2011 Fall Equinox & Night Six

September 23, 2011 is the Fall Equinox

Today is Sept. 13, 2011 and I just realized that the fall Equinox is mere moments away! Amazing how 3D linear time is getting harder to keep track of while existing within the quantum  5D “Now Moment” is increasingly becoming the new “normal”. Talk about shifting perspectives!

It’s September 2011 and for many of us linear time is rapidly receding into the background of our evolving, expanding consciousness and matching world reality. Part of me senses I need to be mindful of these remaining transitional days and dates within the completing Mayan calendar no matter how strange or trying it’s becoming for me to focus and hold my awareness in the old timeline long enough to write something semi-meaningful. The 2011 fall Equinox is only days away, yet my awareness remembers how potent and painful July 2011 was. The linear time and space between July and mid-September seems to me to be only days apart…not two months! Consciousness is in the quantum, spherical “Now Moment” here…then over there…then way over there. It’s getting harder for me to relate to things in the old familiar linear way which is great unless I’m balancing my checkbook or trying to do something important like that in the old lower 3D Earth world. Did I physically do it or just think about doing it? What day is it? What decade is it? What season is it? What was that thing I just saw zip through the room? Aah the weird joys of living through the Ascension Process.

I suspect the 2011 fall Equinox—like every other important Stair Step energy day from now through December 21, 2012—will be extra potent, extra powerful, extra reality and consciousness-changing. I’ll quote Barbara Hand Clow’s fall Equinox report as I always do when it’s available, and not discuss strictly astrological Equinox energies in this article. I do sense that as the Sun enters 0° Libra on September 23, 2011 (2:05 AM PDT), we’re going to feel yet another major integration and shift within ourselves individually and collectively.

September 23, 2011 is also the start of NIGHT Six

The Sun entering Libra—the fall Equinox in the northern hemisphere, spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere—is when day/night are balanced, equal, or unified in physicality. But in 2011 I sense the annual Libra energies and Equinox will activate this integration or “Unity Consciousness” process within each of us to a degree it hasn’t so far. Why you may be questioning? Because it’s September 2011; because it’s also the start of NIGHT Six (Sept. 23–Oct. 10, 2011); because the global “Cosmic Convergence” starts on Sept. 23–26, 2011 and will further integrate and elevate the planetary collective, and because it’s only 35 days left until October 28, 2011 and the completion of the Mayan calendar!

[To refresh your memory see Carl Calleman’s July article, Participate in the Cosmic Convergence Sept. 23–26, 2011 https://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/cosmic-convergence-by-carl-calleman/ ]

“For this aspect of the process I feel that there is one shift point that deserves our full attention and this is the beginning of the sixth night.” – Carl Calleman

I’ve noticed the Ascension-related energy Stair Steps are increasingly grouping together and joining forces during these “end times” or remaining months of the Mayan calendar to help humanity (that’s ready) vibrationally launch itself out of this ending Evolutionary Cycle, world reality, dimension and timeline and into a  totally new and more complex Great Evolutionary Cycle.

  • Sept. 23, 2011 Fall/Spring Equinox and Night Six start on the same day
  • October’s 10-10-11 portal happens on the last day of Night Six
  • October’s 10-11-11 portal happens on the first day of the last Day Day Seven

Because Libra typically deals with the process of integrating polarities/duality, integration of male/female energies in self, balance in all ways, equality, harmony, beauty, peace, is naturally wired to more easily embody “Unity Consciousness”, has a natural energetic connection to other-dimensional Starbeings/ETs, all of these things will be highlighted because they’re energetically piggy-backed on top of the increasing Unity or High Heart Consciousness activated by the last Days/Nights of the ending Mayan calendar and the Evolutionary Cycle it represents.

In other words, September 2011’s fall/spring Equinox is a double-whammy of Unity Consciousness energies which will, among other things, cause more people to be able to perceive and probably telepathically interact with certain Starbeings/ET’s waiting for us to fully arrive within a still slightly higher and faster vibrating frequency of energy—aka rejoin Universal Society. I’m not saying 3D “disclosure” is going to happen soon because I don’t think it will in the way many people have been told and believe it will. But I do sense that more people will be vibrating fast and high enough now to begin clairvoyantly seeing for themselves some of the many other-dimensional Starbeings/ETs that have always existed only inches away from humanity…but light-years away as far as different energy frequencies and consciousness go. So, just a heads-up to the possibility of having some ET company suddenly pop into your evolving and expanding range of consciousness both while asleep and awake.

The 2011 fall/spring Equinox will also highlight and greatly amplify many people’s inner male/female energies to be integrated at even higher levels of frequency and being. Plus our brains and bodies are being further refined by embodying increasing amounts of Light Energy which continues to evolve and change us and what we’re capable of perceiving, feeling, knowing and creating. From the 2011 fall Equinox forward these things (and more) will be amplified internally and externally in increasing numbers of people.

These evolutionary/ascension transformations are time-coded energy activations coming from Source, the Milky Way Galactic Center, other galactic systems and our Sun. Humans on Earth are either activated by these evolutionary energy triggers or they’re not. Again, no one is being forgotten or “left behind” as some people (not me) have worded it. It’s either time for a soul to be “Harvested” to the next Great Evolutionary Cycle and level of development or not. To everything other than the lower consciousness human ego this process is perfect, divinely orchestrated, ongoing and completely normal. Keep that in mind/heart please and no fear for self (Aries) or all others (Libra). Do we mourn or worry over the rest of the lower grades in school who don’t graduate at the same time the graduating Senior class does each year? Stair Steps…always stair steps.


September 13, 2011  (midpoint of DAY Six)

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73 thoughts on “2011 Fall Equinox & Night Six

  1. I dunno about everyone else, but I had the biggest humdinger of an acute Ascension Flu knockdown yesterday. But wow! Fatigue/WILD tummy bloat/headache/chills-then-internal furnace turned up to 11 (and definitely not reg. flu or food poisoning etc etc). Still kind of “hungover” from it today but much better. One of my kids had a particularly rough night, as did my dh. A relative also passed away at around 6am this morning, and one of the three pets of hers that I’m fostering was clearly having a rough night last night too.
    Curious to know what Denise (or maybe Barbara in her Equinox report) might feel about that comet crashing into the sun today per http://www.spaceweather.com ?
    Very interesting times, to be sure, and I’m sooooooooooooo glad that we can tune into what feels Ascension v. regular old 3d-type illness, but that doesn’t make it any less painful! Very blessed also that my immediate family also understands these weirdities and is not having to freak out about what goes on when it does (and is very helpful at picking up the slack).
    Are we having fun yet? 😉

    • “I dunno about everyone else, but I had the biggest humdinger of an acute Ascension Flu knockdown yesterday. But wow! Fatigue/WILD tummy bloat/headache/chills-then-internal furnace turned up to 11 (and definitely not reg. flu or food poisoning etc etc). Still kind of “hungover” from it today but much better. One of my kids had a particularly rough night, as did my dh. A relative also passed away at around 6am this morning, and one of the three pets of hers that I’m fostering was clearly having a rough night last night too.
      Curious to know what Denise (or maybe Barbara in her Equinox report) might feel about that comet crashing into the sun today per http://www.spaceweather.com ?”


      Thanks for sharing this Spaceweather link today. I didn’t think to check out the website today because the WEIRD symptoms I (and my cat) have had today were so different than my usual solar symptoms. Interesting… Even though I’ve felt physically crappy today, I simultaneously felt great joy because something very positive has happened at a non-physical level that will effect us all soon. It felt like massive chunks of old lower negative reality have been shifted, ousted, and permanently removed. Very positive very large sense of great change.

      I woke up with a blazing headache that’s lasted all day and I swear I wasn’t sure if today’s article made any sense at all! Time has been abnormally strange today along with the severely bloated gut, bad headache, food tasting like it has no flavor and is empty energetically, not sure if I’m making any sense and/or am even using the correct words when writing, oh, and diarrhea just to round out the day. 🙄

      Happy day everyone! ♥

  2. Thanks goodness for these ongoing events, Denise. And thanks to you for keeping us up with the play. For me and him it’s often the case of only just feeling capable of completing a day here on this reality.
    Looking forward with a sense of completion and happiness.

    Love and hugs to you and the team. LINDA

  3. Dearest Denise and fellow Lightworkers,

    It’s always such a relief to come to your page and to receive a fresh posting. You’ve been quite busy the past month or so and may I just tell you, thank you for continuing to be a guiding light and ambassador to us all! ❤

    I'm frequently experiencing a lapse in linear time consciousness. Weeks feel like years to me and minutes feel like mere seconds. It revolves more around what I am doing with my time than an actual measurement of time. I have noticed that I feel very fast and that I am being "thrown" about many tasks in rapid succession and yet when I look at how the month is moving or year is moving, it feels very slow. The two not adding up to me is very odd and apparently there is something there about that because my right ear just started humming with a frequency. :o)

    This latest full moon on September 12th was very potent especially with Libra energy even though it was a Piscean moon. How odd is that? Partnerships seemed to be at the forefront as did masculine and feminine energy coming into balance. My partner and I celebrated by sitting out on our balcony and watching the moon and stars. Every time we take this time to just sit with the night sky, we seem to be rewarded with shooting stars. It's very delightful! I still get excited about them as if I were a 6 year old child. A couple of times we've seen lights in the sky that don't seem to be stars as they do not twinkle, so in essence, they seem to be more of a planet but then…they move very quickly and disappear. Luckily, my partner is a believer and we have come to the conclusion they are just sitting there for us to acknowledge and then they rush off to another part of the country to help display themselves and further educate us on their existence.

    The Fall equinox and beginning of the Sixth Night is going to be HUGE. I can already feel the magnificently HUGE changes taking place to our reality and planet. This 5th dimensional awareness is so…beautiful, awe-inspiring and also makes me feel like a little baby because it's so "new". Very curious about all the changes with my vision, dreams, and watching other people perceive the world.

    Today seems to hold a very high unity consciousness vibe to it and I am thankful for that. Our world needs to tap into this vibe on a daily basis and it's almost as if its slamming into us today to make its point. Gratitude seems to be a pleasant vehicle to ride in these days as it takes you from one moment to the next in a very graceful, patient way rather than feeling as though you are getting slammed around by all the energy fluctuations and waves.

    Anyhow, just popping in to share my view of the world over here. I know you all already know since I can feel you and you can feel me. 😉 Love to one and to all, strength and patience is abundant among us, as we reach out to help one another through this ascension process. It can be rocky and tricky but it's also bringing about our truth of who we are and what we are a part of.

    Many Blessings to all and Love,

  4. Thanks for sharing what the last couple of days have been like for you. I felt very fatigued during the day yesterday, and had some mild Ascension flu symptoms. I felt much better in the evening, even when I went out in the 3-D world to eat. I felt very good for a few hours after I got up this morning, and hoped I might have a good day today. I took a nap, and have been feeling like shit ever since. I was concerned about this until I read your posts, and learned you’ve been having similar experiences.

    Denise, thanks for your article. I’m feeling very concerned about the upcoming Sept. 23-26 energies. I’ve been having a tough enough time coping with the energies of Sept. 3rd through today. I’m afraid that after those dates I’ll be ready for the catatonic ward of a mental hospital.


  5. Hey Denise… You’re such a great writer and you got an awesome blog..

    Well, funny thing is, I dont get all these pain symptoms you all have… Lucky me hahaha…
    I get only the ear tone, and MASSIVE body shaking while I’m going to sleep.. The legs go wild, it even annoys me sometimes but it just let it go..And I don’t know if my heart is beating too strong, but I feel like I’m in a wave… feet through head… and vice versa..

    I’m in a very good mood these days… Specially reading all your posts, it seem like finally we’re arriving the “tipping point”

    I can only see how the big smile on my face in the Disclosure day will be like. This really is a wonderful moment to be on Earth… It’s like you are water in a bucket and suddenly the bottom of the bucket falls off…

    Namaste, Pedro

  6. Thank you Denise for this wonderful post. I had a crashing headache today and yesterday. I feel so tired that I can hardly move or do anything and nausea. 911 felt like very weird, choppy chaotic energy. I used all me tools to keep the frequency as high as possible.

    This Equinox should be interesting. As you say it comes at the same time as the beginning of the 6th night, a very crucial time and I resonate with everything Calleman is saying.
    Linear time is fading for me as well. I hardly know whether it’s day or night anymore and wake up at odd hours at night. Finding it impossible to go back to sleep, I do my energy and meditation routine and then start doing things until I feel sleepy again and then I take a nap.

    September 11, Intense CME’s, time acceleration and the Equinox. Everything seems to be happening almost simultaneously. The energies seem to be powering up at an accelerated rate and our bodies are having a hard time catching up. We want to do so many things but the body says no, absolutely not, no more doing! I need rest NOW!

    I can feel the powerful Equinox energies already. This is definitely decision time and windows will be closing for many. There is a deep sadness in the air regarding ones who have already made their decision to remain in the old paradigm. You can read the energetic signature everywhere, you can feel it when anyone talks, blogs or writes. There is no more hiding. We’re moving into transparency. Bless them on their journey and don’t get sucked into that rabbit hole. Let’s join together with like-minded do what we can to assist the awakening ones when asked.
    It’s time to stop trying to figure things out with the mind before we get fried. Heart centered Love-Wisdom-Intuition is where my intentions are focused these days.

    Peace and Love, Cyrus

  7. Its funny you should say that the southern hemisphere is in the spring equinox and that we are in Aries/Libra. Lately I have been seeing people differently and the source of my torment growing up was under Aries reptilian representation where a false Libra followed me for most of that time knowing the plan the Aries had for me. Once I was able to awaken enough to separate myself they both went away quickly and could not or did not want anything to do with me labeling me a nuts but it was only because I did not want to follow their pathway. Then in 1996 I met my life guide who was also raised by a reptilian Libra who was being led by a dominant Cancer that preyed on everything he could touch. Once I was able to awaken more both me and my life guide (Taureans) dug in, stood our ground, up rooted realizing the area was toxic and now are settled in the west. These changes harvested many family and friends we tried to awaken but like you stated it is not our place to do so I had to realize your final statement internally, “Do we mourn or worry over the rest of the lower grades in school who don’t graduate at the same time the graduating Senior class does each year? Stair Steps…always stair steps.”

  8. yeah nicely said denise.. thank you.. same with the time stuff happening.. i wake up in the morning and i have no idea what day it is too.. this morning it was pretty obvious that so much more light was surrounding me/us now.. the dark are still playing their usual games.. dont they get bored, as they cant stop us?.. havnt they figured that out by now?.. thick as bricks and shit for brains.. yes the 10/10 one is the one ive got my eye on too.. if things keep progressing in this forward movement since the 6th day started we are going to be on top come the 7th day.. we are trucking through this crap now.. beep beep!!.. the death of the recent solar hell time has realy helped us and our cause.. get out of our way, cause we are coming through… (hands in prayer pose and bowing to you all) love Coop..xx

  9. Hi Denise and all.
    Two nights before the full moon I woke up thinking I was going to spontaneously combust. Dreamed of energies moving through my body with such force that they threw me all over my bed – I woke up at 90 degrees to my usual sleeping position so I think they were thowing me. I’d moved around so much husband went to other room.

    Went on to dream of a space observatory and of someone putting a pink crystal around my neck for healing. Much nausea last night. Thanks for letting me moan here.

    Best wishes Kit

  10. Hi Denise , thanks for your ongoing coverage and “blowing this story wide open” 🙂 Great view on disclosure. Makes so much sense: we disclose ourselves to “them”, by meeting them on the higher frequency plain. Reverse disclosure: how wonderful. Two years ago I (subconciously) wrote a song called “Lunar Kid”, with this opening line: “I can’t explain my world, if you don’t know the moon”. Sounds more true than ever to me 🙂 Any great Ascension songs (we could make a whole list)? My entry:”Don’t dream it’s over” by Crowded House.

    Heartly yours,


  11. why all this date this and date that??? why can’t this transition take place already? if time is such an illusion, why won’t it just cease already? i’m *tired *of this, worn out, need rest.

  12. Dear Denise & other Brave Ones

    Thank you so much for this update. Like Pedro *waves*, last night the inner vibrations, which seemed to be coming from my heart chakra, behaved much like a washing machine during its chugging phase, the cycle was almost constant and vibrated at a faster level than ever before. It felt almost ‘urgent’ and I too was affected with restless legs for a few hours, which prevented me from sleeping.

    Sometimes I think this entire process is a figment of my imagination and I have to say these writings from Denise and the comments from everyone else always confirm that this is a reality and thank God, I am not alone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Denise, and Everyone. I have been reading for years and thought it time I contributed my own experiences.

    Denise, you have once again brought me great comfort regarding the one area I am/was having difficulty accepting – that some of my loved ones don’t seem to be involved with this process and are spiritually sleeping. Your analogy; “Do we mourn or worry over the rest of the lower grades in school who don’t graduate at the same time the graduating Senior class does each year?” is perfect, and today I can go on without fear for them. Again, thank you.

    Much, much love,


  13. I had a headache the entire day yesterday as well, the digestive issues, food tasting icky etc. Denise, you have made this all so much clearer to me, the analogy of of different grades/classes put it into perspective for me. It just clicked. I feel much calmer, optimistic & at the same time excited now. I cannot thank you enough, especially for your patience in answering all our questions, many of which from me came from a place of fear and confusion. Sending a hug your way.

  14. Denise & All:

    I love the combo of seriousness and humor in this article (“did I physically do it or just think about doing it? what day is it? what decade?”). I also fluctuate between the Now and linear time and run into these gaps.

    I empathize with all those going through physical ailments because of these shifts (including Denise and her cat). Hope they clear up soon! So far, I have been largely spared, though I did go through odd periods of dizziness and being unable to focus at an earlier point in the process. Changing to a lighter, almost meatless diet may have helped.

    I am using the Hathors’ method of absorbing solar energies through the etheric, using appreciation and gratitude as the attractor. Seems to work! Gratitude and appreciation are tools I’ve used on a daily basis for years and I believe it’s helped a lot in my process.

    iamastara – How wonderful for you and your partner to see shooting stars. I agree, we need to tap into high unity consciousness on a daily basis. Being in nature makes it easier.

    Wishing everyone a Light-filled experience,


  15. Denise,

    I have a question. Since we have parallel lives and lives in other time lines, is it possible that one of ourselves would ascend and another would not? Does that make sense.

    Thank you, again, Denise,

    • “Denise,

      I have a question. Since we have parallel lives and lives in other time lines, is it possible that one of ourselves would ascend and another would not? Does that make sense.

      Thank you again,


      Absolutely. Freewill Universe here remember? 😉 The option to Ascend is present for EVERYONE on Earth across time space but not everyone is ready or able to utilize the present ascension/evolutionary Light Energies etc. Our Higher Self knows all this of course and more and works with the aspects (you, me, our past life selves throughout time etc.) to give us every opportunity to use the ascension energies and make the great shift to another level and dimension.

      To make this topic more complex…like it really is…there’s those of us who Volunteered to come down into dense 3D physicality now (this timeline) to help other people and consciously remember this fact and, if needed, also help other aspects of our Greater Self incarnate on Earth too but in other timelines that may need a reminder about why they’re on Earth, that there’s a time-frame with an Expiration Date and to get with the Program and fast! 😉

      And there’s another aspect to this that I’ve written about in the past – but rarely can remember what I entitled articles that would help someone today! Frustrating and if I find it I’ll add a link to it in this Comment. That aspect is that we experience Ascending in both sexed bodies to integrate having different incarnations in both male and female bodies where they experienced Ascending. We as great spiritual Beings desire to integrate all our multidimensional experiences, all polarities, all lives, all knowledge so that it all is available to all other aspects of this Higher Self.

      I’ve ascended twice in past lives that I, Denise have remembered so far and both of those lives where in male bodies. One was in my past life in Egypt around 12,600 b.c., and the other past life was as Jade One with Master Hotei. [See The Temple of Master Hotei ] Many of us are in female bodies now in these lives to balance out and fully integrate with other aspects of our Greater Selves that have ascended in other timelines on Earth. That plus tons of Starseeds and Lightworkers needed to incarnate now in female bodies to break up the old patriarchal energies and embody more of the Goddess or Great Mother energies on Earth now to also help with the Ascension Process.

      Bottom-line is yes, we can ascend in one incarnation and timeline and not in another. Freewill again, BUT, because this now timeline and these incarnations (yours, mine, everyone’s reading this) are extra important because it’s the total completion of this entire Great Evolutionary Cycle and we know it, so we’re really trying to wrap-up our time/times on Earth across many timelines simultaneously.


  16. Howdy, I found this site late one miserable night and it really helped me. And as I’m not skilled at computers and signing up for blogging, I thought that I would try to comment as a Guest. I have most all of the unpleasant side-effects shared here and I find some relief working with stones and crystals. Rhodochrosite, a common pink stone is very soothing at this time for the heart area. Smokey quartz kept under the feet ground out that restless foot energy. Amethyst under the pillow soothes the crown chakra. Green stones like Peridot, are excellent for moving that stuck energy around the neck. Peridot is harder to find, so substitute any green stone or crystal. Orange calcite is calming for that churning tummy. And even colored fabrics for the different area will work to some degree. All my friends and family who are also Earth Sensitive respond well to stones and crystals. If it works it works almost instantly….Thanks for being here and sharing everyone.

    Lassen Sage.

  17. Hi Denise and All Here and There and Over There

    My energy is about as low as the ten feet or so of a totem pole that’s buried below ground, not to mention that each increasing foot of the totem above ground is so seasick, the totems can’t decide if they’re on land,water, in space or just where they are and they are also very disoriented by the time thing and keep disappearing every minute or so to check a digital clock that only shows 11:11:11:11: ad infinitum. So for this moment in the Now, I thought I’d add to the “lighter” side by making a statement that in 5D I will no longer pluck facial hair. Facial hair on me, a woman, is just one thing that does not fit my Capricornian style and I am heartily fed up with it. So that’s it for today. Now, I’ll go back to being at about level one and a-half on that totem pole. I am so “hanging in there” today I’m almost hung-over. Arghhh. Love you guys.

  18. You go girl, Barbara. Me and Him totally agree about the totem pole scenario. Not that my time is physically hard currently, but his certainly is. He usually completed his growth steps quite smoothly after I had gone through the wringer. This time, however, I am relatively physically capable whilst he can’t move without pain.

    Keep smiling, enjoy the nature moments, big hugs from LINDA

  19. I love the sense of community here as we share our ascension experiences and thoughts!

    divsy: Thanks SO much! What an amazing explanation of “ringing in the ears” syndrome (as well as how we absorb and process energy in our personal energy field).

    Kit: That’s an interesting dream with all the powerful energies. Maybe we’re all in for a really wild ride!!

    Jay: “reverse disclosure” – TOO funny! I also like your idea of an ascension song. How about “Somewhere over the darkness, skies are blue…”

    MM: Nice to have you join in with your night time “washing machine” experience. I think I’ll take some laundry with me next time I go to sleep just in case. 🙂

    Lassen Sage: Thanks for sharing.

    Barbara: Hope you find some relief from your totem pole experience. That’s funny about not plucking facial hair in 5D. 🙂 I guess we’ll all be making some improvements on the status quo!

    Wishing all a good night…. Thelma

  20. Thank you for this article and all the comments! Me too, it’s very difficult to remember 3D things any more and keep track of time and I need to set my phone to remind me of every single little thing I need or promised to do!

    Normal food tastes yacky in my mouth too and feels heavy. I eat only very small amounts, unseasoned things. Often I put all the vegetables, fruit and juice raw in the blender and drink my meal! Tastes better and it’s easier for the GI system too!

    I think I’ll try some stone therapy Lassen Sage suggested on my poor dog whose tummy keeps odd noises!

  21. Dear all,
    here’s something I keep forgetting to mention. When the energies are at their most active I notice a dent at the back of my head near the top. I first niticed this over a year ago as a flattening of the area but is definately a large dent now. Not painful but when other symptoms hit me it becomes soft like a baby’s fontanelle and your finger can spring it up and down when pressed. the bones above it going on to the top of my skul seem to be separating, pulling apart.

    When I meditate ( or sometimes when I don’t) it feels like it is being pierced with something cold. Does anyone else have this symptom?

    Best, Kit

  22. Hello Freedom Fighters and Winsome Writers!
    Yeah, what you said.

    This time/place/space for me is nearly indescribable. So I will leave that to Denise and y’all who are functioning far better at that level.

    I do want to share though that it feels amazing to finally (when I sit quiet enough to feel without fear or worry), and actually know IT is happening. Can’t define “it” really; that waits to be seen. Literally. Before it was mostly hope and expectation that kept me afloat. Now I know that something huge is happening to me. And as within, so without.

    I feel like I am in the middle of a twister (brain/heart/mind hurricane) based on my external, rather difficult and whirlwind circumstances. But I am finding that all I have to do is be still, (in the eye of the storm) focus on my heart, on compassion and well being for all, and I am totally fine. When I compare my emotions/responses from even a few months ago in similar circumstances, it is night and day. What a relief — this is transformation.

    I also wanted to share what I consider a mass-dispersed message from the angels: An Indie film titled “Another Earth.” I never go to the theatre anymore but I could not resist the the title. It is labeled as a Sci-Fi psychodrama. Did not strike me that way. Frankly the science is so impossible it rendered it silly and ignored the “science.” But the events, the underlying messages were about as Ascension/transformation related as one could hope for. The so-called “ambiguous” ending was anything but, from my perspective. We see what we want to see. :0)

    Love, hugs and hope to one and all that we merge into our New Earth sooner than we think and more effortlessly than we dare imagine~

  23. Hi Denise and everyone,

    Well I’m just finding out that everyone else has felt the same way I did the past few days, starting with the excrutiating headaches! I missed 3 days of work for this one and I think my co-workers are starting to think I’m a hypochondriac or making it up. Oh well, the symptoms being what they are I guess I’ll decide when I can make it to work! I’m actually wondering about when I just don’t “show up” for work permanently, no one knows my job but I guess they’ll figure it out!

    Anyway, Denise, I just had to say that as I was laying on my couch the past few days, or the few times I ventured out back to play with my dog, I’ve also seen lights zipping around all over the place – much more than in the past! I also feel very light as if some negativity that might have still been lingering is just gone and that I did just go up another step or two. I also just cannot wrap my head around dates anymore… WHEN is the Lion King again? When did I go there, when did I cook that? I just give up and let it go (though I really hope I don’t forget about the Lion King, I really want to see that! 😉 Thankfully I planted tomatoes because they’re about the only food that always appeals to me lately. So like everyone else here, it sure is great to have peeps who know what it’s like, hang in there everyone and thanks as always Denise!!

    In light,


  24. Hello, everyone,

    I, too, am having trouble distinguishing one day from another. I used to at least be able to say, This feels like a Friday or a Sunday, but now I have no idea and have to focus hard to figure out what day and date it is. In August, I kept saying it was April. But, I’ve always had trouble with time to some extent, sometimes confusing yesterday and tomorrow. I guess they didn’t seem much different to me.

    It is looking like September is going to be a lot like July in terms of intensity. It was certainly nice to have a more pain-free August in-between. Well, I’m going to try not to brace myself for it and let it flow right through me. That’s the only way I can get through it these days.

    The dark is making a concerted attack on me these days and I’m trying to center myself enough to withstand/transmute it. They’re using the neighbors and are in my room at night. They’re catching me at a weak moment when I’m not happy with moving back to a very negative place and they’re using that against me. Sigh. I’m tired.

    A very weary

  25. Thanks for sharing how the last few days have been going for you. I’m still experiencing lots of symptoms, and feeling like shit both physically and emotionally. I’m still waking up at about 5am every day in the middle of a vivid dream. I’m thirsty most of the time even though I’m drinking more water than usual. I still feel very fatigued and depressed, and am very sick and tired of all this Ascension shit I’m experiencing. The ringing in my ears has been much louder than usual the last couple of days, and is especially loud today. I’m really, really tired of this, and just want to feel better for a while.


  26. Cat: You said “I, too, am having trouble distinguishing one day from another. I used to at least be able to say, This feels like a Friday or a Sunday, but now I have no idea and have to focus hard to figure out what day and date it is. In August, I kept saying it was April. But, I’ve always had trouble with time to some extent, sometimes confusing yesterday and tomorrow. I guess they didn’t seem much different to me.”

    I had to laugh – it is nice to know I am not the only one. Honestly, I don’t even remember what symptoms I’m having until I read what you all have written. Then it’s “yep, me too”. I often don’t know what month it is, what day, etc… without some deep contemplation first.

    September has been insane for me – I ended up getting “fired” today – the first time in my 54 years – I have been sitting here in a stupor (defined by Wikipedia as: … the lack of critical cognitive function and level of consciousness wherein a sufferer is almost entirely unresponsive and only responds to base stimuli such as pain.) Well, yes, I have asked for help w/this, so I guess I got it. It still feels awful, as I put my heart and soul into this work.

    The worlds are really beginning to split and I have received a little shove into a new area 😉 Also, I just recently realized I have been posting as both Debra and Morgean – depending, to some extent, on what email I’m logged in with – I do apologize for any confusion – I am Debra – Morgean is a name I chose for email and as a result of using it as my email, it eventually became my online name over the years.

    Tom!! – appreciate your humor a ton – I think a reality tv show would be great – all of us living together with all of our symptoms would be extermely funny, and maybe even enlightening / touching. What about we all live in houses on the same street – like, oh, what show was it, Desperate Housewives? Imagine the excitement in the neighborhood when one of us finds a food that we can actually digest!!

    Love and light – Debra

    • “The worlds are really beginning to split and I have received a little shove into a new area 😉 Also, I just recently realized I have been posting as both Debra and Morgean – depending, to some extent, on what email I’m logged in with – I do apologize for any confusion – I am Debra – Morgean is a name I chose for email and as a result of using it as my email, it eventually became my online name over the years.”

      Debra aka morgean23,

      Thanks for clearing this up for me because I knew we had about three Debra’s here but unless I note each IP number on each person, I get confused over people’s names, user names, email names, website or blog names and so on! 😯

      Do you remember Lisa Renee saying in her Sept. 2011 article about people suddenly experiencing their lives/bodies/jobs/health etc. suddenly “…being dismantled…”? It sounds like it’s time for you to exit your long-term, beloved job. (And thanks for the great touch from Wikipedia and “stupor”! 😆 ) However…I’m sorry your world has quaked so strongly and left you temporarily traumatized. It’s just time evidently for you do be freed-up and move on to something even better and more fun for you. 🙂


  27. Hi Cat,

    I had the same dilemma and was guided to use a crystal boundary around our whole property. We are lucky enough to have a garden bridge as the entry to our front door, so the picture I have is that anyone entering will come over the bridge and be crystal bathed before they reach the front door.

    The boundary is spherical to cover all entry points and keeping our safe space in the vibration we require.

    This is working a treat. Each day I check the boundary to see it there are any breaks and over time it has become very sound and resisting gremlin invasions. My crystals are very happy to oblige me in this guarding work and they are doing it all from within the house.

    So, call on all of your friends to assist you in this work, they are truly all happy to help us in our work.

    Love and hugs from LINDA

  28. Hi Denise,

    Going with your answer to Gerry’s question I have another is it truly been puzzling to me. I have many times asked myself how at specific times I have recalled being in a particular situation where the choice made was incorrect. How I know at the time I do not know but I can at times see, feel, hear and know the outcome if the choice is made the same. I feel like I am outside of myself until I either ignore the feeling (before I started waking and accepting) or make a completely different, scary out on a limb choice that leads me to another point in time where a de ja vu (as I call them) or peek into what happens comes along again.

    So my question is Denise, with the lives we live is it possible that our Higher Self, Life companions that are ahead of us, Spiritual guides show us the fork in the road, the vision of what or whom we are facing to not force our hand but allow full vision for us to make our true spiritual choice?

    I have felt this many times and have kept this to myself but lately it has been more frequent and the signs are all around me and I know I have to be strong and accept that Creation never makes mistakes so I feel Creation also sends those that can answer some questions so we can continue our Self discovery.

    Thank you,


    • “So my question is Denise, with the lives we live is it possible that our Higher Self, Life companions that are ahead of us, Spiritual guides show us the fork in the road, the vision of what or whom we are facing to not force our hand but allow full vision for us to make our true spiritual choice?

      I have felt this many times and have kept this to myself but lately it has been more frequent and the signs are all around me and I know I have to be strong and accept that Creation never makes mistakes so I feel Creation also sends those that can answer some questions so we can continue our Self discovery.
      Thank you,

      Symphony – Lynn,

      In a word yes, however all of our choices are indeed “spiritual choices”. Even the ones that might seem otherwise. 😉

      The thing that’s happening to more and more of us now is that our consciousness is rapidly evolving/ascending out of polarized, linear consciousness into growing Unity, spherical or quantum consciousness which means WE’RE increasingly able to perceive our all-knowing, quantum Higher Self and its knowledge. This is the new ascended knowing that I mention all the time now and how we’re relearning how to perceive much larger and higher frequency Light/knowledge/Information but not through our old lower left-brained intellect and brain. The High Heart is the new ascended/evolved “brain” and through it we can access higher and larger levels instantly (not in old linear thinking, thinking, thinking fashion) and just know certain things without knowing how we know that! See also how the old lower ego self is totally useless and not needed for THIS higher level of consciousness?

      And yes, we are also increasingly sensitive and aware of probable realities, those literally “forks in the road” in front of us. Spherical High Heart or “Unity” Consciousness is able to perceive so much more than the old polarized, linear, ego-based consciousness ever could, so we’re all going to increasingly be perceiving much more “reality” and this awareness will be quantum or nonlinear in nature too. Fun stuff! 🙂


  29. Lamplighter, thanks for sharing your inner shift experience. I sometimes wonder myself where this “knowing” suddenly comes from, even as the outerworld is as turmoilish as before. The other they I had this “This is It – It’s Time” – sensation myself. Meanwhile I was listening music on my Ipod in shuffling mode; I skipped to the random next song (out of 5000+), and guess how apt the title was: The Ascent of Man :-). How cool, huh. Bet there is ton of other stories out there. Have a good one y’all, Jay

  30. Hi Denise and all,

    I don’t know about anyone else but my head feels like it’s going to explode again today, NOT fun. However 2 cool things happened – I was sitting in a hallway at work that looks over the treetops in the City below just kind of gazing at the slowly changing leaves, when all the sudden the whole view of treetops in front of me just kind of “rose up” and looked kind of shimmery for a few seconds, then it went back to normal. Is this what the mirage cities that people saw in China like I wonder? Or am I really just losing it because my head is so foggy, not sure. And Jay, yesterday driving home I had another song experience too – Peter Gabriel’s “Salisbury Hill” – I never really listened to the lyrics before, but by the end of it where he sings, “you can keep my stuff they’ve come to take me home….” I had wonderful energy flowing through me like I did with that Rosanna song last week. I swear that song is actually about ascension too, and that’s what, 30 years old now? Have a great weekend everyone and hope we all feel better!
    In light!


  31. Thanks for your response Denise. This is Debra/Morgean! Yes you are so right. I was away from work for CEU training in Body Talk. The training was 4 days, but w driving I was away 6 days. I knew coming home that I was going to b fired when I got back. But, I absolutely love this program (body talk) and want to become certified, which is a bit of a process in itself. So, I was wondering how I would find the time to do everything – and really wanting time to study so there u go. I have it (time) now. I am still getting over the “sting” of the firing process itself – they were so cold I couldn’t believe it. I was having a really difficult time existing in such a negative place – and today I can see how damaging it was to me to stay there. I get on a new level that they were having just as difficult time dealing w me. We were coming from two different (also too different) of places and we could no longer function in the same room together. Anyway thanks Denise and everyone – as always – for having a forum where i can express myself and have some chance of being understood 😉

  32. Hi Everyone,

    Has anyone made a connection with the date 23rd September and the 23˚ degrees of Earth? One morning I thought about it. No well… it popped into my head actually… and remembered what Lisa Renee said about it in her July article… referring to “The Moon Manipulation and the Number 23:

    “The example given to the moon magnetic field manipulation is that the axis of the Earth is off 23 degrees from the vertical axis to the orbit of the earth around the sun. Apparently this is not the original and organic pathway of orbit of our planet. The tilt is what causes the earth to wobble like a spinning top as it slows down. This is also why the North pole moves backwards through the zodiac, moving from the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius. It takes approximately 26,000 years for a wobble to complete itself. “

    So I said to myself: maybe…. just maybe this 23rd date is a re-balancing of that 23 degree Earth wobble? Maybe.

    Lamplighter: every time I see that trailer I get goosebumps, teary eyes and more inspired daydreaming. Even one of my younger sisters shared this with me as well as a few other trailers giving hints about the “end times” with colliding planets… ascension related symptoms and the like. Thanks a million for hinting at this again without meaning too.

    Also… I would like to share this link about NASA discovering two suns:

    … and this one on 16 “Super Earths”:

    … is it me just focusing on the NEW Earth … or is the world getting hints just the same? Interesting though… yes?

    Love hugs to all tired Heart-warriors, we’re almost there…
    Lou Ann

  33. Hello, everyone,

    I’ve received a few responses to my comments here recently and it’s meant a lot to me because I’ve been pretty low the last few days. I’m glad to say I’m coming out of it. I was sitting on the infamous front stoop today and light was just pouring through me into it so much so that my whole body was vibrating.

    One of the guys came out to have a cigarette. When I was surprised he was being friendly after me being here over three weeks, he started telling me what he thought of me in no uncertain terms. He had some points, but, when it came down to it, he wanted me to just accept all their behavior because it is a university area and wanted to make no concessions to me, like not lighting a cigarette next to someone with asthma. A couple of the other guys came to sit, one with a lit cigarette, so I had to run off coughing and never finished the conversation. Anyway, not sure it would have gone anywhere. He was trying to tell me he was a nice guy, but not so nice to me. Basically he said they’re all friends and too bad for me. But I don’t want to live their lives. At one point, I looked deep into his eyes from my spirit and he saw it and looked away. Well, at least it’s all out there now.

    Katy, I read the words and listened to Solsbury Hill and it really does sound exactly like ascension. It was great.

    Linda, I live in the bottom level of an apartment building, so I can’t really surround it because I share walls with other tenants. I’ll think of how to adapt that to this situation though or some other creative solution.

    Debra, sorry to hear about getting fired, but it sounds like you’re well on your way to another path that you’re going to find a lot more fulfilling.

    Hugs to all,

  34. Hey all-

    On the food we/you/me can actually digest. I had great luck with a vegan “cookie dough” recipe I found on You Tube this week, as I had a ton, or maybe actually only a few pounds, of carrot pulp. If you make carrot juice, this recipe is like manna from heaven. Leave a comment on my own blog if you want me to tell you my recipe variations. This gives you fiber, fats, protein, and omega-3s. Plus it is yummy. Sorry the sound on this video is not so great.

    Someone posted about tomatoes and really, that’s all I want to eat. I read that this is common for anemic patients with iron deficiencies, so maybe even our blood is changing. haha


    Today I was thinking about how magnetized I am to the place I now live. Sometimes I feel like I couldn’t have come here until I went through the trials I did in Wisconsin, and that I made a “wrong” choice by leaving here in the winter of 2010. But it’s like I had to leave here after being here to “know” in my heart of hearts that there is no other place I could possibly be right now. Days like today I feel so, so blessed to be exactly where I know that I must be in this moment and probably before all this collective ascension, very few people got to experience this. This experience all by itself is miraculous. I feel like if everyone who chooses gets to this place that I’m in, not the same geographic space, but this place in their heart and mind where they are in harmony with their environment and exactly in their own perfect geographic space, then so many problems will just evaporate.

    I’ve also been pondering a recent Tom Kenyon Hathor channel about perpetual states of gratitude. When you are grateful/thankful for no particular reason, just at everything, your surroundings, all of it. You enter this state of grace that is transcendence and you just go and do and be where is exactly perfect for you in your you-ness and by doing this, you eliminate drama, you eliminate manipulation, you eliminate fear, you eliminate linear hierarchical control systems. Which all reminds me of Masaru Emoto and Viktor Schauberger, definitely wayshowers, those two. Amazing stuff!

    Thank you all,

  35. Hi Katie, thanks for the song reference. Beautiful lyrics; according to the song’s Wiki entry, it really is about Gabriel’s spiritual experience at Solsbury Hill. Makes me listen to that song in a different way.

    Joy to the World,


  36. Cat – thx for your kind words. I am trying to get thru this – right now somewhat disoriented bc the entire experience was somewhat nightmarish. I hope to be more positive as I know how important it is to be positive/grateful/etc. I am moving fr the city I am in tho -that is one thing I know for sure. Thought you might like to know that part of the reason it didn’t work out is that I am “older” -54- than the two co-workers I shared an office w. They made it clear fr day one that I was not welcome -very similar to your experience. They were relentless – I looked at all my shit, why I created it/etc. and in the end I just did not have it in me to continue standing up to them. Nor did I want to live like that – I could have but wasn’t willing to – so on that level I take full responsibility for creating “losing” my job. From day one, I felt completely out of place – even other co workers would not look at me when I spoke to them. We were in a
    “professional environment” but for me it was a nightmare. The two worlds were glaringly obvious to me. Anyway – light n love to you – and btw you can “bubble” the entire building if you need to – or protect the entire bldg – the light won’t hurt but may help. For me I was doing it at work but I was the one that ended up leaving. I am sure in a short time i will be able to see that this was the best for me.

  37. wow
    What a week, i feel 3d fading around me and my astral life and lives in higher realms are becoming and feeling more real than anything going on around me now
    Last week in meditation with source i was told that the earths etheric body had separated from her physical body, a step in the process from my view in the separation of the worlds.
    right now is the time to choose and match our vibrations to the ascending etheric body of the earth or to be held back and down in the lower energies and frequency of the 3d physical earth
    The past week or two has had many of us hovering somewhere in between
    Today the ascension symptoms are kicking in and more uncomfortable than ive felt in quite awhile
    I also have never been more contstantly connected with the divine source to the point i have been told if i hear the word duck just do it
    we are standing together at the precipice of a new world and it looks amazing ❤ ❤ ❤

  38. Hey Cat, I sooo0 feel for what you are going through. Obviously you are very strong and determined to even step out onto the stoop. If I may, I will share my thoughts that came to me as I read your post (actually, all fellow posters here). First — and again— you must be very powerful and truly know you are protected or you would not be where you are. Remember that when those icky thoughts come and try to talk you out of it. Secondly, your Higher Self obviously wants to take your power to the next level, to assist you in your mastery (mastery of thought, intention, purpose, power, etc). Third, as in Debra’s case, when your ‘work’ there is completed, you will leave or be removed. Quickly too, as these times hasten all action. So relax into it as best as you can (you are, I know). We are all where we are, for longer than we would like to be, doing what we do until it is done; our perceptions shifted, our Light brighter, our freedom greater.

    I reread a paragraph (below) from Ernest Holmes’ “Living the Science of the Mind” about five times this morning, as it was helping me re-calibrate from an incident that occurred last night. It was small in the scheme of things, but still extremely frustrating and dis-heartening. I therefore knew it held a relatively big message for me from my HS.

    “Our thought does not go out to influence persons or things. What it does is readjust our own consciousness, our own thinking, to include a larger and more harmonious field of action. We learn that when get our own consciousness straightened out, things in our external world adjust themselves to meet our new and better inward awareness.” Stair steps. On the stoop. ;0)

    Even tiny shifts of perception, when I am ripe for it, helps me to a far greater realization and application. And what goes around comes around, so keep sending out your love and light!!

    As Nadeanna reminds, being in a constant state of gratitude is the goal. From a practical standpoint, I try to be grateful for anything I can, and find a morsel of ‘divinity’ in what I witness, as often as possible. This helps solidify the state within. I call it ‘making magic muscles.’ That way, when the shoes do drop, I am more centered and balanced than otherwise. I can get up and walking again far quicker than before.

    Lou Ann says: “… is it me just focusing on the NEW Earth … or is the world getting hints just the same? Interesting though… yes?”

    YES!!!! As within, so without! Everywhere I turn, you turn, we turn, we can see what we have been wanting to see. We are being the change we want to be. That other (mirror) Earth we always knew was out there — it is finally, actually here. For those who have been calling it in for what seems two forevers, there will be no collision. It is a merging, a removal of separation of self from Higher Self; of barriers between me and you. This revelation, this apocalypse, is truly upon us: We know we are God/Good/Light. We know we are One.

    And I for one, and as One, am pleased. :0)

  39. Thank u Lamplighter! Very high res post. I just went on a little walk by the river listening to Tom Kenyon sound healings the entire time (that is all I have on my iPod 😉 What a joy to see friendly faces waving and the trees were vibrating really high. Such a huge contrast from my work environment. I was really afraid to leave work for financial reasons so that is why I asked for help (which as u know I received)! I somehow feel totally ok about everything right now.

    Lou Ann and Tracy – I so feel like the separation of the two worlds has definitely happened. My financial gears are gone and I know i will be ok. In my mind this has to do with being in a completely different place.

    Tracy – I loved your post. Debra
    That should say “financial fears” not gears! LOL

  40. Debra, I think “financial gears” is absolutely spot on!! The machinations of money that have been dysfunctional, dominating and debilitating for eons is what is going kaput. Watch in the next days/weeks what happens with Greece. Greece could be a micro for an even bigger macro; that’s my sense anyway.

    I offer this “trailer” (what is up with me and trailers these days?) from a place not of fear, anger or grief, but from a place of inspiration, expectation and commitment. Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their cosmos. IOW, if we keep working out on our Stair Masters, we will create the New Earth — with every deep breath, heart pound, and step up toward a most bearable lightness of Being.

    As Calleman says: “I feel that a commitment to the polarity shift to unity consciousness is not only a passport to the new world to be born, but also the only hope for the world to survive. The dark filters have been ruling humanity for millennia and provide no way out. If human beings do not make such a commitment we really have no reason to expect that the world will survive. I thus want to encourage everyone to do their utmost to spread this message and encourage others to solemnly make a commitment to shift to unity consciousness. We are the ones that we have been waiting for. And it is entirely up to us. If we are looking to see our greatness, we should see it not in denial, or at all cost avoid anything that may cause fear, but in the courage to face squarely what we have done to this creation as it manifests on this earth. The Ninth wave indeed brings a field change on the cosmic level that we may become part of, but it will not happen without a deep and serious commitment from the heart of our souls.”

  41. hello all, so wonderful to read thoughts and experiences.
    about 20 years ago, one of my favorite things to say was, I know that I know that I know . I did not have words to explain but, I sense It was what is happening now with the accension process. I have always been a bit off the normal curve if anyone can understant what I am trying to say. Now, I say the more I know the more I know there is to know. AND cannot wait to learn and experience. Peace and love to all and bring on the free energy, this senior body is tired of hauling wood to keep warm,

  42. Thank you everyone for your beautiful sharing, but Lamplighter, I am weeping sweet tears of joy and relief with your post, we are the change…you articulated many things I noticed form this past week, where after a long week in bed from the solar storms, letting it go as instructed by Lisa Renee and partaking in that mother of all clearing meditations (!), I was seeing the ease of movement and flow in the external world due to what Nadeanna’s talking about…acceptance of where I am, fully, finally, acceptance of all, the complete package. Seeing what I had been doing and what I’m not doing anymore. Observing the outer world shift and move in the way of the quote from Lamplighter’s book toward instead of fighting against. I seem to have lost my poetry right now and am in the midst of the gnarly ascension symptoms another love posted about today on saturday, but I’m as always grateful to post and read here with you and Denise. Friday and Saturday had me nearly fainting with hot flashes and chills and other physical qualms. Nadeanna I know just what you mean about the going away and coming back again..I had that in the phase 1 portion all the time and now though in acceptance I’m going on a week trip and know I will get right back to here (ha!) Taking good care and staying my heart, even when it’s palpitating, flushing, flashing, et al…much love, Em (allesisliefde)

  43. thank you for the trailer ! interesting to see that the global premier of “Thrive” is on 11.11.11…
    i guess they know.

  44. Hi Denise and All Here:

    Tom, in the reality show I want a special category, one for those who must dissemble what’s really going on as in, “Good morning, dear. Did you sleep well?” Real answer: “Twelve hours and I feel like a Mack truck was riding up and down my body all night.” Dissembled answer: “Just fine, how about you?” Meanwhile, real thinking, “Please get yourself out the door as soon as possible, so I can stop having to think and hold myself upright.” “Looks like we’re going to have a nice day.” Dissembled answer, “Yes, doesn’t it?” Real answer: “Where am I, what month is it, and why am I still here?” Smile, smile, smile. “See you later, dear.” Dissembled answer, “Okay, hon, we’re having pasta for dinner.” Real thinking: “Oh, god, don’t let me throw up now.” Anyway, you get my drift. That category, I think, is a must because I might just have it all wrapped up!

    Lamplighter, loved “financial gears” too! Your subconscious is right on.

    Morgean23: Always thinking of you. I’ve been fired twice and both times I wandered around for days in that “stupor” which you described so well. Looking back now, thank god I was fired, not once, but twice. Much better times ahead for you.

    Denise, I’ve been wondering how your Mum is doing?

    Love to All

  45. Hey you all!
    Barbara – you are very kind. Thx for thinking of me. I am really doing much better I know it is a blessing at this time. I reread one of Denise’s posts about the dark and light literally not being able to co-exist and that is exactly how it felt. I just feel a huge change within myself like Thelma said (fr movie Thelma and Louise) something about crossing a line “and I can’t go back”. Right now my resonance is cranked way up and I am a happy camper. I do feel a connection w u so so appreciate your kindness.

    Here we go…. Just in from the extinction protocol:


  46. Thanks everyone for all your posts. My Ascension symptoms have been severe the last few days, and I have not been doing well. A just woke up from a nap, and feel as though my fever broke after a nasty flu. Still tired, but something has shifted for the better. 😀 My left ear is still ringing loudly all the time. My right ear is not ringing at all.

    The last few days I’ve been miserable, and have wanted to give up. I just wanted to be done with all this Ascension business, even if it meant being killed by an earth change soon. I’m guessing I’ve been transmuting a lot of nasty old emotional and mental stuff. My attitude is better now, and I’m taking a break from going over my whine list.

    Barbara, I like your idea for the Ascension reality show. I’m envisioning a ’50s sitcom like LEAVE IT TO BEAVER where one of the family is going through Ascension, and no one talks about it. They continue with their pleasant dialogue while subtitles show what they are really thinking.


  47. Cat-

    Surround it anyway. You’ll be amazed when the frat boys get evicted. hahaha! Our not-so-nice downstairs neighbors didn’t stay too long after I moved in. It’s not perfect, but at least the demonic humans are only visitors now, and much, much less frequently. I get to sleep peacefully most nights.

    Love all.

  48. OK so I have had this feeling that I KNOW I have some kind of something (are you following me yet lol) but not sure what it is…I have known more then once what was going to happen or that it did without being told. It has freaked a few of my friends out but others understand. I have laways had the loud pitched ringing in my ears and as of late it is more often and sometimes so loud I can’t hear what sgoing on in the room I’m in…I know they are trying to tell me something but I don’t understand. And of course there is so much going on where I live that I can’t get 15 minutes of quiet to meditate. But I meditate all day while awake (hhmm if you can even do that lol). I need to know how to hear what they are saying to me. There are doing it right now. hold on please….all I can hear and not sure if it’s my ego or my Angels but all my friends who are Healers or into the same as I am are coming to me.. We are finding one another or something and that I need to keep doing what I have been and to not give up. People seem to seek me out when they need someone to talk to and I’m just glad I can be here for them. But also I seem to be able to write very heart felt spiritual things and comments that I don’t even know where they come from because I am NOT an ellaquent speaker or writer, but sometimes I’m even impressed with what came from my brain and fingers…lol I have been sleeping MUCH better lately I but lots of internal stress and stomach bloating and reflux. However I am able to pull myslef back up within a day or two, I just wish it didn’t happen at all. But I imagine it must for me to continue to grow and SHINE as bright as I can.. Thanks for listening and any advice will be greatly appreciated….. Namaste’ ❤ Peace and Love Always, Kat

  49. The ear ringing has not stopped in days and sometimes very loud….The tears flow whether they are happy or sad, not sure why it’s when I see pain and suffering they just flow.. I have muscle twitches, and boughts of sadness…It’s almost like I feel peoples pain but yet I don’t. It’s so hard to explain and never to even my BF because she has her own serious stress issues right now and not sure if she would think me crazy anyway lol

    • “The ear ringing has not stopped in days and sometimes very loud….The tears flow whether they are happy or sad, not sure why it’s when I see pain and suffering they just flow.. I have muscle twitches, and boughts of sadness…It’s almost like I feel peoples pain but yet I don’t.”


      *Ear ringing = Brain Rewiring, energy changes like altitude changes, moving from one tiny frequency or vibrational area to another a bit higher and faster vibrating.

      *Tears flowing easily = Heart chakra and High Heart chakra fluctuations which cause us to be VERY moved emotionally over the smallest of things, actions. Horrible and beautiful both cause us to cry when our Heart chakra is expanding.

      *Muscle twitches = tremendous higher frequency energies (Light) are running through our entire physical bodies and central nervous systems etc. This often causes muscle twitches, muscle weakness and fatigue, sore swollen muscles etc. Again, getting in water helps with this ascension symptom also.

      *Bouts of sadness = much of this is related to our mourning the loss of our old selves, lives, favorite things, also sadness over the insanity and negativity in the world. Besides feeling these things ourselves individually, more people are becoming empathic and feeling the planetary human Collective’s fears, sadness, hate, confusion, chaos, pain etc. We are One means something very different when you can FEEL it as a physical reality in your body and heart! 😉

      Hang in there. ♥

  50. Denise, Thanks again for nailing this strangeness. Fatigue and muscle pain and twitching has been overwhelming for me the past few days. Cool to warm showers seem to help more then hot. I get red painful welts under the ribs with the stomach bloating, the water helps with these also. Having a lot of fatigue. I live in the North eastern woods of California in a remote area and feel much worse if I visit areas with more electrical and chemical exposure. This is also true for many of my friends and family. I can barely stay awake in populated areas.

    • “I live in the North eastern woods of California in a remote area and feel much worse if I visit areas with more electrical and chemical exposure. This is also true for many of my friends and family. I can barely stay awake in populated areas.”


      Man…you live where I want to live! Will you adopt me? 😉

      My son lives in very rural AZ and he loves it…he needs it. He too gets sick, tense, and crazy whenever he has to go into town or a city for something because of the lower frequency energies coming from populated places. As long as he’s out in the wilderness he’s happy and healthy. This is why I desperately want to move from SoCal to northern CA and live in a forest. Someday soon hopefully.


  51. Hello Everyone

    Sorry to read that most are having a return of old symptoms, which I too thought had been put to bed forever. Alas no, don’t be silly, there’s more work to do. After managing to lose the alien, burdensome 10 pounds or so that I’ve inexplicably heaved around for the past four years, my stomach once again extended to such an extent that would cause even Buddha to stop smiling. It’s eased off somewhat now but like others, the indigestion (which I have rarely ever had in my life) is painful, it even affects my jaws. I’ve also had a curious symptom in my mouth, not a taste, more like a sensation of having just eaten a mint. No matter what I eat, the sensation is there. Does anyone else have this? Denise, is this connected, I haven’t heard anyone else mention it. I too have had massive back spasms, running up both sides of my back, and my chiropractor was surprised at the extent of displaced vertebrae, which she said were being very stubborn when she tried to manipulate them back to a normal position last week. Hang on to your cardigans folks, I think it’s about to get a bumpy again. People around me are going mental over Elenin and the fear is riding high. I’ve bowed out of social networks in order to escape.

    When I type something and then press ‘enter’ to publish, either during e-mails or on Facebook, I see I have missed out entire words, which I could have absolutely SWORN I typed, rendering the comment ridiculous. I’m finding that rather annoying. I will proof-read this message to death before pressing ‘post comment’ : )

    Good luck, enjoy the ride, and much love to all.

  52. Hi everyone – Thanks for sharing what your symptoms have been like the last few days. I still have loud ringing in my left ear most of the time, and my appetite has been quite irregular. I’ve been eating more than usual the last couple of days. My eyes having been tearing a lot at odd times for no apparent reason. I’m feeling sad a lot of the time. After a rough early September I was hoping my symptoms would ease off for a while, but that’s not happening. I’m concerned that my symptoms may get worse starting tomorrow with the Equinox.


  53. I woke up this morning in mega pain and at first just thought I’d slept funny and probably had some vertebra go out of place in the night, which has been a common thing for me over the years.

    But after I got up and went to the bank and picked up one of my Mom’s prescriptions, I knew from the massive pain throughout my spine, hips, shoulders, elbows, head pains – not to mention my shuffling along out in the world like a hunchback – that the Sun is doing something big right now.

    Once I got home I checked Spaceweather.com to see and sure enough, right on cue for today (9-22-11) and tomorrow’s Fall Equinox AND entry into NIGHT SIX (“Cosmic Convergence” from Sept. 23-26, 2011) there’s been an X-class solar flare/CME. The next week is going to be extra potent as these higher Light Energies further transmute our DNA and everything else! Use it well. ♥


    Hugs to All,

  54. Oh my – I’m thinking bout moving to AZ – thinking about up bt flagstaff n grand canyon…. This is a sign. I, too, want to be in the woods/mountains/ or desert -as far away fr humans as possible.

  55. Tom – just wanted to share – what has helped me a ton is to just ride out the feelings or sensations – well more like dive into them, stay as calm as possible, breathe deep and sort of ride the wave instead of fighting it. When u say things like “I Am concerned” you have already set up an expectation/intention of it being difficult/hard whatever. Instead maybe try to hold different intent… Hope I am not out of line but just trying yo help :-). I have had and still have my share of symptoms but lately instead of resisting I’m going with and things are easier.

  56. Denise, thanks for the update on the X-class CME. I felt pretty good yesterday afternoon and evening, and terrible when I got up this morning and started my day. I didn’t know why I felt so bad today until I read your post, then it made perfect sense.
    Debra, thanks so much for your post on dealing with Ascension symptoms. It was a good reminder. Over the last 16 years I’ve been learning a lot about surrendering, accepting, giving up my expectations and need for control, etc. I’ve come a long way with this, but still have moments where I just want everything to be easier. Anyway, thanks again for your reply.


  57. Great comment, Debra, holding the best intention seems to be the way at the mo. I have had some rather serious conversations with my Higher Self, my spiritual team, with the trees, with the vegetables, and (bear with me here) they all say the same thing.
    Hold on, it’s all coming together, and then, don’t pre-empt or move too far away from this path right now.
    And it seems to me that it’s really close. Mid October – what do you feel, Denise? I aim not to predict and yet am, like all of us, really tired and ready, ready, ready for the next thing. My own symptoms have lightened up hugely and, when they do come, I keep still and intend that the template changes happen fast and without too much overload on me, as a human.
    Keep with the plan, I sure am. Love and hugs from LINDA

  58. Denise, Thanks for the update!! I kept checking last night as my Partner and I have both been down in the hips since yesterday evening. I knew something was coming. Feels like I have a 20 lb fanny pack on. And we have a kind of restlessness with no stamina. What I need is a full body stone and crystal suit. Last night I slept with a sock- full of Amazonite against my hips, orange calcite sphere on my tummy and amethyst cluster under my pillow. I do feel much better in the higher elevations, at least 3,000 ft. We are at 4,500 ft, this summer we had a few days of 90F, mostly mid-70’s to mid-80’s,,and cool 40 to 55F nights. I find the energy puts me to sleep below 2,000 ft . Sheltered here in the deep woods during the winter when the snow blankets everything is soooo quiet. I think the snow might help structure the static energy, feels that way. Energy tends to pool in low spots, canyons and valleys full of electrical activity are rough places for me. Also I am Sensitive to Chemicals so I avoid populated areas if at all possible. It feels so much better up here that we have encouraged friends and family to visit the past few yrs. We have friends who are selling their place in Texas, who are bringing an all season tent in Dec. to try out camping while considering a home here. After a long summer in Texas, a tent in the snow sounds great to them. I think they have dibbs on the spot near the outhouse, but it’s a roomy acre. There is also a county park at nearby Lake McCumber if you like trout fishing. If and when you consider checking out this area, we can likely find a spot for a tipi, tent, RV, or camper. Lots of homes on the market here, most on 1/2 acre or 1 acre lots in wooded areas.

  59. @ Authentic Linda – “I have had some rather serious conversations with my Higher Self, my spiritual team, with the trees, with the vegetables, and (bear with me here) they all say the same thing. Hold on, it’s all coming together, and then, don’t pre-empt or move too far away from this path right now.”

    EXACTLY! I have been soooooooooo tempted to DO certain things, say, with my yard/plants/house etc. and there has been a HUGE holding pattern on these things for awhile. My plants have been saying only water and the most *basic* of maintenance. No new landscaping (even removal) or redesign or even general planting or repainting rooms etc. Just the barest of maintenance and letting many things go wild and woolly. As though they are all needing the rest/integration of the energies right now too and too many changes would confuse things right now or ???? The only thing I’m really being asked to do is to continue to work on myself, have patience and observe if there is anything that feels ego/fear based etc.

    In the meantime, this last Solar Flare/entering this latest night phase/Equinox energies have me on my ASS bigtime. Sooooooooo tired. And the eating is weird. Feeling a little muddled trying to figure out what my body wants, but it’s definitely not wanting a lot of the usual things – nor a lot in general. At the same time I’m tired, though, I’m also feeling more buzzed up/connected in on a lot of levels and have relaxed from some of my residual fear stuff.

    @Lassen Sage – I can’t tell if specifically *elevation* has helped for me as well, but living in a mountainy area with a lovely dark(er) starry night view has helped my soul continue BREATHING through all of this stuff and reset my batteries just by walking outside to stargaze at night. While I’m still closer to ahem – civilisation – than I would otherwise like, the mountain and trees and animals have been good friends.

  60. had huge amounts of nausea as soon as i eat anything, jaws aching, teeth the same, crying for no apparent reason about at wits end. help

  61. Pepe, I get the tight jaws and and lots of nausea, along with draining of old sinus gunk. The gunk adds to the nausea and stomach upset. Run some warm water and with your hands cup some water and wash this area…The hand chakras and warm running water will help the stuck energy move.Any mint tea, dry ginger from your kitchen or best of all,, A little tiny piece of ginger root in a cup of hot water will ease the nausea. A little oatmeal cooked in a cup of water would be next, starts the digestion soothes the throat. A handful of dry oatmeal slowly chewed(tiny amounts) with stop the runs, with sips of ginger,or mint tea to wash it down …..And while you are sipping it start squeezing pressure points. Start with the base of each thumb, squeeze and work on painful tight areas.. Next, Place your thumb on the inside of your wrist at the base of your palm and start squeezing and working this area. Work your way up the forearm to the elbow, follow the muscle that works your thumb. Squeeze your way up to the outside of your shoulder and dig your fingers into the middle of that muscle..Now for the gag reflex, just reach back and grab your neck just under the base of your skull,..Your thumb will be on a neck muscle, squeeze and work it.Under your ear is the release point for the jaw….If you find a lot of knots in this muscle, work on it a while,,then start at the thumb again…Once muscles are locked in the tendons tighten,so work all the places muscles connect to joints and you will find the pressure points,,easy to find as they hurt,,It’s like resetting a button.Push and release,,then milk the muscles…I feel for you and hope this helps..Sage..also I find that …Simply clasping the palms of my hands together calms my energy…Don’t know if it works for anyone else.

  62. I’m definitely feeling the effects of the X-class flare, Equinox, Night Six energies etc. these days. I’m experiencing irregular sleep, lots of vivid dreams, severe fatigue, loud ringing in left ear, loss of interest in food I used to like, etc. Fortunately, I understand that this is just a cycle in our evolution, and nothing to be concerned about. Reading your shares helps me keep my perspective on things.

    I took a long walk last night, and that helped me process a lot of the crazy things that are currently happening. I’ve been having brief 5-D moments the last couple of days, and that’s very exciting to me.


  63. Glad to hear that ‘P’. Also, in relation to living in built up areas, I feel that we have the skills to do that now.

    My reasoning is that many of our vibration are returning to an area in Queensland called the Sunshine Coast. A year ago (when all was still in tsunami/chaos mode) Michael and I were guided away from this area into the mountains. Then, all of a sudden it just wasn’t right any more, and circumstance bought us back to our home here. Our (the light workers) light had solved many of the serious issues.

    So, yes, we live alongside some 3D specialness, but my crystal boundary works brilliantly and I just don’t ‘see’ anything that I don’t want to. I choose to see what resonates with me. Yeah, I know, it takes a bit of practice, and my man hasn’t always worn the same style of rose-coloured glasses, but we both do now and my reality is full of gratitude and love.

    So we listen to the flow and the guidance. I smile as I write this.

    With love and hugs from LINDA

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