Ascension: Approaching the End of a 25-Yearlong Process

Ascension symbol

Ascension symbol

  (An Ascension Symbol by Denise Le Fay – artist Yasmeen Harper)

Today is September 5, 2011, and we’ve entered DAY Six.

We’ve reached an important point within the Ascension Process where I know it’s time I share some details I haven’t so far. I’m going to try to list them sequentially to give you a partial overview and recap (from my current perspective) of some of what’s been unfolding, what was postponed and why; the Separation of Worlds; one world with more Light, the other world with more Dark. And of course I’ve left out plenty because all of this doesn’t need going over again now. These type of recap articles usually sound choppy and disconnected because I’m trying to cover a lot of Ascension related ground. The material is obviously condensed down and said in really simplified terms for ease, time and space, and also from the level I was and am today capable of perceiving. As always I reserve the right to grow and perceive more tomorrow, next week, the week after.


1987–2012 is the Nanosecond in time’ as Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians have called the very short compressed 25-yearlong period of the Ascension Process.

August 1987 Harmonic Convergence: an obvious start of the Ascension Process in 3D, but not in our physical bodies yet. Incarnate Starseeds—aka ground crews’— continued preparing and working inter-dimensionally with other-dimensional Beings, Starbeings, Lightbeings, ETs, Ascended Masters, Angelics etc. on their individual and Group Missions as energetic transmuters and therefore reality changers. We planted  new higher frequency seeds, anchored higher dimensional energies, and prepared for the more intense Work coming in the years ahead.

January 5, 1999 the Eighth Wave/Galactic Underworld begins: start of the difficult and painful physical, biological Ascension Process in most of the Starseeds first.

• From 1999 on, increasing numbers of Starseed Prototypers/Lightworkers/Wayshowers were energetically activated to begin their physical Ascension Process in Waves or Groups (First Wave, Second Wave and so on) to individually embody/prototype/live the Alchemical transformational Ascension Kundalini Process through their multiple energetic and physical bodies from within the physical polarized third dimension. They volunteered to do this so they could enter the 3D Earth system and embody/prototype higher Light Energies and 6D geometric blueprints or “architecture” and insert those blueprints/architecture/templates from Source into the lower frequency Earth world and override the deliberate multidimensional negative distortions and manipulations created by the Dark Ones as feeding and fuel devices for themselves and control over humanity and Earth.

• Many years of extremely painful, difficult, and oftentimes dangerous energetic transformational Ascension work through their Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies often while under repeated negative psychic and physical attacks either directly from non-physical Dark Ones and/or from manipulated, unaware physical humans. Incredibly difficult and dangerous working conditions to say the least!

• Between 2006–2009 there were numerous multidimensional meetings between many of the incarnate Starseeds/Volunteers/Wayshowers with certain higher dimensional Beings/Starbeings/Lightbeings/ETs etc. about when the Separation of Worlds would happen in 3D; when the completion of the Ascension Process would happen in 3D; and when the absolute last Expiration or cutoff date in 3D physicality would be for people who hadn’t chosen to Ascend/Evolve into increasing Unity and Responsibility over continued Separation and not taking Responsibility. [I hinted at some of this in my July 2009 article My Lightworker Strike ]

Many Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers expected that all 7 billion-plus people incarnate on Earth now would make this current “Harvest” or Ascension at the end of this Great Cycle. I and other Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers knew that all 7 billion-plus people would not and so petitioned for an earlier date to the Separation of Worlds. We were overruled at that time so I insisted that the First and Second Wave Starseeds, plus any who were profoundly sensitive and exhausted from the density, duality and negativity, be given some sort of reprieve via a higher frequency Safe House type zone or whatever so we could even continue doing our Ascension work while we worked towards and waited for more people to wake-up enough to choose to Ascend/Evolve. Out of my exhaustion and unending pain I insisted upon this and told the non-physical Beings that many of us incarnate Starseeds could die or become so psychically, mentally and emotionally wounded and damaged (much like many Indigos have) that we’d become incapable of continuing our Ascension Work in the physical IF we didn’t have a higher frequency space provided for us while we continued working and waiting for others at lower frequencies to decide to get on-board the Ascension train. This was immediately granted and many of us have lived for years already in these small, isolated patches of higher frequency Light Energies inside our physical homes and property (a Separation of Worlds) within the not-yet-fully formed NEW ascending Earth world.

This group entered the Separation of Worlds years ago and have worked and waited in our tiny higher frequency spaces and homes for every last soul whose going to choose to ascend/evolve to do so before the Expiration Date. My term Expiration Date means exactly that; the time to choose to Ascend/Evolve or not now will expire over specific days because this current Ascension Process cannot and will not go on indefinitely. The end of the Mayan calendar on Oct. 28, 2011 is an Expiration Date, as is the following 11-11-11 portal of Nov. 11, 2011, as is the Winter Solstice of Dec. 21, 2012 and so on. Humanity is given multiple, incremental energy Stair-steps, levels and dates before the absolute Expiration date or cutoff point within 3D physicality to this current Ascension/Evolutionary Process. Be grateful that this Process and its expiration is not as polarized or black/white, today/tomorrow, all/nothing as many people think it is! If it happened that way, billions more people would miss the opportunity to choose and use these universal, galactic, cosmic, solar and astrological energies to Ascend/Evolve now. Always incremental Stair-steps to this great Process, with a final cutoff point that is.

The energetic Separation of Worlds & Timelines has been happened incrementally for years already for many of us, but it’s the final physical Expiration Date that’s got some people confused and concerned. People need to remember that the Ascension Process—which is a slow-motion Separation of Worlds & Timelines in itself—has unfolded step-by-step, layer-by-layer in 3D physicality since about 1987 and is a 25-yearlong or so event, not something that’s going to suddenly all happen on one particular day. It’s the expiration of and cutoff point to the 25-yearlong Ascension Process as we’ve known it in this cycle…not the day that everyone ascends.

• More painful and difficult transmuting Emotional body and Mental body work while hiding-out in our higher frequency spaces in what’s felt like some strange isolated foot in both worlds type Safe House zone. At least we can recuperate and refuel a bit while in our higher frequency Light homes/spaces before we have to go out into the still lower frequency world for supplies! This entire situation will noticeably improve on the other side of October 28, 2011, and even more so with the 11-11-11 separation of November 11, 2011.

November 6, 2010 I experienced a lucid dream Astral kidnapping conducted by a small group of ancient Dark Ones.

It was the highly unusual behavior of this group of Dark Ones and what one of them screamed at me in a fit of rage that was important. Basically, this giant-sized Dark One wanted to tell me face-to-face how much he hated me—”me” meaning all Starseeds/Lightworkers not just Denise—because I’d/we’d ruined his reality, his way of life, his reign, his energetic human food and fuel supplies, his everything. What this unusual meeting revealed to me was that the Dark Ones reign was finally ending throughout the dimensions, and obviously many of them were and still are profoundly angry about this unexpected fact. They actually never believed this would happen and they thought they’d be able to prevent (via endless attacks) the Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Prototypers and Indigos from doing what we’ve done in physicality. This lucid dream kidnapping event may sound rather insignificant but it was an extremely important hand-delivered sign that the energetic Changing of the Guards was well underway and had reached the higher level Astral plane (4D) during the fall of 2010. Incremental stair steps going both up and down with this entire multidimensional Ascension Process.

March 9, 2011 the Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld begins: certain old Ascension symptoms from the Eighth Wave returned on this day, plus I perceive for the first time that the Cosmic Cavalry as I’ve called them (extremely advanced Beings of Light that reside close to Source) were on their down through the higher dimensions towards 3D physicality and Earth. This happening is going to make the incarnate Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers and Indigo’s jobs VASTLY easier and shorter!

Why are They coming down into physicality now? Because the Dark Ones are finally being unseated, dethroned, removed and redirected away from the Ascending/Evolving Earth world and its population and this magnificent happening has been increasingly easy to see across Earth since the start of the Ninth Wave. In really simplified Denise terms, some very advanced Lightbeings had to come down through the higher dimensions (which coincided with the start of the Ninth Wave) to do an intervention on the Dark Ones. This action by these Lightbeings upon the Darkbeings (Dark Ones) is another huge and very important process within the multidimensional final stages of the Separation of Worlds.

July & August 2011 required the Starseeds to embody/prototype/transmute massive distortions from within their Mental bodies (some more in their Emotional bodies) and from the planetary Collective’s Mental body also. As usual, this was a painful process in and through our physical bodies but much Dark patriarchal negativity, distortions and manipulations from within the individual/Collective Mental body were unplugged, transmuted, removed and replaced with Source-created Light codes/blueprints/architecture.

August 2011 the Cosmic Cavalry arrived within the physical world and an intervention with the Dark Ones (Team Dark as I call them) was fully implemented. Said another way, this was the start of the Separation of Worlds from the third dimension (3D) finally. Between what was happening with the intervention by the Cosmic Cavalry, the 2011 summer Energy Work done by and through many Starseeds/Wayshowers, major Dark manipulations and distortions within the human Mental body were transmuted and the Team Dark took a huge blow and were multidimensionally ousted. Another Stair-step and layer to the unfolding Separation of Worlds & Timelines process.

This intervention has been unfolding throughout the higher dimensions since the start of the Ninth Wave, but it arrived and was fully implemented within the physical dimension and Earth world during the month of August 2011. Because of all this old lower frequency things (global systems and rulers etc.) will more rapidly disintegrate, while higher frequency things will simultaneously strengthen until the two different frequency worlds with their matching frequency populations literally repel energetically, break apart, and we have complete Separation of Worlds & Timelines.

This is another reason why we’ve been learning over the years how to keep and remain within a higher frequency energy (within the lower Eye of the Storm) and keep our focus on/in our High Hearts and what we’re doing, why, and where we’re headed. It’s been so easy to fall vibrationally back down into the lower frequency patriarchal world reality which is painful, not to mention dangerous for us, but this too has been training in learning to maintain a specific level and focus (and read different frequencies of Energy) no matter what negativity and insanity is going on all around us.

• Accelerated earthquakes and weather related destruction, purging fires and floods: more in-your-face blatant negativity, lies, greed, corruption, insanity and violence for mass humanity to hopefully finally see and chose the Light over the Dark. What appears to many to be horrific destructive events around Earth are also last-minute warning signs and scare tactics desperately trying to get more people’s attention, redirect it, and shock them awake and into their Hearts enough to refocus on higher ways of living, being and perceiving. Some people got/get these difficult and shocking messages in their hearts—others haven’t and won’t.

• Further major changes coming in through the October 10th and 11th 2011 portals—10-10-11 and 10-11-11.

• I’ve been seeing 10:10 screaming at me (again) since June so I took a closer look at the dates of the remaining Mayan DAYS/NIGHTS and was amazed to discover this potent, reality-changing double whammy right around the corner! 10-10-11 is the last day of NIGHT Six. 10-11-11 is the first day of the last Day—DAY Seven! I have a draft written about just the 10-10-11 and the 10-11-11 that I’ll publish soon.


For decades I’ve clairvoyantly seen certain nearly incomprehensible to me scenes of an Earth world filled with billions of people that didn’t want to ascend that quickly drops even deeper into the Dark. I’ve never talked about this because it’s worse than the worst movies we’ve all seen, like the Matrix and others. I’ve also not talked about what I’ve seen of this world because it will upset people, make them angry and frightened and in many cases they lash out at the messenger instead changing themselves and their ways.

I’ve seen this Earth world and its population becoming more Dark, more controlled than the Earth world we all incarnated into in these current lives. One main way that humans in this world relinquish more of their personal power and mental capacities to whomever wants it is through the use of machines and machines surgically implanted into human bodies, organs and brains. Also, tiny machines (nanobots I believe they’re called today) are added to foods, drinks, water, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, soaps, shampoos, skin creams, eye drops etc. as a way to control the minds and bodies of the population completely. (There are many people today that cannot wait to be made into part human part machine.)

What’s so painful about all this is that once the Separation of Worlds is complete, the world that ascends will have much more Light in it where the world that doesn’t ascend will have much more Dark in it than Earth did prior to the Ascension Process if you can comprehend that. The non-ascending world and its population that’s still attracted to warring, killing, violence, need to control, greed, manipulation, having power over others, handing your power over to others, wanting someone else to tell you what to do, think, feel, fix, heal etc. won’t continue the existence they’ve had on the old patriarchal Earth world; they’ll experience that world and reality rapidly becoming much darker and much worse. (Don’t attack or protest at the messenger!)

It was tremendously difficult for me to see and realize that the humans who weren’t ready to utilize the Ascension Process at the end of this Great Cycle would continue into more density and negativity not less. They’ll enter a world with more Dark pressures and restrictions, all to try to get them to finally choose responsibility instead of handing their power, consciousness and everything else over to another for any reason.


I sense that the Earth world that does ascend can—if we want it to—change dramatically in a split-second. I’ve also sensed that it can—if we want it to—change much more slowly. (It’s going to change dramatically anyway and simply being rid of the Dark Ones/Team Dark and all the horrific things they’ve done to our bodies will instantly altar and improve reality in astonishing ways.) Personally, I’m more than ready to make the quick short jump into 5D Universal Society and all that goes along with it in the twinkling of an eye.

Another aspect of the ongoing Separation of Worlds is that, especially since 2011, we’ve been perceiving certain things where they shouldn’t be. I know many of us have seen objects, Crystal Cities and/or Crystal buildings etc., Beings and such that exist in higher frequency realms and dimensions increasingly superimposed or bleeding-through into our world and space and vice versa. As we and Earth continue vibrating with more Light, we literally transition into a higher, larger, more complex, faster frequency level, dimension, place in space and timeline. Doing this means we’re going to be seeing and feeling many new positive things and Beings. It also means we’re going to be seeing many old familiar lower frequency 3D things, people/populations, objects, buildings, beliefs, systems, polarized consciousness and such rapidly disappearing from our ascending and expanding level of perception and matching external world and reality. These old lower things will fade away like many of our memories of our lives on Earth prior to Ascension and the Ascension Process itself, unless we want to retain those memories that is. Needless to say the ascended Earth world will have a greatly reduced population due to the billions of people who’ve chosen not to ascend/evolve at the end of this particular Great Cycle. This dramatic reduction in global population will also cause many changes.

OCTOBER 28, 2011 vs. DECEMBER 21, 2012

I sense that Oct. 28, 2011 is the correct end date of the Mayan calendar. However, like many other things within the 25-yearlong Ascension Process, there are multiple levels, stages and phases (Stair Steps) for people ready and able to use them earlier than other people. Personally, I sense that more will be felt and perceived on Nov. 11, 2011 once we pass through that cutoff 11-11-11 portal than on Oct. 28, 2011, but they’re each Stair Steps within the same unfolding Process, Separation of Worlds, and Expiration Date.

There’s been a big push to convince the masses that the End Date is Dec. 21, 2012. Some of this was done by the Dark Ones to distract and prevent people from utilizing the current cosmic energies available to help them transmute themselves and embody more Light yesterday, today and tomorrow. Also so-called “Disclosure” is going to naturally happen because you’ll ascended/evolved to a frequency range where you can see, know for yourself and communicate with many different Starbeings/ETs because you’ve done the Inner transformational Work on yourself. Reentering 5D Universal Society is the natural outcome of us transmuting our dense polarized energies, emotions, and consciousness and evolving. Forget about endlessly waiting for the government to finally confess that they’ve known ETs and UFOs exist for decades. Even if or when they do, are you going to be able to discern the truth from their lies and distortions about this? Plus, why are you still handing your power over to those lying master manipulators and wasting valuable ascension time? Just a suggestion however.

Repeating myself a bit, I sense that the people who are ready to use the Oct. 28, 2011 end date and the 11-11-11 cutoff point will do exactly that and experience more changes before other people do just as we always have since 1987 and 1999. Stair-steps and different level phases remember? I also sense that this Process we’ve lived since 1987 (for many, long before 1987) will continue through 2012 and will, for the rest of the people focused on 12-21-2012 as THE important end date, experience a completion and shift at that time. This isn’t about absolute all or nothing type duality, but is much more flexible, complex and layered Stair-steps than some people believe or perceive. Moving through 2012 and its 12 energies is important, especially for the people coming up behind most of us within this Process to complete and exit the old lower world frequency and consciousness framework of 12. After the December 21, 2012 Expiration Date, everyone who has ascended/evolved with the ascended/evolved Earth enters an entirely higher frequency and level that exists beyond the old system and reality of 12.


September 5, 2011

Copyright © Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS 2011. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this Copyright Notice and  live link.


78 thoughts on “Ascension: Approaching the End of a 25-Yearlong Process

  1. interesting reading –
    monday 5th sept here in england – just had the most awful day – energies weird – things going wrong – electric probs – people v negative – the whole feel of today was v odd – any explanation for that ??? dont want many days like this –
    also my vision more strange than normal v blurry black dots fuzzy head etc etc –
    my daughter feels the same – things are a bit better tonight – this is majorly hard work!!!

    • sulaireland,

      For me and mine this latest negativity peaked and spewed on Saturday, Sept. 3, 2011. I’d been feeling the negativity building everywhere, again, and could hear nasty entities thrashing around overhead for almost the past two weeks but like I said, this peaked for me on Sept. 3rd. Today still feels strange but better…much better…but strange.

      Hang in there everyone. ♥

  2. Great post.

    Denise, do you see the two worlds physically separating? Like, we reach some critical mass and “puff” the new 5D world exists, without any 3D people on it? Or will there be a gradual dying off with darker souls then incarnating onto a darker ‘earth’?

    And, what’s the difference between Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Prototypers and Indigos?

    • Julie,

      Yes I’ve been seeing the two Earth worlds pulling away from each other vibrationally over the years. The two worlds exist already and have for awhile. This is hard to explain because they exist, literally, at different frequencies and in this case in different dimensions as well.

      Starseeds are Lightworkers and Wayshowers and Prototypers and they came first to do the transmuting work. The Indigos came once the frequency was within range that they could survive a life on Earth before the Separation of Worlds and are like the new higher frequency “Root Race” for the new 5D ascended world.


  3. I’ve been doing so much reading about Ascension lately (Feel free to remove this link from your blog, not sure of your rules on other links), and I’ve found to have a ton of information which I feel seems to be accurate.

    Honestly, I’m worried that I’m going to miss Ascension. All I can think of is almost like a menu popping up asking “Do you want to Ascend? Yes / No”, and if I don’t see that “Menu” then I’m going to miss the opportunity to Ascend. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between frequencies lately, almost in a bipolar fashion, but I’m trying to consciously stay more positive.

    You’re doing a wonderful job at spreading information regarding Ascension, but how do we know when the time is right to Ascend? Is it something that’s going to be obvious or something that’s going to be subtle? I’ve been trying to look inside of myself lately, and I’ve been having a certain feeling which.. to be honest, sounds kind of crazy and I’m not sure whether it’s something that I should do.

    • Jaysun,

      Stop thinking about ascension/ascending and focus on FEELING more from your Heart. It’s great you’re reading info about all this but balance that with feeling higher emotions (peace, joy, contentment etc.) and getting used to sitting in them for longer periods of time. The ascension process is really about changing one’s frequency by transmuting dense emotional energies etc and embodying more Light energies, which is happening through the constant cosmic, galactic and solar energies blasting the planet and humanity. You can help this process by feeling your emotions and learning how to not remain in negative situations internally and/or externally.


  4. Dear Denise,
    I am fascinated by your vision of the dark world that does not ascend… for most of my life I have had an awareness that there will be some nasty shit come down the pipe sometime in the last years of my life. A fascination with so-called dystopic fiction — worlds that are are so very far from utopic. I have wondered at that and not really understood why I “saw” these things and why I tried to understand these things through the writings of others, who apparently “saw” similar dystopias. I do know that I do not want to live in those horrible places… I think you have just explained that it was part of my “knowing” without really understanding. If it strikes you that there is some other reason for the “knowing” I’d love to hear it… perhaps there is something I should be doing that I am missing… much of the time I retreat to my heart so that I am not existing solely in a state of overwhelm! So, thank you for that explanation!

    The other question that came up for me whilst reading this post is the observation of so many of us — and we’ve even talked about it here before — the color of the light outside and how different it has become… much brighter… much whiter. I wondered if that really becomes the definitive demarcation of the separation of the worlds… those who can literally “see” that the light from our sun is literally brighter/whiter than it was before? I know I have talked to people that I have thought wouldn’t know ascension from intention and yet in conversations they have remarked that the light from the sun seems brighter. I have also had people tell me I was nuts and there wasn’t a bit of difference in the color of the light and what the hell was the matter with me anyway? I don’t spend much time with them….

    Anyway, just a few thoughts on this timely and very thought filled post. I am looking forward to more.

    BTW: the 10:10 thing… been happening to me too and I was puzzled by it … thanks for clearing that up too!


  5. Hello All, I have known for along tme we would be living in 2 different realities, makes sense.
    12 steps I will keep this close at heart.

    Thank you for your deligent work over the years. How lovely it would be to meet like minded people on our way home.

    Denise, I have a question. About 2 years ago I was working on a man I was caring for who was dying of ALS.
    Shortly after the kundelini start rising in me or also pouring down my legs from my sexual center.
    One night when I was holding his hand the fire was transfered to him and blew all chakra’s open in his body.
    He was able to leave for his crown chakra was wide open.
    His leaving was a gentle letting go.

    This year I have had very difficult time with the sexual center and the non-stop pulsating energy. I am not with a partner.
    I was talking to a man on line who I have had not met I was wondering if this is one the kind of attacks that still go on.
    It seems he is able to connect in to the energy(need) and make it greater.
    Or perhaps I just get more triggered by the heat??
    Much chaos and conflict in our area now in New England. Torando’s, Earth Quakes, and great flooding in Vt. and Western Mass.

    I know this questions is a little out of the ordinary but keeps me in an agitated state . Never thought someone could hold me this way.
    Finally this morning I said no more and returned back to my everyday projects and work in going forward.

    Thank you for your help…I understand your writing in it’s totality.


  6. Brilliant post Denise. By far the best outline of each major phase of this process that I have read, and I read a lot. Your description of this summer is spot on with my own experience of it, quite dramatically. Definitely had a “the cosmic calvary have arrived!” moment that was absolutely beautiful to witness. I don’t mean I saw them (I’m not one who sees entities or Light Beings, I just know they are there, feel their presence). I just mean I saw the results of their arrival in a manner that put a smile on my face that lasted for days. I grew up with old cowboy movies, but let me tell you, this was so much more exciting than any of them 🙂

    The description of the earlier stages also matches exactly what I have lived through since 1999. After the brutal year of 2008, I have been nice and safe – if your conversation with the powers that be was what allowed that to happen, hats off to you. Been enjoying life since then and able to sit back and watch this whole crazy process from the comfort of an easy chair, metaphorically speaking. Still some drama now and then, but nothing like the previous years.

    I have a “wait and see” approach to what the separation of the worlds will look like. If what you see turns out to be accurate, then that’s fine with me, as long as what you are referring to are the power hungry, mean spirited crazy Dick Chaney types. I am so fed up with all the despots, petty and otherwise. There are however billions of fundamentally good people who are just clueless, living vacuous lives. With the despots and mind controllers gone, my hope is that they would gradually wake up and see the light, because that is the natural thing to do. All those who have been repressed or oppressed would be able to claim their own inner power and wisdom. I have been amazed at how many people I know, who I had all but given up on, are opening their hearts and letting go of ego. Gives me hope.

    • “If what you see turns out to be accurate, then that’s fine with me, as long as what you are referring to are the power hungry, mean spirited crazy Dick Chaney types. I am so fed up with all the despots, petty and otherwise.”

      Linda L,

      Those are the types I’m talking about and I’m all done with them too.

      I just insisted that we been given some energy assistance because I knew I and many of us wouldn’t survive this extended Process unless we had little higher frequency 5D spaces where we could R&R while we continued with all this!

      Thanks and Hugs ♥,

  7. it peaked for me on the 3rd as well…. however last night i had some strange thing happen. it has happened before (a couple of weeks ago.). and maybe it is just strengthening kundalini .. but i woke up to the energy moving up my spine yet i felt like i was moving very fast, inwardly.. a sense of acceleration inwardly. but not entirely in this consciousness? i don’t know how to explain it… it had a different feel to it…i also saw behind my eyes many geometric shapes…. today i also feel better and am grateful for it…
    just quiet today.. ..

    hugs to all here……love christine

  8. Denise, thanks for your excellent summary of the 25-year ascension process. Thanks to all of you who shared about what Sat. the 3rd was like for you. As I shared in the previous thread, a lot of my old emotional buttons got pushed that day. I thought that I was starting a major downward spiral into my old patterns. I found that everything resolved quite quickly and easily once I started communicating clearly to the appropriate people. Before I read some of your posts, I thought that I had lost a lot of ground in my ascension process.

    I can hardly wait to ascend, and I hope it happens very soon for me. Dealing with the 3-D world and the negativity of nonascending people has really been getting to me the last few days. I feel very out of place in my current reality, and I’m eager to move on.


  9. Hi Denise, your last two posts are just awesome and it’s so interesting to read all the comments. There are so many things that I feel inside, or “know” and I don’t even know how I “know” and then I read your articles and it all feels so right.
    When I was a little girl my grandmother used to talk about the rapture and how some people would just “disappear” from the earth while others would remain. I remember her saying that for those who remained, it was not going to be pretty. I also remember her speaking of a new earth and that the lion would lay down with the lamb. I used to think my grandmother was a little too religious and she also used to scare the shit out of me, but deep inside I always felt that I was going to be here to witness something very profound.
    On another note, a few weeks ago I was staying with my mom for a couple of nights and she woke me up around midnight just screaming for me and she was absolutely terrified. I ran to her room saying “what’s wrong mom?” and she was just screaming that someone was in her room. (ok, brakes on there for a second) but I barrelled in and snapped on the light – no one there. Mom said it was someone dressed in white, like a white spacesuit, with a hood up and she couldn’t see the face. I kept reassuring her that she just had a dream (because she was so afraid and I didn’t want to suggest anything else) but she is still insisting that she was wide awake and had been telling whoever it was to get out of her room before she started yelling for me. I was so rattled from being awakened from a deep sleep by someone screaming my name, I wasn’t able to tune into whether the visit was from the dark or the light but my intuition says it was not anything bad. Talk about getting your adrenaline pumping!! 🙂 Took me two days to get over that one.
    Anyway, thank you dear Denise for all that you do. The time and effort you spend spreading the word is incredible and you are such a gift. Love you oxoxox

  10. HI, I think im feeling sort of like Jayson. Im afraid i may miss the boat if I cant stop feeling these negative emotions that are in my head. I dont know if I can even write what i mean but its something like this…
    Denise…When you said the people who give away their power away, wanting people to tell them what to do, how to fix etc. I got nervous since I guess that has been me :/. I have pushed away a situation even though i didnt want to because i knew i wasnt being treated right but now I cant stop hurting from it and i feel like it takes over my mind at times. I dont want this to screw things up for me. So I have been seeking help and answers on how to handle this. I dont want to be one of those left behind! :/

    Also can I ask when you said the part about staying in the safe house zone, is that why ive been unemployed possibly and basically housebound for 3 years? I do find it hard to leave the house sometimes, because I do feel safer here or just dont want to deal with the “stuff” out there.
    Although I am starting to get a little restless sitting in here all the time. I still havent been able to find a good job and I feel like im just watching the world go by….

  11. Thanks Denise. What a huge task you achieve for us – pulling all of this information together. Like you I feel it and aim to put it into words for those around me who wish to hear it. Then you come along and double confirm all that I’ve felt, which is awesome. Thanks again.

    My area of growth I reckon is to not be too attached to our new world. Just KNOW that it’s there and then here. On my bad days it’s easier to wish for it more strongly. I have been advised by my crew to relax. There’s nothing left for me to Do and nothing that I unknowingly do that will halt my progress. It’s all done and now it’s just timing.

    Yay – big smiles from me and him – – much love to you and gratitude for having you in my earthly realm. Authentic Linda

  12. thank you for this great information : )
    when i read it i was thinking “noa, you better be ascending ! ha ha”. the new world sounds so exciting ! can we all meet and have a “new world warming party” when we get there ?
    on a different note, i find interesting that a few people had issues on the 3rd as i had quite the opposite in my case. perhaps someone can offer an opinion as to what happened to me on that day ?
    in the past years i have had a few very powerful events, that i could only translate as kundalini awakenings. every time after that, it felt like i reached a somewhat “new” level. on the afternoon of the 3rd however, i had a kundalini experience that was so powerful, i felt it was going to blow my socks off lol. it’s quite difficult to put it in words, the feeling was that my crown chakra opened up completely and a massive surge of luminous energy was shooting from it skywards.
    this staying with me for a little over an hour during which i could barely control my body.
    the energy movements where so powerful (and felt so exstaticly good) that i could only just remain seated, hold on and hope my head would not blow off into hyperspace !
    after some time, things calmed down a little and i was able to regain composure but i have been feeling my crown chakra buzzing to various degrees since then. the feeling/message i get is that now i’ve been “connected” for good.
    interestingly, in various modalities/types of numerology my numbers are 3 and 9 (they have also always been my “lucky” numbers along with 7).
    on the 3rd, day of my biggest source connection, the date is 3.9
    when the whole date is added up 3.9.2011, the final number is 7. number of the seventh chakra, the crown chakra, where all the activity was centered… not sure if this is indeed all connected or if it’s my wishful thinking, but that is what was coming to my mind as soon as i realized what the date was.
    any input and opinions would be greatly appreciated : ) thank you for being here my fellow 5d friends (is it pretentious if i already consider myself as a 5d citizen, lol ?).
    in peace, in joy, in love…

  13. Hi Deborah,

    I noticed a while ago that the colors around me seemed brighter and more vibrant to me.

    Sometimes it is hard to get centered , I notice that I sometimes let me drag down by other negative emotions and I AM trying hard not too.

    Wish you and everybody here, light, love and laughter

  14. Hi Denise,

    I remember that I read in one of your previous posts – you wrote that you saw that a horrible reality where people would be implanted/merged with machines – has been barred from manifesting ANYWHERE in the universe, in any dimension or reality. Now you say that this will happen on the Earth variant which stays in the dark. How come? Something has changed again? Thanks for the reply.

  15. Thank you for yet another brilliant article!

    Your description of the non-ascended density makes so much sense to me! When the light is gone, what you have? Sometimes, when I have had a difficult time to have faith in this process, I decided that I can at least fantasize about a better world even though I couldn’t imagine the worse scenario either. Your description proves me why I had to stick to the possibility of a better future!

    Me too, I was a total wreck the 3rd of Sept. with muscle cramps and a massive headache. Lying down and consciously letting the energies flow freely eased it after a while.

    I have been wondering if it has to do with the work of the Cosmic Cavalry that I feel so much easier and lighter since August? It nearly feels like I am not under influence of any intensifying energies any more! I know we all are but it doesn’t feel like it any more…

  16. Hi everyone,

    Deborah, I noticed awhile ago that the colors of the world are brighter an more vibrant then before. I enjoy it quite a bit.

    Thanks for the article Denise. It is really uplifting.

  17. wow!!! awesome article. again i felt like i was in the truman show. are you sure you don’t have video cameras and mikes following me and in my head?

    i have seen the “dark earth” and it is just as you described. unfortunately, those that chose that path, still think they can “control” the outcome of their life by following the status quo. that is the tragedy. they have bought in to the propaganda/bullshit.

    i have been in the incubator/bubble of higher energy most(all) of my life, 40+ years. but when i have gone out, i have faced the attacks. from may-july things got relatively peaceful. and then august came… i have been attacked verbally, physically, emotionally and psychically. yes, i know, i had a hand in the co-creating of it. had to learn to take “living in my heart” to the next level. still a work in progress…

    but have also had some amazing experiences seeing the newcomers from 5D. funniest one was one morning at 5am went to get coffee. (still can’t sleep past 5am). on the way back, saw a group in “dark clothing” jump out in front of my car to cross the street. i slammed the brakes, and saw “nothing” there. immediately realized what happened and who they were. started yelling at them about the rules of not jumping out in front of moving cars (yes i still have crazy little monkey moments). i sensed their confusion at my rant so i just apologized and told them i’d be more careful next time. they were quite gracious about the situation, confused but gracious. guess i’m supposed to know better at this point.

    we’ve got an amazing ride ahead of us. love to all. its what will see us through.

    special props to you, Denise. as usual you are dead on!!!

    • “Sorry to be dense but, would someone explain to me how, exactly, one grounds in 5D.”


      You’re not “dense” at all!

      The easiest way to describe all this is would be to suggest what NOT to do. 😉 Like don’t slide or fall or drop back down vibrationally by being around lower frequency/consciousness people for extended periods. Don’t let your level of energy drop back down from watching horrible negative crap on TV etc. Don’t do or watch or eat/drink or go to places that you know vibrate lower than you currently do because – especially if you remain in or around them for extended hours – you’ll have to clean up that mess again and get yourself back up to where you’d been before you watched that movie on TV or ate that hamburger (or whatever) or tried to go to the State Fair like someone recently Commented on etc.

      So you see it’s not so much about needing to “ground in 5D” as it really is about NOT letting yourself become contaminated again by lower frequency things, people, foods/drinks, beliefs, consciousness etc. etc. This is why I’m always saying, stay in your High Heart Center and Consciousness because that’s really all that’s required to “Keep the Frequency”. 😉


  18. Hi Denise:

    Thank you from my heart for your work here and inter-dimensionally, on behalf of 3D me (us) and the Arcturians. So feeling connected now.

    I’ve booked my ticket to 5D, just haven’t had my departure date confirmed yet, but that will come and (hint to the Cosmic Cavalry and Co-Creators) the sooner the better.

    Note to Morgean23: How about designing some sacred geometry 5D homes? I’d love to be your first client when we get there. Goes without saying, I’d like lots of light and colour, please!

    On another note, people are starting to get clingy in my life and I guess it’s because they sense something big is up. I’d love to be able to reciprocate, but frankly their energy is exhausting me. Thank heavens for my Safe House, but if anyone is experiencing the same perhaps you could let me know your thoughts on this and what responses work for you. These clingy types are not dark, they are quite lovable, but oh, goodness I have to work hard to get back into my frequency range after 3D contact. When I say “clingy” I mean touchy-feely and generally wanting to please, but no way they want to talk about anything spiritual. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, again, Denise, all makes total sense to me. The pain continues, but the heart is lighter!

    Love to All

  19. Hi Denise,

    Having just turned 65 and very much a First Waver, I really appreciate your messages. I just wanted to validate that what you wrote about the higher frequency Safe House Zone being gifted to us as a reprieve was absolutely true (although I didn’t know what it was at the time). In 2006, my father had surgery and then went into rehab with complications. In a tailwind of overwhelming circumstances, I eventually had to put my parent’s house on the market and single-handedly get rid of over 50 years of accumulated stuff. I went into overwhelm… and then I had an intervention of sorts from “the higher ups” and was given miraculous help that seemingly appeared out of nowhere! It was like I entered a magical space of effortless effort (to coin a term from Tai Chi), and everything was just taken care of naturally from then on with such ease! Of course I’ve still had many challenges since then, including cancer, but through it all I seem to live more and more in incredible grace when I remember to stay focused in my heart and not in fear…
    So thank you again so much for your sharing, and for your incredible work you’re doing for all of us!


  20. Hi Barbara, and anyone else feeling the same regarding loving friends.

    I have been using a mixture of techniques which works really well. The team tell me that this ‘smudges’ the memory of you with these people which I find very acceptable.

    Simple plan here – just sit gently and picture who you need, then in a loving manner tell them, ‘Our contact here is complete and we have no more work to do together at this level.’ I make sure that there are no sneaky attachment cords and then I send them away with love.

    It’s amazing who pops up at times when you think you’re just doing your sis-in-law or friend. Some contacts appears from years back who probably still have thoughts about you.

    I have used this method on everybody I know and love on this reality, even my gorgeous husband, and the ones who are meant to be in your life come back in on the next level without any old attachments. It’s been a great tool for me over the past years.

    Anyway, hope this helps, it has definitely helped with my life. I find that the people I disconnect from just don’t call and I don’t see them anymore – with no extra effort on my behalf.

    Love and big hugs from Authentic Linda

  21. Dear Denise, You have written an interesting article based on your calculations. I have a question to ask you. Why have you left out the 20 in the universal year of 2011? 2011 is the correct number to use instead of just 11. 2011 is 4 not 11. 11-11-11 should be written 11-11-2011 or 224 or 2-2-4. Why have your chosen to leave out the 20? I have been a numerologist for over 40 years. Universal numerology which appear to be what you are working with uses the entire year and not just a part of it. I do believe that you are right about major changes happening this year but I also know that 11-11-11 was actually 11-11-2009. I believe that numerology is accurate and does predict changes that we can see coming. I am glad to see you taking a stand on what is about to take place.

    • “Dear Denise, You have written an interesting article based on your calculations. I have a question to ask you. Why have you left out the 20 in the universal year of 2011? 2011 is the correct number to use instead of just 11. 2011 is 4 not 11. 11-11-11 should be written 11-11-2011 or 224 or 2-2-4. Why have your chosen to leave out the 20? I have been a numerologist for over 40 years. Universal numerology which appear to be what you are working with uses the entire year and not just a part of it. I do believe that you are right about major changes happening this year but I also know that 11-11-11 was actually 11-11-2009. I believe that numerology is accurate and does predict changes that we can see coming. I am glad to see you taking a stand on what is about to take place.”

      Rhavda Emison,

      I know enough Numerology to know that I’ve left a couple numbers out. 😉 However, this isn’t something I personally decided to do and it’s not really connected to traditional Numerology (that I’m aware of), but has to do with the Ascension Process itself. Within the Ascension/Evolutionary Process – not traditional Numerology – there are DNA triggers, consciousness triggers, energy and emotional triggers etc. that specific number combinations cause in us. These numbers (like 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, 333, 444, 555 etc.) are an energy language that we understand at deeper levels to be reminders that we’re on a timeline within the Ascension Process and that certain things are activated at certain times/days/dates connected with this process. So you see this is very different than tradition Numerology.


  22. Hi Denise and everyone else here,

    Thank you for the last two articles. I was immediately going to write a comment on here after reading yesterday’s post but then I scrolled down a little further and saw the next one and it answered some of my questions about loved ones not making it to the other world.

    As you know, I am an Indigo and I feel very lucky that I began to awaken to the whole ascension process back in 1999 as a young teenager and it’s been a very slow, subtle awakening for me. Granted, about 3 years ago – it all sort of slammed into me and that’s when I reconnected with so many of my higher level, psychic abilities which I’ve always felt to be a blessing and a curse.

    Things have been interesting to say the least. In many ways, I’ve been keeping to myself a lot; not really probing into the abyss a whole lot. Partially, I feel like I am better at using my own intuition when I do this and I know discernment is a very valuable tool in this current 3D/5D mish-mash world. A little bit of me is worried about being too insulated as I might not be giving to community as much as I should be to be anchoring in the Age of Aquarius ideals. Alas, I’ve chosen to come to a new part of the country/world to be a balancer of energy for an area that on surface – looks like a fantastic paradise to live but it is so wrapped up in lots of 3D illusion energy, it’s not even funny. Materialism is rampant here as is shucking personal responsibility; I become baffled by people’s ignorance almost daily. YET, I know that they are probably trying, in their own way, to find some way out of this superficial plastic world. I send them love whenever I can as I know that is the best for all of us. Raises my own vibration whilist raising theirs. It’s very difficult to maintain a level of positive energy amongst all the negativity and sheer fighting for power, material things, and money.

    I was also hit very hard by the energies on Saturday, Sept. 3rd and almost actually came down sick from it. I’ve been doing my best to rest up and sleep whenever I feel a depletion of energy. I’m also finding it very hard because I am an earthquake sensor and I become sick when a large earthquake is about to hit especially if it’s closer physically to me than say halfway across the planet. Though I feel those too. My whole body becomes tense, I become nauseous, my legs hurt like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I know this ability can be used for good but dang, sometimes it just feels awful.

    Anyhow, I am definitely straddling the two worlds right now as I do have a loved one, my sibling who I worry may not make it to the other side. Granted, my faith and trust in love tells me that he was born from the same parent’s I was – they were free-love, flower children of the 60’s, then surely, he’s got the high heart within him somewhere. Whatever happens I know that he will travel the road he’s meant to travel and he is loved no matter what by all of us.

    I just thought I would share some of my experiences with you again. I tend to drop in every month or two to share. I like to think I’m one of your resident Indigo’s updating you with the situation on that front. I know there are plenty of other Indigo’s that read this blog. Sometimes we have a really hard time speaking up though as we repeatedly have dark forces/entities try to silence us.

    I believe this new world is going to be a breath of fresh air, literally. I am ready to let my guard down once again. Thank you for your service and to everyone, thank you for continuing to harness the power of your mind-heart. For that is where our true knowledge center lies…in our hearts and in our love for humanity and Gaia.


  23. Thank you so much for this information Denise! (found it and you this morning on Steve Beckow’s daily news digest) Have been working on myself since 1982 and recently slowly realizing I’m a late-bloomer “light-worker”. And only in the past year did I get my head out from under a huge rock of fear around what’s really been going on here (re Reptilians, Annunaki, NWO plans, ETs, Agartha, our going 5D so fast, etc and who we REALLY are) mainly via the internet’s abundant info.

    Over the past 8 years while attracting more tools to increase my vibration, had also developed a line of a few others whom see the big picture things into the future, while slowly developing my own intuition around it and what really resonates for me as “truth”. But never have I come across someone (with this above info) that is EXACTLY what I had already put together for myself . . . but still not knowing if it was true for me, or just some wishful small-mind survival thinking. Have always been a big picture thinker and blurt out things others don’t wish to hear, so have retreated from humanity for years . . .

    Therefore, wish to thank you so much for putting this out there and affirming I am not a freak! :)))

  24. Denise, I just loved your advise to Gerry. I work in a domestic violence shelter and have to surround myself with light on my way to work and cannot wait to get back to my safe house! I have a co-worker who will sometimes ask me to “salt” the house because she starts to feel the heavy energies. Yesterday, I had a very bad experience that I do not know where it came from and is so unlike the way I live now, While trying to get a door to lock that would not, I lost all control and just beat on the door Was just wondering if anyone else felt some very strong dark energy? It was a little after noon Labor Day. As always thank- you so much for the messages, I think it helps keep us all aware and awake! PEACE

  25. Kia-ora Denise, I reside in Gisborne, New Zealand, the first city to see the light. I have been following your site for nearly 6 months now and I want to thank you for your knowledge, wisdom, and the essence that you bring forth. I love the way that you present your information, and I keep coming back, time and time again to level myself and be comforted by your words and those that comment here.

    I have too, have used my home as a safe base, and live in a haven that I have created for myself. My ascension arising (that’s what I call it haha) has been a huge learning curve, and even though it has done my headspace in, I have always found solace in this space that you have created for us all. Thank you for guiding me and illuminating the path, that I now shall tread also. Your courage, invokes likewise and that’s what it is all about. Time for us to shine, shine, shine and get our groove on. For when we shine we allow others to do so also.

    Love, joy and blessings to you and all of us here.


  26. Denise: TY dearly for being here NOW.

    I will follow Gerry`s quest on grounding in 5D by going further to ask about grounding in 5D meditation or rather 5D meditation (I presume this is the issue). Once more thank you for your relentless effort to serve.

  27. Linda: Good to know
    I do something very similar called Ho`oponopono – Hawain healing modality – a sure fire and effective method which has passed the test of time in our community. Visualize the subject and repeating as often as guided: I`m sorry – please forgive me – I love you – thank you.

  28. Shoot, I just wrote something and it went off to Never Never Land 😦
    Ok, I will try again. Hi Denise! I have a question for Linda Authentic Me.
    Linda, do you mean by this meditation that it is how you get negative people out of your life or is it how you change the relationships that you actually want to keep but would like them to be on a higher/different level?

  29. Hi All Here:

    Linda Authentic Me: Tthank you from my heart for sharing your contract-breaking process. I did it before I went to sleep last night and woke up higher than a 5D kite this morning and I feel free, I mean really free. And, Linda, how did you know a 3D very lovable husband was involved? Your intutiton is spot-on. Try it, folks, it works!

    Some heavy duty solar flare activity – energy coming our way. Every morning I check and though I am unable to sense the actual release of the Sun’s magnificent energy when it happens, as soon as I become aware of it, I make sure to instruct the photons to lift me higher.

    Lower legs and feet still tingling and hurting like crazy, but I’ve let the 5D express train know that I’ll have no baggage to check in. Thanks again, Linda.

    I had a dream last night about Transitions community and meeting in the “Living Library” in 5D. It was super, though we had to tell a 3D type that surveillance cameras were not allowed.

    Plus, I’m actually laughing about the fact that it appears two new end-of-the-world-type films are about to be released — “4:44” and “Melancholia”. Oh, too much fun!

    Sending these good vibes your way and Love to All

  30. Regarding what a lot of people felt on Saturday the 3rd maybe the beginning of this message
    from Dana Mrkich could explain what happened

    “Interestingly enough on Sept 2 there was a ‘coronal hole’ – this is the term used when a part of the Sun’s magnetic field opens up, allowing the solar winds to stream outward toward the Earth. Coronal holes are 100 times lower in density than the rest of the corona (the outermost layer of the Sun’s atmosphere). According to the official space weather science people we’ll feel the effects of this on Earth around Sept 5, but a lot of us have felt it already (and felt it before it ‘officially’ happened) because we are no longer limited by old 3D time/space rules. This sudden rush of super dense energy feels a bit yuck because it is acting like a magnet pulling out and up from within us any of our dense energy. It is pulling up and out from within others any of their dense energy, which in turn triggers ours even more! While challenging, ultimately this offers us a fabulous opportunity to give ourselves a good vacuum!”

    and thank you sooooooooo much Denise for sharing your precious feelings !!!!

    Isabelle from France

  31. Denise,

    My right arm, and to a lesser degree my right leg, go numb to extent that it wakes me at night and is very annoying in the daytime. Is this an ascension symptom?

    I am so glad you and everyone else on this blog are here.

    • “My right arm, and to a lesser degree my right leg, go numb to extent that it wakes me at night and is very annoying in the daytime. Is this an ascension symptom?”


      I’ve had this too occasionally but I’m not sure if it can be entirely blamed on the ascension process. My sense is that due to the Inner Work we’re doing and going through in both our brain hemisphere’s and our bodies, that with all that integrating, Rewiring, the Male and Female sides and energies etc. that we’d occasionally have some numbness and/or tingling, buzzing, vibrating, heat, extra energy and so on flowing through one side of us or the other from time to time. Of course if any body symptom becomes worrisome to you, head for your doctor’s office asap just to make sure everything’s okay. 😉


  32. Hi Denise! I have a question for Linda Authentic Me.
    Linda, do you mean by this meditation that it is how you get negative people out of your life or is it how you change the relationships that you actually want to keep but would like them to be on a higher/different level?

    Hi chrysalis55, It’s rather cool in that everyone seems to fall into the category that they are meant to be in. With Michael (husband) our relationship kept on getting jointly higher in vibration which is awesome, as you know, when it’s someone you deeply love and just Know they are supposed to be by your side, then ending old contracts is a bit – well – scary, to say the least.

    But, with most other friends and acquaintances, the ones who are meant to be in my life seem to pop back in some positive way soon after completion and the ones who I have truly completed with tend to just not be there. I feel that the soul perspective ‘smudges’ their memory of me.

    There are some stronger, seemingly negative, people who may take just a little longer to move, but stay with it, I’ve managed to make this work even then, with the help of some fairly cool Arch Angels and my dear team.

  33. Barbara
    Hi! Yes, I’ve been experiencing that too. And mostly not vampiric, but sweet and endearing and, indeed, difficult to turn away from. But because of my recently hyper-hyper-empathic responses to others’ energy and the whole being ‘pulled down’ factor, I’ve been keeping to my usual elusivity… and everyone is pretty well used to that by now (unless they’re new around) I’m trying to be there with and for them the little bit that I can… but there isn’t much room, as I’m sure you understand. I like to think i could be of some small benefit as an ‘energetic placeholder’, but i’m usually not sure whether what i’m carrying comes across at all or not. I feel like I’m managing okay from this premise of balance, but with grounding work before seeing others, I can hold my own space for longer (usually I’m a ‘hyperadapter’, and can more or less start speaking another’s language within seconds of engaging… this drives me crazy, of course)
    thanks for sharing that. seems absolutely every experience i’ve been having lately has been mentioned by someone here…

  34. Hello, Everyone,

    I know I’ve mentioned a couple of times how coming back to North America has been difficult, especially with the male gang camped out on the front steps. I seem to be being attacked from all sides, with others parking in my parking spot regularly in spite of notes saying they will be towed. Today I started to realize that this was an attack by extremely male, disrespectful energy towards me, practically the only female in this whole building. I’m also quite a bit older than the “boys.” Sending light to their areas has worked pretty well so far, but now with university restarting, I think they’re taking the general lawlessness on the streets to heart and being extra obnoxious these days. Talking to them has not helped (I get blank stares and the behavior doesn’t stop for long) and I’m getting too bombarded to center properly– loud music that enters into your body whether you want it to or not is the big problem for me. I’m forced into their “rhythm” so to speak. It’s Gangsta Rap tonight– so not mine! lol! I’m really finding it hard to deal with these male, rude, alcoholic types. What to do? I want to fight! But what’s the point of fighting with an immature alcoholic?

    Thanks for hearing out my rant and hugs to all,

    • “I know I’ve mentioned a couple of times how coming back to North America has been difficult, especially with the male gang camped out on the front steps. I seem to be being attacked from all sides, with others parking in my parking spot regularly in spite of notes saying they will be towed. Today I started to realize that this was an attack by extremely male, disrespectful energy towards me, practically the only female in this whole building. I’m also quite a bit older than the “boys.” Sending light to their areas has worked pretty well so far, but now with university restarting, I think they’re taking the general lawlessness on the streets to heart and being extra obnoxious these days. Talking to them has not helped (I get blank stares and the behavior doesn’t stop for long) and I’m getting too bombarded to center properly– loud music that enters into your body whether you want it to or not is the big problem for me. I’m forced into their “rhythm” so to speak. It’s Gangsta Rap tonight– so not mine! lol! I’m really finding it hard to deal with these male, rude, alcoholic types. What to do? I want to fight! But what’s the point of fighting with an immature alcoholic?”


      Euw…been there, done that, and it’s horrible! [See A Lightworker’s Mission] Breaking up the super negative patriarchal energies in a female body can at times get really ugly and dangerous. Be careful with those guys okay? Stay safe physically and energetically and call in your Ascension Assistants to help you with them. Ask for help in redirecting all of them to a location that’s a better match to them.

      Be strong, be safe, be wise,

  35. So glad to poke my head in here and see a validation for this early September bat-to-the-knees. I was all geared up for chilling out, but starting the 2nd, was hit with G-Force somethingornother. Knocked on my butt physically, but that ended up being the easier part. Don’t want to go into the narrative, but somehow my shock and awe of the last five days seems like part of the overall plot. I have been feeling a sense of trust about the whole deal, even in my fits of pique. Kind of like a kid saying “Do I have to?” knowing that I have to stay the course, do the homework. But still whiny about it.

    Today I had one of the strangest things happen to me. Not the kind of stuff that Denise and others have to deal with, but really odd for me. I was in the local thrift store, a fave hangout for my daughter and me, and after we came out there was a note laying on my front seat. Double-sided and single-line typed addressing the CO-EXIST sticker on my bumper. it was a two-page anti-Muslim screed that I could not even make myself read past the first paragraph. My daughter grabbed it from me. By the end of it she looked so perplexed and wildly confused that I started laughing. She asked me what this was about and why would someone bother even writing it?

    Without thinking I answered her in terms that I rarely use around her (rebellious, emotional, confused teenagers aren’t all that receptive to such leanings): “Because the Light is too bright for their eyes so they must try harder to expand their darkness.” I actually took it as a good sign, once I washed that icky energy out of my car. Ewwwwwwwwww was all I felt for some minutes.

    Will be so glad to be finally and fully free of them. Ready…set…launch!

    Sending love, light and laughter to all of you out there in the ethers. What a freakin’ ride we are on!

  36. Dear Denise
    I find great comfort and support in your words and those of every one else. Thank you .
    But I must ask am I the only person in all of this who is entirely alone ?
    I have dear friends in different parts of the world but for years now I have been seeking a home, a place to belong, the right work to do, and no matter how I try, what I do, this does not change. Lauren Gorgo talks about ‘strays’ but that does not feel right for me. .
    Are you able to tell me please if there is an explanation for this – one that does not involve me being a totally lost soul . (!!)

    I will be so glad of any help you can give.

    Many thanks s c

    • silvia clark,

      I too have been very much alone, especially since Feb. 1999 when my physical Ascension Process began. I’ve literally lived since then isolated in my house for the most part. I have my Mom with me and that was a pre-incarnational plan to help us both through this. I also have one cat whose my best friend and Ascension Buddy whose been through the Light and Dark with me these past 5.5 years. I’m tremendously grateful that I’ve had these two beings in my life during these hard ascension years. But other than them, I’m totally alone physically. My friends are my readers and the people who write Comments here at TRANSITIONS. You people are my 5D Community of like-frequency kinfolk online and I can’t wait until we take this into the physical world. 🙂

      There’s nothing “wrong” with any of us who’ve been living and struggling with our transformational Ascension/Evolutionary Process but it is a deeply private process that each person has to do and go through on their own. Once we’re on the other side of this we’ll be able to start connecting with each other in the physical ascended world. Hang in there and know that you’re not alone but with a huge group of other seemingly alone people all going through the same things. 😉


  37. Thank you Linda.
    Something that is happening more and more to me is when I think about someone, my phone will ring or I will be out somewhere and bump into them. A few weeks ago it really hit me that now most definitely is the time to be careful about who and what we think about. I had been thinking about 3 different people from my past whom I hadn`t seen in a long time – one was over 10 years – and I later went to the grocery store and in a matter of an hour I saw and talked to all three of them! They were all people I had had a good and positive relationship with but have just drifted out of my life. Those kinds of things used to happen once in a while, now they happen all the time.
    I have definitely worked on getting the negative people out of my life but changing a contract with someone to bring the relationship to a different level is new to me. I have some family members for sure who need to have their contracts updated 🙂

  38. Silvia: Our community of alone travelers is growing bigger everyday.
    I`ve been quarantined, isolated, under house arrest, cut-off from external/active life for life 7yrs running and all efforts to reconnect have been systematically foiled.
    I even went as far as relocating (US) to live with mom and sister reversing the cycle at 50 to no avail. There was a message from Metatron posted here a couple of weeks ago addressing this issue and I guess you may want to throw a glance.

    I sincerely thank this clan for being part of our healing.

    Being Alone – The Sacred Divinity of Solitude:

  39. Cat, thanks for your share about dealing with the intense male energy where you live. I’ve been dealing with milder forms of that for many years. As a male who grew up in the ’60s and ’70s, it’s challenging for me to deal with that energy without “fighting back” or just reacting. When I try to communicate assertively from an “I” perspective, it just doesn’t register with most people. I’m finding that people who use (are used by?) that patriarchal/dominating energy have been intensifying their efforts lately.


  40. Cat,

    I have a lesser intensity BUT similar situation. I have young 20 something kids across the hall who are extremely rude, loud, partiers, cooking & partying in the middle of night, taking many drugs, violently fighting etc,
    Anyhow this week I had had enough. They were away for a few days. I gave my full intent to clear the energetic debris from their space with violet energies as they were disrupting our entire floor, and to fill this space with positive loving clearing gold energies. I also stated my strong intent that they learn to respect and have consideration for their neighbours or leave. That they may use the positive energies given for anything they wish or let it go as they please for the highest good of all concerned.

    Well they have been back from their outing for 3 days now-and not one peep from them. It is like a miracle. It is like they are suddenly reasonable people, and I never expected this would work.Just a thought, as I was at my wits end and this was a good solution. Maybe their space was never cleared before and they are feeling how much better it feels.


  41. Re Feeling Alone – I, too have been alone in my growth and, as with all of us, wondering if the nuttiness was going to end; yearning for the new energy world that seemed to be just out of reach.

    Not now, though. YAHOO. There has been a growing momentum inside of me and a reconnection with some old friends who are now ‘with’ me on this journey. They, too, had to go away for their alone time. Finally I can see people who are at and near my vibration and this lifts my heart and spirits hugely.

    So, a gathering of the team seems to be happening, in my world at least, so keep your smile and vibration high because I don’t think we’ll be feeling alone for much longer.

    Love and hugs from Authentic Linda

  42. Hi Denise and all.

    Sympathise with the huge CME/solar flare energies floating around and felt them hit when they left the sun but I think I’m getting used to them now – I just wait them out. Something great is happening around me too. The people that I know are in general completely ignorant of “ascension”, but over the past three weeks all have been complaining of a “virus” they can’t shake combined with insomnia and mad dreams. Supermarkets have whole aisles of vegetarian meals and my carnivorous husband has announced that he cannot bear to eat meat anymore – it’s showtime!

    The isolation part is easing for me, don’t get me wrong I still need to be in the calm of my home much of the time, but I can take trips into town with my husband these days without needing a week to recover. Also people are responding to civilised behaviour so much more readily. Catching a strangers eye in the street prompts a pleasant smile and greeting and any tradesman/shopping etc disputes have been settled with good humour and amicably to boot.

    I think it’s reaching a huge number of people whether they know it or not. Hang in there.


  43. Diane Light,

    I can’t figure out how to transfer your Comment to this Comment area so I’m going to quote you and add it here myself.


    “I love the symbol and your comments are right on track with my internal
    guidance system. Thank you for putting your knowing into words for us.
    Blessings of love and light”

    Diane Light

  44. Thanks Denise, Tom, and Lisa for your concern and support with this situation.

    The night I wrote was the worst one yet. I had had things under control, but they swiftly spun out of control once the students came back. I’m working on the situation and have done as Denise suggested– to suggest that they find a place more suitable to them energetically. They are so planted here, though, that I’ll be really surprised (and elated!) if they go. But, I have claimed this place for the light. I guess this is my backlash for attempting such a thing in such a negative place.

    Lisa, your suggestion also helped a lot. Today I decided to pump in violet light to cleanse the whole building and yard and then decided to add some pink light to balance out the intensely male energy and some white light to protect the area from the darkness that seems to want to encroach on this place. I have asked for it to be poured in continuously, even if I’m not concentrating on it. I think the pink light was a stroke of genius, because that stubborn, alcoholic male energy will not be able to stand all that feminine pinkness! lol! So, things are feeling better here today and I’m happy with my and all my helpers efforts. I expect there will be other battles, but I will handle them my own way. Invisibly and energetically.

    Hugs to all (Oh my goodness, that was a big squish!),

  45. Dear Denise,

    Thank you SO MUCH for this brilliant article. I felt like I was reading a history book…except that we are all living the history right now! LOL! Interesting to reflect on what was occurring in my life during those dates.

    Thank you for this amazing blog. I came across it late last year and so had missed your article on your Lightworker Strike which I had to read. HILARIOUS!! Well I was part of that strike(!) so it was awesome to read about it on your site! I love your concept of lightworkers being put in a ‘Safe House’.

    Since around October 2008 I have had ‘chronic fatigue’. After years of holding and transmuting the light I was just exhausted and couldn’t do it anymore. I’ve had many ‘healers’ offer me advice on how to heal myself but I have always known this ‘fatigue’ and ‘illness’ is linked to ascension. I know that it’s the only way I would have kept to myself and kept away from the 3D crap going on. I would have wanted to keep working and transmuting but my job was over. I know that when we make the final shift completely into 5D I will be fine.

    So in the meantime my husband and I (who has also had health ‘problems’ and hasn’t ‘worked’ for 2 years)got picked up by Spirit, moved 2000km’s north to warmer weather (we live in Australia). All this occurred with us not having worked at all and not owning any property and just some basic furniture and a 17 year old car. We had no ‘resources’ as such, yet amazingly we were able to move house and have been looked after…magically it seems! We haven’t made any friends up here (I have tried but the connections just don’t go anywhere) and that is totally fine with me. Before I got sick, we had several years of people moving out of our lives. Some of this was fine and some was devastating yet I knew it was part of the ascension process. So having had a huge circle of ‘soul family’ we now have a much smaller group -more like handful!- of people we connect with occasionally. I rarely email or speak to people on the phone. Our phone rarely rings. Such a change from the busy personal and spiritual development practice I was running a few years ago. And I am feeling fine with it all. We have been placed in a paradise up here. We live in a 2 bedroom townhouse – it’s like a quiet little village in a beachside country town. Most days we sit out in the sun by the pool and look at palm trees and blue sky. I’m only 42 but I feel like I retired a few years ago. In fact when I moved up here, I had 3 people ask me had i retired up here. I was a bit annoyed at first-I know I’ve been sick but I don’t look THAT old!! LOL! Then I realised it was a message from Spirit-of course I had ‘retired’ – from the old 3D world and way of being.

    I have often said I feel like I have been placed in hibernation. “Safe House’ sums it up perfectly. I feel like I am just waiting now…letting stuff play out that needs to. while I wait for our New Earth. We rarely go out-can’t really handle the crowds. I have my better days where I can get to the supermarket or maybe even to a movie. Other than that we beachwalk, read, paint, do jigsaws, watch movies or TV (though I can’t tolerate any punch ’em up shoot ’em up crime shows or the news which make me cry. Oh and if I see one more bloody show on 9/11 I think I will #%@&*#!! Yes, even in Australia we are being bombarded with the 9/11 anniversary drama. It’s been going on for weeks. Ludicrous when you know what we know!

    Anyway t mostly Denise i just wanted to thank you for your extra-ordinary light and wisdom. Your responses to people’s comments are always so…WISE, your info always so apt and of such a high vibration yet so grounded and accessible. I am deeply appreciative of you writing and taking the time to read and answer when appropriate. Thank you for your continued magic and love. i think you are like the wise and loving mother or grandmother so many of us always wanted.

    Hugs, love and sunshine from sunny (even tho it’s winter here) Queensland, Australia.

    Kathryn xoxox

  46. Thanks, Denise for such an encompassing and succinct overview of what has been/ is/ will be going on.

    I’m glad you wrote that we mustn’t wait for Dec. 2012 or for “disclosure” as these are just a ploy by the Dark to have us miss these very special energies that can now take us higher even if they can be a pain sometimes. 🙂

    I recently dreamed of heading for a train with a close friend who has been with me for many years – and when I got to the platform, he disappeared. (I don’t believe he’s ready to ascend at this time.)

    I had another dream where I saw myself safe in a white raft, high in a tree (which I believe symbolizes the higher energies I am in presently).

    About the world left behind growing much darker, this makes sense. On September 2nd I had another dream where all the “very Dark” beings on this planet are “quarantined” – put somewhere where they can no longer harm us. I saw it as an invisible wall between us and them. They couldn’t see me but I could see them.

    It DOES sound horrible for those left behind. Won’t many perish with the increasing intensity of the solar flares? I keep reading that many will physically die and then carry on their 3D existence on another planet.

    Do you see a 3D Earth (darker than our present one) continuing to exist long after 2012? Or is it a temporary situation?

    Thanks in advance for your answers and viewpoint. I am concerned that so much of the global population is unaware of what’s at stake – but maybe on a soul level they KNOW what to expect based on their choice to stay or ascend.

    P.S. – keep up the excellent work. This site is so needed right now!!

    Lots of Light, Thelma

  47. Thanks, Denise.

    Your vision of the split 3-D earth sure sounds worse than I imaged. I think most people will ascend, even if they don’t know anything regarding Ascension, depending on what’s in their heart and level of vibration.

    Somewhere I read someone’s theory about the honey bees disappearing–that they ascended to physically do the pollinating on the new earth. I thought that was a new one!


  48. Patricia – the Pleiadians say the animals that are / becoming extinct have just moved to higher frequency world – so not extinct as we see it from 3D. I hope/imagine the honey bees r there too!

  49. Dear Denise,

    Much as I love the forthrightness and clarity of this article, I admit to being as puzzled as another reader (see Iceblue’s comment on September 6) when it comes to “the Earth World that Does Not Ascend.”

    Your article of April 17, 2011 (Evolving Beyond Linear Time) gives a fascinating and chilling summary of Earth # 4 – a “totally negative, dark world” that “would have manifested as a primary world had the Expiration Date and Ascension process not happened” ….. The April article then states, “this incomprehensibly negative/probable Earth world has been slowed considerably and now will be prevented from manifesting any further” ….. “over only the past couple of years I’ve perceived that this strong probable negative world won’t be allowed to manifest ANYWHERE.”

    All the same, in the above article, Approaching the End of a 25-year-long Process, such a negative Earth world is envisioned for all those left behind.

    So like Iceblue, I must ask, What has changed?

    Many thanks for clarifying this for me and any other readers who may be experiencing the same confusion. 🙂

    Lots of Light to all, Thelma

    • “Much as I love the forthrightness and clarity of this article, I admit to being as puzzled as another reader (see Iceblue’s comment on September 6) when it comes to “the Earth World that Does Not Ascend.”

      Your article of April 17, 2011 (Evolving Beyond Linear Time) gives a fascinating and chilling summary of Earth # 4 – a “totally negative, dark world” that “would have manifested as a primary world had the Expiration Date and Ascension process not happened” ….. The April article then states, “this incomprehensibly negative/probable Earth world has been slowed considerably and now will be prevented from manifesting any further” ….. “over only the past couple of years I’ve perceived that this strong probable negative world won’t be allowed to manifest ANYWHERE.”

      All the same, in the above article, Approaching the End of a 25-year-long Process, such a negative Earth world is envisioned for all those left behind.

      So like Iceblue, I must ask, What has changed?

      Many thanks for clarifying this for me and any other readers who may be experiencing the same confusion. 🙂

      Lots of Light to all, Thelma”

      Thelma & Iceblue,

      I meant to respond to your question Iceblue, but got swamped by a lot of other Comments and then forgot. Please don’t take it personally, I just get too busy and oftentimes forget to answer questions I should.


      Remember in my article where I explained about having higher dimensional meetings with other Starseeds/Lightworkers and some non-physical Others about how many people wanted to continue waiting for other people to finally gravitate towards ascension/evolution? I also mentioned that many Starseeds/Lightworkers believed that every human alive on Earth now would make the ascension during this cycle, while others of us did not. I said that at that time I was overruled concerning this and then insisted that those of us who were vibrating at a much higher, faster frequency be given a matching frequency space in which to live and continue our ascension work for humanity BUT not continue bleeding from the eyeballs because of it! Translated…plans changed once again as they often do with very important issues like the Ascension Process.

      These types of Inner Plane meetings happen a lot and certain things are tweaked, changed somewhat within the overall Plan of Ascension, held back for a few months and so on. There is and always has been The Plan of Ascension during the 25 completion years of the Mayan calendar (1987-2012) – aka the Great Cycle within this area of the Universe. However, certain situations change slightly, certain probably realities/worlds branch off and become separate worlds from this one we incarnated into, and on and on.

      What sounds to you (and no doubt some other people too) to be contradictions in my articles is really about which Earth world was I talking about at the time you’re referring to. In the Earth world that I’m going to ascend with there isn’t and won’t be ANY negativity or “Dark Ones” there because it exists above their level of frequency. In the OTHER Earth world with its matching frequency human population that’s being provided for those souls who’ve chosen to NOT ascend/evolve now…but will have every opportunity to do so over and over and over until they finally do…they will have negativity and some of the Dark Ones in their world and reality.

      And to be totally honest about all this, I as a dyslexic, often forget and leave the fucking punchline out of very important sentences! 😯 It just makes me crazy frustrated and typically I don’t even realize I’ve done it until after I’ve hit the publish button! Like this multidimensional, nonlinear material isn’t difficult and complex enough!

      So these seeming inconsistencies aren’t inconsistencies at all really but me talking about probable Earths worlds and realities which have been slowly separating vibrationally, energetically from each other for many years already. In one Earth world the Dark Ones cannot enter, in another Earth world they will be there doing what they do.

      Another thing I want to clarify for everyone who’s misquoted me and misunderstood me about this particular topic is that I did not say that people would be “left behind”. No one is abandoning or ignoring or casting aside any one else in this current Ascension Process. (What does everyone think we Starseeds/Prototypers/Lightworkers/Wayshower have been doing, enduring, and suffering for many years now?!) The truth of the matter is that not everyone wants to or is ready to ascend/evolve now and it is THEIR CHOICE AND THEIR CHOICE ALONE whether or not to utilize the current ascension/evolutionary energies to move on now, or not, and remain to continue learning within the lower frequency of duality about duality and all that goes with it. This is a Freewill area and all that Starseeds/Lightworkers/Prototypers etc. can do is embody higher frequency energies/Light/consciousness and point out the energetic Exit Door to any who are able to see and hear and understand them now.

      As you can see we’re not talking about only one Earth world but two main ones at the very least. Not all people who’ve chosen to not ascend/evolve now will remain in their current physical bodies on the lower frequency Earth world. Many of them will die to exit their current bodies and reincarnate back on either the lower Earth world, or another world and/or dimension that’s a frequency match to what they current need and desire to learn within. Many non-ascending people will spend a period in a nonphysical realm reviewing their options and choices before they go to wherever they chose to go to continue learning.

      And last but not least is my always present disclaimer that – I reserve the right to know and perceive more tomorrow, next week, the week after that….


  50. Dear Denise,

    First of all, I wasn’t being critical of you in any way. I am amazed that you take the time to answer so many questions and comments emanating from your articles and I know how incredibly helpful this is! I am very impressed with the integrity of your site and your dedication in getting this info out there.

    You don’t need to be superwoman so please don’t be so hard on yourself. 🙂

    Thanks so much for your detailed explanation of 12 September. Now it’s crystal clear to me!

    And I must say, I’m very relieved that people do not have to STAY with the darker earth but can opt out by physical death and reincarnation either on the darker Earth or another 3-D world. I know that everyone is making a choice now and we must not feel bad about loved ones who do not choose to ascend at this time. (I will STOP saying “left behind” since this IS their choice. Good point!)

    I believe the whole of humanity came close to experiencing your vision of the extra dark Earth (scary thought!) and that I am one of the light workers who came to help. I can’t help but feel saddened that so many will be subject to such darkness but certainly each person will go only where there is a frequency match.

    I can’t help wishing that people could see the consequences of their present choice but I have to believe that at a soul level, they simply aren’t done with duality and 3-D. There is more they want to experience and learn. I really don’t see how they can possibly connect to their Higher Selves, though, once they are even more controlled and manipulated by the Dark.

    My feeling is that this dark Earth reality will be where those who are more darkly inclined (manipulative, greedy or have almost TOTALLY given their power away and believe in victim hood) end up for awhile: the more extreme cases. Unfortunately I know people who are in both categories…

    P.S. – I’m a Capricorn with Moon in Pisces, as well as Pisces rising. We must be a special breed! 🙂

    Lots of Light to all, Thelma

  51. Dear Denise,

    Thank you for sharing this channeled guidance giving clarity of life’s purpose, enabling higher vibrational frequency ascencion, grounding, and balance, during this component of our evolutionary process.

    I experienced a wonderful surge in energy that is comprable to a “healing” of mind, body and spirit, upon discovering this blog and the spiritual community based here.

    Having experienced the “Signs of Ascenion” during the last 25 years, with a deliberate, guided “push” into the metaphysical realms from 2006 until the present moment, it is with inexplicable joy that I emerge from my solitude to find this body of evolved spirits with the same experiences!!
    What a marvellous awakening to discover in one moment, upon reading the “Signs of Ascension” to discover exactly what has transpired within presently.
    Mush love to all,

    • “Thank you for sharing this channeled guidance giving clarity of life’s purpose, enabling higher vibrational frequency ascencion, grounding, and balance, during this component of our evolutionary process.”

      Laurie & Everyone,

      A clarification for all: I do not “channel” and never have. Due to the Ascension Process I’m increasingly able to have conscious access with my Higher Self, plus other-dimensional levels of perception etc. But I do not channel and never will because in this life I, Denise have chosen to be as Conscious of Process as I can and share that information with others. 🙂


  52. Thanks for that comment Denise. I have never felt comfortable in the box of current terminology regarding how I access my knowledge. My description is to be a Pure Conduit to my Higher Self, which is a totally conscious process. This is the only way we can work. Love from LINDA

  53. Wow – don’t know where to post this but I had a wonderfully weird thing happen – was petting a cat that I’ve befriended – or vice verse – he eventually jumped down and when I leaned over to pet him he was glowing a beautiful iridescent blue – like an aura but an unusual blue color (well seeing auras is new to me but this is not what I expected blue to look like…) it was almost a turquoise blue but w a little more indigo in it?? He was so beautiful – was it an aura? I have only seen two auras and they were recent-but this was clearer brighter. Don’t know how se to explain it but it was incredible. Then I became very hot and nauseated and thought i was going to pass out. Don’t know if these were related events or not. Ok now inside with water and AC. Thanks Denise for any insight. I did check spaceweather and see we r being hit by solar flare. Thanks for making me aware of the fact that alot of us feel them early on. Debra. Thank you!!

    • “…was petting a cat that I’ve befriended – or vice verse – he eventually jumped down and when I leaned over to pet him he was glowing a beautiful iridescent blue – like an aura but an unusual blue color (well seeing auras is new to me but this is not what I expected blue to look like…) it was almost a turquoise blue but w a little more indigo in it?? He was so beautiful – was it an aura?”


      I don’t know if it was the cat’s aura you were seeing. My sense is no and that you were seeing something larger, more complex than just an “aura”.

      Since my Ascension Process began I’ve seen new colors in 3D that I’ve never seen before and are really difficult to explain. What I sense this is, is my consciousness and frequency evolving, which naturally allows me to perceive a larger range of reality. This is what’s happening to all of us and I sense this is what you experienced seeing the “blue cat”. Expect more. 🙂


  54. Thanks Denise so much for your thoughts on this – I didn’t think it was an aura either – but I’m a novice at seeing auras! I’ve only seen two auras – and they were “hazier” – for lack of better term. This was like a clear, iridescent, bubble – about 4 to 5″ larger than the cat – and it moved with him. It made my day and I am sure this is just a glimpse of what we have to look forward to but it was insanely wonderful. The song by Cyndi Lauper came to mind while I was with my new friend – “True Colors” and I sang it to him 😉 It really made a lot of sense to me – show me your true colors …. I see your true colors shining thru – etc etc. THANK YOU DENISE! And everyone else on here that shares – it means a lot to me.

  55. Morgean,

    I just wanted to jump in and respond to your post about your kitty friend and seeing the beautiful iridescent turquoise color around him. I’ve seen this around my cats before too! It was at a time when I was in a particularly heightened state of awareness. I had also been seeing people auras here and there and even noticed one night a very cool “strand” of pearls or shimmering light flowing off of my own arm!

    What I was able to deduce about the color was that this was perhaps a vibratory frequency the cats were putting off, almost like a signature. Not necessarily an aura per se because I think those do show up a little more rough around the edges ie. you can see the chakras composed of different colors with the aura (more so I think). I have also seen this strange “bubble” color around trees before too which is what led me to believe it might be a visual representation of frequency. My only other thought about what it could be might be the cat’s guardian, perhaps some angelic or ET guardian/guide.

    I am one of those people who sees sparkles regularly or little flashes of color zip across my peripheral vision so I know that I am aware of angelic/ET presence.

    I think it’s so nice that you sang Cyndi Lauper’s song to the cat and that he hung out with you long enough for you to see this very cool, neat other-worldly side of reality. Whenever I see the bubble of color around trees, birds, any other living thing – I quietly send appreciation and love to it. Accepting it for what it is, acknowledging its unique importance to the world and I feel this sensation that I’ve shared with it just as it has shared with me. I guess this is what telepathic communication is really like, huh?! 🙂

    I enjoyed reading about your experience. Thank you for sharing it with us!


  56. Astara, thx so much for sharing your experiences w me and reading about mine. It, for me, was significant on many levels. It was a first for me – I will never forget it. your second paragraph summed it up perfectly – yes, it really seemed like I was seeing his vibratory signature -perfect way of explaining it thx! Yes, all I could think was he was showing me himself (his true colors). It was like a vibratory field that moved w him. This kitty showed up about a month ago – five days before one of my cats transitioned. He has similar markings so his arrival was significant on a couple levels. He was also feral at the time was living in my bushes. Finally he revealed himself to me before my cat “tiger” died. Then he disappeared but then showed up again about a week after Tiger’s death.
    There is something very special about him. Thanks for sharing other experiences u hav had. I would love to hear more if you are inclined to share and look forward to more visual and other sensory experiences. Debra/Morgean

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