I didn’t want to write anything about September’s 11-11 portal only because of the tenth anniversary of the “9/11” event. I’ve wondered how September’s 11-11 was going to play out from a higher energetic level and override the lower frequency “9/11” anniversary and all the crafted emotional hype and manipulations connected with it.

Then the other day I woke up with nearly every inch of my body in pain (still is today) and instantly knew—from thirteen years of transformational solar energy beatings—that the Sun was spewing higher dimensional LIGHT all over Earth and humanity. As usual I confirm what my body’s already telling me by going to Spaceweather.com to see the latest news about the Sun, and sure enough, there had been two solar flares/CME’s at that point; one an X-class and the other an M-class. Translated that means mega-sized pain and medium-sized pain!

According to the physical solar professionals three solar blasts are Earth-directed and should arrive on Sept. 11, 2011—9-11-11. I’ve said before that the nonlinear sensitive folks feel solar and galactic energies from the moment they happen, and like telepathy and everything else, don’t need them to travel through space time for x-number of days before they reach us physically to be effected by them. Unity Consciousness means exactly that!

Many of us are going to, once again, be fried alive by higher Cosmic Energies via the Sun, while other folks will be thoroughly entranced by the carefully crafted manipulations of their Emotional bodies and consciousness by the government and media over a decade-old event that they don’t even know the truth about. Some things at that level just never change…

I say get solar fried (again) and have more of your DNA plugged back in by it and rest as much as you can during these transformational solar storms raining down on us. Use the 9 energies of completion, coupled with the 11-11 energies of transition out of the old lower duality, and into the new higher Unity consciousness, to move beyond the lower frequency junk and manipulations. We’ve only got this 9-11-11 portal Stair Step and the 10-11-11 portal Stair Step before the transitional triple 11-11-11 coming on November 11, 2011!

Here’s the physical story from Spaceweather.com. http://www.spaceweather.com/


September 8, 2011

NOTE: J just wrote a Comment and shared a great link to another website, solarIMG  http://solarimg.org/ about the solar and magnet energies arriving physically on 9-11-11. Thanks J for sharing this link with us all. Denise.

“STRONG FLARE ACTIVITY CONTINUES: On Sept. 8th at 1546 UT, sunspot 1283 unleashed an M6-class solar flare. This continues the active region’s 3-day trend of daily powerful eruptions. Yesterday’s blast, an X1.8-class event, produced a bright flash of extreme UV radiation and hurled an inky-dark plume of plasma into space. Click to view the movie from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:

Since Sept. 6th, sunspot 1283 has propelled at least three CMEs in the general direction of Earth. Glancing blows from the incoming clouds will commence sometime on Sept. 9th and continue through Sept. 11th, possibly sparking minor geomagnetic storms. Solar flare alerts: text, voice.

X-flares of Solar Cycle 24: There have been only a handful of X-flares since the beginning of new Solar Cycle 24. Here is a complete list so far, all in 2011: Feb. 15 (X2), March 9 (X1), Aug. 9 (X7), Sept. 6 (X2), Sept. 7 (X2). Before these five, the previous X-flare occured on Dec.14, 2006, (X1) during old Solar Cycle 23.”

“While the high speed particles from the recent X and M flares have been by far the most energetic and dramatic of solar cycle 24 which we’ve seen thanks mostly to the DSN, SOHO, STEREO and SDO teams- our teeny star is ripe with activity.

Recent X and M flares have already sent particles to the Earth and the slow moving Coronal Mass Ejections (or CMEs) have cleared the solar wind creating the conditions for a “fast mover” (not quite different from Ocean waves which have been crazy lately!) that will snap the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) right over the Earth very fast from a Coronal Hole Wind Stream (CHWS). This will be the one to watch, folks. The arrival will take place approx 9/11/11.

The cygnet is archived here since hotlinking to iSWA cygnets will result in lost data and we’re hoping that other people make sure to save anything that they think looks interesting in ARTIS to your computer – when you look at real time stuff later it may not be there due to the way the systems work.”


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  1. Such a relief to have a possible explanation for the startlingly high and utterly unexplainable level of pain that just manifested in half my body starting yesterday 9/7/11. And truly wonderful things are happening as well, both in me and in my circles of dear ones, and all over too. You are amazing. Gratitude and Love

  2. Every time I get a spaceweather update I’m never surprised. Always validated. I’ve had pains in places I never had pains before. And have felt like I’ve had a low-grade fever for days now.

    Out here all week its been raining and cloudy. And I’m loving it. I just can’t stand the sun on me right now.

    Thanks for all of your recent posts Denise. You’ve given us all some real good stuff to focus on.
    Gratitude hugs to you!

  3. Denise, thanks once again for an excellent article. As usual, it perfectly explained what I’ve been experiencing the last few days. After a gruesome Sat., the 3rd, I was expecting things to improve. I didn’t know why my guides had been telling me to keep resting and taking it very easy the last few days. I also didn’t know why I was still feeling so fatigued and emotionally fragile, and why my whine list was getting longer. Your article explained everything perfectly. I still have a big whine list, but at least now I have a better context for dealing with it. Thanks for all your ongoing work. 😀


  4. Yes, yes, yes. Had a hell of a night and today am exhausted and in pain from the waist down, so kept my head thoroughly busy with the 3D stuff I do to make an income, but just minutes ago, before I came on to Transitions and read your confirmation, I heard from “my” Arcturians, whom I haven’t heard from in a quite a while. They tell me to stay indoors as much as I can over the next few days, but if I go out they will be with me because it’s going to get nasty out there and they also want to see what I’m seeing and feel what I’m feeling as I walk around. I send their comfort to all here and just ask, for heaven’s sake. Give them permission to be with you. I also had a very dark dream last night (when I finally got to sleep) and the Arcturians say, yes, that’s because we’re getting rid of the dark in the collective unconscious of the people who are ascending and though I may not know what all the symbols mean, that I am not to fear them, but to take solace from the fact that inter-dimensionally the dark is on the run. And last, but far from least, I asked, “Are we on schedule?” and their instantaneous response was “We’re ahead!” So for the first time in a long, long time, I am okay with the pain and exhaustion. Hang on, everyone, it’s the ride of a 3D lifetime and I’m so happy to be here with you all. Thank you from my heart, Denise, for yet another profound validation.

    • “I also had a very dark dream last night (when I finally got to sleep) and the Arcturians say, yes, that’s because we’re getting rid of the dark in the collective unconscious of the people who are ascending and though I may not know what all the symbols mean, that I am not to fear them, but to take solace from the fact that inter-dimensionally the dark is on the run.”


      I had a mini nightmare too last night and I could tell from the grisly storyline that it was a negative leftover from the Collective. No rest for the weary! And yes, we’ve been ahead of schedule for the past two years that I’m aware of. Hang in there everyone. ♥


  5. I’m so glad to hear that not only do your words resonate with me so much, but that you also experience the solar flares as I do. I discovered this at a conference about class X flares causing all kinds of things within a sensitive human. Today I too woke up with the pains, knowing something was up…in so many more ways than one. These are also potent moments to ‘take down’ a force that needs to be put to rest, and so when there is pain there is also war. But I do my job. Blessings!

  6. Thank you, Denise! This explains these sudden pains that feel like someone is stabbing me with a white hot needle in various parts of my body…ouch. And I also felt this a couple of days ago and I thought something must be happening. I thought it was an earthquake or something, but that usually comes to me as a headache and a vivid dream. So the solar flares! I will definately take heed to rest and do little on these next few days. Sending you and everyone affected by these ouches much love and respect.

  7. I’m so happy to be here with everyone.. to hear how we are all experiencing much the same things… pain from the waist down.. weird dreams…like you, Denise i was online checking out the space weather as i felt solar flares had something to do with this…

    thank you Denise and everyone for your sharing and your ‘heart’ given to all here who read this and are going thru the same sorts of things.. it truly gives a sense of ‘strength and peace’ as we ‘hang in there’ together….

    love christine

  8. I was startled wide awake from a deep sleep this morning at 9:11am and i wondered what in the heck is going on, what is the urgent message and i come here and see you have 9-11-11 up. I was so glad to know what has knocked me for a loop since September 3rd. Had to lie down after being in bed all day today and being up for only two hours, so yes as you say must take it easy and rest as these things just flattens the body. How in the world do ones work on a secular job carrying this weighty responsibility as i just couldn’t do it, no way.

    You say every inch of your body hurts Denise, well i’ll flip you for it as i can’t fathom how anyone can hurt this much, even my (Vulva hurts in a sexual way, graphic i know, but true- sorry men though i wonder do the men’s testicles hurt too?).

    I also had a dream last night that the mop in the kitchen that was about to be used for mopping was chock full of black hair, so much so that the strands of the mop were almost unseen. I took the mop and started pulling the black hair from it until all was removed and the strands which were light in color could now be seen. I sure hope this mopping up is about to end as i am beyond beat. i wonder if the closer we get to the end of it all if the pain/other intensifies until it is all over?

    Denise, i am sooo glad you followed your heart or whatever and posted this here because it sure helped me as i couldn’t imagine why i was knocked flat on my a– again. Thank you and thank you to all who lend their support here with their comments and love!


  9. Thanks to all for everything you post and info you share. I’m going to a 4-day workshop – a little concerned but will try and lay low. Have a horrible sort throat – 5th chakra stuff – but definitely amplified by the CME’s – thanks, Denise, you are so right – I have a strong sensitivity to the earth changes – did not put two and two together – but you did it for me. Everytime the sun flares or projects a CME – I feel it right away. The next three days will be interesting – I will be away from computer – I will miss a lot I know!!

    Barbara: – Love the 3rd dimensional house idea (think this was from another post), but I know you’ll be here reading this. I have gathered info and have started on my first geometric shape assemblage. I am excited…

    Like others, I get concerned about NOT having nightmares – I know I have more to process, and was having awful nightmares for about a year, but they are much less now for about the past 4-5 months…. am I just going thru some type of transition or assimilation?

  10. I recently heard the song “Aquarius” from the musical HAIR for the first time in a few years. It was sung by The Fifth Dimension (!!!!!!!!), and it reminded me what I’m growing towards as I continue my Ascension Process. I’ve always loved that song, and it means much more to me now than it used to. I just wish that the moon were in the 7th house right now, and that Jupiter would align with Mars ASAP. 😉


  11. Denise and Barbara – Thank you Denise for your messages as usual, and thanks to both you and Barbara for mentioning the nightmares! My poor 9yo ds came in to our room in the middle of the night last night saying that he had had the worst nightmare he’s EVER had – so bad he didn’t even want to talk about it. Poor bub. Mine haven’t been nightmares so much as freaky encounters with people from my past. The last few nights have been a surreal version of “this is your life” with much different endings. Nice to have the perspective that there’s a whole collective release issue going on here. Doesn’t help my 9yo much, but at least it helps *mama*, and that helps me be more stable/solid for him if I have a sense of what’s behind it.

    And each and every ONE of you here are my heroes for being on this whole whacky amusement ride with me 😉

    • “My poor 9yo ds came in to our room in the middle of the night last night saying that he had had the worst nightmare he’s EVER had – so bad he didn’t even want to talk about it. Poor bub…”


      Oh poor little guy! I HATE when children get hammered by the Dark in any form. Give him a High Heart Hug of Light for me too please. Tell him his nightmare was NOT about him or anything HE has done. Oh my heart… it’s so easy for the children to feel (and often see also) these very intense Dark energies and Beings fighting and attacking as they slowly exit this realm. Be strong both of you. ♥


  12. hmmm, i think i’m slightly confused after reading the comments here.
    most people speak of strong physical pain which again is exactly the opposite of what i’m getting these days.
    i’m finding myself almost constantly surrounded by an extremely powerful energy of love. just PURE, egoless, true love that is so powerful at times it feels like i’m about to physically burst !
    ha ha, and it keeps on somehow amplifying as days pass, making me high as a kite in this blissful

  13. Hello, all,

    Well, I can add my discomfort to the chorus here. I, too, since Sept. 3 have been getting bad headaches, have had tons of energy flow through me, especially my feet, and have had pain in my hips and lower back (unusual for me) and my feet are killing me right now. I usually just let it flow through me and it goes away in a few hours. I’ve also been laying pretty low this last week and slept a good 12-13 hours the other night.

    The other day I was walking outside a fair distance and the sun was so bright I could barely keep my eyes open. I have worked with lighting in the past and the light was clearly more white to me (like halogen as opposed to incandescent bulbs is how I would describe the difference in color and light temperature). I can see why we should keep out of it– it’s just too intense!

    I’ve also felt some dark energy around me again lately in my apartment. I even had a moment one night where I felt an inkling of fear– which I have not let myself go into for a very long time.

    It’s so great to have this community (which I’ve noticed is growing by the day! and welcome to everyone new!) to share with.

    Hugs to all,

  14. Hi morgean,
    I also battle with a horrible sore throat, and I tried everything to heal it without success.

    Thanks for the article, I was wondering the night before , why I got so much pains and couldn’t sleep well, aswell as my hubby who was also resltless and couldn’t sleep. Even my two daugthers (3 and 8 months) woke up crying.

    Barbara, when you speak off ” “I also had a very dark dream last night ,Arcturians say, yes, that’s because we’re getting rid of the dark in the collective unconscious of the people who are ascending ” I was thinking about a book I once read “The dream merchant by Isabel Hoving” It is about Umaya, the collective dream of everyone at that point in time, is caught between dreams and reality. ” Very good book. The plot summary you can find on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dream_Merchant_%28novel%29.

    I am glad for this article , because it can explain a lot…thanks Denise

    PS: I didn’t know that solar flares can have so much impact on us.

    • “Hi morgean,
      I also battle with a horrible sore throat, and I tried everything to heal it without success.”

      woldke74 & morgean & All,

      I woke up yesterday, Sept. 8, 2011, after having another transmuting nightmare, with almost every inch of my body hurting physically and a bad sore throat and dry eyes…and my hair is looking and feeling like corpse hair again too. Gawd…

      Anyhoo, the sore throat thing I believe is tremendous inner work (physical DNA and energetic changes) currently happening in our bodies. No doubt the Throat chakra is, once again, being upgraded/evolved right along with everything else in us. It won’t last forever so hang in there everyone.


  15. Hi Denise,
    I don’t have pains but I feel like my skin is burning, specially my head. The biggest problem for me now is that I barely sleep and when I sleep I have vivid dreams and nightmares all the time. Do you have any advice? I wake up exausthed. Big dark circles around my eyes. 😦
    Thank you! Love and kisses!

    • “The biggest problem for me now is that I barely sleep and when I sleep I have vivid dreams and nightmares all the time. Do you have any advice? I wake up exausthed. Big dark circles around my eyes. 😦 “


      I don’t look so hot myself because of all this endless transmuting! 😉

      The nightmares are common because they are Ascension-related transmuting Work…just done while asleep and OOB (out of body). We can do so much more so much faster while asleep and OOB and that’s why we do tremendous transformational Energy Work while asleep and lucid dreaming. When there’s another huge shift forward energetically as we’re almost constantly living through now, we Starseeds/Prototypers/Lightworkers/Indigos will typically have repeated nightmares of us trying to correct or make right and transmute these horrible negative Dark stuck energies in the 4D Astral plane.

      I had one of these 4D nightmare transmuting dreams the other night myself. In it I found myself in some big empty house owned by some Italian mafia types. They’d murdered some people in the house so there I was…cleaning up that negative dark emotional energy in the place! What was funny to me in this dream is that, as I did my multidimensional energetic House Cleaning, I was bitching and complaining about still having to energetically mop-up after dark human monsters like these people in late 2011! 😆 Oh well…soon this level of Energy Work by us won’t be needed any longer.

      Hang in there,

  16. OMG, when is this gonna end? Burning up, then freezing , pain, nausea, stomach upsets, but worst is the fire, and the gravity is heavy, cant lift my feet, am back in bed, with a dire need to be outside but i cant do it, i just feel sick an wiped.
    Never seen this web site before but it mentions the magnetics and i can feel this in me, and have for a very longtime, so here is the link with some awsome pics at the end.
    Some comments from the site runner i dont understand but he seems ok, as always i use my own feelers and i think we all do here, so take what feels useful, delete the rest, but nothing stupid i could see in my quick flick through.
    I have to say i am praying hard for this to end, its battering some of us to much, i cant see what not being able to take any charge of ones life or wellbeing is doing much for anyone, and like you denise, its been a longtime waiting around in this place of nowhere, and where i live i would hardly call it a light space, so i am asking for that, for what i come to do here feels complete in this locality and with these people, although i love them i cant do this no more, i get we are all where we need to be, but this is not supporting life and i think of what Lisa R said, the life and death now meet as equals in now….
    Oh, my dogs thrown up, animals really not liking whats going on, they are scared and uneasy, i am doing my best to stand in neutral, but its not always so easy to pull off when day to day life runs alongside all this stuff.
    Take care everyone, thanks D, for the space and for the info you share. x


  17. Avian: I guess with time speeding up/collapsing and as we draw near the finish line, these upheavals will augment in order for us to clear our slates of all past issues/pending karma/…….
    Peace perfect peace !!!

  18. Ohhh Denise, thank you for that. Yesterday my daughter, granddaughter and I were so extremely fatigued it was crazy. I woke up very early this morning with an ice-pick headache and nothing is taking it away. This part sucks. But it sure helps to read your posts and know what’s going on “out there”. Thank you,
    Huge Hugs
    Pat xoxoxox

  19. Denise, et. al… just want to chime in. People and animals in our house are suffering the effects of the flares as well… lots of body pains and limping around. Red eyes also seem to be the “look” of the week. Morgean, interesting you’re having 5th chakra issues… spouse is almost “speechless” with a gravelly throat that just seemed to come out of no where.

    Take care everyone ((((<3))))

  20. Hi Denise and everyone – thanks for the warning of another wild ride – I intentionally took Monday off because I thought I might be needing an extra nap or 10 by then. I’m just so tired of being tired and still having to go to work and earn dog and cat food! I haven’t had so much body aches this week as constant “tunings” in my ears. Every time it happens I stop and say, “ok, now what are you doing to me?” 😉 And hot flash after hot flash, non stop pretty much – real fun stuff at work when sweat is dripping down your face and body and someone is asking you a question!
    Also I just canNOT get into working when I’m at work, I just daydream and goof off and I know I have work to do but just can’t seem to make myself concentrate – and then I just think well, it won’t matter soon anyway, who cares? Anyone else having trouble with this?

    This weekend I do know that I will NOT be turning on my TV – if I hear one more special about 9/11 or even worse, that criminal George Bush, well I will just scream! I will be focusing on a very different 9-11 thanks to reality!

    One last thing I thought I’d mention – I’m having some of the most spontaneous bouts of joy lately that I’ve ever experienced. For example, remember the 80s song “Rosanna” by Toto? Well it’s one of my favorites, and whenever I hear it start I just feel energized, but yesterday driving home in my car it came on the radio, and I couldn’t even sing along I was so choked up! I felt like I was going to vibrate right off the road I felt so happy like there is something in the song arrangement that triggered something key inside – whatever it was, it was wonderful. If just hearing a song can make me feel that way, can you just imagine what’s waiting for us when all this 3D crap is history!? Yahoo! So hopefully I can keep remembering these times when I’m feeling like I can’t stand it anymore. Thanks as always Denise, can’t wait to meet everybody – I now think of you all as “my peeps”!! With love in light!


    • “One last thing I thought I’d mention – I’m having some of the most spontaneous bouts of joy lately that I’ve ever experienced. For example, remember the 80s song “Rosanna” by Toto? Well it’s one of my favorites, and whenever I hear it start I just feel energized, but yesterday driving home in my car it came on the radio, and I couldn’t even sing along I was so choked up! I felt like I was going to vibrate right off the road I felt so happy like there is something in the song arrangement that triggered something key inside – whatever it was, it was wonderful. If just hearing a song can make me feel that way, can you just imagine what’s waiting for us when all this 3D crap is history!? Yahoo! So hopefully I can keep remembering these times when I’m feeling like I can’t stand it anymore.”

      kt111 – Katy,

      What you’ve described is much like energy harmonics. For you that song generates a specific level of energy, a tone almost, which moves you. However, how it effects you today is very different than how it did 20 years ago, which you discovered! Hearing it in 2011 triggered a much higher harmonic vibration in your High Heart chakra which was everything you felt and what caused you to literally vibrate so fast and so high. Here comes the punchline everyone; this is how the Separation of Worlds happens. We literally vibrate out of range from the old lower everything that we disappear from it.

      There’s a part in The Temple of Master Hotei that talks about Master Hotei doing this and me watching. He wanted to teach me about how one can increase their frequency to the point that they literally disappear. One way Master Hotei did this was by just laughing. It was one of many wonderful teachings Master Hotei taught the me I was in that past-life.

      Consider your High Heart song experience as training and prep work for this type of thing to happen more and more. We’re all going to be experiencing increasing moments of High Heart joy or “bliss” leading up to the Separation of Worlds and 11-11-11. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us all. ♥


  21. Hi denise and all.
    I’ve just realised that I posted my comment for here in another article. never mind.

    Life is improving, more people are waking up and I’ve decided to welcome all symptoms from CMEs with open arms. My ears are singing with frequencies.

    Songs frequently pop into my head when I’m in this mode and the past week has been non-stop “Light my fire” – could it get anymore obvious?

    All around me people are experiencing ascension symptoms with no idea of what they are. I’m watching and waiting to see who realises it first.

    It’s all hopeful from this side – and I know it will be from all sides soon.

  22. Thanks again everyone for truly uplifting conversation and explanations here!

    Noa & Wendy me too I’m having good. I actually think I’m living the best time of my life and I honestly have begun to feel the worst part is over. Just like kt111 I get very uplifted when hearing certain music, melodies and riffs. I get really happy on other simple triggers as well, like a friendly face or just about anything beautiful. I just love to live this moment!

    Still, having said that, I sense lots of things within my body, especially stinging around heart and throat chakras (and sore throat too). My guides tell me, it’s not that much of clearing any blockages or healing something that would be wrong but enlarging the pipe so to speak 😉 – for being able to convey more and different types of energies. I feel huge amounts of energy flowing through me when I meditate and when I wake up from sleep (which is like coma, no dreams, no nightmares).

    Solarflaring hugs to everyone!

  23. Hi Everyone:

    So fantastic to step into Transitions comments and find everyone hanging on. My song that I’ve been singing lately, Sly and the Family Stone’s, “I want to take you higher”. It’s working and it doesn’t matter to me that I don’t know all the words!

    Today is, you guessed it, throat/neck pain day, so thanks Aya for allowing me to understand that I’m enlarging my pipes, for singing purposes, too, I hope.

    And just wanted to let you know that my dream last night was a “light” one — at last! All of us here are once more in the “Living Library” but it’s light as can be and no 3D types at all. We are placing a big tarp over a huge square hole in the floor of the library and I look down into that hole and I see that it is very dark indeed down there and I worry that the tarp will not keep that dark out and one of you says, “Check it out under the tarp.” So I lift up the tarp and there’s this trapdoor that is so solidly tight and locked it ain’t never coming undone! Then I see myself in a mirror and I’m smiling my fool head off and there are no black bags under my eyes and, Denise, my hair is beautiful, and in fact, we all look really good and I haven’t even met any of you yet! End of dream. Nice one, eh?

    Tom: Good thing we weren’t together yesterday. I whined for hours on end, I mean about anything and everything I could possibly think to whine about until finally I had whined myself out. Then I had a beer!

    And Aya, thanks too for “solarflare hugs”. Back at you and all here.

  24. Hi Denise, thank you for the path that you walk, and for gathering this herd of heavenly hermits on your site 😉 love to all of you. Throwing in my 2 cents: the last couple of days there is this ambient sense of “relief” (distant but comforting), like “we made it”. Like some here, there are bouts of bliss, nightly energy downloads (as I call them) . And the other night I had this realization:” wow, we’re experiencing real-time evolution!” – yay, but also so unreal. Anyway glad that I found this place where I can drop in and feel weirdly normal. For now, to all heart hugs & love bugs,

  25. Hi everyone, thanks for sharing how the last few days have been for you. I’ve been hit hard by the energies of the solar flares, and have had another fun round of Ascension Flu symptoms. Oh boy!!!! In the past I’ve dealt with this by checking out my favorite Doom and Gloom website forum frequently. Yesterday I posted here and checked out other peoples’ posts instead. I also posted lots of weird jokes and puns on Facebook, and my friends responded with several of theirs. This worked much better than checking out the Doom and Gloom Forum. 😀

    Thanks for sharing about hearing songs that have inspired you. Last night I mentioned hearing “Aquarius” sung by The Fifth Dimension (!!!). That same CD also includes “It’s My Party”, “(Love Is Like a) Heatwave”, “I’m a Believer”, “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” and my personal favorite “Good Vibrations”. Listening to these songs last night was an interesting experience.

    My appetite has not been strong lately, and eating once a day has become a chore for me rather than something I enjoy. I still have a long whine list, and posting here helps me deal with it better. Denise et. al., thanks for all your sharing.


  26. it brings me great joy to hear that some of you are indeed experiencing uplifting emotions and energies. for the rest, we need to remember that energy flows where attention goes. so, focus on the good, the beautiful and the amazing times of transition we are blessed with.
    the painful physical symptoms are only minor side effects of this greater, grander picture called ascension. let us put our attention on the divinity within us, experience it through our hearts and reconnect to source energy.
    feeling the love yet ? ha ha, enjoy the journey…
    in peace, in joy, in love…

  27. @ Jay – “herd of heavenly hermits” hee hee. 🙂 Caroline Myss has a term for people going through what she calls “Dark Night of the Soul” in this day and age as “Mystics without Monasteries” – ie that people USED to be able to go through an enlightenment process and the associated mental/physical issues under the protective care of a monastery where their basic needs were taken care of and those issues were understood (yeah, there was work to do and prayers to recite and mass to attend etc etc, but you didn’t have to worry about where your next meal was coming from or having to work to pay your bills if you were having a spiritual crisis and couldn’t work for a time/were spiritually ill etc.) But nowadays, we’re somehow having to do this same kind of process while at the same time being out in the wild and wooly world of 3D land – and often still kind of “alone” to boot in the sense that we are in a minority and can’t talk about this with “regular” folk who just don’t get it (and would get terrified and have us locked up if we went into too much detail!). So yes, anywhere where we can “herd” together and comfortably – and JOYFULLY – fly our freak flags (or compare ouchie notes when we’re really slogging through it and know that they won’t be brushed off as “in our head” nonsense 😉 is a blessing. Love to you all! 🙂 P

    • “…herd of heavenly hermits…” and “…freak flags…” and “Mystics without Monasteries”

      Thanks P and Jay for the very accurate (and humorous) terms for those of us going through all this…while trying to look like we aren’t! 😉


  28. hello
    it was like a cold pain without the nose congestion for me the most painful symptom yet
    thanks for the information it’s nice to see people like you feeling the same thing.

  29. I so much appreciate reading about the solar flares and their effect on us. It’s wonderful to be able to share experiences here and to have Denise’s advice and support.

    I have been feeling VERY tired lately, sleeping more than usual and not able to exert myself a great deal. Fortunately no aches and pains – though I do empathize with those who have them.

    Thanks to Denise, we will know why we’re experiencing these things as the flares act up with greater intensity. Interesting times ahead!!

    P.S. – did I say I was glad to have found this site? 🙂

  30. wow. When I left my comment there were none here yet, and am so glad as I sit here with my aching head that I’m not ”ill”. It is more comforting to see it is ascension as have been my deepest prayers all my long life. I call these headaches ”divine headaches” as I realized after 40 yrs of them that they came with heightened intuition, downloads of information, psychic abilities and other magical things. Sure enough a need arose and ”we” took care of it. But I’m exhausted. I realized today that I already planned on spending the next 3 days in bed, but I’ve already been in bed for 3 days! For the past several months I’ve been sleeping 10-12 nites every nite and I don’t work. Thought it was just me but reading the above there are many doing the same! I just wake up and know that all I can do is nothing all day or look online for ”what is up”….but this site showed me :D. Food is a chore, sun is definitely far too bright, thunder storms a sigh of relief. Tom says: I just wish that the moon were in the 7th house right now, and that Jupiter would align with Mars ASAP. 😉 Yes ! thanks for the laugh!! Much needed…..even my face hurts.

  31. Hey Denise and all.

    Forgot to mention a couple of unnusual symptoms of CME’s. One is green pee! No joke and definately linked to CME activity. It’s as if the flares prompt some kind of detox that produces this. The other is more recent and more pleasant. For a few days after the solar flares my skin is pink and dewy and very youthful looking – no complaints there.

    Hair and nails are growing fast. I have curly hair that does’nt need too much attention but recently I’ve been at the hairdresser every couple of monthe – normal for some not for me. My hairdresser is amused that I seem to be growing extra hair – a new hairline around my temples. It looks like baby hair.

    Anyone else?

  32. Hi Denise and Everyone Here or There!

    Ditto on the green(ish) pee and skin feels good, too. So what I’m about to write is only my take on 11-11-11, but because I woke up with a lead weight attached to the back of my head and a severe case of stage-fright, I thought I better get these words down and let my “freak flag” wave high.

    When Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players,” (huge clue) he should have carried on to state that each of us writes our own script and plays the leading role until we are about five or six years old when we have our first emotional owie and we allow someone else to take over as director. After that it’s constantly trying to get into someone else’s movie and because we’re Starseeds/Wayshowers et al, for the most part we fail miserably or at best we are always backstage help. In other words, as Peter Sellers might say, That is not my movie!

    So I’m taking over my movie now — yes, definitely the Truman Story and Vanilla Sky and all sorts of “movie clues” have been handed to me, but other than a vague feeling of discontent with those movies, I’ve never really gotten it until now.

    I am not only a player in this 3D movie, I also wrote my own script, designed my own costumes, chose my own props, supporting actors, et cetera, until I became so bored and emotionally/physically thrashed with my movie and any 3D form of it, I had to say enough, already, it’s time for a new script.

    Another big clue for me is 11-11-11 and Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day as it used to be called. As a kid I had to attend those services (always cold, freezing, wet and morbid) but I was fascinated by the 11-11-11 concept. How convenient, I would think, that a war ended with such impeccable timing! Makes it easy to keep historical records!

    And now I realize that 11-11-11 is my movie’s climax date. My movie in 3D ends on 11-11-11. So there will be no introductory paragraph in 3D with the words, Once upon a time a girl was born to …… in the town of …… If the Pleiadians are correct that we are in a nanosecond of time, then my total life can’t be much more than half a second, so I’m writing my part out of this script and catching the 11-11-11 express into a new movie.

    I think I’ll use Douglas Adams’ legendary line, “So long and thanks for all the fish” as I make my exit, stage right-brain.

    So that’s my thinking for today and I am really having a bad case of stage fright, but hey, I’ve been there before and it can’t be as bad as some of things I’ve purposefully put myself through in 3D so I could “overcome my fear”.

    Loving you guys big-time

  33. Wow.. while reading the comments there was like a buildup in my ear… a high pitched tone… then it increased very much in intensity in like 1 second .. like a little beep explosion(?? lol) … and now the constant tone is again… I think I felt what you call reality check…
    Now every night before sleep, the tone comes in… in fact whenever im in silence, no music no tv etc.. its comes… im used to it now and it doesn’t bothers me anymore…

  34. Pedro, from what I understand, the high-pitched tone in your ear is a “download” of higher frequency material. I have been getting this tone for a few years now, and it’s almost always in the evening or before I go to sleep. I’ve gotten used to it now. I’d say it was a good sign!

  35. Ringing in the ears – high pitched tones:

    Ringing in the ears is the setting/fine tuning of our personal energy field/template (processor clock frequency) to the unity timeline called the God wave (Crystalline Grid Carrier) – harmonics and side bands resulting from this calibration.

  36. Last year things were so difficult emotionally and health wise I didn’t have time to feel lonely.
    These past few months have been so difficult.
    Family thinks I’m crazy, not much to say to friends anymore especially when I’m sleeping 12,16,18 hours a day.
    I was thinking today if it truly is the end to all the suffering and loneliness I can make it another year.
    I expect to be on those stairs, I have put in the blood,sweat and tears, as well as been through I don’t know how many initations.
    I think I will try and give as much love to myself as I have done for so many.
    I have recently started to look at myself with Spiritual eyes and really like what I see.
    I would like her as my friend, loyal, honest, and one that has walked a path few would have endured.

    Blessings to all of you,

  37. divsy – re: ringing in the ears/ high pitched tone:

    Thanks for articulating an explanation for this. It DOES feel like an adjustment or fine tuning to our higher consciousness.

    Lots of Light to all, Thelma

  38. Thelma: You are more than welcome – we are painting this together; frequency/vibrations/ether/radio is the part of the script that suits me most.
    Thanks for being part of our healing.

  39. I’m very glad the 9-11 anniversary is over. I got unwanted reminders of it from Facebook postings and some of my co-workers yesterday. There were a lot of military people at my job yesterday. One of my co-workers kept telling them very loudly how much she appreciated what they were doing in Afghanistan and other places. I must be very ascended now, because I didn’t get angry or upset when I heard her say this repeatedly. I wasn’t tempted to strangle or even slap her. 😀

    During the last few weeks I’ve been experiencing a lot of the ringing in my ears mentioned in recent posts. I notice it mostly at night when I go to bed.


    • “One of my co-workers kept telling them very loudly how much she appreciated what they were doing in Afghanistan and other places. I must be very ascended now, because I didn’t get angry or upset when I heard her say this repeatedly. I wasn’t tempted to strangle or even slap her. ” 😀


      😆 Yep, finally evolving beyond the frustrated emotional desire to beat the stupid out of some sheeple person is a great relief! :mrgreen: Well done you.


  40. A follow up to share.
    I just wrote the piece on being lonely.
    I drive a lot mostly to do errands.
    Today in a store an elderly lady started talking with me..she had the light in her eyes, and beautiful soul.
    I got so excited I talked with her for at least 45 mins
    Her daughter is an Egyptian archologist(sp) not sure that’s spelled right.
    That lead on to a deeper conversation..
    when I left the store and got in the car and couldn’t breathe.
    I felt like I was in the next universe…floating in space
    Vibrating very fast and then I realized this is why things are coming slowly I’m not ready yet.
    Next went into a store to get lunch.God only knows what I was thinking when I was sitting there.
    This well dressed gentlemen came over and said to me, “your right you know” and walked away.

    This use to happen often, now I feel it’s just a matter of time until it all unfolds..
    as you have been saying.
    I feel more happy more of the time
    and a deep inner feeling that I will rise above all this and fly.

  41. Cheri, thanks for sharing your story about the lady in the store and the elderly gentleman who said you were right. I love synchronicity when it happens. These days I’m finding that these kinds of encounters happen more and more often – just “running into” people in unexpected ways and sharing something of interest.

    It should help with your loneliness knowing we are so interconnected and that your energy is now giving you these kinds of connections. Glad you’re feeling happier, too. It will only get better!

    Lots of Light, Thelma

  42. Hello, all,

    As a Canadian, I’d just like to add a little different perspective on 9/11– the other 9/11. I wasn’t in North America when it happened and I saw a documentary on what happened in Canada that day and how our government and military responded. Basically, Canada was left holding the bag for all the flights in the air that day and we allowed the planes to land here and housed and fed the people stranded for about a week in people’s homes, because the planes were diverted to places with low population density. So, in Canada, the discourse on 9/11 is of people coming together as communities to help people in trouble– without a thought about it, as it should be. So different from the discourse about it in the U.S. huh?


  43. Cat,

    Thank you SO much for your additional perspective on that! I do think sometimes that we in the US get a very insular POV that almost makes it’s citizens feel like “America” IS North America. We certainly don’t hear enough in the mainstream media about things going on in other parts of this continent that we share. So THANK YOU to all of the lovely folk of Canada for holding the energy of community both on the actual day and during this milestone echo.


  44. Is this the thread with all the songs? I woke up this morning with the song by Queen, I want to break free… in my head. So, so true.

    I’m changing my opinion to want to leave more than stay on this earth. I’m usually pretty patient, but I’m tired of the bullshit today.


  45. P: I’m Canadian too and your comment was really nice 🙂 I should have known you were Canadian as you remembered “Blazing Saddles” lol (We sit around campfires a lot just to stay warm)!! xo

    Woops, my bad, it’s Cat who is Canadian and P who made an additional lovely comment.

  46. Cat, thanks for sharing about Canada’s role in 9-11. That event got an enormous amount of media coverage in the US, and that’s the first I’ve heard about Canada’s role in it. Gee, I wonder if other mainstream media coverage in the US could be biased and one-sided. Nah…


  47. Hi, everyone,

    I kind of sat on the 9-11 comment for a couple of days, wondering if it would be of interest to anyone. But then I thought the idea of community was worth sharing. Thanks for all your warm comments about what I said. it’s good to know it’s appreciated.


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