers with us here. ♥

  9. Denise, what about those of us reading who sense that we will not make the shift? How do we cope existing in a lower-vibratory world when we know a much higher-frequency one exists, and our beloved guides and friends will dwell there? (Yes, I am aware there is much polarity inherent in this question, which makes me embarrassed to ask. But time is limited.)

    • balsamicmoon,

      Hi sweetie. ♥ Still not convinced that you are as aspect of The All That Is?

      I know your intellect and egoic self and Mental Body is %$*&^*! with you and has for years about this and about feeling and believing that your not worthy blah, blah, blah. Guess who planted that negative lie in you? The Dark Ones. Most of us have had to fight our ways out of that BS belief system and dark negativity. Believe me when I tell you that it is a lie; a con-job; a brainwashed pile of dark shit; a clever and powerful maneuver created by the Dark Ones to snag and derail whoever they can with it. Thinking or believing this lie it does NOT mean it is truth!

      Please take a close honest look at Lisa Renee’s Aug. 2011 article I quoted. In it there’s a chart that shows “Superior Thinking” and “Inferior Thinking”. I’ve battled back and forth between these two ways of thinking/perceiving for many Ascension years and only recently have been able to override them both and remain neutral and not react or be manipulated etc. It was not easy but I did it and am still honing this new level of being in myself. This is the stage we’re at right now with our individual and collective Mental Body transformations.

      It is dealing with our Mental Bodies and all of the distortions and negative changed in them that the Dark Ones did to keep humanity trapped in a very low level. Your great big current intellect and your past (simultaneous) Atlantian guilt for things you didn’t even do are all part of this Mental Body belief/lie that you won’t ascend now. All you’ve got to do at this point is forgive yourself and let go of the lie, the belief that you won’t ascend. I dare you to try…


  10. Denise, I’ve been preparing for this for a long time (lifetimes!), and somehow reading 11-11-11 today really made me stop and think. “Is it here already? Wait, I’m not sure I’m finished learning yet! Am I really ascended enough to do this? And what about family, friends, projects, things I still want to explore and do….” …. and the list goes on. And yet I am so joyful at the prospect of exploring a brand NEW world 🙂

    I was just having this conversation this morning with someone about free will and choices. She was asking the “what if” questions, and I was reminding her that we ALL have a choice in this. Ascension is not mandatory. Remaining in 3D is also not mandatory. Everything is fluid, everything is in motion, everything is changeable. All is as it should be.

    Peace out . Can’t wait to meet you “out there” ❤

  11. Thank you again, Denise! I really love all of you fellow light beings. I really relate to the fair experience that kt1111 wrote about. I am home all the time and I also just need to be with the animals and plants outside my door. I am hugely grateful that I worked super hard to get to this little spot before now so I would have a sanctuary for the transition. I didn’t really know it fully at the time (or ten plus years it took), but now I see how I was just listening to my guides and my heart (same thing). I have gone through such pain in the letting go of other people and only now have a peace about it. I know this is completely helped by connecting with all of you here! I did have a dream last night (which is so unusual as I have not been dreaming much for months) about being in a huge crowd of people and none of them being able to see me and then I just walked away and said goodbye in my heart with much sadness. When I awoke I felt at peace though.

    As an aside question, Denise. I wonder if being pregnant (the first time five years ago felt very different) at this time would make one more sensitive to the ascension symptoms. The feelings I have now are SO MUCH more intense than a few months ago, but maybe it is the same for all of us and not just because I am pregnant. I do know this soul is very busy right now in another world and the process of it’s body being formed is like electric light constantly streaming through me. I would guess this would make one vibrate even higher than before. Whoa it is intense!
    Thank you so much and LOVE,

  12. Dear Denise, thank you for this article and for the answers to the comments. I am especially heartened (yes I chose the word deliberately! 🙂 ) by the answer to Jean. “So what first appears as destruction, death, pain, fear, cruelty, greed, evilness, chaos, loss, endings etc., is ALSO profound energetic activations for the late Ascension bloomers around the world … Out of mass negativity blooms mass awakening for any ready and able to respond to these higher frequency energies.” These statements are so profoundly positive and really have, at least for me, lifted me out of a bit of a depression that is related to whether or not my beloveds will be lifted up with me.

    Thank you again,

  13. Just a question, will we still be exsisting
    on this earth plane but vibrating at another fregancy.( 5th or whatever)
    I don’t feel like my teaching and “way shower” work is done.
    Having been healing for 16 years and now feeling like I’m almost free of my stuff,it feels time to share the journey, the hope and the mercy that is available to those whose who seek it.
    Thank you as always for this site that I hold on to many times by my finger nails.

    • “will we still be exsisting
      on this earth plane but vibrating at another fregancy.( 5th or whatever)”


      The Separation of Worlds means that one Earth world (and timeline) won’t ascend and the other one is. There’s always multiple places for all to continue learning and growing.

      The Earth world that’s ascending/evolving and separating from the old one we all incarnated into will fully exist within the fifth dimension (5D) as a physical world…not in the old third dimension (3D), and in another physical location in space as well.

      The other aspect of the Separation of Worlds is that – just like it was in 3D prior to the start of the Ascension Process – not everyone that is and will be living on the Ascended Earth world will all be at exactly the same identical level of awareness and development. Everyone who ascends/evolves will be within the specific and mandatory higher frequency range however. This difference between the ascended people won’t be anything as extreme as it’s been in the old 3D world of duality, but it will still exist to some degree but at this new higher frequency range.

      I’ve recently been perceiving some of the many options that are soon to present themselves to those of us who’ve been at this longer than most once we’re on the other side of Oct. 28, 2011 and 11-11-11 and I’ll write about this soon too.


  14. Dearest Denise,

    All my life — 61 long years — I’ve been waiting for this post. My heart is full and I am ready to go home. Those who wish to come, and every one will have the chance to choose, will be welcomed with love. There is nothing more to forgive nothing more to be grateful for. The Wayshowers have done this before and no doubt we will do it again, but for now, well done, oh, bravo, we are almost there and I can feel it. Thank you, Denise — I feel like I’m at the Oscars on stage with trophy in hand — thank you to all who taught me through pain and joy and to my Arcturians who have stuck with me through thick and thin, particularly when I raged against them as in “I’m down here, you’re up there, what the hell do you know?!” And thank you, Denise, for your comments in response. You truly are one of my Guides — with a capital G.

    Love to All

    • “I’m down here, you’re up there, what the hell do you know?!”


      😆 boy can I relate! Thanks for the giggles…and everything else. ♥


  15. Thank you so much for your answer, I will sit with it awhile longer.

    I truly feel you are a blessing to those of us who have stood alone,persevering against all odds.
    I trust and believe that whatever the circumstances I will be ready. I live now with more graditude and peace.

    Thank you also for showing your picture it’s nice to see your face.
    Love and blessings,

  16. Denise
    Wonderful information that answers much and resonates with me..There is though a question/s that i have been trying to get a handle/feel on for a few days now and it seems to elude me so would like to hear what your take on this is? I hope i can ask this/these question/s that you can understand what i am asking as i can’t seem to word it myself to get the answers or just can’t grasp them right now.

    This is the thing, where will this HH new dimension with it’s inhabitants be located if there are two worlds? Is it to be a consciousness matter and the inhabitant’s consciousness is what is changed/moved as they exist as Higher Heart conscious persons among 3D lower conscious humans. I can understand if the movement is to High Heart consciousness as the physical presence/body will still be here, however i suppose what i am not understanding is if it is to be a physical movement how will this take place, how will humans leave one world/earth cosmos and enter another if there will be two physical earths? Will the two/separate worlds have any contact with each other if they are physically in different locations? Are you saying there will be two separate worlds or one world will exist inside another but with different energy frequencies?
    OK, i know i must have repeated many times what i am trying to ask as i try to make sure you understand what i am trying to ask here. This may be a cakewalk as is said for you in answerimg however, i cannot seem to wrap my head around it, maybe it is beyond me or is on a need to know/when to know basis. Thanks for all you do and please know it is highly appreciated and welcomed!

    Love and Hugs

    • Avain,

      No, the two worlds will no longer have contact with or be subjected to each other. They will exist in two very different locations in space, in different dimensions, and in different timelines altogether. The Separation of World is exactly that…a separation. Graduation time is right around the corner and we don’t drag our High School with us after we graduate and go off to Collage to learn new stuff. 😉

      Here’s another perspective on this complex topic I want you to ponder and FEEL and discern okay?

      When you are on Earth in physicality, where do your “Guides” and the other non-physical Beings come from? Where do they reside?

      They literally reside in a different frequency of vibration (by different I mean a higher, faster, more Light-filled and less dense dimension and frequency) from where you are in the old 3D physicality and Earth world. You know how on TV all 350+ channels exist at the same time? However, you can only watch (perceive) one channel at a time. Think of different frequencies of energy and Light and dimensions in this same way. Now add to that different Beings that reside in those different levels and layers of different frequencies and dimensions. Some of them exist only inches away from each other yet they cannot perceive any other channel than the one they are currently tuned to. Realities and different worlds and dimensions are like this.


  17. Hi,

    Barbara, I know that feeling you described ” I’m down here, you’re up there, what the hell do you know?!” “, and it made me kind of laugh. 🙂 Thanks.

    I am experience a lot of confusion lately, especially when I wake up, I don’t know in what dimension I am in. I feel like I am being torn apart.
    Can we exist in two dimensions right now? Not so long ago I had a vision ” about me working in my garden in the forest with huge pine trees and big high buildings towering out of them into the sky. I walk a little bit further and come onto a lake with in the distance mountains while I hear my children playing.” I felt I was there, but is this me experience another dimension level or just my imagination playing tricks. When I was very young I had the experience of being ONE with earth, the people,animals, trees, water , drops of water etc… and was very profound and can’t wait to get this feeling again.

    Thanks for your always uplifting articles.

    • “Can we exist in two dimensions right now?”


      Absolutely and I and many, many other people have been literally living in two realities for many years now. Think of this as living the Separation of Worlds in slow motion over the past few years already! The end of the Mayan calendar and 11-11-11 is really just the cutoff point of having both worlds (the old lower one and the new higher ascending one) energetically superimposed over one another.

      Have you seen that recent video from China about another reality suddenly appearing? I’ve seen certain things like this too recently and it’s us perceiving other layers of reality in another world and dimension.


  18. Hi Denise,
    I have been reading your blog articles for about one year now, and many of my experiences are parallel to yours. Thank you so much for your guidance! I recently posted your article “The Separation of Worlds: Leaving People Behind” on my astrology blog thinking that my small group of people would instantly relate to your message from within themselves, but received a very critical reaction from one member.

    These are her words: “Are you telling us, we are all stupid to care about other people??” She obviously hasn’t understood what you were saying, has twisted the message around, and is now judging me. I guess this is a good example of a very quick natural separation already taking place! My response to her was: “I think Denise’s message is about not trying to “spiritually” save others or meddle in their lives…and I agree with her. I like it. This message makes complete sense to me.” What do you say about this Denise? Thanks again.

    • Linda,

      Frustrating isn’t it, but it sure is a test for you and me when our words are so terribly misunderstood!

      The Separation of Worlds is literally about different levels of frequency, consciousness and awareness. One person gets what I said because they are literally vibrating with more Light in them and therefore have a larger range of perception. Another person who hasn’t transmuted any or enough dense materials within themselves yet to embody more Light so their level of awareness, consciousness and ability to perceive a bit more does not exist as yet. They’re still using the only tool of perception they have at this time which is their 3D ego and left-brain intellect in linear time space.

      Yes, I was saying that no one can really save another because that is ego and egoic awareness and desires/emotions etc. One can however blast out as much Light and Love through themselves as they can and hope that that inspires, attracts, activates, Wayshows for other people. By doing the “saving” and “helping” and “healing” in ourselves first, we clear an Energetic Pathway (we prototype by literally embodying first) which makes it so much easier and faster for other people to travel that Path themselves.

      You did well with your test with your reader and her level of awareness, congratulations. 🙂


  19. Hi Denise,

    As usual, such a timely article, thank you! Soon after I read this an old friend invited me for a spontaneous walk and she asked me a question which was relevant to what you were saying in your article, so it was fantastic to be able to share what you had written.

    Just we were ending our walk I received a cell phone call from a person I did not know. It was one of those calls when you instinctively know something is up, and the more they speak the more concerned you become. As it turns out, it was from a support worker who had been advised my amazing indigo 15 year old niece was deemed a suicide risk. A friend of hers had taken her own life last week for no apparent reason, and today another friend had taken her own life. It has been revealed there is a pact. A pact among these girls that when one is buried, another will take her life. Yes, it has been a shock but not a surprise as I’d chatted to my niece a few times in the past week and I kept intuiting the words ‘code of silence’. My niece has assured us, she is not part of the pact and I believe her but have a feeling she isn’t telling us everything. I guess I’m wondering how your comment below relates to teenagers?

    ‘A person is either ready to ascend/evolve out of duality, ego-based and materialistic consciousness at the completion of these Great Evolutionary Cycles or they aren’t.’

    I know some teens are very advanced souls who are experiencing ascension without consciously realizing, however not only are they being bombarded with spiritual evolution as we all are, they are dealing with the difficulty of teen issues, with a teen ego and raging hormones. I wonder how much ‘freedom of choice’ becomes more relevant to teens in terms of taking their own lives than it would be to say people who are older/more mature in this life time? The girl who died last week had so much light about her – she was simply a beautiful, loving being – as is my precious niece. Although I’m sitting with this and consciously staying in the heart as much as possible, it still makes me sad. Naturally this situation has brought up old family wounds etc but my brother and I who are committed to ascension seemed to deal with it on a much higher level, than we have done so in the past.

    I do so hope we can stop this pact as a loving community. It’s certainly time for family and friends to walk our talk and begin new ventures to support these beautiful souls in fulfilling their roles as our future leaders, healers, artists and in-the-moment-ers.

    Hugs, love and many thanks,

    Karyn xo

  20. the further along this process goes, the more confused i am feeling. is it possible to know about and be aware of this an still not ‘ascend’ or whatever, even if you want to ascend ? sorry about the inarticulation, i am really lost in the process.

    • pbreezie,

      Absolutely. Get out of your head and into your Heart and things will make a lot more sense to you about this and everything else! 🙂


  21. I just can’t wait for the separation to come. I am so bored with the 3D world, it is all so predictable and boring. I have been helping and healing others all my life, and I am just bored with having to feed my body, sleep, wake up, see everything that I know each day. It gets really depressive when you know the reality behind all appearances. Yes, I have shown the way by example and direct help mayn times, but now I am just fed up, I am really looking forward to the end of the calendar!

  22. Hi Denise

    The information of Ascension taking place at 11-11-11, is a pleasant surprise, because from my research, no one really knows exactly when it will happen let alone happening so soon.
    Many people still live in the dark and if it happened later then it would be better for even more people because it would give them time to clean themselves of old karma, energies,etc.
    Are you sure that it will happen so soon? I don’t want to discredit you or anything, I’m just surprised.
    Thank you very much for help.

    • Lefteris,

      I’ll offer a clue about this today. Did every human alive on Earth start the Ascension Process years ago on the same day?

      11-11-11 IS a cutoff point from what I’ve perceived to date. I’ve got an article in draft about this topic (and more) and will finish and publish it soon. Talking about some of these topics is really tricky because by doing so literally steers consciousness and that’s one big responsibility…not to mention not giving certain individuals the time they need to accomplish certain tasks on their own first. Sorry to be so vague, but sometimes I know I’m to wait until the last minute before I publish certain information. It’s to allow more people to do exactly what you said. 😉


  23. Hi Denise:
    I get what you are saying about the 5D expanded earth which is very much like the tales of Avalon where if one is in the appropriate frequency they are literally in another reality and would seem to disappear from those in a lower range. And like spiritual guides who we currently see as lights, we could travel back to visit 3D but not be perceived as physical if we visited–and it might also be seriously painful to do so. But since we operate in all frequencies simultaneously NOW and I can perceive new colors, sensations, sounds now, and sometimes other aspects of me, I am still a little confused.

    If unity implies all beings/reality perceived as One through the heart–would that not include all the lower frequencies/people etc as also part of our One? Why more separation? That’s not unity. I can sort of get it better when thinking that 5D would be superimposed onto 3D earth until 3D was sort of absorbed for those people experiencing the 5D version.So it would be like a worldwide Avalon and look completely different depending on where you are vibrating. Having said that, I sometimes revert into thinking it is my own escapism because the only places I can currently stand being are in nature, my community garden and with animals and I work from home now. I can understand, not judge and send more love to the dark, which is part of me too, but I don’t want to live there! But in another way couldn’t we all act from our hearts now in all we do and think and more and more it would change this current world until we can all go together. Wasn’t that the original plan. Are you saying there is a cut off date because some will simply choose not to do a heart based consciousness no matter what and we as a group can simply no longer operate in their presence?

    Thanks, Lisa

    • “If unity implies all beings/reality perceived as One through the heart–would that not include all the lower frequencies/people etc as also part of our One? Why more separation? That’s not unity.”

      Lisa Krueger,

      I realize how complex this material is for all of us. Let me try to explain this huge concept from another angle.

      Imagine you’re entered school as a 6 or 7 year-old first grader, but the school you’re in is mixed and wide open to any and all. There’s first graders at this school side by side with tenth graders, twelfth graders, Collage graduates and long-term University students with Ph.D’s and so on. Now, honestly, how fair is this mixed school to the first graders AND the much higher grades? Being all shoved in to one school puts great pressures and discomforts on every student because the gap in learning, focus, development, maturity etc. is far too large.

      Solution…many different schools that cater specifically to different groups of students at the natural different stages of learning and focus. 😉 Same is true spiritually, energetically; many different schools for many different levels of developing and evolving souls throughout the Universe and dimensions.

      At some point you must let go of and know that doing so is not only okay, but necessary for all students. I hope this helps somewhat with this vast topic.


  24. Denise,

    You are wonderful!! I truly appreciate your humor. You have me laughing out loud sometimes when I’m reading your posts 🙂 (“you might be ascending” too funny) For a while I have been feeling like understanding this separation as being similar to having a word or thought on the tip of my tongue. Its starting to come together for me, slowly. Which I am grateful for, I think if it all hit me at once I don’t think I’d be able to process it as deeply. I am learning to trust this process better. I feel like I’m coming back to my true self.

    There is so much I can relate to with all of you. Going to to big crowds…cannot do anymore. There were small concerts I wanted to go to even at small venues, but I haven’t gone because I honestly don’t know how I’ll react. So I have opted to just not go to anything that involve lots of people. I’m just too sensitive and after a really rough experience I had in June, I’ve learned my lesson.
    I’m so much more content to stay at home with my dog, my honey, spend time outside watching the animals, talking to the trees, breathing in the fresh air.

    I was going to ask about people ascending and not realizing it. I have been watching this with some of my family members and my partner as well. He has been getting crazy hot flashes at night, as well as past life memories from dreams, a terrible headache the day before the earthquake, we also have a lot of telepathic communication which we’re pretty much used to at this point, but it is getting to be more frequent. In the past I would have be on top of that so quick to try to explain everything to him. But I’ve realized that when people wish to understand they will seek their answers on their own. I will only give advice when asked. No one could have sped up my own ascension process for me, so I know in my heart that I must honor this in others.

    Thank you Denise, I am so very grateful to have found you. Before I did, I honestly thought I was going nuts. I felt so alone in all of this. This loving community that has formed on your blog feels like a family to me and I’m sure all of you know exactly what I mean. Sending big big big hugs your way Denise.

  25. Hi Denise – I’ve been ascending for 16 years, and have been experiencing major detox symptoms (physical and emotional) during that time. During the last couple of months my ascension symptoms have been intense, but haven’t included any physical detox. My emotional detox has been very intense during that time. Is this anything to be concerned about? I’m wondering if I’ve *finally* finished my physical detox, and am still doing lots of emotional detox. Thanks.


    • Tom,

      This is normal within the ongoing Ascension Process for all of us. At first it all just feels physical and is painful and difficult and we’re not very consciously aware of what and why and so on. But as we transmute more and more of our own dense issues/energies/emotions/karma etc., we’re able to more easily sense what Body we’re having worked on at the moment. For some of us July and August 2011 was major Mental Body work or house cleaning and unplugging endless personal and collective negative patriarchal distortions and junk from that particular Body. For other people they’ve been doing major Emotional Body work or house cleaning and unplugging more negative distortions and trash etc. from that Body. And on and on this transformational Process goes until we’re nearly crystal clear. 😉

      The Sun is and will continue hammering all life on Earth and Earth herself to help push us to the Separation of Worlds. We’re feeling the near constant solar energies in our many Bodies too (as it’s a big part of what’s transmuting us, our DNA, our brains, our consciousness, our bones, cells, organs and so on). Expect some of your Ascension symptoms and their cycles to evolve and change slightly too. Some old symptoms will ease off and maybe disappear entirely, while other new symptoms will manifest. This Process is multidimensional and doesn’t always happen in clean, sequential, easy to predict ways…especially now that we’re in the final leg of the Mayan calendar (completion phases). We’ll know when there’s little left within us and others because we’ll FEEL it…or more accurately, we’ll FEEL a lack of it and symptoms!


  26. TY Denise, and spot on.

    If you permit, I will attempt from the same premise of vibrations and frequencies.
    So we are in effect moving into a higher vibrating version of earth – a new frequency band so to speak. It can be assimilated to a transition from AM to FM system 3D to 5D (the FM band features more aspects/quality – larger bandwidth, stereo play, less noise, etc); the conversion of our present template receival capacity from analog to digital, black and white to color. Our spiritual barometer – our light quotient is an indication of the band we are tuned to or in harmony with. So multidimensional existence is the ability to simultaneously operate in several bands.

    From a practical point of view, our present space is inundated with multiple/thousands of broadcasting services occupying diverse channels (tv, radio, microwave, radar, etc) and to activate any channel we just need to tune our dial to the desired station. The reason the same components commingle is that they are vibrating at the same frequency. Our off planet `brothers` for example are just by the corner and would become visible (+ craft) if only they lower their frequencies/vibrations to that of our visible band.

    Denise: I would love to hear from you on this interesting case.
    I`m presently living with my sister who is religious (Pentecostal) – totally oblivious to spirituality; surprisingly enough, I have noticed that she is subjected/affected by ascension symptoms (belly, bloating, sleep, digestion, etc). So my question here is how come some are not aware but accommodated in the band/trail and how will her separation take place? Thanks.

    • “So multidimensional existence is the ability to simultaneously operate in several bands.”


      Close, very close. We all already are Multidimensional Beings that exist and function in multiple dimensions simultaneously. Problem is if you will, is that we’ve been unaware of this fact. Our current Ascension/Evolution leap will help us (these versions of “us” I mean) be vastly more conscious of our multidimensional natures and selves and that’s the difference with all this. What we consider to be “us” or our “self” is evolving to consciously include more of US in these bodies and this timeline, but also some of the other-dimensional Selves that are different aspects of the Greater “Us”. Said another way, we’re removing some huge consciousness blinders via the current Ascension/Evolution and will learn how to consciously handle multidimensional, quantum consciousness. Fun times ahead!

      “how come some are not aware but accommodated in the band/trail and how will her separation take place?”

      If your sister is displaying Ascension symptoms but not consciously aware of any of this etc., then she must be embodying enough Heart energy and going through enough of the DNA corrections/upgrades and all the rest of it have a high enough frequency rate to exist within the world that’s ascending. Yippie right?! Lots of people are unknowingly doing this and I’ll write an article about this topic and related things asap. I know lots of people – including me – have plenty of questions about what’s happening and what’s going to be happening with the completion of the Mayan calendar and the very important 11-11-11 portal and cutoff point.


  27. Hi Denise:

    Just an idea for those who may be concerned about leaving 3D. A little while ago, I programmed a small crystal to continue to send and receive love, because, as I told this little crystal, I’m leaving soon but I want you to continue to hold love and light for this area of the planet. I then buried the crystal in my backyard and it makes me chuckle to think of those waves of love and light pulsating unchecked into 3D frequency, and it’s delightful to think that some day in the 3D timeline, that little crystal will be discovered. I guess what I’m saying is, if there is something that your readers would like to do to make this process more real, try planting a crystal or doing something that gives honour to 3D Earth and then letting her go to fly on her own.

    All the comments are taking me higher and higher. Thank you.

    Love to All.

  28. Denise – Thanks for answering my questions about physical and emotional detox as a part of the Ascension Process. I. was hoping that you’d tell me that my all symptoms would immediately disappear, and that I’ll feel good again. Oh well…

    But seriously, what you said about the separation of the worlds really spoke to me. Over the last several months I’ve become more and more detached from relationships, work situations etc. that used to be very important to me. Most of the time this feels natural and is easy to accept. Occasionally my mind/ego interfers, and I try to hold on to something because I can’t see how I’ll manage without it. I’ve had a challenging relationship with my father since I was 14, and he and I were estranged for 13 years at one point. I’ve had a lot of very old, dense karmic issues with him, and transmuting them has been a lot of very hard work. I realize now that our relationship has been based on control issues, dysfunction and drama since I was 14. Now that I’ve transmuted most (all?) of that, I don’t have any need to relate to him anymore. There’s no resentment or emotional charge to this; it just feels like we have nothing left to talk about anymore.

    Before I read your article I was concerned that I was becoming withdrawn. I now realize that I’m just following the natural path of my Ascension Process.


  29. I have been have bad muscles spasms in my lower back since October 2010 which no doctor has been ale to explain. I also feel myself vibrating upon awakening or when drifting off to sleep. I feel I will ascend and have experienced monumental changes in my spiritual development. I still however notice fear overtaking me over personal financial situations and I have to refocus back to a place of love and im battleing myself right now to stay in my heart as the fear and ego are so persuasive! Despite my battles with ego and fear i can feel that my overall vibration has raised and I am different than i was just a year ago.Im not sure if i will acsend for sure as nobody knows but I worry about my husband being left behind. He has signs of ascension,but his are manifesting as rage towards situations and people he can no longer tolerate and has held in his whole life.I am hoping that since he is manifesting this rage by expressing it verbally and is aware of his feelings now that he can or is releasing it. He is overstressed,overworked and closed minded about ascension so i worry that because he is close minded he won’t ascend with me if I do ascend. If I do ascend and he does not will it appear to him that i just disappeard off the face of the earth? Should I prepare a letter or explanation for him in case this happens? Also, we have a cruise planned for Febuarary 2012. Our first vacation in 11 years. Will those who ascend do so before this date meaning should I cancel our cruise lol? 11.11.11 and October 28th 2011 are significant dates right? Is this when people will start to disappear off this 3d planet and go to the new 5d planet? Thanks so much for your guidance and wisdom!

    • Daphane,

      I’m working on another article about all this and the Separation of Worlds etc. and will have it up asap. Until then, just keep doing all you have been and keep loving your husband and living your lives. 🙂


  30. So are people that died this year, still on this earth in a different vibration or have they gone to another planet.?

    How will this pan out in real life terms, the ones that ascend, are we still in our houses?

    Does our neighbour who maybe is not ready to ascentd going disappear PUFF they are gone to another planet. They are going to be pretty disorientated aren’t they?

    No details are given to all the practicalities, so its fine to make statements that things are going to be this way and that way, but the finer details need explaining.and backed up with much more detail… there are so many gaps in information being given to us, and given as if they are fact, I don’t think anyone knows what is going to happen until it happens, after all , we are told the future is not cast in stone.

    • “No details are given to all the practicalities, so its fine to make statements that things are going to be this way and that way, but the finer details need explaining.and backed up with much more detail… there are so many gaps in information being given to us, and given as if they are fact, I don’t think anyone knows what is going to happen until it happens, after all , we are told the future is not cast in stone.”


      I hear your frustrations…just don’t direct them at me please.

      There are very important and complex reasons why certain information (which is “Light” btw) is NOT given to those of us who can consciously perceive and interact at higher dimensions. The reasons for explaining just this alone would take an entire article! Suffice it to say that certain information is deliberately withheld from those who can perceive at higher levels because certain things need to happen first, small plans tweaked somewhat, other situations ended and removed first etc. etc. etc. Having hundreds of thousands of people around the world in-body on Earth now (like my readers and other Ascension Teachers readers etc.) having access to certain info before it’s time would/could possibly steer consciousness in a specific direction that it doesn’t need to go at that moment which would only make more work for the Starseeds/Indigos/Lightworkers/Wayshowers. You’re Comment clearly shows that you are worried or fearful over the possibilities of what’s coming. You think I want to increase those lower energies in you or anyone else? Absolutely not because doing so runs counter to me, my soul mission, my very being and why I’m here now!

      I haven’t talked about this particular topic previously for this very reason; I’m multidimensionally responsibly for what I write/say and directing consciousness through my words. I’ve always been fully conscious of that fact and know how very serious it is. I’ve waited until I knew it was time for me personally to start sharing what I’m aware of to date about the Separation of Worlds and all of the multidimensional – not linear – complexities that goes along with it. In other words, it’s time now for this information, this particular Light to be better known on the conscious level within far more of people who read the type of material I write about.

      A few more of those details you’re wanting coming from me soon.


  31. Hi Denise, and all, i found this, so in sync with our Denise’s own writing here, i hope you all find something in it and i hope D is ok with me putting it here.
    Its is intense, and to the lady with the awful back muscle spasms, i have had them since 87 when this first kicked off, only now cant barely walk, and my partner is ill too, so we ended up not able to care for self or each other for the most part.
    I have no friends or anyone in the physical to ask for help, my daughter lives with us, she is 17, she is so hurtful and cold, i have had this happen with both daughter, i watched them become different people, its hard to watch to, all i can do is to trust this a end of some karmic thing, or a dettachement as otherwise i couldnt move on, so i lay here an look around me, i do what i can but the back spasms pull me down, i feel i have a sack of coal on my back and i am now on crutches, so i am guessing this is some of what Lisa said, about dead light, and we would feel it in us as pain and stiffness (mines never given up and been decades of this, way back it would pass for a while, now its always here and its limited me to being in bed a lot of the time as i cant sit for long either.

    Anyway, here’s what i just saw online by Inelia Benz, the same view as Denise has gotten and written of here.
    I wish us all the help from source we are able to embrace now, and so much love.
    J x

    Home Articles August 2011 Spaceship Earth – and YOU are the captain.
    Spaceship Earth – and YOU are the captain.

    “The shift has reached it’s final stage… now it is up to you.

    On the week of the 22nd to the 28th of August 2011, I was kindly asked by Source to step outside. This doesn’t happen often, it is rare, and normally lasts a few minutes, hours, or at the most a couple of days. This time, it lasted a whole week.

    What does this mean? It means that I leave a “place holder” in this reality matrix, but I, the being, steps outside. The body, subtle bodies, and “awareness” stay, but it is like watching a movie, or a car driving on the highway, which one’s body is driving, but one is watching it from afar.

    As I observed “reality” from the outside, I could sense big shifts happening, enormous changes, the walls between dimensions becoming thin, my “human” perceptions could detect movement, lights and shadows.

    Then, I was asked to return. And the news is big.

    At the same time, my friend Lucia Rene, a top ass-kicking mystic, sent her newsletter out. In the newsletter she expressed her feeling of leaving behind the old world, and entering the new. She wrote:

    “Have you seen the movie The Lord of the Rings or read Tolkien’s wonderful trilogy of that name? If so, perhaps you remember one of the last scenes where the elves, Bilbo, Frodo, and Gandalf get on a pretty wooden boat, sail out of the harbor, and disappear from view. They leave for a new world. “That’s it,” I thought. “That moment in the film captures the feeling perfectly!”

    It’s as though I’ve gotten on a boat and am sailing out toward the unknown. The unknown isn’t scary. It’s actually quite peaceful. It holds the sense of returning to something long forgotten.” Lucia Rene

    I knew something was up, big time, but did not understand what had happened, as I was outside, and why had I been taken out of the picture while it was happening?

    Lucia and I had discussion about it. And while we talked about what each of us had experienced, I realized the truth.

    As she calls it, the Splitting of the Worlds. This event, mentioned by so many, awaited by millions, mentioned in religions and cultures around the world, had happened. That much I knew.

    The souls divided between light and dark, awakened and asleep, aware and blind.

    What I realized, was the reason I was taken out of the equation was two fold.

    One, this is not my game, I am just here to raise the level of vibration of the planet, including the collective. I do not choose the outcome of the collective, or its individual members, the collective does that. Yet, I did not agree with this outcome. I wanted, yes, I really wanted, for all human beings to be lifted in their vibration for them to wake up enough that they make an educated choice. But that did not happen. An agreement was struck roughly a year ago, about what happens with those who did not wake up enough to make a choice. The agreement was that the “dark side” take them into their new reality. The reality where enslavement, pain, suffering and fear reign. Why? Because there is something in the game called “free will”. The population was informed, and if an individual decides to ignore that information, it means they do not want to know. It means someone else can make a decision for them.

    Secondly, the movement of those billions of souls into darkness would have been too painful for me to “experience” and survive in human form.

    My heart ached.

    This sadness, deep sorrow, I felt it once before. A few weeks back I was in touch with the consciousness of the Lemurian collective. And that was what they expressed. At the time I understood that back in Earth history a splitting had happened and that the sadness the Lemurians felt was from leaving their brethren behind, all those humans that did not awaken. And, what we call the “middle Earth”, is that Earth that moved on, into a higher vibration, occupying the same location, but a different space/time vibration.

    And it has happened again.

    What we are experiencing now, this week, the presence of fear, darkness, war, famine, suffering, and sleepers, is the “shadow” of the previous reality. The only way to remove it is to process fear and inject light and love into the planet, BIG TIME. Big events, such as the hurricane in NY, and the Elenin comet, that were “supposed” to make a mess of certain areas of the planet, have frizzled away to not much at all. The Fear Machine, is failing. The human spirit wins. In the next 3 generations, the sleepers and their masters will leave our planet as they live out their lives, and will not be able to return. What happens during those years, is up to us.

    Now for the important information. How do you, as an individual, steer the Ship? Because you can, you see.

    Learn the rules. And the first, and most important rule to learn, is that whatever happens on the planet, or in your life, cannot happen if you do not agree with it. And everything that happens, happens because you either agree with it, or do not cast a vote.

    It is not up to me to choose whether those billions of sleepers are carried by us, forced to wake up, or left to their choice of wanting to stay asleep, not responsible for their actions, and let the “dark” take responsibility for them as they take them into a denser, darker Earth.

    It is not up to me to decide how fast we remove the shadows and step fully into the new, higher vibrational, reality. Why wait 3 generations when we could have it in 3 months? We decide. We decide what we agree with and what we don’t agree with.

    We all cast our vote.

    So here is what we do, here is how we cast our vote:

    Choose a person, situation, location, personal topic, or worldwide event, that you do not agree with. Then, draw a red circle around it, and a line across it. Say the words, “I do not agree with this”. Next, visualize what you would like to see, what you do agree with, and place a green tick next to it. It is very, very simple, and quick. So much so, that one might think it is not life changing, but it is. Try it. Try it with the big things, and the little things. Use it every day, and watch. What do you have to lose by trying it out? Nothing.”

    Inelia Benz

  32. Hello Deneise I appreciate from your reply , your reasons for not being able to or willing at this time to put certain information out. Funnily enough I am not in fear, ( perhaps it seems that way ) as I am of the belief that what will happen will happen, I desire to ascend, I work on myself to try and clear out my negative emotional programs, and I am someone that likes detail:) I have a scientific mind, but I guess these new pardigms, do not fit into 3D science as it currently stands.

    I see that the finer details are not yet possible that would always frustrate me, no matter from where the source came.

    I may seem to be, being awkard, but I do not mean it that way, and I am not directing my reply to you in a judgemental sense, so am sorry if that is the way it was potentially received.

    Thank you for your in depth reply:)

    • Jane,

      Like I said…

      “A few more of those details you’re wanting coming from me soon.”

      I’m going to be writing about many more related things as soon as I can because I know it’s finally time for me to share more of what I’ve known and clairvoyantly seen for many years now.

      I’d suggest you read (if you haven’t so far) the Comment J wrote with the quote from Inelia Benz in it. Some of the things Inelia says she just realized the last week of Aug. 2011 are things I’ve been aware of for many years. I’ve hinted in past articles about some of these more important ascension topics, but now I’m finally going to write an article putting many of the ascension pieces together to give my readers a better overview of all this…from what I’ve perceived and seen I mean. So, more details are coming but they still might not be exactly the ones you’re hoping for. 😉


  33. Dear Denise, and all…

    We are so acculturated, from almost the day we were born, to stand in the right line, hold our buddy’s hand, eat at the “right” time. Later in life we set up our calendar, paper first and now electronic, with alarms and sticky notes and paperclips, to make sure we do what we are to do at the time we are supposed to do it …. and we know EXACTLY what that is that we are going to do, often even knowing the outcome. Rarely, very, very rarely do we even allow ourselves a spur-of-the-moment activity, or take some chance on the belief that it will all be OK if we …. what…. strap ourselves into a parasail, or step off a cliff and hang glide, or even just get into an airplane and let someone, whom we believe to be fully trained and in complete control of his/her faculties, fly us to some other location.

    The only thing I can compare this to is stepping off into the unknown of quitting a very good, benefits eligible State job to go to graduate school. Now, this comparison is so cheap, so pitifully inadequate … not at all “like” entering a new dimension … except that I had to have faith in myself, in the universe, that all would be OK even though I had no idea what the outcome would be.

    I want desperately to know what is going to come next. I think (I do not know) that is an example of what it is to be a 3D Human. I don’t think (although again, I don’t know) that it is not a quality of being 5D (or above).

    Faith is a word that has, over the years taken a beating. But Faith is what we must have just now. Faith in our Higher Selves, Faith in the Universe … Personally, I have tickets for the Chiefs/Denver game on November 13, 2011. I am not cancelling because – well – I want to know what 5D football looks like :p !

    Heart hugs and light love to all and especially Denise, who has taken on a very special role here…


    OOOPs! Denise: too many words in the above sentence! It should be:

    I don’t think (although again, I don’t know) that it is a quality of being 5D (or above).

    Thx, D

  34. Many Thanks Deneise I will look at Inelias comments, and I know that as long as I do my best, I will be able to ascend, and cope with anything that is not to my liking, we humans like tend to enjoy what is familiar, the unknown of course can be somewhat daunting. If I don’t ascend, then my name is Frank Sinatra 🙂 and I don’t assume that I am special if I can make the grade 🙂 just put the work in through in previous incarnations and done my time 🙂 Look forward to reading more in due course.

  35. Dear Denise,

    It has been a tough, tough summer. Yet… today I got so excited as I perceived, for the first time ever, what you mentioned, Denise, about the 5D world superimposed over the current one!!! I’m still on a high from experiencing that, and so so excited! But it makes the waiting all the more painful… The darks are still bothering me no end – in a way it’s nowadays just an annoyance, nuisance and irritation, but still, enough to dislodge me from my High Heart every few days or so. It’s almost like I’m climbing up a mountain and they’re dragging at my ankles wanting me to fall and not reach higher, and I need to kick my feet to shake them off which annoys me as all I want to do is just climb in peace! Luckily I’ve got lots of practice in “climbing up” energetically quicker than ever before – kicking them off with force and luckily, a relative ease. Still, it bugs me and I wish for some respite already… I so want to think all of this is soon coming to an end finally and something entirely new and wonderful and multi-dimensional to replace this – yet I fear (!) that it might not be anything as drastic as that, and I fear (!) that the important dates come and go and my life just carries on as normal and I just have to live the new dimension in my imagination instead… I’m just plain ready to leave. Any people, loved ones even, I don’t worry about them. I just see everyone as sovereign in their own soul path and I’m committed to mine, I don’t worry about anything that’s ahead regarding all of this. Truly cannot wait. I so wish I’m not waiting in vain.
    In the past months I’ve seen people awaken left right and center, very suddenly and practically instantly with all the knowledge and understanding that for myself has taken years to gather. Most striking.

    I’ll leave you with this beautiful, uplifting time-lapse video “The Mountain”. My soul rests when I see those stars move, I hope it does the same for the weary others here.

    Wishing everyone lots of strength to remain in and to act from the High Heart Unity!
    Thank you, Denise, for everything.

  36. BRAVO….I agree with you 100%. Each Soul knows what and where they need to learn and be to do so. We may know ours, but we DO not know anyone else’s. NO-one will be left behind in the end, no-one will be treated with lesser respect, we all just decide what is best for our own highest good in growth no matter how the next person feels about it that is what we are going to do. People need to remember we are ALL Divine and we all know what we are doing in our Higher Selves despite the lower aspect’s ego moanings and fears.

    It is with respect we need to relax and accept that some people/Souls simply decide to stay longer and grow and learn what they decided to do and we will always, always be together in our hearts no matter what, after all are we not ALL ONE and from One. In acceptance and allowance it shows respect for everyone on their Soul level and the wisdom they posess in their own free will choises. None of us started here at this point, we all have travelled the same downward spiral to the bottom and now upward spiral back. We all just do it in a different rythyms and time, but eventually we all will be united again. No-one is or will be a victim. There has been others whom have been ahead of us and there always have been those whom come behind us. All we can do and have a right to do is live our lives to best of our ability in Love and respect for all and be indeed the Wayshower like those before us whom did just that and still are doing so for us.

    Relax, allow, let go and Live AND Let Live…….the spark is in all of Us.

  37. Denise, thanks for maintaining this blog. It’s the only place I have right now where I can connect with like-minded people. Reading other peoples’ posts helps remind me that I’m not going crazy.

    My ascension symptoms have been very intense during the last several months. During that time I’ve noticed that I’ve become very meek and easily intimidated. I’ve been finding it very difficult to speak up and assert myself. Fortunately, I very rarely encounter pushy people anymore, so it hasn’t been much of a concern. I’m finding that I’m hypersensitive to any kind of intimidating behavior these days, even when it’s directed at others. I’m also finding that getting into conflicts with others takes a lot out of me., and I feel it’s usually not worth it. I’m also finding that other people just don’t get it no matter how good I and others are at asserting ourselves in a strong but nonthreatening way. I’m concerned by all this, as it seems I’m losing the assertiveness I used to have. Could this be part of my ascension process, or am I turning into a spineless, passive wimp? 😦 Thanks.


    • “My ascension symptoms have been very intense during the last several months. During that time I’ve noticed that I’ve become very meek and easily intimidated. I’ve been finding it very difficult to speak up and assert myself. Fortunately, I very rarely encounter pushy people anymore, so it hasn’t been much of a concern. I’m finding that I’m hypersensitive to any kind of intimidating behavior these days, even when it’s directed at others. I’m also finding that getting into conflicts with others takes a lot out of me., and I feel it’s usually not worth it. I’m also finding that other people just don’t get it no matter how good I and others are at asserting ourselves in a strong but nonthreatening way. I’m concerned by all this, as it seems I’m losing the assertiveness I used to have. Could this be part of my ascension process, or am I turning into a spineless, passive wimp?”


      First, thank you for being so honest and open about this particular Ascension related issue you’re living and adapting to as a male in a dying patriarchal world and reality.

      What you’re experiencing is the beginning of living life and perceiving reality from your High Heart center (Heart chakra). Everything is very different from that Mountain Peak! ♥ 😉 We’re making this transition, this ascension/evolutionary shift from existence and perception from ONLY the bottom three chakras in 3D duality, up into the High Heart (Thymus) chakra – High Heart Unity Consciousness – within a fifth dimensional (5D) unified physical world. Big freakin’ change in other words!

      More aware, higher vibrating people have been able to access at least some of the chakras above the solar plexus within lower 3D duality, but the masses basically have not been able to perceive above the old lower 3D gut/solar plexus power center consciousness/reality.

      Those other people you mentioned that “…just don’t get it…” are literally incapable of doing so with the tools of perception they currently have. This has been the profound difficulty, danger and frustration for Starseeds and Lightworkers; we’re speaking and emitting a higher frequency energy, consciousness and language that they cannot even comprehend. Because of this we simply have to embody, prototype, BE these energies, this Light, this knowledge ourselves and hope that eventually that will – if nothing else – at least attract their attention up to a higher (Heart) level. If, in the end they can’t or don’t want to make this transition, then the Separation of Worlds must happen for all to continue growing without hindering the other in any way any longer.

      The bottom-line with this is the assertiveness you’ve had and felt in 3D duality is evolving into something very different and better. Now, instead of speaking or pleading your case so to speak, you and I and all of us are supposed to be learning about how to Consciously Create and Co-Create. This is today as easy as doing what Inelia Benz suggested in her quoted article from J. If you want something, think it, visualize it if you want to also, and then demand or insist that THAT is what is going to be in your reality. No wishing, no praying, no hoping…demand it, expect it, know that it will be in your world and reality. I do this every day with things I no longer want or will allow to be in my world and reality; things like wars, greed, fear, selfishness, violence, mental/emotional imbalanced people, money, the Dark Ones in any form etc. I EXPECT it from my High Heart center and this is how I’m Consciously Creating today. When I know more I’ll create/manifest differently, but this is us learning how to Consciously Create vs. functioning at the old lower level of external doings, talking, jumping through endless hoops to try to get something to happen in physical reality. See the difference?

      What you’re actually turning into is a High Heart centered human male whose learning how to intentionally, consciously Create the world around him from his High Heart. Welcome to the new Age (Aquarius-Higher Mind, opposite Leo-creativity and High Heart) ascending Being and the new everything. 🙂


  38. Lisa-

    This Avalon/faerie idea of world separation is exactly what I’ve been feeling, thinking, intuiting. I think that’s how I got here to begin with anyway.

    There are so many comments! Wow!

    I figure one day very soon, I will be in the mountains, and just not come back. I was away for a week and it truly is a different world in the wilderness at high altitudes, but maybe that was just the altitude getting to me.

    Love you all! I’m excited to see and experience what will happen.

  39. Hi Denise,

    Thanks for the information. I did see the video of the Mirage in China. I had my own “mirage” encounter together with my mom in the Provence, when we suddenly saw a horse standing in the middle of the lake. We went for a walk when we saw this , but my father was a bit behind. So we took are eyes of the horse to tell him that a horse was in the middle of the lake…(just some seconds) and when we looked back , the horse was gone. My dad looked at us if we were crazy.

    Anyway thanks….

  40. Denise and all, I am so looking forward to your new posts! I am so ready. I could ditto just about everything everyone here has said.

    I have a quick insight I’d like to share. I’ve felt this before as I sure most of the readers here have, but I had one of those insights that sinks in at a whole new level – it has b/c part of me. I have been working w/the ArchAngels – sort of new to me but making progress and it has been explained why it is so hard for them to come to this world – to lower their vibration to manifest physically – even tho they can. So, I now so much more appreciate the several times they have manifested for me. Anyway, this is my point – as you know I have a “new job” and it has been incredibly difficult for me there; there is a lot of dark energy and recently I posted about thinking about leaving (but still have some fear about money). I just want to let you all know I am going to leave this position – I now realize that I have made some huge shifts (owned this, I guess) and I can no longer even try to function in that world. The 3Dness of it, the darkness, the insanity (their logic makes no sense to me), they are bringing out the dark forces in mass now. What I realized is that I am having to step-down my vibration to just exist there. I leave feeling awful every day and dread going in each day. I hope that does not sound like my ego talking – I know my ego – and that is why I have spent a lot of time processing this to be sure of where I am coming. I’ve addressed the difficult situations there, only to be met with even more “logic” that makes even less sense! So, I have a couple of commitments to complete and then plan to give notice mid-September. I feel great about this, and I now get (on a deeper level) I need to live in 5D to get there!

    This community means a lot to me – thank you so much Denise, and everyone that comments, for being here. This is a big step for me as I have nothing to fall back on (in the 3D sense!) but I am going to call on my High Heart and 5D abilities and support to start over. Thank you again, Morgean

  41. I loved the scene of “The Lord of the Rings” that J described which reminded me of another amazing and heart touching scene from the movie “The Fifth Element” in which after all 4 Elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire had been activated, the last 5th and missing element, came from the two leading actors which was Love.They activated it by Loving and kissing each other deeply.
    Their love combined with the other Elements created a tremendous beam of Light which managed to destroy a big black ball of Evil which would devour Earth and everyone on it.
    Thats the power of Earth combined with the Love of all of us. Evil will not devour us if we stay as one and connected. 🙂

  42. I am sorry to hear Tom’s comments

    ‘I’ve been finding it very difficult to speak up and assert myself. Fortunately, I very rarely encounter pushy people anymore, so it hasn’t been much of a concern. I’m finding that I’m hypersensitive to any kind of intimidating behavior these days, even when it’s directed at others.’

    Even if this is related to the coming changes, there is a wonderful technique
    BE SET FREE FAST, that is suitable for self help. Please do not suffer when effective techqniques can easily help you overcome these issues 🙂

  43. Hello, everyone,

    Such an interesting discussion here. I can’t say that there would be too many people I would really miss if I left, but I’m uncertain that I will leave. I think I committed to staying for the long haul. What that will mean in the coming months, I have no idea.
    As for the manifesting, yesterday I decided that this building I’m in will be a place of light and that it will expand by one house in each direction every day. That means that anyone in this house who is not following the light will be very uncomfortable here, which means the gang of 30-something guys who have perched themselves on the roost outside and feel like they own the place. I can feel a slight difference today, but it will continue. I’m also deciding on other things– an office to myself so I can do my work in peace, a house of my own, transportation. The operative word here is decide– once I “decide” something, it usually happens very quickly. And, as I’m living in quite an arrogant area, this is my way to begin to transform it– light everywhere!

    Hugs to all,

    • Cat,

      That’s the magic formula for each of us now; make a conscious decision and Consciously Create what we want which overrides all those unpleasant lower things we don’t want in our lives and world any longer. Well done you! 🙂 ♥


  44. Hi Denise,

    This is really a question rather than a comment, but I keep hearing about one symptom being a bloated stomach which I haven’t had. My ex-boyfriend-but-unfortunately-still-roomate all the sudden looks like he’s 5 months pregnant in just the past few weeks and it’s taut, though he says everything is working “normal” inside if you know what I mean. Is this what it’s like do you know? He of course would never believe it could be from something as ” whacked out” as me suggesting that (talk about your alpha male who will NEVER see his feminine side), but he also refuses to see a doctor. I’m not really worried about him because I figure if he doesn’t want to help himself I can’t do anything about it, however I don’t want him exploding in my house either! 😉

    One other thing I was thinking of while gardening last evening, is to say a real heartfelt THANK YOU – it had just dawned on me that if I’ve felt like I have for the past couple of years, and you’ve been going through it for many many years, then YOU have paved the way to be easier for all of US wayshowers to a much greater degree than we have to pave the way for the next bunch. I can’t even imagine how strong you must be, so thanks for all you do somehow – you are a great friend and mentor to us all!

    In light!


    • kt1111,

      My sympathies to your ex boyfriend! My sympathies to you having to room with him as an ex! Hang in there and tell the air what YOU want for yourself now. “…I don’t want him exploding in my house either!” 😆 It feels like one could explode too…thanks for the giggles.

      This Ascension symptom is common and often called “Buddha Belly” and I’ve suffered with it since my biological Ascension Process started in Feb 1999. It had eased up a bit over the past couple of years, but the DAY we entered the Ninth Wave, it and some old familiar symptoms returned like hot flashes every 20 minutes, increased food sensitivities, waking up at 5 AM when I absolutely don’t need to but can’t go back to sleep, etc.

      OMG I just read your last paragraph kt1111. ♥ Thank you so for perceiving this and acknowledging it like this…it means a lot to me because it has been (and still is in many ways) really hard and painful lonely Work. Breaking up the Dark in a totally Dark world to let the Light back in isn’t a job for everyone that’s for sure, and I’m showing the wear and tear of all this, but your understanding is like life essence to me so thank you very much. We each do our part in all this for ALL.

      Heart Hugs of Gratitude,

  45. Denise – Thanks for replying to my post about assertiveness. It reminded me that I’m still viewing a lot of my current reality through the old 3-D/patriarchal lense. As a male who grew up in a small agricultural Oregon town in the ’60s and ’70s, I guess I’m still a product of that environment and its conditioning.

    I’m finding it challenging to keep a positive attitude towards my ascension process. This is because it’s still really hard, has been going on a long time, and I don’t know when I’ll be done with it. Also, I have no way to imagine what my life will be like when it’s over. Right now I’m experiencing a lot of doubts about the end of the Mayan calendar dates coming up soon. I’m afraid that everything will continue exactly as it has been, and that my ascension symptoms will never end. Sometimes it feels like all my hard ascension work has been for nothing.

    I was following a conspiracy website quite closely before I found your blog. It has lots of posts about Elenin, Nibiru, etc. I found it to be comforting when my ascension symptoms were their most severe. All that gloom and doom helped me feel better about my current situation. Lately I’ve been phasing out that website, and spending more time on your blog. I know that this is a good sign, but I do miss the comfort of all the doom and gloom posts during times like these. Thanks for “listening.”

    Tom the frustrated prototyper

    • Tom,

      Years ago I went through the same process that you are. I posted (years ago) at certain forums that today I won’t go near because it’s comparable to diving back down into a septic tank. Sorry for the nasty visual everyone but it’s pretty accurate actually. We all have to give up our addictions (Emotional Body addictions/manipulations by the negative Dark Ones) at some point within the Ascension Process, transmute them and keep moving forward.

      From what you’ve described you’re past the worst of the worst phase of this Process because you’re doubting that it’s really changing anything. We all go through that phase too and I can tell you that you’re close to seeing big improvements so keep doing what you’ve been doing and acclimating to having your new Driver’s Seat be your 5D High Heart and not your old 3D left-brained egoic intellect. Job very well done.


  46. Hi Denise:

    Though I’ve been posting here for a short while, I guess I kind of just assumed that you knew how greatly you are loved and appreciated by this blogging community that you have gathered around you and who all obviously care for you so much. And so I’m taking this opportunity to ditto kt1111 words. I, too, am a Capricorn and until recently, I have never been able to express myself “in love” without fear of rejection, but then the love I was trying to express was 3D and not compatible with the love that was waiting to emerge and is emerging from my 5D heart. And so I am sending to you, and to everyone here in this Transitions community, the love that I know is received without shame or guilt or wondering if there is now an obligation that it be returned to the sender. And I also want to say that when I read your response to the “PhD” I thought Denise is a momma bear and I am one of her cubs and not only did I sense your protection and genuine love for us all, but I wanted to crawl into your lap and I am older than you! Now that’s 5D love! Thank you from my heart for agreeing to be a number one Wayshower. We’re here for you.

    Love to All

    • Barbara,

      Wow…thank you so much, really. ♥ And thanks for the Ph.D. thing cause that was a patriarchal ego stunt and that silly crap just won’t fly around here.

      Bottom line is that all I’ve ever wanted was Co-Workers standing beside me radiating their Light…not groupies or followers…and the wonderful part is I’m getting my wish in 2011. 🙂

      ♥ Heart Hugs of Gratitude back at you,

  47. Denise,
    Thank you for being so responsive to everyone’s concerns here! I greatly appreciate this forum. Like many (most?) of you, I am an island unto myself…for many a long year. And actually, that’s OK with me.

    Anyway, I did have a concern though, with the exercise that J shared from Inelia Benz. I am familiar with her story, website, and materials, but a red flag went up for me with this. She says,

    “We decide what we agree with and what we don’t agree with. We all cast our vote. So here is what we do, here is how we cast our vote:

    Choose a person, situation, location, personal topic, or worldwide event, that you do not agree with. Then, draw a red circle around it, and a line across it. Say the words, “I do not agree with this”. Next, visualize what you would like to see, what you do agree with, and place a green tick next to it. It is very, very simple, and quick. So much so, that one might think it is not life changing, but it is. Try it. Try it with the big things, and the little things. Use it every day, and watch. What do you have to lose by trying it out? Nothing.”

    Maybe, maybe not.

    I tried her “visualization” exercise with images in PowerPoint. She has you finding images of what you DON’T want and putting a big red circle/slash over it. Then finding what you DO want, and putting a big green checkmark next to it. Like any good disinfo “show,” truth is mixed in with lies so you swallow the whole thing. I started grabbing all the nasty images – war, violence, greed, rap music, Illuminati, pollution, nuclear energy, famine, the Pope…and guess what? My emotional state went BLACK! Looking at all those images, I began to get MAD, SAD, FRUSTRATED! Just what they want you to do! So I deleted all of them, and created my positive vision board full of love, peace, joy, abundance, cooperation, health, connection to Source… Humph!

    I think this brings up an important point that is critical for us now, and that Denise has mentioned above…Discernment. The good info will be mixed in with the bad, just like a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down! And just reading it — knowing how critical our thoughts are at this time and going forward — set off warning bells….focusing on what you DON’T want? They don’t teach you that in Law of Attraction 101! But it was in the DOING of the exercise that I FELT it! And it was wrong for me. But this is just my experience.


    • “Anyway, I did have a concern though, with the exercise that J shared from Inelia Benz. I am familiar with her story, website, and materials, but a red flag went up for me with this. She says,

      “We decide what we agree with and what we don’t agree with. We all cast our vote. So here is what we do, here is how we cast our vote:

      Choose a person, situation, location, personal topic, or worldwide event, that you do not agree with. Then, draw a red circle around it, and a line across it. Say the words, “I do not agree with this”. Next, visualize what you would like to see, what you do agree with, and place a green tick next to it. It is very, very simple, and quick. So much so, that one might think it is not life changing, but it is. Try it. Try it with the big things, and the little things. Use it every day, and watch. What do you have to lose by trying it out? Nothing.”

      Maybe, maybe not.

      I tried her “visualization” exercise with images in PowerPoint. She has you finding images of what you DON’T want and putting a big red circle/slash over it. Then finding what you DO want, and putting a big green checkmark next to it. Like any good disinfo “show,” truth is mixed in with lies so you swallow the whole thing. I started grabbing all the nasty images – war, violence, greed, rap music, Illuminati, pollution, nuclear energy, famine, the Pope…and guess what? My emotional state went BLACK! Looking at all those images, I began to get MAD, SAD, FRUSTRATED! Just what they want you to do! So I deleted all of them, and created my positive vision board full of love, peace, joy, abundance, cooperation, health, connection to Source… Humph!

      I think this brings up an important point that is critical for us now, and that Denise has mentioned above…Discernment. The good info will be mixed in with the bad, just like a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down! And just reading it — knowing how critical our thoughts are at this time and going forward — set off warning bells….focusing on what you DON’T want? They don’t teach you that in Law of Attraction 101! But it was in the DOING of the exercise that I FELT it! And it was wrong for me. But this is just my experience.”


      That’s some really lame reasoning imo. Here, I’ll show you.

      Murder, rape, incest, pedophilia, wars, violence, lies, evilness, torture, mutilation, etc. Now, were those words and the images they conjured up in all of our minds and hearts “disinfo”? No, they were sick dark truths of what too many people have done and still do to other people in this world, and of course just thinking about those things makes us feel like utter shit. No “disinfo” just physical facts and reactions to those facts. So Inelia was saying to visualize a big red NO symbol on top of each of those horrific things/events/actions/people etc. who create, do, enable, design and manifest all of those negative things and events as one way of Consciously Creating and intending them to not be in your new Earth world and reality.

      I’ve said in past articles that I couldn’t as yet fully envision what all I want in the new ascending world…but I sure as hell know what I don’t want there! And guess what? All the things I don’t want there are the things you and I have mentioned and what’s wrong with that? I’ve been removing these sorts of events, residual dark energies and the people that feed and profit off of them from the ascending world for most of my life because that’s a huge aspect of my job and natural ability as a Starseed Lightworker Prototyper; transmuting all lower frequencies from 3D and 4D and permanently removing them.

      Learning to be emotionally neutral while doing transformational work sure helps and it took me some time to reach that point. It’s so easy to hate the Dark Ones, but when you can honestly and easily remain neutral over both polarized sides and outcomes, then you’re tapping into some real power and creativity that exists vibrationally well above duality. It takes all of us some trial and error to Master this one and resolve and integrate polarity and vibrate above it but that’s exactly what we’re doing. Use whatever method works best for you.


  48. Hi Denise,
    I have found it comforting to follow your comments, I must admit when I read about some of your symptoms I thought “Oh my goodness glad I didn’t get that one”, sorry! Hearing others stories and views has cultivated a deep appreciation of the beautiful work each person ascending has undertaken. My own ascension was for a good few years completely brutal, there was a year when I assimilated so much karma every breath hurt, there was no light just waves of unrelenting darkness, my body swelled up like a balloon and the psychic attack went day and night to the point where I just sobbed for months. It felt like my heart had been ripped out, the shuddering through my body was so violent I lost my ability to talk for a while, thinking was isolated to surviving only. The words I have read on this site have helped to heal the trauma of the experience, thank you all so much. Bring it on! I understand with the separation lapping at our feet many feel a division or even repulsion towards those who live in the lows. This is an important process to affirm the qualities each of us wishes to leave behind and which to take with us, It also helps release eons of anger. I found myself crying and angry last week after a short telephone call to a dear friend who is ascending ‘the way of the heart’ in a very pure way, no ascension symptoms to boot, waaah not fair! It struck me hard that she sees herself so separately from those of the lower vibrating, grid locked brigade. I really need to say that in my daily work, I work with the people who will not ascend at this time. They come to visit me at work and at times I visit them at home, sometimes it’s hard to breath or even walk straight in their presence but what strikes me is that they are beautiful. Many of my clients have multiple issues addictions, psychological, disorders you name it they have it. Even when their eyes are empty and sad, or they are screaming and threatening to set their dogs on me, I look into their eyes (when I’m not running to jump over the fence) and there it is, a beauty and softness it’s the place fear cannot touch just a flicker of pure life and sometimes it’s only just there. We have been going through all of the pain of ascension to free ourselves so that we may love more and more and live in unity. Only a few years ago my symptoms were so bad I was only basically functioning and I found it very difficult to be around any people or person at all. Trust me it changes, have the courage to love them all more and more and more. I thank you all again for sharing your experiences, with gratitude to you Denise.
    Love Shell.

  49. Hi everyone! I am a new reader of this wonderful blog and I am truly grateful and honored to be able to witness your openness, love and wisdom you guys so generously give away. We “prototypes” are lonely wolfs because we are needed in bad places.That is why we are here, right now. It is so comforting to know you guys are out there and within reach through this blog!

    I am so looking forward to your next post, dearest Denise, and the discussion too!

    As for myself, right now I am dealing with how to reach the heart in every and any possible situation, several times a day. Often I fail real bad, and I get angry, frustrated and sad when meeting brutality of others, but I just stubbornly keep practicing 😉

    I voluntarily downshifted my lifestyle from a dream come true job to a less lucrative one last year. That way I got rid of the constant drama of a 3D working community. Now I get less money but I don’t have to use that much energy for coping poisonous 3D energies. I have also stopped reading and watching news and all the other stuff that indulge with fear and aggression. I still find that I miraculously get all the information I need!

    Love and Light to every single one of this community ❤
    – Aya

  50. I AM THAT =WE ARE THE DARK ONES! I ‘was’ a dark priest in Atlantis, sending seriously bad mojo through crystals, a peyote addicted shaman, who had to come back for another lifetime as a mentally ill murderer, because I screwed up my mental body…the list goes on.And consider that time is an illusion, so I AM still my past life selves. Plus, the dreams I have revealing me being “less than Light” may be reflecting my current lives in parallel universes…not to mention the countless petty issues I find myself in in the reality that I most identify with.
    Hating the Dark Ones is hating yourself. If you see something/someone negative in your reality- it’s YOURS – learn from it! Synchronicity is beautiful, but doesn’t just put us in touch with the “GOOD’ experiences- it connects us to ALL THAT IS. Don’t pretend that it belongs to “THEM” 🙂

  51. Wow, Denise! I’ve only posted two comments to your blog and each time I got quite the smackdown. Frankly, I’m shocked…shocked at the condescending tone of your responses, and shocked because they’re coming from a “Starseed Lightworker Prototyper.” And if I’ve come across as condescending—or a know-it-all, or a naysayer, or an ignorant slut…I don’t know how I’m coming across!—then I apologize. It was never my intention to be “one of those people” who play the role of agitator in a public forum! So I will just go back to my passive, peaceful blog reading, and “discussing” it with myself in my journal. Feel free not to publish this since it’s not adding constructively to the topic under discussion.

    To clarify what I was trying to say, you start by saying, “Murder, rape, incest, pedophilia, wars, violence, lies, evilness, torture, mutilation, etc. Now, were those words and the images they conjured up in all of our minds and hearts “disinfo”? No, they were sick dark truths… No “disinfo” just physical facts and reactions to those facts.”

    I think you misunderstood what I was referring to with “disinfo.” I was referring to the exercise itself, of mixing a “positive attractor” technique with a “negative attractor” technique. If one agrees with the positive part of the message/technique/exercise, they may take in the whole thing as truth/good/positive, and thus “ingest” the bad with the good. That’s all I was saying. That we need to be alert for this and use discernment.

    You go on to say, “I’ve said in past articles that I couldn’t as yet fully envision what all I want in the new ascending world…but I sure as hell know what I don’t want there! And guess what? All the things I don’t want there are the things you and I have mentioned and what’s wrong with that?”

    There’s nothing wrong in mentioning them, identifying them; it was the focusing on them that I was concerned about. The Law of Attraction states that we get more of what we focus upon. As “Abraham” explains in the LOA, contrast can help us determine what we don’t want, so that we can turn toward the opposite of that experience and look toward what we do want.” I totally agree with that.

    When I mentioned the LOA, I was also thinking about how Abraham-Hicks gives the analogy of life as a buffet, where we are able to choose what we want to put on our plate. But we don’t go up to the table looking at all the things we don’t want saying “I don’t want that, and I really don’t want that, and I don’t want that either,” we just look for what we do want.

    My point was that this exercise could go beyond constructively using contrast to identify what we do want when faced with what we don’t want. Especially if you created a tangible end-product with images of what you don’t want and looked at it each day!

    It’s the same argument for, if you want to lose weight, which photo do you put on your fridge to help your mindset? – the photo of you at your fattest so you are repulsed? Or the one of you at your slimmest so you are inspired? We can’t successfully hold these two contradicting images in our minds simultaneously and get the result we want.

    So we must choose one…which one will we choose? I feel we need to focus daily on the good, the positive image. Inelia was saying to do her exercise every day…did that include looking at and saying No to the BAD things? Because if so, that is the part that I don’t agree with.

    • Linda,

      Feel better?

      You can have all the endless duality and polarity you want. Nice back-peddling and projecting by the way. This conversation is done. 🙂


  52. Hi Denise and All here:

    Just had an insight that I thought others might like to try. I haven’t been able to meditate for some time now — nothing happening — so just now I thought I’d give it a try again and as I settled in and did the usual routine, I was “advised” to no longer ground myself into 3D Earth, but to ground myself into 5D Earth. So I “imagined” that and thought I was “out” for about ten minutes only to come to, to realize I’d been gone for about 20 minutes. Have no idea where I was, but I’m glad I went! So from now I’m grounding into 5D Earth!

    Plus, I was wondering if anyone has experienced the “giant” scene yet? I was walking home my usual path a few weeks ago and slowly things got smaller and smaller around me. I live in the mountains and they became tiny and very far away. I looked at the houses and they were dollhouses and I wondered how people could possibly get in through the doors or open the tiny one-inch square windows. And then I realized I was huge, I mean huge, not as in Buddha belly bloated, but about 15 to 20 feet tall and I thought, good grief, I hope I can get through my own door and into my house. As I approached my house, I slowly came back down to normal 3D human size and to my relief found everything inside as I had left it. I haven’t experienced that one again, don’t mind if I do, but just thought I’d ask if anyone else has.

    And banging into doors and corners, yup, still doing that; waking up in the morning with everything frozen from the neck down, yup on that one, too. I won’t go into head pain, et cetera, just to say my heart is with you all.

    Love to All

    • “Just had an insight that I thought others might like to try. I haven’t been able to meditate for some time now — nothing happening — so just now I thought I’d give it a try again and as I settled in and did the usual routine, I was “advised” to no longer ground myself into 3D Earth, but to ground myself into 5D Earth.”


      You’ve answered yourself…you just didn’t recognize it yet. 😉

      “I was walking home my usual path a few weeks ago and slowly things got smaller and smaller around me. I live in the mountains and they became tiny and very far away. I looked at the houses and they were dollhouses and I wondered how people could possibly get in through the doors or open the tiny one-inch square windows. And then I realized I was huge, I mean huge, not as in Buddha belly bloated, but about 15 to 20 feet tall…”

      That was you not grounding into 3D (because you’ve outgrown it) but into 5D where you’re perception of self (and your point of view) and everything else is much larger.


  53. It is all too often we fail to express our deep gratitude in meaningful words, maybe hoping that the waves of it are somehow felt without stopping to acknowledge further. At this very point and moment, I want to say much more but hope to convey my heart-felt gratitude to you Denise thus: I deeply recognise your soul, the perilous work you do and have carried on for all these years, and how you continue to hold up this High Heart space in these end times. You are one incredibly brave woman. I thank you for the most recent lesson, which also provided certain personal validation for me in how and what I have been perceiving about some things. The need for discernment is clear, as it permeates all areas of life and lightwork. I extend to you my loving energy from here to support you in any way possible.

  54. Barbara,
    (I am a Barbara, too 😀 )
    About the ‘giant 5D being’ – yes; I’ve had that, too! I was walking through town, when things started to seem strangely small and toy like, it was really odd, as if I’d grown, or was on stilts. Then I realised that the rhythmic walking and rather vacant mental state had let me drift off into 5D awareness….and in *that* body, I was about 15-20 feet tall! It was SO weird, and I was looking at people wondering how come they seemed not to notice this huge giant loping along. It was fascinating, but also bizarre, and I somehow consciously ‘put’ my awareness back into its 5′ 2″ earth vehicle before I got home. You’re the first person to describe the exact same experience! Weird, isn’t it? 🙂

    Barbara in UK.

  55. Hi Denise and Barbara in UK:

    Wow, thank you both for validating me and the “giant” experience so quickly. I feel “hugely” honoured and because I wondered what I might have looked like physically (there was no other person around during my “giant” presentation) now I know because of Barbara in UK that no would have noticed and that’s fine with me. Yes, indeed a weird and very wonder-full experience. Thanks again, both. What an amazingly beautiful community of souls at Transtitions and as someone said in a post recently, I can’t wait to meet you all in 5D!

    Love to All

    • Barbara,

      Years ago whenever I would start to alter my consciousness (aka increase my frequency and consciously connect a bit better with my Higher Self etc.) or this process would activate on its own, the symptoms I noticed first that told me my point of perception had changed was that everything I could see looked – from that point of view – as if I were about five feet above the top of my physical head! That plus my voice sounded different to me when I talked, sort of hollow and metallic and the sounds of my own voice caused pressures and mild pain inside my head. The floor looked much farther away and everything had gotten a bit smaller looking from this expanded level that I had shifted into.

      I think we’re all going to be having vastly more 5D experiences and perceptions (and realizations etc.) like what you and UK Barbara and myself have talked about. Also…expect to suddenly see one or more higher dimensional Beings/Starbeings/ETs etc. manifest before your mind’s eye and/or also right there before you for a few moments. Just telepath with them and smile from your Heart when this happens and know they play for Team Light. 😉


  56. Barbara and Barbara 😉 — Thank you so much for sharing about the “giant 5D being” — Barbara could you tell me more about how you grounded to 5D earth instead of 3D earth?


    The last few days I’ve been going through some intense emotional ascension symptoms. In the past when I’ve experienced this I’ve comforted myself by participating in a lot of the gossip and drama at work. I tried that a couple of times recently, and found that it really got me down rather than stimulating me. I also used to comfort myself by reading lots of posts on my favorite Gloom and Doom website. Reading about upcoming disasters with Elenin, Nibiru, etc. was also stimulating and comforting to me. I tried that a couple of times, and it didn’t help me feel any better.

    Yesterday I had a very emotionally challenging day at work, and a lot of my old buttons got pushed. All day long I noticed how much I wanted to slip into gossiping, complaining and being a victim. At the end of my shift I talked to one of my bosses, and talked through some of the things that had happened that day. This morning I talked to another of my bosses, and resolved my remaining major issue quite quickly and easily. I felt much lighter after these talks, and had a better day at work today. I’m clear that I wouldn’t have been able to do this if I had continued my old patterns of complaining, gossiping, and checking out the latest Gloom and Doom.

    I know that this is a breakthrough and a good sign, but it’s damned uncomfortable. I really miss my comfortable old victimhood! After work today I was still experiencing my ascension symptoms, and still feel really bad. WAHHH.


    p.s. I got a very bad vibe from a new coworker of mine yesterday, and wanted to complain to my supervisor and coworkers about him. My guides told me that I didn’t need to do anything, and that the situation would resolve itself. I had a hard time accepting this, as I really wanted to stir up some drama. At the end of the shift today. he got into a very heated argument with my supervisor, and she told him to leave. He then walked out, never to return. I’m glad I trusted my guides, and let spirit resolve the situation for me. 😀

  58. Haha! Denise I love your badass-ness.

    Linda- fat photos are the best motivator. I got up to 211 once. I look at photos from the winter of 2006-2007 and think, “How did I ever let myself get that way?” Even today, just a second flash of myself being something I have zero desire to embody, yes I did climb 2,200 feet today and back down. That was rad, and something I’d put off doing the last two years because I thought I would be unable to. Whereas your point may be valid for you, things just don’t work that way anymore for me.

    Even existing beyond duality (beyond sounds better than above; above is too hierarchical) say a third of the time is so radical and bleeping awesome. Yes!

    So I feel most all of us here have the tools we need to summit the mountain, as long as we don’t give up even when we get tired. Keep that image of yourself suffering through ascension symptoms: Buddha belly, going to the toilet every 15 minutes, sobbing uncontrollably, snotting all over…let that be your fat picture on the fridge. Every switchback you get to the top of has an even better view, so stop long enough to catch your breath, calm your heart, and cool down. You will be overcome with grace and gratitude when you see what it looks like from the summit. And then of course, there’s tons more mountains to climb.

  59. Hello Denise and everyone,
    having been introduced to your blog since April (by my friend Eva44), i have become an avid reader and follower. the information here is always of great interest and importance.
    this is the first time i post, so i would like to take the opportunity to express a BIG thank you for the time and positive energy you put into this blog.
    like everyone always says, the community that has formed here is certainly is a heart warming relief from some of the “outside” realities. a place where we can always come and reconnect with our true selves and the new heart based world that is taking shape.
    thank you, thank you, thank you !

  60. Hi, Denise and the two (giants) Barbaras and everybody here, lots of love! I’ve been reading your writings Denise, for several months and the most important thing is the HH love I always recognize pouring through your writings…I know you are feeling mine but now I want to put it into words and let you now how much I honor your life-path and, believe me, these are not fluffy words because I know for myself the trials and challenges it has/is demanded/ing. Plus the fact that I always, always, feel complete resonance with what you say not only because it confirms what I’m living but because they are like an ocean of HH love in the dessert and I love basking in it.

    And about the “giant 5-D” experience…me too! It started some months ago and it was so stunning and even funny (it is almost the only ascension symptoms that doesn’t hurt!) that I was delighted with the experiene (plus a little puzzled…nobody was noticing anything”strange” with me?).
    I knew that it was some kind of 5D physicality and I was getting used to it. How could I, so enoooormous, being “contained” in, or “attached” to, such a tiny body?…



    • adriana,

      ♥ Hugs of Gratitude for your High Heart and kind words.♥

      It means a lot to me to know that we’ve created a higher frequency Community here and soon this and so much more like it will manifest into our physical world.


  61. Denise, I stumbled across this website today and it has totally blown me away. Is this what I am going through? Six years ago, I quit smoking, then (not through a conscience decision) quit drinking. In 2009, I filed for divorce from my husband of 38 years and that was final in 2010. I am no longer speaking to my daughter.

    It seems imperative that I get all negativity out of my life. Not to judge them, to allow them to walk their own path and to allow me to walk mine. I pray daily to be filled with positivity, love and happiness. Every night I send out love and light to the Universe, Mother Earth and her inhabitants. I don’t know why, I just feel called to do so.

    My crown and heart chakras and hands and feet feel like they are emitting all kinds of electrical energy. I wake up during the night feeling like streams of energy are being released by my crown or heart chakras.

    I have been feeling very alone and that maybe I need therapy. Is this the ascension you are talking about? I am an empath and have gone to see a Reiki practioner once. Where can I learn more? Thank you.

    • p. brown,

      Our Higher Self points us to where we need to go at exactly the correct moment for us to confirm, validate what we’ve already been living ourselves but didn’t fully understand the intense and painful Ascension Process.

      “It seems imperative that I get all negativity out of my life. Not to judge them, to allow them to walk their own path and to allow me to walk mine.”

      Never truer words of wisdom spoken. Well done you and welcome to TRANSITIONS and to knowing more about the Ascension Process. 🙂

      Yes, what you’ve been going through and the symptoms you’ve mentioned are the Ascension Process, the “Rewiring” of the body and brain, kundalini rising and much more. There’s plenty of past articles here about all this that will validate what you’ve been living through for years already. You can “learn more” reading through them. Enjoy. 🙂


  62. I’ve been doing a lot of ascension work for the last 16 years, and haven’t had any of the giant 5-D experiences mentioned in recent posts. I’m concerned by this. After all this work, I’m wondering why I’m not having these experiences.

  63. Wow, nadeanna, I loved your mountain-climbing analogy– very apt to what we’re doing!

    Over the last several years, I have had moments where I felt I was looking from a much higher angle than usual– I’m pretty short, but felt about 6′ tall. This hasn’t happened so much lately, but I look forward to it. I’m going to bet that that version of us does not have a Buddha belly either! lol! What keeps happening for me is the shimmering air. I’m getting it almost every day now. Sometimes, it also looks like things are trying to form in the air, but I never get a clear image of what these colors and lights are trying to form. And, with the slumboys on my front stoop, every time they’re there, I pour light there and within minutes they leave. And they never leave normally. I joked with someone in the neighborhood that it looks like they were screwed into the steps! lol! I’m trying it now with the loud thumping music upstairs. We’ll see what happens.

    I waited a few minutes before posting and the music is gone! Hey, has anyone else been forgetting to eat regularly or losing their appetite? I have forgotten to eat lunch or supper several times this last week and I don’t really get that hungry. Strange.

    I, too, really love this community and the opportunities it presents us to share and grow together. And, of course, Denise, who has brought us all together and is our guide through this time of our development. 🙂

    Hugs to all,

  64. Tom,

    I wouldn’t be concerned. It seems everyone’s experiences are somewhat different. My experience with being large is nothing so dramatic as the Barbaras’. Mine is more subtle, sort of, well, this is interesting. Also, it has only been happening to me for a couple of months.


  65. Morgean23:

    About grounding into 5D: Whenever I’ve meditated I’ve always brought down golden glowing warm spirals of love and light from the higher dimensions, through each of my chakras, and into the physical Earth so that I feel connected and that all beings are safe and then I simply let my “imagination” take me where I “need” to go during that meditation. That “routine” hasn’t been working for me in the last couple of months and the other day, as I mentioned, I was “advised” to ground into 5D Earth – so I did the same routine, and ended it by stating my intention to ground into a different Earth! I confess I’m a wee bit reluctant to give this kind of information because what might work for me may not work for others, but just ask and you’ll get what you need, though most likely not when you’re looking for it!

    You asked me on another post for more information about my Arcturian connection. All I can say was that I first was drawn to all things Arcturian by a compelling interest in crop circles. I started investigating those and pretty soon anything to do with Arcturus seemed to come my way, (books/Janosh sacred geometry) and then one day I sat in front of my computer and just asked and waited for some sort of recognition of my efforts. That’s when I made contact with three Arcturians whom I have grown to love very much. Apparently, much of my mission here is to help the Arcturians understand and be part of the experience of ascension, not to mention they may have a wee bit of guilt about interfering in human development. Kind of like the Pleiadian involvement as described by Barbara Hand Clow and Barbara Marciniak. Anyway, all I can say is ask, use your imagination for the good of All That Is, and you’ll get results. Hope that helps.


    I can’t tell you how thrilled and excited I am by the response here to the “giant” presentation and your explanation of what may come next. Oh, wow, and I have to agree with Adrianna, it’s one of the few ascension symptoms that doesn’t hurt. Bring on Team Light!

    Love to All

  66. Hey you all!

    Barbara – Thank you for the information – I started imagining grounding to 5D after reading your post. It is helping. I am experiencing so many shifts. Oh, and it was you that I asked about the Arcturians! I was really drawn to that post… and I love sacred geometry – lately, I am being guided to draw and “decorate” (don’t know how else to explain what I am receiving) geometric forms. I’m excited to begin!

    To Cat – I don’t feel like eating basically ever – but I get a little “under the weather” if I don’t eat. So, lot of times I force myself and nothing really sounds good. Yet, I have gained about 15 pounds the last few months. That is 15 pounds I really didn’t need! Maybe b/c I’m eating less “healthy” food – but geez, nothing sounds good, NOTHING processes very well either.

    I am experiencing feeling very dizzy a lot of the time – especially when at the computer – Denise / anyone know why it happens more when sitting at the computer? It feels like waves going through me. It has happened a couple of times while walking or standing, but it is not as significant or as often.

    Love and light to all here, Debra

  67. I’m 63 and it’s taken me most of my life to finally get it. When I was little I would wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and everything would look very small and far away. It helped me so much to read about other people having the same experience. Thank you so much. And also, most of my life I’ve felt that I’ve been depressed, because I haven’t been able to see my future. So I felt like I just didn’t have one. And maybe would die the next year. And now, from so may directions, I hear that no one knows what will happen and we are all consciously creating our futures, creating them ourselves. I wonder if this is why I could not see my future. Because I hadn’t created it yet. Before I learned anything about the Ascension process, I knew that I had to start believing. That I had to hope, and believe in a better world. Thank you everyone, for doing what you can. It all makes a difference.

    I do believe

  68. Hi,

    About the separation of worlds, I had a dream 1 night ago about the old world and me were swirling in a big dark angry tornado and we went up. High above us I could see the blue sky , totally silent, a promise of a new world. And as we went up and up , I became happier and happier, I was so trilled to go. But before I reached the blue sky, it stopped and I fell so sad that I didn’t reach it , I woke up. It was a very intense dream that I still feel.

    Meditating in 5D, the problem is that I always seem to fail to meditate, I don’t feel save (maybe of the years of sexual abuse by first my brother and after my father) , my body feels like it wants to run away…can anyone tell me how I can meditate without being scared and to run away. Thanks

    About the eating, yesterday I made potatoes, pork sausages and carrots and suddenly I was repulsive to eat pork sausages and just left them on my plate. I also starting to eat more fruit as well.

    If I had to look back how I was and how I am now, I came a long way and when I started three years ago, reading everything I could my hand on it…I started to change inside. What really touched my heart are the the Ascension papers by Zingdad that talks about Ascension as a “singularity event”.

    Wish you all, light,love and laughter

  69. to wolfke74- hi, i am a guest and new to this forum. I wanted to share with you regarding being frightened during meditation. One simple way to feel secure and safe is to connect to your Higher Self before you try to change your state of awareness. I focus on my Higher Heart center, and I always get a warm and joyous feeling, bliss you could call it when I bring my awareness to this connection. These are feelings which vibrate at a higher frequency than fear based emotions, and will put you in a good place from which to start your meditation. Light and love, hope this helps!


  70. I am the Oldest of 7 siblings (5 girls, 2 boys)… I feel I am a “Starseed/Indigo Child”, an old/re-born Soul, and My Signs (this lifetime) are Capricorn(Sun), Cancer(Moon), Aquarius(Rising)… I hold the Gates Open for both the Spiritual realm and the Material realm (My Father was a Libra-Virgo/Balancer/Scales what can I say, lol)…. I must have some good spiritual genes/makeup… oh ya… “Son of a King from ‘lost royalty’… perhaps cheated out of it”…. Karma brings blessings upon me, but not for “consumption like the flame”, but to pass on wisdom/guidance/seed to the next generation…. I was lost most of my early life (yet I am still young physically/mentally) and wish to learn more of the never-ending amazing-ness of our Universe. This Website/Page has “Enlightened Me” and I continue on my search for more Truth! Thank You everyone for the Knowledge!

  71. Hi Denise, thanks for sharing this article. It did give me a chuckle, and it was good to read your about experiences dealing with negative energies from TV shows etc. After I read your article about the solar flare activity yesterday I wasn’t even tempted to go back to the Doom and Gloom website to get further information. Nor was I when I read about the Arizona power outage yesterday evening. Instead, I posted a couple of things on your blog, and read the posts from other folks.

    I also did lots of posting on Facebook yesterday, and shared lots of weird jokes and puns. My friends responded with several of theirs, and we made each other laugh a lot. I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun. I thoroughly enjoyed doing that, and (GASP!) it even made me feel better! If I had spent that time and energy on the Doom and Gloom website, I think I would have had a slightly different experience. 😉

    Before I found your blog, I had resigned myself to being one of the people who would die soon from earth changes. Because my ascension symptoms were so severe, I was welcoming that as an end to my suffering. I checked out the Doom and Gloom site constantly to find out how and when this was likely to happen. I was hoping I would be one of the early deaths to reduce my suffering. Participating on your blog has helped me connect with like-minded people, and cope with my Ascension Symptoms better. It has literally been a life saver for me, and it’s helped me deal with my whine list better. Thanks so much. 😀


    • Tom,

      We need each other to complete this whole amazing Process. After that…big celebration Party so hang in there with us and other like-frequency kinfolk. 🙂

      ♥ Hugs,

  72. Hope everyone will soon feel better, last few days more aches and pains, then I read about the sunspots, and thought ok, maybe this energy is making my so called normal aches and pains worse! I guess as we get nearer and nearer to 11 11 11 and even beyond we will get more of the same. I bet Doctors Surgeries are crowded out!! (this is what we call our medical surgeries here in UK. 🙂

  73. First of all want to thank Denise for writing about this transition. The last few years I have literally been consumed with Ascension-related material. Only recently have I realized that we are already IN this transition (and have been for some time) as we clear ourselves at all levels and open to the increasing Light.

    After working as a life coach and motivational speaker (mainly on self-esteem issues and helping people go after their dreams), the energy for this dried up. Then I wrote a novel with a spiritual context and with all the changes in the publishing world, it appears to hang in limbo. There is NO energy to do anything else except go out in nature, BE in the moment, tend to my houseplants and exercise or do yoga. And read Ascension-related material.

    Thanks for confirming to me that I am NOT crazy, that the time is indeed now, and it is no longer about saving anyone else at this point, it is about our personal ascension.

    I am very happy to have found this blog and to read of everyone’s experiences. 🙂

  74. “Hey, has anyone else been forgetting to eat regularly or losing their appetite? I have forgotten to eat lunch or supper several times this last week and I don’t really get that hungry. Strange.”
    You are NOT alone there…

    “Denise / anyone know why it happens more when sitting at the computer? It feels like waves going through me.”
    As far as I know, nearly all technology as it currently exists drains energy from those using it, CPUs in particular generate some kind of negative vortex. I don’t remember where / when I heard this, however, but during my brief “energetically sensitive” points I’ve noticed being around computers to feel not-so-good.

  75. Thx for response Skyalmian. I have been away from computer for four days now and using iPhone – I now realize it has very negative effect on me -definitely draining. I found out about some type of chip/sticker u can put on phone/computer to help – you all may know about these but it was new to me. Will be getting some when I return home. Also will b limiting time on computer/phone from now on. Spent four days at workshop learning about intuitive healing – balancing systems within body incorporating All aspects of body – physical mental emotional spiritual – chakras meridians past lives belief systems -you name it. It was AMAZING!! Had to completely use right brain and high heart to find imbalances within body/mind/spirit and correct them again using intuition to guide which protocol to use to balance. It was a great experience to be so deeply immersed in this high heart arena – we are not alone!

  76. Skyalmian

    You know what i always loved sit on my computer for more than 10 hours a day when possible but lately i just can do anymore i fell sleepy, drained, bored i can’t find anything else fun do to on my computer and i also sometimes don’t feel hungry at all sometimes i just eat once a day or sometimes i don’t eat at all for a full day…

  77. This is by far the best description of the Ascension separation process I have ever come across. This brilliant and lovingly articulated gem will no doubt serve as a valuable tool for many of us way-showers in helping to ease and strengthen the hearts the many newly awakening Souls around us each day. Infinite Love and Gratitude! Namaste

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